Jack White Day

Tuesday, April 24th


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That is and chat lines and is. He asks Anez. Yeah looking happy. Jack pointed to you. Mean maybe they're going to do you know them. Salaries are going to end zone I know my house all of my vehicle here I'm uncomfortable. I thought it was a sloppy and and happy Jack waited so you are participate. And I played today despite it violating my roses beliefs. That's their way. Tegra tegra endeavors and variety exactly that. Also. Did infinity or. Day after the entity were from there. You know you don't know my gap news have been held an idea of the new new in Paris are expected this thing. A big deal as is the one you're watching earlier really good low key one of them dying is yeah I mean I don't know who died. I'm saying man those guys we were just watching the trailer just again based on the trailer is famous is there. Finalists right payments. And although they say about us that pain has some amenities on the set up and down. Casey care I mean that's another old timing language says some. A friend I'm texting and hike is Jack quite popular show. Last night I'm freaking. I don't you Father's Day or abolish. I mean I went tonight that would have now and now I've been telling people back condition for pop up shows after what from a college. The Seattle and other odds is looking for pop out I think that's what they're like wishful thinking doesn't mean pat or raise. You know obviously I want cap. To make it to the end of infinity or I don't know let's go online activists. Mean I don't show my house. Down Jack was hanging out Omon Storm Chasers in answer. After eating cranky now now used to be they human free Jersey hazel occurring here baseball games that you be as bad now. Have a says he's got all baseball games and just look like he's having a miserable time that's funny and that means funny. We get Dallas you know younger Gaffney and I didn't realise and as he well he co owns a backed. Company. He's and his days there was some cause. A mavens. May then yeah may bit funny mean you know he's is a business maven. I'm guess this might be a friend is saying you know you got a database of cap. It's endeavors and I know my college or do e-business. Lately your not making money you have so. Much money. Day you can like start making stuff like your friends again a lot of bat I want farewell this error there is because like we interview I will saying. The bad staff are also look out it's eject or at bats he probably they're called up today in event there would. They are lineup malveaux are now they're taller boy you the. The. You can only is wood and professional yeah how many millions of wow I think some professional athletes is the company thing that's it for there would means. All their batting would I but Jack why and try of course second base then. Ian Kinsler you know it's funny because who's used Chandler have uses an all star. He ER the unity when he is like one place for one Janie is no place for another staying out of eight guy going to die nowadays you get into it when he's made a bet he's from Detroit and now he's not. In Kim's legs I think got traded to the angels did he was on a tie it's yeah I don't think he's not tiger maybe they got any friends with them and because the music is kind of from Nashville most of the time that our national. Ever. Moved his operation there and I got. Well. I don't see them or not he opened a third man records and to try it Diebler became business maven here's what happened Syria I think I don't know we're not friends I have no idea yeah. I will say this though I was the war this tray. War stick as the name of the batting company had cars stick. Tell me those war stakes aren't beautiful assailant they're gorgeous. They're beautiful afternoon anyways Poland's. I no but they live like third man records of his own advice. Seeing it as their claim black and yellow line and holiday did you metal that's cool holiday Judy. Let's go to let me there's been a very nicely makes your debt. Well I don't know that jacket and style makes them it's a good marketed bet how about that yeah based somewhat on CN it's a good look at bet and I told us to go look at Matt's a good look at Matt you are. Our cars Angel and I crowded. It's funny enough on its funny is funny. Would that sounds vinyl record and what else what wells is the diversified into I don't know I have an idea cakes pies. I don't think so Jack likes cherry pie. I don't know yeah I you'd have to ask him I didn't know about were paying until yesterday and cover reply I had no idea. And I can consider ourselves somewhat diesel labors on them meet any. You would hope they would do peppering candidate yet you know that that's a little fat obvious as. It's pretty app is. I'd like to see the pretty out like I'm back in a weary nearly graduates trying to save he's due to bad it's like what else the into as you like the Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen like a very nice baseball. And he really really legs based on he's always at a baseball game nationalize the AAA team I think. And any help supply their bands. Buddha socket it I don't know him. You'd think he can get is back to in Nashville too late. Show equates slinging would Heidi like not Kansas today. Yeah. I didn't actually now I and I got agenda sedans will play a mobile. There are so high they are not doing that follows a weekend that CD somewhere like I think justice don't say that aren't they haven't found Yemen Angel. Now we were. Playback urges. Broadcast is concert scene at the middle and I guess it was all good as long as we didn't. Parity debt and mean. You have a which whatever that's fine. You don't think I think it's kind of goal anyway and while we have. You know Mumford is let us do Arcade Fire we only Riordan won once again. So the likelihood that we re aired again as you know he has artists are very weird about. I mean I guess I get well regarded as it is Steward. Yeah I may have like I don't is that I I completely agree with that statement any and while some murders humor particularly. I do them a favor apps some of them out of that and sags and bags thing. I don't care they kegs and eggs versioning men's terrible pain and I will now it's maybe it's because it's early in the morning and in no could be an update could be not day. Maybe they do need a ton of production and I don't now. But I on air. They may be some evil is real pretty anyway. We'll Hillary's argument we're just have Randle had knowledge that I can't wait no we don't I am I Kansas and me and do we have at least have a hard. Mean I feel like I did at least. That in. I look at that you're looking for me play I don't honey Xeon Kansas and then. As lilies and anyone into the hotel you I swear it was you like. Her idea. I mean how do you feel now again had to fill out and you sounds as if that are finding. I had that exact play Jennifer yeah I have an avid days. Mark looked at it now we don't have in the computer I don't know if Danny has done it you've got an object wiper. Perth. How long that too long ago looked as. If we're disposable it. Market look for. It's I would make and it's really went on at times it's via any and yeah see and have fun and I've been. I'm dealing cans sound now that occasions. Nugent and did fly into declined how you look how do you feel amount. You attempted to say how do you feel here we threaten to a he has no dad it. And a girl Tyler Tyler says but dad yeah. Still a.