Friday, January 12th


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Tomorrow's hometown event but. For what. House and BS meters and Seoul. On the song you know it's again time period and it is Antarctica. Can be a commitment from. He telly off segment of well. We analyzed to permit this week later. Yeah I guess this is our focus feels like it into the years now mothers and are a couple weeks of the first week I guess in Miami thing now every there's just a pile of mail. Here's how works. We get mail sent to us we say it. We play that sometimes are noted as some others hurt before sometimes it's brand new sometimes. They can be a little older we don't know because British Open that we play it and then you tell us really like it or not these attacks on 96500. They've been nice of the first week we found something magnificent right be great. I mean there's a seven year that I liked I haven't heard all of it's elements from pieces of intrigued. Crackpot as lot of stuff. We could start something that. I think we are ready at least all of us here in on the Wii like poke at the new Jack White gay councils into you tells me like I'm in attacks on 96500. The reason alone. Name. And mean this. Thank you. Then. And I've done. Should do okay. Told me. Oh millones and then. And saved me. Hanging there alone okay. Then we'll. I mean. Jack White. Connected by love most people like it don't love the new Jack light love it but. One don't like it grossed. Not a bad start for male. I think you listen to at least part is I mean listen all things new David Byrne that they say yeah. I guess yesterday the senate this week the first semis sought everybody's come and in my house. I think you're Talking Heads fair a fan of his intellect that's right I don't think that's I think he's pretty good and it sounds like all talk and have guess I was just kind of like now. So you tell us what you think though that's all the matters brokering a male. Yeah. And a lot of people that like I like it. Lightly enough so now. Just us not just us. Right. I don't know I guess he's got an album coming out Rea. But. I think that's songs camera might just amounts that day maybe it did you have a figure just came up officially maybe today it's new. Either way man camp this song came out. Today right didn't it. I don't know I remember I solve something no one of the sort of Twitter somebody who's talking the dog and Sam gets on coming out on Friday at. Feel like it came out today but a command can be hazardous. I haven't called for ever do I get I've really only her little piece of earlier I knew man chemicals really like and I'm really attacks on 96 tries or zero. Do. It. You dance day. Do. Oh. I'm. Soledad you know again I think it's. I don't know some people Hannity and devoid and I guess I got logged out so I can't see split we knew meg not overwhelming. People love it. Called for ever. What about the corona is today we we didn't do is suing I don't know anything about it around me either but I I think Britain. We may have had a pile on LSU might of the ones on rating gets you a corona goes chance. We couldn't fake it. When it suited his lateral I think about it could be the next. Big thing big thing the corona was. What's your guess what you think they sound like fat stupid. But but but but. Yeah I'm gonna. Imus I don't like it I got to have not heard a second dammit I guess I don't like it. I'm annoys me that well we'll find out the corona is how we couldn't take it. Tells familiar I'm really takes on 96500. Moon. And mean she. And mean. Anyway. It's. Okay. Okay announced on his sound like something you wouldn't ought to play in a piano. Absolutely not some guy expected it to some like Elvis like. Five. Slim those other players some piano and has some nadu would Jesus and stupid night at night made him. I wanna go home while. Com a connect docile made me feel. But we you know let's oh euros from all those rescinded and Jesus camp some people on the text and liked it. Not a ton but some people like it's the crown as we can fake it. Okay here's a song I think we can agree on maybe the new company feeds. I'm listener a you have written. Knew I get men are also know he tells me like I'm really takes an undersized or zero. I'd. Yeah. Okay. When you think. I'd like a lot more than I thought I would really. Yeah I'm always been pretty I like her quite a bit like the band are all very nice but some of songs I thought were okay out of those. The best thing I've heard from him ever I know I thought you like to laugh for some reason. I like it. A new company thieves called treasure. This is a song that I don't think we got to last week the academic. Welcome. So gone you check the records to play the academic last week for now now OPEC. Song is called different muscles annoy you tell drill like and I'm really attacks on nine to try 00. It's. Did you like that. Operas find something that's always something you would like to labels say roll the windows down summer song yes yes yes I hate it I thought I was gonna hit a donated. Some results from around us they're trying to fix your doors and that's all right you know. When lock. They were scurrying around in there. There was start missing are you telling me they're gonna fix will lock your doors it's never worked it has worked before. Ul a crack here another here in time to unlock it national problem it has large area usually online auction but none is locked at all. And I'm noticing stuff missing. And sting yeah it's time for little officer detective work we missing anything of a us mu one thing that rumors saying. Although we're not sure and we don't know who used it. But snow cone can't remember where you put dom was the American Ireland's bonds which are now broke and they weren't in the studio where they. There's it right here. Yeah they're dead they're they're now but I swear likewise that they were and as that's my American Idol has found enough captain cherished and put away for years and years years and years seniors because they won't workings I think I had him in the basket of 99% share. Now they're broken. I'm impartial. Share price you bear. Hey I'm not positive. We're opening up mail chair of we've had some. That's Jack White sounds good I like that accompanied the sun reporter Dave Robertson we like that nobody else did. What about this new new wish jango jango I do legend junior in New York beat is stimulate the songs and have. Yeah Metallica's song I like the vandals going in I like that first. Sung deep fault and Palm Beach on them like speech like those songs like I honestly didn't even know that if it. Still doing stuff when you show this child adoption of Canada in opera like it pago was listen to what he tells it like an army and attacks on 96 Pfizer reserve. The door like took Purdue rudin like that good jango Jane I really like it in your beat. I got time for one more sure actually two different people asked us if ruthlessly requested it okay. Blue October of people on the spent. But I people who love them along really love them and have for a longer time for sure very loyal up song's called I hope you're happy Burleson Joey tells it like I mean it attacks on 96500.