Lemonade Stand

Monday, June 11th


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Kind of an ass tack calls the cops on kids for having a lemonade stands strong. You've heard that before or kids get the shuttle for having lemonade stand because they don't have permits and the flag is having you here are you have right now. Oh yeah okay this is actually the only place I've heard it. Is from libertarians slash conservative wind bags to say. Yet now you know these liberals are shut down kid's lemonade stands because they needed guy again permit in their view and only now they don't. At least on my view of some of eliminates and I don't care. But there were kids in Denver who did have their lemonade stand shut down by the cops. Because they didn't have. A permanent. And their mind this is their mom. The inner we've never had a lemonade and I went into teach my kids about being an entrepreneur. You know like how I mean you're on this man's. So we got a table only if he lemonade and public health and we went up there. That police officers came over and it's sad that because we. My boy is then I do not have permit her lemonade stand. They sent it down and we have to stop immediately. My voice repressed they were devastated. And as. And I simply about how it made me wanna try and they are kind of results that. This happened in Denver to mention that happen in Denver. And says that. The law everything you just heard and that someone. Called the police because they sold these boys. We're having a lemonade stand turns up the boys are playing on donating all the money to compassion international's. Whatever that is. Quote we hear very fortunate and we forget that many kids in the world are not as fortunate as we aren't Colorado and in our country and so I wanted to teach them how to donate money. To a charity. So. For suns. Take to kid that they wanted to help send money to. And then they did eliminates it if they're this five year old kid from Indonesia. They said for a wild things are going all lemonade stand it when they set up at the park right across street from the house near an outdoor Art Shell. Men out Josh. I'm a finisher in the story. The Knowles sat up right next to the Denver arts festival. Right next to eliminate vendor. One agency that. And see that part so there's a lemonade vendor and the Denver ourselves as a lemonade vendor there was no like download trial lawyers are dying. Pulls up when there's lemonade track is a skids under got to me yeah and that's on two for one right next storm that is like I had to pay to be here. Eventually had to pay to be a part of the Denver. Oh no doubt they tried to get me in trouble when I was a kid axles drive went to the you made enemy as you mentioned again. Ice go to the carnival sell stuff and ever and that people would crash of the that was like (%expletive) economies that blow. Now I sold close to win last week so we saw Lee's summit that is we solo sex outside of the port bodies of because it was dark out also the portable it was dark out and I thought isn't a great player and I said it's dark and they can't see attained by glow stick six bucks. Six bugs in my friend that I sold clothes are clothes that I'm we will got green up by these guys who owns booze down narrow like Harry. Uptight and the house like we're kids are we gonna do were kids on big ticket essential for families so eliminate two for a dollar. Well vendors sold it for seven dollars a glass. It added. He's selling. One and David alcohol I would hope the children have fresh green is doing an innocent guy. Should handle things paid mine I saw the picture is little bastards. Show up in two for a dollar. The pension that they used for the news story there just in like an empty field so clearly that's. That's not where it again trouble but I did see that. Who makes a lemonade is a country time yeah looking right right country time lemonade said that. They were gonna if your kid gets in trouble. For selling eliminated the kid gets find for selling lemonade. Then country Tamil and able cover the costs and they got this whole ad campaign up country time legal aid. Mean dot com. It's nice and I'm so if you can easily as you go to the website. Hey. Assistant for Rosie is sure to section didn't have a temporary vending permit. And now as a violation of city policy in the terminals through some food and nonalcoholic beverages at city imprecise term as a hundred dollar one day only feet. And comes with a list of rules. In addition. I'm Sunni that they weren't apartment that would add to gain clears from the health inspector right to sell food. That we know who called. On these kids I guess of the vendor rendered next film whatever. That's allows a scrimmage sound like you mount an unknown assailant. I'm just guessing doesn't mind clearly says person calls police helicopters never say who called whom. But if you're on the cops on a kill them and instead they should say units. I wanna. Confront the person. That's why they don't say who it is I know but that's ridiculous. During a play Jackson Johnson blush I. In Denver police and the city balls so they don't know honor their way. To regulate. We see here to regulate children Hawkins summer trades for the city admitted a lemonade stand without a food peddlers license from the sale of prepackaged goods. Or a temporary restaurant permanent if some food or drinks from Maine announced would be technically against the law. Fostering the entrepreneurial spirit is something that we can all get behind. Especially when it's for a good cause. So the Denver Police Department. Unfortunately this past weekend officers received several complaints from permanent vendors about a stand which lacked a permanent. But was set up at the same event. One not when officers receive a complain we have an obligation to act. What. Police said where more than lemonade stand friendly. Where common sense friendly obviously permanent chairman for commercial enterprises we have to as a society. Have a clear understanding between the intent of the law. Vs an innocent child's endeavor we are not going to be looking for Bobby and Susie on the corner selling lemonade. Oh man of course Missouri gets involved. Why now. De Roland director of litigation for freedom senator of Missouri self described as a lower case L libertarian. Created a map of instances where city squash women aged. And support hesitated libertarians talk about it here and talk about it. Ron has been updating an amount. There's potentially be money in the bank because there are point two was there is an incident and is when Missouri him complaining about lemonade stands being shut out. An incident in Hazelwood Missouri sparked Rome's concession and eliminate zest. After a group of Girl Scouts were told to stop someone cookies and one of their driveways. You. Other chick filet store and our neighborhood invited the family hopes they look so limit its access throughout the cops on Friday morning promising note to donate 10% of its own lemonade sales for the compassion what. Did you as Iran's sir final quote. She taught her kids when life gives you lemons you make them you guys are eliminate standing your kids. I don't think I do that once things. And my friends on got so pisses on time. Because it is construction guys come over and I wanted to buy all of it we had been made it like gallon jugs as enable Hamas for all of us. So we sold Thomas we went and we made more McCain backed out. And they came back there working right across the street and I bought the rest of it. It's almost so pissed she varnish on man and it was expensive and those like you know at the probably I don't know we sold to force Michael out of my desperately couple dollars. I guess I guess we want to make in any money you guys should it is noon. We didn't we didn't then Julia and our president or listen now. But see it costs us nothing Reich is his mom pay for an Carolina we're gonna keep the money so for us it was it was a profit deal and she was upset because. We didn't drink a lemonade we sold it. Just strange men across the street and for less funny what she Costa by the first place. So there how to put a bad taste amount to about. Hold on let me ask you this on short spend way too long and this but let me ask you this. He got a kid ride he's our rock has set up a lemonade stand. And he wants who's on the cooling given to people on Bryant. So our our man let's teacher about how this works I get the idea of how lemonade stand works and you know. But do you take the kid to the city arts fair and set him up right next to limit their guys lemonade stand. And then under Solomon is back. Is that the last thing you want to jump it's pretty good lesson to teach him Axl actually done a lesson learned vision in a permanent. And if not the cops are gonna shut your ass down what do they got annoyed with it. But they don't have actual business. So instead the lesson learned was sometimes. You gotta ask for a permanent. So we did learn something. If they didn't make any money for up four point Indonesia they did learn something. And wanted to send the kid eliminating very analyst lemonade. I got Ford as a parody of my boys are like hey keep in the driveway like hey we want to make eliminate send it all right I'll say what we do. We go to the plows are fair look for a guy with a lemonade stand we go and set up right next damning charge about three quarters less. You guys don't know at the headlines and on Fox News throughout the story. Harsh lesson in regulation. For boys running lemonade Stanton I told you this. Harsh lesson in regulation. There. Three young boys in Colorado learned harsh lesson in business and regulation. Down they don't say anything in a bowel. I don't see anything in their about the other lemonade stand nothing just has that half hour of the boys and at the stamp police arrive inquiring about a permanent. The police officer came over and they said that because my boys and I did not have permits for eliminate stand they shut us down and we had to stop immediately. According to a mom and neighbor had complained to police estimate import out. No said the boys so she says a neighbor complained you said that that president several several complaints they may decide it was a neighbor who complain. Tom communications program manager bowl loss at the permanent loss for the business and it is not mentioned at all. I should know better than to see if I see is stored on your even if it's about a lemonade stand being shut down. While I was remiss in my article is you know I think there's a newsman we read the story should destroy all the not. Kind of most terrorists and Augusta college talked about before erratic kind of like put that rap rap they're there. So concerts and I just don't. I'm curious. And so I'm just asking if you've seen it. From. Reading is Irina you're learning with me. As I'm learning that story this is all news to me I had no idea but it is still harsh lesson regulation. That part is true. You know play Jackson Johnson I think demand squash them. Squashed what those kids. The vendor. When he did them. And probably other people who had. Stands or whatever down there kids were undercutting them. They can't have that you. I get it. Look at these kids. If I was I doubt is put a sign outside in my thing and just say okay. I watched these kids start all that lemonade with their hands yeah but the but the. What are they gonna have been a Porta potty twice and they start all that eliminate their hands. If you wanna get up for cheaper god. I was so I go with cheaper one. Nine dollars heard glass limited seems excessive. 77 dollar sell us a lot. For that seven dollars you know that there is no dirty kids' hands group in.