KOTR 1998

Sunday, July 1st


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You feed on the buzz. My name's artful. Today the really important I don't understand how important how significant. Today is not just for me. MI people. By my people. In the wrestling community. But honestly I would say this is an important day for Allman. Oh my god don't. The year was 1998. That day. June 28. The the you see. Between the undertaker up. And Mick Foley. At the repainted the follow only this time we got man kind well. About. The undertaker. Tosses mankind. And from that operatives well. This is now it's able. And. Well. All right. Matched what I meant when he hears that the twenty years on backed the very first rustling VHS ever bought immature and which Sam goody would have him. All right peace in. Picked up tinkering 1988. Rock bursts can seem Mae and what. Paper view eleven wrestling I really I know I'm talking like two people right now. We should hang out anymore and I think more friends how about the on the buzz.