Monday, 01.22.18 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Monday, January 22nd

  • 0:00 - Headlines
    • Senate reaches agreement on reopening government
    • Shooting in Italy, TX
    • Shooting in Overland Park
    • Superbowl has been set
  • 40:56 - John Wilson, cofounder of The Razzie's, calls in to talk about the worst movies of the year
  • 1:00:58 - A really digusting story about sushi
  • 1:06:51 - Sports with Nick Wright
  • 1:16:48 - When do you actually feel like an adult
  • 1:22:36 - On This Day

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The righteous man. From all sides. Tearing homeland. Values dark. Will strike down low numbers. I ally LT. I'm great I'm never letter. As the weekend goes drainage. It's nice I'm. I sing in this week. Good ball game Scotia couple basketball game machine and yet your texts about an excellent news. Taxed to our mutual. Brendon former co worker. Story about life coaching they do and I don't. I write this morning. In saint. I see who's visiting. Icing now as a reason why not because hurt his feelings. It's shocking new driver. Coming up. I know he says and I'm wrong. We're proud Smith was terrible and did some brave souls did you lessons mornings. And Andy came close circle. You should and at least mentioning names I thought about it when he got to the point of our basically about how great Tom Brady isn't home. He wasn't even relief for the first cover me up because he's using now you look at this. You know. Even if you don't sale last whose name you can say you know a friend of mind. Talking about it. Think we should mention it's. Just not into something a little. Dog whistles like the term of the year my little dog whistle and not clear yet. It was a well that was a good game. And it's it was going to be first things first who loves infrastructure allows you to both winners including a scary close predictions for the jags that's for sure. Talk about it. The big news at the government's tobacco and right and I know closed. Yeah I did not close including content every 8000 nonessential jobs a lot of nonessential who's I don't know what what does that mean. What is it how did they decide what's nonessential. We're pinching perish did you see. Yeah all the White House over the weekend like the phones return on. Legislation or was turned on its first match right Anderson these courses are trying to do my thing is to use a certain that this is gonna. Play out the way you want it. We apologize. The key to collapse and federal funding we are unable to take care call. He should've said but dude Chuck Schumer as obstructionist and I'll brands. We don't have any money but it just send. We don't have any money. They had voted today. And they taste this under the government for another few days. They were able to come together all round this deep that in exchange for agreeing to add to fund the government temporarily for these next three weeks. We're McConnell the Republican leader in the senate and made a commitment that he would it. Take up and act on immigration legislation to address these dreamers and I'm told will really push it over the line for Democrats. And that he agreed that if they can't reach an agreement by February 8. He then it made a commitment that he would immediately take up some kind of legislation to address doc got and the dreamers. If you don't. Have a basic idea what the timeline is how we got here. The U probably not. When he went for months right so I I feel like you can Google it of course she can get it from whichever side you want. Very very very readers trying to digest version is they had a deal. We had a deal Durbin and and Lindsey Graham had a deal we'll get too nervous Paul Ryan said. Hmm how stream congress doesn't like to steal my change deal we're gonna change it. They change to his descendants cynicism illnesses and warriors is that while we agree to. And also if you remember trumpet said put in front need you guys agreed to it all signing. And he can't change his mind on that later so. There's obviously. I would say there's more than two sides. The story can seem. Over the weekend it was very clear that Republicans are blaming Democrats Democrats are blaming Republicans and media was quick to point out that. The majority of Americans blamed Republicans out is the first time that there's been an eight. Government shutdown. In room one party control the house the senate. And the Oval Office right just the first taste happens Jimmy Carter to anything. But he said it was a state I can spurs and decades. I can't you as a first time that all three houses were controlled by the same party. Second zero. I wrote that down like is a note to myself first time ever then all three version it sounds like you just heard something there. It to you otherwise the results. Newser George Jane bits and pieces of the era podcasts. Or. ABC news snippets. I signed. We we have a government shut down because they've they've they failed soon vote on a budget back in the Carter era this whole idea of Tony within days and coming within days of a government shutdown was a new single one of us. First came to one party is okay I'm. I I mean now Serb member hearing that you know when this started under Obama's day it does it happen 102030 years ago. We would be coming this close to shut down. It would have been huge steel hearted and that's. Carter showdown in the Washington Federal employees in cell phone it's there was shot. But was it because they couldn't agree to a so again. Everything I interest you you're probably not. Listen to us. Get those facts. We're sitting here. And I still don't understand it. I hear some people say well does the original proposal had funding for the wall. You know and the Democrats are basically gonna save us really lawless and defense serum. Bit of all their little whatever. We'll say it's not long jump suits and all. You get your funding. Never gonna be a sister that that funding wasn't there. Yeah. Very confused. Have you guys been reading the iron fearing book I hadn't really not any relevance of this. No. And I'm alive. Much. You can read parts of the cup series or even reworked. Shenzhen and he did you really excerpts on the air and then I did you read this I'd like I'm an all is from and I never died and purchase the book and read it. Charge them. Big blow to advance. Insurance. This commentary of foreign affairs who is really going on and Donald Trump like hosts. I'm anxious and that's true and Yahoo!. Entertaining. There was a school shooting today. Again I'm just not too long ago and first of all did you know that Italy taxes as a place. Again but it as you've said this is not real life it's on the news and there's a man and a cowboy hat join us about the shooting in Italy and. Texas this morning it elite police department and the department of public safety responded to an active shooter at daily high school. Hey fifteen year old student. Was transported back here slides of Parkland hospital. A sixteen year old male suspect was taken into custody by department of public safety and the only place apartment. It's one thing when they name a city after another famous city like to welcome to the for sales Missouri it's or Paris Tennessee or whatever you. And Tekzilla whereas apple country. I would imagine you can live in Paris her Italy Texas and just don't think that type things can happen. But it's everywhere. It seems like such an eastern European problem right there. So this this guy this kid I've heard he went into the cafeteria and shot a girl and capture. Teenager was wounded at Texas high school. A sixteen year old suspect opened fire with a semi automatic handgun at. Please respond to call cafeteria and you heard yeah saying she's in the hospital. He is. Under arrest. Okay. What happened and Overland Park as we can we can get shot. The police. Gene green and somebody about it being some sort of shooting again so. Story that I heard. Last I heard. I did recently about employers there is it a suicide threat reported to have police raided this kid was suicidal seventeen year old garages and blue valley northwest now. And the police show up. And the garage door opens. Car pulls out of the garage and the police said that the car was heading towards them. So they opened fire. And kill them. In my mind garage door opens three snow even the fastest garage doors like you have time to get away I don't know the details. Everything from the you know that the local news channels. Tells basically the same stripped like maybe somebody listening knows a little bit more some classmates. As his Hannity a little memorial over the weekend. We want to remember him in a way it's honorable I believe that this visual brings awareness to how good he was he didn't he wasn't always painted in the best life. Also think it brings awareness to suicide as he was suicidal. His name was. John Albers. And he was shot and killed Saturday by the oval park police. So is also responding officers approached residents to make contact a garage or open and vehicle accident or garage rapidly towards one of the responding officers. Do officer discharges service weapon striking the male driver in the drive's dying to see. The shah's retirement officer who was not injured police said investigators at the scene sending nine. Use at least nine small orange cones and. So the same merely to statements and we are are heartbroken at the loss of our beloved son John actually appreciate the outpouring of support from friends namely. And community thank you for your thoughts and prayers are for respecting our privacy during this very difficult time John Muslims and understand and I wasn't there may be the car was barreling towards him just to that garage doors open Internet and. Mean. Well Larry Ellison was behind the garage door. Let's I'm saying at the grudge durable you don't just shoot because you don't know what's final outcome value coming up right so when the car so basically and gradually over Newsom is a good solution is my first thought is. Somebody's got I holes don't from the back to their car. Let you know there's carbon they're trying to carbon monoxide planets and entourage I don't know what the what the police were told other than they were told that there are some who suicidal my thing is. A garage door opens someone is backing out there driving race it was fast but he shot and killed in the driveway so he's. He's in the car. He's back in the drive and get shot and jewel for. Back and drive again I don't know what happened that's where they read it just seems. I just wonder. There have been handled differently. What you know and maybe he was maybe Florida maybe see that the universe I've noticed I was aiming for the police for an officer I don't know even know that the cops are out there I don't know. Assuming he didn't talk to police. I registry and their FEMA number and call the police saying that he was suicidal so I don't I don't know unlike a set I thought maybe because. New Zealand man you know resolution stuff I don't know right in the local news channels offense and same thing I'm just wondering if anyone that we would. Report on speculation from the Texans had a curious if anyone knows more details about what happened. Remember a couple years ago and did similar thing happened for a village Centre courts of the woman who was suicidal assertion of baseball bat she was like out front. They shot her. Think that was very village militias if and again. There weren't really many details I don't know exactly what happened that was all I heard. Some suicidal losing his baseball bat. Yeah. She knows. I don't know what they're told to do Lynn. They get a call someone a suicide or maybe they think. I don't know I don't think you assume that someone's being held hostage because. Some of suicidal. So you're worried about the person who's suicidal. I'm thinking that their necessarily trying to learn how harm anyone else right he's there to help. Your brother to help. Do they send like to. A negotiator counselor someone that tries to talk to the person. Due to stay close and social media shows friends don't count so I was Jackson's wealth and energy in the Stanley didn't say. It's going to famous and were outraged that you know that this was you know the family I read the statement that our group lost her little son John song is not. They obviously know more about what happened in the run and we do you. So. I got to assume that and maybe I'm wrong man. I got to assume the garage door overload cart is slowly pull out. The topic and I mean if I'm wrong on this and clearly that the mid morning is being investigated but it seems. Hard for me to believe the guitar slowly pulls out of the garage. In the top on loans and an affront when no McCarthy ran seems much more realistic that it has and all right why it's a garage door opening what's going on they want towards the garage. As then again I'm just speculating as there are towards the garage the car comes out at a pretty healthy rate of speed. At one of the officers. He does though it can't get out he shoots a car. And that's what happens to me sounds like. That's what I know it's easy garage doors are to open honest Georgia cars coming out event I don't. I didn't know coming on and I think I at least have time to say OK maybe even images stayed in the yard and maybe they did maybe he backed out certainly the yards story that I saw us he is so like he was shot and killed in the driveway. But maybe they had this their squad cars in the drive and maybe they pulled up you know to block off the drive we became that nothing had the cars park barrel trying to block the entrance. Any serves barely now. I don't think I don't know this is just me I don't think Obama person walking up to a house in the desert and lust is suicidal situation whenever. And I garage door opens I don't think the cars coming at me. I may think your kids walking out and Macy's. But so did happen in the garage but I don't think women opens the car's gonna come out there are cars going to come out. I think it could be a person I think whatever I think as it over understanding that your police officer Juergen. You're gonna say hey what's going on a man. You know let me into the garage and also if the car comes out pretty fast. Especially what sounds like happ in the garage door opens are standing in the driveway the car comes out faster view. I can't see any other way it happened any other way than as a serious problem. Well others say Johnson County officer involved she. Shooting an investigation team and they are investigating. The shooting. That's really what to name is says to Johnson County officer involved shooting investigation team and pretty self explanatory front. And I shall I look for every shooting right and I did see that he was placed on I think there was placed on. Administrative leave what are holding us. There aren't the field. Football to this. That first game at least unbelievable news. Pretty major turn down no I was with a buddy of mine we're watching the game we were arguing about what the score would be when the patriots won not. This is escort every twice three torn because they kicked two field goals or you're twenty forged money. Because this coach or some thousand or may not whether the patriots went even going to halftime I was watching Oprah can choose how well look it looks like the jags have been witness and known. It doesn't looks like they're gonna lose. He's capable. It was cool to see his say in happy and this is an argument like to make and they got familiar with nick I don't know about you guys understood. Protects honest certainly well argued this would mean. You say greatest quarterback of all time. Greatest football player of all time. I is saying the greatest athlete and all time. Only people allowed to be in that discussion win them that you can debate Wayne Gretzky Mohammed Ali. Let's talk Chris Carter this morning's attack Jordan's list now Chris Carter Israelis tiger why I'm saying Jordan compares to what ray. Ali and Gretzky did. Sort of a Tiger Woods has learned certainly Tiger Woods is more concerned I don't know that people say that but I don't know that Tiger Woods is better than Jack Nicklaus and I think if you're gonna talk about the greatest act. Athlete. You certainly have to be so far ahead your sport and he manages Michael Phelps. And right about then. Yeah Mark Spitz Jordan passed in the congress and welcome Jordan LeBron. So you can dominate his sport than you can't be the best athlete we got to dominate yours or first and more. But is he better than LeBron go wobbly moment amassed in his only matters what you have met anyway here when the course of the mantra is let me average sports is subjective when it comes allowed us. But I don't think you couldn't make a argument argument that LeBron. Or careened. A batter and Jordan I think that argument can be made I don't think there can be an argument can be made it. That there is a better pro football player and Tom Ridge announcing an argument can be made that there's a better hockey player and Wayne Gretzky. And so I think Dan take you out of your sport. Who's a great staff involved aren't well he used to look at things like lawyers everybody gonna say Jim Thorpe. Yes OK but in a lot like I also understand presidencies and non presidencies and I don't have to be alive to understand what happened during an idol I get to see gyms and I don't really know. Exactly. Everything and he did so I'll let you put Jim Thorpe. In June the argument. Really the same argument from Jordan news channel ground and better and hurrying to get better I think being paid for Mohammed Ali this could be better. Always sold. Well Elian but most of them by James most of Donald's. If you want to Galliano that's fine I'll let Sally know I'm really going to miss them greater zealots are Gretzky. And right. Ali and Bibby got knocked down and George Foreman maybe maybe to take a lot of Ali and give them and take Alley out. Readying rescue greatest athletes of all time. Excellence in the she even comes. Just I thought Chris Carter made a good Clinton's renewed talk much outrage doesn't have a huge arm. It's not like Jordan who's you know this guy who's flying through the air and known for just. Brady is everything easy game miniature. He's got to be the most clutch. NFL player multi ready mean march at when you just look at the number of fourth quarter comebacks. Just in the playoffs. Right and then you look at last year's super. Senate race. Where Tyson was dominant for a few years of this knocking everybody else. Brady's hands this. Long long career where he's just been able to. He's as good I don't know I don't know exactly speeds and so. I'm waiting. That's sending a signal as we can all these people who have these super fad diets and you know tricks in all of this is my trainer. I think at this point we should be eating whatever Tom Brady tells steam. We should be doing whatever his trainer tells us GB twelve I might yet. I'm ready to start buying them just because I think the guy they were showing pictures of him you know back in 2007. Or something in his numbers are showing now he looks better now. He's not pictured it did Nick Price NS it was a semi side deadly loads better now than he did in his twenties. And then the second game was not what I expected all I'm not the Eagles might well I was dream for the vikings but I wasn't expecting that. It's. You were the busy this. The net so. Nick fools and all glory being done. And she's young yes you know that he was last season. Right it was a last season or seasons whereas last year thousands. It was last just trying to get us here who's either last year or the year before. He was here. And I am I even think about that we're. So I know this morning about pit bulls are you now he's worth much money Olson right you know they don't win the Super Bowl Eagles on Sunday. I don't know if anyone people's cellphones and digital time write to us and Tony teams did. The quarterback. And eighty years. Now. We knew what he thinks can. You have enjoyed just. Tony seventeen yes. Yeah I mean she doesn't. What do you think it's here's some. Some uninteresting. Facts about. This user room. Course there's some. I'm sure your assault and conspiracy theories about the rest helping the patriots win does that play in the fourth quarter where it. Models Jack stripped the long. Any of the places that are run all the way back from the touchdown but the officials blew the play dead a lot of people on condition of dead. I actually thought that I wasn't home. And I'm induces you guys know I was the guy you know I lived there for ten years like I was like I thought they're gonna win I was rooting for on the I thought. If you want to play I thought he lost control and in reunion and many regained it. And is there I was like god dammit they're not gonna call and a fumble they're not gonna call a fumble and I was watching when it was like nothing and a colorful look like. And it looks to stop moving and he's down. So yeah. I don't know yeah I mean I get why you be angry I was and jags fans. And see this as being human I mean I'm not even sure that was. Some something nobody never really lost control. Because he was down and he was our starting wasn't really starting sighed and thought they lost control and got back to daddy got him back then. So that's. Of course there's also the the penalties the patriots are penalized once for ten yards jags. Were any six times for 98 yards in we've all seen now harsher line we have seen classes going it's clear that video of the rest. Caddie gray and he's the first person can gradually ready for leaving out the field these big congratulations. I don't think that that's a terrible thing I understand your but people are saying it's the optics and the raptors starting all these conspiracy theories about how they favored the patriots. Don't do it. On the field again and they're human just dandy this refereeing the football game he tried to call the game as well as you junior standing in the presence of greatness. And you stand next to me saying. John damn man you know him. Not that I don't like hello Thomas sometimes is displayed you weren't settling what's his name the old receiver after the game pass plays imagine grammys and Blair. It's a good situation in Madison team dislodge them that's your friends at your buddies just catch raspy I don't need gas and some Rivera then I. I don't like you when the first baseman. Has learned talks to the guys at Vegas and I agree why you're being nice to be just a single just a lot of rappers and play god damn well on land his resignation was still playing after every game his schedule and every way. Guys that's a time and a I don't know night. Referee in light and congratulations. On what doesn't kill me. And I don't think there's proof that he was calling the game in favor of rain bullets no feelings listening because we all this stuff about this than the rest they've renamed just being professional don't go over and be the first person to congratulate him on win. I do counts Ryan tells you obviously missed the second half after that. That was killed in Australia we'd be you know we'll turn valid checked it was like. 'cause I really in the industrial and it was a defensive coordinators name that other countries it's convenient or easy that's. Well I'll Boston television station. Posted a photo and talked about the patriots win this is in Boston. And the use of pictures and Hernandez. I didn't know did demeans a leader later and how does that happen. You know how that half. Happens is they see here's the images as we deal with Balaguer images you have the right to use might even though there Boston station designed to go through on a sense of here's pictures that you're allowed to. Posted for some reason and their images there was a picture and Hernandez went in uniform and maybe the first and post it just wasn't sports fan right. Completely possible. Well then there was the fighting in the Minnesota or Philadelphia game the on field fight I don't fury even my childhood. The cheerleaders come running out hey I sound cheerleaders are gonna get involved I thought the same thing everyone else of masters like they're. How to count or pillows and they're not certain that serves your driver there. And then countries all the pictures of I saw on ready to Volga. Holes around Philadelphia like pulls it costs around the Frisco. Greece to keep people climbing up poles affluent and stopped universally. And it's. For now as cells whenever this staff was written. The Eagles are the biggest Super Bowl underdogs since 2009. Which I thought okay how are you I've plunge is really out Vegas Portland hasn't at five and a half went under doesn't surprise us the biggest. Underdog in almost ten years come. But they were underdogs and I receive the last two games aren't dog mass so. I don't I don't miss it yeah five and now it's just nice right. It's. Angles in the room I don't know I usually do watch I decent shot to monumental it's. Gonna be an hour. I'm gonna regularly in the senate and you can go to the vikings game I wouldn't think now an ascendant. Me neither agency is coming. Around and I don't even Eagles well and you know I think it's interesting I think the kind of lagged. On an open game is obviously Nepal's political arsenal wins who really cares next fall's no matter what happens usually assume rows back and quarterback next year. My sauce are but I think they are serious this is Patrick ultimately may be able to get some money for him on trial probably. That's he's been a journeyman Foreman boardroom LA student she's she's. So I mean. What I mean no what does a team come along and say look at how good he wasn't a game and everybody is running a drive and every other line and do it that's fine but if he stays Eagles you're talking about a huge career backup quarterback. Against the greatest of all time ends right. At the end of the gala no matter what happens and neither one of those things change. Brady gonna lose supported the Nazis still the greatest of odds on that discussions owns. Somaliland text size and Joseph Montana stopped. That jump into an argument was or Super Bowls ago now. Does not even if it's not even a discussion I was trying to explain integral last night liked. When I was a kid it was Joseph Montana right now at the end of his career and there was no name in my mind it was bigger here's a hint it. Yeah wasn't that I think you certainly can arguments from the quarterback Steven they were all these names are driven that you had you know. And named vs Tom Brady right. It's it is not an average citizens not just not a conversation they had no matter what happens loser who's the greatest quarterback went on. Crystal ball player won't. It was. It was just after I heard. I think I heard the saying this morning the patriots. Didn't that Tom Brady. Is it DA he's been doing AFC championship game almost half the years he's been it was that would allow us. I think he's he's been it eight. Does that sound right. Eight AFC championship games. Doesn't mean we start green office. Those stats history you know Tom Brady's well the jaguars is an eighth playoff. Okay man and that's his face he's like yeah yeah no I didn't do list goes on our own about the comebacks. Verses like you know. The second and third place teams are even close I have you seen half of his career almost half his career is his season you really planning. So does that mean atmosphere I think. Maybe she's. I think it was AFC championship game. Everyone fourteen division. When an eleven AFC championship and Swiss. With very little rating. You know selling and it's. Including six in a row and they won seven. But I could have been a nine NFL draft was 2000. So send send if you look at any nation of five times sumo champions four time Super Bowl MVP. All right here we go here's all the stats. I served it would be their tenth Super Bowl berth in team history right which ties them I think I heard it was. The Steelers right there 94 AFC championships including. Six and one and home. Since Robert Kraft first team in ninety religious and played in an NFL high 42 post season games. 42. Postseason games. Tom yes she was the 44 anniversary of perhaps taking ownership and they're 21 and four at home playoff games and 33 and nineteen overall in the post season. Of course feast. Stats include. But for a great time breathe easier Fella 66. Post season touchdowns. 26 policies of hundreds of 127 right. I know I'm in London and Jesus Christ he seven and four in AFC championship is now eight foreigners think this was. Senator in. Brady's playoff record is 27 and nine. There were 479. And now he's news. Lot of them not even close to there were four players from the patriots on their roster who played in their seventh. Straight. AFC championship game. Including brain. Seven straight. Is that right. That's seven even in the N I don't. Is that right I don't feel like I remember hearing now. Can use looked up and I AFC championship games and less. Here's here's some. His records might play out shredding. Most games played most games start and most games one and most consecutive wins. Most consecutive wins to start a career most career home wins most consecutive home wins most touchdown passes most passing yards. Most passes completed most passes attempted most division titles. Most NFL conference championship appearances. Most NFL conference championship and wins most career 300 plus passing yard games in the post season is twelve. There's 111. Conference championships. It was an eleven conference championships he's won seven of eight now right. I was it and now I get Super Bowl. These these are his records in the Super Bowl most touchdown passes most passing yards most passes completed most passes attempted. Most wins most passes completed in the first draft laws passes completed and a single super almost pass East Hampton. In a single Super Bowl most passing yards and a singer Super Bowl and most Super Bowl appearance OK you're telling Joseph Montana but I love that that's how I was right listen to us. At sea change AFC championship games you had. A New England Jacksonville. New England Pittsburgh last year Denver new England's. New England Indianapolis. New England Denver. Baltimore New England Baltimore new England's goes back to 2011. That is insane. In a row even in the Super Bowl. 50% in his career OK so it's super sorry about my job. Hey have seen this 2016. And news is I think they said it was. They have this season Marines injured. So he Kelsey Z playing the next half his career right. A gain in my final question about this whole thing started sixteen years has been made some animals doesn't it fit to pursuant to prisons and then. I totally understand. People gain they don't like dynasties and lest they lived in the about a soldier and I understand people like true for the underdogs I do too. I can not us. Not lying yeah. The patriots and west knowledge I just feel like when I'm watching it reminds thing is. He's still playing Belichick still coaching. Every time it might just act kind of wanted to jags to a record as of march and again I'd I just. Start rooting for hasn't been excited about the right way nose and I think it's just because they're so good in your watching your life for like just blow ahead indeed. You're already this fast just be even better news. Go ahead do until your 45 as you sit down watch and you see the score. And they're down and you realize. They're not gonna lose they're not gonna lose. And even though you're going into the best passing defense and I'll never have time you knew even though they were down you see them taken me like in this the path to teachers are gonna win this game exactly. And if it were any other team in that situation base I was just chairs you know because they're down to what the patriots it's. Completely different. But I know that that I'd I'd look at Twitter I know it's funny people hate him. Plenty of people we mean of course I mean I. Remember I I didn't. But there's something about as long as the chief Jerry out of it. And yeah see that she's playing us a little different but. You're watching your lives for listening that's a little. No man can't make its football like it'll come on when you're kidding you're all these names. You know John naymick and anything you think about or any app is an invasion route through Babe Ruth right or Mohammed Ali you don't manulife for a right now you're watching it. Not only are you watching it but this team continues to just. Make it harder and harder and harder to argue that they're anything but the greatest. Dynasty he's pleased we're right on you and that dollar check just. Isn't an easy. Joining. And others that argue about who is it. Is it three years of Belichick's response. They're both sides just a wasted your huge balls in my zone. When they do we did they play when they're down the way to think planes were. For those figures sometimes so I think sometimes you can tell when Joseph Montana together they don't when remember when Bill Walsh and then I think sometimes a coach. A coach can struggle. Until he finds the right player. And I think for whatever reason those players that play meant coach in the world the same way. Bans same vision and play the same way they do the same things they think about the world the same way but also the clutched. You know I don't show it wasn't a dumb coach before this and when Tom Brady retires exaggerated dumb guy after that but for whatever reason those two people came together. And it worked. And plan more pain if you hate him he says the sprint truck race politics change ritual. Every time you hear that guy talk. I said will see. It's not a go it. Coach about Jack doesn't like is talking about injuries much I. Just for you guys here. There's just a pretty good cut it and I doubt the best I could be lucky to have the best teammates in the world is without them we're not stand up here. My future quarterback I had. Got like ten stitches in his hand your. You can't make the argument I maybe maybe altering mistakes. Maybe they put a sound as though people are saying you know mussina but I wouldn't be surprised. So I know sports talk to us. Nicklaus. Here. It's sad time here zones there this morning the ramseys are out the very upset. I was I was only song I know you must never lose a loved ones when you're gonna last speaker of people has been nominated Perasa knees and I and a Twitter moment in their absences are very upset so we're gonna talk to the founder of the other restaurants and just finesse. Alone. Management or 100 behavior ruby and again. And simply divine yeah. He does with his material with properties that make it dangerous. Are capable of having a harmful effect on human health or the environment. Hazardous waste is generated from many sources. Ranging from the industry's lack of original contents recycled scripts usually from a stable pack. Writers. Derivative dialogue forum performances. Am brilliant studio B encounters overseeing the entire process from cradle to. A quick grade. John Wilson co-founder of the golden raspberry awards better known as Iraq as these are you. Create. A good thing you can take a timeout to talk to us because some. You're on the right as these guys. And people are upset would you tonight. Let that affect. Well we know. But I do on Twitter today as you know before coming to work I'm looking at Twitter moments that I see that people are. Are out I could tell you I'm outraged. I figured you wouldn't think. I'm out ram being honest like I'm hours I cannot believe value would take. You know we have you on every year but to take someone. And it nominate them for a Ramsey when I feel like it may be. We will I don't know that's the best work today because there. Me the game. The scope. Of of the films and they've put out I mean and basically you know cornered all of the markets and done everything what does say. That Mark Wahlberg was no good on Jesus and daddy's on the good and as important balls and is that it was a good movie. And I thought that after that but. Yeah we'll go there are important but that the it was like I did see a bunch of those movies but I did like daddy's home I loved it yeah I know I look at this list that's up when we did not see me these movies but I know Olazabal solidarity some junior liked it and it was nominated for. Off the top my and I know. I'm Mel Gibson was nominated him mark wall. The ravens jets did for them Wahlberg. Yeah. You'd have to factor in here a debt. Wahlberg was also in the one that the most nominations. We're calling it transformers seventeen the last night and this this hit second or third appearance in the transformers movie. I was not even aware that there was I was unaware there was a transformers movie twice seventeen and the pirates of the Caribbean movie I had no logos are really the coming hours and I would LC really anyway right. Yeah at the epic who would be well roster of the nominal these same this year we're calling them toxic red and waste. Almost everything gets nominated and almost every category into remake as sequel or an outright rip off of something. There's very little that's original here. But didn't get into the Catholic. Reality we're talking to John Wilson is a founder of the Rasmus ramseys have been around since 1981. Is that right. First landing was elected Dolly Parton and learn to type on the Academy Awards. That's a 36 years ago arrived so I was a publicity and you already mentioned it I thought the that was missing use you know music category just like worst remake. Rip off for sequel I thought well that's. That's all we really got this year as far as because that most of the break. The huge crossover between worst picture in that category they're using one or chew it I think sort of the fun part in both categories. They want choosing both. If you shade darker to do both. The money is been both flat out to tell you I do not even know why you would remain among especially with Tom Cruise and then of course transformers I think it actually hit one but it feels like to seventeen. Got the attitude better and remake rip off that until now on the so that don't want to chew on the DL Halloween in our members don't care for the whole media thing. I also Russell Crowe was nominated for them I even know he was in the mummy is that right ease in the morning team not a fighter we're not sure. John you actually watch all these movies like when they when you know that there's a chance are gonna you know ABC always design a lot of these are nominated by a fans is that there right. Well we have that we have a voting membership is made up of some critics journalist and then the bulk of the membership. Well actually do pay moviegoers were mad that they paid ten bucks this seems somewhat distract and we put a ballot on lying in the limelight in. And often that members Jews or nominate things that I either haven't seen nor didn't especially dislike. The one we're getting a lot of about two days that she actually came and workplace of the five who got on the ballot. Jennifer Lawrence in mother right which I did what once it got to get as George renomination. Once it got nominated I went to the pay per view saying on my table and watched the trailer which convention I don't wanna watch because. Operating SE watching because I'm curious it was so polarizing some people like my Grail was not people talking about how terrible loss I don't need to see it. And here's a reason why and I agree or you're Ramsey award. If uncle Iraq isn't the whole thing called like a leg everybody is named mother or father or. Young son at Big Brother there's no names or just named apple really positions on the Amylin. Guy who did. Black slot and was it directed or not ski and it's a houseful of odd people breaking through walls and having facts in front of one another emblem just it looks but largely. And apparently. I would guess that the Boca people who voted denominated in a couple of categories it's not me and probably women women found some special attention. Let's go through some of the nominees drew quick worst picture. They watch the MOG movie fifty shades darker the mommy and transformers last night. I haven't seen any of those movies I know that the the emotion movie I heard I think the most terrible things about. And I just assume it's not a given that and understands got to be a favorite to an. Indefensible wallop and it's the only one that you could argue written to remake but it's certain older rip off Schmidt basically taking that little. They expect their faces of people use and fax sent emails. And try to build a ninety minute movie around them. And strategic and moral lesson says it's okay to have more than one emotion yeah thank you recommend that. Yeah. Here's. I have more than one emotion. It is the worst rate in Baltimore bucks later I think you got 91%. Negative. Our engineers they watch and I know the rock was very defensive about Baywatch. All of us. We go above and beyond. So I remember the rock saying. I critics hate this movie but the fans love it to the fans love it. March didn't do as well as his other movies which actually got good reviews then I think it was number one which we can about of them leave remake of Jumanji did well. Actually Barack didn't make the list of nominees they watch is in marked actor -- fat cats round but got nominated. Just to take peroxide. The budget for Baywatch was 69 million it made over a 170 scenario parents shall I mean since someone whether they like do not want to go see it. I don't think yeah I don't think critics or tell people what to go see they're trying to help them know what they're about to get money because it's exactly a letter each critic liked it or not and yeah I. I occasionally disagree with critics some of my favorite movies of all hardware box office bombs or critical failure. Olazabal and I both like a couple of in Night Shyamalan movies which shall not be mentioned because this is soaring labels say socks oh yea I got there rather than the the main one that we both like Jaffna he would Mark Wahlberg not a fan I. I love that. Worst actress. Emma Watson and four at the circle and that's the Tom Hanks movie did anyone see this I am a believer in. The perfect yeah. There isn't a problem that we cannot solve we can cure any disease and we can put in hunger. It's human rights. It's. What is it surprising that those two actors Tom Hanks didn't quite make the cops aren't you got some votes on our ballot in. Apparently people to give it more or have a lot from all. I'm with those two actors in it you would have thought that it would be it's a tragic end at least understand why that your money here that project. Using ST premise Boca critical and I believe the box office dog. Yet there was not Tyler Perry when you know explanation Jennifer Larson board discussed a Cody Johnson fifty shades darker. But she does these movies like did you should start with an act like she's also doing some of these critically Klain who was that. A bigger splash I know she has some movies that she's been. There's a big crisis centers are. Well it should be clarified what we're talking about here this specific effort they're this particular performed with. We are not alleged we're getting a career award which we occasionally do. We are not getting everything every bit banquet saying in that particular one. I find it kind of funny bit tricky shape I think it's the second most nominated title of the year has like eight nominations. They're coming up with the third one and advertising of all over the place YL all the rest of the media saying the second one relish and because without problems Latin. I think I have to say it you've got to make a movie about kinky sex. Certainly aren't they able to stay awake watching all of them that attract I think what I do think this actually convince him duck and not at all. And there shouldn't either little or no chemistry between the 20 lead actors vote Obama nominated. And that's what I'm trying to membership within the previous one or not Kim Basinger plays I think it's slow. I don't bother. Oh OK I did not know that I saw pieces of the first one I've never seen though is on HBO all Lott and I saw most of its owner was interest it. And they Katherine high goal is nominated I did not know who she was in a movie last year I thought she'd. Her career was good. Kind of escaped I don't know but it was widely believe com even assumed that the. There are members not just seeing it on video how are nude and then let got to prove how over the worst. At worst actor we've got Mark Wahlberg birdie discussed he's nominated for daddy some two and transformers the last night. Zach after on for Baywatch. Jamie Dornan and I'm I'm guessing he's the lead guy and fifty shades. He's the guy who had the nipple clamps. And Johnny Gephardt is I think it's it's it's their fix outing as she. Jack Sparrow or yeah Jack Sparrow. And then Tom Cruise in the money and it's if there hasn't been that long since they deserve Brendan Fraser mummy movies and I'm unclear why he would make it again. And why amongst his career is injured travel wise Tom Cruise appearing in a will make up a month. Yeah I didn't understand they either but I was gonna ask you question of the Johnny Depp nomination sir do you keep track of anyone a certain people who have been nominated like consecutive years anyone hold that record and a Johnny Depp has had a bad decade. You can put a streak I have faith that his performance as Tonto in that we make of the Lone Rangers since. One of the most inexplicable. Reform to level of distinction came down quite a streak that it would take an awful lot for anyone to catch up with a two all time champions. Adam Sandler and Sylvester Stallone. It's tourism we've been around 38 years they've probably. Didn't hurt. Between them at least thirty about thirty years one or the other folks were nominated. Okay worst supporting actor I thought this is surprising Javier barred deem. For mother and pirates of the Caribbean. Saying he plays a ghostly character in pirates of the Caribbean. And I guess he's a dead man I'm not gonna tell you failed and been achieved. And among protect it from Russell Crowe when people are aware what you want them I had no idea watch do you Carmel who is them transform. And I'm trying to think Josh do knowledge I think it's thirties ex husband I'm Donald on Google that old Gibson for daddy some Jewish Laszlo. I'm a Mel Gibson was great and an aunt Anthony Hopkins was in transformers. I have to say I'm disappointed for the worst performance are all year. How can that not me for collide and transformers. Last night alongside him in Clyde is. Highly regarded actor the guy who played. Condi bench who drink Ukraine agreed to gangster. Oh my god what a horrible performance you just the two minute after it starts talking you're like get your gun culture of. I would listen I have no you really like movies right. And so. I would do what I did good 100% right bad one. Right but it sounds to me like you like that really bothers you when Ben didn't lose bad you lied well just. Horrible and it did not let it makes you angry but your sad your depressed when he puts enough crappy performance. If that's the name that I have come to expect you know it was very disappointing defeat Al Katrina play Alpa chino in Jack and Jill. Which you find one around the. And that's the other movies ever win every single award by the end of this ceremony back here every envelope is being open to the audience chanting check engines that conjure up. I certain actors I think you have a right to expect to airlift another one who's made some missteps. In the last few years. When you can get a lot of movies being well received Charity Challenge and why do you know. Any kind of feel like you got suckered if you want to hit because that particular actor was formed. Well I think you know we mentioned this earlier but as so many movies now that we see big you know coming out in theaters are remakes sequels. And if you're not a superhero fan or a Star Wars fan you're kind of a tough spot when it comes to a new movies. Well didn't get it mainstream stuff and then some of those comic book and superhero movies got writing about last year on the bat man vs Superman got a lot of nominations. It didn't end up winning a medal boards and the numbers are obviously well we got a lot of blow back from China and fortunately that it wasn't that bad. I am not she. Contact I think you know. Even I could Chelsea had violated the complete back story of both of those characters in order to create a fake situation in which the two of them would have lost this fight and not over skyscrapers. Satin and start something he's Serb and say you know. Maybe get on Saturn line. We're talking to John Wilson founder of the Iran as he's I know the Europe and kind of are your soul trying to do the rest of these nominees were supporting actress Kim Basinger fifty shades darker. Sophia patella. The mummy up in my saying that right. Laura had a bye for transformers Goldie Hawn sash which I just happen to watch last night because it was funny when I don't. Goldie Hawn and what's your name are in movie together. Amy Shue are the yeah yeah. She's a mom. How many aviation risen daughter and I Emmy glory days after the South America that's horrible. Yeah I mean analysts also Damon it was one of those I've flips through and I it's because I'd like it I know people yell at me but I think Amy Schumer is funny I like gold eagle on the primates you know I'm you know like a little line. And I think her husband as soon as you also are. Patrick Swayze whichever one it was right it's fantastic but. That movie's terrible well I didn't really realize I I saw all these nominees this morning and I just suddenly less than all like its Internet movie was made Goldie Hawn does not want to be in this movie there's certain times you see movies if you can just tell. I did there's something on their mind it's distracting them or they just don't wanna be there but she just seem. Or perhaps they owe back taxes that bad Nicholas cage's recent network contracts I think also. Which could ever doing anything Alpert and could they know millions in back taxes. And I know actually here's another look like we were talking about I think you have a right to expect quality improvements are rendered based on the on the bulk of her output. And she's been there and so mushy played the teacher who fathered Adam Sandler as illegitimate baby you liked that movie had a boy. That was the first out of Ireland as out of Sarah's best moving in the last fifteen years a guy like that movie. I did you guys some Tony then yeah I'm going to call that a lawyer. That's my boy and boy aren't I thought it's where he was a child a celebrity got famous like a reality think he's got his teacher pregnant and it and it could became this big like teams he's story in the eighties or wherever. So he's this has been. Do you know hopes pseudo celebrities he goes back to me is Kate is kids may ritual went. Got take the time go back find an instant streaming servers against the pay your rent and with the way that when Susan Sarandon. A her daughter. Plays his teacher Susan's friends darkly to teach an eight Yassir motion pictures of some random place her older tell what's not to like about us it's great worst screen combo. Any combination of two characters to sex toys or two sexual positions for fifty shades a darker. Any combination of two humans to robots are two explosions for transformers last night. Any too obnoxious emote g.s in the emerging movie. Johnny Japanese born out drunk routine which I've made a relapse this morning pirates of the Caribbean. Salazar is revenge. Tyler Perry and either the ratty old dress or worn out wigs for boot to on the worst remake rip off or sequel. They watched boot to the media Halloween fifty shades darker the mummy transformers last night. Worst director Darren koskie for mother. Michael Bay transformers. James Foley's fifty shades darker. Alex Kurtz meant the mommy and Tony Lee in night this little reminiscent emotionally remote and the worst screenplay hey large. Picture yet match up Baywatch and working really petitions darker the money and transformer exact same list so there you go outside guy I think most movies isn't you shoot wind isn't this great cents. To blame on most Christians and some really really. And for put money on the emotion movie that that's that's got to win worst picture now when you. Do your yearly. Pot luck dinner. But the do you expect. And and what celebrities using we'll show this year yet who. And these are we we can't really tell from. In the balloting for nomination through a lot of stuff which really caused this year how. What we do as we closed the voting about a week or so ahead of the announcement and then we do make an effort. Arm to get hold of these people the truth they want to get Chela but they both had a lot of fun but how. How are very followed up her Oscar whitbeck awful person catwoman. And she put on our stage. Oh that's right she won not the Oscar for monster. That's another. And then the other one sheet she wanna read it right before she walked up direct Herbert won an Oscar. Sandra Bullock wooden ball league which was horrible and the blind side in the same here. And I know people are pissed about Jennifer Lawrence be nominated but the first thing at all I saw was she's the kind of person who'll show up to a. That's this rap isn't she. Had seen it seem. Like the first will certain rule. Let her know she's welcome to shell out and no it can't deny it order. Parent whatever kind of arms you want to their. Might pay if Mark Wahlberg wins and you see any some I love that movie. How old. Well. He does not seem like they kind of person who show it to accept Iran as he doesn't Mark Wahlberg Annika and your bottom of the list. I I don't know if he has a Z humor about that stuff John Wilson founder Brad he's much of the rest this year when we find the winners. I report yup there's march 3 and I won't do like usual sign up the sound on which American awards are based. Back up from here on how EEE. Thank you John you. Thank you. I and I. How are here I'm good Oreo gun. I thought of you I read this. Guy he's doctor Jose earned their menu didn't close yes someone's finger was asks how but I don't. It's like the same person. A doctor named Kenny bond in Fresno California are just shared this story about a patient. Who came in. I don't know Lou late last year sometime the guy. Said that he loves sushi. And he eat all I saw those nonstop shops are basically every don't talk about this now of his life I saw the story and they want our readers discuss our sounds like the for the last Harriman a year alone is no I don't know dizziness and I had a glow of sushi. Meeks who does. So he'd he'd be eating sushi every day come on man and then last summer for us real estate debt. You can guess you know he's getting Mike's movie groups are errors and it's reasoning or something it gets worse. Smith proves is wanting to things can't get in the slot scenes for the bees get my blood like. You know yeah the start that's me circuit nervous first time that happens tomorrow ma'am. You served sir Google and I'm out American couple times. It's not not into the world but that's not the worst part of the story the worst part of story is he's gone through all the stuff with us Dominic. And he's on the toilet one day. He's got diarrhea and he feels like there's something stuck. Right if you if you did something dangling. Now. Down there. And he thought that he had actually. Come. Food some of his intestine well okay that's what he thought he was scared I would Basel not only here in the aisles as large showed get sources now bin -- that's always I welcome which I why he did this he thought it was his intestines and Hawaii to dismiss our polling on people wanna hear about this as you can only say no. Doctor Oz is huge ratings he talks about stuff like this people need to know. So we sort of pulling but he keeps pulling and pulling pulling and it's like five and a half feet. Ups of something okay people's it's a tape form. Off five and a half full tape from the sky and author posted pictures of it. On this Abe he sets on this ABC thirty. Action news in Fresno. And date there's a picture of it laying out they'd like cutting into sections of the picture wrap presents its five and a half feet he's okay. No more stomach problems raises very sushi or not. I assume. The story doesn't actually say that our war emblem from the sushi but I certainly gotten along from the signal that I didn't he get a tape form. And in the United States. Buckles like a third brother Italy as whole country's strong junior there a book a but while there's something that Alabama has that they specifically like the UN said this is only supposed to happen and assault vessel dollars in Cecil. But they have only implied it and discuss trump says are everywhere else is vacant. Come on if you saw the tape warm you don't think. From the get it from going out to get problem sushi. The got to eat it every day you can't just social programs like the outfit I mean. There's only wants an idiot that tape format right music California. You think like guy brushes you think it's fresher because your close very close accidentally got it. That's true. The Judeo Ali and Europe. But if you will I would not pull it out I would it is what I saw that I would die you know like I was you put a paper towel on there. And drive myself to the hospital say handshake a look at this what you I live do you. And if they're neighbors they're never talk about it again but I would you know it's an avid tape worm. But then I I think I would go to the doc I think after being echoed part in my tests and now stop. Ends. I need you take a look at this I wouldn't start pulling on it. Action might just have a heart attack by analysts have gone on the national I think that's very little. He's easy to picture idea it. I'm not well now and then I put it in my I played good job of people puts a thankless unheard of though they of those in the American myself I need to take to dominate a pull up this circus I know disgusting IQ one of the Nancy put it in my mouth and people would change the station all in Austin city mayors don't listen to change and a never ending loop. I invite you guys over for a until I started and I server tonight tomorrow night the last few are. Mean. Seriously. Stupid kind of go through us and through a suspect and so a guy had a tape form five and a half feet that's one thing out of his assets and what you and I putted up insurgent tune into the car accidents holds Matthew Hayden who cares not gone. Grow up okay. Grow up. Sorry. The world's not perfect. Like yours so clean and perfect and it's the only. When to stop. Talk about something else. Our friend. Nick right. Who is a national. Shall celebrity icon I com sports icon. He wants to most of you sports early today I was gonna he's got to get on so therefore it. Not so is our efforts on its worst rating after a couple of minutes pick right coming up. The line. You. I. Forty year old court. Why why can I don't they bring pictures there. He's earned I would not venture. Crew members. Parole until we want. Nick right FS won its first things first. Glad whoa slow and fast so I'll call. You don't talk to you guys are you an argument. I'm good so we we support this theory black ball one to watch it did they wanted to clean sweep the way I hope. But you didn't get shut out what sir Richard good for you and your ever gradually go. I can beat a bigger man here and admit. Despite all the data being all our all life size plus all the history of being on my side and despite. The month of December making it look a bit. I couldn't have been more right. Tom Brady. You can now if we called the greatest football player in the history of the sport. Once again channels open special. Can do that then change and I think I coined the phrase. Being terrible and children walking. Which you would then in the fourth quarter utterly brilliant. Way and again to motivate Super Bowl. And I've all the every him I had regarding Brady an old an age. Well now neck and neck and predicted it would be that warm in January's. Michigan and yet. I did I converted studio warming Jerry couldn't predict that. Jack having a strip. Return for a touchdown to win the game to gold seventeen will be instantly whistled down might I assume they are they call the chief. Playoff game and desolate hole. Let's go to players are about fumbles not fumbles fumbles fumbles now. Let me ask you this it does does has done a good or bad or anything I watched that and a lot of times in your texting me you're at. That big game. I would it'll get it right so that's when I watch since I was wash over the body mind I thought that was enough fumble. OK so it ordered he clearly jarred the ball well and. Wild Dion Lewis did all right. Kenny seems to get control event. It exactly where she won't Oceania is super slow what was that we'd seen only seems to get control it conversely grain by grain and you realize. In real time. The amount of time that it looks like he has he lost control didn't pregame bit lost there again that that entire sequined. It about one quarter the second. You realize the courts are regain control. Invited find why don't act. Did have control. Beyond look at what all the way from them and no one ever charged. And so the referee for lit up all bull bull ruled Lyles Jack battled. The end of that part of it is not were you mobile U clearly would have gone for a touchdown. I mean you would that's what you saw sir Bob strike the ball on the ground turn around figured out in the game when I mean that's 2710. With eight minutes left. Goodnight every. Religious freedom to this church I mean you know what maybe. Because in top form probably it was all I got the numbers or. NFL. In the last ten years. Shake the paper out of it seemed down double digit in the fourth or herbal play at all. In the fourth quarter of a playoff game art for re eight and seventy. Tom Brady has won Eaton didn't you act armory to it you wanted to change Super Bowls made the championship game a lot or you're not situation. Think the take three out of it. Did she and what's the most double digit fourth quarter playoff comeback we get old mystery. It did Dallas Cowboys with Chu will sound slumber he has three in the last four years. Chancellor will hold an eight C championship game in the fourth quarter and overtime. Of the Super Bowl against Seattle the Super Bowl against Atlanta to the game yesterday so recorder what the drivable over on. Somber in the pitcher or their opponent 53 up 30. Win games by horror picture and or. Tom Brady is completed seven several aren't strapped to a 508 yards five touchdowns no picks and a walk away core 133 quarter record. It simply the most clutch football player that's ever lived a ended it's supposed age or PM they accuse. Or anything will not change that and I just I DIE. I hate to admit it it rarely happens that may crime at all. Well. It might mean bite some fast said he could have never predictable whether. I mean at what that it's called herb they're better officiating it you know the patriots don't get called for zero often but it would be at the penalty. Then maybe ghosts are. His numbers were great any hit a couple dudes right in the hands. And they dropped the ball and his biggest weapons are gone. We get bumped and ground it out with a concussion. And he told at all. We need ballpark he is. He'll call number. Oh did you debate. Oh like that people. What did you do it right to be audited why can't appeal they hiked interest or it. Cubicle at that point that I made on television today that the point eight. If you sort chipped it Brady's career Indy when he toward a PLO in 2008. You know hall of Famer three super works its huge career but can't. When he tore his date EL. After she felt that he ball paper with true and potentially three shoot for more GM Jerry Rice are now the only two. Players in league history that he could bite check their career and he's a hall of Famer to their work. What do you think about the greatest athlete. You know the last Hussein earlier that now the argument can be made greatest athlete as far as football clergy guys I'm about this morning well. I mean. Ali Brady looked bra and with that opens up the mount Rushmore it's supposed. What does open spot Gretzky. I need to act soon brutal sport sure that I don't like. We don't actually grew RPI Miami and other outlets is perhaps the greatest athlete of all time and I think the only people allowed the men comparison. I'm a variety. Yeah I mean you have Brit curt curt yeah I've not gotten that. Flat or about how are no way he could make it great it badly they got all fight between two white guy. What's it. Well let me say he's played I think people peak shape as people paid off. We're a light peak in the best way possible today which you heard better. And like all I'm not all of bank. I made 80. Number he's made eight simple rules like. Justin sank you know what I mean. Gas so what do you do your initial thoughts on this Eagles patriots super ball. You can like. I bet they. The Eagles should have a lot of the same advantages Jacksonville data and that Jack we will exert her early on you should be able Egyptian born he. Do love about our offensive in defense of blind terror very well balanced team that's been able to do their quarterback. He got a big leap into the meat are now gonna go against the picture like no way like whatever. I kind of put some money on the eagles' front because that's funny because you're asking me earlier they said. The only thing else agree and I think the Eagles can be I'm duke because I don't know that. The patriots. Can put 27 on the board against a masked the problem in the direct. They've put it big in twenty or on the board against Jacksonville and by the way Jacksonville before the half. Just cal. All you guys hit it in how about this in the NFL all year reject little token need to keep our second. Booked in the second of all that. Thousand or I knew they were gonna lose at that moment. But that's my thought they're gonna lose game that disaster steady at. Ol all year 256. Regular season games well now they're intent oil pits some 2661. Apps and the boy. How many times do you think achievable and didn't need it more this big piece that he wants a response. Will build the deck. Zero. With more than 8501. And fifty seconds remaining in the first app notes in about it all year so the jags just did it. I mean I get that kind of urban loose but they get all ballplayer that I mean I haven't thought about taking away open it all at all that we're keeping an. Nick do you believe I Massey seriously do you believe that the officials favor that the the fighters are gonna end. What the bias there they go straight to you be in the NBA media bella I just think that's what happened I also think. I am getting on the public or or are you got back. I seem. One got Jim Messina just. Nice. I pay goodness today X venture out there. I appreciate it is like a man elected viewers thanks hey what age do you think you who. Officially pelican adult or thought or actually. Maybe naive and people like an adult looking back how do you think you were roughly when you really an adult. Or to make adult decisions. You were mature comment until I was seventeen so. Right but do you think eighteen year old you right now you're having a conversation with the energy ATW embers you'll open it collective. You draw them out and now. Between 35 W design things yeah yeah don't you mean that I had to make adult decisions island a mile. Mean I'll tell decisions to me like body via Japan Italy and I do. Now. And is still enough money to get beer smoke on how do you two point 90 yeah and do you feel like your Christ or 09. What. Do you feel like altered economic it. Days after a bill that some days I am doing terrible idea. What I guess they've done a study before they they've trying to figure out when we. Are officially adults obviously legally in the United States you handle when your rate team. You can drink you're an adult rights unity charges in adult you can vote for all those things. By doctors are now saying that you're not even close at that point actually. Been an adult. They look at your brain and your body to see when it's matured a point they say you're an adult and now they say you are an adolescent and tell you are. Point four point 40 yeah all the way until you're 24. Or I started feeling like more of an adult. At 24%. Say sort of feeling like there is it being more responsible thing. Feeling like he was an idol via. I don't think I felt like it until I was. In my thirties honestly but not serious I don't like. You hear those apps in a bumper sticker inside every old person as young person wondering how I got there I'd get that in half and what he's or utilities are having a conversation with people by now I don't really feel any differently I really didn't feel like an adult. In my twenties. I saw people around me to we don't sings I didn't wanna joked when we have to do right. If it's not just about how you feel I think it's about how you think other people perceive you that's. That's how I determine how I feel when I'm at the mall and I see someone who's a member of being an all time that's why he's as an example I saw this couple. And as a while I was at my friend has not walked by as he you know I just looked at that couple and I thought that when they looked at us. They sauces equals 'cause I think of them as equals but I realize. Back you just saw some thought the world like teachers there as well the guys were or are we look at but totally different old and we we do not what we've got. Well we think it is speed walking on the mall in regulations exactly drinking Gloria Jean's. So I think that's when you really realize OK well when people look at mean this is not a perceive me as a you know all old guy and I don't like not a young man. I'm a young man compared to you know your dad would say another young man. You know and like it's a you're an adult. Agassi an adult but they say you know year you're just a young man I'm saying in reality in the big scope you're just an adult. But as the president ordered to I mean I don't know what adult and is in this guys when your brain folks on main site they say and did this to shut down there are times when I have to make adult decisions like paying rent and getting a car and figuring out how to get to war so I was insult decisions whereas. I think some people pour off adult decisions because they live their parents of authority. So they dropping an adult to their authority or not. There are adult if you're still doing that sure but I think this is there they're talking about maturity and a brain and yes because obviously there's you see those movies you know I don't know some dog millionaires of the where your or any guys are taking care of yourself that you become an adult a lot earlier mature I don't go Lawrence I was paying rent by government. Necessary the argument all coastal oil party into march and so they zealots and that right to your making those decisions where I am just saying mr. make those decisions where. Why can't go out party tonight because it to have to pay rent tomorrow that's an adult decision yeah. Whereas if you live at your pants and he would have to pay Iran right you're not making any adult decisions that you don't have to worry about and it's penalties and so these doctors argued that the timing it needs to be changed because we've we've. You know sad for awhile now that you're an adult at eighteen. They sued the brain continues to mature beyond the age of twenty in many people's wisdom teeth don't even coming in dollar 25 years old. Not people are also getting married and having children later with the average man entering their first marriage is now 32 and a half and women are thirty point six years old. Tough for me too because. Like for guys part of the thing is we knew look at other guy in size Muppet Sam I'm a man kick your ass used to. Q what reverend mailed and so. When I'd go wow. Twelve year old kick my ass acute care to kick my ass I assume your oldest son I think we'll probably kick my ass. Now on the Carla video. A run for them and also make it hard for me I think of myself as an adult when I know that. Hurled at the rock climbing gym. He beat the army but. He would Dalton. Knows that in slightly curled. That makes any general may just like Hillary you know not know up until it signs up that thing at me like this is a bad move for me. Where maybe another eight year old or ten year old wouldn't be able to size and a right. Yeah you're absolutely right what makes me an adult is that I have the maturity to realize that your policy. Sure your left please save me. 26. I thank you had a big news. Man I was excited I'm earlier today he had a big announcement. So who's gonna have a friend with him today. Who would aghast. So Palin. Endorsing Donald Trump today. There's supposed to be a rally. Happening any minute now this she still matter I don't you know I wondered the same thing this guy was just saying on shutting your lipstick call. That she's the number one person for outdoorsman and I'd I didn't know if any ones who took it seriously and be there. She's had so much stuff with the fights in the that kid having babies in the there's still the man. Of people magazine's celebrity she do anymore I don't know. I don't know she she doesn't work for Fox News anymore right they Largo. So I don't know but apparently she's going to endorse chump Carolina that's a big story 'cause I'm pretty sure they disability hoosiers out there is John Wayne's daughter. Is that what they sadness I said. So John Wayne's daughter endorsed some depth was my picture. John Wayne. Hookers daughter that's a big. Yup trump endorsed by John installer that's an actual headline from you have to go on man. It's hard doesn't mean meets him but it doesn't mean anything conflict of Joba rules daughter better that'll reloaded whose complex and news compared John Wayne to jobs over both but does not tell us and so it. And Al sun and indoor Crist Hillary Clinton. It's not the person. All Donald Trump did you hear him do his Bible verse thing it did the Liberty University. You know I don't know I think impound them liable but he was trying to quote current quote the Bible. And it's and liberty university's an evangelical university. So he's trying to connect with the crowd where it was us today was over the week and I guess he diversity quoted. Is from second corinthians so if you're president Nelson are a reading from second current genocide era but he's. ER two corinthians right to corinthians calls to the current two corinthians right to corinthians. 317 that's the whole ball game you could actually hear the crowd laughed because no he says who currently two corinthians right to corinthians. 317 that's the whole ball game. Where this turn of the large right where this paranoid as they others like right is this is that as this mean anything you do to. Because myself a religious ethnic and it seems. Dad did ridiculous I know you guys are into it. And nowadays votes I mean I got it that's like the guy talking couple unbelievable he did good on one down there I've ever wins got Oregon is three down remembered. I remember a few meters from other ones I remembered the John Kerry. Was in Michigan. And at rallies are not tell you what another is better them buckeye football recruit every television like blogs or low. Like it's just like man you are trying to do a rap right like around the Rutan. And to know most of you don't know coming here meeting by his side it's a mission summit over the Michigan Buckeyes on loan that is. There's no little balls fine you know with Johnson as Spock I'm rod don't saying you know don't try like this guy you know two corinthians. Miceli two Libyans walked into a bar exactly what. I thought I was I joked about it and he's like right. In my right these two going to want to look into my seven to Anglo just all ball game boys who does this mean anything to does is free so it just applaud it. You don't even need a little god damn thing to stupor at the end 317. And he's also not a natural born citizen I'm outfit actually tried to corinthians right to corinthians. 317 that's the whole ball game. Where this turn of the large right where this parent lord is. There is liberty and here there is liberty college but liberal state at its opening. Up a just a bit. And I heard rumors is there's freedom there is tremendous Solomon two corinthians right to corinthians. 317 that's the whole ball game. Where this turn of the large right where this parent lord is there is liberty and here there is liberty college but the so you can feel like pick up cards makes obvious enough right to liberty in such a to Clinton I mean she's got a two corinthians. You'll corinthians log into applauded boasted that cruise Sox and the problem in America and you know you don't know who corinthians no it if it for the why did the electorate and then. Now all this is going on with Donald Trump you know making a clean sweep and the White House it would seem a year from now he will cause us to be president. The UK parliament is trying to decide whether or not to ban him from entering the border for the UK because ever since he set on being owner I would ban all Muslims. Come into the country. A put a temporary ban on the in the UK said all you know what he's going to be that. Idiotic and and say such horrible things and we're gonna banned him from coming into our country god we'll Jimmy. Kimmel last night put together this highlight reel of all the stuff that these people have said in parliament. And then they and they really like one word you hear them say over and don't know. Obama is so old he is free to be a fool and you don't bring you to be a dangerous fool all Matt Schultz do you. A crystal ball to recognize that the person you're dealing with maybe a successful business. Is also fined. The food to me. We humbled tournament estimates about but the new me. Friends and tenacity shop affinity don't trouble. But isn't it your business a great. Donald Trump is an independent but not ask my dental problems with an idea of the business crazy he's. Don't. He's a closet what does of Basra as he is a balls that he's an idiot now by the way. That's just gonna get him more votes that the English made absolutely. No David Cameron said hey just let him come in because once he comes and we can all agree on something for once left and right Walgreen of one thing and that is this guy as a buffoon right. But we don't need to ban him from coming into the country and by the way trumbull love it. Nobody in the next debates and I hate mail and everybody else stick it to him look good these they know. They know. They need us the been sucking on a peace with the launch. I I think the greatest thing. That I've seen a long time is that picture that someone posted last week to read it. Of the bottom of the Bernie Sanders mug. And it clearly says made in the USA on the bottom in the mug and any inside of the Donald Trump pat the make America great again Hammond says made in China. This guy you can't shut up about how China is stealing right all of our job or my. He said. Yesterday or today didn't he say that he wondered all apple products to be built in United States yes. I don't. I don't know what to say he's just full of so many good ideas everything he says makes perfect sense. I'm animal form. You know what once you realize that the White House really is just a reality low Ranariddh is you have to be looked exactly. And by the way out there guys an idiot well a we shouldn't say that now he's done it and he's obviously Smart and music foreign businessmen. But he says things that are idiotic. But who would rather have president Donald Trump or ten occurs. Neat yeah trump of course some of. Our season as dangerous as crew they gave it everything he's saying that flies out electoral corinthians 100 mile area Republican. I don't economy president I would rather have him a president and see what happens now crew demands that Ted Cruz actually believes he's he's trouble uses bad guys struggle bad things can happen does watch when he saw a talk about carpet bombing civilians deceive the sand glows believable. Right I believe Donald Trump wins elections Republicans and Democrats. Both will be like. Man that's trying to something's obviously seriously. But. We're in a weird place. But just keep him available to ride feel like that's when. You know senator rubio would cross the aisle to senator Sanders and being like hey. And are you think I'm a Dick and I think you're decked by ms. damning decisions and good. Fair enough there enough. That's why along trumpeted president. People are saying that was fate I had to wonder if that was fake it seemed a little too. Too good to be true that hat would be made in China saw believing that that was fake. And by the way I know we all are Sanders lovers. I watched the debate this I want to innovate too I just that hey guys I get why you like in my game he says things that now. Makes sense but man. He's also not very presidential. He can't debate. I just pissed a lot of people are pretty. At the big right only knock out the world did Saturday I'd read I watched him man it was. And I are likely has to say about the inequality I I think he's absolutely right thanks again but he's like. Don't Rudy Giuliani of Wall Street and I mean when Giuliani was running for president they would say okay. So what do you think about the football game this week and be like I'll tell you I think on the football games where it follows that nine elevenths for a front like okay they're. I just hope I got it. Every time you went back to back and in the debates I was it every time it. It was like man you. I like what you're saying I get it or talk insiders now I want yet Sanders I want you to take on Wall Street I believe in UPS I think you're a good dude what you have to branch out Mans when it. When they're asking questions about foreign policy you've got a nail that stuff because. Clinton. Gave a sermon. On foreign policy. I thought O'Malley did a fine job. And then they went to Sanders is like out of the promise and it was boom back to. And by the way he's right I'm not disagree the what you just got to get there I you've got a group you've got to run you got to broaden a little bit that you can't be a one issue candidate it's not gonna work and I want him. I want I like Kim I would like him to win but man. You've got to be able to debate Hillary Clinton on. Myriad issues you gotta make me believe that you could debate Donald Trump right or Ted Cruz. You're going to be at if you're president you're going to be a diplomat. I'd like to know what you know what you think about other countries about other leaders I was Clinton in the debate and she's she's awesome and I am I look I understand people don't like her. But she knows. She knows what she's talking about now you can say that she's being just don't agree with their fine. But to see no holds up person knows this stuff she's absolutely qualified I believe. And she certainly been living it for a long time she's been around it she's been a part of it. The people who say she's not qualified assault on the front and we just this weekend say her only qualifications that she was married to present on. The senator should secretary of State's right why does that matter so much I don't ever say to Clinton's refiner did I just enter. Not trustworthy I understand it all go back to the what does general owners thing that ever want her if she's on trial we're looking to undergo. And I don't know that the big Ghazi thing work. For help Republicans and I know would still work to help I mean did did some independents who were on the fence thinking adamant Ghazi thing. Maybe Republicans got some traction with the American you might you know he's human front army installation to a bad Assange is if everybody hated or she be losing my torrid point she's not. Yeah I know not everybody nature. You know I'm not saying she's gonna winner she's American homeland. I have no idea. But. I just keeps every article these dealers in the last years about her electability problem. You know trust. Or another cells are grown markedly pro what do I earnings sailors are anonymous he's you know still it seems like oh he doesn't have an and Barry Sanders on guns is still killing him but he's. Well he voted it that certain people who don't make guns would get immunity from prosecution when he voted for the Dutch. Mean we know that. Fans. I've yet to hear him give any sort of good excuse as to why. Except for political answers he just keeps saying it's complicated it's complicated all revisit it. But you know I don't you economists say I was wrong newness and if you're gonna hold me up for a vote and from 1993. You know what I didn't foresee what was gonna happen in 2010 on enforcing it was gonna him in 201213. 1415. I didn't see the future I made a mistake I was wrong and a vote given the chance to vote again. I'd vote differently you say that. And I'm good that's an answer right. I'm good that I mean you can ginger many kids holding Hillary Clinton up to the vote on the war and she says I was wrong and you don't want people kind of moved on like yeah yeah a lot of people were wrong you were wrong all right let's move on. If you just say that but he becomes such a politician. But he just can't say it and the basic couldn't say it he couldn't say it. You just won't answer it's really bizarre. I've I've heard the same answer from him over over he just says it's complicated. What was copper cables going to do something bill is that a function that's what he's saying and that's what he's but then tell us what was in there where you can at least give us especially at a debate maybe don't have time to answer it and MSNBC we've got thirty seconds of face time. But if you know you're gonna be a debate and it's gonna come up again find a way to answer that question other than it's complicated and maybe already visited the liberals learn now. A lot of liberals are bothered by that. And they keep asking about just given blanket immunity to gun manufacturers is you have to give me some reason why. Well we're capable of. Thought. Right. Understand unless you're a thinking man's candidate socialist so go ahead and tell me why you get it and why you would change or why you wouldn't change. Anyway. Trump is now on stage I guess it did is their parent and come outer surely no matter gonna party. Sarah Palin endorses a bounce from. Well that's a whole ballgame right there two corinthians it's through grant visas granted as a senator panel walk into her room and endorse me right here and Liberty University. That's the freedoms and our liberty and justice and I'll tell you so about technology and American. And the story. Did he get to Doug dynasty got. Because I feel like if he can get the dog did he get the duct I think it and he has done an honest guy got I don't know recruitment honing I think with a dunked on wow man. If you don't have the duct dynasty guy answer Pailin. You're at war with yourself. It's been everybody is totally awards it's a battle of the dug dynasty guys Sarah Palin can't agree. You're watching news of fragmentation Republicans are no absolutely unraveling. The most powerful people dark dynasty guy will go ahead and you know. You think he'll switch his vote whoever gets the nomination so we auditor after router that's roster after Ireland Douglas yes. Wherever he goes I will follow them. That guy on TV right there mr. Donald Trump of the orange face tech guy you could be the next president and all he'd come and man. They said he would never make it this far they said it would only last a while it was a joke what they did he announced his candidacy every single night talk show them. Laughed about how great this is for comedy with a Q we hope to stand up for at least a month. Hearing is he's been leading the entire time. Has he ever been behind. He's been leading since he jumped into this thing. People love them never gonna happen. Right where you could say meant he keeps saying that it's mid January. I was coming up. Back to back I can win. Simpson's joke for twenty years ago. I like your ideas. Would you rather have Donald Trump or Chris Christie. Chris Christie. I don't trump. I don't know some land fall I don't fall. Level. Ramp on what about case sick or drop. They said today he's. He's up and he's got up enough to probably be a front army could be somebody's VP. Trump K sick. I think should be trump Pailin. Why not force one not to go with I'll manual be awesome as trump duct dynasty I think the I'll be amazing and the signs could just a trump and then have a picture of the ducked our seniors face the beard yes your finger uses their logo. Would you rather have the duct dynasty guys president or Donald Trump. I guess actually you have to go trump because it depends who gets super super anti again. I assume trump has been I don't think so old I don't know AZ I don't. I don't believe that he actually is I believe the guy from Doug dynasty actually yes. I don't think trumpets. Doesn't seem like something the keeps trump opera trump can't even read. Verse from the Bible. He'd never seen a Bible verse and tells weekend. When he read to Corinthian. But. Two corinthians right to corinthians 1317. That's the whole ball game. The win this turn of the large right where this paranoid is. There is liberty and here there is liberty Ellis and liberty. These.