Jackson or Johnson

Thursday, August 2nd


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Hi Iran was a low. Jackson Johnson yeah let's do it he says he's got some arm holder but I have no idea who it is open so. Hi who's this. Taylor all right tell you ought to play the game and my gut sort of flag over there's gonna read some news stories and we're gonna say whether that happened in Jackson County or Johnson County. I have never been wrong before so that's not definitely not sharp. He's pretty good but he's definitely been wrong before so. But scuffed our right here is your first Taylor headline boy brings Gundy can't accidentally discharges in backpack. Police that the county parks and recreation district are investigating after eighteen year old boy brought a gun to campus and it accidentally discharge in his backpack. There were no injuries the child was attending a day camp at a field house. Parents were immediately notified and were asked to come pick up their children who were also attending the camp there were nine attending the camp. That's not allowed to work with low last what are you gonna do with that. That is. I actually you don't work they cannot. And now. Jack and Al Green did a lot of big camp over here are. You know the best field how about the bad not that in the business visit. I took the name now but it said you know blank field house. A great guy and they're. Feel how does net that they can't frequent. Our. Yeah exactly I like the whispering area I wanna thank. Oh. Oh that sounds good. You can say whatever you want but I'll tell you right now the center in Johnson County. I'm just telling you right now because it's a day camp and there's only nine kids there. I'm nine kid de Cannes is like some sort of drama school day camp. Well it's not where people drop off their kids because I have to go to work. And didn't know what it was doomed Madonna just fired out of his backpack for no reason to assist. It is not go to the tool does is does screens job raising our kids in Jackson Tony would be better than I do better handling of firearms. Are flying public Taylor up to you want to daycare employee. As I did any but the if that they can't get away from the like you look out its welcome though what are smaller numbers whereas led picking up upcoming like sunlight. I don't. Because yeah Jackson just we don't yapping Johnson injection. I thought my god. Johnson County genes it was it was a mad science camp in new century field how it's science such soldiers nine kids would have been John Jackson County that was finally got to do is there. Yeah because it was luck or design a lot more desired place gloom and I mean I'm mad science today can't. It can only be funded by people thrown a couple of honored box out. Yeah. Yeah. I think population density was whether or more kids in my campus finds next story. Make sure I do these bright main shot in face during an argument with twin brother. The mayor is recovering after being shot in the face are you with his twin brother on Tuesday. The shooting happened around 7 PM police were called to the scene and found at 32 year old man with an apparent gunshot wound to the face. The man was taken to an area hospital and is in stable condition officers continued their investigation discovered. But the man and his twin brother were arguing while both were armed with handguns. One of the Brothers was shot. The other has been arrested police have not said what the Brothers were argument about when the shooting happened Jackson or Johnson. Moon. Pink soap and Brothers. When. What they're up about their president yep 7 PM or. Yeah. Are you owe it Jack. 32 year old twin Brothers who live together and or if pointing guns at each other and arguing and and one shot the other one in the face. Yeah how much it and call me crazy I think you might be right Taylor. Capped. Well you know is don't you think they'd be better with their firearms is not him a little better I was murdered when I'm wasn't an accident. How do you write down one down with Jackson that was Jackson thought you might get talent who is an actual. Alleged murderer is white supremacist. Family says. Those who knew Ronald can lower house surprised to learn he was charged with the murder of a black woman of her body was discovered in the home where he lived. Quote this was a hate crime says neighbor Kathleen 100% I hate crime. They would he would drape himself in the confederate flags at his daughter crystal. He would send her photos of the swastika tattoo on his left arm he bragged to her about his membership in the Ku Klux Klan. And told Kathleen about the Aryan Nations white supremacist group. He once threatened to kill his daughter and her three children quote if I ever spoke to a person of color crystals said. He's been a monster his whole life she said he's the true definition of evil. As charged with second degree murder in the slaying of a this woman was 43. Who had been missing for a week and tell her body was sounds like fourteenth in the home where he lived joint investigation by multiple police departments led investigators to that house. So alleged murderer is white supremacist. Or Indo his own family. Jackson or Johnson. What do you guys think. I've bird does affect. I heard about that. Don't look at all. I didn't look it up by I heard on the news like a few days ago. Lance Johnson. That's a white supremacy Johnson County. Not a big strong and now of course you would. Why why why would you say Johnson. Still won races people. But it sounds like our fine it was Johnson thought that was my that was my ringer Shawnee. Well aside and Paraguay racist guy. Murder is a black woman what is your rain gear that back was not going to be Johnson Downey you know I thought you'd think it does some sort of like him. A noted that I would not take an answering your question. I hear anymore and a first sentence I was out. Next headline teen charged with murder in road rage after fender Bender. I'd joke I'm just using their nicknames your junior had a peace offering of cash in his hand when. And angered nineteen year old. Instead turned a minor car crash into a case of road rage murder according to state charges filed Tuesday nine showcases. Casings were littered. Around the pavement and junior 57. Lay dead is an eighteen year old woman drove the teenage shooter away in their white SUV according to court documents. Prosecutors have charged. This guy was second degree murder armed criminal action and tampering with evidence. The girl is charged with tampering with evidence she's a getaway driver I assume. So fender Bender com. They try to change money and it's. Fifty elderly 57 year old guy says you know. Let me take and let me paper the damages here. Ya here's my peace offering and who was as being soft. I don't know lose money said that they had these are print of cash in his hand so here's some cash Na'Shan and they shot him. What do you think. Can't get me. How would cap then. Or the people's names who committed to them why I was trying to. Junior was one of amen I'd trade non Muslim government Murphy shows one problem though those are the people involved in the story. I in an intensive the first time you I didn't say oh. An opposite Jack via just so gas. Okay find Kansas City last story I I did five accuse you to tie breakers sounds like we don't need one analyst. Man shoots himself and bass pro a man shot himself and bass drum sets and and best broke out Tuesday the shooting occurred 7:30 PM bass pro shop as a retail chain based on his Springfield muscles selection of hunting and camping items including firearms has always listen why. But then again that's another way. For no reason there's ever Kansas so they could carry a walk around by embarrassed for our shot he shot himself we bass pro and Jackson's rep but again you guys are better with the guns. It was a late Johnson downing you got lucky this time you know 55 I think you're saying and exhaustion and Taylor hold on we'll get you something real nice okay I think you'll.