KS vs MO

Wednesday, May 23rd


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Hi Betty. Saw a standoff in Johnson County you know what's going on Amazon I have Johnson county sheriff's office and standoff. Just what I decide right I thought was the plus side and Harlem park. Johnson county sheriff's dollars and working a stand off an area of a 142. Mark of good men and over on park I don't know where that is. Got to sit at the heart is I thought that it is say there is a report of shots fired in the area. No injuries reported this is a developing story see the picture is cop cars everywhere. Yeah. A lot of suvs slot suvs yeah. Need those suvs that rugged terrain. And put. These. Remember shots fired. You know this might be really good time to finally get caught up on this. He took some time off because snow cone was busy given birth. And he keeps track of all the stories so I wasn't absolutely certain what had been. Counted already and what hadn't so these are all the stories that people have sent the they got national attention. As we continue. This little game race I'm sure allows a now's Google losing Missouri trying to find something about our cable guy all all encouraging go to FaceBook dot com slash race at the bottom you can also submit stories there and check it's always we. He used them okay so the story they got big national voice was just no the first one owner trying to he's gone physical or is this was early in the month. I know last and I talked about it but the food Manning Kansas caught having sex with this car. Yeah it was everywhere as a fellow wrestlers they did it on SNL they did it Don not Comedy Central whatever that shows also backed back out national news. And every headline basically said Kansas man called. Having sex with car yeah I think on SNL even Cilic of outline of Kansas or something so that's a point right Kansas man that's embarrassing national news story. That your intersection to car embarrassment OK let's go right count that that was not counted yet correct sells guns are so add that to to file. Also on the agenda for Kansas is Kansas governor signs anti gay adoption discrimination bill. This was news a lot of noise is another talked him Byron different podcast our stuff not such a great look Kansas governor Jeff. Whole year you are cool coal year Kia signed a license to discriminate bill. In the law granting special exemptions. To adoption and Foster care agencies that refuse to place children with LG BTQ couples. How can this be legal you ask. Even in Kansas well something to do with religious freedom it's like me cannot make in a cake for someone right they treaties that same logic OK so. Anti gay or they gay discrimination bill adoption bill add that illustrate we had not counted out yet correct if and then this is in the newest one I have for Kansas and some of this to me I had not seen it. Until she says to me on Tweeter I was shattered their friend who think you perceive she's from Kansas she said that she was embarrassed to send this spots. While looked up it was all over this is actually from CNN I don't know if you guys all the stories in Winfield Kansas follows for the bluegrass gospel as. How far away is out. I'll sit on your clothes on yes. Well police in Winfield Kansas pulled a Rudy seem you'll over. The 31 year old felt that he done nothing wrong he's are recording the account are on FaceBook live. At the beginning this audio he says. Officers says I failed to put my eyes signal I don't within a hundred feet. And it wasn't a hundred feet but whatever you census Airways for the cops come back fast when icons come back to his car. And give a really strange reason for pulling them over now. The guerrillas and assuming actually sent me a link to a tweet that Judd Apatow talents and now on his Twitter okay talking about the story and how bad decisions. And mr. Samuel. What got my chance and wasn't. Meditation is suffering here. None of moon moon and since I was I don't view it a cop says what got my attention was this vegetation stuff right here. He reaches into the doors so there where the window rolls down and he is picking up like leaves from a tree or something okay he says this is what caught my attention is vegetation and climate it's marijuana yes. Let me just free stuff. Doesn't. Become whose three man. An awful no hope hold on just metal and it doesn't matter what Boeing is smoke. Zen meditation on car window I know we are seeing there's an entry miniseries in. So are you view all the tomorrow car and say you whom we know we've. Look what flows original he's a diploma yardage when he's on the go downhill I believe that and help build the tiredness at all. So are you do you have reason I didn't from my dad vegetation and when that's not that's best from the trees are on only the smoke got off to dinner a little bit about. You don't just right. I got a faster right now I mean he's not home. So buffalo are now the yeah. Of course this starts to happen to that so I thought I courts right the cops are suspension probably should just painted a picture here. Both of these police officers are wearing you know like elicit the where in the bulletproof vests on it does look like they're ready to go to war I don't know what's going on a Winfield Kansas. Lazio and I've talked about this a million times. I know people are tired here's Tom rob back in our day but when we were kids. The cops they had a uniform on I don't remember them always. Patrolling the neighborhoods and tactical. Herman especially in the suburbs they just wore the blue uniform of the block uniform I think you know I was gives the black uniform but. It they just had the police uniform with a badge and edited at the revolver wherever area. But these these guys look like they are ready to storm. You know of a drug lords house itself. Guys and gals. It's I know you are. Relax and anxieties about brokerage that is. Almost like today you know hands in the air right reach for the sky. A now a re bottled and that is FaceBook FaceBook that's FaceBook. I think automatically anybody who's in that situation goes I. And based I live tonight he's doing it I which is Smart because if they were to confiscate his owner's son and they tried did you know we're ready Evans. It's already out there that's like that woman who's your boyfriend was shot in the car. You know and she was. Obviously doing that with FaceBook libraries and act happened European trouble. I don't know what. Happen with these police officers sisters says you know gives a story which I told you they approached his car they talked about the turn signal that they say that there is that exact quote is. Images Daniel caught my attention was this vegetation stuff right here and these she seemed in his in his hands there's nothing. Single response it must be from a tree says he doesn't smoke and then you hear the cops saying that they're gonna go to tacit or whatever. The two officers are white a spokesman told the same a spokesman for Samuel told CNN they believe the incident was wrote a racially motivated. Quote he kept saying tested they snatched him out of the car handcuffed him. And banged him around a little bit said Peter right of freedom won a grassroots organization that seeks to find fair solutions to complaints against companies police or other institutions. I guess or plans to protest the officers released singles after searching the vehicle which did not turn up any suspicious substances. Right claims police did the did not test the vegetation and did not give Samuel any citations. So I think. That's. That that's a point that's that's bad luck yes how how far away as you tell me our immunology in my Wichita. Focus rules like close to four hours away something like battery. And then does snow kind of this is something that you had pulled up this. Story about the they hazing and Eric K you yeah yeah. You urinate the story Lazio I didn't notice when I saw some people are so into it and snow cone did you and he pulled audio for this and I Oca. A Kansas chancellor. Said that this report of their TU cheerleader hazing. And also the FBI probe involving that college basketball potential payments to jail on its basketball players had no impact his decision for us off firing athletic terms of someone's immune story. The University of Kansas cheer team has been placed some provisions for a year because at least one incident of hazing. And action that harmed people. Poorly in the incident involve female cheerleaders being asked questions and I'm being told to remove an article of clothing and answer incorrectly. Angola a naked hazing ritual an anonymous sources said the incident ultimately in a number of cheerleaders being nude or partially noon and that at least some of the cheerleaders for seeing my males who were in my house really concerned incidents allegedly took place okay. And look at as a mistress someone sent as from dead span. Is that a point for Kansas the naked hazing. University Kansas cheerleaders described naked hazing rituals ONE. The fence on that the Kansas representative. Now I'd say it's about luck okay let's pointed out and short sells her Missouri. And Missouri's no improper emails yes Missouri as the number one Eileen dole just. They are eerie inspectors found 23 breeders' running hot females it's devastating. It's and sad it's irresponsible you know when somebody who doesn't pass inspection they need to help. Held accountable. Now that you know one way to look at it is it's a horrible puppy mill capital the other way is it is the term. Bred dog capital now nevermind it's the point is horrible and it's been gone off on time. I think pass some laws a few years ago that was supposed to help prevent. These puppy mills in Missouri remember all that it's been seven or eight years ago definitely dead and there I thought that they were supposed to have limit how many. But there were rules about how they can keep that the dogs in its that a lot of these cardinals. Or on this list were also you know cited years previously for doing this. And somehow they've stayed open I don't understand it. And I give its users the that's easily boy they just to stay number one and the pocono for her so Kansas. Yet the gay anti gay adoption thing it got sacks with the car. You got the cheerleader hazing thing and you've got the guys you pulled over for vegetation on his car. It's four point oh series gets a point for the puppy mill is the first time Kansas is presumably. Yeah they might. I think I may be may be at the very first day we played yeah it's a little brightness thing happens dragons really wants is I think half and the other three points for the has been trying to play catch up ever sense so both. Final tally is up four points for Kansas and long point from Missouri and if people wanna see. All the stories and the point totals it's what FaceBook FaceBook dot com slash race to the bottom not tapestry. Come on Missouri. Beat anybody in this. That's what I keep sane and finally we have done a little bit better I kept saying just got to give. Give Sabrina and beat Kansas Shenzhen bear down causing erratic at.