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Monday, July 9th

0:00 - Headlines
Kids stuck in cave are starting to be rescued
Pompeo on N. Korea
Stripper and boyfriend pulled over and assets seized 
Travis Pastrana breaks record
34:24 - Lawrence man proposes legalizing happy endings at a city commission meeting
57:57 - Sports with Nick Wright

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The righteous man. On all sides. Turin he homeland. The values dark. Strike zone of the and. And wondering area I have never been better. It's good to hear. Do it. You know I hope everything's good. Problems. Weekend. This course good unless of most news in the minus. And we can swing so yeah. Thank you. So yeah we are confident in Iraq. I'm sure cost is on the way everybody settled in licensed gun copies on the way phones and John has done. Here's thirty being. Drank. And. Doing things on this weekend. Plow into soccer game my son and random into the pool and a funny stuff do. Now. My brother motioned for urgent. Can't cleaned the house. This exciting. There's. He's good I'm not complaining to look nice things southern manners. I. I did play a lot of video music downloaded new video game when he thought. As the name of the horse and then vampire or people know they think it's famous for its part to something. I think it's collect vampire. To work hammer someone tax. He sometimes they do the whole game for free Jesus they Belushi tested so right. I did that that. Took a lot of time a lot of time now. I can play a lot of foreign. So you're totally in now I'm Alan I think there's a new season starting like I mentioned the day she talked about it. Lama is all over Europe they just decided. That's going to be one that passes decline and of course I hoped early on like maybe this will. Pass quickly. Maybe this plus all the once I saw people at sporting events during the dances and stuff and making for tonight references I thought okay this is really really big but. Pokemon doe was really really big moon and disappeared. In May go get lucky yeah. And so because I just feel left out and I'm and I sucked out itself I such a true church. It's nothing I mean if I think you underestimate how bad I don't understand. What's happening. I just get killed and killed and killed and children have to wait to. Drop back in and try again into really two minutes no idea what I'm doing. Come and learn put together cheese I should just excellence. But knew I am used during rush and I like. The world what's going on a map. Well they started rescuing some of those kids that we're talking about last I did shoot and Thailand's. And I'm happy that they're. Getting these kids out of there. But I was kind of excited over the weekend when you line mosques that pursues on Twitter but. Sometime last week someone had treated Ilan mosque and set hate. Did you help get these kids advocates. And he said no one's asked me but I'm willing. Something along those lines like I do it but nobody's asked. Him this guy. He has such a neat going on the demeanor and a bad way it's just like yeah course we can do that. But the net that was kind of the individual and name over the weekend they started saying. He was making these child Cy Young marine here. And he said he could get them built an eight hours. Or just say have a model threes on bodies they can get these submarines done in eight hours. I saw someone tweet and it's a hidden in the week it puts an MP3 players and they're so the kids to listen to music and be less scared and he responded usage yet. But it's. The as far as I know none of his. Little submarines for years now and now why shot even if they are used why stop production on the same sense that I thought there's got to be useful in some more if nothing else just for recreation of course is found soon. Some of the leg and knows arched. How cool that me. And we'll be pretty cool. Answers for kids need to go underwater and explore. Aid workers have been drilling a hole. The rescue teams can more easily navigate the darkened west can't hurt their efforts are paying off within two minutes they were on helicopters. And flown to a hospital and train ride. Where they were lined up at the front door so far Thai officials say the elaborate rescue operation has gone better and faster than they expected. So I think we're told is they rescued four more so eight of the twelve Childers alas that I heard. Have now been messed. So there's four more kids in the soccer coach still don't although they can be out right now but that was when I heard that the Navy SEALs died. Indicate. I doubled in this in and it's bad because if he can't. Do this how we gonna train these kids to news. I know I sell lest you don't you love. Scenes stories like this you see people coming there's acts birds and and police in just all different walks of people from around the world. Who flew to this caves. To help. Get these kids out even it was just offering advice or whatever they could do. It's pretty great. And seen the pictures of the it's been reunited with their parents can you imagine your kid's been gone for what. How many days is this now we talked in 1718. Days something like that that they've been missing there you hadn't seen kids. And then they find your kids they tell you they're trapped in a case and we don't know how to get them out but we're working on and you think OK yeah. In making me anxious here what's the word is what we might actually come down there to three months. Disaster I would I mean the thought of leaving to now. They endowment for three months just seemed. Unreasonable to me now we have to find another way there's definitely some I mean again. No reasons for me right now. The regionals big oil rig drills and throwing them I mean which I guess they were trying to do when I saw those big drills they were using. The they're get him out of there when you ever go into one of those caves on the way to let you know charged by night she's place again so I was like you know I had. Act really no need. Those all do but I don't want any Barbara have to crawl under is staying and it is when I was in college my. Biology professor was just a longer that was his thing anyone has to go with them and this is a strong put enough. I think that shrimping. I could be wrong. But this whole thing was like you gotta Wear and hats with the lights you got it all through these things as a non active and I'm claustrophobic. I need to make sure that lots of people have come in guns a commercial business someone's taking a look at this place. There's lights. The whole deal I'm way too clusters of excited says I feel like submarines recreational use is not a good idea EDS for kids too many parents are projectors and eminently. I'm glad to task on the issue controlling their phones. They get a reminder on their bonuses ages and underwater for three hours ago again and hit the button brings it up to succumb brings him right back to the dock. There are only on purpose. Eight. Okay I'm in. And I'm sure you sign something. In what happens if you drop your kids off the train polling place. Do they know that you draft your kids up there. I think eventually it close news and an airline enters this internationally are isolated and a submarine underwater. May be harder to find the parents yeah. As opposed to Chucky cheese yeah. But really I'd never thought of that before obviously just everything is different account for him to now come back to the Chucky cheese the only place you can walk out of there with kids in there. And in the kids. Would be the only ones who know who their parents are where they live and down right where they don't know Q. Chucky cheese in your stance immediately was someone else's kid a wrist band isn't a. Things with the this textures and they get a new bit more hammer. Berman tide that's. Only Donald Dallas. Give it a shot. He opens and it took both I don't. Got to love love. A season isolation. Things just North Korea not knowing quite as smoothly as trumpet held after that meaningless. Jim and I really Singapore us on so therefore it Eminem and but he said today he remains confident that North Korean leader Kim Jung and intends to follow through on his broad pledges of denuclearization. Here's his we have confidence he can jungle honor the contract he signed an even more importantly our engine. We agreed to the denuclearization of North Korea China on the other hand it may be exerting negative pressure on a deal. Because of our posture on Chinese trade hope not. Because after this happened there were people. Whoever I don't know if it's CAA or the military that watches this looks like they're not do anything about it actually may be losing ground in. No real news on what's going on. Global what's the plan now the union. And Pompeo and over there. And he talked to you because a North Korean said that America. Was gangster like. Each with our demands on gangster like and Pompeo said look I'm against a world thanks David. Counting on chairman Kim to be. And so if those requests for gangster like there. The gangster because there was a unanimous decision the UN Security Council. She the world as a gangs that's exactly. Yeah. Who would have thought. Some dumb ass from Kansas wasn't behind us. I thought they had the whole thing Don you guys in Kansas and negotiate I mean. Okay. On assault trump was Stephanopoulos after the meeting. Seemed like everything was done like your friends. He declared that the US North Korea achieved historic results in the north we was no longer a nuclear threat. We knew that he hadn't Kim Jung and committed anything on paper but that's not a business it's time it's. Gotta do face to face shaky spin on it I don't know. I just pulled over. Stripper in Miami. I don't think he knew he chooses to ruining older over. They pulled her over. And tennis on a lot of money in the 20000 dollars. One of the stories actually said the money heading. Their way to 20000 dollars. So. Her boyfriend's with the theirs guns in the car. Blazers guns money England and they surged to bassoon players movie should start out. So they were arrested after they seized these guys are six guns. Three of which were like the sole right to iTunes. And then they thought they had done marijuana suspected marijuana well. And there were bottles you'll hear her in this clip see that's my medicine that's my medicine because they found these bottles of coding that they said didn't have valid prescriptions. And then they confiscated the when he ran 191934. Dollars. Life. There were found so I guess they thought that this was drug money. And just sugar sugar right in my well you've seen these seen zero John Oliver did a special announcer decision how police are allowed to just hold your money and take your assets. Amount. Or venturing out and then your generous allowed to use and number. I don't know what the minimum business like you face being. There is a guy. Well. She explained the reason she was carrying so much cash seditious close to go to the bank and deposit the money he said. But we've gotten. Bills today. Am I would remind them. I think the cop is sanity smalls pop I can't overtures on countless. Whereas others from the almost plug America. We're mr. Bloomberg. Felt like I just and bad on. So the couple was charged with armed drug dealing. And some other felony charge they were charged with armed drug dealing so. The money was hers from DC and her lawyers said. They do you have the right search the car turns out they didn't have the registers are the search was legal Sonoma prosecutors dropped hastening gave her money and 2000. I don't know glitter and all. All in those weapons all legally only valid permits even had concealed carry permit. Mean don't. It doesn't say and hear what they decided it was to do with decoding maybe she really did have a two that's a really serious bank off. But maybe that was also under the you know you can never registers are always industry. Their cancers a car and I think any time and right. I felt that the glitter on the seized cash was compelling evidence but apparently the police department disagreed or in defense attorney. June fast Saddam. Miami Dade circuit judge Rodney Smith ruled there was no probable cause for the seizure and poured the money returned to the couple. If you had. Cody you've been prescribed noting my dad used to get all the time I checked myself or not. Think honestly get after it was all over the house I didn't know Sean that. It was such a hot item you know but he's trying to ensure an end and see you back in the days when. Was not hard to find prescription drugs not that it is now and it's harder. All these guys who drink. Certainly you know whatever yet these guys are drinking and all the time is that still a thing in there and I know. There was that documentary about loneliness friend was worried about and we see drink too much deeper. OK so he is obviously very very very wealthy country can find someone look for the rest of these guys where they find all this alluding. Is it easy get anxious to level. Insist that level of living as plaza is anyone ever come up do you as a nutritionist coding like you're reading you're at some sort of a gathering somewhere. A radio thing and someone histories of Michael here he wants them. Was encoding. And I usually adds I've always seen us or you're the guys you're in great company great guy ranchers sure. As soon ones impersonation. That someone was drinking in my house right. We should do that's in time. And here I do it all the time yeah you never offer and here Andrew Luck. We try and offer you freedom and stuff. And hundreds of nurturing and I'm not saying in the you have to treat it. Pound for pound it's like to trials that's all. Did you like evil can evil when your kid. Yeah. The other some people who talk a little bit before my time is a little zoo and laypeople look I was like aware of them. I got new territories on their level of motorcycles you can do but I don't think I ever some do anything did you watch the documentary that. Johnny Knoxville and yes I'm. Bet like made him as famous as any stump that he didn't release according to attacking manner you are certain people that you hear talking at all. Evil can evil like he was zero. Seamless. You know who's the greatest thing on television days we're assessing you still see eat today. That logo that he came up with a you know people have heard on the you know motorcycle jackets seven I think a lot of people just assume it's. A Harley lure everybody it's evil and evil. But I IBC two young I didn't see this happen all I know anonymous on a document which you remember. When he tried to make that jump in Las Vegas and killed and smashed all the season almost for like thirty days and Travis Pastrana did it last night. Not only did he do it when he said he was gonna do it. I thought this is gonna be a little bit different is how they got these high powered dirt bikes and stuff like that and any time I've seen Travis was trying to jump on a night it's. A dirt biking you miss on nitro circus what should always turn their into that stuff right there. He did not motors sign he didn't like during Indian scout it was like he wanted to be really similar to the fight that evil can evil was on but the thing is they've done all this expansion work out in the parking lot there's no he didn't have as much room. T get up to speed okay so we have to start. Closer to the ramp and then trying to think this is seventy miles an hour. And eat landed. Is this girl and this all couldn't do. How you feel muddy mess just such an honor to live a day people's footsteps and it literally is boots. Thank you all for coming out I mean to be here in Las Vegas so much in my history has been here I've proposed my life here at the first love. Oh and I just exterior thank you own history thank you federal Watson and thank you all cable cam for coming out non. This this was definitely one of the coolest things if they coolest thing I've never amount to do and before ever enjoy yourself. You gotta love that guy there of course. He's so great journey you like him he just seems like the nicest guy. Into neat I think you should try and no way under the laws even I just I know how it ends. The ball I don't not only the pop really isn't my motorcycle never never never never never. It only in one way for me I think you're already doing bill for. You know they were CNET. On his serve as a resident business like one of his last big things is he's nearing the end of his precinct thirty. Three years something like can you always do enough stuff in his recent business. Sun June day but it gave me a member of each night to do this thing over the union at Missouri just. There's thousands of people who try to entertain us as athletes there's comedians then. You movie stars on the scene is now trying to entertain sure but to meet. Also men and maybe that's why I always loved Jack ass so much for this ultimately this could absolutely Kilmeny. It should killing. And what a lot of but I'm gonna do it. Partially because I'm a little touch. And I don't think any of them denied that I'm not right there's just something about them they have to do that as they feel this need to take these risks. But also there's party were you watching it the first time and think he only wants to be done. You wanna watch it as a party has to be going to watch you because you might sign. But I don't want once again tonight I want them to landing. I don't know I. So exciting just watching it on TV. I like that I wish I was friends and a guy. This is evil and evil museum in Topeka. You like to really. What do you guys and later. Bobby do you coding thing on furniture. So you got some of that review. You should it's. Selling. A mound that I could. Six and are not a nor Clinton are. You know only three years and not enough learning that veterans are but then there's no. Why does she looked for a top pocket and just looked for a bank and China clearly you're looking and you pointed. It's a very hard. Learn if your kids. Sad I was first thought they said hey dad look what I want when he kisses him what I want more than anything it is a little dirt bike. Would you. I know age and then after. To me so here's the thing like thing like you have to proves to me yeah you can do it we got to breath doesn't take starch right. Like you got to show me you can try to buy. Any additionally you can and cannot under all circumstances. You know. Ride a binding and and if you wanted a bite out on the trails and jump. Pills and Latino citizens vigna after proved to me that you can do not at all times right so you're and I lied about it and just goes right to know. Well let's did you motorbike conceded in jungle oversold now because that was about it I was I was curious if you even allow the the dirt bike even if you send here's the rules no ransom jumping know whatever your I'm gonna usually let you have the last serve of bicycles harsh. So potentially potentially abuses you show I hear a great dad and manager passion then sure. You are just not going straight down. But the moment when they kid decides I do wanna start jumping ramps. What could be worse and her parents or loved one. I was nervous for this guy don't even know one can only imagine what people in the same thing you were sitting there watching his each time you don't know this NBA. A all the career pass. On one hand Travis Pastrana makes good money and he seems to be incredibly happy and he's doing what he loves sure on the other hand I don't know that there's a worst career path as far as your fame he's concerned for their well Venus man trust who they're nerves. Such were the ones is such. And you have to sex workers. And what they do. If your kids said. I think I'm anybody I wanna Venus I wanted to can always Venus for money. I'm gonna get limited by yeah I am sure dad now. Bomb top says. Then eight uses his own or manage a newsroom anybody Greece. Old man's renewal means communities are not sex work like if you kid decides for some reason if you prosecuted sex Turkey has to be boy congressmen tonight. Clearly option at Christmas I get an invite. Them on the question what if he says I wanna start doing some months. Saturday shows on the weekends. I cinema like for the bite and it's. Vital in the bike anyway let's figure this out. Just this. Chambliss. Won 100 schools that is true. And sent half. Those guys and gals. Below what flips and never drained it just gives in the balls. To do that stuff. You we did you were expecting it and sprint suited you that. Was it nitro circus and grabbed one of those things aren't had a huge gap type things and people are flying them hundreds who shares on the one of Wear him and his dad always. Can Adair is there's a documentary cameras 'cause Pastrana someone else but him and his dad would always I don't know if that's his dad it's stunt coordinator that's a friend of his on the show. There is a guy that could be imminent stagnant and there's I don't know another some documentaries you really jumped out there playing with just has sponsors media. Okay John Bachmann and I think it was an and is that going up. We'll talk okay so little jump out of a tree hire new this higher and they're always pushing to your father in the son Travis just kept going. Yeah I forgot all about jumping out of the airplane with a parachute I can't watch that that was insanity. This is his boxers yeah and then somebody had to coming catchers with the who has a parachute when they were breaking the law it's illegal Acer curious to jump out of an airplane without a parachute and down which I was weird like well. Then why is it legal to jump over 700 cars at caesar's palace on and on the Indian scout for a guy you can jump the cars on the scalp. Contingent on can't jump out of an airplane in a controlled situation where someone is supposed to capture. Texas is not a ten kids prefer a fight over romance Peterson who has some. I usually odd man out I didn't say that I prefer you said you'd rather be male sex workers or UA stunt motorcycle stunt guys so. Memories she. Remember this conversation I just wanted to know. What do you do with your kids suddenly turned into little. Terror doubles when he did. John many bikes stuff and you put a stop to early what's in their twenties he can't stop them from. Until you're ready to set amateurism parents and a master whatever it is or don't like doing my used to these bridges can. Give them many bright and strong mama. Fields and ride those around soon happens I mean just doesn't Fannie and doing tonight. Let's baby settles masters is so loved the idea and that's a bit like duke and compassion and a more about it and say what about a sixteen if they ask for money to help by motorcycle. Thousands and they were really meanwhile causing him they ridden a bike and a moped and Ali sings as I'm saying I just say that yes okay so they don't drive I can and I got a moped and I love them open wrote a multi revenue wanted to never sixteen now like. I like a smaller motorcycle Aurora maybe and maybe they say like on the take that class are out there and older danger. I don't get my license then if I do all that in when you help you buy this motorcycle. I put restrictions on when wanted to ride and a captured. I was gonna alma. I had to and from mark and tunes from school did not deny Bryant like down. No major roads like maybe through eternity and you're not. It. I always wanted to June the street loose thing. You know where they lay on those he seemed to guy's and street Lou Sudan's it's I wanted to do that sadly none I know it is and like there's part of me that. A major part of me knows that that is extremely dangerous and would kill me but there's also some other party needed thinks. I'm not gonna build super fast and beginning I'll start on some slower hills were overnight I think I won the masters the Sony get good at that. I wanna do that. I really wanted to do that thing is that it's like it's one of minuscule move a muscle. Could kill you but you also might just take a tumble and break a couple limbs and and we even get back up its U college course before and so I think you probably I was I was younger naturally just. Natural welcome surface and resent. I used athletic ability I'm always my thing. Through as a natural god given athletic ability you know my first thought was always blame them any role also multi completed. I used to lay on my back I just instituted a zero to me that. It was a fumble and there was also a seven touchdowns I need that day. Well we never never gets in enjoy and has system in Houston on ruling Jamaal Charles never fumbled the ball for Alex Smith never fumbled the ball to an turnaround you know and the snap polling was a bad snap. I didn't have a hold of it yet they were Russian may hold him. It okay. And they says he scored seven touchdowns untruths as you see the sand lot. Yeah I bases and run the spot stand there it's in the hands no database and I've played against you perhaps the day you won't even on the scene. I've got a new line many football out there in the car right now we can go out there come on man you're telling me smallest. A place full tack right here in the grass. Don't do. Trying to. I can catch can throw I can run the penguins'. I played catch all day on fourth of July. I'm arms loose. Your legs are soon won't unbreakable. They're long and quick and fast. I was in his best college then that's a good receiver can reach up and grabbed the ball. Coming. So I brought about they're clearly athletic. This is an argument about criticism myself when I was kid I wanted to be a street Lou I think you're better off somewhere around trying to final manage the NC are trying to force upon your car. And you're more equipped to handle it. A bunch of fireworks this weekend. I really want Roma are window or something with them on there's just there's something and in this so so. Fourteen year old need. Spirit is saying take these fireworks put him in the car struck throw him out the window I really wanted to shoot off fire throwing out the window I don't know like. Scare people item and military you're driving you just throw out some lady fingers or something and is scares some people. Or holder Roman candle on the car and as you drive down the street George's daughter here's your shooting off fireworks but I really wanna. Chewed off these fireworks or borrow these fireworks after the fourth of July consumer on sale now. I don't know worship tomorrow. I should not clear how special month for your house version moth on the golf course like the legal and that's illegal like everywhere. That's the problem that's my got to stay moving. Got to take a drive by firework. 200 dollars do you notice like to be pretty bad ass. You jump a car. Old man's penis and the Roman candle. Actually sticking around in a lot of back and explain shooting Roman candles and act like I've done pretty bad ass I'd be basically Travis Pastrana. He would probably look me up and finally there are immense pain we want you to join night concerns for each with the old man's penis but I didn't say anything about old man's penis. Looks I'm not saying that I can do it I'm not saying that I'm gonna try I'm just saying. It's cool. They did it and isn't there part of you. It was there ever anything when you were younger and you said. I'm gonna do that one day and he's gave up on it. Resell because once you saw your original motorcycle over seven our allies that I would reduce street blues you have one delay on the on one of those things and write down hills that's what I wanted to do a don't let them. I've given up on that dream. Good seeing you governor Andrew Goldman speaks. That's what I would prefer old mean Venus this is how many go find when there's plenty of them downstairs were willing and ready. You watch we you know no time my gap open. Well I'm gonna go find them there champion. I don't know if you saw this video it it originally. I say originally. Video was posted. Over the weekend like on Friday. I'm Spencer and I both tried defines. The origin of this it says Lawrence town hall kind is that Lawrence Kansas. Is it a different Lawrence is it something really old that someone just re uploaded and we never saw the first time around the only thing we can tell us that. First split second you see your flag in the background and it looks like the Kansas slide. Yeah are kind but not. Not definitive and not someone maybe some won't look as ES that is the Kansas flag but we were like looking at Google images of the flag and trying to slow it down I 95% shares of Kansas for a guy. So. It's say. City Hall meeting right and they film knees and people can get up and talk about different ordinances. Things they want passed maybe the stoplight is taking too long news to me we need new superintendent whatever. So I don't know I've never gone to a City Council meeting I don't know how you. Become a person that's allowed to speak to City Council meeting and of you have to put in a request. And I don't know this guy's name. But this is the video archive. And it says consider adopting ordinance number 9324. OPEC. And it says pertaining to licensing of body work practitioners. Here we go out this is his speech in front of City Council. Side proposes. The city allows for a license from the sewers to get genital massages. And the Missouri and the client with a victory today. We let someone get naked and having every other part of their value attached to read by a massage therapist. Hell we led. Propped colleges and their date finger in men and steak and things that there heinous so if someone wants to yank big guys trained I say let them. Picture this a big goals laid back guy. Led getting them off with your hand actually be that much worse than. Giving him a blow by Amos. Didn't have been there under the folds of fat or being the prop colleges say in your finger at his. Pass and that brings me to my last point. This isn't about a group of people imposing their morality on the rest of society and they've grown a doll lines there. Hand job another grown up and another grown eight dollars willing to give one for money then let them. That's both freedom and capitalism and that the foundation of our country. If you have a problem with a gentle massage then don't get line and allow and other consenting adults to do what they want. That would truly be a happy ending for everybody. I don't die. It was already nominee can work a little every little bit but I am I enjoyed it. Well there were some people that we're saying. And ministers just comments underneath Nvidia's said. It was a bet. His friends holiday when Ryan wrote this up and he doesn't get to read it. Which. What about that would hire people to accidents and it is Lawrence Kansas bouquets and old. It was like it was last month OK so it is fairly recent then according to the text there was last month's. Or city commission. So it does kind of sound like. He lost that he lost a bat and it because. Especially when he gets the parts about sticking fingers and then and right now. If you feel comfortable saying that he would have wrote differently right and then the second time he gets to and he just says it embarrassed. But that doesn't change the fact that he brings up a lot of good points to us and I wanted to know what the vote was on this no one in the crowd seemed offended or laughing there'll just sitting there. Urged churns you know listen this guy. And. Well that's really argument forever through me if you wanna. A friend job in someone's Wellington. Except that amount of money for it then. Okay yeah and but and I like his argument to that you're already naked. They're already rubbing their hands all over you're naked body and if you've ever had a massage I know where you go some of them you know they tell you to get down to your underwear or wherever and then they. They some some places they had to put that towel on and then they lift up underneath the talent they get right up. You know my dinner and thirty doing that that person has already decided that day. Soon they're comfortable but it if not they've at least decided that the level of uncomfortable. Is worth whatever money they're making British jobs and they decided that they. This is what they do for living. I think it brings up a good point about what really you're just massage and another part. Of the body. At that point. And if you don't wanna do you don't do any of the masseuse says. I don't do that okay fine you don't do that. That's really fun. But also. If this was a bat. It's possibly the greatest. Bat I've ever seen it because the best punishment you'd ever get that. That back that we talked about those guys in Dallas at that sports station down there who would better each other. And then make them do open Mike you if you gossip rag had to go would you open Mike we all sadly that's the worst it's also really funny it's a funny idea. To have to watch. I've been doing and they get to watch your co worker go up there and try and you open Mike for ten minutes it's great. This is along the same lines. And really really really funny if it was a bat. Maybe it was it maybe he was just nervous the important part of them of what makes it funny over the back. Is it your friends. Right what you're gonna say they usually don't get Syria to read you know I don't know what the real knowledge and don't talk about no you know you're you're proposing no idea nor does it keep it somewhat reasonable you don't go out and starts chanting anti semantic right tribunal as got a seems totally rewrite any good good fun. And then maybe you you know I don't apart waxing on whatever you do any say all right. So when you cannot open that soon. And tell you get there we're gonna go with you obviously we we hold onto the envelope until we get there and then when you're rating goes speak I Hannity welcome thing you open her up. And you start reading as an idea if you imagine that's what this guy did it now thinking keep it all that in mind. Imagine him walking or displacing with his friends someone hands until when he walks up there and reads it it does sound like that's what's happening. Side proposes the city allows for a license and as sewers to get Janet told massages. And the Missouri and the client that they agreed to it. We let someone get naked and have every other part of her body text read by a massage therapist so we led. Prop colleges and their date angry men and steak and things that there heinous so if someone wants to yank gay guys trained guy say let them. I'm sure there's an Eagles played back. At that point that bank old Missouri behind him does finally cracked a smiling jag yes. Lead get him off with your hand actually be that much worse than. Giving him ample body massage didn't have been there under the folds of fat. We're being the prop colleges stick in your finger that is. Pass and that brings me to my last point isn't. Agree that people imposing their morality on the rest of society and they've grown adult lines. Hand job and another grown adult and then another grown adult who is willing to give one for money then let them. That's both freedom and capitalism and that's the foundation that our country. If you have a problem with a gentle massage then don't get line and allow and they're consenting adults to do what they want. That would truly be a happy ending for everybody. And. Now if it wasn't a bad. And he was just nervous and don't mean to poke fun at him he got up there you did you thing there. And you know he did a part of a lot of people don't really shocked I similar words like dances right he kind of car list of places like it said ass any changes to minus ninety the second time right just went. Ass right now upheavals that are there massage borrowers shut down on Lawrence. Because of that that's it's I forgot about and he was talking about that other people say he's brought up other issues such as like legalizing pot. And that he was serious so he's serious means. It's hard to Tulsa race and excitement that it wasn't but I mean it's a semi local stories so I assume somebody knows either Hammel Orton has seen this story knows something about it. Because we tried looking for online that got posted a couple places and it's on. Vinny now. But if you music there's nothing I even tried typing in like Lawrence Kansas and putting in the ordinance number. Right and just trial is trying now are you guys are as strong and in my talk and yeah it's complete I'll get right is Jennifer Lawrence playing trends manner and actually. So I couldn't find the dog ordinance number that they list here is whatever I found Scarlett Johansson was different. Scarlett Johansson and open and Scarlett Johansson under fire for playing a trans man and her next movie. Ghost in the shell. Innocent children to make that moving around a ghost in the machine now. Are marked. Those social business over the was July 5 2018. Challenge science is drawn criticism yet again for controversial casting choice or this week. Giants who was announced as a lead and Rupert sanders' new film Robin target. Which follows Donte' taxing gala trans man whose picture of the Pittsburgh red light district areas massage parlor industry in the 1970s and eighties when you search out last year so you searched rub and Tug. That's necessary and obviously well this story have robins hugged and giants is finest on the film was on a fair bit of criticism. Had they just decided that. We'll obviously not in Lawrence those places got in trouble I kind of thought that maybe they were to a place like Jennifer Lawrence from the from the story that choice comes. I cannot I mean I just got but I address and I have Google Robin target that you ships. But I thought maybe you're looking for the story taken Lawrence wrote a dog and that's like in month. It. I know there's massage parlors around town tests don't look. Like. My girlfriend on the exact place right place is clearly right I mean it's open super late it has much. Just as the girl comes out and plastic I heels top our cell phones it's like sentiment much rich. Let's not spoil the discussion right I am trying to be discreet I'm just saying. It seems like that's one of those things where hey I cannot actually get illegal ash yes but. Panel like a pot be illegal but. How standpoint work. In most cases of smoking house I'm not gonna come busting it or not that they didn't happen to be dead just like the massage parlor got busted and Lawrence I just thought that we rent a place as society at least in cities. In major cities where everyone knew that the massage parlor Arizona passed like oh well yes exactly it's a Don't Ask Don't Tell them to attend and like this kid said. Our guy Adam Powell is. You're already make it. You're already. You're already making guarding rub in this naked person down. What is the police obviously gonna sit there and sit which is perfectly legal it's a massage almost a band massages so what does it plays of the in his stand there. And watch a way to make sure I keep your hand away to close Rahman. So this is one of those things it's not really enforceable and so they have to send an undercover people which normally I think I'm an undercover cop goes on and they say fifty bucks on Jackie often mentioned right but I think I think Jose it's hard to prove they're but I think most people in big cities like wire we'd do all right while our lives and he's not as I got a wire we're wasting resources on prosecution general of course is that said. I think it's pretty easy I think they say for fifty dollars more. You can. Do stuff when you said that that place that you went to isn't high school. Okay when they were very discrete so the place I went to in Vegas she wouldn't say a word and just like 3 o'clock in the morning and she's like how much you wanna tip sincerity tipped. So I'm confused sick. You're making me nervous and I said I don't need to make you nervous but how much am I supposed to tip she dig you tell me how much you wanna tip as a but I already tipped so I feel like I was a little. More right but how much guys somewhat as the accidental web site that tells you. Everett does oh yeah there's upsets but I really don't know the ever views and everything a man know that allows it came down to one I mean not a kid and how little an arm and monitoring. I don't think I'm wondering whether or not I says religious guys. Isolated came marchers were and I remember should Ramadan leopard print. I don't know leotard looking thing I am I high heels and she gives you massage when she said to me she said. Would you like to finish rather released. And I said. Yes what kind of releases are there should show their much. Multitude of releases had to see this is she's very rational she's there's shame there's there's hand release. There's an oral release there's a vaginal release there's an anal release wow and they are comment different prices. And I said and that's some kind of massage parlor. That's a lot of options and. Krajicek on how I assumed that most of them more either wonder you don't if you want it it's this motion domain and it was all. Earlier dollars and plethora of option I know my place is one of those is one I was in Vegas to light asked the cab driver to take one of those places three this is one he chose for me Ford's 3 o'clock in the morning. I guess that's all the reasons but Zeljko lemon hard but. When she started asking there was never an engineer always lies run for but I'm I'm I'm telling you she didn't give any. She didn't say anything I was very nervous like am I gonna get in trouble is as some sort is like bursting dang what's going on I think I assumed that at some point you would just say. Do you want me to do this or not. And then you say yes or knowing you just and that's it. She's got saying I was making a nervous you're making me very nervous you're making very very not like an archetype Euro price is right well I pushes. I don't imagine nervous because she says are you gonna tipper and I say yardage that I did a different do you know your guess say yes I am. And she says how much is selling a hundred mark and see what happens. A good person and you know it was a make you more nervous which makes you act more nervous. And what I don't know why are the place you can't get an election anyway. This was years ago O'Keefe on pro. The deserve coming out of using glasses or some money in the bank for Kansas. Tribune. Because someone asked. Or does someone got up on proposed that. I so bad and office mine at navy could hold onto it can be one of those tiebreaker deals we decide you've got a couple those that are sitting over there that we haven't decided whether or not. They're gonna end up in money banker not now but if we need a tiebreaker in the upper Missouri pickle jar. Now the campground. No there was something else from last time to get you back and checked. There was another one that we were always together while we have voted on her whatsoever so officials know you know jerk. Others a bunch of them if you just Google. Barrels Austria so right now. A news. Here. Old jerk and rub and Tug. Soon. I think really one of the most awfully happy and some. Yes home. Rob rob maps. Or rob Mac I assume that's probably what you're looking for. I just brutal road map. I mean there's a bunch they come up I don't wanna read all of them in case that's what they are I views and they tell you. You know that there's a costs this is reviews for drove rob mastectomy does this sex workers have reviewed our website you can go to for all kinds of sex are traditionally erased a one of the cops just look at that are not illegal to discuss it after it's already happening SP you can go to web sites that tell you. Here's the person does he or she look like they do in their pictures. Do they do this this this how tall are they howling in all these everything's will they come to your house you have to go to the national hurricane. And they give you full reviews of those there's tons of those sites. Why wasn't aware and we had a coworker we had a co worker who told us that there was one of these places opening up like right across the street and we couldn't find this place was like Harry Potter is what's I've admired by really go to the station station number whatever to get that. Waterville I don't know where all of thirteen and yeah whatever and something that's what this seemed like when our co worker was segment is that it's right across interstate just going and already there was no massage from a place of in his wake up of a beer distributor and I was sick and so I went through this website trying to find it couldn't find it. There's a lot. Of massage parlors on this list. A lot. And these are all. In the area are gonna read any of them. And maybe get on some of these and I'll tell you Basil no it's not it's not law not one of those places but let me just say it according -- and outs thus far 123456. And 8910111213. 1415. And in page two. Al there's like thirty of it's every massage or fire him or you can learn some of them might say yes and make you pay to read reviews. Some of them might say this is not one of those places a lot of them might say. And this is another one of those I think you gotta be remembered well here here's some reviews ratings. You act you gotta go premium you gotta pay twelve dollars a month. Now right imagine a guy who's like you know I get the Netflix subscription and blue on paper cable my cell phone bill car insurance plus I got that thirteen dollars a month for the roadmap to membership but I can't get rid of that I'm trying to find ways to cut corn right I can't cut the rope and a membership. Alison I suppose in order get a massage seems like if you just found one that you like you can just you've gone there. Toy dollars a month Marilyn clones Joseph Connolly easy when your credit carts. Like that work quietly got some new ones that. I wanna look I'm curious if we did that that vote you guys write down well I thought about that I was trying to think if things that you could write. Because again there's a thin line between. What's funny and then what's chest yeah you know it gets in trouble via. But we actually FaceBook account. You know you read like I like what you put on your sisters that data send I was more places except to boost I guess is yes having a hard time with. My wick Carter were ever known as Scott is so unbelievable you right. And then people actually read those like do you like right. Follow in my closet he starts and yet if you get up there and start. Talk alike and all writer and say yeah yeah that's stuff thoroughly fun so here's what you guys who put down that I don't think I'm not gonna tell you because we're gonna do it to you although you don't have to lose about is gonna do it man there's no way you're there you could do absolutely because joke around it and I usually you like an adorable go wind fueled. And Alice are their ending you just go out there and totally worse you just go a third of the podium I wonder if there's money involved and if so give it 200 bucks you would do it I'm not both Republicans hold their last I couldn't do it but there's nothing to laugh about you'd be scared to be nervous I'm telling you I would laugh. Well. I'm gonna find out we'll find out. Did you do. I think I can do it before and then you may do not a one idea I don't wanna do it. When the oldest my closet do it makes more sense anyway perfect. As they've got to make the news Laszlo proposes Jordan's name on the show to make you know he could do like that you know is trying to find massage parlor. These seem like they give tons well I know about but I know one that. Past two they have to do one missile comes talks the one by his girlfriend's managed it's I'm driving a minimum amount someone close you want something close Dziena and that hall pass scenario were Jason Sudeikis goes and a the massage parlor unions have seen is you know wife's friends get groceries next door at the same skirt. All you can't have that finalized Mandy go frankly any of the eight you'll see anybody you know go I'm just Obama ready and I'm looking for a target that's one thing to say on the really hot and have to look you in the eyes you're walking down you know it's no different. We can talk about her all day long when you walk out on the all time owners and I am totally fine. Some planned I'm now I need to look at that there's a reason daddy. What does that what are you doing now in me like just say they're gonna target the B implies pretty obvious in this place that I mean I wouldn't. But OK it's fine whenever. I don't feel like we need to sit and talk about like hey what are you doing man. You know I didn't I got a massage. Let's not half farm into 215 minutes to get there if you can't find a place closer but so contending. There's a membership the most are looking through here there are some that don't require memberships you know what I feel like there's a sub read it or something there's some. Web page that gives you all the reviews of these and it actually shows why you do emeritus of somebody send hand side you know the massage parlor. Just to see them just like that looked like her like your parents know that you masturbating while we really remind parents were grocery shopping next to me. Okay ready I'm like no team has cerebral my friend walking in Simi do we where you know right why don't pretend like OK if I don't win and it's my neighbor giving him a size as a problem. But no receiver in the summer walked out whatever. I'm maybe it's less than ideal home this fits what is not a deal breaker. So then you need a place that's a little less. Conspicuous. Because the place O'Connor talking about it's it's it's cute as the most inspect I think it's only open that night the only sign ages in neon. Ask you there's no way to building is even up to code and knowledge about to fall over ya. It's based we are it's those small wooden shack. This doesn't still looks like a place that I'll bet the house split in front of it probably used to have that as a as a shed we got a lot more and then somehow they lost that piece of property announce related it turned into. A massage parlor and that I know there's been a lot of crap is gone through employers and my girlfriend was saying a couple months who she really wanted to get a massage those who get a massage and as those from that place next yes she does. You know I'd rather go to a place right I don't know for certain that you're in the next room being master baited. I just thought I feel like there's got to be a place where we can go where the I don't know that for sure we do know that we don't know what goes on there. I will say this text says don't try this at. Emanate as an error massage place trust me. Now let me get massages anymore I think I have a seven strikes you're out satellites and. Churchill who has loved. My amendment right how are you. Bellows I apologize to my body and in the past few weeks. It can pull on double duty could've talked together gifts. Don't talk to wells who tells everything you're doing. No I just in Q1 oh. Satellite radio show that not available in here and that he could be on the show it failed all exceed the term global. But in the afternoons from all in three to 6 PM that night so I didn't leave my house front we've 45 in the morning and get all around 645 at night. And like it that much I love you guys I didn't have I didn't want to give you guys. Just my idea for what had to bow out for us. Are you still doing a show. If you've got a torrent feed you numbers show Mike and the mad bulk yeah. So the mad dog we split up belt in years ago and what is serious conservative own channel yes all of I'd been filling in for him. So I don't have like all fine and show what he takes what I'm all for the summer and sought billing it further. Okay good congratulations. Oh thank you it's been fun it's been fun to do radio and the only radio bill because you're if you guys. And so it's been fun playing you know get met in the thing if it's just real quick to be real birdie in fact radio. Do you have any idea how long segments armed satellite radio and you don't have commercials. But pretty long I mean just the there was a Jim what you do. Our should see what we do in Sports Radio here with commercials as night and day right so without commercials like anybody imagine. It didn't he let five Euro if he'd minutes of all canal. Yeah. What are users and non. Well that was the thing is what is the bit that it is. One of the things that mad dog radio really incurred didn't fight harder keep those to take all call. And so you know what I mean with Sports Radio. You can always saying phone calls all of our flight is basically what I would it was because of that. Be it breaks whatever thought I would do like it or any minute opening monologue. Take a break and then what people do like reaction and phone calls also that the neck like fifteen. And being kind of switched to a smaller club trillion that the hour and then as he and I have that like green major. Hate which when there's nothing wrong to be difficult but I felt that disgust. Now your profession I'm one and no doubt it was brilliant. Wolf thank you I appreciate it and it's been so long since we talked it is little extra in the we will topic is there is they're the most forceful last week. That you get that will talk to nick about the very notion that you guys could walk into the hope that the World Cup. I know that this is where the NF LP and the quiet I don't know you have it all at all. A belt on the whole thing with the prospect the Orioles might be working out which is a really uncomfortable situation. Now what's sort of doubt what's your take on that everybody sees me talking on that Luke Chaim liked. Yet suit you wore it like so that the guy who pled guilty that. As you know I think it I think six year old me. He was the officials I think I think the first time he did it was when she was four and then stopped when she was six maybe. And imagine it Amanda and they're tied us when he pled guilty to. Right even now saying he didn't do it. Which is but he pled guilty and Alec cute like the whole thing we're. Within IE. I have a lot of issues with the finger Dayton Moore evidently find all like immoral and the things that he thinks she deserved such insurance. I found it fascinating and I mean this is kind of off the topic of whether the royals should take him or draft him or not. But you know of this they say the story would have never really come to light except for a clerical error. They thought he didn't register as a sex offender like he's supposed to sort somehow it blip in the paper picked it out. Yeah I bet that felt right that this was it was certainly not as scored that and it. Like follow in his whole career feel like it's a relatively new war and like I guess. Maybe it is Wyoming where you're the moral confidence I I find it very odd. That the general manager I think it is important. Thirteen building an organization build that eagle one organization in pro sports that has like. I'll seminars and goals all of what I would call like. Came here and anti pornography crusade. Could be the one organization in professional sports betting Parise. A person who don't play until each child policy. FTC and he didn't do it now though. Is there any reason to believe that Dayton Moore. Knows something we don't or thinks he knows something that we dummy what how many times has there been a scenario where someone tells you. Here's the facts you go okay nothing you can tell no change our mind BC documentary you go. All those other world facts are important to do you sometimes think why would someone plead guilty and then changed later to say I didn't do it. And also. On the flip side of that they may be Dayton Moore may be or the royals maybe the only organization I can think that would take him. Thinking that the way we run this team and how religious we know doing more to being. That maybe it is a kind of guy thinks it now he can save redemption you know this person what. That they they they got the royal that we get body. Now like Bob that's so. And you didn't like he receives talks to date more about this a lot and he's taken our crack as we achieved. Defended himself on his Twitter account maybe some other ones are. You see and probably be expert and you'll what polls are saying here is exactly. Oh what I would do what it seemed like those saying it they talked a lot about second here. And so that's it in the upper arm comparable part about this deed. That girl is now holed like a teenager. And she is still saying you have to like you to keep in effect calling for a lot. Oca so she's she's she's publicly saying that it happened so much is someone disaster. I don't know what I I write a column that it's all about the problems. All of her jet sat in front of the white wolf well. All of him leaving his innocence and painting her a liar I don't know if that means is it did hurt secure all. Or over or recently I thought I apologize for not having gotten rich but stuff. But I guess. It just be like it is no this is a weird war. I did so very uncomfortable thing because if it was let's be honest if it were. Armed robbery. We've been like LeBron guy did his time and admitted it. He can throw a baseball gets a second chance but when it comes to a child molestation. Rape and like that site. I would think Alamo it bounces around while sitting on my fortune Arnold screening boards child molestation John Q marvel so it. I would say it's the single worst thing. Like it that you can be accused. A single war respect. I. And so it's just on the sliding scale of things like morality. Like somewhere on the area is. Guy had like a point 09 with these are post record and kill someone in a car accident you know I mean and then it. On the other Indian child molestation and so like I just. It felt it in one and and what they see it is another thing that like came up with loved. With this kind of thing that changed when the situation which are also due. Which was. Give it once was accused of very well you can couch right. Cheetah Girls adamant her of her case. Her account is compelling. But he was never been charged with you is that it is never charged with a so. When he picked he and it came out earlier this year and who worker ever accuse him of groping her. Well now I'm back in 2016. Happened and point BC regarding the pros but it happens when he is seen and we've asked about it currently is that he won't point seventy. You know I got to do it. You know I got witnesses to say I didn't do it to you with two people. While home Ronald Darby is former work they eBay com now by the way was one achieved. Was allegedly wit and on the initial once and for the state. And the other of an unnamed men. We've been find out that the unnamed Maine and he was we. It named Brandon Banks who hadn't felt in a accused operate shortly bolt or this sense that. And it now sitting in prison after being convicted of. And it being came out bogeys there they weren't able what was the legal guys laughter. And went and took another ride she is. Settled weird thing works yet apologized to the girl I need these people personal conduct policy but not admitted he did exactly which you. Well who decline in the front seat and then it promptly during the right rapper crutch. And so he got suspended three games by the NFL that what people are upset because it's supposed to be post defense under the new policy that aims. And the point that I need it like what. It is that if we shoot marchers went in here earlier for like you tell me what the proper number it extra sections. Like very knowing it's right like there is no there is no court incidents what is why you could argue vehicles should be in this business to begin work. If there's no way to get that right. And. And there are like we talked about last week there are. Varying degrees. Monastic and also the fact that I mean we're mixing James indifference to Jerusalem Heimlich thing and his name is Winston. Is just was so was investigated and not charged. Or about it or say. But that boomer thing is opera. But the key survey separate. So he had written originally denied even charged for that and commit to do what you know Dario I don't think it what you criminal that's what I'm self. He was investigated and sharp and not charged and in this thing memo under criminal court. I don't know I think you could make you could make a case. To say this is not none of the NFL's business. There's other cases let you admitted you you pled guilty was read your found guilty. Then the court of law. These are two giant different types of cases right. Sure apple ideas. On that chain is saying the thing I was gonna have you guys is do you think it's fair. That is. If I were leading. Vote keep him the benefit of the doubt initially all the ports state bank. After a bit like retroactively. I no longer do. I think a lot of you'll feel that way. I write I mean you know a lot of people thought well this story doesn't I don't know maybe I'm an even learn and benefit of the doubt he's a black athlete but then. Over story comes out I think a lot of people went out. It's it's it's it's it's I mean kinda like because we think Cosby took like sixty women but eventually most people OK I I. Doctor constable is is on his. Please steadfast in my. Stance on this and they really unpopular. But if you're not charged in your not convicted of crimes and I don't see how the NFL can come and it and say that. You broke the Arab conduct policy. When there's no proof that you broke any conduct policy I simply say much the NFL take care of the law mud but as far as like how I feel about a player personally. Does that does that change how I feel about that person away and just the other court of public opinion. So there's a couple of what is there is speculation that the reason James I create senate sick is because. Think he admitted he broke social conduct policy in apologize to the school. The couple notes they're not gonna be caught up another one of these lawsuits where like you gonna take his suspension in just move ball. But it's far like yes well that's on both of my personal opinion. Like if you came into work. And you're like me aren't convinced no call personal call. She local rot in hell I'm convinced Iran might help your quiet that you Robert hospital wing alarm. At the picture to do work had a lot of clear deterrent I know what can they do not enough to charge whatever it. And in Europe later so called it's a record Barack and levels now. I'm like I'll. Like may act Havier wanted to believe that now are much less likely to leak. Like he even if that that's not ahead in go to court of law at the board of public opinion. Like it could not only that not only that you've now been accused of. Similar types it's about one days out now right heel injuries sexual assault vehicle hoping. But it's all so that. You have grown up who's always want to know like they accuse the sexual clothing it is hanging out with the guy was ending or I don't believe. Like that's the whole thing strikes me as. Like just under. Article unseemly. I think she was awarded. Then I NFL is investigating the Hoover situation currently right. No I think they I think so I think it's a close conduct I thought it was. Maybe they're still doing it I thought it was finalized with bit. It down their suspension he's admitted whatsoever to do. And I thought they were happy to move on like that but that it's back I think with the NFL which you. I do not understand why you that we was well. I do not understand what you cannot simply Wii's about to change. Don't ask you this about Hamas and ministers about the Luke Heimlich thing. Why they would the royals. It feels to me like they were just floating. Like those guys are really good pitcher. Let's just flow what how the fans' reaction is. And seeing how they react to this. Before we do anything. Because why would you say any thing if you are investigating it trying to figure out not sure sure you weren't why don't you just keep it quiet and and it's. If you're watt wide. Take any sort of press bad press. If you're not sure what you're going to do. Matt and that's exactly what they were sector do. And then of course they're just floating it to Zealand's fans' reaction isn't games said it's its attention on deeds and I know not to take him. Yeah I would imagine that is exactly what happened I buy it are misrepresented that earlier. I think you bail. I would not I would imagine that the only reason why we're in week. He's so give ninety. All how angry if all the public reaction would be in if you do end up deciding you wanna take in the it stopping. It's our eight into the story is not like it doesn't want a fight people all that sort of your car. A the other question I have because our only thing about this guy until the other story came out. Some people on shorter were arguing that how he's not even that great it it is he died gray it okay Norton. Okay that's a hard thing I know anyway but yeah I just let me say I don't I did look up his stats and those Thursday's 2000 Aniston stories. At one point had a point 74 ERA and led College Baseball on the IRAs you have like a 120 strikeouts and eighty innings or something remain. He's a baseball Oka a crack Murray's best pitcher who knows but he is good baseball. Yeah I mean I would you I would think you look at the B I just got beat you would have to be. Amazing. For them to think it was even more potentially worth all. Because any time this happens in the NFL and a player you know finds a home it's because there are exceptional players and that's there's going to take the heat and then. The owners and managers they have throughout they're trying to defend their decision but it's always because the players exceptional not because they're mediocre. Right then I mean it's one of the normal picketed her right. And so like today a national champion in college football they guy will. Which you they keep it all factions and are you guys Walt keep it longer use the better more productive they all. And so you know I mean those. They act if I'm not I don't peaceful fair I would argue apple Apple's the jailers think they've just. They've both Kamal the last few weeks I knew we had to stop them. Yet. And just say notices and 2016. Luke I'm like went seven and for the 3.5 three ERA. In 2017. He went eleven and one with a point 76 CRA. And 2018. He went sixteen and three with a two point 92 ERA. Yeah 159 strikeouts in 2018 on and 29 and and Spencer doesn't seventeen news at pac twelve pitcher of the year. It give Oregon say yeah yeah. Football I ever want should reject that all happened I can't city guides and it has been very. Very good he's his own thank you shouldn't think. I. Hacked it is bad in this. Only the very end you either read all that we saw on the iso that was about it is. So enough. What would you tell him I. Why would it. I would have an easier time taking. Is he it is defense swarms. I did it irons well all I I do it myself. All never forgive myself. I paid my debt I want all sports. Like it is what I wanted you know what I mean. My family members of the circumstances. Another we have a right to run just saying you know he's. You see when it when you Google his name pitcher and registered sex offender and then you see fifteen years old and I'm sorry how old is she six or whatever. And so are certainly not a lot of ways to spend that to shine now but. Still we don't know the circumstances that usually you've heard somewhere that she's still saying that happened. But and again I'm not defending this guy I'm just we live in this world now where you know somebody decides to bring up the pitchforks on Twitter or something all of sudden this person. Is crucified before they ever get a trial this guy had a trial. He pleaded guilty she's she says it happens so then he went undrafted running so. You don't if you were under at the right after having a battle sometimes got to go uncorrected because they make it very clear I'm definitely going to college. Right now sometimes those get you draft anyway part of what money. I'll let there be a report. It wasn't that long ago. You reread fifteen you're like well I mean working out what we want. Hines easily junior college governor yeah. So like you know your forties when he civil. Fortitude so. Both saying is sure. It. There is an odd way or lesbian groups. Yeah I mean so great. Not great. And it's and it's in there and I are now there is sometimes some there's a reason why aren't people. It they didn't do something don't plead guilty. Can they don't want to follow for a. So while I mean I read a story about him he says he pled guilty because of that. He says he didn't plead guilty. That then just inside the stories is of he didn't plead guilty. You know had to go to court in would have gone on in court his niece was gonna testified he was gonna have to testify where his lawyer told him if you plead guilty. You know you can transfer to a different high school and is basically all goes away and you can continue to play baseball. Got it. So that. These if that's what we'll hope that soft. Spot so I hope so so there's that little duet happier or more are thank you Hitler.