Letters To The Editor

Wednesday, May 30th


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That is revoke it and surprised you're gonna seed and have those beach ball like we seventh Providence medical center area but Peter my name is Hart's little Lance did address. Those two. This is letters to the editor my name is parcel throughout the weeks months years. I buy things online and find things and Brent. Whatever mediate it's. Sometimes occasionally I have nots just like you do what we what we do after that. To their voices heard we do what is called letters to the editor we will hopefully get a response from said manager. Maybe we want to change something they we wanna gas them up maybe we just need to call them outs and to date. We wanna start with will let me start with little bit of context. Context is key. The NFL as you know has changed the policy over. The NFL anthem and how the players can or cannot. Exercise there right to free speech in the workplace. Many of us have thoughts including. Steve Kerr the head coach of the Golden State Warriors that's what he says. I think it's just typical NFL. Others are quite true fan base. So. Basically trying to use me. Patriotism. Nationalism. Scaring people. It's idiotic but that's felt. It's. I think our leadership in India understands that. And a top players players feeling they were doing. To protest. Police brutality. With protest racial equality. Mark and disrespecting the flag and the military. That's reset and obviously at no point in any of those comments was to occur. Questioning. The military questioning the patriotism. Of. Our men and women in uniform not that was set at all. Now are certain. Kansas City personality at a voice he may have heard a diminished voice but a voice nonetheless has name's Kevin Eastman and his station is sports regulate and WHB. I don't know Kevin personally I don't know what his motives are I don't know of ratings are down I don't know this this whole way to tap into a certain. Really ugly contingent. Of his fan base. But some. A boy's been very. Star spangled stink in the last couple days what he's doing all under this umbrella this fictional umbrella that he's calling each it is. Again I don't know her motives are always talking to I have a feeling and it Louise directing these towards. But they're still wrong nonetheless now with certain tweets were really set me up yeah just the way geared this what triggered. This is what triggered not pin to start right hasn't stepped down again this is letters to edit. Now on May 27 Kevin treatment in its week. He said presentation of arms and Andy may be Steve car like to attack the 300008. Patriots in the heartland. Now. I can dissect that week and a host of different manners number one probably in that with as well instead of two best as grammar 101. The overt it's hindering. The heartland you know to do when we know what you're doing and on top of that the overt misrepresentation. Of everything's deeper said I'm not trying to make the some sordid history. Not undo. But this tweet. What Kevin cuteness that. What you said Starr. On a very large platform. Is dangerous. And may be worse they are intentionally. Mislead. Screams. Over nationalism and he now hosts. He notes. These protests have nothing to do with the flag our men and women in uniform he knows what Steve curse at what's on attacking. Our military. Our men and women in service actual patriots. Nose acts. Or students. And like I said I don't know the man personally I don't know the business structure 810. But the goal of this is to maybe haven't reached whoever the powers that be are over there so to the station managers the ad people the salesman. Anybody who may be just for a split second may be wanna list this. I have put together for you. A letter reads as such. Kevin Mac you can. You know I really want to talk this up as winter classic treatment does Sports Radio shock jock routines but sir in all honesty I'd just. Don't think you have vocabulary or the intelligence to be given such tests. You know exactly what Steve Kerr said and it had absolutely nothing to do. Our men and women in uniform just like you know the NFL's anthem policy has nothing to do with patriotism. But let's be real here you're never concerned about that you never really cared. Kevin again make I can't. Lost. You have become irrelevant. And served you're descent into mediocrity has you polling at some vary. Dangerous. Strength or which you know you're doing and for which you know. Is wrong. I don't know this is the ratings stunt or just trying to get attention of like I said. Your voice and voice is like yours will someday. Be silenced. And even now they're getting softer and softer each and every day I'm not surprised neither am I appalled at what you've done and with things you have said. But I will say it is a shame to see stoop down to such. Such a level. Now I never I never Dick claim or say that you had must now. It's art mr. gates and by the looks of it. Seems like integrity for you is also Brady hard to come. My name's arsenal that letter. Editor.