Friday, August 10th


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Why Israel as well we are gonna open up mail here's our peoples and a -- from the rich got music inside of it may wants to play if they want you to hear they want you to love and MM by instrument and all those things but in order to do that we need to get your opinion so we say that we played on Friday you tells will be like these songs in attacks on 96500. Some are summing up how good job yeah that's all male. It's on Friday and missile and I think we've played it quite a bit already right yeah bomb but I think we've done for me it was like to do that some I don't think we've gone from also get your opinion I love would you like did I do like get this new Bob Moses Romeo ma'am months. No you know Bob Moses Elijah must of course go to. All right here's another one that. I don't think we ever got two for mail all. I know we've all heard about super organism song play and doing something on your word in my Indy. Then joins us I do like this because really like it or not that's what's important really takes on 96500. Super organism. Comes. Out. I found that. Best. She used. Came to know. Some things. Oh yeah. I think it's. Chenault. Let me. So be it. That means there's no time it garbage in my farm yeah yeah yeah they. Don't know. And some things. I enjoy that then I think she's adorable two allied get sued organism. I something in on the Koran muscle against their all of the from seven different Mans yes that's true they do not have a cohesive look down. I don't want from Fisher wants and she Romano. I got this I don't know if you've heard strong balance a good month to narrow how many people up they're familiar ritual motto. Camera on the radio you're gonna miss everybody so who knows that I sure everybody is on sugar or turn. Saint Lucia I don't think we've done thus don't walking away. We'll play you socially like anatomy and attacks on 96500. Saint Lucia what's attacks on say. Mixed a look at a lot of people like it though. Walking away. I'd say it's about 55 U what do you think so come. 5050. He's nodding his head what. Is he Maliki and his mind that is my doesn't work is broken. Old you know I do like and when I know you who I think you like it to Mars that. Visit Billy I was sure oh yeah I do like does quite a bit this is cool it if you haven't heard this I think. People like this is called you should see me in a crown put up meals and hotels we like and I'm really take Sinai subsides or Missouri. But. Okay. OK so. He seemed eaten. Davis. Okay. Okay. It's. Man it sure it's a tour. Dying. Maybe change things and call for crazy. PE. Thank you OK okay. Okay we'll. She's seen me yeah. Yeah. Take place. I think it's. I. Yeah people like done it's it's interesting Billy Irish. EI AL ISH. And then we'll this very old I don't I'm not gonna mention you know what. I'd really like parts of this is an all parts of it like kind of loss mean thought. That doesn't matter beyond I'd never heard of them until I got this in the mail Mike. Ottawa Ottawa songs called no more love songs are you tells Lou I mean I'm really attacks on 96 size 00. Well these.