Landlord Leak

Friday, January 12th


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All right well that Manchester. That's all. You think that morning buzz Maines vented Danny's here markets here Friday. We're off Monday thing. Yeah currently sitting out army of the end on that and doing your thing Jeremy M morning show Denmark show. I neither of them are chatting during a morning show that it is not really hide some day it'll be basic. Live basics now the lady sick about mark it won't kill you for our emotional get excited. Yet don't get excited everybody here in the event. Is the point a noisy don't get excited at the exact way he had depressed like on our planet start as soon. Anyway he. I wanna complain as I don't know what to do here I don't think your complaint I I is I don't really had a loss. You've got a good attitude about this you've you've done your due diligence you've been extremely polite in new tier credit you've now wanted to bring us up. Oh on the year and hours I down like I really don't but I don't know I did there I think there is a lot of people who can absolutely relate to events because. It's what do you do when you when you when you rent a house. And they won't fix it for you and you're doing something wrecked. Thank I don't know I'd sit there blog story short you always you hear about these stories in the news a lot where somebody's Waterville is astronomically high. LaMont that's me yeah. And what does that stand out. My alas though it's 650. Right 650 dollars for water breaks and and so basically. There's only does this it is is in the running something's something's going on right. My guesses because the toilet it continued to rant and write this still leaves you not a plumber Unita you don't it's not your responsibility to get that fixed. I feel like I should just Colin Palmer at this point. Because. I can't afford six turns into dollar water is right leg what do you do when you lessons and designer brands I don't know why I normally. Let's see the first. Usually like an apartment complex seems to be batter. Closer I feel I did illnesses like you know but then maybe not I don't now I'm betting on the go to the apartment complex for sure acts because I had a really the first. My first landlord my name is tear was horrendous and I part he was terrible thing. Anyway my son and my farm manager was an excellent levee Phil you do it they would fix staffer I. Idea that image more than agenda liable for me is I didn't have. Like the ceiling was to tell we give them liable than they would have the tools fixes or it was like here's the thing to. What do you do does anybody know Izzy but he had experienced I don't tertiary or story because it may read it my duty of calling you're not getting any. How can you can't afford. Take keep paying 650 dollars a month for water now on top of that you sent multiple emails are about the same thing about the same problem over course of bonds. Since ever dead and it still hasn't been addressed or fixing now you're expected to pay the bill but they are girls my water is going to be in her Doss our youth. And then he can't take out of ran right now you can't everybody I Suzanne IK just Baghdad Iraq like he can't be you're in violation of your agreement frank. So what do you give you Cobb. Where he's supposed to do how long do they have what it I try to look at the laws I was looking out the laws yesterday Tia and I and can hear is does a lot of laws that are there's not a closet they don't normally. Held the Ren turn now menus are really for the Randi it even more so as what I've I'm so I'm really at a loss as ray now. You there there's something wrong and have everybody's okay and are being straight up ignored me because they're like oh here's our problem again right. But it's not your problem to continue to pay a lot of oil that's leaking. Well I was the last I mean you know that's the only six. Our dollars where the balance now there's something wrong and got out. It's really funny because most of my sounds auto paint so I don't really pay attention until there's. A problem rape because early payers are money here why is there anybody in my now on Anthony. You have to air. You know look into building on mother asked her. This cut them anyway I called that waste water company and the person I was talking to his listener in me and she DM to me later on Twitter and said hey man. I was thinking about your best home. She's like did you Gailey got pool or some danger because that's the kind of water usage is doing right and the waste water I think it looks like maybe got a lawyer some thing. So I'm like now riding at a pool man and then I looked so it was a waste water that that was 350. And then the water goes to 650s I'm talking. Almost ran out over well. Now may not Dolly right so now we're upwards of 15100 deferred to U bills like all but clearly there's something wrong I'm. So I was told to call the water company and and I dead in their late now these are actual readings. They came mailer doubt I'm I'm like okay pass flying man information and they clearly there's a problem there's link somewhere and maybe you don't see here here. There is what a lot early Ito you know but they don't give a good grads has really he had you know Davis amount on Monday. We're answer your daughter so I also say that. And by the way people a couple little things that have been Better Business Bureau that's not a government organization that is not anything but a private. Organization. And they really can't do anything for Brett. I somebody said called problems Allred I almost feel like you're at the news people are here states have of this game. Pray where all plumber and I asked for a club. Because they don't. Have a plumber doing they do with himself as the owner need. And the like are really feel this is about everybody's pain ring hidden and at some point you gotta bring in a plumber if Alex is doing is that Morgan widgets. I eat out and he had got to bring in a plumber thing there have to be a professional at some point. Coming in to look at and that just gets ignored. And a lot of that. The last six and I did send a picture on it the fix to stop their running toilets. Was a piece of what you have to. That picture of the piece of woods it was a visa why they put a piece of wood and its way of trying to fix the riding toilet wreck that was I'm like. So that's gone now. Like clearly the U. The chunk of what it's. It's almost comical. I'm like what he'd gotten but I don't our budget I mean are really a mad at god Jim lives. Some of those renters overall Lott or Jared. Unforced errors is that the news comes only if you have Casey water that nine year. Savannah tech's flagged down its water wise and attacks and says that they held their renting and evicted for and then somebody else is this piece of eyes. They say Wear them now. They say. You can stick the bill landlord eager for his appearance tells Dexia saudis that they tried to do I gotta make it may have started trying to write with a lot of misinformation I while withhold grants from now because again because I feel like I need to get kicked out he and I had two heads. I also need water. And I positive tortoises are vaginal or water well. Or between the water and me we spotter a thousand dollars that's lunacy yes. There's obviously a problem correct way like it did and it's not getting PX how much like you're getting to be on small claims court area. I think I am it's due not this too much it'll be closer to match for smaller names but really who's got time for that to go to court. Karr married again I am a member Arthur Conan. Yeah I mean like a tea I have time and a half of the small claims court the owner of three dollars and would rather end of getting served anyway calling a plumber seems like. Well that's ludicrous that that's what he's dating they may be counting on and is today you'll just walk away. Right and you'll be in violation of your agreement which is why you have to keep doing it. I'm a property manager in and the water situation you need to call them every single day and make and ignore any now and you need to threaten them very well a lot. Same thing. I'm not there with older and then I mean I'm gonna have to get a Waterville. Girls my waters enemies on off even now. I'm repeatedly. Blake they have a which I do like you guys can't grant. And it is set up a water because of the defects called Judge Judy against Olaf early Allard a plotting networking Greg well I am apparently it's okay. Here you'll like dvi you can say that odds and but there's obviously like what he did and I'm not a lawyer but this is where you get into the nitty gritty of it when they say against falafel and mourned not implement a we're hearing yes. There has to be running water but technically this is acts or running water. This is a way to Matt we do have Ronnie Lott right to not too much running shoe budget clearly George water that has to somebody thought I got a pool yeah that that make it simple as quite a lot of bills are high right now no no no prolong. It out. So any bad. And I think you're an article that dominated in in my book they're doing manual meter reader and a ticket out one of our later and in demand make sure that that mean nothing is happening in my day I am confused. Now I am totally confused out. I call a plumber that's what plumbers are going to be in plumbers I want to get okay. I can't just be like send I don't know landlords that is a war. You aggregate try and we try to do that in all aspects alive right I think it that's not how that or Simon and the bill intercom. And just gonna have to pay the plumber myself. Anyway and it doesn't look like I'm gonna get reimbursed for any Edmonton. Even now as I've done my job I feel like as a tenant. I've called lottery one repeatedly hit you've gotten a bills you sent them over iPhantom where. Yeah go to City Hall with old friends really if the toilet is the problem turn it off when not news. That's the CDC the problem is what you're saying here shouldn't she just be able to live. Shouldn't the landlord keep up their agreement to keep the house habitable financially. For somebody what does she have to change the way she lives. And her children live by the way. Because somebody will hire poor. Eric no I lawyers yeah I don't lots of players they all require money and they did everything else requires money. I already paid exorbitant out of my red berries stopped using that bathroom. So it went from. That's the only full bathroom in the house. There's like a quarterback in minutes recorder. Bastia. So. OK so many says yes heavily you cannot withhold grants someone sends Terry gulf of him not starting daddy and go find it. She's just have her house fixes she delivered a right. Brett has anybody been successful and I'm not talking about like. Uninhabitable apartment in my talk about the heats up they won't fix them now and got out and usually really got to sever this one. This thing is particularly on talent in months and I think it's been what almost three days since the last time he wrote to them to tell him about the problem early early well there's no leaked that's got to be the meters. Am might have came. It's not to meters and they said that they actually came out and RNA in hears the bell. Stating that is that I guess that's why I'm confused why it's so one person possible lying to figure out of the meter is broken why isn't it the owner's responsibility to find out if at the owner and water one. Get together and figure out what the problem is it shouldn't fall on you and that they've both dump it on you is bull crap to me away I'd just like to get that up. It's very upset. Simmons had an underground single as possible student. Sorry just trend turning him on those but it's a silly key to a any decent and neighbors where there's not Sheila thinks that. I'm telling you the fix was appease a way then I ask you now. Send a picture you've got these guys guys even like I'll block a sonic how water one early you need to do a diet has sent her to relive that Michael why. What is going aren't there you have to do digest is why you're. I don't know I think women in general somebody uses it and then bragging well. Out of I I feel like bloody thing I just give unimaginable now takes forever to loudly you can hear are trying to you. She ashes she says she is still happening and now saga like I'll send another media and that is anomaly. Just gonna pay they need it I guess. That's really what other options Zia. Nancy. Maybe could replace them they replace the like just by any of items not what I have to they replace the news that they're put outlasting unit and how it is called now. Now now just by your toilet. And you and toilet it. She's crack. Right you're toilets like a 15200. Box. Right. Right between now and as 600 dollar water bill these guys have it against cheaper just financial the twelve hour. And then there's a leak. The silly. There's a neurologist shower faucet then. Does that seat he entered on his shower curtain it mostly comes out of the box so I've taken the paths at us. Which in turning for water bill as ridiculous that the whole area of my guys. Is this is what's really interesting is it seems like and this is where this is where America sucks right now and you can disagree with me. All you want but the truth of the matter is unless you have money and access to a lawyer you can't get air he's done right. Period. As and when I'm already fired up and that's too happy and yeah. I got a team and concerning you and conveys that important otherwise that not early yeah I'm sorry now finally lead to violent. Which by the way lawyers you can't charge for email I can't believe you guys get away with a background. Threes are a fire in our man. Yeah. And I can't caller I hours a regiment. As a lot of leak in your eyes there's a lot of Ali. Early in. I elect yeah really there's nothing you can do as an anti. Mean you're kind of helpless in the situation right bought barring somebody doing the right thing what they're supposed to do I. I asked as I carried out that there are paying an out patenting bike. Pay my water about oh. And six OK and seems to be in a reasonable. Request. I don't know our friend is home inspector maybe we column angle over there and violated if there is a violation of his alleged violation. I should com John does anybody has any would be then it then he would be obligated. By law. With no getting around it to get the building up to code because it needs to be. Have attainable habitable. All right. Simmons is at fourteen days there's an Abbott has been an ongoing issues this year response inner cracked. Yes it's been is been an ongoing is that isn't like she noticed the bill after it auto paid once or twice right and you all flat. And it it was the I doubt I'll pay the 350 in. And it couldn't out of here insensitive to sign to make a partial payment right on that anyway but they really get we need 500 dollars on Monday and Mike RA cost them that that's who I try to make Kent and I ask that sound that was. Yeah they're like we'll give you we tend to find a solution and which. Time is of the essence the it is very. Oh my god have me and until at least I means there. You're gonna do it. Get some loop I got something like I have my only a doubt he is feeling their view is the only Arab. Ask me I mean Jenner to communicate the restaurant week yeah. You do I discount rate fifteen to 33 dollars a month and a little bit of an adult courts. Lagged us. Are all things throughout the news people are here is on a science the news Bebo and I'm regarded Dick who's. I think at the top box for their rounds I'm offense they're goes to the news of the glorious it'll areas though I guess I'm trying to avoid you that I understand thing because I do have friends and then there and that's the other thing about that they would do it though they weigh in now wouldn't these prize if you don't get a Texan. Yeah says shouldn't be that way does I don't know. I do I totally dizzy I can't believe that like those people who supply the water is day which is not like some Whitewater one went out there. I was like oh we made all this water and were selling it to union argument as monies we're gonna show you off it's it it's like hey congratulations you happen on a monopoly. And why comment on my clearly there's something wrong I'm right ninety well. Some are problem it's really not our in our laws don't require arrested or check out and figure out your disputes no. Blatter on the danger Germany needs a run for off because they'll just like injured on your honor and it stood up and embodies both the depth but I don't really now. Can't have that can have that. Ray can't have not running water you not getting dinner you know I'm nine water now but I am getting after you are I am so getting out. This low live in there and I mean I don't think its immense task. And it. Well these people that are really come take a look at days just need to say hi in my life that will maker day. That's hilarious that you know that's another advantage that is how Craigslist ads are considered Judd Nelson served on the because yes it takes a village but it's holy week we're we're by no offense through absolutely like this she never uses this to get something now from somebody now and I'm still not ready she's is now ready to do that are not her back is against the I really am asking like why do you did that she's very 'cause I'm not alone right. Until I'm not. There's nothing special about my situation happens day in and day out that's the problem and yet. People on a daily basis not doing the right idea that every day Brighton not doing all right because it might take a little extra effort on their part. Right and yet. And that's that's the problem because there's nothing unique about my situation and happens to everybody you know all of us. And then when you try to do the right thing you wind up giving up a flight to me it makes sense there with all different. Why wouldn't you be able to withhold rants like why that be your protection that should be my protection and making sure that an whatever property upholds. This year end of the day. Unfortunately in this contract world we live and bring violate yours your hose there is is loosely worded enough if they violate bears the Latin America. Margaret there's housing there's no recourse Jorge human resource that that theory course is to go to court get you evicted. Correct your media recourse is to hopefully get a hold of building inspector in Overland Park and hopefully they can get chewing and 21 days. Right down anyway. So that's the issue I guessed more than anything it's like there's nothing unique about my situation thing. I think maybe what we could do is get. Something changed it keeps. Right. Or rain for the eleven guys you know I think I'll turn the water onto the toilet there's a silver knob on the wall turn into their right. I think that is prehistoric way to live but I think. I agree in the in the short term just turn our doesn't it just to see if it makes a dent in the very least what you're dealing with all that threat. It is Fisher do you turn on. You know when you group. Turnout and confidence ridiculous it is it's ridiculous there's an art it's it's. But I'll do that because the only person inaugural big community. Right right or no debris are no water for me so anyway maybe we'll things for your help guys. What I learned is to turn around flights. Up. I got I got ads married Garza's attorneys. Americans when he says mom love you. Sanchez today.