Tuesday, May 15th


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The righteous man. On all sides. Sure you'll mend. Well leave dark. Will strike to own up. Tying pay Dario green or you. I'm gonna get it. My name is Ronald this. And you send hate him. So I do better barometer is Lily and not many and I'm as strong pinch. I don't lose his program regularly have someone Lori drew do people would even to believe Mormon ideology like terrorism. And hate mail comes in. And it comes and quite often about. How much not only does it it is program and they hit us as a people and individuals. There's always signed by Ronald penis. I haven't heard from Robinson. I thank you guys senator innocently. And who sent. You something seniors on Tuesday he was trying to pretend you know listening. He came actors documents unit and we decided. It's coming from an. And you go through by history and yeah. It was something that Ronald Venus new game. It makes you guys think the do we even disgusting. Like cow what he knows this runner. I certainly think it's possible that it could be some who used to work. That wouldn't surprise me at all were you surprised Jerusalem you do Nortel media when you surprised this didn't work here. Remember their east lake is a lot of hate to go around there. Marlon says he'll be around things. Its own state and mountain state of mind. And you can you run. The mine wasn't from Ronald. My genial as someone else. I remember when this and this one from my peers. Sometimes somebody you know slim one of the guys it's. And I'm not Ronald penis. Just the good stuff. Yeah. I don't know what worst recession isn't yourself. He's on. Turning please yes. Yeah yeah. I don't know what he's. So I guess is it's an all I apologize. We can talk about things on the news and we'll talk about something stupid strategy to. Did you talk to Seneca and my attention last night didn't mean. Sing but I was watching that as the evil genius. So that's good Wright was get rid I like that it's losing four episodes 45 minutes and I can handle and again. It's when they get to like eight or whatever the blaster plus rose one about wow it's. These secondly you know 8910. So us. You can get those alternate and I and I don't wanna stop watching them right feels. But I liked it and when I didn't understand it I won't give anything away from England watching the blood and noticed a lot of people were complaining celebrities and stuff saying. And that it was an unresolved it's. Matter and I saw this team in settling today you know I really enjoyed this look for you giddy manner. I'm selling it was a result in the hands in June. I mean for the most part I understand there's still some questions but it wasn't like to speak could've been this could have been listed in this in this or could have been us you decide. Stay pretty much known rice still again we had a really good idea to. Did you ever seen that video of the forum know. I had seen that video many times. I mean obviously doesn't like the lights yeah I'm. It looks crazy watching that video and help hold down censored 2003. You and I were working here and happy. And looking at that's colors looked a little every once wherein. Jean shorts and it looks like cumulus. The mid ninety's or something you know. But no we were here which is crazy because I don't really remember and I'm only huge story was I know I've seen the video. I've seen that video of the guys and each scene I don't remember in the way they talked about it. Like you always finds Fox News and NBC news in Ulsan seemingly finally have closure. To this you know story it is captured and is about how it was international luge showing who's trying Shanahan. Do you I don't remember really felt like as I watched I was like I do remember some lists like yes but I know it wasn't like you know I just starting tonight when I Zoller. It was good. And one causes someone soon becomes so. Obsessed with that particular case they start writing letters to him. Suspects then you know just happened the the desire to stick with filling that moon is a guy you may detect new users write letters Emily Chang on millions of you know. Can't touch lives. One of the suspects form quite relations. Experience. I think document and understood. Just knowing testing it's it doesn't work out to they have to have like a few documentaries at the work on any given time yes in case. You know you send six letters to sixty from Brazil and none of them are right back here. I'm just subtle. A Missouri made do on national news again. It yesterday. The governor. And his ongoing legal battles charges. Drops. Against strains blind. This is confusing. Brains mountains and you know. Charges were drowned and still praying I've learned a lot from the struggle. But apparently it's not over. Today. Gators dropped the ball turn. A great victory. And it has been a long time company. This experience been humbling. Am I any emerge from an eight James Mays. And then all of our lives we after you. We wouldn't work through it in the right way. Can work through pain and find ways to. All all eyes again it was something. Right away we can emerge. OK okay so it's all over they drop the chargers Sunday dropped the charges but. They plan on filing new charges so the charges were dropped because they couldn't find a picture of the girl on the phone a woman on the phone rang. Which if you were called she's not even. She said in that thing that we were in the deposition she couldn't remember she dreamed here in the picture taking but it. Doesn't sound like she was saying that the threat was a dream it was just whether or chasing hurting its own making Nat king siren noise. So they. Checked just on looks at a picture in front. I'm sure you know it. Right now I don't I don't I mean if there was a picture of I would Joliet. Right and they make it sound like they can recover stuff that's been deleted but I don't know how old son by the county has but I thought apple is letting him know I can only do. Right I mean and done that before the browser people in my really didn't. They want to unlock the phones yeah so I don't I don't know. Why they would think this is a guy who. They've already accused of museum. Inside to talk to people who think running at I would just thinking he's not gonna happen is as wallpaper. Prize of course but. Apparently. They dropped those charges. The prosecutor tells the story that was in the QZ star today sent. This is actually bad news for friends because that particular charge I feel like I'm. I listen to wrestling is there to Simien at briefly and union angered by. As a person who has been charged with a myriad crimes I never thought this is bad news when they drop the charge. So. They were seen to that charge would actually be harder to prove then the other things that he's done. That they accused him of doing better illegal like some this campaign message using that. Whatever that book was to signs potential donors it was a little list of non veterans something. Going through their chew to find a donor. I think even using they can find some like deputy accused almost anything they send those other things. Would be easier to true. Seeing this particular. Charge with a photograph. Which is whatever it was you know yeah transferring a photograph smile and be original charges. This other stuff like TV charge and from what I read this morning. Good. State legislature whatever they still plan on preceding list. An impeachment process potentially I mean they're still saying that they've. Names and I think that they're gonna move to impeach. So somehow. That again according to the Kansas City Star. Is not necessarily good news for grains and they dropped that particular charge because they have these in you know. He does things. That they can use to proceed with the and so the latest things from an hour ago says if lawmakers proceed with impeachment. I'm brightens once the process to resembling criminal trial. One of the governor's attorney said in the letter to the chairman of the house investigative committee's special counsel working for the Missouri house. I said that's not how mean appeasement processes designed to work. And last I read these different representatives. Not all of them but a bunch of them including there were Republicans incentive plan on perceiving this teacher. I don't know what all he's been accused of another donor list they keep talking on that saying. I don't originated talked about him using neck inside act. Can I do business yeah is exposed to open records or something when you're conducting. State business or sing a mean. I didn't know I either ordinarily doesn't know that stance. I don't know look older. And charge and it's but apparently. It's. Eighteen. Florida. She. And a series from. Decided it. They wanted to and makes it from stand down you know. They wanted to have a theme which most from sound to their owner bring that seem to like the team was welcome to the jungle. So this high school deciding who wish to we should bring a live tiger. The full grown. Lion tiger. Schools are government and their guests so. The schools where the runner Florida's this time it was outside in Miami. This just says a Florida high school but I swear if you Google. Rom tiger you'll see this story. Yeah Miami international. Yeah the promise those are the hotel near the mining international air. And had other analysts. Guessing it'll lemur personal costs yeah fox. That tiger's blood. Is this loss tiger wasn't. Super small change here's a video of the tiger students to Nino was in becoming a few dozen audio displease your kids going holy. As the tigers cushion in this case and the tigers obviously. Okay nervous and sent. Some students say this whole thing's been blown out of proportion wise is such a big in our national incident now with the broader tiger there's. And the school exit hate us find the tiger was actually on that video that you're seeing it wasn't like that old time. Promising come down. They talked to some. Ahead of whatever the Miami is suing using its 2018. We're not supposed to be a dream. Large animals in cages in places where they can keep your entertainment anymore I would love to know where they got to say they didn't get it from the zoo this. The time of taking animals and using strictly for entertainment especially wild animals in the time of tiger is doing to flaming hoops and things like that. Side is really tolerate that anymore and what tells you that this tiger stresses. Okay here's the kind of going back helicopter was pacing back and forth rapidly he's looking for the steepest hills fling back and forth he is looking to get out of that situation. So it's colossus of the you know wherever they printed this tiger for a obviously there was a trainer or handle her every article and he was a long time. Supervised not only was it McCain and supervise. People on FaceBook we're so I was sheen's. For Christopher Columbus high school showing a student songs from Knight who's the king of the jungle was or tiger was uses an exotic and amusement. The lines you know there's dozens. And it's not the students all the to be so naive but it's the CCH a stack. Who arranged this event. I am surprised that this cool. Was the one who decided to bring to tiger and I see on the similar line design students bring it in in the school who has a lot. Tiger here putting is still the same risk you're here it's dangerous game engine that tiny little changed and it's doing certain rules. Does look very sad. I'm not a tiger was rooms I don't know the guy from the zoo says he's upset it's. Really weird lure. I don't know where that some sort of an exotic entertainment place I guess I mean there's more tigers yeah. Indeed we talked to ignite fusion there's more tigers. Frightening owned Russian. Around the United States and are running wild in the world. People keep them in cages and their backyards we're. You can get tiger and tiger can get is on tonight. My friend who were around back for. Like zoom you wanna get a large cap lion and tiger isn't the only bad thing goes you can still get. They were a lot of people would bring an end. A lot of states require any permits turning things aren't as I'm alive to Ireland miles I think this city of Overland Park man so. I'm concerned I don't have a thing against liberals but I remember running an online is next thing you Tonga in the dying minutes notice. It's harder to get certain dogs. And seriousness to realign our entire. So does this story and when the policeman shooting at. No it doesn't rob you at nine yen. They had this story into the principal ultimately we're ready to me saying hey you know. So until they set out on reflection we regret the decision to have flying animals around. The decision in no way reflects. Or valiants. Tom. Your honor the Jews have seen you remember and I think ours had something to do list. Tanning can learn. You seems weird and I think that's what it once. Feeling there yeah sure Lou I think there are pictures and you know when you take the pictures obtained yeah. Sooner. But as far as decorations and stuff yeah sing Disco balls streamers hanging out. Lunch meat and I don't remember in my line. Because this front lines. They're relying fire eaters like disadvantage other my animals this drama. Time not she. It looks like something on a solution. Remember. And yeah. A Grand Slam is trying to. Theme night everyone knows he. What are yours and ours and Vincent in his singles tour member or fans haven't seen me on the. Thought I had something to do list. Seen pictures. I don't remember you and options. Where everyone got their pictures from the same background I remember seeing pictures. We should. It's like it's. Titanic usually career right. You couldn't and it's easy access seems. Immense. That was a disaster. A disaster. You wouldn't do you moon thing. Pennsylvania school teacher coming. Rachel. Sean Sean Dolan and I thought it was career and it's so weird isn't it. So I don't know old. How much you read into it but she was she was suspended chooses suspended. School teacher. Schools that she was currently working for was an online. Elementary school you know analysis thing. I didn't I never heard of them so she was an elementary school teacher in Pennsylvania cyber charters. There's an online public school in Midland. But she was suspended in October Tony seventeen. This school issued this suspension after school officials received anonymous email about a former. Police report was filed. In all seen her. And underage boy that was not a student at school this particular school. So I don't really Shiite teacher at a different school before she was a teacher would. Cyber school. Do you re down. She's on paid leave because that's part of their policy won't investigating. As she goes up price being. Sending it comes time and she Guinness. Shot down. Inner drive. You either. It's the number one trending story. And United States right now or soon. Fox News has been beating right now. We've all the detectives are working on the case. As you know this is an ongoing homicide investigation we have an active group with a texting estate pleased to be returned detective bureau. They yelled at the police department working very hard together. So she had been T seen she's only 3233. Sisters are terrorists and she's 33 mile. They said that she'd been teaching for almost ten years and this site her Pennsylvania cyber school and friends so she. And I had to be in the first place this time. So. Was not a student at the school right. A mother of a former out of high school student also told local news or about an incident involving delta Condo. And the woman's sixteen year old son. A police report from 26 team said the two were found any steamed up parked car around to end. She told police the bullying Calder because he was upset and needed someone. Talk to she insisted they were friends and she didn't want her fiance to know about the meeting when things. I said that no charges were filed net incidence. She was supposed to get married. Prior to her suspension but when she got suspended the wedding was called off. This to meet as all the makings of a future Netflix document right right but that was don't ever do they said that they don't know what happened right. I just noticed someone shot her driveway. Six times. Some the end of sensitive listener they heard as many as twelve shots total we fires went down. It was mother's fish just gone to get ice and she comes back he's in the driveway so someone. Somewhat only. And this mother's tuchman the sixteen year old fast and maybe abuses and we're assuming that that's an. Employees question tonight exclusive tour and that happened in 2016. That this wasn't a student well. Was he a former student. Visas Danish taught online this has said it was elementary school. They founder and steamed up worked hard to image told police that the bowling ball because he wanted to talk journey has sent. They were just friends. Which didn't want her fiance and don't know the meaning. Passes and excited so sure is such an up and under age tough guy. He comes down she breaks a gloomy kills or case closed you'll I've wondered. Is seeing I think it's a fiance is at this beyond saying. Is it. Since the boy you're you know. Somehow the boy is responsible. Or is since. The parents of the boy like he's the voice and guitar and but is this happening when he's sixteen I think as a youngster. Cash crunch. She says she was suspended backing in October of last year and they said that the wedding was scrapped. After. She got spend as we just waited until now to do you think if this is the crown passionately happens sooner. She was shot multiple times in her mother's driveway. Well no there should be an Astros and I Mother's Day relies streaming and no matter what you do. That's just a rule. This should never die Mother's Day wouldn't. I experience. That's fair. What do I do today I mean it seems like it's. Yeah. And we'll get to choose how we go there maybe now with my mom on mother's name it drives where the ice cream it's ice cream. The teen's mother Cendant there were rumors swirling between the teacher and her son. I feel like this something we're gonna. You're. What you wanted and what really Noonan yeah. We're gonna do. Owners aren't you about a possible vacation opportunities to atlas. Okay. No. I think commute for us like a team building exercise and acting Nadine we call you wanna go to general homeland or whatever it is now I've given up on you going. There was meaning doesn't have to get caught out by this kind of trying to wait. We'll just keep casinos notes on keeps track as we have to get caught up on Kansas vs Missouri be sure and two more national stories now. Time. Jackson Johnson because it is Tuesday. And I want you think about. Some team. You hate that everyone else loves and what you're topping news. The Kremlin loves. That you don't. And that was to be pretty. In the meantime. The Rangers to a non. Sean loses something for my backpack with us. We have now. Solids. Liquids. And he levels some work to. We have. Mitchell tell me. And now I don't think you can mix and I'm. Damage. OK. Okay. My account need to think they should put on the counter I don't want so yeah soon after each. The blindfolds are we gonna do apply cold and I'll have to set amount I'll just have to make sure you only get to choose one. I you can choose to you can choose to got. But just know that there is. In this combination of things I'm gonna land on the table and there is one possible combination. Probably league. How many combinations are its thing I. And to be thousands and tissue connect and yes households jail tonight.