Wednesday, May 23rd


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Truth says did not doing anything. You gotta do suck and they're not you are not doing anything. Why can't I do something and he's not wrong I'm not wrong you saw me on the hollow yes. Why can't I do something. You aren't all that smack all the time I'm just saying you know it is it's like you talk a big day and it reminds me a dead pool when that rule says. You know why you were there redshirt is like you know so you can't see the blood that I'm a brown pants he's got the right idea nor the guy in the brown pants the only thing you're gonna do is trap yourself. But explain it now this with the Sweden. Mom. Yeah Sweden. They say not a pamphlet about or like a booklet about. If crisis or war comes. And they were telling their citizens you know under threat of cyber security. Not our cyber attacks fake news terrorist attacks in the war. And they talked about how you have to be on a heightened. State of alert and you should. Fight back we'd all citizens to band together. I asked was if something happens here if you would. You know what your plan would be if you would if you put up a fight if you go down swinging or if you just look. What do they were Ruth's case. Yeah okay but just go up on them and tell Cummings yeah about the same yeah tough gun yet. All of the new red daughter god damned if I'm Noah does bingo comedies from over here and take over my known yes you are going to lay down but the but the look comrade day and I'm not saying that I've got a good chance against a soldier I'm just saying that I'm not cannot surrender. And throw the white flag when they come march down. I was jury. May I suggest Taiwan a window in my adding 10 my god oh my god counselor one. Match suggests that you would surrender ice a shoe brands may I suggest also that you should surrendered a and now all of those things need to happen now one UNL two he'll be making the right call. I think. I don't wanna say that I show a slight chance as any but I haven't oh you just have a lot of canned food at the house and rabbit candor haven't. But that was welfare right hand on a tuna and grin and the Russians and people around. I'll let cancer and I have a window that is a perfect. A tactical. Vantage point. Premiere look down as they're marching down the street and I can do shoot adamant that they come after may third I'll go down the basement corner. And I'll just point I'd gone out and not come after me. It's I've run out and noses keep taken amount. I'm not gonna just. So when you have played I think of the black ops I can't do that you I'm McCain can't do any better and I'm not gonna obscure guy. Hide. Organized OK all hide and hide your attic but when they come margin on the streets. You got a decent so once you find you're behind you and your attic like in Franklin institute of there's an idea of the edit I lied view in my attic that's what I'll do they come knocking at your door. Guests Michelle are coming knock knock another coming. Know all the lowest auto Morales what are you gonna do. You just gonna serenity is gonna get mob informant I think what I do is different than what you do and I think we should make sure that we know that. I think my response. And your response are different and what is your response I may fight them. We. You know we haven't gone. I'm tracking them why did you want anyway our point we don't want anywhere America I'm guessing that big gun stores going to be low on guns acrid. The Russians have invaded them and you're gonna have to lay low you know you just out there on the street is gonna drive to a pawnshop and buy have rightful. But now they're gonna notice something like gonna guess in those are going to be some of the same. I love the Russians are gonna land here and when they land in Kansas City I don't know I'm reading this I'm not gonna have time to get the government target eventually got a gun and I show them they attention now and I'm what am I gonna do. That sounds like war to me they're just having guns and gun and knife shows for the citizens of the over the we have plenty of guns in this country I don't think that's the issue yet and I guess at that point. The people album are gonna just be handed them out into the anti two layers like you who. And so you think man this is going to be like the original. British invasion on the colonies where they actually marched down Washington street there. And knocked in all the doors. We think that's the new do I don't know I feel like maybe ignorance might be involved as an. Yeah ringing the bell quietly if they wanna take over the and is still Russians are coming and are Russians are coming you're not a history you know sometimes road is pony. Up and down state line. Telling everybody. That the Russians are coming armed to the chief of the but with a 220. That he used to shoot squirrels yeah a real hero. The Russians are coming the Russians are coming hasn't round of everybody at the well on tellem. I don't have to round up anybody because at you know hey there I know he doesn't play a giant gender and there but the Russians are coming. But I 95 instead of happened. There's going to be emergency they're not doing this any thing. I'd just read a pamphlet that Sweden set out and there is asking net there. You know. Populace. And stay strong and worked together strong fight the enemy alassane that we could do that we would lose week. He's caught everybody. Worm. We're not. Gonna surrender. We're not gonna take you know. The purpose of a real we're not gonna take it anymore. I saw from people and here. Some sound sort of story that Sweden told its citizens that they may have to stand up and go to war at some point. And just be diligent and now slim fast is ready to fight the Russians when mainland. And Waldo what's your actual plan. Overcome it and why there is no planned stop don't encourage and there is no plan. The Russians are not going to land us in this area I can hypothetically. And marched down the streets of sorrow that's not how the war is gonna go down. Well this booklet soured me on. Tactical error on their part and I don't think they're gonna make I don't say that's after they ice you know on the Internet at and a mountain and they put all those troops on the border of Mexico and Canada vision surround us. And we allowed that to happen they're gonna fly and a drop actually we're in Colorado wants troops moved. Tanks troops Hummer is gonna drop troops and tanks but I drop tanks out of airplanes. They do that war move. And they're gonna drop lemon and they're gonna come driving down the street. Techs until I'm very close right not a nine to fifty state line can confirm. No Russians at the moment but the thank you we are there a war hero Russians at the moment hello hey don't just. Below that person off thousands and a very good music is questioned the planet yes lock the doors stay inside when they get close start shooting OK but you in the basement are you an added they start coming to close the house and they bathroom. Trying to what are we right. Had a beautiful little window that I have a little wind out yeah why it's a pick Andre ministry. So you up there with gone hang out while sunny skies Rambo last week couldn't move on I was minus I'm not. Rambo now is John Rambo I'm the illuminated gun for his blogs are the knife. I didn't start is not I'm not gonna go after knocking it on the terriers assuming you guys I'm gonna play defense strong defense yes. And then if for some reason I get flushed out of my home I can't imagine I get in the truck an idea Rodman he of the Korean shop owners of the LA riots. You're on the roof with a gun yes yes exactly indeed defended the baseline I'm not sure if you want to tell you guys luck but when it. Happens. After they do all the other things they gotta do shut down on the Internet disable our nukes and on next thing you know there's a bunch of troops march on the streets you guys are gonna be over in my household no. Gotten. And wet and the and a big crew cab truck that we can all get and drive wherever we need to you know blow away here's the point with the truck. Watch the user doesn't read Don he's got a big truck wouldn't go off road and I trust that truck business you guys can fit in their comfortably. There's more interior space and any other truck in its class. You'd be comfortable as we remain. Escaped danger of InterDigital. Oh yeah. Nadal which by the way she's gonna come in handy to the OK another important sometimes he's got to pay. She's reflect I trusted dog more square. Well she's our first line of defense is I lovers and this guy's gonna sacrifice he's got an extra alert he's got to control he's got a gun. Olson is not and I have a lot of tuna can be peroni. It's the darn high fades RF com I'm ready for right you don't have food you don't have a let. You're cars up front wheel drive that battle my god. He's convincing nearly doubled it's it's something he has never taken my truck anywhere off of 75 street I mean. He dry guys who don't know that our he's our privilege and I've Eric Milledge I picked over confident I gonna judge Amin. The toughest thing you've ever put non black of that truck as. An old barbecue grill today I had to pick up malts from my mother. A month ago and there was no roads that little thing I had to drive spoken just like John McCain I'm sure before the war that's their way into. I don't know from my mother Diana and I can't and and that's why god moisture two reasons why not let us. I went out much from my mother until the Russians in America just in case engineered to serve otherwise you know now. Is just in case who knows I'm a man of the comes down so vessel beer over. Golf course I believe does it feel now that you've admitted it when that happens when your batters in Maine and I I do better going to your girlfriend's house. This is a nurse. And I'll give you gonna be a bring her over we might need her when he hurt and obviously we mine you know how kids are so some of these Russians in case you start to get soft and feel bad for the the dawn of terrorism and are jugular not shoot them in the why should an addict because I want to humiliate. But the first three humiliate didn't think. She can do so they teach him. Yeah and Hannah and comments school always shoot from the deck yet. You're gonna shoot. You can't concentrate they're not gonna be a steady aim at once they've been wounded in that area what are they gonna fire back they forget about it the dump for. I'm not saying it's great says best of them is clay I have good. It's way better than anyone else you know did I have so many questions for both you guys first Posey doesn't so. Soft OK what am I right away well there's two things here and by the way one. Your legs are so why you might as well be Russian U I think when they come you can just tell him. But actually you know the same thing but is more than your legs and assume you've never seen the sun. I thought I did he get here I thought it was and Sox earlier but they're just White Sox and taxes craze and OK okay about it now I absolutely think they'll be like okay. He's fine that's a good plan has joined the solid all around it was yeah that I feel like the other part of that is why you guys are excited to fight for the story like by guy. Oh yeah hello hello toilet there are homes Americans I don't know blow me. This is my name Rowland on a miles of a gun to protect trump. Got an app I'm not protecting the chant and trying to protect teen America now. And it's so I actually think it is and it was a lesson landed. And it was somebody else they say we're here to save you from drug might be like a well guess I hate to get Joseph Paterno comes out here offered help Carol my. To shoot them exactly yeah this is Canadians come on like build all right okay I'll listen what you have to say certain. Banana yellows other. We're talking about them. No one's fear all I want us Iraqis are eye roll I will welcome another country with flowers like it is so that we went. Interact I will be that person Earth's flowers. Thank you. Now I won't lay them out those soldiers street. When my comment. From Denmark. I do feel bad about hurting all those soldiers and kill I'm sure they're really worried about that about your death count like maybe we should. Give them we should give them an opportunity for Russia today and I like his aren't. First off. There's a dying man and now she's from Russia organs. But The Who brought them here that. We said that we weren't gonna bring any of the people from. Not going from the fallout that the that's there on a Stanley Americans that may side with us. So send them back. It's Yeltsin's grandkids. Send them back. Man. Did anybody see those skinny arms up and that little window that. Well we saw that twice they don't Maine that's you pang pang pang. Somebody throw a grenade at that house now we Europe there what throwing pies at their faces we need to know on. What am I doing word in now I am or she now we've decided we're gonna give the Russians tomorrow I know will get their help. You know. They don't want to live under Putin's. He's got to talk to on explained film are coming airliner took to live under trump I sit. But like please explain to us how rated as frontrunners trying to steal our resources them. And and and embarrass us you know all you've got to do is shoot a couple on the deck apparently and then talk to them out. Our great leader Donald Trump. Of course they'll change just give me ten minutes add coffee girl. Would these Russian soldiers and tell them look. I think we have a lot from those words that a lot to offer. And we had nice springs and falls here move on in their place of Blake you know mom pretty cheap. Who recommend does start in with the search for condos. And and you'd be surprised he worked at a forty hour workweek. If you get lucky and you know may be able to work your way up and make yourself these eleven. You'll have to eat candid. Boorish anymore so be command and and his drive and that is don't open it up. And you're going to be happy that the dog is well then when this whole thing goes down. Which look it's probably not going to happen but. We were just saying that there is that is true you could lay down take a player clothes laid down and Russian leaders don't. This is my dad's not even done beautifully done and he can boast that I play dead as part of my. Plan actually let's face it if they make it into the house and coming youngsters in the basement and I put the yeah I really would. I would I would you know China do something mad I don't know. Make myself look even worse than you do take my clothes off and then you know. Just trying to look like adrenaline after a week. I saw regular as far as that.