Mike Pence Sausage Fest

Tuesday, July 10th


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Stuck on family idea and a Mike and sausage fest. He's had to throw a party and I think he's getting word that two people are gonna show for his house. Thank you thought he's gonna invite a few friends and I had a it's been recommending it as well under the same. So when people mess is the target on the news it's in the hill was like that's good congratulations on China does fumble I didn't call a sausage French right yeah my idea yeah you run at a dance party demands fighters join us that was rated concealment right that was that it. I always kind of thought if he ever came here we do gave pen's party. What is happening in cities across the country plus also let's make it count Kansas City famed some kind of Barbeque. Sausage Ireland has sausage party via. And I'm home. Here we are. So hole. Will you now feel okay bunkers for the good thing I like they knew they aren't grassy AZ and I. Well tomorrow morning eleven vision and my friends only a barbecue sauce engines hand via. And to have someone downstairs and creative come up with a little picture him yet but now line. Now what. Well you shelter Barrios plaza across in the merry go does I doom. Whoever owns the go okay see you know yeah I'll be down there OK and then what unanimous. On pass a hot dogs okay. You can if you wanna bring a sign air flight whatever you wanna do what is there to pass a hot dogs and have fun we'll play some music. What have fun to bring a sigh and a flag or whoever it is that by bringing on sausage pastor if you want to win Ohio us via. We got a bunch of bonds. And sausages. Hot dogs. Virginia thank you were embargo Wonder Bread donated the bonds to us which is all snow comes and you wanna get a lot of money being called around on the micro has brought Doug. That's just special Red Sea that's pretty good at all and if you wanna between the bones my pencil between the months. I like that and take him pick which one you want. But if you're watching your cars you can you can Mike Pence for a dollar. I prefer my between the bonds you. Between the bombs and looks like get yourself quite a little party thrown into the air to be fun and easier on Dahmer the excitement is. Comfortable I am I'm curious are you still as anxious as you word today when I first saw you I'm pretty anxious. But I'm sure we fumbled a good time. If Andrews can now. Sausages out on the board were we're gonna run out really quick I think everybody Backstreet and Murray saw that coming up for free lunch. I'm told them I understand on their for free food I get that but I would like to have a lot. And we do have a lot but a more it's gonna run around. Okay well it may run out there it's been set I mean well but it's a matter of how quickly. It might not we nobody shows up and you come back here to work with a much shot that's true. So that's true but it looks like worst case scenario as you know given everything down there I'm sure roads be blocked off. Park usually give everybody free beach faltered as they show him. I'm just came off OK you compaction. You have to go sees no content in person. And have to say give us if you could. We won't do that you. But I'm proud you I think you should be excited not so worried the fact that the news is talking about and other not calling it. Broad dog and her sausage party sausage but they're not doing that. But they're still talking about is still your party your party made the news. They're tweeting about it. And it I'm guessing that means are probably going to be down there. I was getting messages this morning on social media direct messages of people trying to get a hold of view. Because they said they receive messages. And there have a hard time getting through because so many people. Had been sending messages asking about this. That's exciting yeah they are very excited that's exciting now. But do you have like some sort of a change or protest sign ready to go or anything like that I don't think this approach essence apart theorized a party that's pencils and facets the third party. And if you wanna protest bile they can bring signs or whatever what do they wanna do it's a sausage party I'm not leading the protest him. Lisa and I wish via. Now they wanna come with their own agendas and assigns that's more than more than welcome to be here there are your support program. Have nothing but still has support for. It's just a welcome party man just a welcome party crystal welcome sausage are snow console on a welcome party and and he wanted to be Kansas City theme so. Doing food you'll barbecue. Welcome to town. Exactly are you positive he's coming. Like who told you that he was going to be here you have looked into this right it was yes I think it's installer somebody told you that oh god he's here campaign for Yoder and then he's going downtown Kansas City for the America first tax breaks whatever. So assuming you know Mike Pence between the bombs double penetration too hot dogs in one month who'll. The F whom we can figure that out. We get there is morale. But no unintended women lot so go out and went and so those are allowed to be around where our hotel and then yeah you can't eat. Well with a woman on attendant right so you gotta have your husband whoever silicone like another will be angered yes. So just know he's not being rude you insisted conviction record of its rating mother worries Mona. And where is mother oh well one day mother was just sitting here yeah. And there were like children in the building and lower and and and children came out and an aunt and mother was just completely indecent. And so I had to show wish I had to Haider I think she's in the backroom. Guy to get there I know where she is you don't know where she is an hour she should Brent Haram. Bring it down on the sign. Let's get her mad hat. I think that'll be good but I think you find a Mac data patriot pay for wondered if you can get a Mac were really want besides online you can't go on person to get. I'm sure somebody hasn't somewhere. I mean people Wear them. I somebody's gotta be selling them yeah. I think he'll be nice if she was the only one who's been supportive Susan make America first kind of a kind of presence out there. So what time you're getting there what time. 11 AM Barrios was. Me at the exact address is on tomorrow right here tomorrow right across the Marriott downtown. We have the exact address just in case. 301 west thirteenth street that's between I think thirteenth and twelfth. Well congratulations. Thanks moving forward to it. That he is gonna go. The dominant. Two of them works. Course you don't seem. Sure about that of course. I'm always whatever reason to get out a man. I was I was gonna get there early on my third on the tonight. But but but but let's spend the night just make sure everything's ready to go to ruin. This you know lay of the land is going to be the final spot absolutely. Will be fun it is like free love bugs and music. And it's been party's gonna be fun. So I have pencil stopped. Yet he has looks. Really it's meant as far as I know that's only reason he's coming here he wasn't going to come to Kansas City Kelly heard about it yeah we had to entice them. The party the sausage fest. So good job silicone this is going to be a mean when's the last time you threw a party. ID tag sizes remind them to be peaceful. I'm not the miners can. Guys listen I came and got my 160 down ma'am for. Mike Pence sausage dress make sure unit I mean. I assume will be peaceful. Yet be peaceful. Just my friend that tried to stray from the text sign but the number and it just has remind them to be he's. Peaceful you can just hold up that's easily any type of shenanigans of the best person more energy I'm just very minute to be peaceful. Mention another person you Schobel assigned just shows relatively peaceful that's your job. Mike Pence. What an honor that just gets that confidence that he can make you believe it I mean this is a big deal. All of my big and he's a vice president of the United States and he's going to be here I am at my trump are informed him he get in the coming here afterwards ultra. I'll talk to his people. I 'cause I feel like this is gonna and tell you listen flatter him. From. The end users of the podcasts old. See if you can not actually wants me to camp bow Brokeback Mountain style. It's how would that be. The style where we keep our love secret for years and years. That daughter finds out later. And and a member of it and someone dies something. Garish the point is they wanna set sex yes. Yeah point as I wants action in public. But that doesn't have to be broke right now former cowboy mango can't be I'd like that I get over. I like the idea of camping and down when a guy to ignore that idea that's fine I'm dissing you could just come over. Or. Ball Mees explains. You can make a move. Never made a move. You know. People say. Like there's an alcoholic right and they say. You sell I've never seen a person drunk and they say no he's never seen a solar measures I know them. You never seeming not make moves. Is that what I'm always made him a line up and I've just been completely blind to lose all these citizens does who I am. Still up earlier today of people who listen longer and showed in my direction yet that you do that all the time exactly but I think he did that everyone. But worry about what I do and other people weren't going to review fair enough kernel colonel what I do another do your business or not. We're doing usual business yes well I would like to keep all that. Away from the pence party because I don't want in my prime sausage fest I actually like call offense right now and the Mike Pence sausage fest. Posted by smoke on. Are you gonna get on the Mike. There's going to be a PA there can you get on not Mike. I don't know why not oh what am I gonna do everybody will want. Sausages wouldn't it wouldn't affect the you've got to do something got to get the crowd Golan but that. But you could you that's your job your Indians see now my doing that you gotta thank everybody for coming now. Tell them where they can get their hot dogs. The sausages so figured out. They could figure out that you could also be a good host NB AMC I'm not. Those windows X down there with several bills and don't Wear that even more in that same shirt and less like forty's you gotta. It cleaned up a little bit autism wandered make yourself presentable then I would like to see it on the Mike. I'm not gonna Mike. It's your party so it's. Find token on the markets Mike Pence is far Mike prince's party it's for Mike Pence yes but you still have lake someone's life is. I had you and me arouse thing rendition stories junkie so there you go kinda like that I'm Becky I got hot dogs and here I can do that. It's quite hot dogs and there is another do you play guitar like nobody's business share. Becky you are very easy none of colorful and will figure out. You can sing it. They're seeing it play it the guys are gonna come or sausages and there I will be there I'll be I'm already there sausages man. But but but I'm gone straight there as soon as we get out of here I'm going straight there crying I'm excited. To be fun. Tendencies. Tomorrow morning 11 AM first annual. My current sausage first annual. Energy this next yellow well well maybe don't drive being called the first annual and see what happens. All right first annual. Mike Pence sausage fest tomorrow and AMR Ailes was we'll see you there.