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Megan Peters First Fridays

Thursday, August 31st


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She's the area are all. Did that morning as good morning name's Andrew dean easier march this year. Coming up momentarily we'll do and I bunch of them are a mountain. Probably not but with an overnight and time for that but joining us this morning is Megan Peters timing in. Just grab that I'm sorry I don't even give you any stretch and these are I'll sign every night get out yeah. So I never met you before about. I feel like I let them live images and cigarettes they got I now in government. I have never met before but I can't ignore because of social media that's here really got that here oh you're too. Match pavlik a little girl crush on you because you are. To me perk things of. I'm not your art or at Indy Lights yeah I don't hurdle ahead we think it makes. No like. I think Shiraz on here fast and you have died. Message me that you are going to Greece who yup you check. Highs edit an eyes opened. Fees no in my opinion no I didn't degrees I haven't been in year home salutary. Exploit the one thing you know fuel responds yeah. And I just think I am going to increase worsen again yeah questioning him like wild day out. Actually there is going to apart agrees that most Americans they're not going to pass the ball like that and he's. I would like an hour flight to Baghdad and met an answer yet gaffe into surgery they did they might be yet whenever any talent. Greek musician. Is from this and oh yeah. They arrested he and he got the Bob I MI cousins who live further north. And that's where he ever listened to the show when I went up north to visit my cousin and my hat. They would have this thing right. Never would forget at this campaign in Macedonia is Greece. That is grease anyway is breeze like the New Jersey of Europe. That's how I wouldn't say that. I don't know that I. Happy New Jersey and the minute airport until I got the plague apt description it's small it's waterlogged. You know I mean it's almost as if SO does it calls a peninsula where it's almost three main Greeks and people from Jersey analyze comment how do you think gym tan laundry. How I guess Jim all along really well you didn't I would like to get later party now you have the happier I really hit pretty hard rock I get. I did it wrong you're arguing at. Wrong I really like are you going to island who know you know one island didn't hit one island you have to have the I I know that every single we're only there for like. IDs which is. And it them how dare you try to share the plight of Humana I now see that camera back and is a better person and why I enjoy your insurgency when decreased due lack. So I went to Greece with my best friends since I was a little kids she's an academic researcher and she's doing research on refugees children an education. What education opportunities are our am when your. Take refugee status normally you are banned a refugee for at least ten years so few the six year old Kayla. That's ten years beer displaced. On average out what happens to the refugee children so it depends it depends on where they go so the place that we were acts and there's like a huge camp play the winning here about the news all the time in France is Calais brain it was Kelly that's but he has increased. And the Greek government actually shut down because they couldn't run it they couldn't keep water there's a bathroom back anything and so they put it. These communities in legal clear camps in the green countryside in the textile factories and shut down because the economy okay and so this is a camp of about 300 people they Wear and Kurdish Syrians. Who have come across during the war. And half of them are children. And that's normal that's that's kind of vet how it is worldwide you know most emotional child affected by the you know these kind of things are children and went and and so just these volunteers started this informal school at the camp and it's just this. Amazing little place and where they just kind of let the kids have a normal life again about such a big part of being refugee. What happens yes because not only he displays your homeland through. Where they go for homeless actually eaten your rave about magic things you don't even think about it there. Yeah and these people you know they came to Greece they weren't planning to stay in Greeks know for now I'm now why this is not. They wanna that I know they can I handle it they know all voluntarily have the money AM oh what happened was they closed the borders. So they couldn't get out they were stuck it on papers they have any money they came across with nothing in these boats. And so they're just kind of like. Hole at least Pennsylvania no purpose they're just waiting until giving the kids something to do any adults the adults attend classes at the school to now did you teach junior in Ireland I did not teach I just photographed and observed on my friend that I went with actually taught yoga class syndicated OK how then do you like the screaming last I'm sure there are rolling her eyes are blank not mirror again. They don't guy. Period refugee children that they were pretty funny but our final here is go there and like they teach judo anti crime and because our. Takes their mind often louder. They of their parent to break right I mean I I get annoyed with my kids race like here in America. I can't imagine like being in a tent with them. With no food sleeping on Powell and bright and light to go now I don't CNN Aaron our Iranian break yeah I can. Yeah and yeah and all the kids it was crazy you walked in and I'm just the worst American you know I know no air bag I know like four phrases right lots and like our back. Tiny blonde campaign here. And they'd like kept speaking to you try to pick troubling that they spoke they spoke German they spoke English thank. Many of them spoke tons of different languages could they want to learn they want to get out of their most of them are trying to get to Germany. So they teach English class that they teach German class there they teach math they've kindergarten for the youngest kids for a crazy and it's all volunteers that test. Come over and do it for free. That's OK so you were there yet you're just sitting there are starting to meg computers Mayan social media crash hepatitis C each. And you do a lot of things they know what I mean. It's. Commendable because you have a lot going on and you're married you have children. You and your artistic. Your humanitarian and your adorable on puppy like your old package and I allowing buying time to do all of that. And so you went to Greece and photographed. The refugees from Syrian refugees mostly children and then it'll be. On display tomorrow first Friday. So its first Friday's down in the process sixteen pin along that in the helix architecture building they graciously donated their space for me to hold it there. And the photos these have been approved by the refugees himself by the people make camp there or somebody asks them for approval of course yes you're gonna exploit that scrutiny they've been through enough so we get that's also very commendable we gave them permissions that we set them all the pictures senate if there's any you're OK with us displaying publicly Lesnar they picked some. And am so we're gonna be selling some of the prince for me taking donations and it's any split between the camp itself. And then Casey for refugees which is a local group here in Kansas City that works with refugees that are resettled here a lot people don't realize that there is a community of Syrian refugees have been resettled here in the first family that came after. Obama signed his order executive order saying let's take 101000 Syrian refugees came here to Kansas City I did not know that. Yasser there's a there's a keynote was that our governor that I mean are refugees flooding Kansas. How they are having. Is sitting there they're there I see an outside our Sara McCain act on our OK now yes I yeah they actually just celebrated this spring a one year anniversary of the first Stanley coming and they had a big event keys to her refugees have this big event where all the families came. And I mean their first practice this guy I mean when you leave meaning that I'm. Are they all living. In the same vicinity. It's hard how far it would be helpful and it's it's hard because and you kind of have to go where there's housing right around and Casey for refugees doesn't that resettle them themselves you have to be a specific government. Agency or Arab. No not agency that. Part of you have certain expert teacher to resettle. And so there are certain groups here that you got acute fever Fiji's really works about arm's length communion these people are here right people don't know and not just senior PG I had no idea of Afghans from. All of our time we have a lot of refugees from Africa than here. And instead they do all sorts of events they go to speaking amends at churches and community centers and stuff and just let people know hey these people are here right there in our community and they're not trying to hurt anyone and. And while I think it has to do that but that's about it yeah see you get the reports again and most of us only interact with from what you see on the news and M news is often filled with them both sides garbage. And you lose sight of the fact that these are people. And I think that's a really important thing to know that people are here they've been living here for decades they've been growing given loving America and I don't understand it and like I look around. We are planning are coming here is a bizarrely got ads and we got playroom all of that there are so many cities. That it and communities and we have its vacant land and empty homes yeah and somehow helping people out we. He said ten years in a camp. Gas is too much and the thing is if they made it here if they made it through the very intense vetting process that they do have to go through to get to the US it's because probably something is really tragic at apple and their ailing. Some of the feelings that have come in the last year from Syria you know they've kids that are on dialysis there at children's mercy there's reasons they're here they didn't just you know show up to you know. We have the money as a country out there is no reason why and it stands on its direct result of our foreign policy regardless of what we agreement that are not this is a direct result of America's foreign policy I as a proxy where our. With Iran and Russia and Saudi I mean it's like all interconnected and lies to do with us and then all of a sudden we're not willing to foot the bill. Least that's why I think it's so important what you're doing and saying regarding children and women bring to be as I remember. Some of the stories. That these children that have lost their homes stuff not some of them their parents. They're families they're displaced there in foreign countries they don't know the language. It's it puts a different face on and I think yes if you're that type of person you are anyway and I hit it like that you can't even fathom that. I can't I mean we went there and you know I'm eleven year old and a six year old male bought of these kids are literally exactly like our kids range is. Dumb are we after a minor solves a vast. Now I through the town has ever you know there was a point earlier in the camp. And them Greek military military helicopters flew over the camp. And to see that's the fear on these kids' faces what they have been through is just horrified and none of us can ever imagine especially as a mother imagining my children. Go writers and now we should do everything we can't help desk in any way that we can using whatever time and talent we have right. And you are doing such. And what reasons I did poly on social media is your photography. Here are very gifted photographer and V prints that you bride and have been wonderful of you just shooting and Megan Peters is here and she is displaying her arts. Her photographs adds he links architecture. For first Friday is tomorrow basically sixteen through on that. And you can buy or are you make donations. And she'd gone and photographed Syrian refugees. That are displacing Greece. I was terribly jealous and I'm not so jealous how my act you know I mean yeah. Yes I think I'd offer Sherri did an islander drew. They're actually how you were married does Kenya during her things so people can by your printing your prime not to bring something here you can beautiful photos. Yukio and all the proceeds from this event is the thing is all privately funded by myself and who sponsors and all the proceeds from all the sales are going to be split between Casey for refugees in the camp school itself which is called basing your senate tax cultural center okay great negative things she media and they need yeah I mean. Finally I know I've been trying to get around grammar so maybe it was huge rename it and you. Helix architecture or Catholic or I was Friday is sixteen the moment and we'll put all this information on our website are. There's extra buzz Zach Powell.