Jackson or Johnson

Tuesday, May 15th


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Hey possess. The kind Jamie's Lazio are you. I'm. Gonna have you ever played or you know how to play Jackson Johnson. It's super easy. So I have told slim fast. That I can tell him. Where a news story happens. Jackson or Johnson County just by the context clues. And I've never been wrong. So I will help you as we weighed on its way through these news stories decide whether they happen and Jackson Johnson got an adult and I. Don't these stories straight from. The award winning Kansas City Star but I obviously removes. Any clues that would give it away you know the name of the city it's a debt so here's your first headline. Police. Seek man suspected in lewd and lascivious acts. Police are asking for help identifying the man who made sexual remarks in committed a lewd act according to two women. Both women gave similar descriptions of the man who approached them in separate encounters. The first incident happened around 10:30 AM. May fourth in a gym parking lot the second was the same day around 5:45. PM. Both victims describe the man as whites around 35. Years old with slicked back or spiked hair and facial hair. The man is believed to be driving a dark gray Mercedes suvs. With a Jackson or Johnson the guy is going up to women outside of Jim's. I meant at its own and he's in a Mercedes. Truck what's the same dorm. I don't know something lewd or lascivious or both. What do you think this I think it John there. Me too. It is Johnson out of course it is but do you recall the last time we play Jackson Johnson we sorrow for the story just like this also over the park you guys have an epidemic. Over there are you maniac like it's mayberry I don't remember that happening why do Schumer jumped to be able to Jim yet. I don't think that she picturesque perfect say that's supposed to part of the deals guys his role on up. Exposing themselves next headline. Gunmen who leads police on chase through park. A man is in custody. After he led police on high speed chase and then a foot chase past many star witnesses in a park quote. We were at the park for a birthday party and we heard sirens entire squeals on one witness who captured video of the chase through the park on herself on. Quote a blue Durango comes flying into the parking lot rose's car park. Jumps out and takes off running through the middle of tons of families she said. The car chase began around 4:35 PM police said. The driver was a person of interest in an aggravated assault investigation. Police pursued the SEB to the park where the driver exited and fled on foot and Jackson or Johnson. I've glittering now yes. All right Jack and interesting I would say Johnson here's a reason why would suggest but it's up to you. A couple of keywords. The couple keywords. Park. Slug that stood out to park. And witnesses. But at the families. And our witnesses families park witnesses families. Now you can do whatever you want but those IEU could read for two hours more. And all I need here are witnesses families birthday party. And mark and he's only a great partner that the part. But only giant and then. It is Johnson but you have to be insane if you don't think birthday party at the park in associate that would Jackson County over Johnson County. Any time I drive it on the weekends do any park in Jackson County every single. What do they call it shelter. Every time he's trying to blame yourself where you're trying to explain to everyone. Why should have gotten it wrong. These are not use a birthday party if there was just birthday party maybe I wouldn't know. What it was birthday parties. Large families. Witnesses. It's not just one word it's a culmination of 45 words that's the point. Oprah. Tighten it can't happen technical black and Johnson can I mean the guy was from Jackson Casey pier once he chased him a month most or Charlotte about the mood I'm in cash found a technicality. Next headline police search for a car that struck and killed a man in wheelchair. All I'm man who was using a motorized wheelchair when he was struck by car and hit run rack has passed away according to police. Police are looking for a white Saturn Aura that investigators think hit the man about 9:30 AM. The wreck left the man's wheelchair in pieces in the street. The initial investigation showed that the man had been using the crosswalk across the street when he was hit by cardinal left the scene without stopping according to the sergeant. Who was at the accident in charge of the investigation. Where wasn't my dogs and I'm a man units on the roadways I would give it away obviously a busy place they said that he was using a crosswalk. And I also read today that he may have been hit in the past in his wheelchair by the O. The big trying to be I don't know but I read that this wasn't his first encounter kernel although I wasn't part of the stories some just give me a few extra clothes on her. What do you think Jamie. Mere. That it has ordered. That no not really. Accurate. Couple words. Yeah motorized wheelchair going across a crosswalk. Hit by a Saturn. Hit by a white Saturn. Yeah I was thirty minutes after everyone supposed to be at work. The Saturn Aura though I mean it was a nice Saturn moon. And 9:30 in the morning. I'm an actual damage you are right that one was Jackson County fine. Possibly shouldn't be laughing someone die I don't know are sorry that is sent next headline. Terror downs bring monster homes and calls for more restrictions. On the county appraisers office recently produced a Mac. That charted all the terror downs and new home permits since 2015 and the results were striking. It showed this city is ground zero in the metro for this trend with 84 demolition permits in just the past few years far more. In other cities. The pace is only accelerating as the years construction season gets under way. And it's one of the most divisive and challenging issues for a city known for its charm mean. JC Nichols design communities. The questions for city leaders is how to preserve traditional neighborhoods while adapting to changing times and new generations. Of families. While many long term residents want design restrictions and home size limits. Others want to modernize the city's aging housing stocked with more spacious layouts and amenities. That's what the mayor set. There it Jackson or Johnson counting on another drive does a lot of words but. They're taking houses that were more that or bizarre to belt and they're saying I like to buy this house. They buy the house and then they knocked my house down and build a bigger house on top of it. Yeah I don't know who's tearing it down but it says that the terror downs the headline is stare downs bring monster homes and calls for more restrictions up someone's not gonna houses down and building better houses under our houses are being built up. Went in and chase scene. Nichols I'm afraid. Yeah JC Nichols designed to communities. Charlene JC Nichols design right Aaron. Right hand saying I don't. Don't don't don't. What I heard all rely on her work through this. He's allowed to use clues course it's a single lesson thing and I don't I still like you wouldn't say that I'm gonna go at Jack. It. I wanna reach repeat something that people are buying. Homes there. And then they're saying that those homes are big enough for them. So they're just knocking them down. And then building monster homes. Where the old homes war. And they're knocking down these old homes that some people saying. Our JC Nichols designs. And part of the fabric. Of the metropolitan area. But my other villains and I don't give them of that because I need a bigger house Mitch yeah. I have first Scotland job then but I feel like that would be you forgot the guidance on the giant pulled that thought. It's only get well bill what my guess is that anyone. Who's knocking down homes to make a bigger homes. Bigger beige homes. That my thought designs Johnson County but Jamie I get me wrong I have no idea. I'm no expert. Mandalit elegant theories that he's certainly claims to be that's the first I've heard and Sam no expert at the so. Oh and I want to you about 700 or 700 as the president Clinton's name IRA or that I don't want her. Ruin that. Google may wood Johnson dep what it. We're going Johnson. Well you should've. Gone with the Johnson because it is Johnson can you guess which show Borough there. When I read this story. It made sense because they see it constantly. But I don't know. I guess you probably drive through different parts its prey village. And I drive through prayer village and it is insane as some of the their building many Russians and they're building houses that are going up to the edges of a lot like they built a bunch of houses just inside you know in the last few years of this article says she got all these small houses and as a giant house we want him I don't know where it's insane. Anyway I guess yeah. I thought may be the Terry Don I was hoping that they too paring down of homes you get so wrapped up enough because lies oftentimes will say. Yeah Terry got on that he doesn't need to hear past the headlines are totally. Tearing down homes he would just think. Kansas City they're they're not. How laws are rebuilding and I know. Does that turned down holidays and I thought maybe Jackson I really don't mean he's staring down homes are reaction I really serious turn down homes building mansions on top of him John well. I this is not our game I'll hold on I thought maybe you would think they're ten guys on. Bill these knobs and that you might even say they're probably like you know some sort of subsidized homes are putting multiple families in these giant homes and people want restrictions are especially when I say I'm Stacey Nichols. How does it matter you got it right Jamie hold on the line our right right yeah if they let us that it. Tearing down homes importing multi purpose multifamily. Things on top of them maybe I would open they didn't say that well said monster homes. Huge homes. Again I just like to remind you that you do you have a guy running through your park with a gone. And you got another guy don't want to the gym and I'm in the apartment and social Jackson isn't your horror I. I'll let you guys should stop them what do you know we do we chased him out of our parks we chased amount right over and yours and this this Bluetooth sales figure par.