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Monday, April 23rd

0:00 - Headlines
What is happening at Waffle House
Angry judge allegedly kills lady (according to Lazlo)
Verne Troyer died
32:00 - Would you let your friends move in and for how long?
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The righteous man. On all sides. Sure the homeland. Well leave dark. Will strike down low numbers. Hi. How are you. I'm really good every. I'm great man and never been better. Student lending here is we can't really good years. As good. Keeping interest in you not an all new. It's a Lawrence last night and which we used to do all the time is going crazy. I was singing about how often we use dogs and Lawrence shows. End. Still go out there that much it's changed tons crazy I do like that town others. This race doesn't matter who you are you need it takes me a huge fan in the world out from your Lawrence is full moon. We never. But that's about it. Doing so gradually young woman. Snow cone is now at that place where. Can't do anything weakness. Slaton. That any if any secondly maybe come and hospital and you see things secondhand within the next week there's an early heads and that's really close. I'm guessing like early due dates may king and the only thing. Last of three Decker a party. That's your job really guys. I even mentioned. In my view it less and would have done any namely godfather and aren't we done. Not too late to make less than god and we haven't. Yeah. I'm not only to be anybody so he's Sherrie dean skills she's. Were my brain at least able to spread fast enough crash. I was nervous. Many have been I have a that's for bedroom but you know it's for millions. Gambit just got a dog kennel would you take on my son of going to do and no relatives or whatever happened on the moon. I don't. This is a scenario where you learn. Girlfriend has no family members there really technically in Minneapolis they call you and say hey chorus. Or whose kid would you. Whose team would you not take if someone can you said you were the only person available to raise this time it's time Oscar didn't care you think. It's cute I'm sorry that was little thing not disillusioned but someone you know any theme remember any friend as a kid they say you are the closest person to disarm unless you're. You're missing just anybody write children's. You would taste no we see he wouldn't figure out what there is no one he would lose the live why because you it's been really no brother I see clearly doesn't frustrate. I'm as we're gonna pulse bombastic like it's. Foster parent option owner. You call someone else. That was they don't. I was doing you would stop I would do it but it's never gonna happen. My would do. I watch sad news today this movie on Netflix as we can Kodachrome went to slow everybody else is watching the anybody watch it no. All. Travis was that he was raised by his aunt and uncle who is standing respondent is I was talking military appealing to race. Your niece or nephew or something like that like Curome. You don't have to isn't half kids right so. Thanks to kind of cool feeling depending on the communicators like. Totally messed up because of what's happened in there have been challenged voters to respond guessing you've seen give the kid like you know seven writer some and I know they think you view as their dad in his Saturday on the big day. Pretty rewarding I guess now like that yeah that would be pretty rewarding. That this adopted child. I don't think I think there's a lot of people who would like to adopt and I think when they. Look at my resume. Next and other peoples in line I think. A lot of children are grown reviews and Ireland yeah. I think they offered me to seventeen and a half year old kid who's in and out in June BM. He's a place to stay until we can be immense. Fascinating she's heard all that announced a manuscript for. The guys found a good job month. You know like a first bad decision stellar. They're not gonna give me kids. As a normal does is demand you bring to raise your child out and is an average duke and mrs. im talking over there I'll tell you know. Probably not the greatest first that decision. Good job. You can read that are here on this so well this doesn't mean. If this guy wanted to kid in the zone and get them on an answer is probably not. Someone asked is listen and contests on the ratings yes you know listen to within 24 hours right and wonderful and then migrated seal I didn't. Do that's what inflows of really counts for another person do that Ellen yeah. Yeah. Yes I had great comment to us right. Do you guys talk about the new. I guess she. The biggest stories. This Waffle House shooting. That happens. Late Saturday night into yesterday morning and and results top story. Or. And you know it's a tragedy obviously people died and this whole thing about how this guy got these guns and I we talk about all that but. I think. If there isn't a positive thing about the stories about this hero he's definitely hero. Name's James Shaw junior so he's and Waffle House when the gunman enters. And he runs choose to rusher. And I was reading this morning he said that when he got to the rescue he realized there was really no way to lock. The doors in there and he's like all right this guy's probably gonna kill everybody in here so. What am I gonna do and he's kind sounds like he's like keep an eye on the situation. When he sees it looks like the gun has jammed or maybe he's trying to re load or something he says it was my opportunity to round. Disarm sim grabs a rifle throws it over the counter. And a no most certainly saved a lot of people and waffles. I think he worked there almost a lighter note. All love and they like him covered smothered you like it is too. Trump told the team. Plus always probably not a. Average. It's. You know down. Tom I remember them you woman who helped cut of the guys food at Waffle House in that picture viral on someone gave her scholarship for something I feel like if that's. My out of the present rescind then what do we give this guy so I would like to see someone to be I don't know feeding go to college he wants to go to college. Whatever I'm real news. So this manhunt and for the shooter Travis ranking. It was on loan we do well just until a couple of hours ago who's taken an 'cause CO one O 7 PM. In a wooded area less than a mile from his apartment complex which also was what they're seen as a last place they knew they knew him to be they thought he was in the woods and an apartment complex thought that he was. Long gone. The whole story about how we got these guns and she got saw his history a team trying to you know White House. At one point loans and you sovereign citizen in need to meet with the president. He showed up to a swimming pool and a pink dress and an exposed himself to some lifeguards and there were several stories this guy clearly suffers from mental illness and once he tried to get in the White House they didn't come to confiscate his weapons. They took them away they gave the guns to his dad. And they told the staff. I guess the rule is your confiscating weapons you did that you can get them to someone in the Stanley ending you say you are not allowed to gets. These weapons back to the team members and let the dad admitted that. He gave the weapons back Tucson. So that's how we had these guns were still his guns yes they had been taken away but usually the back in and the whole thing about how those laws were when you go from state to state he's from Illinois the shooting happens in. Tennessee your if you lost your concealed carry license or your rights to own a weapon or other state if you lose it on the federal level. This whole thing I obviously that's the big thing that people are saying this guy we knew it was. It's Lee. Unstable. Unwell. And he's still all these guns. He has been president of so and then also when I was the data you give the guns back. Federal agency told you they don't give these guns back to China saying they say he could potentially be VC no violation of federal law only giving us some. The guns and they want him back. Brian I wonder may be just a dad think isn't the only by signing guys making big deal out of this you know he's the little guy trying to break into the White House I know I don't know. Fathers and like I'm still doesn't find you make that decision. This data is made a mistake doing now. Making mistake news and Julia Manning have a couple Beers and driving and trying to break in the White House is beyond just a mistake making a mistake this. Giving school making a mistake is. A lot of things right. That's not a mistake. That's not a mistake. And Imus very good win broken its. Own. You know sovereign citizen I was under the impression and mrs. Clinton guaranteed to be able to meet let's just thank men who can forget you can still yeah. Right right you got to really know. That is really dumb mistake. But don't mistake isn't sure what shirts from Macy's as a dumb mistake. Two broken in the White House. Yeah he tried to jump entered the White House and there was this thing at the pool swimming pool and I felt like there was one other thing if they had. Not mentioned about and the passage. Sizing was well and we need. Came into the White House or live Waffle House this weekend he was making just wearing green jacket and holding this assault rifle. And he started shooting in the parking lot first right I think I think some of the victims were in the hearts and mind when he came into the restroom. So four people killed four wounded. But that is your renowned law allows seniors and you survived and you see that genius son junior behind. Come out and throw it and now guys are heroes and the rest of my life. Anything I can do for him. I can't imagine I mean you know I can't imagine being a La plaza just lost my number and dying does that signal over. Rounds really. Like that's right and I really known as don't even do not talk about that now we go to movie theaters and I'm like Enron when I sit there I think where the existing case on opens are getting used to think that. I mean schools schools uncertain who rushed. He probably wouldn't kill everyone there I mean you know things look good feel for people players don't enjoy the sounds like he's trying to that guy in charge of I mean. Says he would have done the same thing obviously I know when he was talking about the school shootings sealer down and there was not a I don't know that I haven't any person let trump has that conference. But I don't know what I do in the situation I might play dead I've had that nightmare. Your credit nightmares and breaks in your house and shooting New Year's slowdown was no sign Elian is designed know something he started shooting outside and remain inside the restaurant. Jane Shaw junior. Was I keep seeing his name is it's important this guy right here but changed a junior ray into the bathroom. And from what I read this morning easy realized he couldn't lock themselves in their. PCs are into the restaurant PCs. And ease anxiety re loading or they got a general or the other reason this is my chance ran out there they got a random took the gun screwed over the counter. Remember that wages while. The guy and I am now that's the best it's if she gets. Which I was I thought that was great that they say we're getting your news knowledge of those yeah this guy deserves recognition a ton of and I'll look I didn't do this is. Looking at the most popular stories before we came in here and just so happens to the most popular stories right now all along the house. Yeah Waffle House shooting. And then you have. This police arrest that happened at Waffle House outside of Mobile, Alabama to light police officers. You can see in this video there wrestling in this black woman to the ground in a Waffle House and this happens and yesterday morning this is an audio from the video that snake and you can thank you need to hear her. Clearly distressed and her friends filming. At that point she's laying on the ground. Her shirt comes down in her breast is exposed the Koch is at one point he's gonna break her arms. This story is. Last sirens. They were ordering it to go order from the lawful house and ask for plastic utensils to take a west. And Waffle House employees say nyet to take I think fifty cents for those plastic utensils. And she says we. I ordered carry out a decent yesterday and today of course and then we don't you know charge for plastic utensils. And they're also sounded like she wanted to speak to she wanted to information for district manager and she can call because she was upset she billing. This waitress who's just being purposely Ruder. So. Happens this whole disagreement within employee triggers the police response. And the police show up and she says you're not going to grab on me like that. And it. Assess your what happens next is unclear the widely circulated video of the incident suddenly jumps to the moment Clemens in the two officers go to the ground and violent tumbled it's unclear from the video who initiated the struggle forced Clemens and officers. To the floor. What are you doing she sense and he says I'll break your arm that's not about it. Struggle continues its officers demeaning things to stop resisting. And that's when her breast becomes so there's already been a CNN. There's responses from the NAACP. For celebrities. I'll Waffle House officials savings. They are contesting the details of the family's own story. But with a Starbucks and it happened. Last week we loose. Another one yeah. Serious concern what what do happens. So there are pieces of information missing. All what happens to white women a new toys ask for utensils. John and yeah I think it is your first line. I don't know they do they actually charge for you to know I don't assume that they know and so why are they asking for money from the justice. I mean. Yeah. I mean my daughter ISIS' Mobile, Alabama so of course they tried to charge the utensils for these two black men I don't know. Maybe I go too quick to racism I'm not here. Don his. Even if they were being rude even if they got upset. I've seen that happen with my own eyes many times and no police it involves. Mr. mayor Johnson's return. Julie Johnson each. Your chances to show we somewhere in the law says. You know right handers Omar Sharif the work. On the register did you sense for when she said that she's an industry she said she'd been an hour here I think she's in the day before and they didn't charge the last. Enjoy watching video of this judge in Florida just a freaking out on this old woman is in a wheelchair and known. What is that called for they'd fill an early film deposition in Gaza sometimes film I guess it's is that you're hearing where they. You see the easiest thing grainy video it looks like surveillance video and there's one camera on the judge's face there's one on the defendant there's one on a lot of. Court before the judge wasn't there okay. And then solid judges on unlike TV right and then he can see junior looked Hannity right and I wondered if that's what was happening in this instance is a panel looks like she might be in a different location. Thing like some hazardous sentencing me like I'm not and sentencing me to jail alignment important I'll say it again here. Now I. Congratulations aegis type this weekend and I'm like hey I'd like to. I'm a much easier to nine months. Think I really have a good defense here sorry I can barely see you. Yeah I not OK yeah. I think you're right now. Okay thanks. I saw someone that Pelosi is beyond ready made the front page this morning and I think on public freak out or something it was just. The video there was no news story to go along with that but I watched the whole thing NEC is judged so angry. That's Sandra stayed twigs 59 is the one appearing before judge Merrill lead dereliction. Broward County floors are not familiar. Really bad or my judge reserves and really down to our content. So this happened April 15 that she was facing misdemeanor charges following a dispute with her daughter that's according to the Miami Herald. So chaos and this is her first brush with the long room. The judge. She gets really except from the moment she rolls and the judges clearly in a bad mood or maybe this just her teeth long I don't know. Let she keeps all right you'll know what I'm talking mule. Don't say anything. And clearly this woman is just trying to make sure that everyone's thought and it's not like she's yelling at the judge are trying to shout over the judge. Far from cheese you can barely hear but this judge. Just pay. Does your daughter and live with you ma'am. If it's me. There's no excuse me don't say anything you'd be out of what I am asking you trust and I am yeah. Yeah my neck. It's. Back she says. At one point this woman tries to talk about how she's got this creating and yes CO PD and she's got his breathing treatment she needs. And it took shots iceman I'm not here to talk about your breathing treatment and spinach. Home town one. This woman was not in any way confrontational with huge she seems frail. All the woman passed away like a true days later and her family is same and when she came home she was upset and they were talking to her about you know what happened. And she would get really anxious trying to entirely positive easing anxiety attacks are not in on that now I don't think anyone is blaming her death on the judge tie. The good news three days later he's done. So they had told the judge. Sounds like they told her. You need to resign because she resigned and it I think she was getting somewhat close to retirement but because of this she has resigned. Just. I don't know you're good judge he said now we're just like anyone else century get tired of John. Entry do a lot of job don't ask how it's your job. And and I know you've been through this a million times but she hadn't seen her fake tweets 59 this is your first brush with the loss she doesn't know. Exactly what to expect in the situation and she didn't come in there and start calling her bitch right. She was. Why and just trying to make sure that you can understand. What was going on and you just screaming and yelling. I think judges forget that sometimes my column emotion is fine but I do think they forget like. You go in there every day. Most people don't go in the early days were really understand the attitude and I were supposed to do and how we're not supposed to do it himself. Am a real nervous just like the second worst day in my life probably the other one is win. But Intel's rim to answer I'd like I mean this is bad for us like whatever it is it's in Iran we don't wanna be there. We're scared to whoever's gonna happen is the worst thing that could happen. But I think you know judges are like the design and I don't know. And I mean we've obviously. Talked about stories for judges get carried away that's not a uncommon you know probably knows none come from emotional when you go there Larry usually. You know and here is obviously this judge's familiar with the fact that she's been filmed I have to assume. She knows salty taste so how often do you get away with this because. The person you're yelling that. Winning in itself when you know if this person is convicted. Whatever crimes. And what they're gonna see them just so rude to me okay cool what's your next step and the reason this made news is probably because she passed away. And the Stanley senior we heard that it's usually stressed out about what happened to courtroom and NEC this. Sometimes also election is about a million liters and not the most scared I've ever been in a courtroom was saying stalwart older black gentleman. It was my judgment many men do made Morgan Freeman looked like Morgan Freeman I don't. Probably should strap themselves what they can solve it by his bootstraps and figure out how to live his life right you are guys like I don't know. And my lawyers doing is our UN general back for attorneys listening as remembers listening. And about Osama lawyer was done using a Leo's been accidentally tomatoes. I'm not exactly sure where this is gonna end up. But he's going to do time in jail and I was like no smoke and come home. Time. While Iowa Iowa. Oh yeah I want that guys Mike highland village just I was using good judge I I feel like my only hope and maybe you think this June. I'm always online moment. I think women are more dramatic in the icu and they they can see the potentially knew the booting you know they get that motherly instinct is Obama's and my lawyers are reacting and blatantly out of me. Hello Paul winner of Lisa and I and I answer I don't waited out the storm and so we've got a way to get in there are dozens. Or literally in the courtroom and then I went and front of Mano older black lady. And now. Assuming no Jews supernatural engine are letting go when it was like yeah. Is you spend time in jail. He said we've got to get this. I think justice case into I still remember her name and to judge rules commercial room. You can choose walker Sherman my from one judge Walker's I don't let him walk walker we got to get. I don't want want nice yeah. They don't want to welcome. Good. There's a celebrity death over the. You can't talk to people why you were frozen. We began a program for colonial cool or. Are. He is exactly like you in every way. Except 18 yourself us. Breathtaking. Pressure cause I am. Mean. Vern destroyer U died over the weekend he was 49. And fifty movies there wish. Pretty crazy to think. Because everybody calls of many mean and how do you saint. He's got a lot you know lots do and I was in those pictures maps street Dennis I'm in town and house are. Your entire life must have been in every single thing about. Being an adult this entire world is filled for someone. Or five times your size whatever run that we journals not to make central health problems ailments that come back and on top of that. You can disclaim any name and you think he was able to embrace that or do you think. I realize I mean I remember and happy obviously and had some problems but overall. This isn't cool things big cool things most of limited sensitive right and you wanna tell people like that it's like we had a guy in here and played. Rusty and your team before the news on the trash and I was like I say hey you know why you did something that 99.9 percent of us will never do and the fact that no matter. If you never do another movie anything like that again in your life. He listened and becoming a usein okay. You're rusty. From European vacation that's awesome that's something you accomplished more now than most of us several well during. Same as many me. So was she on the VH one show what was that called excellent newsroom PM where he was wrong on any heal herself now samples. It's not I'm a celebrity get me out of here soon line yes that was it. Plaza east lunch now you watch rock of love talent it. He loves. Continue to. Don't do. Yeah. Settlements. Unless you guys get something else no I was you know trying to go pitchers in which you concerned. Vern Troy area around. I didn't I was curious what your thoughts were on nights remember that story. Or the video from a few years ago of the guy. So YouTube video. And he's got his girlfriend's hug and he says she's like starters. He says you know let me tell friends call here and she thinks and distill the so cute some entertainment to do something really not a huge. And he is not seen here. So he even says like I think he says a minute to do the least QC can possibly do the most disgusting which is to be knots there so he would say like zinc I'll. Hey AZ got and it would raise its hand. He and many put it in front of the TV while there was. Again video running a bomb on Nazi and Nazi rally for the Olympics in the thirties. And so there was something else oh he would yell at the dog. They do and gas the Jews you say then what we are we talking about that she would say this so this thing is is he Jimmy sorry Ricky Gervais eulogy. He got mine today he's in trouble are they said he violated the law now and again he's not American but they said that's hate speech and if I'm hearing and they find him how much he's 62 was like the bowels somewhere around 2000 pounds and went something like that. A lot of comedians I saw Ricky Gervais is one of them say hey. I'm sorry this is sandy you. You can't find people for being offended this guy's not mean I Nazi sympathizer disguise I even says. You know this is I'm trying to do something it's funny because it's wrong because he injured his views in Scotland and users in Germany it's super illegal to. And you can't talk about it talk about oh no no swastika is Canada. So you dream and go ahead and find them. Where was this I don't know when I don't know whether astonished constitution is right why don't you like things like I'm I don't know I've just seen an international Odyssey and in general how do you stay here and I'm not themselves now clearly has Lowrie has this I'm going to be doing in town trying a thousand pounds. Here you can say about it I don't. They don't use our constitution today. Making it right so it's 800 pounds of stairs in about 11100 dollars. This is sheriff cannon gave them the finest of lecture. Saying the video was anti Semitic and racist yeah he's was found guilty of hate crime. Under the communications parents. I think the thing that a lot of you were sent on Twitter today to finish. Probably. Did a man was his whole gas the Jews joke you know just never mind that's just now. Really ever funny now I get it there and attempts it was made it humor I guess it's it doesn't make him a Nazi sympathizer I understand that. It feels like without doubt partner. Maybe doesn't get the fine maybe because I was a little senile thing in the dogs raised his best he's laughing about that it's in poor taste but. It's not an international incident. Very weird because whenever some fashion darn. Here's a murderer hold talks. He spends run circles and those two flips it was tricky grass to do. I just don't. And finally she was like coming up. I don't know who trained her. I don't remember how we discovered something that we were watching a documentary that you were there. Thank Ken Burns thing about Cambodia or something he says something about laden I was. We're. But I decision mentioned that I didn't even training duties I definitely don't think that dance on introduced around the. That's that's phony. Not really it's kind of phoning not a everyone. Not a person who perished. It was funny when it was between you tonight. Hi thanks so do you think your obligated to go to it if someone say it's a friend. And they say thank you knows everything's gone wrong in their life. I don't know whatever the scenario is he gonna billion light at trump for some reason they are out on the streets literally don't have anybody else this all star with the talk about the kid thing earlier but. If you. Trying to front O'Donnell locked and they needed a place to stay there glacial winters are going to be homeless or write him right. Which I've been one of those friends of yours I stayed with you as Allan told my furniture got there from. I remember but obviously that was never there I don't think there was a risk of being and definite we knew that the French it was coming at some point. But say that your friend has no money or whatever how long woods at the of their I've found this thing it was talking about but it depends on girls and human. Isn't just a friend isn't a friend at. And his wife and kids are her husband and kids and I found this survey talking about it and it says a close friend. They set up a close friend. Needed to stay with you learned some social version. So I'm assuming it's out one person. And they don't have any kids and that's going to be them staying there with you. So some people said I would not be prepared to let them stay at all 6% of people said now I can't can't accommodate and it's a close friend. Yes it's as close friend. 13% people said one or two nights. Up to a week to week was 22%. That was that the most popular response. Is up to a week. Up to two weeks 12% up two month 14%. Up to three months 5% six months 3% up to a year 1% people said that this is weird. Wonders and you'll set up to a year 1% people said longer than year but 9% of people said it indefinitely as long as he or she needs to stay. They can stay mentally mourn Matt Kemp. I don't know how I would ask them to leave. And as always there are trying to figure it out. And they don't have to start trying to figure out right away either like you're done something happens. You're down on airlock. You know you can stay at least a couple weeks before even got to do anything. And then you know trying to look for a big suit is going on right so eventually they're gonna have to get a job. None are going to be fine so my thing is like you can stay would Minty tobacco industry. I mean that's my that's like that will be my. Ground rule is as close friend there's only a few people that are allowed to do that. Thought if your close friend and a good time. I almost like you have to be it's kind of like to Paris air right. You move back then that's fine but there's going to be some rules here no we're hasn't been right but you can't do that from the beginning is your friend but at some point you may have to say. You gotta get a job yet trying to drive got to OK so here's the thing and my friend as soon as much as as close friend yeah. So. I feel like my close friends would also be close friends would mean. Ride like they would feel the way I feel about them salary reciprocal feeling so I don't remember my commanders Tuesday and do nothing. I thought they really came and I appreciate it. I'm gonna try to figure this out to. When I don't they ever have to have that conversation does that conversation we go. Unwritten yeah I'm I guess unspoken I'm trying to think of a friend that most likely. Had a friend in high school who overstayed welcomes but I guess high school post high school college age. And you oversee welcomes and he he was constantly crashing on somebody's couch and he actually did end up staying with another friend. And was there for like four months before fine and he said that's it got to fight that you have to get ally of Islam our basement. And he was working but he didn't leave it to stay there. Right there's something about if you don't already have a remaining not used to that. And you have some it's kind bring your parents come into town arsons let Morris guess your house at first it's okay but you do get to a point. The hard but I feel like you're close friends would be the ones who were like okay I'm gonna go around here I just feel like I'll help you onto an impact on your feet it be easier for you too because you got a bigger house a good difference I live in a small house itself if you must watch TV. Are going to be watching it in the same room. We're going to be hearing just feels right we're gonna be bumping into each other a lot. It's no Conn said nuclear insulin. Katrina to me. As I can see a scenario where you get upset with them. Where you lose any stays there and you say all right snow cone eleven Eli got some things any age to get done around here. Just know does not a lot of movement was all. You just gave this big long thing about letting a friend who ran. And definitely songs are working on an uncanny removing for a night put it to stay for a nightly news and Hannity come over for a night. Budget. But yeah I know you can bring stuff will view. Or dog moving furniture and stuff you got your stocks have anywhere else to go so you've got like I don't he's a brain box full of stuff. The rest of I hope is in your car I hope you Slava car. If silicone I'm making news. Just known as don't call me console is not super. You got us make that very clear from the get I am. Our doesn't it. And maybe I now. We are usually not in Spanish but all of them out I thought I was clear his boss. But still what this reminds me of something. That we are supposed to do last week we were at times we should do ask colossal as I got a bunch of questions for us clause though they do yeah because WTO they pile up yeah and so am I. I had some good ones last week and never got to read useless to ask puzzle coming up and not. I can't wait. Churchill who has low. The virus. I lady how are you I'm great how are you all right as users. Heard these off the gas these are asked Laszlo questions and which people can email to stoke on. And he saves them. So some of these maybe a little bit old I don't know China. Seoul was started with this one's from people emailing questions I just curious ligament. They give me personal questions or they could be advice type of thing. As a you'll have like you know trying to be funny and clever stuff whenever things like that there's a way out here is really rather on here. Hash tag ask allows long. I lines from that way too if you want. So. Laszlo dazzle a lot of things annoy the but what is a normal thing that some people do. That makes you the most angry or discussed do you amongst young boy a normal thing met some people do. That makes you the most angry or discuss do you the most that's so broad authority to zero probably. A lot of things. A lot there are a lot of you know one thing I'll get his summing it up change that question just a little bit something that bothers me that probably doesn't bother other people. I hate. And it shouldn't bother me but I hate it and I don't know why. When people come over to my house right. The national Wi-Fi password which Wi-Fi password on my gorgeous on your business good thing but what ZLX some sort of foam and doesn't have. Billion Hernando de LA and why you can't use Saudi business wanna watch my browser is under our kids yourself I guess that is bodies and he's asking like an intrusion of all of course officially goes over all the time yeah your girlfriend or whatever Ryan yeah. That's okay but you're right there are those people like you don't just refrigerate privileges like. I you don't get review just Clinton to come over and go on in my refrigerator you know we're not that close. Yeah that's I feel like I have felt you have people who come overnight just over on your refrigerator like whoa. We're out there closer you got to ask yeah same thing like and I don't want don't you know we're not that close suits come over and asked my Wi-Fi password. They usually sell that you say open your perjury like people who just going to drink themselves learn about asking that you don't have referred to root go grab his refrigerator privileges that slowness it's. Refrigerator privileges Wi-Fi password privileges you don't have that. You should know that Moody's privileges. Well you just can't come up to me like. And I'm like man we are not on that level and give you a new ride you know I mean we're not on the level. We may be friendly but we're not on that level you don't get to do that. Once joke on comes over my house he just takes great image disappears in the case he comes back he's got pretty much so I guess not I hate that he's got freedom OK I have that privilege. He certainly I am I I. I have decided that he does because. I used all I guess that's. That's where Iraq Imus who Wear the enrolling him sing hey what's your Wi-Fi and yeah that is a normal thing that people do. I wish Wi-Fi password and a you know the scenario doesn't change on my passwords everything else services that are being MB month. And if I uses same password for a lot of things on my listen to it. Now I got a chain on him know what it is for Netflix from sure they're gonna try and make your home. But like you and I got to go back and look at all that stuff only Vermont has reversed and things. All right next court my pastor is not near business for anything. Sam you Madson I don't know I just. Who cares you know what Phillies so that I did there have been times where people come over that is like Jimmy was a friend of my ex wife's but it was like a friend of a friend or just people lit. Then I'm prejudiced I never going to be in my house again and they immediately say front page you have Wi-Fi Quito what's the password it's like I have actually thought. My within this is now tell senator beam right why you have to handle what's happening. Now there it's also like they had need to. Plug my opponent. Okay all right I guess I announces that in a charger in America that's fine I guess it is gonna Pam asked to bring out here in the living with minority have a fine. Well for some reason doesn't bother me that much knows that wasn't I was like yeah no it doesn't believe it's. Oh it is chargers on whatever I get done which do what I do know is a you don't in my life are your asking for a password it could be passed that I used for multiple thing runs. OK that I enjoy I mean yeah you're at a parlor game. You're asked and and like Ozzie you know what I'm not sure does like you know I hate so and so right yeah a lot. Just don't ask. I got you okay I understand that part. Was on my husband wants a pool I dollars and an answer this by the way it wasn't my husband wants a pool. I've heard you talking about schools for a long time I won't want and I know you love them love it but I think it's a huge waste of money. I need help. Convincing my husband that they are usually some money why don't believe you give me some reasons know to talk him out of it why. I realize he's just trying to tester debate skills and she knows you I guess it could be that day you love us swimming pools. Why wouldn't you want when I was drawn support one N. It was suppose were employed in. As hot. They're a fun thing to do. You get to enjoy it why do you not want it. Why would you wanna slow employ your backyard what would why there's no reason. Well there's some reason I won't get your heroes here realtors says stuff like you know I. You might not wanna swim pool it's a huge expense they crack you don't use him as much as you think you will it. People to people I've told you that about the pool you've talked about the past that's on a boat you wanna be friends at the prison with a pool you don't wanna on the pool well. To Jonathan for them. You know and I also think your Dick. Let your husband problem in I don't know what he does but. He doesn't not set enough aside enough money to be able to report in the backyard alone and he wants Stephon and try to enjoy his life a little bit. And you wanna just tell no. Why we don't she could be the sole breadwinner babies is they don't that why you know bush whenever they're together they're a team and he's trying to enjoy some summer moments you don't want. And by the way that may save your marriage lady. May be when he gets home from work he goes and gives them enforce a fun thing to do when you go get an idea as a Roy after talking to swarm around as a nice. And set a sitting in the living room staring at each other. Hope that helps its. Stan and Asian American anonymous question why Zale is on his phone because he got nothing else to do and elegant maybe Avery had a pool. If if he's asking for a pool there is that you and their it seriously discussing a big. She also doesn't say specifically we don't have the money for she just says it's a waste of money. So it sounds like if you bring in a pool hot you might have enough money for a pool if it's a it is being seriously discussed. Putting a pool. In the backyard as ever come up that miles because I've never had an extra. Fifteen grand went around for a pool you know I mean but if he's talking about it he wants it. We're delighted for sure. I'm what do you care but you don't use it there. It just don't do this kind of thing don'ts are talking about how much it down and he goes through with that. Limit and you can't you use it don't use and then on to beat out stay out of it sent a group of us that I have put a big sign up. But our name waters. Just learning so everybody except Sheila. No she was alone. They Lazaro. He's out on as a dinosaur racked a lot of anybody who signed. Yeah I mean that's. That's not a place you wanna be once Apple's errors there and if you born residents are bodies of money under NAFTA on that now mean you don't get to go some in the pool. It was I know slim fast usually does he would you rather questions but I think I've got one I haven't heard him ask would you rather spend the rest of your life. Without air conditioning in your home and collars. Or spend the rest of your life without Internet access are without air conditioned for sure. Eagle Internet. Yeah horse but. Primers like cars easy I'd rather drive to the windows down anyway OK. But it doesn't matter because bombing at a pool. I would never this. If I thought that you. Would come to a decision quickly but I was thinking and now. On. Summers here miserable and like you probably had a night rear air conditioning is that I I cannot sleep. When the air conditioning goes out if you can't even with the windows a lot of fans is so front GAAP amounts figured out horrible. You think you'd be okay what about the un would not having in another just I know it they both sound terrible that's a thing but I feel like without the Internet access and he didn't specify. But I couldn't ask someone to look things up on the Internet still gonna suck is that to ask someone anytime I want or something up. But I am down I can't play along I'm really NN I because he didn't specify the outlook that's someone else who has a politic if you look this up remain well that's. You do open. Also in super hot gases or who's spent and I and our house you know. I just thought they are like today can you Google. In 1972 Red Sox really curious to know right fielders like that that's ridiculous you're better off in my name man. Five just sort of I have a couple of Beers and experts going to pass out of it's a 170 degrees and asleep on a couch that's easier. Both sound bad but I. No problem one sounds a lot more zinc I just not having Erika she sounds miserable I think I would move that could never conditions I'd have to move it's it's too hot here. Hey I had a friend. That would help but when it's a hundred degrees it's tough Dwight Evans. I don't actually know that a problem doing it a try. But I know who do items as they guys to generalize plays on. I'm double check. In the in his up. Yet now he's earned. Know I'm right they got clear I don't need Internet connection Domenici and does so at least certainly all right here I do realize. But it looked up to some new onerous and I really don't I Donna's right here. Hey guys don't listen haters I think this show is awesome I always have unless you guys have already told us I would like to hear about everyone's first kiss. You remember your project cars like the very first one we have now than it. Yeah I'm not like out like a serious one slightly mare's first one like your very first for me acting miles back I think that we made out. I don't think that I had even like kissed a girl on the lips up until college grade were you I was in seventh grade poof little bit older than someone for a huge note on how I was doing email today. Is referenced this was the only way to hold a second. So you got. Raped by girl learned so bad when you're like are we counting that as in the hallway as we have to judge what did she can issue. Yes all right well then as what is RS or counting that. But that's not what comes to mind when I think first you can't there's a cousin's a lot Jalalabad. I guess our Zain yes first kiss with consent. But yeah okay so if that's if that's the case and I was ever worldly and little chick named Ava. Is that a roller skating rink outside Saint Louis bloom and Lazaro skating into entering through a place to what our immigration girlfriends and -- and guess sex that you're their role something around that I am trying to the president six Graham. I could roller skate shoe could it. And I felt super embarrassed I kept falling down she was nice. And then we went over lose a little area and I just sat down I was super demoralize like dumb man. And then she said I'm actually interest me. But she says it's okay. My it was like set up forming. It was my. Or but it was I was set up to look kind of like a friend. Made it happened yeah yeah my friend told the stroller name was Sarah and her mom was was one of my teachers. And we were at the movie theater. We were seen. Oh the one about the traders twister. And I left I don't know why I left but when I came back I found out later I left my friend Blake was silent hate you needed. Make out what things he's never gonna make the first move runs and you gotta do this when I came back. She's an eighty wanna. You wanna make out als like oh OK you know and we made out. I was a little frustrated and I told Lou this is a does is absolutely true now I think about it I was in the fifth grade until like a roller skate and I Cohen and I just fell down and in my head. I thought how hard can it be right and I just I mean I can roller skate. So we were gonna go mean it go roller rink or whatever and then of course I couldn't roller skating just kept falling down so. She can sat down next to me. And then like any eighth grade. I went skiing. Wit her and she said you know a lot of skiers and of course and MI and I thought how hard going to be. I'd never done before and I've felt on the bunny hill and then she sat down with me. That happened twice in the same girl like it or one more time when I was a senior they've told me really got one more time allow other because she. She was super Smart. And then she really short and obviously she was going through a CT scores and saw the momma super rod in my grade point average super low and so we started talking about it. The number went out one time and I think I just got smashed. Yes and you say that she knows there are not been you were saying how you can drink and she come out and all came full circle them that you told the story will be. Oh she did get sick grooves graduation parties here yes and she's educate over the drinking and you cut it and all pimples or don't try. At all which. So I don't know to move and high school. That's Chandra more about the fact that it's still your go to either right. So concert someone set appears to be it's hard to discover it's my goodness I wanted to be like my pace this year so bass Brothers something so you what you can your first just. Well what does that mean brother setup. Always a whole new set my posters and right right on my sister and a brother you know. And I didn't even I was joke can't imagine it is I don't know how does that shot anyway here's I can't. I was for its. Her dad's Sandra to her marriage. But I was visiting the one time I was talking and he was around my age and he had told me he knew this chick who'd like kiss anyone's who set this stuff. Went to the roller skating to anything at all man has always when I'm looking for. He's a little thing man. There's a girl kiss anyone. And he wasn't send my way yeah. Our discretion does this mean about me amnesty that's what. And I'll I'll skip it what is the measurement erosion less severe in the bush which reportedly program bush. That's right man for the lives of an abortion should. So that's listening question. It's inappropriate you as a sack as some ought to be it's an attack on sexuality says how many. Can you say come on how many men and do you think some bass has been at the basement what are. How many men has an alert when you write that question that. Like sexual and how many men do you think he's a little he or she's a little more specific where they say they say. They just read that question senator. How many men do you think it and insights on fast. Okay that up but then got a gas is very real questions about what. Kind of take a while gash. Free my guess those are well ovaries overall it's like oh victory rarely. Yeah. The happening higher than that. I don't I don't think the F three. Art this last question is from blunt what does that include tongue. Because even includes telling in your mouth and that number goes way up. Healthy and includes a finger. The way we're all thinking I've never been with me and it never missed a guy won now I know that's a life history that. Yes well documented yes a lot of people though cannot hide out on the lips yes likable cast their dad. On the lips yes keep forgetting that on the lips are guess ill and so a lot of people do that and I'd say freemen have been cited okay. This last question. It's from blank one with a doctored to from pleasure but the but the the last pleasures from Blaine. And I'm I'm gonna. Surmise what he's saying here because he's asking it. What celebrity. Do you think. Has earned their celebrity the least basically they have vol locked out. Slash he even says won the lottery multiple times in their fame uses the example pimple but. What celebrity do you think is the least deserving. Of their slogans and another way to phrase that you did you guys know the story of Hollywood Henderson now Hollywood and you know. Hollywood Henderson was a football play under. Dallas Cowboys team play against the Steelers is that what you're famously said. Before the Super Bowl where the Pittsburgh Steelers that. But Terry Bradshaw couldn't spell cat if you spot and the CNN that's a guy right yeah that's a guy Hollywood Henderson let him like a huge drug problem maybe. He sold drugs and he got arrested. And went to jail. For lied. You know what I know exactly how he went to jail and went to jail for. Well and I don't I'm gonna guess 28 months. OK and he goes to jail for tornado months he gets out of jail and so it may it. He is lucky enough blessed enough to be talented and attempted to have played in the NFL right and then. Be a squatters and all the way through drugs or whatever right. Then goes to prison for 28 months gives on the prison. Is clean and sober doesn't have any money and winced when he million dollars lottery dull all okay. Remember that and then just for fun who wins the lottery again not a second time wasn't as much it was amount. Hundreds of thousands to tens of thousands on remember the guy won a lot but I made two silly NFL plays in the Super Bowl gets busted goes to prison. And I think the numbers twenty game I've I think its twin whatever he wanted. Maybe it's 24. But amid the millions of dollars that he wanted. Are the same number of months he went to prison so he went to prison for like 24 months anyone 24 million. If you went for 28 months or anyone to create millions of same number. No way he had duel won the lottery. MMI you don't sound like I'm 18000 pounds and for some reason we talked about him so maybe he won the second time within. When we were you may harm because I remember us talking about that guy and he had one I feel like Andy that he had won before. So you think that's. Well that's certainly a lucky us right mom has the most undeserving. And undeserving deserving a deserving. While I. So now because he said hit the lottery outlet and I got hit a lottery. To be in the NL and Al and then it'll actually. Squandered all his money and then literally hit the lottery again like. If there is a god he demanded that your name Hollywood Henderson beat me now you're rich. He demanded it. Most undeserving as Sarah Palin. Oh that's a good Juan. I mean she was plucked out I mean she was just plucked out of nowhere is John McCain doesn't picker at the last minute on the air via serious pressure to do it we've all seen the movies when he didn't wanna do it. She's still a mayor of Wasilla Ryan. Should we don't we don't know where we have and we don't hear about are nothing. But at the last minute he picks there and boom. And whether you like or not she's an international superstar. From being a mayor of a city smaller Long Island dia. That's a good one is ever an hour. Ever she was breached but she hadn't been a governor for very long all right and as mayor Susan Mayer yeah. Does everyone always says Kim Kardashian and his dueled it which I always argue with the whole Kim Kardashian not to have sex yeah we'd all agree on the most people don't turn that into. A multi multimillion. Dollar brand Kim Kardashian. Or dress up and people say what she famous for being on a show a lot of people are famous for being on his show. A lot of people are famous for being on a show. That's one of the top ways to get famous I would say is being on a show. They're allowing Iraq so I don't understand why and and bring Babbitt but why would you get an A schober is why those people that I guess I'm not an ocean or not to stand up comedian who wash everything you talk right got reality stars and All Saints who who don't. Achieve anything. Close yeah a lot of impact on energy essence it was a least deserve him thinking she's. I think it could be easily argue that you worked harder than a few other reality stars. Right released was more calculated make wiser decisions yeah I mean they've certainly made their brand successful earners are the word out all the hard work for sure people say Paris Hilton I think it's. Getting the show in the first place. Snowe a key that's reality star mile Bristol Palin. Number six use Bristol. Lanka. Wow I guess yes she's even more but she's obviously not. Close to the organizers say starting out though and I think I don't know she's only famous Perez Hilton why is not on the list and Mikey he's sort of website right that is. Tila Tequila I don't honestly know oh how she got started but. Donald Trump well she's on another. I think so that she had a spell out everything. In a lot of these people are just actors maybe there's a difference between not liking someone and not one not thinking that they're good at what they deal ends. Thinking that they just got lucky that the lottery I don't pick someone who literally won a lottery twice and Erin Anderson exposes him Hollywood Anderson Hollywood Henderson Hollywood Henderson. But Sarah Palin is a that's a Cinderella the most undeserving right now. Are you by the way that really a lot of political about this you may eighth US thinks is a great politician but the fact that McCain picked her out of nowhere Mickey out of nobody thought the wind. Remember when they call her up to rely who's that even the newspapers and journalists like lemon got eggs you know I don't know what's what's her story so. Jews really picked out of nowhere home and you know made incredibly friendly she had she didn't she quit had she quit being she gave up one of them right being governor Miramar which when she quit. Right she would only held office for a little while yet and I remember sitting here with you that day when he announced it. The world he's listen I thought it was going to be Lieberman and Ryan Reynolds to living thought it could be in and they said it's Sarah Palin and everyone said hoop. I media like us that everybody. Was trying to figure out who. This person wasn't in the next you know she's on TV timeouts no machines mine and then conceivably. More popular today than John McCain. Yeah I mean she still gets only television appearances I bet if both I mean how do you rent them through and ask a related just a now a thousand people. Showed him pictures of ten women and they showed him pictures attend men and ask them pick out John McCain in one of Rome and Sarah Palin and Hillary but you get more people to pick up cerebellum and again John McCain. There's nothing argument be made for ya I can shoot some more books and that'll put a book out at the same time I'm I don't know. I think the chances of prevention. You two guys that showed the dead body. I don't know his name and I know people all right it doesn't go Nepal gap but again it there's brought again he's one examines something and yeah not like you what he's doing something there's a difference between doing something that you don't like. And then not doing anything in becoming I'm in because I can start put a camera on me anger on YouTube I'm not getting sound familiar news tomorrow sort of guy dead now he kinda did I mean you considers sending us are LG has some sort of drive. To get to be mayor and then governor. But her hurt trajectory was popped. Not just on paper. You are right. That's all the questions are there enough people wanna ask questions. They just email to stoke on tonight's excited buzz Akamai and make is that the subject ask us. Squabbles. And Brett Ferrer you guys you're never the matter believe people send yours mean letters to you soon and third. Made me mad is what it did these sons of bitches. Did not realize it for fifteen years not only be yet provide the public servant to my halt down. See your adopted hometown liable to your whole council fat. Like you've done it. For furry. That's the thing is people are paying him with a near radio program. Either opt in or opt out and it's a free public service. On public Airways and the and you got what was the guys named Henry penis sending. Don't letters. Was well this Ronald pieces probable target might Yuri thank. God and certain other million dollars helped the door. All I usually agree with you but I feel like there's a difference between business and we've said it many times I've heard loud as those say hey it's free this doesn't cost rethink. But the ones who really at homer or the ones that are. Essentially saying you you're capable of more maybe not a lot what you're capable of more on those laws Rego. I don't approach I don't know if I it would release fox might isn't weird thing to know the loan penis. If that's his name is at home. Praying for not only. My financial ruin. But then from Landry followed upon by my Duff one yet as anyone Judy cancer. And and yeah I'm. And what certain people Torre and for your financial rewards given lie that he's not actively contributing tourists. Like they're there they could be court and won back are you like your spay and how it really you know submit post or home like I. Course you could be do better. You know this we all know they've you know you could wrap that warrant every Friday you pop there again if you opted for a as. But like that you have every right to opt for that clear what did you say teen years then. It's like people are many black hole like Miami making still turning everything into LeBron James has gotten. But it's gotten that far it's like yesterday was people it's morning or like out. LeBron needs to. To play better defense now we haven't. You can do your best seen carrying me Geithner I would argue here it's heave it up carrying the entire team it's city radio market. On your shoulder the only thing that. No separate software BM what didn't Antioch. Is the fact that we have a form where we were really lets be honest all we're the couple liberal show. Debt debt debt that we're the same what is right in the world. And these guys sitting yet hate mail I got no I had no time for. I don't buy or were you I would try I would you like that certain that it will years and Alan maybe in net smoke on duplicate ball. US docs this guy started looking for people and Ronald Peterson has just been traditionally anywhere FaceBook changed their search functionality after that whole broom closets they're really difficult for a seat to the bottom of some of these you know anonymous emails. Com wolf Kevin Durant. Got in more social media controversy is stupid. On this but you're a little red. No I didn't want to have a Magellan on all of us are under strong. Yeah sure you remember what have you also referring to him as thunder struck on TV every time. I really feel like you large I have maybe a light. More I think I'll start tomorrow I I believe it is a really good idea it seem petty but you know some magic and loves you right. So Katie obviously this summer got caught having multiple sake Twitter count them which. If you would go in get a comment solved close. She would just say to open is that they've forgotten all about I forgot about the idea. Armed and they and like peacock too by the way yeah all of insult. There was oppose. Orient server airman. KV like it given some bite the big difference. And then people within the comments. Guys start arguing about Katie is that we believe okay speaker of course. And saw born like in a comment to a comment to a comment. Someone replies saying again that will also rock Serbs were at U stronger all up. And got to click the old like buttons along Kevin Durant yes I saw was a time. All on slam you can pretty you can arm walking you can probably I mean we look first thing if you just Google KB. I achieved rough you're anything like that you keep your orgy in the weight per second bite and pull up the fact we are you that it. I'm looking right now. And ran homeowners who trolls know all of this is all would this happen will afford. Enjoy your upper hand combat this is again comic criticizing Russell was folks as it was an accident. Yeah there we go this says Som. Comments. Did when they circle Beers says Kevin Durant like this okay is a common at Xavier 21 whatever. Sub par Allen mass failed the problem was Westbrook. They had a good ass team. Does that burn ya a guy. Yes and so Katie like it and the best part about it it's Katie that's the garden you'd like nerd knows maximum. Like dude. It happens I remember Ted Cruz accidentally you scroll through Twitter and so on must know about three weeks in a porn video some bad you know years military though. Could he beat you guys view that you'd like geez if you know they. Are there Murray only. Because he didn't like all polls she liked the comment. At the very has formally distances. OK and there are no I didn't mean to like it but I was. He put into a book to read at oak reading your insert Graham arm into arguments about me and my biggest yeah right. A lot of celebrities. He's made a lot of people do Mandela on Long Island Ohio I think we don't like to hope do we were is wealthy is salmon talented and we'd be able to avoid digging and best effort we know it gets to put nick let's be honest man you have a bunch of Twitter followers and I just in and look it you've got. Win it whoever this person was whoever's Ronald penis thing Kevin Durant. You know he is still a human like there is another person on the other side of that in mr. Graham county and or maybe some of that stuff bothers them and there's got to be stuff that you see that bothers him out. Or no agreed and I don't have any problem with guys clapping evacuate people. Take if we are actually gonna like take this super curiously I what I would say it. Although like you what people liking there is one just we're moving eighty boys he had that you know but winning a championship recording it on. Paulino it was a good point that's your point. It like it's really not even a shiny like lightning in light is not my as you and you're right you're right you know what I mean it shows a post you know being upset that somebody cents on the back about a is actually. Liking something and it's all Russell Westbrook small margins. I like which can and by the way if and the ability or when we practiced for what you're on the edge due tomorrow. So what OJ ED if you're that then state and you have to read what ever what's that about June I hope viewed in a hurry to the refusal thunder struck. Or are you and I helped various notice. Are always thought your workers by the way I don't know it's got to go but I'd do you think there's any doubt that it would you be shocked at all someone says something negative about either one of us Lazaro. And you like to that comment I get to show sucks let's Piazza's slim fast faulty solenoid emotion of if you like that. I wouldn't be shocked I would actually think that's kind of funny I picked. I would I think it was funny if you did about me I would not do it about you because I know how personally take Ali appreciate that amendment I'm being honestly I wouldn't do that because I feel like it would bother you I'm not saying they had have you managed to me it would be funny a guy. And I don't know obviously their relationship probably isn't like that I'm just trying if that were wrapped I can see so was it. Our man robbed these does that slump as ugly as the reverend last I was a first birds in the light and look look look I just wouldn't be shocked us all. Churchill. I'm an ABC.