Friday, April 13th


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An open mail I'd love Obama now here's how works we get mail sent to us throughout the weight it's got music and it can be from managers bands agents record labels you were doesn't matter which I can replace you tolls really like it or not. Via the attacks on 96500. Very simple concept. Let's start. Did did journey times how much he loves this teenager lists on I like it as I well did you hood and like I like it then and when I can Ortiz and he couldn't has imposed an awesome sure we'll play this. For mail today. I don't know what do you think do you think people like it. Yeah I think so. I hope so it sounds. Very ninety's rocked death it's cool I think I like it today Renaissance Goldstone Malone. It tells really did attacks on 96 eyes or is there and. Teenage dress I like it. Stone. Alone. So volatile last album. But that's OK you know like a solemn I think it's a little replaying from. Slide away that's that song sounds similar really similar but I really like that's a good man that's sad teenage wrist new teenagers. How about new. I have so much stuff in here what about new rule. You do mention there death yeah yeah yeah yeah violent city. Really like they're not really attacks on 95 girls are. Yeah Mac. The. I value like that that's cool mansion there it's called violent city. Like I've. New rules similar cultural attacks on like it. Our Morgan sinks to you know this song just your friends. Feel like I've seen is a sheet. Focusing on TV. It's. Area artists. Recently share. Effect on the other summits here Morgan say tells it like an obvious attacks on 96 Dodgers are opening mail who. Who. I'm saying yeah. Her name. And and her RKE. I need to. Name. Okay. Hey yeah. I thank you. It's. And my. You can be really. Only. Then tell me it's humorous to scale. And you. Could you can't even. That's you're. On the Chris yeah. Yeah me. Are cute firms he. We'll. Are saying we. Okay yeah. It's okay. And. Here. It sounds very. Like catch. It's all right love it I really like it does song Sox those the last five touch. When you thanked sucked the saudis are such darkness that I go I took the total sergeant Jeremiah relive the 1975. And I don't hate the ninety ready five although pillage reminds me of the 1975. There. And knowledge I do naturally I'm just come out Soledad to me and I looked like elegant sound all right. We'll see this through a song for you do you remember a couple of weeks ago every little bit longer so contaminants that. Goosen song goes he goes and so and he played for Maine and human into your office and played it for you. Those instances was only going to and views on YouTube it's going to be huge this is big thing. So I'm sitting here this morning a South Australia became do you agree and I think I mean he played separately for us and I was in the studio this morning listening to music people a sense right just going public palace into a scene about recognizing things seem anything stands out. As the the song. I think in what was that song how's that again I really like the song so then I got to look at it don't recognize the name look at up. Damning is that guy that's O'Connor told me was good and told you was good and I think we both had said. Kind of cool this is a different song that they sent us the same guy member is it still woozy is the name of the artist right. Still William and pledges from him and yes he did. Because he'd be now. I'm really excited about for me and I'll tell you what what I say this is a song he went as far and actually I was standing there I walked him when he was interviewed this is what the YouTube video looked like. And he played us who were seen that image and never so I want to anybody viewed as he played for me that morning that this is a different song. It's called Lucy. And the band is called still woozy and as featuring. A moody which is idle was at these are rappers like Nigerian Canadian something but. This is the band this broke down. Told this was going to be huge and it we were gonna love and now I do like the song different song when I really like at our country takes us into it. Me. Have. Segal played this guy MacFarlane told them. And thank you listen you know. Okay. Okay. Still woozy. And I feel like attacks on at least solemn. Touched a new Phoenix sun. Sounds like Phoenix or okay Eric Young hit a solid finish Cody Gary minute chance rapper little bit there at the end the I thought it was good I think it's cool I'm sounds like Phoenix right yeah Canada's I didn't think that's eSATA way to. I'll like it. Everybody likes it here as solid Phoenix GM. Your voice heard yep it is OK okay it was cellular voice. What was the song you played force was it goodie bag yet was that song he played for us tonight. And they. Is committed his eyes and mind of god I'm on the women's tour. Cool now I wanna listen to more of that I got I get this Caroline Williams Venus about it. Carolina running highlight is very you know on any area endures Phoenix yes. You said you like this one ranked Carolina I was I don't know if they are under but I do like it there. I'm sorry arm. SXSW. And it was like those everything you want like those old. Satin eighties running shorts my way of Sox pulled up when red stripes on them run the knowledge old Nike running shoes and I had band the whole thing. Thought I lose like all right if you're gonna do it joy and shoot edit I thought it was cool. All right let's let's try I Jews are reminded us yet exactly sold number five. Senator pretty split people who donated or love and I think more people really love it but. That was awesome escrow all right I was really go out there. I loved it LeRoy you I like it. It was cool as a cool Rahal and in seeing aerial like all right yeah of course I got it. No make a bath around. To pronounce his nickname because it's like an OMB. ERC study goes around eight. Capital and lower case so thin capital and capital be lower case. Know them may be Mario says Iran. But is named this is his real name I guess is no Macbeth from the German but now he's based in Los Angeles. And this uncle drama teachers big data big data big data or. Have you guys heard this the up would you like to do for male I wouldn't. All right. Nolan and that's no tells really like get a national. Treasure is there. Maybe there's more. Crime hi. Soledad for the most people like it. I was gonna cool. So come fiscal pact signed. Cut some election. How about. Another car seat headrest song. Appellate experience a lot. Bodies let's listen do we tell William I'm really affects and as a child goes up. Yeah yeah. Would end. Mozilla. Well and wins. I love it here in school. Car seat and I love the event. What was the name and Alan bodies. All right like no. One more for male or revving up whatever news is good now have a lot of the moon permanent general right yup. Should pay info on national and what is open this thing has been going go get it fixed so that last week about not Friday. That's from a section. Sources on this well. Formed I think in his life crossroads top Tuesday July 31 at crossroads heading up tickets available lines of father both dot com. Walked alone tells it like it or not.