JB Smoove

Monday, June 18th


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I think that morning buzz good morning Manning's attention Danny's here mark is here. How leases strolled hand and busy Monday it out and joining us this morning. Please tell him he's welcome JB smooth the morning. I imported more record count. Now my Atari it was a very nice it's RG aero. There are great and ordered this. Blogger code darker and darker number. On a roll over repeated. Olga who earlier recruit well look it's all pop poll out Monday. What's you're on the floor flotilla because. It totally bizarre that says that. It. It's got a lot of kick it but it okay. Did you cut you are got a lot can't help but now I have received. Well I don't want to do it. Now that you come into town. O'Meara commented Errol are critical repair would allow. People are what people. So you feel and again and a lot oil brought it on public or who ordered her to be I shot. Well what a lot of software are good old article and that leaving a cool little walk out of Obama. Are we going to be begins it'll proud of what he sank into the 23. Let's hear your early lies stop by. No I bet. Bradley. And we have a good bit. About pocket there can go out to laugh out there corporate and I was legs. Big part of the report from top girls. I understand his entire and I understand people sometimes I feel like unless you see that menu half of them in front of the. Look what about what are literally. I'll put out Obama go to quote it usually works at. It wouldn't call. I would like acts yeah. Jane resumed. Playing and you're waking up in bed this morning you wake up alone. Poll out but why don't critical report that everybody urged. A large group of mortar marching and at sycamore to Buckley who. Billion dollar global water and to promote the laces how you rule. And so that. You're approaching it she's equity. Doubles circuit an America that sort about it. The operator halt if the upper orbit so dollars and please call. Or series. Vocal or Kirk a typical little over a year ago. Exactly exactly you know you have your claims is king are now noting that. Is that DJ out around the name as he's as easy game. It probably. Pitching we question that. I know I did you hear what he does and doesn't do DJ Khaled yeah. No inheritance. OK so he talks about how he's changed. And they need jobs around how he doesn't orally pleases a wise although she dad is. And then people went nuts. Wow he doesn't ease that in public they are critical to allow the use language was bragging about it on the game. All you all actually archery. Or not not out apple won't outsmart our law all about balance and out of the amount drill Davies has yet cool. All he got about a call or go through a little bit of local in a court in army and go to mr. hula. You're at the USC so your life that he it'll be sure to right through hoops. It already you always seem a little bit about Syria and all it's a little bit that it is averaging. Stoller civil pretty accurate accurate if not treated like yeah. Sister. Do you guys. Hello I'm still a little bit Tokyo. Does a little bit and now alone there's clear while. They are. Jamie Smith coming to Kansas City June 22 Tony third at Cannes and am proud how did you get choked up when. Larry David. Well isn't this horrible story does alt sport but it oracle portal into upping their did you go trumpeting its. And throughout the universe the news that the vitriol but you cannot work or universe and very technical terms but yeah the conclusion it was. Capital Kabul. You know what do you hear about like Pollard that you hope B album you'll regret being yet. There's so I'll talk to unlock special break in short order personnel of the writer. Upset battle officials watchable look pure social work. There's you still look up to repeal underscored their coach you secret still all and that's seat could see you are people. Candidates each eligible link. You go. Light gradually got a clue that you got a look shall what he together. That is called Beckel all. Economical so he's so open at least. Metal district. Coconut Bhutto's kind of audit rule. I wouldn't tell it to violate church always first memorial server 2000 tell what day. It didn't give written to all the luck. That's an elf foresee it. And Austria the bird you know it you know as little piglets that will be put a cognitive tasks and now and I can return or just or. That's sort of respect. Amal party according to a carpet boot you have more efficiently and it. Beat him and there's all terrible but it went in or is that people who its periodic chart the owners imparted when we should be. Mr. Richard Krueger will walk bear rule you know. A little picture. You know it ended up. All or all the latest could provide so called tolerance and you know. Well it's not as I planned my absolute favorite he's joined it to get like 2007. And this show out all I mean it became a comedy duo show I felt like like you were right after about the guys after the blacks came it was a great comedy duo that happening and neighbors of a wonderful time so much so and so influential situated of writing a book is the character. Oh yes indeed we are a couple book Leon. In my. We're talking about hope or it it is a because horrible books are. Your whole all trial could that it's not all be you know it's so it's a book bet. It will that you can be any child your life that you teach this piece of social it will it will Coca-Cola cola field Leon. You all get it right probably spoke. He just really important story forward it is intrigue in the local market bespoke. Suit got the Q but it could better fights in it as it says. What a people person so there's so little. Talk to you that you let you know down its equipment completely potentially. You know I'll trust apparently. Were already you. Know little little. Buick cart but. Are all hopeful outlook go to a bowl spoke with a wreck on what's all the Google. Note to multiple. It well. Affording each strictly according you'll get oh trust open and kept the character to go back politics channel channel he you know. Lie like that you separated like. And it's you said it was a character Bergen is a lot of character marks of people who either get completely lost in their character forget who they are. Or they represent themselves as that person I think is really cool that you. Separated yourself as a person he wrote it it as Leon but you're still maintain the JB's moves smoothness. Of course just in Eaton they'll all say you love it or is it is great and Leon and you know. Two or sell it Leo local or state of the Lotto. A Leon beat but it go to Italy. Called earlier Camilla whole book. Good school. Leon as insane. A little milk will cereal for the life or not well we don't all current yet yes. He lied I now on the early on and play and now Harry and I don't have kings but I now on the Leon good girl. It's really hurt you here well I think I have here in town June 22 tweet or like I said if you're here early coming out. Or just enjoy grocery shopping in Khazei and catching people. Up. And economic that are out there I would love yeah and I beat it. Absolutely as you really want that can take it away and what the people green. Eagle out. You know being a little bit. Yeah and you know you might as you are an idea in her since. Talk about her reading writing and her hair here a solid and all of them. As I. Our GUN not only and I. Only Leann so good that deal would we have no idea. JVC is the Tony thank you and Tony third at the M from here man I wish you nothing but continued success there all day. Public threat to the Internet and hit the ball sort of the commonwealth of commonwealth. Shall tweet about it. Oh ordered a little. True loses in Algeria. Are about America earlier and check in a movie a blue rail. All of orchard Greek media are a bunch of Nicole in a movie. Richard Miller couldn't believe America during the holy season. Big Robert comfortably it's it's there's gonna be Corey and. Jamie's been doing everything movies right name television commercials. And over who he is god M everywhere he's Amy's room we around one of your radio commercials right here actually every you Carlo yet. From the group not all I don't even know what it is agency come on as they hated seabees moved I don't know I. But it oh my computer can be treated people and I extra critical people quote Royal Oak. It could be my club. Ultimate applicable risks. I love my urine I con man you look a lot I love it. Out. It's a good recruiter rural. It's these living isn't known here in the.