Jackson or Johnson

Monday, June 11th


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Hi. I play around Jackson or Johnson. Do not apply. Idol here's the deal for anybody does not a place for stuff what's your name. I'm Renee here's how it goes some fassel Reno's news stories and take out any references or locations. I have said just by the context clues I can tell whether the resentment and Jackson down your Johnson Downey I'll help you along the way but in the end the answer will be yours to say. Okay. Let's go right here's your first headline. She refused to give them combination to a safe. So they sent her house on fire. Two men are behind bars after authorities say they tried to burglarized a home and set fire. Two it would they woman inside after she reportedly refused to give them the combination to a gun safe. Prost prosecutors have charged amendment burglary robbery arson and three counts of armed criminal action. The woman was taken to burn unit with first second and third degree burns covering 30% of her body. Deputies were called to the home after receiving a report of an assault and fire. Court records said that they broke into the house down on the woman's hands and mouth with tape and took various items including a shotgun. The woman told authorities the men also struck her in the head with a lamp and poured gasoline on our body. They told her they would set her on fire if she didn't give them the combination to a gun safe in the home she refused. The house was burned to ground nothing left. Jackson Johnson Jesus. How I. Carry it out. As soon as. Well. Say. But again they. Are like Ernie about it I think and they accept what they think. I think of this comes octopus. Johnson. Doesn't just say and because she's that I'm not gonna give you. Combination. Well I think there's either guns and or something even more valuable. On all that to me takes a right out of Jackson. Straight and Johnson. Well early in rock of support I'm gonna go. It'll I'm going to be dock and it. And handing me. They burn their house down they tied her up with duct tape. They'd poured gasoline car. They stole guns from the how's the jazz are done say it's supposed to be my ringer and there was Liam. A they they still shocked and so I don't know these guns worn in a safe that they took or Boehner got into the safety as well all right here's you next headline. Namely wakes up to find multiple bullet holes in the walls outside an apartment. The family woke up to a scary situation early Tuesday. Realizes someone fired multiple shots into their apartment. It happened around 12:40 AM numerous people called 9111. Person sounded as it said it sounded as of ten shots were fired. Thankfully no one was shot the gunshots did cause glass to shatter which entered at least one child inside the apartment. Police say it is currently in the child or injured injured child might say it injured a child. Police say it is not clear who fired the shots but the people living in the apartment think they may know who the suspect it is Jackson Johnson. They woke up. They want awoke to sounds of gunshots. And I kept on call and I think it on and again. Because ten people call the police over gunshots. Am. About Hewitt. And acting out in the Al east and. Run to gunshots right you make sense there. The mayor when doc this just get a quick quick quick quick anywhere except the find multiple bullet holes in walls outside apartment a timid woke up it was scary situation early Tuesday someone had fired multiple shots into their apartment. It happened around 12:40 AM numerous people called 9111. Person said it sounded as if ten shots were fired thankfully no one was shot. The gunshots did cause glass to shatter which injure injured at least one child inside the apartment. Police say it is not clear who fired the shots of the people living in the apartment think they may know who the suspect is. I cannot have a good guests here I've. He says Johnson and bullet shots and doing in my apartment. And the people living in and say they might know who it is. If you shot and hurt and Utley and people called. I don't know. Numerous people called the fact that she knows who it is legends like we got a pretty good idea who unloaded ten. Ten bullets in a wall this apartment. The night and a suspect kind of knows who it is not that smells of Jackson's him. But I want all of you whatever you said. Oh. It I'm sorry it is Jackson county jail yet I did not say that ten people woke up Norris A ten people called please don't shots were fired. Numerous people call them and I do feel badly about not correct you but at this point in the game. I need all the help I can get so I'd be worried Gaza didn't pick up the first time on the fact that they said. The people who live in the apartment think they may know who just I just got done for sure. That was my weakest link you know and I mean my. So. No context. Usually I answer your next headline to get metro schools offer lunch for kids over summer break. Summer break can be the Hungary's time of the year for kids to school districts in the metro are fighting hunger with summer meal programs many of those programs round in metro kicked off last week. One local elementary. We actually do summer meal programs Monday through Thursday each week for four weeks during June to the director of food nutrition services. In the school district she said about half the kids in the school district rely on free or reduced lunch. They get that pass sustenance from us during the normal school year but when school is out they may not be able to get that food without continuing to eat. With us throughout the summer she said. Action or Johnson. Actually red green. And it's. Tommy can't eat they are dependent on every. It's and there's one of seventeen and he's got a little holes. On where did say that all about half the kids in the district have to kids in the entire school district. 50%. Of the children in the school district rely on the school to eat and if they don't. Go to school it they just there's pretty good chance to just Tony and I know that district that my kids go to they offer summer meal programs. Or when I've been surprised at 50% of them are lying on the school for I'd. Well I'd be shocked if that number was 50%. And where they'll do. I think accent. All right Jackson I kind of figure you get a but I just wanted to see how you explain and I wanted to put you in an uncomfortable spot there. But that is Jackson but you'd like he's a good meal programs too and I did think it was a chance you might think about learning all the numbers etc. Sims I know her but don't say anything Barrett first right here's your last headline. Make it true or not. And of course is comfortable it's uncomfortable to point out the fact that obviously only one side old state line there. That 50% of the school district that's a really high number of a high number thirteen children eighteen and under 50% what school district Kansas City. Children eighteen and under 50% of them realign the schools to eat is crazy. Last headline packaged the returns items rights apology letter. After being caught on camera a local package that ended with the remorseful thief returns stolen items and leaving a note. Handwritten letter asked for the homeowners forgiveness quote. I know what I did was wrong and there's nothing I can do to change what has already been done it said I have children and I want to be about a role model. The video of the theft originally was posted on FaceBook to be stolen Casey community group. Quote it was reminiscent to me that what we are here for is reuniting after victims with their items said Dave Parker. Who helped found the page. Quote we really want to be a community help the community and help those in need include the homeowner did not want to speak to report on camera but said he was grateful his items were returned. I usually get this straight at because that was very confusing government. Dinosaurs packages delivered from like Amazon or something I. As somebody steals on the guy sees a guy who steals and on camera. And the guy returns them with a handwritten note and says man I'm sorry I am very embarrassed ought to be about Iraq army about a role model to my kids. Then distill your packages. Yet there's a FaceBook page it sounds like posted this video. Which is normally I saw himself maybe and they try and figure out who you know is responsible for sealing these packages. This guy myself and I don't anymore Johnson. On air at people auction on. Dominant got to face the. I have tea everyone in my neighborhood has one of those cameras on their front porch I thought for sure you would say. Security cameras for all the talking about like those ringers you know no matter what our votes and some guy came up and stole somebody's Amazon package. And not only did that have Saddam their Amazon camera on. They posted it to a FaceBook page and on the FaceBook page tracked down the dying shamed him into returning. Towels he bought what they're talented guy wrote a thing as I wanna be a better role model I'm so sorry. And of course man the FaceBook page is called stolen Casey. So it's clearly not just in Johnson County. Fine you got Greta are you did miss one why didn't she did. Why else are caught I don't remember exactly even at that closet and I talked in that won you messed that's his ball. And lay the blame squarely on his shoulders he's. He did pretty good this week he got to give credit better than he normally does. That that the hold on 12 okay it's not gonna get you something real nice.