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The righteous man. From all sides. Cheering your homeland. Well these dark. Will strike down upon me. You know you know how I do great or you. Because. And here I was weekends it was actually really got an Irish. Weather was perfect yeah. Its. Can you go swimming in or. Tools over the line they do that. It feels like general this will be warming nor what whatever the case is what is warming up usually in early may around here to swim. They just leave for kids. Probably. There I don't know. Insurers to. Especially the tools and don't have lifeguards. And sent memos that are needs to know because of the lifeguards and yeah school tomorrow locals definitely. We can do yeah. I don't I don't have an answer for him out judgment you know there in the afternoon. W they're all the time I love you can I feeling this is always an opportunity earlier in the window here right. I would love to go through tomorrow. It's coming now. Yeah winds today. Why do and he's got. I got an inventory and I know I just showed up I don't know tonight. And I was actually gave me a text and dozens were pretty certain he knows how to teach them and blogs stuffed in a new blog so and you. Perfect and as I went to Texas he had texted me and said hey I don't want it to the blog style would you like to look out sponsors on turning dealing. It's. Perfect. And yes you blaze. Thanks and words and I receives cards and doesn't have its archenemy. Twice X. Each started. 456 years ago yeah. You can it was five years I did five years like two weeks she is sure how old you 26. So very. I came of age you talked about you have I mean yeah. You wanna talk about. The news. Okay. I it's just what I. Is planning on doing business normally what we do we Gonzales Drudge is a genius not Chelsea on the challenge. Right yeah right after you text and I organization to plus bothers me another. Documentary on Netflix and only Jesus Russell. Just text and I mean you should watch the tournament policy to watch. What's it about. I saw everybody talks about it's a murdered a documentary that. And it's. Mountain division winners goes away and my defense first fifteen seconds or 22 so. Guy goes into a bank he's got a bomb around his neck. Win and win matches and storage might early two thousands of politics and so like all led TV consumers and you'll recognize every image. It's fairly recent. Okay this is not the guys in the group but guys were heavily armored noticed that I thought it was going to be okay are starting to lose and I'm usually I was trying to explain that someone. The last month saying. Morrow started. Footage we watched that footage live those guys on the street yes shot at my house and like eat bouncy not for the yes. Since there. I want to. They opened. The new embassy in Jerusalem. And king. Wildly exciting because these are rumors and there were some people aren't sure we're happy about it. Some people not so happy there were some protest. At T. Gaza border. So rocks being thrown. Tires being lit on fire it's that kind of stuff and of course that's. One side. Of the order. Throwing the rocks laid the tires and other side. Shooting. Back then protesters. So at this point last check. They're just saying. Dozens killed and Gaza border on its protests continue for an embassy in the opening. Eight we have seen Israelis challenges I'm using to learn to Don Teague got panicked is up on the protested and firing live ammunition. We think that the death told I'm from day several weeks and protect. Now stands at around that Casey and we have seen several casualties being taken away ambulances today I including some with gunshot. Lives. More than 2400. Demonstrators. Were wounded. Today along the border. And. And I'm. They all want the embassy be moved us. Why so earlier when I was reading through this that's on. I tried to at least read. Yeah we're gonna talk I had many real at least one full article from top to bottom because of plaza says. Why. I have an answer and I thought you know when it comes to. To Gaza. Order in Jerusalem and the embassy in Israel shirt I don't even. One to pretend to know. Why there on site I know they're upset I know in some announce that they got in the area museums and none I don't know I don't know that was supposed to my mind but I changed. Changing. She time. We don't know and why didn't mind people know I just don't know when you don't know but informed people know when they don't want it there. I know I have friends really really adamant we don't like the way Israel handles this seems like. A lot of young progressive. Type people. Think that the way Israeli forces deal with protesters. Are there perhaps even. He seemed like Shirley like minded people so I would just assume even though you wanna hire completely ignorant. To this whole ordeal. We probably don't love the way he Israeli forces are handling this I can't say that for certain. I don't know I wasn't terrible it's but it seems like a lot of people that we would associate let me tell us. It's Travis. I heard during well then let me officially lodged my complaint yeah I think you should just go ahead and I was on FaceBook I arranged news. Andre is. I saw during the white house press conference today there. People last question saying hey they were just throwing a rock. If they're throwing rocks are these really show. And assembled there. It's not a situation is more than just rocks came through. Tony 400 people and I'm not sure how that works. If people throw rocks at the police here to the police have to put down their guns and then immediately pick up rock soon as the verified I don't think that's all works. I'm not sure I know so I disinterested you know I understand treat right now outrage there goes our. Our. Still Frito lights out and her reach we. Its. Previous administrations in Washington like the governments of most American allies. There had been unwilling to make the transfer insisting that the status of Jerusalem needed to be resolved in a peace agreement with the house. And I understand. People are gonna start only about I guess the difference between the Palestinians. And Israelis I understand through life had a auto Ryan understand. Implications going back even pre World War II I understand all usage. You know what. I'm not next president based on the where Obama and I have some of the basics and I understand how Sandra I also know about the war and actually went. They're being attacked and then decided you don't want to bring together more front row like I know I'm aware of that juice that you don't know. Leon February. What I don't know is why the embassy mariners. Because I think I should I don't know like it was I thought over and so we put the embassy there were officially saying that's yours thanks Exxon is religiously contested land I'm aware of oh yeah. And it's a way. Israel news. Am not. And same religion. And us counseling there. It's. I'm doing now if someone wants him to bait me at a bar video saying. In the reading and pay you forget about it this is religiously contested land a contested land. Shania. Yeah I think they don't want us saying. Jerusalem. Obviously mean it that's Israel's. And that seemed to be the anger when he announced it right because they're fighting over. Plans. I watched the dedication ceremonies are moving beyond Ashley to be played I think. I'm really sorry I this is not a sign of disrespect I do get that. The First Lady in the first daughter's name continues. First daughters of fun it's an honor its. Customers alike why he's in the hospital share energy consumers who are. That was any negro kidneys to. But soon. Palestine is Muslim Israel's Jewish construction complex. I just keep learning more more business day goes on. Now is there reason that they don't like one another and those two religions today. Missouri conflicting messages pretty similar. Ratings instrument to a messy. So I seems like Camelot sure a lot of the same holy land us. Don't end. Doubt queries myself some personal check tonight unite hobble our all these. Above the laptop it's really gets seriously use cyanide even go to the library. You guys yeah late in H 317. Remember I've always. CNN. Actually along go to Lois. 239 people. Died. On suspected dead yeah Malaysia airlines flight 370. It ends there's all these different. Theories about what happened but today. Big news. I guess. The Australian version of sixty minutes hired a bunch of aviation experts and they seem we know exactly what happened and it was suicidal. Pilot data dump her discretion of the ocean number firmness. Killing himself unfortunately he was telling everybody else on board. And he did it deliberately. Now back I was saying that they can look at the right happens he's he's stayed. The way he went from this country this country somehow we kept people from being suspicious or from trying to track him and this other experts say that if you look back epilogue. He tilted the airplane at one point and if they think that he was looking down on his home city to say goodbye to get one last look at his home city before he killed himself or who are also on board. Somebody was looking out the window. Why anyone have a. In my knee is long emotional does Dubai air show emotional goodbye. So there you go with the house I. That's that's what I'm telling you I just told you he said that candidate who was that he was the aviation expert who said it was a. And I'm an imminent. They're Australia. Strong arming and on two occasions whoever losing control of the plane. Probably the only one in a way but it tips the aircraft to the last experts believe that the pilot was taking a final look. And his home city and so chilling series of TV analyst a symbol. We're indiscernible. There is really no big show. And automation boring news you know entertainment like it's an iron there are certain I thought I was I was out about its the Israeli. Palestinian conflict too terribly much the MHG 7 evening was the top this is most dread seeing right now. I'm watching closely similar to CBS news and Aaron I got some breathing life how's this. I wanna say that it's silly it's not silly some semi serious bucks. Mississippi let's let's go to Mississippi clean transferred to miss it just reminds. You can these cities right there right. A man is behind bars. For our attempted murder charges. And another man is recovering from a gun wounds to his back. After an altercation here's what happened there's this convenience store looks like it's a gas station convenience store to do that they've got. A restaurant it looks like green. You don't you tell what you want assault apparently at the Hershey story apparently in this small town a lot of people other in the morning as part of their routine. Well I'm in order to peach cobbler. Some breakfast I guess so called names did not all news or did not think there are not peaches in his speech got. This caused him to become very upset he started yelling and Brady the women who works. This gas station. Now I'm man tries to intervene is named Logan. And when he tried to intervene by erupting saline these ladies alone didn't do anything wrong. And playing peach cobbler man says they did do something wrong there's not enough teachers in my peach cobbler and so. What does he do he obviously grafting on his or shouldn't be based. Our guys narrows awesome accomplish our other Dover atom ball flies are smells like they're getting involved in my day everybody told this store no this storm of these women you don't. The only thing that's just back from a flight mania I don't know it already known and unknown over original pages. Notice your living overspending. They're sort of all. I am. All started by what was announces the really no long days and how we don't put up because those type of leg who authorities say is. You wanna go home they're again television is live. He's a hero slogans he hero and Gerdes are probably learned though there's not a Chris Rock crumbled. Yes and plus one for a local huge pounders with the science and cruel mistress is from breakfast. So around. If you need a translation there loading Hussein just me and started cursing her outside club. Mike coats on the counter housing dude you aren't going to talk to them like that. Everyone that comes to this story knows this story knows these women that is disrespectful season. It's a good guy. I'm. I. He couldn't believe that all of this is happening over speech cavalry sent over some peaches you wanna shoot at me over teaches. And then he reached over grabbed against her shooting was never about Tomlinson. The story blackened reunions calmly goes over here so this guy was black I think it is shooter was. While she was missed its serious about him and so maybe. Maybe you're onto something. Like he was an older. They've Logan had to duck behind it country city study was done for Tony was dead and over. A woman and Arizona. Thought someone had been coming under robbery. Laundry looks. Might someone had been messing with the she sets or some security cameras. And I watched a video looks like the night vision. She sees it looks prowler is walking over in her backyard. Animal why her laundries in her backyard notice. And Amanda has been walking over picking up her laundry it's taken a big sniffs. And it's not it didn't look like it's just female laundry looks like it's everybody in the family's laundry I saw the husband or similar talk about it too. Let that's all this guy does he walks over he sniffs laundry and many weeks now the cops are involved are trying to figure out who the laundry sniffer is. It was a body that there's I knew there was somebody in the yard I called 91 month I'm scared. Treat it yes. That they cities in my backyard. Two times in five months. And how many times before that. Looks like a person on laundry got little kids in. If that video I saw that video of that guys on my kids' laundry I'd lose it that's all kids and families up and down the street I mean it's like. Sesame Street history. And six. Hey yeah. Did it I'm just like I think it's physically stealing clothes right it doesn't seem like there's a real victim here I don't see your privacy and it isn't privacy he. They try to ease trespassed he's walked on your yard to study commission I get that he's walking back yard. But you literally mean I watched pretty easy picks up it looks like you guys sugar and what's security fix it goes. And then he sets it down and walks away. So is that is that a sexual thing Ortiz just love the smell of clean laundry he can smell that thing you know we want outsize and engineers doing laundry and famous villain here with personal. Dryer sheets and clean laundry maybe that's all it was an inside a sexual thing at all. Now there's just go to prison. They have found a man that's what I wanna know what's the punishment enough for snow from wandering again is they're gonna be swift and severe is there punishment beyond the trespassing. The notion. And there's no do laundry so does he have to register as a sex is underground. True really you know I mean laundry tease me and he chairs. I think it's important slam do you think the Standard Register as a sex offender you send. The Supreme Court cleared the way frustration legalized sports betting yes. And that means. Obviously some of these sites like a lot of moms there. Maybe you've seen the commercials and towards the fantasy sports. To address finally listings business it still seems constantly one I've known and stuff but. I'm really were talking this morning said those companies starting now a huge customer base you can expect. Probably all of them to say hey and do you go visit everyone's are you ready for this just in case I see everyone a lot of them are ready for this so all they have to do basically is a little switch say world lives. You go it's just a matter which states legalized first six. He buys it they say New Jersey in Mississippi anything will be the first states to legalize. Sports betting but. Certainly it would seem a lot of states tool to analyze it I liked the idea. Of being able to sit native and casual land on you know on our game but I don't have a a bubble tea that I can call I know people that do. And allows the united. Sure have a decent resigned payloads you wanna make and then it just becomes this whole big thing they can you call your person and how much. You know to IOUs. But it's just in an app on a song which is what people are thinking this could turn into you could just open your phone. The team pick how much you wanna back and that's it. A time. I've been doing that already. Let his sights I've been using for years. Now looks like governor Crist is excited. The great day for the rights of states that people who make their own cities New Jersey citizens one's words gambling in the federal government had no right you don't know it's Supreme Court agrees with us today I am trying to consular rights of the people of New Jersey Jersey's alana. I do it's here that they say it is possible the states might say known. But you cannot do this online it has to be done in brick and mortar but I wouldn't think. If there and why wouldn't they just say anything do it online to. They've already got all the pain as he sports a long line but. For whatever reason isn't as possible that they might see him go to actual effort in order questionnaire about. Maybe let's let's say maybe Mississippi New Jersey say hey it's legal announced legally do during your phone. But then Missouri kings series legal what you have to go to an actual sprucing up yeah. I'm sports sports which is correct that'll be really funny they're allowed to do it ends up I mean when you go to Vegas. A lot of those fortunate is a great way to national time and it's not as expensive city in from the right slot machine inside he gets exciting news a game that you didn't. Previously care about suddenly you're invested in literally. I think it's gonna suddenly got Colorado State over sailor ten and College Baseball yeah like all right write a you're watching horse race from around her son's life. So Soledad yes. I don't know I know that they were so today was a day. They were there at the salt plan now. She ended tempered by today yeah today and so and talk to. DC mom I'll send you know last night explain how to do everything they need us step by step. This is why. Eight. Find myself. When more allegiance is Jewish people. Just bring us all around because my government I come back to score. So don't look like you know gifts or whatever and revenge. And I think I'm going to join me. Right and she just saying like why you gotta give it to me gotta give me gotta get outta my numbers anything but. I've heard from many of my Jewish friends was I have play album that you don't really say congratulations you don't really kind of bring it up. Until it happens. It just kind of let that set out there until there's a happy healthy baby and then you give the gifts and okay guys that's right. And Sosa one of my friends told me that. And Dan Wheldon whether that's true or not I thought to myself you know that makes a lot of sense does not going to be giving you stuff and then. And I can get complicated process and you have all the stuff like what. Give back to me after I joined the situation everybody's happy and healthy and safe and sound and then. I won't give your gift and you know you have to be superstitious in that. It makes sense and lot of people are superstitious. That would be. I just think the right thing to do for everyone no matter their religion it's. Weighing its. Way. I congratulates them on pregnancy obviously. But I know women what's the rule with that don't women normally wait until little. Independent. And blue counties right. Also love Margot. Kidder and Margo lane in Superman it's died. 69 years old and I thought that seems. Shocking thing you do the math you feel that movie's probably look forty years old to shoot even in her twenties at the time. How does that make you feel old amiga you remember going to cease and I'm really. You interceded easier when it came out. Maybe but the system out side. Drew little bit all of them knew the name didn't make me feel when most people I'm a little bit younger and. I know like I saw the princess bride in theaters and came around. And I saw that on TBS announcers think about it you know what those people look like now home lessons you learn how long you know us. So she debuted this Lois Lane and that was 78. And in Susan only three seamless. I didn't know there was four should really look and I didn't. Your superhero sandy she's like those movies I try to yeah I was a kid nine. Portion. I like Superman. But it also irrational I don't dislike him I don't wanna fight him I'm just. I remember watching him I was a kid and my Brothers and I really stands of its own. Trying to watch and I think I watched the first two. Which one has Gene Hackman and your Brothers man I know they did you know sabres. Now is no somber ceremonies should rush documentaries like talking to someone about that and it genome. You gotta be careful sometimes you think well if you have older siblings story's not driven there exposing all the stuff. Just be careful when you hit like 1920. And out in the world is there anything. Are you know everything there is to know about. Or whatever generation that is for you the 90s80s. Maybe just. Do a quick Google search. Sewell wasn't popular and all those things that they told you were great all those greens and movies. Socialists look to see the general consensus is every walk into a room full of people that's what happened to me when I started here. I remember. You told me like Russian gas GODs doing for us about the unity music you like to POD quite a bit. And most just first first true. Those aren't passionate car. Ryan. It slid in just find him. And I thought I just assumed that the school's fans in the world were trucks and Moody Blues remaining Alon yeah. My missing anything now DOJ. Yeah launch time of the stuff that was before my general staff duty was on the radio when I met you I'd just soon. We should be playing. And understand I was trying to give me a little help or advice and aims to you know be trying to. Trying to turn this into a little bit cooler station and get away from the noise Furtado stuff and start to believe that I didn't really like what they're just. So yeah. Tex signing had a good question to stash. Who's this guy think it is. The only girl she's or Superman. And I thought about that I should just send your soon your name to trump. For one very anti American no I just. I love movies that are remember that while I saw them. I don't have anything against Lieberman realized as it sounds really just want now and as a person should not send your rail fan I gotta say. That man was always my favorite but Superman Timmy seems like the obvious choice for ultimate superhero doesn't just have one. Superpower. He's got all of them right I mean he has one weakness. But to me. Seems like the ultimate superhero so I had to pick a second favorite superhero after Batman would be Superman. I'm not anti Superman. What government. However you wanna live this fine night but don't wanna live I'm glad that you value decided not had children. These are raise them on that roof. All right. I don't want to be known as the anti Superman dive much and then you walk I'm not I'm not anti Superman. At all. It's so. Over the weekend. I would to college graduation and I was like college graduation it's sure and arm is my girlfriend's sister's graduation. And she introduced me to someone who. Is non binary. Non binding non binary at all I had heard that term for them but I learned a lot over the weekend. Again I don't think of this person speaks for all non binary individuals butts. I have to admit that if you'd asked me what does it mean to identify is not buy it before I hate to think where I would have even. Guests Itron go ahead out gently turned genocide while try. Well seriously now who wants your 1 January is not minor on by an areas. It's. Where you don't suit say you're any kind of gender right does not think Jordan I think well I think it's. I think you'd unidentified male or female now or both. You can do it on your gender queer. Gender clear is the other term for yes right I would gender queer eye and heart soul would would. I would guess you'd have a good day I guess it is like you're young and very progressive it's like you are not exclusively. Masculine or feminine you're in no camp right yet. Self yes that is correct and I learn everything I write that all three of us banks and if you combine it. I think we got a right eye and be the spokesperson here either and I wanna learn how to learn I don't wanna be on the wrong side of history tells our progress through. And at that doesn't mean that IBC I don't think we have to agree with every single. Stance that I own young progressive person to expo when it comes to. As something that I usually do any woman that doesn't hurt anyone else and it's you know how someone wants to be treated. I want to make sure that I get it right so that they they don't have prone ounce because there is no pronoun yet. The pro announcers say and there. Which can be confusing because they only have the plural pronoun so this person odds are just give a named Jimmy had a generic name bill okay. So it if bill. If this person's name was bill they said that it's. You know. You can either say if someone says where to build go you gotta say. Bill wins who distort you Garcia or you can say they went to the store and they said this could be confusing because you might staple who is bill whiff. So you can say bill's name each time you know I and I kind of just decided to make that. My rule of thumb anyway. That he is saved I say the name right the right instead of using masculine feminine pronoun such it. So trying to say we're ready ego or order she ago. I would just say. Where is Sandra. Bill also where to go go X where's bill explained that it's sexual preference. There's no specific sexual preference that goes along with being non fine airing or gender where which I think we probably could have guessed that that you could be. You know attracted to men and women both you could be pan sexual which two we all remember what transsexual is. And Allen and sexually attracted to myself one everyone. Transgender male female non binary. Thinking was oh so now do you are attracted to people. Do we just displayed that. Now now. Now this this this this is this is a sexual preference Onassis a transsexual I think is right that you'll have sexual and Iran yes. And my a lot of people would they're depots you'll that's bisexual Moroccans were including traders and sect for years and I know about it is neither one baby play. I'm hipster pan sexual when Miley Cyrus fans sexual. Or you gives you knew what and sexual lot reported and aim for a round in. You know Miley Cyrus said Hansack 2001 person I. Heard reference I had look it up I thought what is that as bisexual if you if you don't write this you know because we're including trans including on the vine area so pat musical. So I. By their non binary or gender where. This is the thing that I thought was most interest in his questions were being asked about OK so because my question is if you are born. Look let's say let's do it let's take a trans woman I'm Caitlin Jenna okay she's a famous is Kaelin right they did get hundreds a very famous trans woman. So. Actually when general I think we'll probably say and certainly a lot of trains a women would say. Yes I was born with male anatomy but I always felt like a woman right felt like a woman trapped in an man's man identified. As what I want it society. Two identified me as a moment that doesn't mean that they have to that there can be trans women who bomb. Don't see go through any type of world sexual reorientation changes or start dressing differently. But for the most part is when you think you'll like it trans woman or trans man. Those those people would tell you I was born in the wrong body right that's what we've been talked over and over and it's like you know any time I was born. Borman the wrong by so my question why is it turns out some. Bad term what I like born in the wrong body okay Boren everybody's body is perfect no just. Of one. Born with a right around there yes the Ryan did very well you know well you're wrong boy is okay maybe not wrong men funds. You didn't like the way values or wrong nothing don't way that you're born. Cause society. To view you. And the opposite way that you wanted to be viewed gender wise right under house that does not always out of work out there we got I got it. So my question was to bill. If your non Bahrain airing. Then are you saying that at a young age you thought I don't think I am a woman. Or a man and bill set and again bill does not speak for all not fighters we can have someone who's not binary was friends with some of somebody who could correct this show us. But bill said this is not gender. We are not talking about gender. We are and there's a difference between. Gender and sacks so you are born with. You know whatever part seeger Borland. I don't announce by neighbors as I don't like the rules. That society. Or not even rules but I don't like the way society views gender. I don't like gender roles I think the generals are wrong so. You know you think typically. A woman would absolutely you know long hair or be thinner Wear dresses or whatever and men are less likely to do that. So non binary person says. I don't like generals the way they are now I don't see you need for gender roles the way they are now so I wanna Wear dress fire I don't wanna Wear dress find too. Because I'm not minor I don't want to subscribe. To. Gender roles and that's different than sacks which I've never heard. Okay that's interest in right I thought okay that makes sense so you're saying. This isn't about my my my sexism about my anatomy this is about them the way that society views gender. You know load whatever those different OK things are right whether or implement an on site in a battle of rhetoric easy. I'm trying to think of something we see you've you've. You wolf for a long time and it was only. Recently that women started to be allowed to fight in battle right things like that so those are gender roles the way that bill described it to me. So all those different things you typically think of his being and a male thing or a female thing bill says that's what non pioneering eight. Disagrees with OPEC don't like I'm down last right I'd never thought of that against and that makes sense about so that's a difference between saying. I was born feel lean. Like I was so let my body did not reflect the way that I felt inside. So I didn't use the word wrong there sure. That's different that it was non binding Aires saying I don't like these different rules that society has made about gender now. In the English speaking world. We have. Masculine feminine pronoun straight sure that's the main hurdle for non binary people when it comes to languages the pro announced. In other countries that in our other languages they have masculine feminine. Everything you know writing in Spanish tourist just took it in German I don't speak Spanish lackeys Germany as an example but in German. Beer is masculine cola is feminine right OK for the most part when Hillary won these languages if someone were to say hey. Here's a beer. Here's a cola. In the German language one of these is masculine one of these is feminine which one do you think most of the time when the teacher would hand out those assignments you can kind of gasp because of gender roles should talk to vote yes exactly why exactly why would. The it's because of these outdated gender roles that we of all subscribe to. As a society and I don't like those generals now with the English language we have not and it's kind of a catch also you don't have to worry about remembering. Whether some you know your energy drink is masculine feminine. But. Larger point line I just saw an energy drinks as does your caller's mix of feminine. You know I'm getting I don't know if German I'm that's probably feminine and guessing and energy price falls and at the cola but I don't know for certain. So that non binary code subjects that have been so we just have to worry about pro now pronounce right. Which we already knew with trans. Gender. It's important to not only say. Refer to Caitlin Jenner with. Feminine pronoun now but a lot of people get wrong is retroactively. People say well Bruce chair when he was still in the Olympics or whatever. No most traders who said we want retroactive thrown out because I always was. A woman. Where it always was a man so it's important to retroactively. Use those prone ounce. The jury knew that right well I was watching Ricky Gervais special does that name thing yet and I got Adam yeah ago. Yeah I'm not certain that if what we are taking a sensitivity training course that we would go with Ricky Gervais is stand up special. But I thought I was in Florida be explained all the problems and they went on to America. Where I thought were around funny jokes and I know I'm I'm into my new like refrigeration two things I wanted to talk about non binding because I didn't. Know much about it until after this weekend but I'm just using trains and Jim because I feel like we know more about change and if you think back to I say we is in the people in this room I have to be honest and I really don't care and this is I mean like I just don't care. I don't care what you wanna call yourself. I don't care what you do with your genitalia right I don't care who you don't win as long as it's done something right but not. I don't care but so if I say if I literally go like hey man how are you. And you say assess and at our eyes and hey man how are you and you said. I self identify as a team. But I don't suck them. Let's say like I just don't care like OK and tell me what to call you right right I don't know I just tell me. Yeah what you want and don't want saying you do it you don't actually don't even really want and the only time I really find it like you know I mean. Okay yes I'm interested in the terminology. What I don't care if Marshall sauls slides and advises and whatever it was always easier to work on time or Sheikh or whatever you. As long as hard targets are excited to do whatever you want call yourself what everyone. I just. I don't can't remember it all clicks in learning Spanish just if I make a mistake just from Eli might question my my ass. If I make a mistake just correct me if I don't ever make an event. I don't know that's what I'm saying. Right I don't wanna make the mistake if I can. If I cannot make that mistake again because before this weekend I didn't know enough about non binary individuals to not make a mistake I probably would have views Iran pronoun there. Look look it's really not that big a little. A hurdle for me to figure now. Hey so what do you like to be called. What what what pro renounced the use and if you say hey you know what. Also held out as hard so now this is Ron gonna get older and stuck in the mud alone in Buena whatever. They have eyes met art so let me say. I've please call me she. Our daily news OK I will but seriously trial harder and lay up because some people are gonna make this mistake a lot like. It's not just you know he's the duo work on the chair that's goes back to me saying that that's why a lot of chains like people say I wanted. The outside of my body to reflect the way that I felt inside my entire life so that allows it wouldn't have that problem so that people wouldn't have that problem when they see me they know. A hot about person. Wants to be identified as a woman or urgency that person is a woman you know what I mean I think it also gets confusing was whose lives we're gonna bring up Caitlin generous I think it does get confusing elected Bloomberg if you're talking about gold medal winners. Yeah like. I'm. Kate and Gerry and winning gold medals. Bruce Jenner one role models I'm guessing those are still in the record books. So your saying who won a gold medal and whatever ninety whenever that she won them. Bruce dinners name is that chair what would you say like I think I think if I'm right and I could be wrong I think Caitlin Jenner. When it comes to her Olympic career wants to be referred as Bruce okay so I guess that's occasionally write that Larry ask I I do I know. Call me I have version I had I'd whatever you want. Caitlin. And I I guess that could be a case by case I've just been told that. If you don't know how did all everyone ace. Gonzales. Is a boss like chief the chief. All the name thing we can figure out wouldn't that be that we can do that or just never used the name that's fine the pronoun thing from binary is that the the more difficult on because you have to remember to say a word bill go. They went to the store I'm not doing they're there well so if I'm not doing that in London the you can just use that I had an energy bill each time. And and bill said that like it does get confusing to a lot of people because we only have currently. A you know the food there and I'll text on my enemy and trans woman doesn't need to try harder for you to use a Plano I said she doesn't. I was just suggesting that it would it would drew if art so wanted to be referred to as. Sheik from now on. The way that he's dressed. Or she's just right now. Would lead to a lot of confusion here that's off and so we just have to be prepared that that confusion will come up. Right and I so everybody does refer to me as Sheikh. I would imagine. Going into places like best people refer to me has seen. I would just say that that confusion is going to be there. Fret because of the way I look. Absolutely so that that's goes back to why and if you don't amendment and like I said an article Alan I don't okay. The right time exactly did tell me every day you could tell me every hour and I don't care if you said the sorrow and referred to disease Austin. Next hour you're gonna shoot whatever don't care. Don't care. Buyout in his eye and I just from their by the genitalia at all or your brain. Don't care how works well this brought up a big conversation with everyone knows with this week and about now. We need to come up with or are we going to come up with prone counts for non binary individuals since we don't have it right now and were using there and today which. Obviously is confusing and we had I opt out there's your proof right there allows us as I can't even do it on an upbeat and am I gonna do them. Then maybe we need to come up with prone towns for now minor people. ID. Who. Would love to be a part of that process and I don't think that they're gonna nominate me so venture that's up to them. There are them or that that's what and why don't we Jewish cultural environments there's so much Eugenia. Sure but wing it I mean think about how opting use pronounce you use them a lot without thinking about it so it's just important that if you're talking about someone who's I think real or they get so I think in English language I'm curious how many times an hour. Actually comes up. So if Parcells said to me hey where did so long ago. Others feel like a sore. Where are slim. The bathroom I haven't so I don't know that I over think that like I think that's what we say right. I think we say him her key Samantha I gotta say he went over there where is now gone he's downstairs in the months and you know that we see we use them all. I was caught a lot of malice so if you wanna come downstairs bathroom come audio life now would help with non by these really. Whereas some don't who cares. It's usually have a conversation go out there who wears Jerry gone up. With the how many years ago was it that Kelly claymore human error that's probably been six years ago now I was I was here as like it'll idolized by about five years I don't know I just start and when she came in here I'm embarrassed even say some of the terms that we were using that we had no idea. Were inappropriate terms that now seem so obviously inappropriate to me. Two totally obviously I can't believe that I thought that that was okay doesn't also assures our NATO it she said I am because there were in the adult industry able block but just know if you encountered trans woman heard someone introduce themselves and maybe they tell you the chance for a whatever reason. They're not normally. Don't do that is certainly not obligated to. But just don't ever use those terms thinking back it's like apple lemon insurers also likely to use when they all day right I like it right that's it's okay that's my thing. But I think you and I both Scioscia wants to be called whatever shows her color color of that too. Just in that short amount of time know how much that's changed immune you'd agree that. I think you wouldn't. Refer to if there's a story about a transfers and who was attacked by a bunch of you know probably not refer to her as the same way that we talked to Kelly it was a weren't exactly but I think what we're talking about telegram we're doing porno I. But when she first and commonplace forever that I understand that when she first walked in and we see and we first heard the abuse kind of serious you know and was Suisse said some things she's like yet those terms. Those are porn terms. Don't use and I can't believe that that was only five years ago Wright and Hussein. There was someone in this group that was in our group who seem to be having a very tough time over the week to at this mop non binary thing basically saying this is stupid. You know whatever and I just kept thinking. Look. You're just gonna be on the wrong side hill and now. Amazon here's the thing. And maybe. And it's not about me it's not a bounce not about me why make it about you it's as hot. Everything is about you we are not you have some ugly hacks are on the stage there's a person and laying in order to pursue their happiness. They would like me to make one little change I can leveling. I can do that they think is so personally and I'm not gonna do that I can write up your own guns and downplay all this journey that they will listen I'm not saying that. Just life long resident it was point who cares. Right it's just I thought the same thing this is not about this is about this person I just like anybody enough. To care. To really care so. Well I don't believe in anything and also is what did you what have you or anyone I just want you to be happily done this before. We've terminology changing ride on what we how we refer to different races are run I was the proper thing right towards counseling ally right lack. And I'll I African Americans and weird and as the IE Iraq I really dislike the term death an American but it's not up to me I get that. But I really dislike it sounds like a qualifier here my dad you're American but your app like. I just don't like it but if someone said to me I don't like he knows. Aren't there qualified doesn't and in what happened what article you will is that there is off I got to be black but I think now really blessed through you guys see that. Yeah right there was really go to Asia is our guys don't identify as block yeah I'm like what ever got was may have blocked not just some Benson did not. Errol as a black man can she do that are cool and white woman. She's so identifies as a black woman but like I should that was as a white woman if she wants the things you'd like I don't have probable without care. You know she seems to be down for the calls she was like with a BP M then no it isn't nearly as you did go to our eye disease if he's trying to help us out she didn't I don't I don't care. This is Mark Roman. Must I know why Florida but if you acquittal on the second issue was that things she's black that's fine with me but let's zero C a spade a spade that's a white woman OK what about. Person says you're not a woman you're born a man demands a man. I just the same thing wouldn't say that to a trans person isn't the same thing because I watched that dark corners as everything that's ridiculous and I went way answered thinking. Could you and I thought no because you've never had that you have to grow up there with the prejudices. And I thought wait but you can see the same thing about a trans woman a woman to say well he you know you were recognized as a man when you were Chelsea you don't have to do to discrimination that women deal with so. I don't want you to. No and I thought now I just only one of those it's not about you know round. Right it's not about you know so we just said is not about you in a racial incident black hole machine vision is a black wolf is black hole that's when I landed there and lover's heart isn't the ups and I write I guess that's friendly they're a bunch kids I I know she's at age and she uses the dot. The law I got stuck it was a roller. Or old all those yet but she didn't she and they were at their ex husband I was compute does show up or episodes and as he came to pick kids up and I'm an arm and was there deck she came to pick at least almost 1001 as early as her brother and that you're the youngest one a surgeon right. Yes so the father of her children herbal is a black man yes. Scenario to implement. But that that that but I won't talk to the council and I'm a you know we're back that was so now how do you feel about if this is this is under and I thought of browse watch and I watched it we can before last. When it comes to things like affirmative action so if you say I a you know I don't qualify for this com. Scholarship because it's four. African Americans. Can a person say well I self identify as a black person so I should be eligible for that scholarship. How do you feel about that. There's got to be smooth and another guy he's an easy castles they do that they're gonna say well it's Vic the guy a couple of weeks ago he said he'd change. He self identified as a woman and I saw a movie religious it is all insurance. China did and Harvard. I mean this has everything is facing MySpace were black faces like an eighty's when Jack called. I mean that was it was a modern day black face movie yet was called home on. If I just Google he's the name of that. And was at Harvard was I think it was Harvard. Name that movie sold in so man oh man yeah. Beyond that that movies comics don't come. Wasn't that long ago with thirty and some of us saying on the same thing what's on the same thing the race and gender thing well explain it. Welcome it because we said earlier that gender is a contract and sex is not right so if that is at the same argument for race than his race and set and and so browser makes a good point here because Alyssa as the differences that white people have privileges that black Saddam. Regardless of whether she wants to identify as black or not she still gets a bonuses from being white. It's insulting to black people via well using that logic. If because again I don't ever using that logic if you are a man. And you saying. I'm woman but you're born a man. Then used to get the benefits of being born a man you're born with now right Caesar I'm saying and not. Unnerved me. Adam been out of those are the same problems that women have in society. You have to face those so it would really be the same argument. You could say so men are not allowed to be. To self identify as women because there's an gone through the struggles that women have gone through and therefore. They were let you know they they're not allowed to get the benefit fanatics there's sort of the benefits of being a man and it doesn't make sense to me. And if they went to Maine could make the same argument and say well you can't solve identifies a man because people recognized it was a growing you're younger you have to have you know register for the draft or whatever it sure made me. So you could make an argument around on both sides which I think I just ask a lot of airline all right. We just have a logo your self identify as much. But are there is some news tomorrow about gender really man charged in Manhattan. I'm really makes our caloric it's scary element and I think the kids out here lately are they should just once or does does not do and yet lay low and it's yes. I identify as white it would seem. Did I mean it felt like that's what he wanted to do but at least he didn't he certainly didn't want her to be doing any press. I think he would probably I got the impression he probably wanted to move because everybody else knows her out you know. And I mean she took the kids in the barbershop and drops a mop and she's stately in a car and some are from march up comes out as a move I don't want right in front of my shop. A cut there is playing people who came over. Bob Black women and men were like man she did such a good job she was. All in on all these causes lagged it down on live earth and her sisters black and she's had some you know I'm I'm fine with that. So. Yes and here's a guy. It sucked about auto insurance rates for men vs women and men typically pay more so a guy in Alberta Canada. Com is a man in his twenties and apparently decided to change is gender to female. So he's save money on car insurance is save a thousand bucks and complete its. So you know that's one of those things that I was talking about what do you do another guy go ahead and it's. OK anytime he's insane clown chargers now Soledad. But that's what I'm talking about with it with the race thing if you were to say well now my self identify as black so I want that scholarship. LB Kennelly what this guy did for car insurance thing right. And we just had also in Canada the first gender acts birth certificate issued last week I don't know if you guys saw that. They're now allowing residents to choose non binary gender option which is acts. Or they can remove. The birth certificates gender marker altogether. And they're the first ones to do that so the first homes issue Joshua M Ferguson received on Cheerios first non minor birth certificate that. So it's it's it's happening. That's progress. Mean maybe those scifi movies are right in the future role BG I can look at the tax on of people saying how they feel about wildly in love sex thing is fine. A black thing is not. What we're just stuck in this area or you know look it's all going to be new and we're trying to figure it out right. But what are so Hussein is. When you're asking are about the items between sex and gender like with a non binary thing we will we know is. Bill is saying there's a difference between sex and gender Breton. Oh which one would race being the more appropriate. Race and why was it just compare two race would be more sex strike is sexist sentence don't like even you even if you. Internally identified as the opposite sex. It's still you've got that you've got Benjamin failure right lie like that makes you also I would say society perceives. Different races different ways and there are certain things that people that because of the G users construct that's because that's because of that it's for. Because of the racial counts for I'm saying that there's certain things just also how people perceive you mean it wasn't that long ago and I think everybody would say Rome or cannot everybody but I think a fair amount of people would say that Barack Obama. Was a very open minded progressive type of person they asked him if he was black or white you'll remember that and he said doesn't matter what I think. When I trying to hail a cab and still drives past me. So society so so when Betty just not that long ago. Barack Obama was saying society chooses based on what we look like what I look like right and society gets to make that call. Right does not that long ago that I was like OK fair answer for a progressive minded left winging. Liberal president we all just kind of went along more than a sudden got well. He's a black guy because you know cavs don't solve formats Olympia well what Rachel dolls all tried to change her appearance too so that goes along with that she wanted to be identified as a black woman and she changer sure accordingly and then people that they said okay you know. But that many in that even itself is like a white privilege because if I'm at historic game. Hailed by some ideas when he beat their I can't in the moments they know I'm like man why you let a moment paperless lead wiped falling I think I have that option. But what about male privilege that goes back to the trans argument about. Women can say none are now exactly male privilege and you to give me don't get gentleman. You don't get to be alone because you got that reap the benefits of male privilege for all these years added. That's great. So I'm just gonna go with you tell me there's Sony and if I don't. I don't notice that this one she says I'm black and my great book I don't care Princeton. And if you say look I love you being blocked like I just is not about me I don't care. He goes she wants I don't think it's gonna play in the barbershop but she's threat slower output I tell he has a lot address feeling gonna play the rodeo arena as well you know I know the world's the world. Inside the mud I'm hot and how I did you know that prohibition. Yeah. I think she's. OK with me and him announce. That search were handled that prohibition at all. Which wasn't trying to bring have anything else. Sorry as you read attacks on I know people are pissed on the texts from our previous conversation politics so that one person who was like you know. Your boy or boy aired earlier girls are black you're black you're right away no matter listeners stationery and I was OK I don't I'm not worried about them and yeah I I get a little more concerned about is always as you and your wait wait wait wait wrong you need to be carefully removed. I think people under so we're trying to learn yeah I want that released from me. My complete lack of empathy makes me more progressive than you error anyone else in this case because I just don't care about you enough to scare. Gigi zone which makes me there aren't many so progressive like them. Nope just don't care. School's almost over right school's almost out death Memorial Day so weird time to be. Doing reviews of school supplies but I saw on the news was doing a review of school supplies. And dumb. More line this ha yeah this is talking about it let's listen to this. We decided to buy a few of these items including a backpack and three ring bind worse and test them out cleanup with members of the Farmington police department at their outdoor. Farmington Michigan three different Connecticut and things weren't weapons the nine millimeter the 45. And a two to three rifle which is similar to the AR fifteen will be used to test these products. What should take him trapper keepers Lucia Newman guns yes sir they are that is now all of the America that we advanced. They took three ring binders see if you can use one man is that they saw him out so you can use a three reminder as a shield against an hour these are bulletproof school supplies to its use Google bulletproof school supplies you'll get. I mean just you'll get a list of these and they are different companies that sell bulletproof school supplies and so now the local news and Farmington wherever it was I think it was Connecticut had gone out and said well. Will tests all these Aureus or you can see one of them are you curious about the results they just the backpacks to test the binders and that day same results for both if you are curious the nine millimeter in the 45 bullets were stopped. But the two Jews three went straight there. So if you're looking for something to stop that assault rifle. Or maybe double up the boom the backpacks. Maybe I'm sure there are working not capture someone whoever me is in need that makes the trapper keepers interest somebody in those. Liberia so go to schools like all right guys he was the only school supply company came to mind just now. Ours is here like we had if they think everything maybe 20% are tied together the number two first chance they would I don't know what I feel like them there wasn't a main company in the the rest means meat may pencils to thank. Bulletproof school supplies Islam with. Us where we are. And are you a bad parent now. If you don't go get apple and listen I really could make thank god duffel bag carrier board chairman Dennis Sullivan haven't you just climb in it. And zip it over you all I'm looking. I just idea I've seen a bulletproof back. Advertise a couple years ago on Amazon or something. And they were advertisement for airports and I guess also you know anything but they were using in the pictures. That the little sketch character was in an airport. And it was supposed to be big enough you could climb backpack you know I guess that's when this happens to shoot. At a backpack and lucky you but what they show people getting down like this. And put back. Stay oh and clear that your. Case. Then that I had covers their backpacks ever you know what I feel like different says school legend just walk around to the other sides and yes yes I thought the same thing at the airport buttons not you know I don't know I wanna either crawl inside yes if you have a duffel bag that was bigger because we and then jump right in like a sleeping bag are you are you doing all of this as the person who shooting at you get the feel like there isn't does that does that title at all do you I don't like your odds a if you're the first. Victim on gas senior gonna have my legs and I don't actually know her shooting in the classroom next door and your Brady's gonna go door to door ago that's your chance to get on the court behind that backpack Warren why has those yet to be invented. Duffel bags yeah which I'm guessing this is going to be the new hot item yeah. So pain and you should work on getting one that actually prevents. Penetration. From the types of guns that have been used in all these mass shooting since. That's probably why people. Are looking at these products now be nice if they made one that would stop those bullets mop. In case. Someone within nine millimeter. Decides to I don't know. Start shooting your backpack right now those will stop it would appear. They're pretty good job do they showed that I watched the whole thing they went out of the range or shoot these things and well backpacks bounce up in the air. Police and it went bounce up that means it was working because it was absorbing into my god oh you bet and then when they shot it with a rifle they didn't move at all because the bolts and are gone right through there. So so I don't know if your kids already have a bulletproof school supplies in and I don't spots. I feel like if you wanna be. You know. On them when show got bigger apparent true yeah vacation Bible school is coming out so. Present time we have PBS in the DBS. To judo. Scrape. Oil and US you know you could draw shirts and play out it was just it was just summer school to Soria is camp with a religious. Twist. Now now I didn't do that I went to summer school because I was failing. You know regular schools had to go to Summers will to make up on the assumption but they knew that I was. I'm the class squeeze him very very good student debt. So must also deal link if you need to get. Because they overall you're gonna probably when he gets in the south and I was thinking also. What if your kids out where in the backpack is how you're only went back and we walked in my one out of school now I guess you could draft that binder and hold up front here although I feel like that's. You know what's gonna let me our tax dollars go to like. When desks. That stand up and you can just get in and lock I like that borrowing that the one of these web sites was advertising bulletproof facilities. And it just looks like normally count like they make motorcycle stuff that looks like regular Jeanne deserving. Moody's that there armored well this is the same thing only he's ripple Perth I like armored desks yeah. We with our guys still so loosely master the technology we went well and obviously you can't do plus we can do this. You know getting shot with us and our. Let's get the protection. Yeah like one for myself. You know I've come up if you're got I Wear a backpack to work done you know when I go over to I don't know I'm I use a lot. If I don't I don't know man if I'm gonna use it anyway or not they are grown man what I just read to the back like has now. Replaced the briefcase and almost completely a grown man you know blogger on menus backpacks well anyway I do and if I'm gonna be using an anyway why not had to be bulletproof. That only my computer doesn't get all busted up right. I can protects. My back the party got it and it if push comes to shove. Active shooter wherever iMac I can do that duck thing. As advertised in the description for a product that's on Amazon if you go. Why not just make everything that you are using bulletproof. That's the best answer to our. Done problem the national problem. Just let's bulletproof thinks it's O cases he Matt I'm sitting great member of the person essay by other fumble at the phone. I think the first people we need to bulletproof obviously are the kids so that's why bulletproof school supplies. Are the annual hot item hands dirty doing reviews for the month local news stations take them out to the range. Imagine when you were a kid if they said we're gonna test these school supplies. Where you think they're going to take these schools but doesn't I would think school you know I don't know give it to a game I know about her backpack. Oka now bowled through one. I think you needn't start Roland don't backpack. I haven't dive a laptop backpack. Your backpack looks like a six greater hasn't. It's in its own laptop backpack and we're going to show like this what. I just another thing you know I'm Regina much like you know one more look at look at act. Why young professional. Way it'd Caesar is Mario looks good it's very European idea I can't do that like Harry I SE. It looks like if Restoration Hardware made backpacks how others lament the battle was 500 should just say no lot of money. And to choose this one is that he has lit and a little bit here. I Europeans. And if you're gonna be looking at them I need something bulletproof keep that in mind. None of those are bulletproof did an absolutely different styles mom. Oh yeah for the bull group that thanks oh yes yes there are different styles but one that they were using in this. News video was like up pink backpack with it instead of just having zippers as the flaps that comes over the top guy gets they have the regulars it was I mean. You name it there's a lot to choose from and I'm sure is just gonna that markets is gonna. Blog he had didn't seem like a bad choice of words by. Illusion viewer there's so we sure did sure and don't bag of some sort of cable we can work on the can be bulletproof. And many don't go anywhere really hurt you don't know that you would think that a school be the last place he would get her but now people get hurt there. DeVon only music career home. Rights. Could happen far. Plus god damn legs are so lanky. I am a hard target they hit my my defense strategy now also. Only covers like to vote middle of your back gaps he got a crash. You crash I would I didn't Mac questions. They suffered. Have a target or lay on your back and put your feet up so that the issues in the are even talking rubbish man I WB and should know that because this whole life we live but now this is our goals. Sigh I don't care and never don't know do we bottom out until I apologize or be who has whose entire show and I. I have learn I think is an event I've learned I must today. On sign. I thought that you would be interest in the middle school supplies all okay able talked to nick maybe he can save everything you like him you know get mad and you never tell and he does a bad job. I listen to there's always not found the launch is so I'm sorry time I do apologize I'm sorry I'm just feeling. This is coming up.