House Market

Friday, April 13th


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Advance Joseph away comment. He's covenant amendment. I don't know when now I don't remember. Soon April Tony thank you you know I think it's actually a seventh place Brian. I wanna know frank and I until a car insurance company signs into an exclusive deal as are your tree. It costs and a lot of it's every band's choice song and I give. I almost wanna do YouTube channel or go and I just pavilion stories songs into car colorful spray our Mina. Insurance commercials aren't. Hey yeah. Do you think I know you do what I know you do I know you like talker realistic. And know you're real estate. I don't really grows daily that you love realists say. I Anglican columns everybody ideals down fantasizing about real estate play everybody goes and so we driving by house and I go I don't know how soon. Not all the time make it it's a good looking how is dad I'm ZoneAlarm is going and sometimes you see one you like. About right yeah. Some people are real statement like talking about it. Some people more than others the app. So I'm there's dew this cheese or is it sought for Kansas City beat to beat up on different networks. That I think highlights that he really interesting about Kansas City at an idea I think it's a conversation. That is a metro area. We need to hang out at an okay are and I okay now far be it for me to go overboard on my responsibility to focus on local. Needs for broadcasting but I feel like I have a duty is a sign that the federal government to do so at camp. Duties Denny what's your dish are app itself says that plays we just talked about it's so weird word kids concert was that they don't doing more. Around that are dead that that area if that. Crimes that are what have Barney analyst plaza. Okay well that's before it's different than it is that same area now are you sure come. It's right there aren't any house plaza is. Separate it's like across from. Oh it's across from the convention cent yet bats were burning house plan as a yes OK so forget what I just said about the concept as I got confused regarding us vases are darn it I was looking at the picture it kind of looks like that overview. But then yeah man that does not anger backed by outlaws are it was a lists are right aren't. It's one of the city's best public places and much of the public doesn't seem to know about it. And went characterize it as an overlooked factor Audrey Navarro is part of a team imagining things for an almost invisible public plaza. Barney Alice plaza is on prime real estate which is obvious from 22 stories up its institute the convention center that municipal auditorium and downtown hotels of course one of the big reasons people often don't notice Barney Alice plaza is simply because. They don't see it right at the elevator were on the south end of the plaza would this retaining wall here you've never even know that this being public spaces even available to you. And I plan really focused on eliminating those barriers. Bringing the park down ten grade level that's extremely pedestrian friendly and accessible. What you don't see a born else plaza there's a whole lot of green architect Craig Scranton also helped design the 63 million dollar renovation plan for the urban Land Institute Lauren that Danny Green to green space actually a play yard. And up performance at a location again multiple layers of activation. Button and then. Slowly bringing up the grade to this end. And reshaping the garage down below the parking garage below the plaza is on its last legs and other reasons city leaders eventually dishes unless he. Grand plans is an answer on that. Years ago the Kansas State. Yeah so we got that big empty space you know that nobody knows about pray nobody easy isn't close legally is that yeah. Caddies did you and you know there's concerts there's some times. Sometimes you have sometimes sometimes sometimes app but let me get some entities here and then sit well intentioned idea based on another story I've sought. Aaron it also involving real estate guys and current carrying anger any. At it terrorists out. Ehlers Marty even hotter in the Kansas City area real live terrorist Telus homes are selling fast in for a higher price well this certainly good news for sellers. It's creating a big problem for buyers for two action news reporter Elisa Donovan spoke with some local agents today is still a list so what is happening with this morning. Well basically there's not enough inventory for peep or by buying their first homes. These signs are going in and it still they do birds are coming in the house in our selling. In a matter of days saw in just a matter of. Hours. As soon as they hit the market it pops up and you have to be. Available to go to see it right then and aerial miss out. Specifically retirement starter homes between 1200000 dollar chair in Lee's summit Missouri a game Lee's summit how many starter homes do you think there are between. One guy a 100000 what you did they give me best yes. At a LE seven think the over on cargo of Missouri area yeah between 10200000. Starter home I'd say a few 105. 505. Does five total by Erica yeah there in blue springs guess how many like that are available Lauren yeah. Doesn't many right now Torrealba. Twelfth. Iraq like you did make. You have off of an abandoned I don't bonded her out between what it 200000. Dollars grant we got this. Look I know everybody loves green downtown. We got this what he's saying hey we got this base fame but how is Obama not sick and affordable housing. In the middle have downtown OK you know there probably make that the realize that in order for a life by late. Six like 711 loved him more. The answer is no longer be working on it that's the that's the whole thing right we're really heading into she was Syria's. Housing crunch crisis here in the metro Buehrle got five houses and Lee's summit for a 100000 yeah that's Lee's summit. I mean now. That's that's both to be where you can go well right ears oh yeah and allow people concentrating knowing it that's we'll announce it in now makes some places we cannot feel like you I'm planning his her home's main. Under Honduran human being chased him out. As does my guess the album. My god he's too serious bunny comes sir are planning a starter okay man. Any good place to do it and and then probably hopefully make anti money later me. I mean. Please. This is difficult. Because it's like when you're talking about places that you want that people would want to move to this city for Rick it's like. Jeanne we need you redevelop those areas share we don't but not ginger fine. They're affordable housing brain good infrastructure. Good schools things like that agreed agreed but in the short term. We have five houses wrecked and are higher rights. And are putting up another big full luxury apartment complex. Down now by country club in Westport they want to terrible bunch houses over there I listen every paid attention. These these quick they go they go fast. Yeah SI on the London there's a whole bunch of new apartments. I think their apartments anyway. Or as I mean Medina a main. Well I was trying to manage freeways sort of like if you're getting off. For crown center earning. What's that area play Bryant jam. And that antique plays and science center are like right over there off the freeway and OK there's like. Doom a bunch of apartment that looks like Brandon. And why did those go out Arianna. What's over that your Knight was going on going hour there and I noticed of woodland. Not now. Buying homes in Lee summit between one and 200000. That's crazy. Seemed like an app. Anybody had any. Like how much you make it on your house is we've sold now I don't know I never did get at them and I'm always. Bad at the grid sizes on the downside of that brave guys I never have never made money generals say just how bad signings have embodied the everybody makes money hand and I don't know how they do that I think I'm always on the opposite spectrum without a break now idea of where to buy a house. You now played I'm just Reggie right. Why are now a man that's like a serious thing in America are right now like they say you know the the BC and it was never spend more than like 30%. Of your income on your housing break will math well I'd have to be one it's basically one of my page and now what they're doing is it's it's creeping up to like to live in a metro area 4050% your paycheck. Has to go to it's. There's very grandmotherly he's a lawyer and jammed up. We'll. Any idea. I think that's. Out there. C news. Not just a bunch of things pop and upload it is like townhouses. Think what's that plays there's. This hole ever uttering of hockey at all although we're putting up right I mean here's these apartments out of my calf. And it's you know I don't like the ones are rare in how does write down your next president funny vanderveer and average estimate or that little motel lot and yeah. Rate over there that mode tell no tell motel she nerves of it is awesome Motown. The white something yeah it is why it is it is definitely are the lot of white on there but there's this. Thank apartment complex and I think there should be businesses on the bottom on men women and Arianna is up down I don't know I don't know many days and I'm. No idea. That's ano year old you know like I used to it and ago it's. Somebody's and they does lose their house for 195 and had 2184. Lowe could bring a dead dead Maria. But what happens when you do that money he'd do it does give turnaround like buying another house of that money or place to live without money. Rates and I you're going to have to pay more to live tomorrow let's. My house and her village has increased in value by about 200 K in about three years. Every animal. Hook hook well well well yeah. I was talking to somebody who owns a business on Metcalf and I won't mention X I wanna screwed up he owns the business that he owns the lanes are okay. And he's like. He's he's like I think I'm gonna be a millionaire because people keep showing up right there on Metcalf. To be like an. There was so merely embodied proud to turn it into an apartment complex. But. A lot of apartments. Says is there's knows her house because us Turner's tampered in my house in me. Yeah it was a white cane and being mean that was an amen Deanna Motown. An independent squarely built town homes for 250 to 275000. Apiece literally hardly anybody in this area can afford to live there. It's gonna be sitting vacant like it has been for almost two years now that's another thing now I see a lot of vacancy and because the people who build them they don't need to sell you know your bus houses again you'll mentally you're gonna ask you this album. Like they've now built these adorable town homes in downtown OP he's an ally gone on in downtown around me it is not a Mac cotton by any stretch of the imagination and so you would think that that would be more affordable often and they are not. Thank you he now do that Asian made those those should be like. If the hundred grand you know embarrass somewhere in between there I mean like not and I sent pricing will be great for everybody I guess I've exactly. How much that way. I do. Some of them are heading browsing though Roy got yeah yeah we are we did not learn that lesson now. Foreign money Dublin in buying up property grabbing up ransom. These are at all above the bubble trying. I live at those apartments by opinion on on main 680 square feet. 1451. A month. 15100 Baghdad. They Manhattan. I mean. Someone like her agent of occasion yeah oh yeah. We my dad resort about it we're idiots seem. There's a house and I'm part but his daughter graduates first and we via we are buying Cyrix and stay in the 160 insurer. In our and they are responsible yet because I don't now I don't how this works buying house it's a big deal well then why is that really now outside. May be able to lax about in my whatever Levi and a hundred K over my budget's fine what is that month in the ranking battle against people are would have gotten Myanmar drum line you have. Dick yeah I was on grand it was a loss. Two floor loft. One of those and I know the house and my partner to your house to order K. Dot played it was painstakingly. Re done to Monica joiner can't. And does so as I mean I can't imagine and it was enormous and Hadley butler's hairs. It now a librarian age butler's stairs I'm uncomfortable with your service what Ayers he had no begs. Have you ever been houses servant I can't set foot in the well I because no one uses MA historical racism. I want houses servant sinners. And I would love some TV users watch up and down. Alex servicing hate sermons yeah that McIlroy and to show you in the regular. No they're called serve and stares at children's stairs. Yeah so this house and each as children as a service or people. The people anyway today they still make them. Like I know many AT and we know I don't think you know I don't think anyone makes an error thank god and being back in the day they then there because there were servants. But use a servant stairs excellent. Not even close to a housing bubble. You gotta look at affordability not the price of a house economics bro I don't think anybody could afford these houses and these these luxury apartments are years old problem. There are no Lawrence houses because Casey people came out here. To commute data. Now remember that remember we're still heading south. LeRoy I don't want to around over remember yeah I went south I never went past 435 and I hate us yeah aria for the white collar of days of society that's dangerously major where was. And my you blazes amaze and wow it's really different I can't. Yell come the deletion Mo. Go lots and gelatin. Or that my mortgage is 500 dollars a month as a reason for that you live in jealous yeah. Every ninety's sic times that has survey desire and it's a place in apartments and you. Did servicers are I mean. Yeah oh yeah I hate on people say plantation style house figured text line. Well people say odds of playing days as our house my butt Parker's. With rage I live in one of the houses servants airs a lot of. Are you then. It's got to be doing some world yeah and Casey amounts may ask if you got those he answered and stares at it. I dot I see kind of is that you know people pay the city they live what they pay for either into their mortgage a month. I'd like to see that. If you want to participate you can and disinterested. Like do you think we have Alyssa pay is like. Five grand a month. For our mortgage or living somewhere giving buried they are I think that's outrageous you itemize your. Mean I can't imagine being behind grandma and great. To lives better being pretty odd sort of I'm for five granite mine regular and down like the you know. So I don't know where you live for vibrant and in my home I'm sure there's someone here. Five light. I don't know I mean even then I'm in as saying give me the penthouse at one my and that's got to be under five grant and give me and any pets housed anywhere. And that's got to be under 5000 dollar mountain. What is the best like give me any penthouse no way he became prime grandma in Kansas City Wizards team that's not its. I'm very in a mine as a lot of money and it I'm not disagreeing where they're right who pays five grand a month it was rumored. A man unless you're may gain. When he got to be clearing the spent time grandma. Flo was due to bring to this you have created continue to live like Ed. Not sing badly and diesel I zeile I don't know what that is. The press reg three jam on mortgage move is that including taxes is good and demand your brokerage taxes are a lot at the wire Italian Mario say I did see. Now why are you now you know I don't care what do I care I rent I don't wanna talk about the summoned three game mortgage. You have to make about 200000. Dollars a year. Even then you can't afford a five K more he's not clearing that the minutes I mean his growth. In now I don't know how math works no way you know way way more in that. South plaza 14100. A month. 3000 square feet that's pretty good Adams Reza of income for your house yet. Some online then won my 3850. The law now tallying the limelight thirty and 10-Q well I think. How many bedrooms and they better be the mother I'm good how burger here NC what's that square footage gorgeous where I've heard a different 3850 I is an energy. Here to support that. They've got to make a great amount. It is that's a rent they're not buying NN. That's rat at 3850. Tegra Higgins built second and five under for 2000 square feet. Pagan Zell mad way you act. How close seeded gelatin. I commander in GMAC Garnett and Garnett and I browns again as I minority nine minutes and hours of the IRA. Mortgage plus utilities that 700 a month full. Atlanta right there are here you know a senator Bayh is among our top of your mortgage and utilities dollars and seven under. That eventually get this look at this what it was like it was led penthouse mists penthouse 87 import 35 west when he 700 dollars a month the leafs. We hear them penthouse leis I have yeah. Hello mayor adding that and now born 30 Rock where does that tie is nice apartments over there on. Like on that side authority I'm in need penthouse is the state of mind. Theme is going up over the scene here yeah. 245000. Packed house downtown. But with HO way is 3650. A month. A enjoying is the that's why couldn't you make a con nabbed those they show is a mother after her it's excellent heard that person who texted enabled on the plaza like 14100 a month or never. And as that's an amazing price for the blogs and yet you should broadcast that people are gonna come look at Korea. It's the human and arrange. And I airbags when he won a hundred square foot rent. I raid town's going to be annual hot list if I was thrown a dark boarded a map as a where the next one was going to be that would blow I have to tell you and a. Our umbrellas and rain Towne brand new house down it's huge yeah. Which I don't even know what she needs Zealand's alone. Is like bedroom after manager minutes rates I'll lay out ours they only do. He early considered by a variety Mal. I mean I would doubt it did Nasional has not honored about the running on kind it has gotten you know. Purged yet or by developers fully right. But see fool who. I can tell I'm getting old is a lot of news Kabul about property jam and I know Texas there's been more takes on this than anything along all my guys. I can't shunning he has a rent and a three bedroom house not including utilities come under. I used to live in two bedroom down at 1018 Broadway. Above not above the cool off but next few on the top floor I mean it years it was for an answer any team brought way. What was your rent there blah it was two people. For 500. As they are easily grant for rent. Straight downtown top floor I think it was like 16100 square feet is huge and it was new and headed dec. Are you talking about Joyce I'm Diana Ben jealous is what it was like 300 a month. That plays was not yet straight downtown where Cody used to be used to be jellies. I don't drop it. Everything was Nan the kitchen was near the bathroom was in the floors are now dad Gary heck I was at Graceland is a month yeah that was a great plays they got London. Yeah I was I live in a dumpster has duplex Lawrence for a grand a month. Loop. They. Who have just curious people may. House and fairways 14100 armor and and it seems pretty cheap for Verron. Tech side is big is laying yeah I had hundreds of others changing the station Jesus. Christ. I agree with that person that doesn't I'm getting really validating we've had more listeners join them leave right elect and now. I do Mozilla that I found the place some any amount to treatment and you like that room. I'm always want to live in a mid century modern houses you and I love those Drummond is O'Leary got hundreds of women in the mantra yeah. Yeah when I get money and relate my lamb orange let me nine her house she doesn't mean it. So she's heard the prices in the market she ain't going to Beijing that money that I'm part. Not only does he have servants shares and I'm pars yes Al later. She is an elevator Hyde Park housing her house is beautiful on Suzanne means a little crappy drama and I do that of no basement tiny. Adorable. Well. To those of us who have a place for those of us who reluctant. This one's.