Monday, 03.05.18 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Monday, March 5th

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    • Oscars recap
    • Trump comments over the weekend
  • 31:26 - Lazlo is upset with Slimfsat about the state of his fridge
  • 39:40 - Kansas vs Missouri: The Hooters Incident
  • 1:00:26 - Sports with Nick Wright

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So righteous man. On all sides. Selfish. To regain the momentum. The lovely dark. Will strike down low numbers wrong. Colorado's citizens starting your day I shot on regular drag things into iTunes I'll read read what was well why I could just tell you really understood and now I was gonna win. I'm interest and I'm sure it. Genuinely I'm genuinely interest and concern. He's fine men. And using copying. And I guess that means. The way it's on the way it's an inch. Different regions I'm dead man's relation. It's a golf it was nice round amount played Rudolph was in the batting cages at first they don't throw them. Sporting KC game last night I would like to better results but it was fun nonetheless. That's a big weekend. Start. Doing spring. It's called you do any of those things we don't realize your. Do any up and down very busy I was very very. I texted me nationally observers say is your mind there was Fischler yeah she figured you're. Task when you I've figured you were leaving through. I just multitasking. Would you news we do. Only about a mile into the and I'm sergeant cannot do when and it goes according to see in stores today but it ran hard she is really good. Really good when we first started but now it's really united yeah like you know it's like wow I mean Texan like man they're really good job. Well I meant yeah. He's grown enjoy. Yeah use good in the beginning but you can tell he's there maybe a little nervous or just having gotten better yet. I think it's like anything you can scenario about a minute drill do. Anyway you want yeah that was I mean it's. Only Saturday cleaning would you play. Cleaned out my songs inspired me it's so I don't like me it's putting it all spring training class we do not really. Close. I mean every. Rory in my bridge every you know all the shuttle's third ensures it's. Disgusting. It's a good. I I watched a lot of TV news. In the evening when George. And I watch ice went back muscle music cars leave for new ones. I watch the Oscars last you know I never watch the Oscars I want I should do us I don't care. I don't care no one cares relation to any new. Did you watch the Oscars. First. I've seen numerous. A lot of people. They never do. Mr. was Edwin what was it a few years ago the artists that was the one cigar and best picture no one has seen this in no one will be talking about this. This year. Shouldn't water yeah. I just finished sections in here yeah. Featured in the black. It sounds. Think I'm playing division that is the same guy who played efficiently. That's all this guy doesn't place fish meaning a crappy version splash. And this. Treat your version. Zain yeah. Thanks slash I was kind of quirky fun or even gas film telling mannequin you know I where you McCarthy calls along with the Manning image turns into a human. Resisting a fish. She brought home from the lab and kept in the bathtub. Like I'm relieved. Needy sex lines. You keep this thing it. Submerged in water. I don't give anything away in the CNN news online. It's yeah. Some analysts. So you're saying hey it's fine movie but it's like it's. It's. On the artists are you saying it's time. They gave way and jet skiing yeah. Uranium PC anywhere online you know Kimmel host sitting and listening. And they're trying to get the show. To be shorter irons to long that Kimmel had an idea serenity is said whoever has the shortest speech. Tonight I'll be trying to give you just. Really long show. So here's what we're gonna do. Not saying you shouldn't be a long speech but whoever gives the shortest speech tonight. We'll go home where. Johnny tell what no end. Allan thank you Jeff Helen very nodding. Not a joke I will be time you have a stopwatch. The moment you're handed out Oscar the clock will start taking so get up here gravity and no. And in the unlikely event of a tie. I need to save the jets he'd will be awarded to Christopher Plummer and so. Some want it in and in seamless summer right now stands. And Kobe Bryant won an Academy Award you were about bags like this is the need to dispose me to meet two Oscars it was talking at the end of I know sexual harassment he was IBC accuse him brave thing by name but the thing was found guilty. I say they said the same thing about Dick Gary Oldman you won in his cereal grain won best actor for. And Churchill movie I didn't know he'd been accused by his ex wife back in 2001. Arson there early two thousands. She's set in the divorce they president. She when she was on the phone the police are sending you reach of the children and grabbed the phone and Internet and things aren't kids. I'd never heard that really never know until today people were upset about Kobe winning in him when he. And the Oscar goes to. Here basketball Glenn came. It's possible and as basketball players through schools should be removed my comeback and I do. That New England I mean I love told them. Well liked it. I donated that should enroll try and Laura Ingram showed. Ron yeah. And breaking news from today so Francis McDormand won last night horror. The billboards and observing. Three or 46 billboards outside some billboards using the words. She won the Oscar. She gave this. Speech there at Sharon last night she had just it was uncomfortable to watch you can see any of the clips jeez did you see any clips of her. Laughing when she got on stage I thought first maybe shoot juncture since you just nervous just listened to her. Laughing when she gets a third win this award she asks all the women to stand up because she wants to make a statement. And Alice. Six that's what this allows us labs like that that's when you leave yeah believe there's a time when you usually got it changes until it's over. Which you guys get someone stole her Oscar last night. So they go to the after party it's not that I just back on river they do and that's really have to Oscar ingrained with the winner's name. Someone stole her award. And they say people's witnesses said they saw her leaving with her husband which come and she married to Angel going into turn one accounts. Did they were relieved to get it usually only and he was trying to slow as they walked away you mention. Your life surely you're not alone is my house I lost my Academy Award. He says honey I'm sure you like I'm sure we'll find it's in here somewhere and they look around for every can't play music I guess is not and you really don't they arrest the guy is 647 years old. Also they get back they got it back they arrested and today found the found the awards she's got back. Well I'm. Like so happy ending. And I just sold it so sheet. Treated and I can't even keep up with the I don't know I guess nations in couldn't I see so many things about troops tweets. That I always think there. Referencing an older tree that we all dirty talk drives. Headline says it is the wounded directors were. Fish. Six was done Guillermo del Toro is Mexican talked about the next. This headlines as presidents. Treated Mexican smear. Is that true. I'm looking in between content Mexican actors some high end. Your little tomorrow we'll all their Mexican filmmaker and what did he say. Yet during this acceptance speech thing says people linemen grants its worst news it's hard time and in the grand. Also something we didn't. It's six. Second part of between China meanwhile. I was up early Monday tweeting as usual this time focused on passing the NAFTA trade agreement with Canada and Mexico we also added an accusation that Mexico sending drugs across the word. Too addicting kill millions of Americans quote. Mexico must do more on stopping drugs imported into the US. They have not done what needs to be done millions of people addicted and dying. You know should treat our farmers much better highly restrict. This isn't anything to do with camel filter of dozens and I know. People were upset over the weekend he was it is and morrow log on them. How long party and there are you know to serve his fans support is rich. And someone recorded in talking about. Chinese president. President she says named Jeanne Jeanne. She acts I and I say he says it and I'm not a racist and I don't know how to pronounce. But he says hey I tell this guy and changing. You know he's president for life I think maybe we should try I think it was trying to. Guys I don't think he's oddly serious on the he's serious about. And overthrow. There is doing is just like everything else. And I can be on one team really came out of everything and Donald Trump's as it is sure. On the US constitution. Or its people and then nothing else. So let's just given him perspective pays with his buddies. And he says is guy Israel so president relied run drive that around here. He's not really thinking you know lying and my lawyers and given that right now many years and that's now what he means when he sing it. Slowdown. It's going to there's a headline that says trumped implies you'd like to be president for life. Genetically do then thinking yeah didian client. I just know guerrillas and yeah here. Now I'm who's getting ourselves on defense trophies of snow on got angry at all with a bad. People he's talking to or paying to be in his company. Total paper boy. With a moral I don't think moral damage that's a whole thing these are his supporters he's joking around like hey maybe I enjoy talking about the comet. He's getting. And so that is singer around people who pay you know. That's called politics say I'll do. They all pay hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars to go to dinners president gave a video that a 100000 dollar membership he became president and it's 200000. And they are based off maybe the president stopped and then talk to an audience yeah yeah president. Michael. They should try and covered up a little more yeah. It's maybe a little less I guess it differently and that's a little. Creatures. Goes through his business not them. What change really knows his business not as political campaign is Alan it's your angry. Yes he's in these products and is there any dropping like Arizona towns and business bottom line is impose whose political religious political campaign to a new there. I'm actually and ups. Came running through his business I'm Laura and of these million dollar below and both parties. 800000 dollars and not a veteran people in the match because of the fact that they reelect him well yeah. No we're trying to spend five dollars in campaign whenever we can trying to make ends meet. Meanwhile saw there was a prostitute. Who I think she's been arrested and since I'm Linda something who alleges that she has audio politicians talking about yeah yeah. Vaccine you know election the Russians fixing the election and his aides. And there's a big headlines in just. I don't know thirty minutes and that. Chunks former me. BCS or sing. Think it's an isn't known in new noon. I don't know you senseless and I was here it's same no number number. He says Mueller. Wants to subpoena any sixteen in all these people used to work for some they wanna see emails all the backwards all the correspondence and he said. I'm not. And I can do that. I don't want them seen. What I said to Dan and I don't want to cede these different emails so look to harass me and he was on TV a little while ago and asked who do you think they have you'd think Mueller has something on trumped. He's a man yeah. I wanna hear directly from you do think that they have something on the president. I think they're very. Why did he may have done something during the election but I don't vote for I don't think that I can't explain that what you were there. I can't explain it unless you're in the Arizona said. So he's saying this I'm not telling anything commercially. He's said that he's not going to need people to fight the subpoena and he sent let them harassment. A lot they are under arrest them. Maybe. Why would lend to listen to memorize your little. I Monty subpoenaed him yet or not everyone always keep Libyan city police say if they do subpoena me I'm gone beyond. New disaster tennis I night which is that the same as being like you doesn't biker named one I don't know. I'm not a lawyer nationals so they're very acid test of what they want this new lives they tell you this an old. Right that's editing side why not all parents Harold that's what he's he's not gonna do he talks an interview but I don't want to see all the correspondence between mean it was talking on casinos and I can handle Rosie most. So maybe same look all the talk to them. But I'm not and overall my private information and make an arrest. And another rising yeah. As I saw and drive through and I felt like Justin little rest of the subpoena them. It assists and 330 I wasn't going to arrest you before I would know. Former Chung campaign advisors Annenberg is refusing to comply with subpoena order issues. My specialties Vincent and part of the grand jury's probe under Russian interference between sixteen elect. He told the Washington Post these past been asked to appear before a grand jury. So look looks like he's singing does not plan to appear. Many also. Obviously doesn't want her by doctor. So the no rest tonight. I just. At this point did you really think that chunk actually. Colluded. With the Russians does she thought he did like knowingly. Broke the long left colluding with the Russians or just. Hey they got to sing from WikiLeaks values that you not think yeah. I figured that Mueller and get tumor or not I'm no idea bunt and I still don't know named interim and again I think they may not even though. I do think. In LA. That would be nice shady business Pratt and. Touch. I think he probably didn't know when Lilly. Shut your mouth is is how we get. Buildings built in Jersey right now and that kind of tone and manner not realizing now like go beyond. Does so many ministers he gonna get emails right right so maybe not. Maybe not knowingly. I just I think he knowingly but not a you know it knowingly knowing this my take knowingly. Knowing that Lloyd look. Me and that it would. Change election and knowing that was probably illegal but not knowing how severe the consequences to work and not knowing it. That you would ever get to. Right I agree with that like that I think doesn't like none don't like now I think there's a part of their lives in the White House like oh my god. I had I mean are you tell me that I can't get my lawyers just get rid of bestseller like boom now. Your other. Business dealings when you hired a bunch immigrants didn't pay him to listen you know we just got rid of it right we've found for bankruptcy in those things that we can do for you. This Mueller guys. He's trying to really coming after you and it's going to be harder for us to do it right yeah. I think that's kind of like I felt like he thought Landis talked to do not get to sing don't Lama when like god damn election and is out. And then if I get any trouble never make it go away like I do everything right. Now I think he's finding himself in a position where you can't make room. At least not yet. I'm still not sold out he won't be able to make gold in some sort of back. Will Christopher Steele now says. He's one of the dossier about the golden showers right overs he says that gluten. Prevented trump from appointee Mitt Romney is secretaries so yeah. AC over the weekend the story about. Teacher who was hosting a white supremacist podcast. My son and I'm reading that someone had determined this. This podcasts it's called done an apologetic. That the hosted this podcast was. A middle school teachers and anything it's not I notice unregistered stock senior someone's day here's how we're gonna do this. We on this list will write a letter to school. And they trying game's length. He seemed a little letter there aren't. I've read that just assumed it was some. Skinhead dude didn't you know happening via. I don't know some sort of junior high teacher and he was chosen podcast interns and residents of one Florida middle school teacher and she's being investigated. After these reports are she hosted a white supremacist podcasting used Twitter to share an anti Semitic conspiracy theories suggest that Muslims need a must be. Eradicated from the planning a so she's in Citrus County. You're familiar with four I have no idea Citrus County. The school district issued a statement. They said that she's been removed from the classroom. All human resources. Department conducts investigation. So according to the description of the podcast and a pilot episode. Com aims to cut through the myths and misconceptions. Of the modern cultural and political jungle. And covers taboo topics and we'll take you wanna ride it. You'll ever be able to forget. It's never this is her. That's what awaits Imus looks like she's junior high social studies teacher. You wouldn't suspect. Did he do for a parent teacher today and lose. And you meet her. I guess she had a guest on their time and how more supremacist need to be. And they can just kind of stay inconspicuous life she may kin. Mold young mines and guests so I'm doing. So for some reason ammonium associated fighters of the public school teachers and prided herself on bringing her release and a classroom. Guess that's when people saying his first teacher in his first and it's. She says there's Santa. In February 26 episode season this year a couple of instances where parents were concerned including apparently. You know her school's principal to express really she was injecting political bias in her teaching. She said on the podcast when the principal confronted her about the parents you know she lied singles on true. She says. On the principles she believed me back. Satire on. So things and I saw they were talking about how a kid from Nigerian kid from Sweden. We shouldn't expect those kids to learn exactly the same. When science shown the some races are smarter than others. I haven't heard. So maybe some areas may result clearly sounds tired. Doesn't sound like it's a lot of work. Did you read she. No I didn't see this muscular dividends have. No they are statements released about my being a white nationalist Croatian president any truth to them nor are my political coalition rejected an in my teaching. A social studies curriculum while operating under the Russian pseudonym. Gionta yeah. On social media. Penny an apology contests unemployed political satire and exaggeration mainly to the end of attracting listeners or followers and generating conversation about the content discussed between myself and my guests. The views of TL. Espouse. The views of Tim espouses tuna pervades. My professional careers in Dublin decisions on my own in my family has nothing whatsoever to do my social media counselor podcast. Dilemma I humbly ask forgiveness as it was never my intention because of Greece while engaging in a hobby like personal time. I'll feature questions about the current situation should be directed to my attorney. I cannot comment further due to ongoing school board's investigation. Yeah because her name was like. Pretty similar to her real name right heard her Twitter name. What was her real name is Diane not bullets inch right edge but she used the pseudonym TI around. I guess it's not that similar. Darlington run well both yeah. Leo it's. Satire. Good good for you. I can you imagine that that parents who wrote a letter to the principle clearly they're changing on us again you know miss Dolan next whatever send. They you know zionist occupiers and they knew that compares a single week who said. This right Chrysler the puzzles me is like can't you let injecting political icing is now all like okay. Let us wanted to make sure there's got to get this probably got some looting your arrears. Left wing and. But it I don't use FaceBook that much it's easy to think about the FaceBook. Surveying. I saw this innocent FaceBook is under fire after news. Hosting news survey asking kind of files. Should be able baskets for sexual pictures and Duncan assassin some sort of survey. That people are sharing with one another for some reason it hasn't been always like yeah. Pairing when Iverson diligence one of those. I don't play Tony questioned those things you can think of anything in your mind you know and as you drink puzzles and put us on doesn't Jesse's absurd questions and it really say I don't worry about these absurd question I'm just trying to pin it down. After I got sick like the leaders are you gonna say no yeah but added was seventy more questions we're going to be able to pin down. Were you might like to go for Italian dinner tonight right I feel like that then went. Everyone says go to this Brothers and knowing that women how quick you respond to will be able to tell what kind of doughnuts you lied about. So it sounds like FaceBook to someone who who. Put out these questions this is the story FaceBook is under fire. After asking users whether kind of files should be able. To proposition underage girls for sexually explicit photographs on the giant social network isn't gonna fight us which goes on to say that FaceBook has been criticized for being a fertile ground for child exploitation I keep hearing most about child porn on FaceBook. When you see these different stories people talk about how many people saw the picture in shared this week there was some straight couple weeks and you're talking about were some Richard pictures and this many people had seen it. Because they were shooting at people who. Report or whatever. But it sounds like some of these people are posting pictures on the wall. I don't know maybe they're just sending them to each other in their email but this says this is the latest of missteps. By FaceBook and if you scroll down a story it tells you. About the two questions that were posed in Sunday's serve being surveyed shocked and angered FaceBook users so this is what does that. And thinking about an ideal world where you could sense Facebook's policies. How would you handle the following. A private message in which an adult man asks a fourteen year old girl for sexual pictures. Okay so how would you handle the possible responses. Or are you in that range from this content should not be allowed on FaceBook. And don't should be able to us. To this contents should be allowed on FaceBook and I would not mind seeing them. That's one of the possible instrument FaceBook ask that question if an adult male asked a fourteen year old girl for sexual pictures. What do you think should happen. And one of the options was good minds in more of that. Another question asked. Who should decide whether an adult man can ask for sexual pictures on FaceBook with options ranging from FaceBook users decide the rules by Bodine. And telling FaceBook to FaceBook decides rules on its own. What do they do with the people we answer this day. Yeah I don't think that should be answered rules and I wouldn't mind seeing. They cite your town. They take that into consideration. It's. And VG shares. I'm really talk about and a Carolina go on because I silicon as we talked about. By you know I wasn't ready didn't take him points for Kansas but hooters story yeah we're gonna talk about it and they. Talk about I got so many emails this weekend tweets now take a boyfriend right arm Nugent joins us Missouri is again bubble talk about it we'll talk about story you're gonna take employs an OK we'll talk about it in. Cyanide you're gonna tell you monitor and a lot of people are really upset plaza that we took and I said at the time sites like navy. I don't I don't believe in going back in a racing boys and maybe it should be some money in the bank from Missouri people not happy that we took just two points really great story. Twice a nasty to receive another swing and if he goes to jail like risky taking points for the same 56 grand story. You know we discussed it. Lesson decided on that one. That was worth the point is well. But now people are worried that you know. And background similar. To get out of hand pretty quickly I mean it's pretty early here. I see what you did you sent over a guy from Missouri to try to get Kansas. Nonetheless when I'm totally I'm not confident. They're gonna take avoid paying and if only we had got us Soliai beautiful movers and if only we gotten to this story earlier because last week. You've got a lot of you guys would take in the point really. And now there is always the saucy gloves which makes it national manager said. Near you know that our national stories last week to did you say Kansas looters in trouble. And Allison was firefighter. And I was trying to figure out whether he was on duty roster that's I want to know I wonder if this overlooked part our department run I was on duty are opting. Well Charles people who send to Jeannie and. Think you're gonna be unhappy about this idea we are gonna talk about and things did not exactly yeah wave challenge. I work in our favor. Over the weekend. And we'll talk about that loved him. Did you once I. I don't I. Do not cancel that stupid order. Op. I do not cancel that order I'll start over no don't cancel it just needs to throw line because it's too you. Need all those things should I have to look at bush but you need all those things right you didn't even look at the list slim. Tax normally get sort grocery delivery service are you were several. Botch well I'd be made fun of a little bit for my fridge BM yeah a little exactly a little earlier decided. You're grown ass man when your house you had like three dollars and an olive jar. A bottle of patent and this is Eric water like a small bottle that had some you know you drank some of that wasn't finished. There was half administered to him in there. I'm ten like an open again and opened got to buy bought catch up with them last so I'm I'm being honest it was people you may be thinking that. I'm kidding. I went over there. There was updating a volatile like three dollars and there. I don't remember the catch up but maybe. Errors. And opened right next there was mr. Pandit. That a chance that had been open so he didn't sophisticated. And just figured I'd say that's flat bed. It's good just in case I need that tomorrow morning and is it that day and oh well all all water like a generic water. That had had some sense out of it. There was some pop up. Like a half a bag pasta. And that and that that that that bagged with a foil and a quarter of a sandwich gentleman from Roseville barbecue. As a chicken sandwich. You need to. You need to live like an adult at some point. People come over him and they open up your fridge. They judge you and it's not you know you're have to worry about what people think of you that's fun but they judge you and a sense of lied. How is this human existing is he doing well or not. And it's not just you know green. There's green crate him all over the floor and needles and empty beer cans everywhere. It's also like well. How did they exist. And over the prison in all my god not very well. You need that food. And accessories. And things that help you get through life. Well you should buy those and and it and have them delivered to you that's far. I felt like a huge part of the problem was when you looked in their it was dirty things and clean its original while also looks sad because you see those you know rings of K so from that you know old Steelers jars or wherever I cleaned everything it spic and span moon and got our already. For. Groceries. And I ordered some groceries. But I overdo it that's you didn't overdo it in this I overdid it might spare. No I texted my brother and told him my ordered and he asked how much has been told me was like aunt and yes especially. Does he goes grocery shopping on a regular basis is not starting from scratch. Do you mean everything from soap. Two shaving cream to shampoo. You need to replenish you don't. Have any of it I idea I bought I did I've I tried to explain hand buying toilet paper in just food and I'm buying everything your paper towels you know many of those were third I ask for paper towels and gave me a blue washed off. I look like as a micro fiber there were no government alone. I was a real cloth to wash cloth like maybe you'd uses those shower from all right les and I got a back problem and their. Just like micro fights you can reason. He's in for dusting you should it get paper towels that would be nice. I ordered all that stuff but I also like a third of my money went to snack food because I hadn't meant there was nothing there inked. Tonight's acts. Just I cash this is too much this is is this is excessive them this person a says truly have rose a rose bill Barbeque in just a chicken sandwich. You make it hard some products you can mark. I'll I do like Turkey and chicken and I know those are both not you know popular. Choices when you go to your barbecue but I enjoy it as I like all of it. My also like the chicken and Turkey. And I'm not you know I wasn't doing it in public I didn't go out I ordered that off my round specifically so that I wouldn't get made fun of I should know mentioned at the point is there are some left over food and that there was some food in my forage. World did you body of excited about Barack you know I don't know I'm just curious. I bought. For things Oreo is good trio. A box for different kinds achieves its. I bought three different kinds of corn chips are going. The boss also Oregon and Texas is paper dolls are terrible for the environment. Can't reveal that can't beat you today attacks on. I'll buy recycled. I bought a lot of snacks but I also but a lot of you know fuels and sedans from driving your car. I'm sure it's electric. It's I could cut back on this is what I'm saying just let me start from scratch or stop dull I went only way to deliver tonight. You've already paid for you've decided you could afford it get it it's coming. In Philly a house up so that you can look like a human being. Like a human. But I went on there with the intention of of you know ordering a few things there and and and and I want some some name brands such had a big snack sales this week and credit OK okay no iron. About it that I am not buying all these groceries and I don't know I don't need four bags of toward illegal cruel. New Year's open you know over you know until you still have stuff. She just got it just shouldn't send engines anything in my brother's. I feel like. Just get the order and shot up. Probably. Does it feel about you don't know that's you don't think like that's I was talent among other Iraqis I was stocking up on stuff it's. Like I was out of everything. I know no maintain you're totally everything you've never had any thing. I was out of it means like you had it at one point and then Iran now. You haven't had anything in your house forever. I came over and over the Super Bowl but she's playoff game a year ago and you bought snacks and it was one bag of chips. Some candy. I and you throw it on the table yeah I mean anything else in your house I was in that was two years ago when you have not. Bought any grocery since then. I bought groceries though not on any scale I get milk at the gas station right exactly. I by you know sometimes I buy those frozen skillet meals. I've I don't go to the store I'm just one of those people you don't like to go to the store a movement by for how long ago. In my teacher for every Toledo. We never have been using your house some prodding you. Is keeping god in order. To pathetic so much stuff it's so sad you're going to your house. It's a man who is not surviving. I'm surviving barely solo if I wanted to blow to my shopping it quite sure that's not only allowed to do that are not living. Going into the kitchen at night and opening up the refrigerator missing half a bottle of generic water. And opened it mr. Pitt and some catch up is not living well I was kids dying or I was gonna do is dying I was gonna go to the store. You caught me right before I was getting ready to hear zero okay. Churchill who has low. Let's just get this over with can we please. People were so excited this week it was it was almost game over. I mean they were top Israel called game how many points over again again for this and you know. There's a fine because people Missouri get more aid Missouri is slow and pull him. In the lead I don't know how you want a phrase that behind. Whatever it is. We are racing faster to the bottom sure they kansas'. Now a lot of people were upset I guess at about crichton's getting two points that they thought hey this now this this this this is embarrassing I was almost ready to just. But it was a knockout punch. We discussed this. Because because Bo that's already I don't know for sure there should be a point four Missouri Horford can't. I always think it's okay. The hot or not. On the sides are. Weird phrase that we should talk about what they do it again lose our freedom. I'm doing and true I was you know I'm doing very well and I think offend white and he's only when it does anyone offended I don't know Missouri should get an argument Michigan's all together I think it's pretty obvious. That happened on Friday it seemed obvious because it happening Kansas. And as matter federal house some news outlets were were incorrectly reporting. That a firefighter was an Overland Park. Firefight and then they said he wasn't a firefighter and all I read those stories under Mike Beebe Indian tears something. And so here's a story for those of you have messing story child called racial slur spat on by firefighter over the impart cougars. Now we know over a factors firefighter. This is that the did the newest story that I have OPEC. Says that police say charges will be filed after racial slur was hurled at a child at a looters off Metcalf avenue. Com. The news KC TV five spoke to a witness who was at the restaurant and he said he was dumbfounded. By his statement the firefighters made to police misses his quote from a witness. He basically said get that little blank up off the floor the witness recounted the N word started to get thrown around. The comment left the witness speechless. He said about five feet away from the altercation inside hooters Monday at 8:15 PM so we hear about this till Thursday night. But it app analysts in a Monday. He said he saw a child wander away from his Stanley and when the family member came to retrieve the preschool aged kid. Is when another customer user racial slur and spat at the child. He thought what is wrong with people on a physical altercation with follow but instead police were called to the restaurant. The witness said he was even more shocked and police came inside and interviewed demanding question. Who told police he was a first responder quote. I didn't catch at the officer said to him that is immediate response was it's okay I'm a fireman. Like that was supposed to blanket cover everything for him. Over the park police on Thursday they were speaking with the family again. And it are several witnesses. And that the firefighter could be charge of battery making criminal threats. On Friday. Police have said the charges will be filed the child Stanley called KC TV five news and also said the demand spat on the child. They were celebrating a birthday at cougars with about twenty to thirty guests that the only said the young boy wandered away from the party. The three year old grandfather. Spoke to KC TV five on Friday but did not reveal his identity. Because he fears retaliation. Quote my whole body just went numb. How could someone do that to a child he's a baby he's helpless he didn't deserve that. The fact that they then this is where I got this from his most recent update I have is as the fact that the suspect has been identified as a Kansas City firemen. Is not sitting well with the family or the witness room. Over the park fire department had treated Al on March 2. Disheartening stories com. Duty incident locations some incorrectly reported. Involved party was a member of our apartment we have confidence DA's office will handle appropriately saying hey. There are people not only did they say admiral apartment there were some stories even just assumes. I am firefighter your overall part of totals are clever. And they're saying it wasn't so then there are these stories was he a firefighter all some people I saw on message where's and he was lying to trying get out of trouble. But in this is again the latest update that I have. The fact that the suspect has been identified as a Kansas City fireman is not sitting. Is not sitting with the payment of the witness and an insensitive well border. I mean that's not a quote from someone else they're saying the fact Russ it's magnified. From. Motors released a statement editors is not tolerate any harassment. Or discriminatory language a safety and wellbeing of our guests and employees our utmost priority. Of course it goes without saying that our policies to fully cooperate with any law enforcement investigation. We've pretty amazed that our policies to just Stonewall we do not. Uncle went well so. Originally on Thursday night we saw the story we said. They are gonna knock out punch we were we got busy our friend Brad talk about it everyone was emailing us this weekend tweeting us happiness sending us the stories and he's easy to see is is definitely point for Kansas maybe two points for Kansas we'll. But well today or. It looks like all. This or this guy question horrible. Maybe can't sing out dozens vacancy Missouri's but it doesn't Kansas City no matter Kansas is Kansas City firemen. So we don't know home if bodies are a little parks. And it's so on let's be honest if you had a really. Put some faith just in the belief are they're saying he's not over the park and he's Kansas City. Are you are you gonna sleep well at night thinking there's no way it was someone from Missouri that of this. I don't know I'm not saying that and us. I just feel like the way this game is in plain out for us those are this year we need to know for the sake of the rules would probably needs it it's a tornado weather guy. But also raising cane just not getting chances for sure yes but the reason I think he should be blamed because of firefighter from Missouri get over there. Started spinning on children. Ridge US open borders. Called thrown around in Orange spitting on children. We have open borders Rwanda to build a wall. Can't keep your people out and you can't have a lot of the may get a TV guy wasn't from his or what if he had come here from Oklahoma. For the weekend. I don't they were go to Missouri we gonna discuss that but I think you insisted he was a result but guys riding through the state. I wouldn't blame Missouri for that. We do we used to specify did you see the banner at the sport's most read I was there possession and use. All the have a picture what do you say it was a picture. And like you want to be elegant hands and do whatever do whatever incident had a cigarette out of a cartoon illustration of the dial the only TV. That needs to become like this need to put that I know obtain city has changed their local lot of over the past few years and they just updated a couple of years ago but I think. Kansas contrary Casey hey man and I don't tell me we don't know for sure. It does anybody know. 99.9. Percent of the stories. That are from. You know over the weekend that are that are newer than Thursday or Friday. Say it's not an Overland Park firefighter. They'll say you know some. Outlets incorrectly I do and they don't say KC MO they don't say where all this was the only story I have seen people talking saying hey he's from Kansas City. This is the only story I could find this morning that said. The suspect has been identified as and if you look at I only know also stretches pulled right because all those stories if you go if you Google and I never heard this before where it's just really just don't tell people it says Tom. That charges have been filed that's the newest update right. So if you Google news it right now you can all the stories about how to Stanley is going to file charges which I thought if the headline is aiming to file charges and as a suspect. They were probably tell us who the suspect was. Released tell us if he's really. A first responder firefighter whatever. They would say wary where he works. But the only thing I've seen in the news. Is from KC TV five. Saying again the fact of the suspect has been identified as the Kansas City fireman has not sitting well well. Does that mean. KC Mo also. I know we can't Saddam. We can't Trace every common trolleys news stories but can it done comments on the stories from around the country. Run. When it was an examples. Now come on non acne as ridiculous. People say that it's not true a lot of people saying it's not it is. It was made up fake news I went there more witnesses why did only one person here is it fair and it does all these people here in this guy was spitting in there and Iranian work why don't know what else notice that. Looters going prices well. I year old. Wanted to try as actors but of course one of the comments I saw just said black people are way more racist than white people Gloria. Thanks Lou thanks for that. Are literally enslaved us it was normal him. Long history. They institutionalized racism. The fact that that even shows up as a comment a standalone comment on a story like this when. Should give you some idea of what the rest of those comments are like when I'm telling you to avoid them. In less you've just already lost faith in humanity. Annual people who can't turn away from a car wreck and maybe. Take a look. But it's for people who are wondering why we're not already giving can't disappoint again it's because it looks like this on doubles down on it because I think this is worth I mean. It's worse. I think is worth at least two points on. It's a great Jewish interview on a bad. If you wanna double down I'll take four. If fits. Kansas firefighter of any sort or Kansas resident non until. We can't afford that this is like you know now that's is that you take for up nearly screeners were too. Possibly get discussed and rats were to ask clearly were to spitting on child won't even mention one death an doom. Fraud in word that said child agree that's double what happened. It happened at Kansas. So that's today and then what do we do what the rules. To do anything felt more comfortable saying because it was then cancer knows no one is reading this story around the country and seen Missouri right all that's embarrassing from Missouri all Lacey is Kansas looters out of this game is once they embarrasses nationally the most. And ever won Nashville and I was reading this or that happened and Kansas. Or you can serious. Well of course were here you know Buena people reading the Boston Globe see it does happen in Kansas. They think this around a while ago. Hot shot and all those stories go to Kansas city of new people. At the Boston Globe read anything that says Kansas they think Kansas city's what we're talking about but this on salaries all right on Mars and governor they obviously think it was our own cop. Before I did I need not know there is a difference and another little place called Kansas. Almost nothing because those dances and events that. I had no idea. Look I don't care we can take a vote on it whenever I. I don't borrow on it off firefighter. True or comes from its sales are dry zone looters and Overland Park spent some of child. Calls a child the end word and then drives back to Kansas City, Missouri like dad. Tough one Kansas does it go ahead relax and work towards that. I surrendered but it its work multiple points went on towards multiple points. For a guy going into another state and doing something good press to do it's really should not have to tell racism across state lines it's illegal. Well I don't know why we don't have. Have have you found anything that says worries from. Whom have you found anything that says we're strong at the where they've identified the suspect. I haven't read anything it's identified him yet so if we find something if someone has a reputable source of a consent is that says. Here here's the person and I don't find suspects then we'll take the point. You said that we should wait until we know for sure who Delray originally no pressure so wait. Well wait and that's why. No one has taken a point for this yet but I would just say so com. The solid can go from Missouri. And you know men I think it is not my jot you I think it is is this point just I don't have to learn I'm impartial in this whole thing. I was born in Kansas race against Iowa and Missouri are impartial I think this is the Kansas point. No. I mean I don't know I think if the person came from over there it's like Jack senator Johnson not only is a player that. I don't think that. But again when the nation sees us through reading Kansas I get what you sang I that's a whole part of this game is what state embarrasses us the most. This happened in Kansas and we did have a story that happened on the state line in Missouri but we just assume that it's all people from Missouri which I think mostly we will do. We'll just assume that what a story happens. That the people involved. Are from sad state. But in this instance when it's supposed to be. A first responders this that was the big headline is at its might be a firefighter first responder. If that. Person really is a first responder from Missouri would we will look we we got to the point on understandably you're not helping your case from zero grace just remember it. Forgotten are now saying now you're that's why just take the Pope personally started a is announcing anything wrong. And god damn that's a guy losing his world appoint another bill. You kidding me function snowflakes. And you know what I meant by it we didn't know until you said. What you meant by it is you think Kansas should take the point because the guy from Missouri came over and did something I can only candy is and we put a poll on Twitter FaceBook and what does and we decide. Little or. No well of course you don't want to. Because I'd want what's right. A Kansas City, Missouri if it does is a case of Kansas City, Missouri firefight I wanna just really reiterate zero drives over to Kansas. Spread some of three year old calls me in word and drives back to Missouri you're like point Kansas. We don't know that's what happened the other thing this happened to you does laughed at it you know that that's move not. Even close. To being logical what would perhaps. Security footage from the man. It probably doing are probably looking at it yet. So while these. Hooters true others. Who were saying that this didn't happen that's an important we Griese article father associate. Can't shall listen to link to we can click on Poland Czech and now. I think FC. Sula got. Arizona says Kansas fire fighter but he Jim what when was this written because a lot of people organist and dozens very Missouri and this is from yesterday. President thing is and I lose some reason he's saying restaurant. Incident happened Monday Lacey says okay the man doesn't working Kansas. This is according to. Sergeant John Lacey and the police department. Literally the suspect's name but did say for will that say the man doesn't work in Kansas. And why does there headline say Kansas firefighter is a lot that's a little misleading isn't it. Guess that you riders are one of the story the headline on this story says the same story Kansas firefighter accuses spitting on child and then the story is basically. They say he does not all those terms of that. So it's as the incident happens when we don't work in Kansas team Mitchell begins that he started to suspect his first arm but didn't say which agency. Lacey says the man doesn't work in Kansas. So again. We'll wait to see maybe he lied about being a first responder altogether and that's what this is because that witness is saying he told the police say it's a campfire well I don't know why now. Right are they is not telling us. Why haven't they told us where this person works. Molly tells what is an image right usually when they say charge it charge and it happened a week ago in the same the Bailey is now pressing charges against this guy but no one has a mug shot known as saying this is the defendant the suspect or whatever. Normally we would know right move it seems weird. Did happen right here I think those comment user. It's not they knew they would have. I feel like motors probably has footage sic think they probably have cameras and a write them. And if they could go that they can give that to police make it go back and look and see what happens. May not be audio with Summers and appointed a guy from Kansas flies to Florida and does some incredibly racist stuff. And embarrass himself that that's not appoint for Kansas looks bad for Kansas. In that and still I think absolutely I'm an opinion Missouri in that instance you say crazy dudes in Kansas start Jesus Christ and that is why when the last. Then discharge shows up in New York City to protest something. They always say great Kansas crazy kids really go well read people showed up a New York City protest in some thing. And doesn't leave it at bats are going to have to accomplish your origin is important in these stories you have that confidence that the news will. Eventually turn our way. You've lived here a long time and you are not helping yourself look if I do use all right so easily might not if I make arguably just brisk four points out that he was offered an earlier I'm gonna take four points I'm not competent enough to there's risk four points at this point miseries are down by two. And it looks like they they could easily I'd be down by threes over vote. I think we wait to see where his verses from. And a pale where they're from that's state takes what you don't find out. We'll find out we will find out pressed charges right and went up because it says that they are open so we will find out. Ever wonder what that. We find out where they're from you are left from their from Missouri or Kansas State takes it now what if they're from Nebraska or something well. Jacquelyn little Missouri to be Missouri firefighter affiliate TV copy do I think. Cited so if you let me Kansas and live firefighter out to you can't. I think to deliver in the Alley and get a live in the city of about eight I guess it depends. I remember there were a bunch of Kansas city police officers who lived. In a part of Kansas City it was Lee summit school districts and was just a neighbor of all police officers like why are always police officers living and I said because. They have to living Kansas City. So they'll live here because there's good schools over here. Emotional interest section in there I'm like don't say obviously now but then we can look at yes it better on a chair. I'll do some animals. Foods food you have to. We'll find out. No that's a different state. I want to vent tube that can be. On exactly brought both those people of the same name I'll be shocked. Yeah demolition just call those people together for something that happened the same job same thing right now lunar. And house for someone who made remarks appear changed I think there's confuse. So we're done. We'll wait until we find out who it is. In your deal. My mandate ride FS one how are you. Flat low Labatt smelled vulgarity how would never want fantastic. There near where lite picture of what I ordered two months ago. You know they have one. Not not stark. 1990. They 2001. No easy. No one should doubt the walk Ortiz that's my senior picture. Some tooth now all of aren't believable I thought it was more about it may be a junior prop up the art it. How why would you darker dark at least ten plastic mr. Did your heart be your approach you seem grip and yeah visas that I would. Yeah so can I India talk about all the way but it's an amazing story you guys are about a dry. Sure he and Shaquille grip and we're identical twins. For around 42 years ago. Should he will sport a little or Shaquille. All minutes obviously and he had an. End. And work something where it left and it not only about. It was incredibly painful for a little kid couldn't like move its finger grip and it worked at all. To the point where when it was four year old. It bomber walks in the kitchen and he's herb or your old on hacking away that's bigger than the butcher. Because the the change was to watch. So maybe you'd Asian not been made prior and me and UK so he basically. Oriented Britney EL ball comes down to. What looks like a boards to write like a tag essentially. Be impolite to get that picture again. I'm so low key union rather old went on to beat scholarship. All wired in reverse its central ordered. It loner why last year I was invited Seattle Seahawks. And once in part why you aid in partly dependent back in line with the. Last year I guess in the year ago he would lead the incident. Here at upper. Here it was the best player on the only undefeated team in all of college football one in VP of the peach bowl. Sure opened the content like this weekend. Put a prop eight. Apple and it's all on his on. He'd popped out when you lack of Jim 45 into Columbine. And procedural on the back it's forty yard dash in linebackers log in fourteen years. We've got to be back in earth hour or more support broker. One of the greatest story ever. It's pure inspiration and it got his job long Lockheed got up in the L linebacker. Would want. And they caught by some touched the ball to urgency that. Even get that catching or where he got. Punitive Bentley which it and it quite a bit for all went against it or are on the armed Abbott. Itself bill. So he's not gonna used the prosthetic in. In games. Okay that's I was gonna ask we've we've had these conversations before about whether or not you know what I was single ticket could save wrapped. It will they would. They will rapping similar to what you're allergic to Europe all of it we can't I think they'll wrap it you know yeah. Look at spenders in the firecrackers. Right by. Super productive aid. What it means that god. That you got to be Al teams would be more moments like we're looking for a reason to draw. And bad cop why he would have been shrewd but instead he had an unbelievable. So what's the rule on prosthetics like what he knew where they draw the line on the week. Good rap because guys completely cast right there's water right they had mentioned that I'm part of their gonna do that because. On that the guys great and does that do you run the story it was amazing. And watching the pictures of them were unbelievable. It you know how good a bigger cast on not alarm. Is would help if he's trying to make like a last second heart attack on an you know. If that's what I outage yesterday only grab that one. And by the way I don't think it is illegal because guys play with Cass and things just seemed like a natural thing they would wrap it. I help you knock someone over but obviously linebacker you need to be able to Wear. And old as dirt he could have been my finger like he has. Its speed is just what more global burden is not. Close your eyes intently would be shoulder. I indicated. It is such a cold story life. Murderer Oscar historian who I would open an outpouring murder because you obviously cheating in the Olympics. It would not that guy is doing it off since it was. And it makes me very I think we agree on this story at the guy who tried should be able to. Compete in the Olympics even like started ankle an ankle back I was abroad. This yeah well. And that that by the way at the time it's been over ten years ago we had that debate to a lot of criticism because people sent a world wait a second though he's got this process. He's working against something alas I said. He weighs like count for only 35 pounds last he's got these bouncy. And ankle each unit or am I the only noble and put a prop static on am. The band practice it you lock it we literally. And fret. Without you know excited Bart. My name by the way they're just trying to get a look at how. It's strong he was that wasn't part of the game. Right it avenue department and the pat catching but it also will meet me think about. Want to order while the band for it just did you think about it. It's what we would wait I don't either but all of a tablet in a way at some point our lives. If you think about the way you build lawful in your body. And your like despite what do you fight that you're trite that. Your check in your back on the what are your body so what Tibet is dot. Wage you obviously great with your life. He had to do that you know what a lot panic or job why do you were tightened things you can't deal with one. It's only Lamar Woodley got open net and I appreciate and it is also we talk all the time you go to a great job talking about what. How important it is we you know you want the doctor black eyed it's important for kids of color is the girl is the alike do. And that I think even it's a hidden disability. Right. You can still be rabid. Sports probably are or you. Think it would want and it's going to be a second day at old tactic it shelled all. A whole lot. Now on the other things that aren't all about how is it happening with the quarterbacks and you guys know jostled and you know that is at all yes. I got the quarterback UCLA. It's mainly problems are Lonnie. And you didn't upgrade you talk about things that art what will. You involved politically it talks about all of like lawyer and inequality Albright the expected we now have this stereotypical not an L coming out and saying. You know you want war all at trump at. And we don't want our quarterback to be political all week quarterback didn't know about politics jump in the focus on football and not been what football. All of these old school Al nonsense. It got upper track through in the draft who I think he's the best quarterback prospect or findings should be the one pick of the draft. And they are back on them or another quarterback Lamar Jackson. We won't. Be pretty black and bat and so the and it don't want him to go try to be a wide receiver. So that's going to be in a ball come by as what was weak data is not an inspiring vision Gingrich and sort. I think that Josh Rosen story is fine. I think if you have a team you don't want that guy there that's fine and he still. Talks and says and does what he wants and he's gonna go to a team and a coach so it's that. You know what you would assume would be okay. Was his personality and they'll find a place to floors are grannies and drop a little bit but you know what man there are consequences for your actions even if there. When I deem as positive actions and standing out sometimes people are gonna like that and so when you do that you know. You may drop 45 spots in the draft and that's OPEC. You know you get to say what you want you dropped four or five spots are still get to search you want to get to go for a team play for Tim is an exception for you are. I've says probably better for him anyway. Sure I don't think it yet it's. Well no question. So why you believe that some teams are bad for so long like. Because they're just focused on the wrong what you like. There were reports that at issue in tax in the owner that said the exploring the president botany and Eric idol also donated more money. Odd that Donald Trump and any individual owner of any pro sports team. A report today you bet they simply have a prohibition on. Even talking to watch what's going after any created that part of Spain mini camp some protests like. It follows. Our actions and I'd be lit. Well of course played a good man he can suck forever. Our prayer are and Mark Jackson thing I think that's a distinct. Com. Man I think you know you're gonna have to find a team that because here's the thing when you draft a quarterback Jimmy you talked about this before. And you think there's a chance that his game doesn't work. And their forty gets injured drafting a quarterback early. And sent back your franchise. A decade. What are considered currently curse warm it back around it no one's figured out Lamar Jackson and it's up and overall. What. About it in there obviously in 48174018. Glory black quarterbacks in the get a shake out get a fair shake at you could say. Man oh man it sure seemed like the appellate not insert it into a black and helped quarterback. Like. Apple still on the job may have a job a couple like how Robert have jobs when we acted like the look like you. Well Jack since then I can't catch I've never played wide receiver I don't wanna try wide receiver. If you want Iraq could be. On quarterback he didn't mean to back up quarterback there's nothing wrong with but it does mean you look at crop but Lee all holes are like. There are a whole lot white quarter expect all. They're not along with the black quarterbacks they get to be awful and so lab job as a backup or third short. Let's make appointments and Sam in my head I'm trying to think on block kind of drop back quarterbacks I don't know Charlie Batch played for about thirty years. Or. Because that's what we're talking about when Lamar sitting at realistic you know and say OK well for whatever reason that. The NFL wants drop back backup quarterbacks out just in my head trying to think of black drop back quarterbacks who have found a places a backup quarterback that was it. Yet now that bear and her in the idea that your backup quarterback at the mimic your starting quarter it'll set. I don't know barely believe my luck which. It's what what Larry would actually this problem that we went pretty go. Then he got hurt and then he went ended up back up thing too much into it but all those guys split Pittsburgh is back up. Interestingly enough. It's far away analogue it very. Black quarterbacks. The guys are doing don't rule I mean so maybe. Rather seldom does talk about in my head if there's something there backed up black quarterbacks tend to blame Pittsburgh. But maybe maybe had limited so that's going on end. I'll I'm sorry that was really good dog walking on the street bouncing. Don't. Want. It. We're like he was starting quarterback until Sydney exploded on the field and how they. You know like Jean notes and it. Why is not lack. Quarterback but he ignored what the league and you'll does well. But the genes carry it on they didn't want instantly give a couple. It does it do it seemed like it. I think you all know there are what I think about how mini just hold it there are playing back a quarter racquet white guys. I think about these dynamic. College quarterbacks wore black. That being in shock in the lead position it's like we had been a little bit all I I think the larger actually. And it. And I have a light in the excitement Central Bank obviously. We're having maybe a slightly disappointing bite buried quality career until the ballpark I happen and they even after that the war. Remarkable year in Philadelphia. Off I will or Jack does actually tablet I want my iPad two years ago people. A shot somewhere right. I I would want. You know I look around the league. I hear. I would like it made him get shot and start somewhere. All what I need that bat for him to be totally. It did go to a team where there are you know on the. On court with eight similar ilk that you can work for like it actually be the mid deck pick. You don't want. Your permit the center optic and yet they want start. But the big but the big news right now is via Al Columbine. On the cheap it is pregnant or be achieved obviously because there'll all the this year and start feel like it worked all oh that there's any ball engines. Burn egyptians. Did. Bridget yeah. Churchill. I'm an 86. You don't mind.