Tuesday, October 18th


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Abroad as electing a sporting KC CEOs bride you Bible are brewing company and I'm freaking out just a little they could Jimmie hero this hair high banks. We should ardidi beaten like best friends at this point a journey took over half of the nineties knew it was fantastic thank you so much for that. Yeah thanks I don't mean 200 children of the nineties had an amazing request to Larry tweeting that they're excited they got the your Afghan whigs and all kinds of stuff going on so thank you. For all of that it. Doesn't got to be some of the songs that maybe shaped a little bit of where you're sound came from you think. Yeah I mean that was that was what was. Cool eat beckons back in the formative years so I don't know I don't doubt that some of that craft and. A C a lot of Greg Julian Tom. But you agree with us. Non yeah. I. Leather jackets easier infer while this icon Julius. That didn't last long. Anti race car as hard as he got to be fully committed to deal leather jacket in Phoenix because it's hot true. I can't even imagine clearly. Something he should probably think about carefully before you decide and you can go that direction. And ended. I Jimmie were playing tonight at the Granada tickets are still available you got the details. I try has a concert calendar and 965 the buzz dot com but it's so I have you guys back in town I think it's been a little while since you've been announced in May be three years out of them at. At the earliest when you roll into town as they're like a feeling that comes over something that you have to do any tiny clinic and listening. I don't know if there's any specific thing we just have to give down. But zeppelin a lot of memories here in Kansas City is is it is a place that and Lawrence replaces that we we. Frequent did. On our. You know starting out turning in a band is in need. Lot of a lot of old school. Buddies here. Can compete. I have to say I'm not early two thousands when I first started this radio station it was not Christmas and much Jimmie Earl came and played our Christmas yeah. My Christmas shows so yeah. It's fantastic we love it every time the guys come into town but now. Your year end game to release a new album how does that feel it's been what three years since damages yes. Yes we're really excited for our new album coming out Friday. At at. If you like one of your children like are you ready to let it out into the world then yeah I had to lower its time this time we got to look instead Politico dot you know and end. You know let it let it fly empty nest the exciting. How will respond. And how was the writing process for the song was it any different than what you normally do or do you guys have a set way. Kinda coming together and putting out to enact. You know there's no real rules even for writing. But. Mean we we we definitely let you let things kind of we have we have to have it really. I don't mowing and read annoying songs. Like five or six times before anybody hears it gallery you know would bring an outside person into the process. And this he really kept things loose. And let. Let roofer for a lot of spontaneous. Creative choices to happen as we were recording it right. There's a lot of lyrics I was finishing writing that the morning I had to think at Exxon. And in other sum in the semi kind of kind of motivational. All in with no plan B. Right now GAAP. That that that says forces you to be honored game minute as it was it was definitely it was intense but it did I think you know it's it's probably our best record. Do you still have those feelings when you're doing something like this where maybe you go oh god I hope this works and if it doesn't and they have to. Become a construction worker may have to do something else with my life like Kevin hey do you still have those reservations. Oh yeah I think you're not doing it right unless your kind of setting yourself up for. The potential of complete failure. At every turn. You know misery it's ridiculous we're replaying for playing music out now and and we're lucky to answer drop. That's what you do or extremely lucky to have the opportunity to do it now I think like if you look at it with a perspective of you know grateful this thing you're just getting away with something bad land so it's not a big deal if it if it goes the whales figures figure it out. You know your your your likely to not be disappointed. What would you be likely to be happy in. What would you be doing if you worked playing music what do you think. What path would you have taken had to Jimmy Eat World thing not worked out knows. Yeah it's tough to say now when were when you started. When when that the band started getting more serious about about pouring in and recording we were her. Just working lame job sewers like you know first year college student with no real plan yeah. Temp jobs you know you sign up with temporary agency and in a coma the morning are at all. I'll put an hour's today and then you go on tour and it's no big deal when unit you know is that it's easy to walk away from and it's also easy to walk back to. But those jobs are reminders. I think the idea of maybe you wanna be delivering pizzas and hang your albums like hello this is what I do with Hermione did I didn't we did in fact maybe maybe listen Ali cougar ordered a pizza ultimate. And here's humans and I think if I. We are agony Jimmy girl playing tonight at bigger not to get like I said still available eating at those details are 95 the bug dot com that you were nice enough to bring instruments has lost it and not add a couple of songs Forex. Yes sure this is this is something we don't do a lot of so on thank you get a shot Susan. The sun from our near record and I think all in planet. In a different state malbec. Friends uncles your uncertain Timmy around live on the bus. Pain. Leading quest. Feel. Are you. Along. June. And I. Okay. That's. Is Jimmy Eat World live in the sporting KC studios bright TU by boulevard bring company for a very often you do very well. We've been playing out that song like kind of a lot lately yeah in the late in the rock for maybe a few times you may have heard that I'm reading yet increasingly important as time goes on. Find at all to take a song that maybe you're not used to playing acoustic and trying to strip it down and make it sound like yes yeah sure I mean it's always. It's a challenge gaffe because it's not like it it and I've when you challenge yourself you know is win so systems and win. I was just winning just now was the Beverly away and I would give you went on the island. Have you found any songs that you've written the just do not work acoustic at all flaky try to arrogant we just we just can't make it happen. There's usually make it happen in the may mean making it completely different. Because there's some things that we do that are are. Make the way. That a song sounds on record as kind of part of the song writing itself rain so like something that's really. Dynamic and heavy. You might have a dislike kind of get rid of chillier darlings so to speak get rid of that element of the song that you think is like the hook for the song didn't change it around. So it's it's completely you know it's something. Thanks I look at people realize that it's especially if you don't write music I'm not a musician I've never claimed to be want to push play for letting that is what I DO. I can't even imagine that in mind set. They you have to have trained going to write a song like that just. Boggles me the way these guys are able to sit and a OK I wanted to Stanley that's in this is what it should go to where she happened and so it's amazing Mary to do. That sort of thing to me analytics except sell it the fact that you have that hearing you can do that is as a fantastic thing. Do you just find yourself coming things on the time. Sometimes yeah I am for sure. Thanks I think is something you train yourself to do you you know it's like learning how to play guitar even early learning a musical instrument. You know there's awkward phase where you're kind of getting over that this is Italian actually making sound come out of the instrument half and then after awhile you get sort of get to that and then it's. That's kind of more of you know you're just able to think and play and that and it takes a while the F yeah. I don't think everyone's brain is meant to go that way about Exxon earnings the same deal you know I mean you can. You can if you accept the idea poetic license and jump up and say I'm hears us on. And spit out anything you want really am but I mean. You do it over and over again any kind of learn what you like about it and get better Saturday guess. Thanks we are talking to Jimmy world playing tonight at the Granada had tickets still available mines its front about a pound for all of those details of the new album integrity blue comes out on Friday. What happens next what do where do we go from here the tour continues to tour continues. To yes touring touring touring a will be. On. We'll be going to Europe in November thanks back in the states in December. And next year's is can the whole lot of shows we should be back here. Next year sometime men imagine mood. Do you have those moments on any of your toward three guys still have that that feeling where you look at each other neat how the hell that we get here like this is what we do. Every day every day and been. That's awesome Bancorp. Are playing and you all my son Parker yes here we'll do we'll do Nolan for you guys since two year old live on the bunt. Well see the lean years. Down now. Everything. Wearing from the. I'm nervous way. Budget stuff. Only in your. Sure am Monday. Jimmy are all lies because according Casey studios broken by boulevard spring coming here is my heavy metal shaker action going on over here there are facing isn't everything it was amazing guys out. When you're playing the shaker you gotta make you shake your face you know similar to like when you're solo thing you need to they had back in gas like yet. Like equivalent of the stick slipped to get the six foot and a shaky do all of that and it's it's I think people have like that on the monitor where Iraq and I know I. Of sprinklers comes great veteran like you leave the guitar like that I had over the crowd yeah. Yeah yeah fight back there behind handwriting got to come up with your signature moves around so this like I'm playing progress in this is when I get a sort of like you know. We're come amusement at freshness they guide is goodness good percussionist and enjoy it and dialogue I think you so much for coming in and hanging out us yeah I think stratus. And integrity Lincecum got on Friday cannot wait to hear the new record death rocking Granada tonight. It will be a good time we had the honing in here earlier and apparently and they are ready to rock out with you guys seeming as well yes there is ready. They seem to be always falling yet. And it's gonna leave it that just on they're very energetic young boys they're fantastic and I heard a rumor that there may be strippers you're. I know that's what we know. That's what they tell me so inappropriate they're just there like he can't thank them. Inviting everyone to hear shouts of any attack semifinal and so I think he's so much again Jimmy world playing tonight at the Granada. And now we're seeing.