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Arctic land today on the alternative and he's excited about it before that. Is a song by ten. Young lives that makes me think of earlier Arctic Monkeys and I love it I love and I love that my name's Andrew deities here. Mark easier and joining us this week is care costs brown has accusing them com this week I'm here all week I mean today but this room starts. Today starts yes. Kansas City restaurant week 2018. Hash tag JC RW. 2018. Its. I'm thinking it's hearing I have Omar how many uses it like five years now he got it out of that it's taken me alive omitted 2 years 9 I am and we got it down and asked if nothing if not a slow learner there and done nothing of hustler you know whenever we -- -- you know why it in the light sabers I'm here so I always felt like I heard butterflies in my stomach when I foreigners if you think the first time what did you bring me as zap your list of restaurants was you know this is the big list of a 193 restaurants are here and you said it was the most rest. Meant most restaurants participating amber yeah this is the most we've had in our nine years slope if I'm like new dynamite I just moved to Kansas City or I haven't you know I haven't done a great program and what is Casey restaurant week. How does this for what is the magic of restaurant week yet. Essentially. Your bundled it's called time of the year you just come off the holidays are you looking for good deal maybe have a resolution you're one to take a break from Brett. So restaurant week is ten days of really great deals essentially so more than a 190 restaurants. Almonds can can multi course menus for fifteen dollars and 33. So there's some really good discounts and take into account the type of fine dining establishments that you can experience. Or just the bulk of food and agree. I've had so normally let's say we wouldn't get to go to some of these plays that yeah what is at places that are kind of pretty expensive that are a part of DC restaurant me for thirty Reebok's sweetened yes some of the fine dining. Laces involved include novel. Which is on the west side which is really great restaurant by rhyme Purcell really really great food. There's this pork chop that's awesome and I'm obsessed with maybe my favorite to tell me around the pork doesn't have novel food there at. The psychic and it's pork on pork and I know you're our. Well and I know your past experience I. There's your sound eating. I saddening finish champ and I just told the fish dishes to talk to you earlier. You can tell he's only if and when I do eat meat again. The B with Maine now and on the important. There's nothing yet these good support won't even culprit that gets me eating look at animals again let's talk pork. He's tell me about park. Especially pork on pork and that and port town Parker had he not is more important time against the whole idea why don't call educators and you've got a I love org I'm more limited air about it. It's it's a pork chop. With pork Greg you're on top of I don't know essentially what that means that if they could delicious delicious pork on pork an awesome this other fine dining places square Beano have you heard about it. Corn being out Perino where's Courtney and I thought it it's by chef Michael Kirby you know just open up in the last year it's on the streetcar line. He left the American restaurant to start his own concept. And it's all fine dining small plates. On his menu this year is. Crispy pork ribs. Moore park a Honda and I don't. Yeah I think there's a theme with meals. Four or how hard rock shrimp fried writes us I. That boggles my mind and I wanna check out our camp down. Now what about me the fifteen dollar and where some good options for people to get so many weary doing online and Dallas the first U wanna make sure you bookmark TC restaurant week dot com. If you are on social attached I KCRW Tony eighteen there you can find the menus make reservations. And you suggest. Very much so making reservation yeah we're gonna notice runs up. We're noticing that our restaurants are too broke up really around Christmas people of Gardner really good job of making those planes at a time. But there's some really good reservations still to be had sharp eyed talking about fifteen dollar locations maybe you're looking for a mid day launch and get away from work or get the weekend may get Monday off for Martin Luther King. I some really good right there for fifteen dollars but these spin. BR GR. They do about and it's fantastic without the Jacobson and cross your. An area yet group good. 'cause I have a fifty dollar gift card institutions and YouTube and a baby and probably expired now will we have some new gift cards and that is how I may be operate on people give me give cards. I love them expire. And I guessed that I give you know we didn't. I at a different hour and marketing for whoever does the marketing Colombia and that other restaurant she'd given Maine I got our tickets is something whatever she you know these gift cards you you spend mine's Mike that's very. I give your gives away as gifts yet as well to listen everything that's gotten I know I don't you know at first I was asking you gave me against. I'm TV magnet that's on your nightstand yeah. A lot. Where is it. He took the third down trainer and the brand New Zealand I got it okay that's true that's true that's. You did get me tickets an ice skating thing now that's right Brian Boitano got past him envoy Brian Boitano did bring me the best Olympic athlete that is the truth I needed I don't know also you us fruit basket that mountaineers a first that it does grab it and bring us through it you. Pat apps there's some for retirement plan. I've Darren Bennett brings some fruit and any showed up with some fruit it was amazing we are on the same wave like hey it's okay. All of these restaurants I'll say is about Kansas City. Like let's ride at this restaurant. Explosion that we're having because it dozens is in that everybody's open up a restaurant right right we got a lot of restaurant we got a lot of good food and do. We haven't. I would say a very artsy community happening and that has been happening. With and that this area for a long time and I think more more people are noticing and and there are four more market like going to different restaurants and trying different things and there liked Ike especially like with cross reference to. There's just. So many places they are not just an airman everywhere I like working I was as I went on to that novel website elected up it did in house. Yeah I do remember there was Lewis's. One's nose. So 72 summit are. So over their by. That place with the off small painting that makes me think she's drinking blood that's like twenty all and I love saga tonight the second cash that the that's on the and that's. Comment yeah how I Toms I now have a summit for some reason. Now that the scrape through by it is very did you attend today due to as a massive laissez beverages drink implied an hour and a half. Yeah when they're newcomers I make sure I'm always happy Fella yeah yeah my dad I don't know I value of this he Savard could. It. Nobody going back on what you said is that how astonishing Kansas City is right now. You know when I'm not on the radio with people like you that's my day job is to bring. You know travel writers and reporters to Tehran. And that's the coolest part of my job is watching their eyes lined up in Riyadh gray gag. Thanks erotic so do I think I think are pretty lucky and you do a great job you now everywhere to the weather deferred during. Whether agreed to eats where he go what to do you have the pulse on this that a terror composite meanwhile some TLC for some bar recommendation I now. I call I don't mean yeah. Had one of our favorite memory I'm drinking home she's like I'm I'm sitting on the corner of acts and acts that I go correct. Yeah. A if you're just tuning hammered out in Derek Haas he works for the PC dot com and easier to talk Kansas City restaurant we went starts today. Casey restaurant we dot com right is that where people purchase. There are. Is that a gift card what does. Yeah you don't to purchase anything right off the bat that's where you can browse all the menus you can see who's offering why. For fifteen or 33 dollars a year to deny anything and now now you can cruise everything you want we have an awesome apt to plug that you cannot make a wish list so if you're trying to decide between a couple menus maybe don't know where you wanna go maybe need to run by them. The you know the misses are the minister just wish list all those items and then show on this menus you can make reservations stray from the. I have no idea about anything nothing is being my putt like an Amazon was slips out there and and if people think you know. They liked me enough they could just give me think about I mean how do we do you have from congressman Lincoln because I was just sitting back let's continue socialists on restaurant and I still wanna go today I just saw the very top on. Music. TC restaurant HUS army Doug I'm sort of Google. I now so I didn't steak house. What is this thought is look I minute solid management. But yeah that via a rare steak that looks at throwing her Sullivan's family fancy has skeletal later in some other great steak house is to be aware of Solomon let me just thank the majestic is fantastic. They don't want chop house. The capital grille which is where I'm going to launch today you know and now night time this happened now is fifteen box. SA ICI or capitol grounds isn't it a little girl is writing down. Tara why. So fifteen or 33 dollars for multi course meal yes and you get a Casey restaurant week dot com nothing to buy for our semi and a great question my about being in restaurants being vegetarian restaurant yeah that's it worries about. I'm what I'm Zachary class. And so if you go on the web site. We've created all these sorting feature so that you concede which menus are begin which ones are vegetarian which are not free then ranked you can browse all those many years. Also if you have a particular thing that you're looking for whether the amber lay or for you I just searched fish ranked. And I call the trade option I'm really not and I will never use but there at the top of my mind I tore I don't know monarchy it's swordfish. Such and such in itself. Our guys are jobless searching them we have to get the last hour here vita restaurant any menu type of specialty diets let's do not Fareed. I know I'm not very let me let Terry illicit vegetarian I Jimmy vegetarian and where can I go do what kind of food you feeling you ominously that though just leave it out of a vegetarian and open. And I will go ahead as it will but we'll say we wanted to be in the downtown area yet how that plays please is try to search out. All right where my going when I'm leaning Blakey go to the blue bird be stroke which is Suzanne. And that is not is out of percentage area and are against yet. I know because they have some fortunate to outing out of an average summer and their wives are mad. Everybody else apart everyday yeah. Jerry address on the other popular art I'm looking attitude of the cap this cake. Davis shepherd's pie that's made with black beans instead of meat okay and it's all organic sound guy and but they do you have grass fed beef there as well I guess they do you know him. It's okay they can't make me in me so long that I can get there Sampras high complexity. Cocoa below is also has some street tacos that house Mahi Mahi appear to feel expressed past. Other have a crowd in black bean case India looks really tasty reliance. Going McCain here are excellent tasty okay what is this time cafe Sid Bass piano and at the Kemper museum of contemporary art. That's a good one that's how does that in the museum yeah that's inside the museum it's that really cool place has all of those paintings on the wall but it's actually one. Piece of artwork it's really incredible and it's meant to. I'm Mira I'm going off moments so now it's good because I've never ban and I think this sounds gliding just a lot of people as in the agree aperture Downey I agree to go to places that he wouldn't doubt like I had no idea that there is a restaurant. And at the the cameras usually am so looking at their three course menu you can choose between. Tomato soup or some Arabia a solid with zucchini carrots and taking your dressing. I love taking I love singing into and there Obama is meaningless can be Ricardo and salmon pack today. Or you can get some house made pickles with devotion. And all of motion that waksal blemish on it don't yeah that sounds good as I and then your third course is ruby Trout with some apple butter. Or pork tenderloin with maple was this on Craig laughed at myself for these fifteen or 33 dollars you don't get anything that you want. There is choice is the threat. So you have to go achieved Casey rest her only tech com or down on the out. And then really Doolittle that a researcher what you want and what I don't some preset menus there's our most restaurants have done a really good job of featuring things that are on the normal menu writes you can and had a really good you know basement parking deal. But perhaps or something cool that they're also putting on just for a strong week just to get you in the door to experience a new place parent I know Derek. Musty or give away just got some really good giveaways today ranging everywhere from I tend to 25 bucks the first one is ten dollars TR does Europe be strewn over on park okay really good restaurant. If 2.5 bucks to the power and light district which you can use it anywhere down there and Tony five bucks to crown center they have several great restaurants as well to our. Mark give those away 5767965. That's courtesy of Derek. Four against the rest generally 2000 any team nice to see you nice to see was all silica and thank you didn't grill cheese. Yeah how did an uneasy Darryl why now. And I now I don't look at today's stop me. Or a liar and I'm and I don't and they hung defiantly I have gone. Dialogue or write to zero and headed for the revival now photos today no panic. It was slow. You've now. Yeah. Yeah 96 flags no buzz. Get an exclusive pizza deal now in quick trip to order a one tubby extra large pizza for 799. Only on the QG app Porter Smart and make today delicious. 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And yeah. And I unnatural. Acknowledge. Yeah.