KC Pet Project

Wednesday, September 12th


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Jayson Dick should make us feel that the alternative ninety's he's by the buzz Danny marketed in the morning got a special guests. Hi why are you Tariq I'm great how are you judge cars from Casey pet project. I am and I saw on I saw on the incident yesterday. You guys are like a full dog goes where Super Bowl happens just. You know it's the end of the summer months we get around thirty new animals a day and Casey that president and during the summer and we get about a thousand new animals and every. Thirty days so is just crazy and kids are gone back to school families are busy in it you know adoptions kind of slow down a little bit during this time your but the animals don't slow down south. We're just trying to raise awareness that we have a lot of dogs. A lot of doctors are raising awareness dogs and cats I feel like adopting you know me. I've got four I've adopted 45 kids for animals and in my match for Prairie Village it's true or I'm adopted a lot from Casey that I have three of the four K he kept project. The other one ass she's a kiddie. It's a little strange. To do with it now it's fine he's fine so little weird he's just he's got really big cannibals. Also. There's something going on tonight. At Kauffman stadiums are not current there and market part bark at the park against what we got tickets to giveaway and we dipped a yeah out we'll do that at the end this segment but you're also you are doing something Tory from his secret project you're doing something tonight. At market the park I. Down him throwing out the for message that's so cool I am excited that's so cool do you practice not at all OK good I did it you know I don't wanna like about the million currently way hours and fifty sand is big gap. What you gonna do well pitching gonna throw. Oh just the streets vernacular Gurley says it's not going all right kind of enough yet like I'm not a ball he noted ago but definitely not at that in the outfield and Iran played softball because that. All never really made it to the out fields of. I know that feeling being put somewhere where you can do. Where they put you not to succeed but to do the least amount of damage you possibly can do exactly and that is the mission statement of the show that we put Danny in a place where he could do the least amount of damage boss. If so how many docs you got how many cats you got what's your capacity number how many do we need to move today in Ottawa I have to do to put Kansas City and a dog or cat today. Well that we have around 1000 animals in our care rain apparently so we have actually ten locations announcement out and met your areas so we're not just at army shelter location we have ten. Ten and that's ten places to not our place so we have three full time and options owners and then were in at seven Packers or three can adopt cats only. And we get a lot Hamels and fosters so we have an app that you can download to look at all the animals are looking for homes and read their bios and we have. Every sort of animal the you can line right now. I got all the cats that she gets from Casey the president got its the echo. Right there on Sony's history and you came at designer looking for another cat another cat and that's when I got the laws of the greatest dog of all time that's the thing about these animals man. I'm telling you when you walk in. If you see the one that's for you you know it's almost like you know I saw my wife and I was like oh my god I need to be with you. I saw blog I was like oh my god relieved of your beer can in a completely different and light non weird way even though putting it back to back I sounds weird. As some puppies. But those who case Thursday's good last time you you're full you you managed to get rid of people people get rid of animals very quickly right you're very success. The events have slowly and we always have an option and and so we have another one that's gonna come up next weekend but it's I mean our adoption fees that are you know and generally some below is in town we have seen an adult dogs that are around a hundred dollars. They're looking for homes and even we sell a lot kittens are looking for Rome's right now on their only 75 and in on some is better when you get to kid who's so you know you guys get to kids we can throw in a deal if you wanna get to it. I feel I feel like yeah right I felt like in my guide we got dogs got does for a hundred dollars you guys' kids sit and you out of them and Elena. C Georgia nice to get a throughout the pitch into bark at the park. We got tickets fisons exhibit 965 will be caller number. Targeted. Yeah I had a brain my friend and he's putt broke off and stuck there for a second quarter at 32 if you wanna go. They knew Bob Barker the park tonight to royals play CIA Torre throw out the ceremonial yet ever so important first additional pressure. And you're gonna degrade the Sokol so jealousy that you get throughout the person that's having another well known and well. Well you know that would be nice but really there's people like you out there who are doing good works and I mean here just plain records you know what. Let's keep it to you I can't wait to hear your success story throwing the first strike tonight oh well hopefully it works and as everybody had on of the GC pet project download the app. Just adopt adopt if you're thinking about it just go and try it on what is the matter is parachute he walked the dog playing at the dog little room. You gotta be kidding me surrogate for longer you or your kids they don't all win you're happy. And that little bit added I don't look at the giant empty hole isn't just a little less full once you put that dog in there it's just a little more warmth. For you to have been cuddle with and trying to the first nod to their premium and I'm sorry Glaus and anyway Casey can't project adopted dog. Color I think it's a pretty dark thank you so much learning.