Monday, June 11th


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The righteous man. On all sides. Cheering the homeland. Values dark. Will strike down a number. Are you bring in our view I have never been better. It's a beautiful day now look who there's no Dolly's and a handsome man years did you get a haircut. It's really bad is to type this and this. Is it sending. Is literally using a random thing on your head just yeah I think it's okay yeah I'm worried about yeah. We're G America. The strength. Now that your dad. At a comeback on this frivolous expenses like it's nobody's doing news. Looks good. You never know you do yourself. Its leadership as well. And noted she's a great job. Guys do anything this weekend. Not this leak yeah I don't always agree leading. Yet there's based on loosely draped. Major teams one. Understandably watching movies. The college basketball experience I had done that before knows and I mean no one. I kind of just do my never really limits and again. Tell us Toobin. Brian it's kind of thing you expect. 2000 elementary school and probably go to our future and right but I'm not elements it's awesome. It is really really go. I had a great time. I guess you like have to like basketball mom. It's cool. This year say that night a man look at that. Answering sort of an afternoon. Did you ever Jim Lyme Disease. Again. I'm land as he sits. Yeah he's heard him say it is an online. It's true flat. He said this figurative. To sit in the sun. Until now when he's trying to. But I did you. Use that as an excuse in counseling and. Let's say just watch if they weren't any you know we well I'm not phenomenon if you had no matter on the weekend and just watch and ignited just two months I was on a lot of antibiotics and oxygen mask in its entirety. But I wonder when I'm having economists. Are both. Find myself community airport for instance and all ordering the airport hamburgers this is insignificant thing it's a small fingers and yeah there's not a good one but suddenly I look at the hamburger and I find myself in a spiral of depression. I can last for days. I feel kind of like the feet and I feel very isolating him at some. Communication for women that are terrible communication and people. Cheeseburger that sets me off but don't you Lambert solely on super crest for days. Did it play bad with the good stuff to have a couple of how to be muted farewell thing and I'll. Life is pretty good. It was nice little weekend. So now through. Let him so scope. Mean this is already achieved amazing. I don't get depressed about the best suited here or I don't have that does. I'm very extreme right I got and then I mean in their best idea anybody. So I'd say this and I relate to a lot of things that he says and I like it and and liked him quite a bit. And so and his work there are things round lined up and what he would think as a bad hammer I would think is seeing greatness and it ends I'm let me. I'm you know I'm playing well you know wasn't placements and and Arizona are things. I saw some crappy diner every units are arguing about what his politics were you use a libertarian. Is that my we have to do this and why we have to do this okay. Our president. Is meeting our great. As being with another drink later on. And where they they're Singapore. People got really excited because. Fox News was discussing this summit with North Korea and any little. Slipped out to civic center oldest is the most honest reporting Fox News has ever done this in carefully to a says. We await that historic summit. With the North Korean dictator Kim Jong. And they pumped up about this moment this is history we are living regardless of what happens in that meeting between the two dictators what we are seeing right now this this history. And so. They should chime. I learned whose side is. What does a time release every mile dictators or. Foreign enemies senate shows weakness and we should never meet remember. And I was untimely and that was like our doctor and let me help me win. The leader in. And whenever. She's seeing Chinese and that's for sure or. Your shirt like I'm sure he'd found innocent now we know there. These enough to meet dictators. It was not feeling well as mountain memories we learn. I'm delivery on George Bush really was a lawyer Barack Obama for saying he was somebody there. Those are Republicans yelling and Donald Trump saying me was people out remember. Somebody else. Any standard let's see here. 2008. His willingness to meet the green is one of the most disturbing displays of Obama's lack of foreign policy and talk to us and 2018. Is willingness to meet with North Korea is a huge foreign policy win for president. I don't know if that's the extreme close and yes some political fact. There isn't any isn't yeah we see is more room. I just selling the machine that's and they have really meant when they knew mennonite grenades and some don't. Jim Jones got off the airplane is seen getting off the airplane and Lennon's best bloody. Easy to be the dream barbecue girl's. It was like a rock star it's. People yes you were asking you know what. What their new sizzling and how did they covered him John. Why is she. A celebrity there. Celebrity hair look and sorry if Kim Jong-un. Is a business on himself none get sauce and an airplane at the airport downtown here. We're outside screaming and we're down there and we are not yeah. Reminds us you'll young man. Oh yeah well yeah I'm him I'm not your silly is that dictator who. We will release and it's Kim Jong is a celebrity. This thing like he makes the sun glove down in north Koreans and it's pretty cool. I do. This thing and he landed in MCI. Like I would show of them rely on man I need to get extra times as in hey Jim Johnson may do well lane and it was there when they're off the plane. I'm going to talk soon and you send me. I didn't do. Not a I don't think I've been. And doesn't want them to take me. With him. Right you won't say if you have minimal period. Ma'am as a this one's analyze it agreed to stop. And do. We even give you an umpire man like three emails today announced that you do not send them. And all I have to do is like today. Come to Miami Florida where the camera on online there is awesome the United States such as directing you to run guys and I did that one got a watching documentaries like and and I just. These iso late night round. They fell man and I knew some. You know North Korean propaganda out night in others are South Korea's Sox. There is awesome softer his socks and I go official although there's no doubt the grades and I show many sits down and online. And I got to absolutely do that is like an empty governance and other analog and spending money and mind. News a movie star who doesn't have to make those propaganda it's. Not only living for free. Man. You guys can turn that down on your line. I think. Today I'd say I'm jumping I'm three meals professionals who holds a news bandwagon of the retirement I just reductions that meals on wheels excuse. We're still healthy enough to walk down do the bridge and finish the am and yeah. OK so let me go to the airport. Please we got. After you know have some sort of somebody it's an anxious and they re going to slave laborers on and I don't want to. All know you're gonna do propaganda format can speak ill only relax. Right and you know got insurance plus million to mini nine yea you know on an elected as a it's. This season is. I. What I know about him he seems. Or let's basketball. Is this really. He's fast and Leon I don't know London that's how did not want them an untimely college basketball experience. Don't bring it calls are only little thing and slam dunk a little less than him on man Muslim convert. Yeah. College basketball it's no big deal propagating anybody you want general manager Ron Jeremy since the all day long. Leon I go to on to me it is noon camera down Dutch. Don't com why doesn't know anything. He does. Tony's last night I did and I did watch Santa BC news. Plus I don't know what the Tonys it's either doctor Dieter I think it's great. I don't know anything about I don't know who hosted it Aysu Neil Patrick Harris and I didn't watch. But Robertson near gloves were there last. Each week on his speech. Whatever at the tone. I'm gonna say one thing. Trump. It's no. Or. You know it's. Behavior like that Nolan release is gonna get old dictator reelect its morning sun story literally. Some very Smart. Did he grocery chain it's it's looking not like some tears angry about something. That's up sixteen I can't really afford the actual vote. Election year he did that video that was for music he's Canadian. He's a moron. If by some I'd like to punch him in the mouth that's when I do. He's angry he's still very angry as matter of fact. He was opening a restaurant or something in Toronto. And he apologizes to team people so I want to make a note of apology to the idiotic behavior my president. It's not like they abandoned and experience. Did you ever going to be into this. Losing to be hard for trump to try and go after junior by casinos there you. Do we pull over active. Little reasonably lakes and everyone does finally to you are now they they might not anymore does a good dozen others to write nevermind he's. Clearly the. I don't know get him on some stuff. We are you could talk about grant solidarity there grants I don't know what it. Wanted to go back to mention the rumors about due to grant us. I heard old dirty drift look good medicine. You can do yeah. I assume he will yeah. He's just busy right now he's in Singapore. As a matter of fact. I wouldn't be totally shocked if he says something like that on Twitter. During the summit during this meeting. Do you guys have high hopes for this meeting. You know since gone going it alone that's the headlines saying it's going it alone doing this based off instinct doesn't need any advisors and want to do. He's got a good feel for Kim Jong because. The same. I know I'm interest from. They're deserving good for our panel. So your country. Sounds real world where that's. One. Lieutenant Jon Voight bull bull and what does he do to avoid. Going out parties basically the president elect the same guy. I haven't looked to see if John really hasn't put everything does I assume he agrees with every single thing trumps us. Receiver answered yeah. You guys see this story. Yeah. Yeah it really gets you this story early. Yeah person. He's being interviewed a lot of items found its. In a neighborhood. Body of the woman. And these local reporters. On the scene looking for likes to be concerned. Name. To interview right. They interviewed this guy. I'm glad I didn't tell you. The woman's body turns out to be this guys mother. And he was just arrested for the murder. Now when this error. IBC the local news there had no idea that this is what was going on they didn't know that he was. The son of this victim later in the victim once they had no idea and he's playing dumb. But if you listen to it now knowing that he's been arrested in May this is because we are now but it does sound a little suspicious sounds like he talks a little too much. And now I realized investment you're actually doing. I had no call it's sad to say that that's someone's either daughter mother and whatever both. Child I think. Those kind of ahead. In some happened news someone madman. This is like a overall area so they just find out. Play somebody somewhere else besides worms and color from the game really the place where. People from the city would want to put. Anybody because most most likely when we found I'm guessing like my mother. She would be concerned. All I'm pylon the other name we're really concerned. If if she was alive I'm sure she would be concerned but that was his mother. And he did they weren't noticed I'm. I don't know you remember that book Ryan hunter he talks about how these people always trying to get way too close. They trying to talk about you know the investigation. In the murder and am still know you're really man I'd better not say that can be someone's mother. Jason knows it's time on mother daughter battle being weird child he's trying to think what else could it be well I know it's not her daughter and by the way it is someone's daughter. When it was truly in my grandparents' diner and I had sister that affects us we're gonna be a friend we don't know that I don't see it don't saint Matthew. It's sad to say. That's someone's either daughter mother or whatever. That was W in ET it was talked. I think I love what he says I think it was some kind of hit and something happened something went back. And this is like a rural areas and they just wanted to plant the body somewhere else besides where the hell they were from. He's just trying to notice I say this I'll just leave investigators don't run a series they see Matthew on TV don't go. You know boys I think is it something tells me Mike got I think it's a hit I think they move the body and wanted to and Greta how this took place. God damn city vote drive may lose their mothers often yeah so its. It would be like a place where people from the city will want to put a body because most likely it wouldn't be sounds. That's what he said. He was arrested in connection with this most. They said they uncovered evidence and wonder if they needed any other evidence. Interview recently yeah. It's. If I assume they announced that the other. Here's his picture comments on this weekend no it's like yours that it's. Then it's always feel that. Any accident. Takes. There's the show. I mean I guess is all public information. That we're trying to nothing. There's nothing wrong with the picture I'm just saying I kept seeing the picture on Twitter and so this we can because he got to rest like you know I went in aggressively do you mind. Oh I can see that service is now. You shouldn't drink and drive don't run to an old dodge both the police there wasn't. Down resisting arrest. All I could mean any time Sistine delaying or obstructing officers that can be resisting delaying or obstructing ops does not resistant and violence and ridiculous indicted kinds I know. Does that at checkpoints. There he tried to turn. There's a million different things but even though it's not there's resisting. And resisting violence he's with so I guess is. Or their leg every year oil and misled me in no way and is not officers. Apple plays at its lawyer on the phone is limited Aaron I'm out window is under. There's a guy in the car with him and he was arrested and he was charged with obstructing officers ended. Public intoxication how do you get charged with public intoxication and passengers tell in a manner. It's elites so I did they tell you wow. I love to car. I and I want him to do the field sobriety tests and they tell you like and get back in the car that you're drawn did you get on nine iron and management are you listen to make way land one there remic singles. And no I'd send him back on its army into an Enron you know loud tonight I'm not and I. Ma'am one more time already now allowed to be drawn to public and wanted to give you for obstruction. And many allied. No we're trying to get this test you keep coming or they're tired drunk in public. And no obstructed and his I don't know I got this done to make tough combo. The match room. They Tom Johnson out got you I own ego Manhattan Beach police department. I think I also was right they clarified in really only can these. On wasn't fighting with officers used delaying the investigation. There was no officer use of force or anything like that. My assistant. It's just it's one of those things is kind of like the 911 calls on the fact that it's public humorous allowed to happen usually a bit. Desertion of the development of the whole stand up about implement a little lull in the same as. The Winston's always talked about a million times does every time I'm about to play some celebrities final words from and I'm on one on say you know what we have to listen and just you know now it's not like we have to listen to it I know why we have to listen to because I listen to that there are a lot. And the right to listen tonight why is it's sad to see why is I am I'm so really admissible in court. Lightened. I'd listen as 901 called does that sound like a man who just went through whatever tragedy you know I. OK I need to come in my house this tragedy happened and this is my address please come out and like that is not some of the men are really. My serve and down and thousands of you tonight. I do not write like. Every dateline episode they have some detective says. He just didn't seem to show any emotion are all good player and I'm a long does that place. Floor I don't know what to do in the next episode. Almost without bail and visited textbook he seemed a little too excited he's back on flew to enjoy it and look music. Tonight I mean you know I'm no. Teaching coach funds. It seems like a pretty bad acting. A lot of line now and then actually that's evidence they use it ain't like he said to you just listen this guy. Doesn't that sound phony baloney so well I don't know. Does it yeah you're an expert I guess they hit Scott Peterson after his wife was missing from master trainer John that's scary that is airline. Well as I've been missing Tuesday resuming notice that in order to porno online log me was uncle he. Okay pro does not see any use that as an. Then I denies all I objected but man does need to get my mind off this. Bill is so July 02 days later he had to queue up. But I had to Dillon master read an NSA didn't do it but the fact and that's a missile both here or fines. Here's something for you police officers ladies and men evident everywhere. No matter what the situation manna find time to national world keeps and we keep asking me yeah that's just the way it is the Iron Man I was like man he's done. But god damn. Not for the yes please god not for that. NS. That's scary. Well again throws and same book. Reference him twice so that's what you told me about that part of book that's my reading about the guy who. Had a Playboy with his DNA on the on the woods and maybe next to a body it's in the cops come like well we finally found our as the DNA and they go to his house like so like anything you wanna tells us that what. I just imagine that too by the way it went in the police are there. And you don't know why and and they pull out of magazine you go my time gas tanks where I did. I first talked users on their leg rerun those parties and then now right I don't not never been there. Comes out and the story that news. Wife is pregnant and she's yelling AM island time deceased John that's excellent show I've sent some sort of lose goes into the parking master page from dirty magazine. Throws and out the window and hands Lannan deadlock this. Has not been numbers and as bad luck that's the stuff that makes you go away forever that's what you don't want me on a jury because no matter what. Reasonable doubt that I haven't found a man. Magazines and Amazon to dead bodies in the woods announces guys Seaman Ennis truck was there I'm like none of that talk one time not enough. Black could just be bad like I go ahead and say not yeah that's. And now I got a reasonable doubt. I mean. Every time everything I don't you know my conscience I didn't kill a person if I did let him walk free that's for him to deal with. He's got to come to terms of that I don't I what I don't want to do was put him in prison for the rest of his life because I do have to think about baton. Pretentious as you guys are realizing you just said someone is likely guilty based on how his son on a TV interview I was saying I think you might have mr. Palmer saying that. People use that these end times. And maybe not that's the only part to their talking about meets on about the guys in his mom's bodies in the back row yes. I yeah I did it's really does yeah it's very yeah did like to be some measure. Exxon agendas and execution attacks on the crowds like that it's so unlike you wouldn't we didn't think that on threw out and bought. Come on I did some of these cells. Pat does that change the fact that Joanna Solano eyes and he didn't I didn't you know life. I hear that interview before hand that's as it may sir certainly. Sounded more guilty to me. When he's saying that to be someone's mother and then I already have the information in my head that is his goddamn other brands. He says someone's daughter or mothers oh bloody nose and it was both. But text on. Give them some different protection. Still don't see why we get to have the pictures of celebrities their mug shots but I guess is because every now and everybody's mug shot which I don't totally understands. I'm sure there's some reasons it's worth some things are available some things are but those 911 calls. I'm gonna need an explanation as to why. When a celebrity. Dies. And their loved one is coming back Zelaya says hey you're gonna sale my head this is a freedom than. Freedom of Information Act or whatever the case may be and this is used when they criminal trial and criminal trial proceedings. As people. Right we are allowed to go to the courtroom and see the courtroom and be a part of it so you're gonna say and stuff he's been made public. So that you know we know that people aren't getting right okay. But if someone just I did. There's no crime. Right so if I'm there's many are here you pass out you dial I'm on the final one why is that. Open for everyone knows dollars in charges and a heart attack and one right. Limited Gary Coleman 911 I was nitrogen and bring up that fast so I'll let you know early retirement. It was just as comfortable. Well I it was. It was his wife right was she the one called you yes she called my mom on a siren call him gene called I don't want. And he's fallen and hit in his hand right this is and that's what killed my thing something he was injured in the background. The whole time she's talking and I'm on one you can hear him in the background so I'm going. But you can hear you whining for help in the background. And she talked about like you know how he was sick and ask him if he was conscious and unconscious and she has like you know. He's he's foaming at the mouth and you can hear in the background. This was six tell me I can email us hey. People in radio you might want this everywhere else is using it. And I was like a what does this in the news isn't crying we had already been talking about how we thought it was a little strange it every 911 call seems to be made public. But he gets isn't that email and what about it it's in the school shooting who called her mom right and you can hear. Why. Why. Shouldn't at least maybe the Stanley get to say. Whether or not it face it like had when everyone here this because I wanna know how horrifying this is in the near the realities. Voters both guys on the runway. Police chase them loser I went right for instance veterans. Let's go into a science like this columnist Gary Coleman tips on. Mean Hanna. Moving you don't have to hear the symbolism here.