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Saturday, March 25th


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We're broadcasting live from the sporting KC CEOs bride to Bible my birding company and very excited to have you didn't mind here hi okay. I really tell me you might need a nap before we do all of us because Joes barbecue just down. And went nuts with a barbecue and all her response to. God thank you guys devour that that was awesome. How are you still early this film did good morning editing Casey. I heard that he back I think last night I was much earlier Bill Clinton and action. Yeah OK guys that are colored Mormeck finest things we've we've done this. Let's tourists who were so we're excited by that. There are people I came home from the ceiling. For your kegs and eggs I've never seen them many people okay thanks as far as as beautiful as. And it's fun to have you guys there are so thank you for doing that and thank you for coming back corks they're our buddy Barack. Playing tonight at the uptown theater not the Madrid we had a movie a bigger vigna. We'll take. Not only Harry year selling out to the Madrid it's very close to being sold at night is when I'm hearing at the F town and we will have some tickets to giveaway. I can't appear in just a little bit but housing and what's you know since you re your last time obviously torrent like Corey easy. Are you tired oath. Small being caused through pilots come in little apple didn't. It is really good job opening riffs. We had a tour and then we we just are going to Mars sources of aborted the fourth fifth date. If you're since may you know. I felt like he just started but I guess right to have we've censor it happened and what have you back. These kinda lose track of time throughout this entire thing it's like you were just here yesterday due next exit may or does it and it's set in yet that you run to return pilots. Yeah I can become blurred together. We're always happy Hornbeck case. Thanks we're excited to have you back and lots of stuff going on and sell what else is happening after this story and you guys are you working on new music and then the album has been out that long. But your Sony music. Heard. Don't know if interest to be world summer which is going to be amazingly. Taking with him. These two OK and I go yeah I think you missed tattoo myself. Here's a good idea I center later cleared its exchange and one of those people. Think if if you are getting one you sure each really let you gonna be antibodies. Meant that the morning via French parents and so that's are coming out. Did bring a void call you or Jimmy. Engineer of the kind that Ayers link represents Gary's Texans this other in this until I came we're going on tour with the junior world as you weren't counselor to. All us think about a full array and we call him back doctors are hustlers have them picnic picnic how much you pay. I guess we can Wear you another schedule and it came. Effort is there a little tour that should be fun and that's also regulations that there's going to be a whole lot of fun. Nice well playing tonight at the uptown theater we are talking did you and the lion. Here live sporting KC studios back to Bible are during company you're kind in after brings an instrument seemed a couple of songs forests what do you do first. Yeah the first on. Is our new single we just came out that. But a month ago gas talk about time glaring thing I felt like him are you serve it is talking now about a month ago and it's Eric has done a song that's like reflective just on life and somewhere around and where were wrecked Peres as people are just kind of thinking about. As things that would take control on lots of things that we can't then how some dues go through life trying to get through it kind of like. And I've just surviving life and not actually like true living may end. I'm for us we wanted to two point were Mike alive every day in women each moment and that's what a silence thanks it's you know land mine on the bus. And. I am seeing my. Hi you. I'm saying he would love to read oh. I'm me. I'll answer and loves me. And gotten some of that as she is grown in so lashes out then go out a new look slow here the last. Blew out in the Dow. Yeah I just happened live to scene. General eye and lie and the sporting KC studios righty bye boulevard touring company playing tonight. That's the uptown theater ticket connect reaper outside it is dragging by very slowly hoping to maybe catch a glimpse of you and I and and here are trying to impart my it's fantastic I'll play and I could get ten theater on opening three guys who was asking on the text fine. I was good at LA Colorado. App and their rather elect kind of I'd like like drug initiative like fans of forces meets I can easily done that's all. Kind of the adds quotes like four piece rock. There are some nice that's pretty fun to be able to watch that every night there just can't see what else is going on out there yet forcefully colder gray dudes too we've we've had a blast of them. Thanks on the told sure that in the whole thing with him. How long has this tour by the way. Stuff or got in critical dates with declare this well I love those guys out west so they're fantastic got a I mean them out there. I guess we're doing a couple. Dates in Canada and arming them maker and anchored on the coast wouldn't be seeing them play before you guys are meant that I know. Seeing videos where the dues should select. Things are yes that. Think it's had a guitar player I don't know how he does and I'm not a guitar player I do not know how to play and try to play the flute for like fifteen years when Everest at but she's tan. Don't test me if it's a muscle don't kick me I will bring out the flu and then one other time and it was sad for everybody but. Albert is only this guitar player for clay though he has this crazy pedal that goes through his acoustic guitar. It is then yeah weird sounding guitar I've ever heard in my life but it is beautiful. Itself you guys may learn some stuff. From those guys happy don't know what you're doing I clearly grown to nutrients and we think it. Nice so what look we have some tickets for the show yeah makes a lot of people have been begging and pleading. Purdue and alliant tickets already though the way commander does anybody who's gonna get them through the weekend. Just hope they don't but I. They wanna get them for free it'll have a few little getaway car. Before you guys get out of here but the way I like to do this and it's going to be very awkward for everybody. People have to convince you. Why you should give them tickets done so let's say they have to tell you how awesome he learned how much they love deal in order for this sort out. That's that's completely fair. More power in June Jerome that was as good as well that news. Yeah and works for everybody. So if you think this idea we like to bring you and give you stuff tell you how amazing you are and then send you off that's. That okay credible is that weird we're OK that's a better idea of possibly act and it. It's nice thanks so we were talking earlier when you guys got here in your devouring Joes barbecue. That this is like V one buzz thing that you guys had not ever done. You gave birth to zero. Which was insane right there near the polar bear and what have you played another zoo cents. Now we have not. That was visas goes offers an experience ever actually really never knows it. Irvin does it before the day the kid cities it was a good under extra break the first one straits they're in and then when someone called me and says hey you know and when you wrote communique on player sure about when he says hey you gonna play for bench a polar bears and I just yet. Yes the tax to have an Mariah has spiritual connection with the I arrange things. This really sweet one of those late hand and the glass moment that's. The rhythm of the moment is there is looking at least I think you can pick up there. And then you came back after that aided amazing Christmas show. And you brought out our friend Addie. From your dad committee no load that in those those greeting me. Folks who have those people that was satisfying. Night with them and I know you guys toured with them for awhile. Any surprises maybe things happening in tennis and I don't. And get a little November Thursday that he actually text data before she said this is come and so nice works of that. Awesome I think that's another a beautiful friendship is another Kansas City connection he does have a very good idea. Oftentimes you know I am playing tonight at the intimidating into warmer Sino forest woody and it. Really good chilled out version of the song you might have heard on the station. Take up that we actually just came out and acoustic version as the sun. Will have liked to string quartet we have. And in that version around here today about. Maybe Spencer here on the drums stammering there was some. Hmmm there's something like. It it would Costello that can happen there. Yeah I think mother Mary guys July and let's face of us travelers back is is like one of the first stations we are really connected with and felt like there is. Their relationship formed and that's so special to us. We we let you Casey. It can't wait to see tonight at the so for there. For not there then what are you doing with your life you're missing half if it. And I'm. Through my eighth term loan mile eight he's not change comes true in some gains do its views. Sir John. Splendid people saying Iran back to seeing anomalies did manage. You know it's easy. You there. Have you. You know. You. He's there. You know I. Gay and I had a BA arrows are nice guys are crazy clothes and analyze. This. It is opposed. In dance and songs these commandos. Didn't spend. I didn't mean. You know. Have you. You and I. I'm Maliki in. I. We you know. Okay. Here. Taking you know lose the key then yeah he's up there. I think he's proved they feel alone mile ace in my dreams come into. Then gave. Judy and the lions live in the sporting KC studios back to Bible neighboring companies that whole thing you're gonna tell you how awesome you are. Martek line right now is going crazy people been taxing has this whole timeline and I'm 6500. So this redo a few of these the pupil and Bravo real nice all caps I'll bring the party. Another I'll cast my heart is soulful right now. Let's see my son is two and a half and things take it all back it's adorable love you guys. Seriously I think in coming and it showed and I this is freaking amazing. You guys in Austin Alicea is just nonstop. Love love love love love Diddy itself thank you guys for coming in and hang out with us and it's Saturday you probably were open to sleep in a little bit which. Great yeah accidental that 1230. But some breakfast your dad shows has good. So thank you guys so much for coming and continued success have a fantastic showed tonight thank you thank you so much and I do have five pairs of tickets I don't know wearing count by 76765. But here's the deal you have to convince Jude and the line to give you the tickets. That's where it gets tricky 57675. Via alt you're gonna be blushing Harry blushing it's been refined stuff. 576 and they decide do I think he's so much have fun tonight thank you.