Monday, 02.12.18 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Monday, February 12th

  • 0:00 - Headlines
    • Red Gerard wins gold at Olympics
    • Snowcone has a picture of Slimfast on his nighstand
    • a helicopter crash at The Grand Canyon
    • Trump Jr gets sent a mysterious package
    • Syed Jamal's wife speaks out
  • 34:25 - A waitress was fired from Outback for posting about church group that stiffed her
  • 45:05 - A message to anyone thinking about traveling in an old schoolbus or sailing around the world
  • 55:27 - Nick Wright calls in to be a total weirdo about a perfectly normal picture
  • 1:11:35 - On This Day

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The righteous man. On all sides. Cheering your homeland. The value of dark. Will strike down low numbers on the. Yeah yeah. I hope. Lot. Of the senate sodomized. And they call us do the right thing like religion. But at the right thing to go June 20 in my life and the out of context is usually you're talking about where this thing trying guess that would. Throw a lot of weird. Do the right thing. That's good he shouldn't be tried to I don't see the right thing coach and put it down. And I'm before people get freaked out. I was saying because you know my beliefs and Wednesday night no matter what happens you cover for your kids I believe OJ coverage for his kids that was the plan. No matter what happens to listen. Kids get caught doing some of them are covered foreign minister. Still car limitation any. Accomplishing. I'm happy to say do the right thing like OJ general. Apparently it's still not love you. Politically driven. I it's it was a political introduced a funny thing to say rent and turn on the nights. She does have a good weekend. I flew a million. For. When you get sick does that sound genocide and I. Those files photos diamond. Fever. By age his latest excuse Russia's chain. Scoring you might be dying down and I I treated him but it sure amendment. Don't you let alone like I can die here no you know who's the biggest thing after the divorce was. Living on the the first time I got sick being in house alone now that was tomorrow's low. It does anyone each and does anyone know and the feeling I know that a couple people know that I'm sick and they don't care. Right and they shouldn't tell how long it takes for anyone to come from San Antonio I can I died Friday night. And knowing it and right now right and I still was nowhere to be there right now right. Yeah maybe a couple people who texted me that time and I do like that some of the bridge goes to me an answer. Toss a combination of being a bad person living alone. Yes we are feeling. And you do this thing where you think you might this might be it's. Like you know logic that cases symptoms of the flu a man. Who loses says I'm gonna get better all right. Look if this is the flu what if this is something worse he's heard a million people saying. Well you know it all started I thought I had the flu. Hamid and you know diagnose it mystery diagnosis or wherever you watch tonight and I had the flu in the tech campus it's. Inching it sounds closer and closer MySpace like. The Taliban blew her knew I was gonna die and never since that close to make a play tomorrow money you're gonna die. I wish I did you out of here. We got to hide the body. Texas is dying alone format sounds like heaven to me. Well where you form that that was not. Anything click just awesome boots. So something anything and you took that for granted for so long that someone would get four in anybody's lives and something. Your mom Lindy your junior and a long time ago long time ago. Your kids are on the grab something. Right. I am niners yeah that's already but I wanna stay. Well I'm alone talk anybody. Hello lane and closing the sometimes they need medicine like just didn't bring me some pills. And then you sleep. For way too long and then you wake up your body searches not sure each and you're depressed and because again these things at least for me when I'm sick did these vivid dreams senior. A couple days shame they look at me now in the great. So he's gone overseas and you can. It. I know massage and go. Just found what I'm Josh knows him why his hands are big and strong. Please answer I know I don't that's I don't like. They won't small hands from the launch miles Simon and there's a tank. We'll be sleeves and it's. So it's our way. That's jive clients. Commercially and and on how to fix. Was it for a pill for surgery I'll tell a really yeah. They endure diseases called something. Yeah I remember we've had people like when we worked in the whole building you talked about if I play my hand down on the table for a couple of saves and picking up there's a perfect. Moisture trap. Imprint yeah. I don't this is the only this again don't have it my parents don't have anywhere I don't sweat that much but. My hands are only mammals and Soriano and I've been catching time striving to. They'll do the surgery where they removed the sweat please connect us. Nerve problems or some other schools are so you shouldn't should take. I enjoy that your hands become. Free Lou brilliant self of self assurance. They're always makes you think you're anything. Tell when his hands are. You guys are a little bit us Larry hands right now. Yeah. Stuff owner I can put any urge. Only he's shirt. And we'll just Wear socks and it's. I saw that tell us scarlet fever dancer it's clear the way way up and shoot it. And your team room. I hope people are researching this. On the the most commonly used medications remains access and hands and I spoke as a whole list of men's hearing combined they swept blacks and sweat block and certain drive. I. I want did you guys. Or Washington the Olympics this begins and it. A lot about it and that's so worth around. I shoot a wash a lot of Morris graves really cool isn't ready yard. He just online TV and in Texas. She's seen it this morning the headline news it Davison winter sports are too dangerous. There was a real sports episode about the extreme sports is no no this on the Olympics now you have people doing the slips on snowboard isn't asking. And where are we stopping Sarah you can't condone this because. If someone and not only has it happened when there's as a guy who. Being interviewed for the real for season looking quadriplegic paraplegic definitely gonna send there's usually windy at the Winter Olympics you're watching it and they may have to delays out and they are seeing some suddenly didn't get delayed should have been delayed. Okay. Do you think. Saying I really can't do that it's like. I think this weekend on Twitter about the figure skater she can do like a back flip. She's the only figure skater whoever did it and because she was so good at it because of dangers they disbanded. I said this is allowed anymore I'd never seen it before the people on Twitter were cheering all these. I like music for doing this crazy back lips were guessing June say you can't do certain things because it's too dangerous Alicia nomination do mission management listening. Should enjoy this is awesome management I don't know and smiling and shoots the ball limits on right. Just like when they may have I mean it wasn't dangerous and it's just like when they banned the slam dunk because streamed in doing Noel stood. Should welcome to ground exactly and I kind of time there. It's sentiments similar principle I saw this I never heard this gross figures you sauce black. Racial issues why. Do you like she's a greatest figures here a long time yeah there was the only girl who could ever go back flip if there was you know she's black and the other girls couldn't Illinois. Right now loud it's too dangerous dangerous you know what does not too dangerous for me because I know it's. Too dangerous for your precious little princess. She can do it. I haven't watched any of the Olympics. Line and you can get up in the morning and turn on launch a line I don't tell them on TV all these people we're passionate about it and birth missionary NBC's coverage and they're bitching about Katie Couric saying what is she saved rode their states to work. Did you see that I know we semis and Friday night was an answer to Anna there reason there's so good at ice skating is because they actually have to. On the river spree is over they be you center. Is the Netherlands is probably not a news last tell you that's not really really good it's. All but five of the one and ten medals they won have been on the speed skating oval now why are they so thank you may be asking yourself. Because eighteen is an important notice transportation. And a city like Amsterdam looks at the sea level. Now they can freeze in the minors though for as long as those canals and. Well they say that's true that's like saying we slimmed down the street today for Plavix and it was non student. Russa was nonsense Netherlands Spain and is that was nonsense yeah. Man. I have heard. Me. Diamond people and Africa. Always win. Yeah marathons disaster relic from thirty miles to school to get there and they run there and act. It's just I don't mode of transportation I have heard this before being chased alliance. I didn't hear I heard that distance between everything when no other types of transportation are made Maine. Mode of transportation. Is running. I thought I'd make sense to me when I am human Modano and ice skate around in the Netherlands and they said that the reason they're gonna lower scores because they invest a lot of money and owners Orix. Well I'm gonna win which ones are gonna want mourners wore. The only hard and less money and maybe get another listless and everything about buying insurance that on June. Nobody knew what she's an all love five and a 110 medals in speed skating a were instant death and that it was underscores again. Well there are making her I don't care the whole thing about this NBC coverage sucks. I don't need to watch the whole thing live without commentary I have no idea what the hell's going on. That American guy winning the medal for the luge this weekend I didn't know that we never want to lose metaphor. Even tell me that makes it exciting. I learned I learned from the. I have to admit even though he doesn't doesn't really I do a special hour. I'm not sending reserves remedied and the job the enemy now right thing. Appreciate what he did at the Olympics and still think she's you know a horrible person doesn't deserve me. General election something while yeah. I don't usually watch the that night. The main channel on a much younger. Let me NBC sports on that is really semi you know there's so much like. Stream all in the Seattle there's no commentary is all live I think that you're only the commentary it is you can sometimes but a lot of times you know what was going right and when they say hey you know these years has taken under 45 minutes that I'd like to know that pricing here waiting for the. Tax on snowing views don't don't have a picture of some fashion on your nightstand. I do. Someone gave me what I hear high school by school there when Billy Jean shirt you're staring us. I'm just wanna see your pictures. Live. Did you reset her own business yeah. Really yeah aleris. We lived here and I'm like John Wooden houses are surmising adventures that are pleased to have this in his bedroom. Now usually I remember telling you it was somewhere yeah does that make you feel knowing that you're sending. Put them first. You just younger. Nothing wrong and the K seven hard. Crunch. Mean. As a helicopter crash this weekend and drinking and he she's done. Well software basically this anywhere. A lot of news now from. Where now that I haven't always but with the way they've done moments stuck now I'm good leaders get all the headlines like. First the ninety when they first or do nothing I have first goes on frustrated and so now this is my son just finally summoned more interest into a a changed man. Jason Hill 32. His brother Stewart thirty he is gonna where users can soon museum of the chapstick now put an online you know all the time. This guy's chest there. How is the he's been addicted to it for ten years and also a new show Monday night. I'm Justin did you do this stuff I was like oh OK okay on you know genocide then OK stop do you have seen the restaurant yeah. You don't just thought. And winter and now and I summer we must give Chad can. I was on grass was into it's I was running. And I can honestly don't I wish someone would make his incidentally allows them. At least I'll then be we're still going to be a legacy sing right female as young minds out there would be Wikipedia pages somethings and they will be printed and I have some there'd be some memory. Some. Proved that I existed. And even if you don't make a new CD if you get away with at least you're out there. As me and his consumer. I'll watch this as my cousin used to have sex with snow cone. And she told me that he had a pictures who thought so it was nice and I come as a joke that's actually true. Just persons says that their cousin used ads actually don't know and then they told. Them. That you actually have. A picture of slim fast on your nightstand here. You actually have a picture of him on your nightstand and and you have thought your kid and and you have sex related bonus there. I guess I love that snow cone is amazed that you're remains this is how amazing I mean I just. So don't response was yeah I just sent them. Wow. I don't I don't get that doesn't freak you out. Last year and now I've done now. I know on my right now at the request. Second who else in the world do you think it has a picture of you on their nightstand and a mother and anyone else. Now just your mom and single white female. Boy yeah. Is this good. This is the how this is the wrong runs on this who's been. Never mind. Posts on the listens to when he dances in the Mir. I don't know but my god man. Okay. Who would be so weird for you got a picture being ounce united since OK those are two different things. I'd probably have a picture review and a folder somewhere in a dashed if I need to find at Booth I get the police were like do you have a picture of him. And well god dammit I'm sure I have one on my phone. Already don't answer to catch a conservative. It wants but if mr. Graham everything else didn't exist I may be able to find a photo near my house maybe. But certainly it's not an a frame of my nightstand and yes it was freaked me out humans and a man. So the kid wants to make a skin suit. But they can make a stand since. 2018. Tell us. Devising a lot of really good motion. Two other. My tongue. Helicopter crash. Thinking and who cares about him here at this is more disturbance. Voice there and do you have a picture of him on an Einstein judge told isn't just stand. It's his senior picture and you don't storm like leaning over the thing you're gonna but not sure that I got holes I suppose that somewhere else on. Picture. It's a nice and picture. Leila let's make copies of it and I'll let other people would put on an ice you know what let's do. It was at its most it's a nice and shows them nice little picture. Here's a picture for your nightstand and you'll never be alone all those other people do we remain normal and him doing well. It's following. The biggest fight to bring girls over and sexually shown pictures. Oh yeah. Especially because there is set to do this the image. Of us this girl turning over looking at it yeah that's why I am and I'm. These are just classes. As you despotic votes does for us bloody. What do you tell people has anyone ever asked who that is why it's there is an ever come up. It's tough honestly there's I think people look at and normally Donnelly teller 'cause yes it's. Crazy but some of it sounds like this thriller guys saw in the end that's older cousin blunt. Gets to himself or herself. And I. Don't go away I said it's fine the luxury tourism behavior yeah there's rears he has. It's not we it's nice to know that someone somewhere. Out there. Beneath this pale blue sky. News they give me. I'm not around it's him. They can come in and two and a beautiful mind I'd say yes you know me. It's your nightstand photo. What you have your nightstand. Lamp. No pictures. Oh clock. Campbell books deserve Drury united since their each accident Sox blew through. Just socks and condoms. Jenna Smith. And I. A bunch of flooding there. Now he's in the helicopter crash. Simon and concentrate and yeah. Jason Eldridge his brother Stewart thirty Stewart drove them back to doubts twice and they all died. Com there are smoking less or critical condition it just so happened that is true that Soyuz Texas veteran little bomb bomb was conceived. Slim fast oversaw the whole ordeal. I wanna know did that was he can seem to your house got oh my god you watched a baby being made his free care. While he's. There's some things turn out. It's a pain medicine. Yeah. Anyway there were six Britons who had both this sightseeing plane and helicopter. And there is site I helicopters landed just before the new one of the passengers on the flight was a nurse so she was already there when the helicopter crash this is currently. Louisiana got some gas. The senate denim shirt Justin gray shirt. Whenever around. Visitors to help the people now accounts. And they are so badly ground and they are going into shock and the other gentlemen I'm. What's just screaming you know let's just incoherent and going trafficking anyways it was for a better. Have you ever been on a sightseeing helicopter before you know. That's a good idea and take a picture of me. Laying in bed looking at pictures. Frame and giving you. I'm good and it's on. I'm not a psychopath. Will we are ninja who boasts psychopathic. Do we Josh. I think got a picture of me on your nightstand shows a Wear sandals. That's right when shows you and and sergeant us. It's fun. Promotions. And those types of fierce and fabulous routier's. Owning brands friends galore and never forever. Friends for forever. Someone sent some powdered and John junior. Conine now maybe but they certainly didn't sound that was cocaine in so it appeared. To be more like anthrax he didn't open letter is wife Vanessa open it this morning and it's not a life she's tester yeah. My email account and it is food and nobody America. Or maybe he is I know they see is status as feared being poisoned the may be trump junior got to visit his wife. Was opening up all of this may only children out there was a dress just to him when children up despite our. President Donald Trump's daughter in law has been taken to the hospital after opening a letter containing in weight power church. The letter was reportedly addressed to Donald Trump junior about his wife Vanessa opened it at their New York City apartment. There's an update your this is they don't think it's anthrax but. Gotta be. Just think. So the teacher in Kansas City. This made national news because they wanted to sort of so I had it is I had writes I hit songs. On it looks like he's still at risk. Removal mountain there's this whole freeze Ed movements. In time he's been here Allen's. Thirty years of the land. Thirty years too long and I guess though this is his wife talking to local ones yeah. National nine news outlets. It's fun again and just hoping and praying and crying is searching for people who can help move. There was a judge who created him and stay here or something like deficit doesn't it doesn't. Looks like it's gonna hold in the Soviet. He's chemistry so I don't understand. I mean more than thirty years. How does not benefit us. I don't know. I'll just seems like they would saying. Hey you know you never you've been here for thirty years your chemistry is your teacher. So here's doing these guys cancel stuff you need to salt this paperwork so we can get used to the we have you accounted for I understand. Saying we need to be able to account for you. You're on document or whatever I don't and I guess he might not be indoctrinated to just overseas he's on how that works anyway like this in the paperwork and say hey. Here we need to sell the stuff. We've looked at it even you're over thirty years your chemistry professor weir gonna goes on to sell LaSalle. By the way I don't rule him out imagination deliver everywhere. I remember when I cannot think both sides and get Mattingly for this looks good tonight and anger both sides opened the right and the left who get mad at me. But remember when. We were switching to HDTV. And they ran those commercials and they said it was like two years long ride and they send if you don't get a new TV are important. This free thing on no no longer be able to watch TV hello. I just ran an in Iran and Iran TV and they did it in magazines and papers right I think Michigan this same thing. For two years we just run ads and everything is as saying. If you were born here you have in each bill. January 7 20/20 one. A swing and I want of these local offices in its favor works and when you do about your gun but you gotta fill it out all right let's go again. No no no we're kicking people out that was. We do that for dreamers it was a sign up and common dream. What he's saying is you've got a guy here music professor overstayed a visa and I'm giving many options yeah that's right everybody let's do. Free and clear you're clear. Com and sign his paperwork. Now you're gonna go beyond no wonder she. Get a chance to be documented very well if you sent out on your documented here accounted for and we now right now about taxes. Basel. We just need to put you in the system. Yeah. And while you may not like that now we have a system apparently Rihanna and by the way we're listening to all your conversations and cell phones you can. Bridge loan scream whenever you want to do so got to command folks they were a dozen Americans behind him. And I shouldn't pay taxes in moon. And no fly list. Doesn't. We'll swing by that placing used to live RadioShack and I'll close down the ground someone out there where you're designing. Any RadioShack for Circuit City in your neighborhood still drizzling mind. I refusal. Now Bangladesh and chemistry professor. Resumes on two weeks ago. You cannot take his son. Daughters yeah. Does Texas is immigration currently doesn't work like diner talking on amnesty exactly right it's like the one thing I agree with the Reagan on the may dragon. It was only doing. Why are we spending any money sending someone a Lauren store restaurants 55 year old professor. Not even if you guys know me and I'm gonna for the humanity. It's just to open. She would church. W bush said last week. He's giving a speech samarra is solid colors and we went there and ask many immigrants and we ought to say thank you. Immigrants and welcome them it was like tone announces his disease known. So that was always says he had a pretty open season Reese understand it all comes from the solution. Reagan. This doesn't have to be a Republican sure. I think it shouldn't be. It's like when trump started talking about. Making you don't see any Muslims from entering the Kinshasa every once or sharing that clip on FaceBook is from the Republican debates eighties between. Bush and whoever I'm rule was running but there are they're asking them about sun. Immigrants you know. I think the question was about. What would you do with the students in Texas who wants it looks good out there and neighborhood they were all just talking about winning the timing differences need to basically what you just said he nation and they're accounted for. Right when we don't have somebody can't go to school I don't know turn them. Thanks I love that analogy. We also know a bunch of people turned on the TV today after a surprise in mark. And I Streisand gave me three years of unemployment I'm a ton of money in advertising. Is after January debut pulled over by the police at three years from now. That's a dollar advertising. They'll ansari. No it's not a perfect system additional one like him it was a moment you don't call for. I'm on doors. The most controversial shall be welcomed linen jeers and now let's largely on TV I'm sorry. Now what if you OK so let's say hey they register. John doe he gets registered. All right he's here he's an incredibly once a RadioShack he got registered on an estimated crowd a now he's committed three times do you just treat them. And say holy ghost prisoners like an American dirty say all right you were on some sort of probation period because you get you can usually yeah chance. When I ran include primary go to jail here. That's what happens. So when you wake up in the morning is the first thing you see a picture of me on your nightstand. Mikey just open your eyes match between his erection you. An amendment didn't mean I don't consider those to me because it's just those essential part of who you are just as Herman and noticed that might give made the move with him. It's they're now of course. I was top priority unmoved. Remember. It's really we're not noticing some serious funny and it's really rare and really we are. They may really cute funny to take a picture on it one day and ham it up there but it actually panning out there and had sex with a big ball. And people tell other people that is out there while I had sex video that really weird man. Who really weird I think it's cute that's really you're making. Now I can make a win the tax line did send. Does not gonna have a picture of a pump Muslims as I was nice thanks my cousin in such Loomis and it was they got freaked out down. I layer where I know about it. I need to do his persistent feeling we share something intimate that. I was an alert and ready. Assume tumbles as a bonus they did and it. Okay. I meg well known. I was looking at this. Story about the girl Outback Steakhouse did you see it now. So there's three questions and you worked in the service industry and share. I think I've when I saw us this morning. I always try to predict a current what what will allows those take B. I think you'll agree on this I'm curious OK so the whole thing starts with the volunteer from this Florida mega church it's called Christ fellowship. Ya may calls Outback Steakhouse and they wanna make this giant order 25 stakes 25 chickens and 25 potatoes. So back comes to seven iron 35 dollars. So the church volunteer. Goes to pick up its carry out. And it takes a long time to particular is it's a huge order. So old ten Amylin Yoder who was the up back employee who fulfilled the order shows the one who brought out to the current how much wasn't. The total some iron 35 dollar a lot. Torn plastics when he ventured to point that it is. So she brings it out she said that it took a long time to. Ellis food product image she sure focused on Mac she was an able to go weighed on other tables will shoes trying to get this or your morning. So she said it she's almost her entire shift trying to particular so. She goes out. Brings order to it is volunteer curbside curbside and they don't tip. So she gets angry attract and she posts on her personal FaceBook page. When she gets home. And she names as Christ fellowship church. Shares the same thing about outback specifically she says are job in the Christ fellowship didn't temper OK okay. So then. Things spiraled for her because a friend of hers sees the post tells her that she should take it down because. The friend says had to get in trouble for us. Then the friend contacts and a white friend of this but the French contacts. Christ polish wal I would she you know that's not a friend no idea. And that was certainly different and the church called Al back. They say that they called outback because they wanted to correct things and give her technically and we're sorry reaching get a tip. We gonna make this right that's sorely stories sent okay. So. Outback more of the stories I read it's said that she got a call from work and they had told her that wanted to come into work and it was the next day. And she shows up and they fire. So a spokesperson for Al backed told the local news there that the company has a policy prohibiting employees from posting a social media about customers. Which I think make sure that's the question is is it a fire bowls since she didn't name outback apparently by name in this in this post as she did name the church. So. There's a couple questions here one do you tip for take out just. Two if you don't tip. Do you think you'll be okay for the person who waited on you to post on FaceBook about it and three Internet you post on FaceBook. And you don't. Or their employer doesn't like it. Should they get fired for. But. Only if their employer doesn't like it. Yes yes yes. Yes he said he tipper take out yes and then. For people who say no. If you see you don't tip for take out. First of all the employee isn't getting paid more because secure error soap. Presumably his personals and even making mega church. So whatever time they spent helping get the restaurant and order that bag right so that's the second thing is an order that big commodity don't tip for carry out you would certainly tip I hope. For seven what and you may not tip on the old 1% Lehman sell Delano 0% even right. To carry out or they'd have to come and re filtering right on our lot but. It's she spent time trying to national television as she spent her whole ship she says I mean lord that now that it's a huge. And then. If you saw someone post on FaceBook. About you even a crappy tips and lessons and let the crap tip them. Do you think has you fired four and you said only if there employed as you are but I mean our general service industry for so long that I know if you complain about tipping. Does just that you're fired but some of these headlines it seems like important way to many people in too many restaurants from people lost a dollar million into more than me. The amendment is from umpire may launch true. Restaurants system to silicon pencils horrible offense right. Yes if you tell somebody you were you just know that going in like you can't you can't complain about tips. Yeah I eat meat I mean you can blame you can't blame onto the people want on FaceBook using their names. A lot of the headlines for the story made it sound like they thought it was an outrage that she got fired you know. I'm fired for Valentin online you know fired for just making a post on FaceBook. 735 dollar gets no tips hasn't been our FaceBook and gets fired you know and then you see. Kind of how some of these different people have takes a listen to seems like they think it's ridiculous run as she got fired when she might do it is kinda ridiculous such a fire okay I'm saying that I do know calling and it doesn't chain edit. If you're gonna complain about tips there's a chance in any election but the policy about FaceBook is the thing that I feel like. FaceBook has been popular now long enough that people should understand. If you post something on FaceBook about being a ball game when you called in sick if you post on their FaceBook about how your boss is reduced back. Right all those things I think you can get in trouble for absolutely why can't you let my question is why didn't they auto granite. Cuts and and and 750. Dollar charge it and it would just autograph it right I do they don't have that policy outback but I'm sure they can make it no matter as much carry out I. I mean maybe she's not allowed to run through the computer that way I don't know maybe maybe they say we don't a man. Your should've done that we don't do for Kerry I managers shouldn't say this is it's a 750 dollar thing you're gonna. Spend your whole shift doing just this not picking up any tables legislature take care we're gonna autograph and it's 15%. Agreed. A manager should handle that. Solves a lot of those problems and a lot of people complain amend certain amounts and Angela make up on who cares making up. That any order over 600 dollars or right of 15%. And lemon fellowship church of Christ only paid a 15% of deliberately do not eroded. We would have to Jewish 25 while you know lives Malia. Maybe you'll have a take my chances. Like buying insurance at the blackjack table you know I've moved. Amount and I'm annoyed me for fifteen right now. But that that they're posting on social media the fact that people still. I don't get this is some people defending that you should be allowed to go online adventure private FaceBook page. But is it private eye. Look I probably see this rules policies guessing most people's Facebook's the majority of the Motley private I can go on their front look you're putting online. If an employee says something racist on their FaceBook can you fire them my. Yes I think you can't can't you know some people say no you can't it's free speech and didn't do at work and yes but the employer should have a right to say look this person has high risk this person is is is a racist on their FaceBook page a I don't wanna employ someone who might say something like that two other co worker or a customer or wherever I don't wanna employ that person. I think he should have that right. Debt and if similar singers you cannot autograph and Kansas not lower the strongest allies Florida I think but. I know you can good well we should go to and I worked a little. I know you can do it there but even if you can't have from whatever the case may be either you autograph that is 15% or. The manager in sewer. Almost Palm Beach Palm Beach Gardens the manager handles in order. Okay but for the people who there are some people who do carry out specifically so they don't have to tip. I would say you still need to tip but maybe don't have to tip the full if I had it doesn't make sense that you would. Tip the same as someone who's bringing it to Shaq import it takes some out of have to bring on your stuff I get that. But he still got it to something because that person is getting paid. Right away is that it's still all based on tips. Iso. But. Just the postings apostles of media I didn't know if you would say no now they should know you're saying that they probably shouldn't have fired her. It could've yeah I would know fired her. About as a manager I wouldn't even brought. I may have brought government might today. If corporate citizens are gonna make her lack you don't do that stuff right. But. I wouldn't fire if I was a manager. She's as I got upset at posted a post on FaceBook about the church not leaving. A tip. Rom. Coming in TER take out you should automatically be wanting to tip 15% she said from their you either go up or go down based on service. Okay Obama that. If they'd take 10%. Non violent that too. From some five bucks but guys you'd use if you start and finally if you have an order that they you have to tip on so many a lot of work yes. For just a product and their church you don't pay taxes. That's true too. But we're rework don't call social media talk about customers. She called this customer out by name essentially by saying it was you know from this church run. Oh you can do it just know there may be repercussions. Yes like you can I worked in places where beer again people left a dollar and waitresses don't Lenin is more than me taken really. Right. And sometimes your manager thinks it's funny and sometimes it doesn't. She says she hardly had a one time only Muster a two dollar bill. Own that he can issue a search don't know she said you know I was asked pandas from a loss for quite some time you know don't make these anymore the worst sums and don't spend them. And a girl and I were flashing data returned those who once he took me in Eminem's I can't spend those live there and throw back better who G get in trouble. Like come on man. But two dollar bill. Just take it. What good does it duties. Yeah older. I take a two dollar bill. Laszlo. Be nice to snow cone I won't shut up. Laszlo. Being nice to me it. While you're really sure who's got a picture usually stand out blown out of two got enough enough enough. She's sort of protect them. That's my job that's why he has as a loner as a male lover and so what is sure you get off the grid. Our Carol figures off target what's your off the grid fancy you know some people say. You know what I wanna sell everything and buy out now liberal popular thing on his chances people who buy old school buses and the tournament RVs were religious. Drive for a whole idea where I had Tyler and has out of who lost on me now but I remember like cases are you know another shall everything your eye doesn't have anything when I was young just moved. Barbados so our shores Al. Some big sure yes would be a bartender. In announcing I don't know follow The Grateful Dead and so veggie burritos most. That on I can't release but those are all models show moves that I. Kicked around in my head is a you know late teenager. I definitely see the appeal in the movie somewhere. Well remember we just talk about access and I'll tell you just don't do it you know and served drinks some of Asian tourists you unite easy award. Cruise ship right back in now opening act and Dina is that embodied that. Remember when you and I we needed that outback in Seattle time and the serving their she thought yeah. It's a fishing though the period fisheries that feed that is out there yeah. She was from Ohio would you say her boyfriend are both Amani decided to sell everything and moved it into sort of live to Seattle and they became servers. By our use of cook and she was a server and these are live in Seattle and so they got jobs and infrastructure I can understand that. There's still risk. The risk being I think if you go from having a job look you know comfortable. Nine to five read your weekends author things I'm gonna sell everything. And move on to be a bartender. And a chance you say well as cities better but man I really my job or really hate not making. Extra money and I just make enough fighting apply. But my friend moved to saint Thomas to be scuba instructor Lisa you know. I had just enough money to buy my milk can might be you know did just that necessities of the gorge is now as it was long as you're okay agency on the beach and doing nothing there at the time. But after a couple years to set up I'm tired you know this is great but I have absolutely no money. But did you see that couple this couple that sold everything because they wanted to buy sell vote. Notes is on twittered it wants audits of its Twitter moment right now string you ran out in our broad well and Mickey Walsh they play and for this. Sailboat dream of theirs for two years they saved for two years so they can by the czar I don't know how many. Did it but they say for two years because they wanted to bias I don't know jar. Destroyers changing certain. That might take a little more than two years but maybe not depends on how much. And the dollars to break but they wanted to buy this sailboat and travel around the world track so I guess I think last week they actually got. This is so accomplish our goal accomplish it they sold earning and they saved their money they quit their jobs I don't know what their jobs war. They're from Colorado. But they they quit their jobs and sold everything and made and they saved up enough actually to confide this vote. Well. I think they made it out on the water for two days. So date two of their journey. The boat hit some and underwater sank and they had to check up at I don't know I had to jump off the vote. Get rescue at the sort of vote is a total loss and now they have an insurance anonymous I don't it said vultures don't send orders as turns you'd think right if that's your life now I would think you are on a sector that's your world. Osama and address right. I may be you don't have to have insurance or because people are saying that the boat was a total loss two days ago. And when that because it took on water so fast. They evacuated and really take anything with them it was just their dog in them knows it. I guess they said they got their cellphones and Social Security cards and that was it. That's all they have left. She says I'm always a thing oddly enough I live online and have no idea resolution under a dark right he says I sold everything I we're all of these adrenaline commercials drew garden never to another company allowed. I sold everything I had to do this I lost everything in a matter of twenty minutes yeah. Well. She saw a lot it was a risk is not part of yourself everyone on Twitter yeah. How many guys right now at this very moment I mean as you guys and girls failures or whatever just went through the same exact thing on a roulette with shin de Monte Carlo right now. Everybody lays it all along a little added that's part of the arrest but god damn man we got fifteen grand left. That's who we got beaten while led this whole thing ride right now and that happens daily. If not hourly. And I don't see. Twitter blown up firm Johnny from New Jersey you just lost everything. Now well on the role and six on the roulette table but but but but the all the people's lawyer in a boat that's what happens right it all resting at all better sale. The stories in the when they got out there like you know they start it's not call all I got scared I'm ready to do it might do if someone's not. Not calling guaranteeing at all. Hey you know I don't know so everything so I can do this guarantee and all thing has always called is called resting and all of our reason I'm a celebrity get a boat. We know what happens well. Risk. Risks unit at. Risk. That it's not what you thought it was. Risk that you lose everything and risks of a god damn thing sinks my just like I'm on a rescue of the islanders along mom running guarantee this thing on six. Dual rubble left as a poker DR undergoing guarantee this right now we know it's called bats are. They've never sailed before now. Fast so get this going to be erased a matter what but you could mitigate your risk a little bit by taking some sailing lessons decent eyesight is obviously we're surely want. Yes of course they were white have you ever seen. And mr. Graham. Of the couple building a bus that war whites. Not only like they're from Colorado via. Mean if I am I know Larry told Kharrazi here on know that but let's. Tryon and be honest if I said guess what state they're from I feel it would all gas. Colorado Colorado every other than Washington might have been haggling on price sale before where I saw this I never saw before they bought a boat. Colorado Colorado stuff from top five there. I thought it was a feel good story because I saw and thought. This is why you don't take risks I'm risk averse so when I saw that threat I was a feel good story seat but but but but you make it so don't fill us in over all your dreams kids but whenever the bottom of the ocean exactly you'll be left with nothing Lou. You know it's too much up positive stuff muscles meet with the people who sell everything in there and a van down by the river yeah look those people. Didn't we don't see TV the other side that Erica post pictures of them not having enough money to buy bread more fighting because they live in a school bus together. Our I don't know getting dysentery or whatever happens we yet. Live out in the woods thing. I think you're right this is a feel good story makes me feel better about not trying to and it's a good story Asia's share your kids about at least not chances dreams yes. Don't risk everything. And I'm sorry that I don't feel bad for them right around some things or you're gonna chasing dreams. Right out first. That's insane yes you get weird if big wet snow on taste and sailing lessons able we're gonna save everything but in the meantime we should save a little action might just for some lessons so we know what we're doing. Mean they didn't have any experience and it put everything in this boat actually said they were afraid of the waves the story talked about how I guess it got like tunnel watered adults and they got nervous than they did hit something that was underwater right yes. But the vote I mean here's the vote. Yes it's on yeah let's bring in beneficial to bow before yes yes and kids and my dog that's dog based sales people or really really concerned. About whether or not the dog survived. Which it did. So I see the picture of the boat before it sank a fun for him. Thanks socialism to see earlier story if there are Cuban. Right now follow up and I spoke. So it was five grand. Marshal was supposed to touch on this and I'll I don't know what to say look I can't be five. That in April Tony seventeen that's and they sold everything I had including their SUV. Evolved as boat it's it was in 1969. Vote. And it was 5000 dollars while the world doesn't go to LOK they spent the same to restore it or good. Who cares and Randall and hold on missile. So unjust laws more than that and to casino like I said earlier trying to figure out a way to take care of them and her family last ditch effort someone just lost more than. Coast Guard says it will cost them more than 101000 dollars to remove it on the right when I don't lose all allergic to Sonoma started don't find. But I don't lose all of my dreams at the right. Now I don't have anything to completion give me some money know that the but I adore apparently people want to put on Twitter. This guy risked everything but the that is live in the dream the thought he said you know I saw everything put on black that the damn thing came out Brad. Please send him on his name I hope you're dogs okay well he's not the best tennis I need to go fund it I bat him to. Yeah. The line. Nick right FS Longo. How are you. I'm well are we on the air yet. While I was you Elwood it's wonderful. A lot for us all the talk about boys I'd say they it was a rare day. That I got the lit into the church of blood low life. For at least the beginning -- is good I remember that typical 340 to start time which all the best show American goal on the ground that I'm. Knowing early today and I had to delay so we can start on our side here for like fifteen minutes. Do you guys played the same killer song big god I swear you were playing that well and I didn't look in studio with you got us. The very popular song I enjoy the net outlook for the point is I got this year apple had winds maybe it I don't know how you get what you say but I I ended up I I'd law connection only. All around that time that's no cold was seemingly proudly admitting. That he had a framed picture of slump that that is bad side. It's for FBI I assume you guys have now spent the entirety of the show that. And slim fast seems to be a fan of snow cone having a picture and it's so you know our man okay. OK I just and impartial observer please quiet and I'm impartial observer group with this being the case. I like no call as much as I like eating human being that I never met in part that's the scene and this. One fat you eat you would like we'll both know this. Oh what an admirer. Of slum last supporting talent I am in I've been meaning to go to guys for quite some time. There's not a person that. In my life that I had not played it no rat that you gave when you first came did you order harboring headline Brett back was. This strange really helped you produce jobs or I'd like to look back now. So I'm an admirer. Followed. One best of luck in any human being a lot. There comes. It is good creepy thing I'd ask my client is trying balance because what I hear you didn't hear what I figured what the case. I figured no call because it's. I yet become something of a radio pro and I'm very proud so well at because I'm able these Shearer. All the upon cat like Dick day at 2015. And what you think being with snow cone didn't know what he's doing. In the chart dated jokes that would hit the Al who said they were the joke they got it like turned off. I'm really you've got a great job evolving into a radio for actual. The end so I assumed ways he said oh yeah a port I have a picture. No corner of my bed right either case she would lie in leading into the pit or PD if it were true. What I'm wired is slight uptick sure well before any of you guys act each book. Right yeah so sorry for Pete's beach ball iPod and I've got it wrong for nine years. I know you've all that and I decided it was their call that these bonds at a gun and a. Like a picture of the three of you guys like you know what I mean of cool picture worked at one activated and welcome back and they need. And eighty device hit the story and picture are old bat do not one bit part peanut. Underrated. And they I didn't bring big circle back all pertinent fullback sonoco we'll never know. Not just plummeted Myers from the vegetables. That. Yes it is a very old picture. Did indicate that. GA and because maybe you realize is that you can never. In reality capture the hearts. Albeit older more mature except pulled one back. He he like he is accused transported spoke to a black and your cycle dream state sport like but it only act and act but eighteen year old woman. Jesus Christ I need my way I believe it not only does it even if I only met him I think he wants people to believe. That back and today this was my lover. Well for you guys look so much into this picture I'm not gonna apologize Ford. Like the picture so that's fine with that. You guys looked so much into this. It the weirdest thing I hate being. What did you Eric you've been four hour at three hours and you know fifteen minutes or so thoroughly de wit guy. Better op like flat low you don't know that I I don't make a change needed either your kid and I certainly didn't you have a hospital. Like I EEI I have I have amazing I I love you. But lapels hole what what do I in two OJ didn't ask but the other thing that probably in 28 team. You shied away. Only could they didn't want. I don't know if there's a time and a place for all that but I don't I just doesn't prevent them. But that's not normal one bad. And that the fact that I I I know those are both of these types of women found that has dated. But it does that attracted your local gorgeous women. And the fact that these gorgeous women love him I would seemingly do anything you wanted and what you want them to do. Is that openness only good thing. But if you look at that but yeah. Somehow. None of whom they are merely did not. You got to be best if you don't tighten it and next on Matthew Ryan and is now there are gonna sing you a copy in a frame and you tell me you wouldn't put on your nightstand if I ask you to release on your Dresser and your bedrock. I I what did how are they now I had. I'm gonna walk around my house you real quick and tell you all the pretty pictures like say you don't ever been a lot of long in my bedroom right now. Quite like structured a picture of me all of our wedding day. Let outside very they're a little like I don't know what table in the hallway there's picture book five but the family. In particular my wife and daughter for years ago when do you want was very young. All my debt to picture but spam when I do not bring pictures of the wall of people I don't know. They actually Mohammed Ali Michael Jordan. Like height spin it. And are. Another Mohammad Ali. Well we keep going. Let us see see a picture of me would do it's like both of those things you know me where friends and I inspire right right. Nice and I'd get over you and I followed previous strangest thing. Yes I think I agree review and and now and I think you articulated it in a much funnier way than I did because I was so shocked you have. And it's moments and you heard it earlier to absorb it and do a little bit of comedic material around it I was trying to hold them vomit. Or did you imagine what we're just we're protected. And can you imagine. It because what the other much like one bet that I'm not joking here and it is not poking fun at all not gone. Not quite what that is something of a mentor. To so called. You who have been hurt decade a mentor of mine truly a mentor of mine someone that I did not need eight single serious look actual decision in my life. Without consulting you audit. I've actually Betty we guy that would be cute he'd pick yours. And it has been sort of late when everything Jim city and then it but can you won't know actually. If you win you worked here for Thanksgiving. And you're like a drink or eat the bat girl and I like yet to get back or one of the boys did and it won't go to the one about that too. It would you walk through my bedroom and called the on my site they not only a sprained picture of you not only bright picture you bite your cell. Like the range picture like laughed well actually. Let your actual prop yeah I like the club a club that both like yeah. All air could look at why apple probably put on Twitter with you wouldn't eat it you would seem that it. I would have looked at a homeless out of picked it up out of it might just can't be actual. What is happening and I both thought he did this is a joke. It's not real and I would've put it back down as a maybe he didn't do this is a joke and then I would have finished watching the game and you gathered up my children ever cross your. It's not my dog my kids are telling his uncle that died you can't go visit with the you leave out of important point so investment gave me the picture. And said the ably stuff happens on his nightstand thought it was hilarious and he gave me the picture instead you should have to do. And you said well I'll take it now I don't bands that I once you have on your nightclub on. Yeah now that's not how I remember of but OK okay so important next example the ability of Olazabal gave and the picture won now. Happened okay is safe now let's turn it around but let's say the guy came over after all these years and I'm effort Thanksgiving I didn't picture of me. Did you get a flying and I say hey this year's Emmy and an alleged master yeah there's been thrown an open your personal interest and let me clear off this place. Up. We are not we are totally and I that we are totally ignoring the bat that there had been at that point. I'm in this quarter and well. Three UK sure revelation. There had been an ongoing. Theme all this sure hope. Bet you were huge and I'm not that I did but seemingly ever more accurate or to blab quote. You walk to work full impact of it. All ready the Baldwin question though. Mean. How much no cone dated date light is the question we all ourselves WW that being what we want that. Right. Paul did it. And all the picture. I need it needed someone being the primary. Stuff back in a murder. Well for you fine with their videotapes in fashion. I didn't think every picture he gave I didn't sneak over and they get a friend. He gave me the payroll taxes and I sex is no consoles are small straw high school picture that's honest I wasn't heard her cousin. Yes I did we religious storage and six of the girl. And Herbie uncomfortable because there's a picture of slim fast on your machine every. I was uncomfortable enough doesn't Jolo on she ever a time when you bring girls oh. That's my bro you're assuming Jews and how will she ever said that. She said it was weird to text message that I comes out we had. I'm on your side here it's my picture we're talking about I don't want you to move it had to be devastated now I've just because these two guys yeah you know give you a hard time I'm gonna apologize good I don't look you're gonna tell you didn't say that this sexual partners thought it was where I may get a second pitcher and frame that one million market watchers and they give you guys Masood. You'll hallway I am I'm IR. Yeah it looked at let me back it up. I'd be more comfortable with that a bit more if you're like hey and by the way you might trying to want to ask the like everyone would know back to jump. Like OK did it he's really you know Q Andy call meaning the character. And it's great bit. Eight stop and I'm going to go eight up. There are you an idea. Oh. But what the circumstances. In which that that type all the whole and the circumstances in which you lived and I would do one of these. Beirut where people or why apple about and I were friends but I've gotten better one. What were you you're great you know what no problem I'll be good during could we have no. Yeah right let's remember that I remember correct yeah yeah isn't actually yes no rose yeah we can meet somewhere yeah. Well and so are so I I have an idea I I know what is certain bizarre not judging but I am going to concede yes. I'm betting over under. Hole. Framed pictures in your home. To whatever. It didn't. I think that's hard yeah you know did you under. And why you know like patent that they're one other picture in the entire thing and not worry about how. I'm not pictured myself. Yeah I hear that there are big picture that big in a plane. That it didn't back up together and in a desperate action trailer hanging on the wall all night they had. I won't be too. Mean we think people are credible. You or your own mother you know if you look at that and you won't be nearly who's tracking we passed away. You have let me get good. You got a brain sonogram and there. I want framed picture. That's a process that and it's something. Yes all right man. Well I have that picture is all get around a framing them again it should be noted when he gave me the picture it was framed identical buyer frame. He gave me a framed picture of himself and said. Put this on united stance I don't think I said put its unionized in the woods that's how I want it doesn't matter what line and there are coming moves is that picture made don't at this point that that pictures made the move at least three times it's made to a guy to move this is the third homer ever had a Hyde Park. And I. 00 in it you know I don't know I mean you're under the famous scene from got other true. I mean you don't take it back to ask questions that haunt tool for me you are with a young they yelled yeah big idea of being dual core Leone like. Is there anything on back could've given you. So where eat it if if he gave you what I'm striking but hate. Cheered good old boring picture of me I would like you to put it on your Knight. He's like okay. You're a bit to act under a pig blood birds. I'd like hey you know over your shower curtain. Like it better when there any question we're going into the night. Well that would be weird I would agree I wouldn't deny requests from any you guys yeah any deal. But the three of you requested something like battered me I would do it easier is I chart hanging whenever I'm not the black what a picture of me I. Embodied in desert climate if you had a new bag and said don't ask was it had taken of course I would take the back. Well then I warned that I. I am going to send you. A picture of my twelve year old daughter she happened to be of the entire family. The dark it in the all of us. And that you got hang it somewhere or how would know what. And put men that I had the popular part of my nightstand and they don't want to do not send that to slim fast I didn't know. Didn't put it on his nightstand I thought I get a you've been away from his radio station for quite some time this is what this is the worst idea is you have ever come up with a all right that they do this as a general rule of not senseless violence pictures of children that the. I'd like to walk that one back. All night long that song they're really note board Newt behavior but what nothing would have been more or. All right so much oh court thought we got bush live. Your your left please save me. 26 K I. Like that song cool. We do now than. Sign in this document I love my consigned documents through email now the argent sign digital signature net rent. Loyal weighs in what. Ovaries and then Z he just has trauma is. So address code. Now I know I. Seriously concerned also I don't know heard him say it right isn't out there. But I'd like you're trying to look at the way other allies such big I'm I'm speaking at SXSW. And it may ask for your mailing address. And I didn't because if you put this mailing address denied port on your badge. Mission Kansas and nobody knows exactly what that is so I just put down Kansas City. So people you know catcher you gotta rub Kansas City earlier that your yes I am oracle don't show. You don't want us there not in the complete pictures no room. We can't under Alina we can share of social media veteran enough what are you talking about that be cool Ira. Our Alina. What's the speech about. Movies. With the Justice League but we're. Credentials were attacked when it's happening I'm just gonna guess now. America Tulsa and yet figured out someone has to know. I mean it's been announced yet. Not that it'll be a big announcement I just think I just signed an I don't know that. This woman doing. I turn all those down. Isaac Newton. Every year but but but we speak about this he's been let this you can get this now. I'm trying to seize the music guys. And now I have time to tell you. But I gotta go there and talk for now and and give you everything for free. On that's nice women and stuff. Atlanta and the Porter in north crude for a fact that the stereo and I discuss on this and Boeing announced. Yeah there was only if I was ratios in the afternoon like I don't care what it's about just make sure it's after two exorbitant high as a kite that's however we should run their lives well you're signing up for college courses make sure all your classes start afternoon aren't gonna fail. So I really don't know this is dollars and under I mean how hard and they are going to be Donald Trump doesn't write anything down just got there a sale do we do it's really great it's really good. Have you seen the people who are successful music business aha. They Wear the same look where I'm not a genius but I saw I see I saw. Teen music awards for profit don't be okay have you figured out. I saw the speeches that. I think W Oca. Once the grammys I don't run for president as of this. As we should do is announce it there for crack. Everybody the president really great. Monday OK I knew it was coming up what the grammys. 'cause I'm the guy who directs the grammys I guess he's directive for awhile and they did an interview with the meant he was Entertainment Weekly and grass movement different people that we're gonna perform and others and to see and he said they don't normally look artist perform new songs at the grammys it's supposed to be stuff that people nominee and which hadn't thought about that makes sense they're gonna let's. Old Barbie knows what's her name on Rihanna duet and then they said we got to know his Guns 'N Roses going to be there. Which I didn't think about because by Coachella there supposedly bachelor and he says I call them and I became like they were very difficult to got to trying to something or to us I guess who will be seen them. I would love to see and a lot of times they tried to. Because I went on time. And you know you kind of get to the story from people who are there. And they always tried. Pair you up with someone. So based from like you know I try to make like staying in that. Uptown. Okay grew more Odierno market at a trying to but I try to put to act together. And and so they send June. Apparently they send you a list. Public you know hey would you like you do this song was this guy and a song this girl what do you think you know. Were and so you know apparently that starts working out pretty early as say. Try to figure it out and you apparently you have to have a little bit a poll it begun to have a little bit Jews to same. I'm all and performed so. And pedestal and everybody do that makes sense. Of Guns 'N Roses confirmed another show and know that. Where Mexico City is a bit I just can't wait to see video that's true Sorrell Paul just can't I can't imagine how bats can be. I imagine that right now he's somewhere exercising right trying to get an issue why little excited I mean you could hear if you loved Guns 'N Roses aren't you worried about how I was gonna go down it's gonna make you feel. Some things it's like when lasso told. The Smith not to get back together Ernst told Johnny like hey do me a favor just don't do that. Because you shouldn't want your favorite bands to become the little river hand you know it just makes you feel old fattening you conceive videos and Axl Rose singing right and it's not gonna change its right how he's about a lot of yeah I guess I mean look I'm not a fan of them but there are bands get back together employ Rodman Eagles I'm not a fan button. By all accounts those shows were amazing night you know. I think you know land and amount and I gotta gotta go directly would Mac I hate that spam and you know as much as I hate demand dikes but fish going to be rushed feel like you know people know that day. You know shows all got rave reviews I don't know that maybe I'm wrong but I don't know a dozen roses immunity rave reviews read but I also feel like in those bans most of those guys were doing things and they were still you know someone in the public spotlight they run a candy sounded okay needs an axle makes a public appearances ins up on you know some sort of phony these video punish him coming over bigger than the equivalent making fun of them. He screaming at someone forgetting lyrics are hey maybe he's exercise and somewhere right now he's trying to get as he's worked with a vocal coaching but I just find it. I read off and I chose probably not gonna happen. That's the thing. It's it's hard to believe but it's still on the books right that's supposed to be the big that they are doing it here. Are you ready for lists. I'm government less reliever and we've got to get ready because it's here it's right on topic I've done it what it. Was the biggest lie you learned in school. The biggest lies the biggest lie so things that they tell you maybe they thought they were right but they were wrong or they just lie deal. The biggest lies you learn in school. Oh I have no idea all right I'll give you semi is the top eight number eight is that you use curse of when you girl I'm. You'll need need to learn your penmanship the calculate honestly number seven you won't be carrying a calculator owning a popular to a test everyone had a teacher told that they do have to learn to write your name in person. You gotta learn signature yeah. The number six thing is everything you learned about Columbus if you went to public school the United States was alive. A number five if you just go to college will be able to get a good job and provide for your family runs. Or if you don't know you won't. Right exactly that's a flip side another I wanna talk about right. And I brought it up in a career day once I'm in the teachers looked at me like I just landed from a spaceship. Right they couldn't believe that because I said was hey guys I didn't do good in school starting from kindergarten all I did just enough to pass right. I did I should just not a hot bath strikes that the but I still had teachers saying get ready for college ready for college why. You know I a seed is about as good as I'd get I don't have a school is not my thing left to figure out a different way. Rights was my idea I don't know what that way is that this whole school thing or conforming now when you gotten military and and diet differently when learning held in and he makes a good lineup he got and right now we're gonna me a digital signing stuff for SXSW. Given speeches. About. How to get a job without a college educated and it's about. Number four I'd like this because I think everyone learned this. This is not rely we learned in school that you're tong has the different taste zones the data the test with you know images like right now we're gonna give he'll lemon. We're gonna put on the tip of your time CD case that there would you can't case on the side and every kid that classroom. Was thinking I can taste and I can still taste of but he gets on you know sees stronger rehearing gone okay like now here's sweet. Now here's salty like I don't know do we have to take a test that showed you the different parts of the tong. Not true at all and completely made I've never heard that you've never heard that yeah I was that they remember and can hardly it was a move forward. I think it was yet they had attempts on the two sides and wearing them back right there is right yeah those are there any sense a well basic yet he's different. Zone might get an idea but so conceivably. If you want I just would have bought that conceivably if I were to have a sweet tart and put it in the back of my tone on accident sour taste in it and write it wouldn't be sound that's ridiculous that'll never happen anyone ever an airline that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard that I don't think even at Kennedy are now would have bought it. Which it would explain why I've failed school because that's. Armisen of Edward bats that's dom. Well easy for you to say we ought to take the test at batting just believe what they're telling you they say this is science. And I feel like they only if senate the last couple years at that's totally made up. It's been within the last like five seniors they've I was always kind of assumed it was in the last few years. Number three lie that says you were taught in school I was because I'm too old but. You know teachers to and I hear I have friends that are teachers and complain about this because intelligence you can't trust anything you read on the Internet. And you can't use anything from the Internet as a source. I understand there's a lot of lies on the Internet I just assume is a lot of lies in books as well I don't know why as soon as it becomes put on a printed pages stacked in a library somewhere. You tell me in Coulter never fined him one of her books never fudged a number there's no mistakes in the encyclopedia British exactly because up that there's encyclopedia which had a to some are talking about tongue zones rice zones to go back far enough. The top tour are pretty good number to lie that we learned just ignore your bullies in the lead you along. And I think that I was taught that I was what we are always taught I think it was talked a lot of people and does not work. They teach you that my dad's a punters are educated and knows one time. Parents and ignore that was earlier segment manager Ghana. You're gonna have to swing wildly rioters notes. Make him bleed my computer them days later nobody can take getting hit in the nose they get your rest once doesn't matter. But his point was most do wanna get in the nose they believe in most people when they bleed it freak out so just Kobe believes if not. Yes take a series SaaS will open but no that usually also after they will be grasp that it usually over. Timothy. Am I happy about lesson that feeling once you do get beat up then it's over but they can terrorize you for months or few a months and then once they finally kick your ass and right over. For my dad never taught me either one of those things into my Brothers ages and ignore him. I thought dies teaching their sons have. Beat up bullies of the only happen in the movies until I saw you gained on your knees and showing your bottom Fox's sexy goodness my dad thought my dad and my uncle you know I came home today accused of economic and electro. Tom learn how to fight. National government. Ignored them doesn't war I think the idea. I guess maybe when you have kids to be doing your Brent did you kind of and I mean I'd much rather have my kids stamped by. Then have to run home from school every day didn't rocks or something. That's when did an analyst for into the same thing we get to school the older kids we want as soon as the bell rang to go to the next classic kind of hid. I hope that I wouldn't see my bullies my friends are kind of hoping that they wouldn't see a lot of it was the same guys just picked on younger you know underclassmen. But I I had gone forever the most are finally got beat up. Really was OK it's over it was over they didn't I guess they were just done with me. And then the number one line at complained about this for a long time and hopefully they don't do this is much they say they're not doing this as much anymore with the number one line that you learn in school. You can be whatever you want if you just put your mind too because were all equal. I mean that was a really big thing for me growing up you can do whatever you want I think it's true. Some people are not as Smart as other people and so George Bush as president what you are he was president but is dead es dad was also very Smart and he came from a family of privilege. It was kind of I don't think George Bush and different circumstances. Would have made it to the White House know. I don't think everybody a male White House sort of at a make it any NFL but you can account. I guess the point being that if you really try you can accomplish a lot when you think you can I think it should be if you want something you're gonna have to try really hard but they are not everybody got a pretty good chance if you really focus and try. You can do right you can't do anything you can do a lot of things. Has most to lose some focus and try. Yes. There's nature vs nurture luck and nurture has a lot to do with what you end up accomplishing but I do your have some really dumb friends of mine do. Graduated from college and a decent job you like men York. Dom yes I God's sitting at a restaurant review and not. We disagree on things like you are really you're as deep as a kiddie pool and you are not Smart at all. What they're doing fine. Because say. We don't know I. 90% I'm in Alison Olsen and percentage from them just go to class every day. Aren't that's totally China can graduate Brad is a difference though. Of intelligence and been able to pass plus right out of course and then like you know OK my brother he's that he's a college professor he's in a biology. Ph.D. and he's really really Smart he is a lot smarter than me I can when I talked to him I understand it. He's a different person and genetically biologically he's a different person me socially he's totally different he was say that I have strengths that he doesn't. We are clearly not created equal when he learns I think he remembered it he understood each country has so that you endorse Carter did over the problem right do it. You just have or harder but the strange is that you don't want to and you know while that's true right. There's college professors. Who are not as intellectually gifted as you. Who just tried harder I guess that's my that's possible yeah rust so date today don't rash things as quick as you do. I don't know she O'Connell my Q but it's slim fast and they may not wraps things as quick as you do but there are able to be college professors because they just try and answer they wanna do and keep working and networking networking but soak owns a great example look at him. From what I mean yeah I mean and you can you're here have a lot of things but you're here. Why are you here. On on those shares are largely why are familiar that's the question and he's.