Monday, 07.16.18 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Monday, July 16th

0:00 - Headlines
Bombpop's baptism
Trump commits treason in front of the world
Child stuck in washing machine
Child dies in hot car
Police use coin toss app to make a determination
Sacha Baron Cohens new show premiers
35:29 - White people just keep calling the cops on black people for no reason
47:00 - Elon Musk? Love him or hate him?
1:13:20 - Lazlo cautions Slimfast and Snowcone about delivering furniture 

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The righteous man it's on all sides. Selfish. And cheering you you'll mend. Well leave dark. Strike down low numbers wrong. No you know how are you I'm great are you I'm never mattered this. It's a beautiful day outside it is a symbol of beautiful man. Is that you and 90. So gun looking good I refuse to refer to money and the new shorts. We'll shave my legs get a new shorts on command. The EC. Yunus and. New shorts. All right. Look I'm looking good is doctors. Okay good. So soon. Looking good. Would you say nothing would you say I didn't see anything innocent shirt slogan no you don't lie walked out of there Moody's does one shots. I don't know I don't know trying to make your legs are so light and he got these black Sox. Are sticking out of overshoot you deserve an ankle ones like when I'm done specifically because of the ankle lets sing when you. You don't sushi Sunni village and Lauren. Do you not. And I'm not messing around the greens are there's the eligible this year do you not theater better or do you just not go outside. I don't really go Klebanov they're better this year. That is why because usually by July if you. Forgot failures in banks and. The maybe I didn't know maybe some people don't tanner. Like a red headed monster sons think that's what's happening. You know he's he's not generally works as she. Wakes up at three. Up till five. ABC from like six or seven hours. It does. This baby mama. Wake you up in the morning. Sick and need your help birds and sometimes it accuses you pretty you know I just received more pro machine. But sometimes it. The rules are there any of that works. And it's huge holes asleep and then we have an infant. If you don't you're and so whenever. You'll get in trouble. In doing something wrong. I don't time at all times guaranteed there's something I'm doing something wrong here in the process of thank you around or doing something wrong or you're just done something wrong. And as soon as you start to think. Do pretty good yeah you find out you since you're really around earlier you're not to have really good. And how could Jew and could you think they've been doing good. Do you wanna talk about the news. This guy is. There baby was baptized a really good yeah I was reminded. There's nobody there when I saw you out there isn't I thought Benson yeah. And godfather assuming there's you really I think irons I thought it was gonna be like yeah it's. You and I always ornament invited anywhere where you can I can dig them now of course every woman drove the Pittsburgh many. I never know until unite in a lot myself in my view rounds do tournament. I thought it was going to be like a full. Max. No I mean I thought there was going to be communion ending and Michael I don't know. Like almost like a wedding or some damage on the plane and stuff takes forever but this didn't know who was it like twenty minutes. Is walk up there in the guys like all right you go here's water now. That was it we ought to hold a candle and place. Oh yeah we did all we can. Thanks. It was an honor. And her family's very nice to room is very nice yeah the good thing but it who until polka. Hall afterwards chicken dinner now you. I've never been to Pittsburgh Kansas forward apparently this big has been I've been rivalry between chicken. That places us chicken wars. I don't like to experience last week at the I'm sorry I it's I can tell you later and you'll feel like you were there this next time I'm gonna pictures to Don the best calls like over. Was good calls and you can come next to me you were done personally. You were gonna drive to Pittsburgh and we all that we all know you weren't you don't know none beyond you don't know listed here and ask. She's the best story it's gonna. Junk food legendary baptism. This was a good name. The news. And I don't know I've ever Sylvester and there was no one there are you know I enumerated in the okay. There's obviously some people there and ask him we don't really chicken house afterwards. But the question. Our. Did you guys who paid for lunch at the chicken house even you did the chicken house or is he just yet he was down another and I'll I don't know it would have been a pretty smooth moves easily in a lot. Also this is my credit card number I'm not going. Glenn cover lunch I told you came in the pizza bar. Later that night among civilians and as soon as is. I'm Suzanne. It's a rather. I understand there are similarities with the biggest and there's nobody there. How sudden this guy shows up. New kinds. Starting out one hand and on the dealer and. Some don't want. It was all are endless cycles and my sister was there with your sister did show whose sister was there's somebody else. The sins and our people here into the pretty good to be a pretty big table. Is it inappropriate to ask my mom wasn't there she had to work against us. I kind of thought I. We had to reschedule it like a week ago so. Alongside the I was invited you do baptism and an advantage to once. Still wasn't by the. The patient and now one. It didn't exist there is absolutely no one hour and when I say that. Like literally no one man. Not even maybe pagan and mad at me holes on this whole day I'm sorry. The restaurants I showed that doesn't mean I'm not managed just changes our relationship. It would have been awkward for me to ask is you wouldn't have won the go do it felt like you have two week lows awkward for me to give your gift prevailing. That's very nice view and. Awkward for me to hold your menu and ready and animation and no sleep now. Great potential disasters should get the news or. Yeah McCain really piazza David Bell Wednesday. She'll donated in the name is mostly he's better at defense the defense him. As a defense and this is a weekend you gonna mice and a phenomenon Simon times behind me the best epic. I'm sorry you were gonna. You loved it. The drive to Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh should take weakens. But check it out on Saturday get to see more like to catch a football game since. But they're big into football there. The apes gorillas realists. See the logos. I now do you talk about trump. Being invited. To speak including ten gunmen and stuff. The reason I found this food what does that so and cinemanow and annoys me. I think it starts and laps and an online she can do laps. Brewing. I think there's crickets to Elian. And last. And computer yeah. So I met with the genome that doesn't just music. There's one there's an open one in the back one. Not an open run. Leon open one goes to kids that relationship sort of an honest and. John. You know prudent even after. A lot of people ask to not too after all these. Charges were brought up last week I Rosen seen against these Russians for China's influence our election. Didn't stop Donnie he went. They seemed everybody's is is no collusion. He says that this whole investigation. Is a disgrace for our country blog honor on eat this up a lot of people today including a lot of Republicans hero. Collision and it has had a negative impact upon. The relationship of the two largest nuclear powers and in the worse potent denies it is ridiculous. Get out of your journalists we wouldn't. Isn't Natalie your elections treason so well some people are seen as a matter of fact the exact definition. I think it was judge Joseph Walsh tweeted us and insane that there cities Dunham yeah there's almost treasonous. CIA I think said it was treasonous you and yet you issued a statement. Paul Ryan not happy about it. Who has been. Through this and he says that Russia's not our now lying. He says it was shoot the performance at trump gave wooden was bizarre and shameful. Joan Walsh and it was treason not almost as a mystery about. That is really is straight. And says what Truman did today was committed treason I that's Joseph Walsh. I like my mom's love that he is OK it is time. I allows my lines since now mind you drive. I don't know Mumbai. Yeah that's. Yes so I don't know if this changes any fear not I mean obviously McCain's upset the people who already hated America says play all of them site. It's ridiculous simple but it does seem like some more Republicans have come out certainly was stronger language. I don't know how big of a supporter Joseph Walsh wasn't trumps of the there was no occasionally news pretty critical he was defending amazingly he was critical of them right off. But. You have the president the ACC and I believe that the KGB stone as a Buddhist onus is RCA and guys. They're out and more people came forward today who. Honestly if the FBI and CIA resentment are saying line behind him guilty. And then there was this other group of investigators. Wherever they are from an airline now we don't see it I'm relying. They've been guilty takeaways collusion just that. Does that they medals they won influence our elections I don't think tied anything directed some guys like zoos don't just look more people can't Edinson. OK maybe Russia really does have something on from. So more more of that which you've heard people talk about the I was kind of think and probably not I feel like trump as big ego he doesn't want anyone to think it is election wasn't Alice. You know that Russia somehow held sway this election yeah. But now I don't know maybe they do have something today oh maybe it's just a PGA maybe he has a. It's hard to double its review Nagin did great on my broker who is right but I just don't see that my first at first blush. That does and I'll pass them peace must. And. There is a part of me that's like we're like well whatever you showed on the president moved we'll get through and I'm Don Morrison then maybe if you look at the tape video like man. I am naked again. I'm like maybe that's enough light did you say it's hey kiwi who just say it's now. Photo shots and work and maybe the more you look at this tape. If you're Donald Trump and you know I don't mind. I'm just Ney did room uniforms had done. You know. Am glad design do you have unicorn sending your house because we just got a glimpse. Indeed your sex bedroom. I need to do you change. Never thought much about him. I don't dislike him. This in cooler than regular horses I guess we find suffering. The December and they fly. And they thought they had a tristar pictures yeah you corner fluke and rainbows. A flying horse is obviously better than a horse to doesn't lots Porsche. Did you guys see this story about the that. That's something he's huge he's just a resident I've heard when I turned on the TV this morning in a press conference on trump was talking and I did. T and it just changes again I got enough room so. If it seems like we're not making a big enough deal about it. I apologize. It's everywhere. You can hear about it all day. This kid you got stuck in a washing machine is front loading washing machine Stacey this story. You have a front loading give you don't you have front loading washing machines your house. Currently water. Yeah front loading washing machine and shoe. I can serve open in the little time for all but lost those last night GeForce nine. Don't blame white ones. So these parents say that day he warned their children I have three little kids and they warned their children. Right after they got his watch he should stay away from him don't go near and they just got to dampen interest bought it's they get grilled cheese. And little you know stay away from which of course probably maybe it's curious but they wake up 1 morning and eager their son crying. And they come downstairs and his son is trying slowly slowly and daughter's name only daughter had gotten inside this thing. Was locked inside the washing machine and then things started going cycles going that's coming up with water it's tumbling well you can't open those things once they start. So she's locked inside and there. It was terrifying view us crying so hard I couldn't understand the words he was saying it was not the realization hit. He had said Chloe inside wash her. Can tell she was screaming play. In the machines there tidy I think on the door cold so hard and then I moved the machine from the wall but it's locked she became an open. He might Buchanan pauses. They amounted may finally be erratic going to turn it and stop and lasers and it goes to put an announcement right here to hold that. Oz runs on three sides. Western a moment any in its brand new million banning use this thing I'd. So they finally got it open and pulled her out and I guess she's okay but they're warning other parents I remember seeing that video. There's like surveillance video or security video inside of a laundromat. Jersey that were they big guy puts the girl in the washing machine on purpose. Any closes the door to search and as are beginning to open and she's come and around east and you do in the open I don't know. I was obviously enraged a lot of people thinking Dennis and I can't remember they were looking for him if he got in trouble levers and there and Adobe funny. And they can't open and they're like giant figure flipping open how to unplug it there's no emergency. You know. And having kids. There's they're warning you about something different Graham and around another kid died not RTS on the kid less than a car for eight hours. Why. I left in the car for eight our cash. You know that I notice that a lot of these new cars especially the new GM's if you open the back door now. I think it's like even on the entry level cars if you open the back door now and you get in and you drive when you turn off the car and you go to leave there I think pops up possess check backseat. Because it knows that you open that back door to god and so that's good yeah. He is apparently this is a real problem problem. I don't have kids what you've said before that you can't comprehend how you could forget but obviously it does it happen happens I guess. A one year old boy died after being left in stifling hot car for over eight hours the seventeen month old was found in par and Pembroke Pines, Florida. I was a parking lot on Friday. I just I mean it's been so long since I had a one minute and hasn't announced that a one year old but. It seems like so long and it is going to be fine and essential. I just feel like I don't know you tried to get around on him having just two months I can't imagine Dario always I feel like I was always an interview not to my there was more dangerous. I mean not looking at the road sometimes I look back and my dad is like half. I got Nancy don't like it's always like dead daddy amount of whenever we feel it's not the most dangerous thing. Of those smears like on the backseat there. Watch him select a look at the rear drive or watching some counseling looking I don't know I can imagine ever not. Remembering. Well as can isn't afraid that I was 93 degrees with a heat index and a 103. Police and fire crews got there at 5 o'clock they try to do DC if you are are most of them. This and leaving a child and say cars a yearlong hazardous especially deadly during the summer months and temperatures and I'm over a hundred degrees and ten minutes. Always double check your vehicle left you are. Loved ones are that's our prayers go out of the deceased and their family during this difficult time. The guy who said this is Kim Dai aid London police started to think they maybe you do this on purpose today is that trial over the TV is found guilty listening there was like Google searches before having those remember that hasn't. Contact guy. But it is the timing didn't even dawn on us that we weren't thinking at all that it was suspicious. He wasn't he was. Let's under the peace and love with someone or something mean and it's expensive the Google searches yeah if you are going to commit a crime. If you have any sense at all. And your over the age of twelve I would think you know anything when I start to Louis Leo how does chloroform work. How long does kid after being part they're doing fine. Police in Roswell Georgia are in trouble because nobody can yeah releases. Two female officers that pulled this woman over there and Sarah well she was scheme and they send an evolution speed but she's been in the reins a nanny didn't. Ticket you know driving properly for conditions are wherever that's all what they do is he's too. Cops get back in the car and nerve. They music their radar gun doesn't work something have a hard time running the license but one of the officers pulls out her iPhone as an app that's a point. Toss out with aluminum. And she says the other officer. You know. Arrest served her hands release our tails whenever gap and today it's all on. Illness on the spot again this happened months ago but the body can discover at least think. So any heads our tails so. Yeah I don't know licenses in about 23 and Michael Jordan but here's the number is I know why DC 23 what was 23 anyway. Two out of three. I guess maybe I don't know but this is told police she said. You know. Whatever said released tales wherever he is just they still arrested there really and it's going to awesome they still arrested her and a woman who was arrested has been interviewed. Hey the green room I mean I was very angry and upset now. It just hurts me you know day long it was easy you know create our own. My own gains and. So low. I think officers and a child and being investigated. The police chief said in his statement that is he's found out about the missing inserted internal investigation at the two officers on administrative leave said he couldn't discuss details. In investigations on going yeah. I don't know there's always something to investigate how many times have we thought this is done cotton dry. Fire that person wherever it is by no later what did you feel I don't know there's a lot of but resigned his little clips the body can't footage. Now it is. Interest in. That this well you're shaking your head but now the problem that this white woman and the polices that they use according. Toss in on this is making news. I'm just saying there's always still a difference a tremendous amount is female cops now I just done. I looked at a few elements does every always top the last couple years about the police here. Yeah police brutality shooting on our guys were right and this this these officers usually happens when the going. And Sasha baron Cohen's show premiered last night it is ten minute clip though which is one of the best. Sketches are segments from the show. And made the rounds. A lot of people are talking about shows called who is America. I'm secession aren't alone or around Fijian. He did this segment called kindergarten eons and he pretends to be this Israeli defense expert. And of course Sacha Baron Cohen was able to convince a bunch of big name people to sit down. And it's. Advocates. That children should have guns the whole premise was that we need to arm kindergartners little kids. And a lot of people showed up to do this sketch with them. Trent lot break Joseph Walsh and we just talked about he's in a bunch and he issued a statement saying I got do you know whatever. I read what his excuse was saying. Well when they came to me they said that this they gave me this story about how this kid in Israel was taken hostage by terrorists and it. The four year old who's able to get a hold of the gun and and was able to keep the terrorists at bay for however long and I just thought well Israelis are you know big on defense. When you read these words don't you didn't take pause as it there's cameras watching using SuSE and some of these people. Are clearly just sort meanwhile as you watch the video. May need Joseph Walsh says I was confused and it knows going on the some of these people. It does seem to mean there's any doubt. But they're Pro Bowl let's give little kids guns they thought it was a great idea. Supporting kindergarten program where America would be wise to implemented to. It's something that we should think about America about putting guns. In the hands of law abiding citizen's good guess as. Whether they be teachers. Or whether they actually beat a talented children or how to train preschoolers. A three year old cannot defend themselves from any assault rifle by throwing hello kitty pencil case and that. I offending funds and I'm putting an age limit on the Second Amendment. The intensive three week kindergarten in course introduces. Specially selected children from twelve to four years old. Two pistols. Rifles. Semi automatics. And a rudimentary knowledge of mortars being less than a month. Of let's show all straightened out and also a month. A first grader can be column. A first. Grenade children under five also had elevated levels and a ceremony. Blink-182. Now this guy is done my other science that proves that of course he's reading all lists. Purchased by the part of the liver known as the region are. This allows. Nerve reflex is to travel along the party be neural pathways. The Wii's Khalifa 40% faster but saving time and saving lives when it comes to the safety. Of our children the way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good kid. Was we got a good kid with a gun good child with a guy. Happy shooting kids. So Trent Lott was in their Joseph Wilson Joseph Walsh. And then now Larry Pratt is a gun rights activist and. Man. They really want it just goes. Remember when I first had the nice guys and watch and they're gonna do these idiots. And you're really known and unknown. Now they really do. It started when. Kindergarten teachers remember I was like prisoners don't want to kids and guns they really want to just have guns now. They're well trained three year olds. Does the club America. And I I was listening phone I've made a mistake but I in the whole thing. We're one of the guys says well you know it was a traditionally maybe some alarming news the first guy forget. But he resided at Frist for your you know you're still working out you know. Aunts and your conscience still mad about things we unity condemning great little soldiers and talk and challenge to lobby. Why are you dating four year olds made great soldiers because they don't have a conscience. But honestly that's what I mean OK and it's insanity nobody should Jonas and I. Yeah the conversation was a lot of ups and close my. So David from treated. I'm really really not loving this game more as Sacha Baron Cohen repeatedly takes advantage of people's affection and respect for the State of Israel to deceive and humiliate them. Joseph Walsh code treats that says I agree David I got to own what I said but as Sasha baron gone flew me out to DC put me up and hotel. All to have an Israeli TV network give me a big quote friend of Israel award. The entire thing was a big line. Now so and someone else between Adam and said at Joseph Walsh to send a kindred guardians really manned and Walsh and what can I say. Sacha Baron Cohen got me too I believe kindergartners should be armed Helm now. But it's on meet Sasha fooled me good flew me out to DC for some made up friend of Israel lord I got to live with. You're even if you're just reading this stuff and it's you see you know use science and in this says and made I don't know. Some behind the scenes but you would think. Especially when that guys are seeing the science is clear and insurgent reading about the Blink-182 percent Thursday night meeting with the wiz Khalifa his. You married any more truth than those read anything that says and like I'm not gonna say this on camera he wanted to give. Kindergartners guns like some people you can't even write he couldn't get him to do them. So maybe Joseph lawless doesn't want to. Kindergartens have guns says now well known but some of the guys and learn if you watched the whole thing. It seems to me like they were all four. Like I don't know. Good to hold their assurance they would turn the pistol and a Teddy bear famous Teddy bear. How do you feed the man he's he has to know these teaching kids how to loaded gun and then run how an aim and shoot as the head shoulders knees and toes and our viewers and brings. Green or whatever but. There was a done with the nearly drowned in your exploration and beating Clinton do lunch boxes in the puppet for its crystal puppy. Oh yeah on the lunch box and then and came right from the center of the amendment. Yeah my best they're delighted that teleprompter bothers you read everything in your reading and it doesn't matter you're reading. Don't you put something in front of me right now that is clearly offend us as. I didn't I read stuff off the script all the time if I can use knocked me in a copy inside guy. So this is and one of the commercial under the radar right there was like I think hey this is Liza I think in super Smart verb preschoolers ban guns and I'm like. Why are women what does this Bill Clinton the other cars admittedly I don't know I don't know what is your reading like let me read the rest of us some reading and am I don't know I don't know likewise. I'm you know Amanda. The sand is literally copied environment doesn't feel right to me running my that's a very I do that we do not for a living. I don't read that and then just go high school. So yeah we'll lose the script they tell me you read it doesn't happen now. I'm still aware of what I'm reading. Sally got black out and pitch my reading words I don't remember. And especially if something like that I mean that I. Vehemently thing doesn't sucking right. I was Muslim originally about pistol Pete I go on for a three year olds like I'm I'm I'm Marge is like why it is. So don't you read this. Which is what men engaged does and in. Next is gonna. You know personally he speaks highly used. He wasn't seeing my old or. Does he said look I'm talking essays on camera I'm not gonna read this no one maldutis and that's when the clubs and yards and everyone doing. This doesn't trip lined. Does anyone know and seen the whole episode yet I didn't wash and I'm confident I heard that was the best. Marks a Katrina. I think there's force saying this is something that one was great so members on. Because I read something about. One of his characters are suppose it is trumps forty conspiracy theories sits down sand. I saw that clip of that and I think that's stuff. Apparently the wounded it's everyone's talking about a kind. And it looks like I could be wrong with the strength come on Twitter. This read everything I think that's supposed to be back characters Twitter account. He's been running for months and getting tons of followers and is very pro trump. I think now comes out it's actually a character. Yeah. That's got. I think people know about barely heard yesterday about the police officers are shot in cedar three of them. Two run shot they they've they've been following this guy for a while he was a suspect he was wanted to. They don't call this guy as they pulled from the car at least when Anderson does it look in the burglar shot with a rifle through former head. There's a chase he ends up like four miles away there ends up being a shoot out there another officers then. But they caught the guy and the headlines are saying that done. The police chief gave a press conference and he confirmed that the the guy the man was the man who has wondered murder yet you Casey student. So they got a all thrilled with police are going to be all right. That was like big national news I saw that story out of my funniest thing was USA today there's. Extra people were shot. Maybe not a appropriate wasn't about as silence now who's on the suns. Bob that's it that's all the new isn't perfect. Yeah. What's your problem now how are we are we gonna have to come with an intro for. This is this is like at thing now like the you know when it. Arrow hot twenty something teachers sort of sleeping with older students right. Now it's seems like every day there's a new story about people calling the police. On. Black people because I don't know. They make them nervous that are tried and means that there's only room doors and selling water. There at the pool wired into war 202 different at the pool of cherries with in the last month. So. I have two new ones. For you to okay please. So the first one is CVS manager who called the police. On a black woman for using a coupon. Now this says that the CBS managers in Chicago called the police on a black woman. Who tried to use a coupon at a self check out machine cranked because he thought. At the coupon was fake the manager. OK this guy who called the mood. Police there's an article about Elena show you pictured says meet the man who all the police cell. Like CBS manager called console black or with coupons is Republican who was busted for forging signatures seniors trump for president shirt. And a K this is him. So. As names Morry Mattson okay white Chicago CBS manager he called police on black loan maturities and coupon has a history of allegedly forging documents. Ice politically active as a gay conservative. Who is re starting the Illinois Log Cabin Republicans are her abdomen while which had lost members and shuttered after splintered over Republican politicians efforts equate gay rights okay. So he was captured on video as he talked to police about this black woman who tried to use a manufacturer's. Coupon. Bet he for some reason thought was fraudulent. OK so this is. Audio. She's wearing Andrews. When should they arrive that I won't be waiting for the slow ride. How late. No hugs. We'll share it. Okay music. Actually like the river. The more you know. No I'm not. African American I'm black. OK so that's happen you know when quote caught on video calling the police. So he's a conservative I told you all that stuff. He and he he he admitted. Back. You know he called the police on this one because he thought that she was using a fake coupon at self check out now. The fact that it was real all that aside if users if you think someone is using a fake first of all they coupons are then I guess you know and he's up I gotta get my hands of some is like slugs for the subway right but. I I wouldn't think that you call the police we talked about that recently. What issues are there where you call the police because there was that guy and George who got busted for 450 some odd times Miami couldn't reach as milk with Roche at what point do the police say. I don't know if this isn't our thing I would think that in Chicago the police would say. Someone tried to use of fake coupon at a self checkout yeah this is our thing like you need to handle that internally unless. Someone's being violent is still hadn't handled at a don't you over the discount or but we're not sending officers I would think but maybe they just responded you know. If someone calls the police say if you like and there's still no matter what order I don't know I don't know how to fake who bunting or the next one is even better this woman calls nine long one. Dinosaurs of environmental way the managing and another man Anderson a really well the other men should do on CNN. To CVS managers involved and and since Chicago jarred talk on no longer working from a company. We sincerely that this is injury was serious statement I didn't reduced if we had. Notes we have sincerely apologize from a substance urged France from our Chicago stores are regional director in Chicago contacts that are. As soon as remain aware of this since then we have completed our investigation has resolved to college. Who are involved are no longer employed by C via cell scene itself does not tolerant and practices doesn't discriminate against any customer and we are committed to maintaining a welcoming and diverse environment our stores. We have a firm non German policy in place to help ensure that all customers are treated with the respect and dignity. Profile role. War profiling or any other type of discriminatory behavior is strictly prohibited. Will she said that the manager refused to honor the coupon and she got the coupon in the mail. And it's. Apparently the manager gets agitated at some point and slammed the door faces what she said mental leave the store. And then of course ultimately called the police and she posted to space but that's. She recorded video. And post please oh OK this next one now. I mean that's. That's certainly fits the category. Share white people on cups and is a Bible this one. Just listen to this woman's voice so this is a woman in Long Beach, California this is a diverse. Area share. Should a Long Beach she calls the police on a black man who was sitting in his car them. I'll tell you what he was doing a segment just listen to the panic in her you know. I don't wanna be here I can't come back to my house I am just had to get an out my feeling threatened. I got to tell you how you look like your help and I like it's you know and he's waiting in the I don't know who you're like I don't feel. Good evening your car you are Gamertag I got on unless you know and I when you're working bought back he won't he won't mean. I turn you out and recognize that I have very eight. It at that got away and there's always been attacked right now. Now that. Yeah like they get act at Eckerd and what you eat it. Got to guiding an improvement card to look the other night I could that you do get anything in the. Okay schism that nobody's trying to get a better car to another guy. Okay able to guide issue called the cops on his name is Ezekiel Phillips he spoke to news outlets about it. He was sitting. In his car waiting for a yoga classes start. That's who he was doing is sitting narrow waiting to start is yoga class. And this woman called the police and like I said he was your drive us in a neighborhood or so yeah I was on that street apparently it was write downs. Drive the car now morneau me talk to me actually my name you're not supposed to be here this is a good neighborhood so at that moment I'm like I go to. Have a good day man no mistake and I Romo window world is she took our fallen out yet start taking pictures film and whatever she was doing. And I want to film school I can take films as well as a cut up the card I start filming her songs are sort of film and I. What do you joined leave me alone I'm feeling very hello hell it was one of those at one point I wanted to leave. Because I'm like you know what I don't have time I don't have the energy but I thought about it if I leave this would know I found. Him guilty of what whenever she's talking amongst. We all don't fill out playing I don't think if somebody Wear white city in a car at that summit in a public place I don't they don't I think it's horrible. It's acting Turkish it's okay be racist and it's not. No longer cool. To allow your disc concert. Just say that my discount for it is more valuable. In the potential fact that this call your life can be taking. So he had just drop someone off. Com I guess down the street he decided that he was gonna take a thirty minute break. Before going to yoga class so that's what he was sitting in his car. During that thirty minute break by the way claims of what he was doing was listening to some think I don't know anything about yoga but something called. But prom yoga music notices. Currently must be the interstate. Young meditative state. Now let's say okay. I don't know what everybody's getting ready for you can you know I don't mean this is what she knew she heard music coming from the harnesses and apparently what you have heard some similar to this. So he's sitting in his car doing that. And he said she literally just says what are you doing in this neighborhood like this is and I miss a nice neighborhood. You're not supposed to be weird man this is a good neighborhood. At that moment I was leveled out and have a good day ma'am now mistake and I rolled my window up. As she took a phone out U hurled. She added. And why senior car in our neighborhood and he goes I'm arrest Steen. And I'm like you warned two blocks back as they watch the neighbor's house. Those Fuller can't get away from him get away from me keep my knees. Apparently trying to go to yoga and then at one point he's also potentially K we can talk. My you know maybe I can explain the situation I had that I'm waiting to go on this yoga class and I was sitting here listening and a hot. Yoga Bertram who. Music that is what I was to move. Now this CVS. A manager was a guy. So maybe we should start keeping track. Women in the mud up to this bubble and they're one of the guys it's a cool one of the cool stories are two schools through local stores as the guys. But otherwise I think the rest of these stories have been why we're tight on the police lights went in man. I tell him. In Long Beach. I would think that she sees a lot of diversity around their parts she said it's according to him it's nice neighborhood. You don't belong. He said in his car white suburban women and the worst. Actually urged on armed with them. I mean I thought that they like today you don't maybe he. A kind of bitchy the waitress at chili's are safe but on home news is like a whole war over white suburban women bigs. Maybe we're just now hearing about it because people have phones and oppose it social media and so we see when someone said. 1015 years ago I visited CBS and at the police called on me for trying to use a coupon. You say well I missed this part of the soreness here and should it and actually all the cops on. Now we have proof now they're able to prove another able to pull up their phones. Posted to FaceBook and on and everybody sees it. They're angry about selling water they're angry that they're at the pool they're angry that the Chinese coupons they're angry that they're sitting in their car waiting for yoga class. The school menu why women are just angry that other people are actually don't yoga now. Maybe that's part of it she feels like she's being encroached on the search territory right I don't know she's young guy is only. So white well to do. Suburban women. I got a I don't know the sure I had a good thing. But maybe that was. All sunblock dudes are shown on this is a nice you know not cool right not at all yoga class. Churchill who has low. The virus. We feel about. Ilan mosque and do we like him I don't know we not play again I don't get a I used to. Mike yeah Mike I thought I'd like them I'll tell us looks cool I was acts by our Griffey seems kind of weird kind of eccentric it's what you'd expect from a I don't know what a billionaire Elon Musk type the type of guy that wants it. He by electric car companies and send rocket companies only start right it's this yeah he's right and you know he's he's attacked mobile. Who made a bunch of money and then decided I'm gonna go fix every problem in the world so there's IBC ego ever have a problem with that if it's. You know. Used to help people he did. I thought he did. Helpful bunch of Puerto Ricans get power right didn't he go around a Puerto Rico I know we offered him the whole grill like. Tesla but those big batteries is building but didn't race didn't he gives some some people or was out all PR stunt to now I'm wondering. Because the tiny submarine thing is worth start to get really weird so when the dead. Soccer team. In Thailand. We're stuck in the cave run this whole thing started on Twitter was someone saying to Elon Musk because he's very active on Twitter. Hey you know why why don't you help. Have asked for your help something like that. And he said you know they haven't yet they haven't asked me but I do window. And in all the sudden he starts talking about how. His company is going to make these child size submarines. Right Hamels in the oval we talked about it and someone treated adamant said. And maybe you could put MP3 players in the submarine so that the kids are less anxious while there escaping and he said no problem right get it done he's very good it. At promoting himself yes and yes and being available for people to engage with through social media. He also said last week that he was gonna fix a water flat like all right the waterfront is still dirty. Right enough is enough I'm gonna go fix it and he's dating Grimes he's dating grind atrocity in Ohio and right is that cool or not I don't look at. Because I was also torn on not like it underscores everything right. Yeah I had solar city had it SpaceX. Tesla company with a young borrowing numbers there's. Those seven or eight probably over all the he's owned at some point. But over the weekend. Things Scott intercede on Twitter. He accused so when he took those Chinese submarines to. Apparently the response is basically these are not practical. They won't work we don't need these let it go away right. And they a lot of people accused him of just trying to get publicity through all of this by in the sending these tiny submarines over there. Which I did see the animation of how the kids were supposed to escape out of that thing. I don't know what you do with the submarine we have to go over the rockets and you go underwater they have to climb back over something out. The submarines also want what I had imagined where they would like beat in the submarine like. James Cameron he's looking at the Titanic I don't know these were like they stick their head and it right now and they kind of are I saw the task rice and I'd call me how long it was super yeah advertise. So he'd. He made them or if he had them dean make them or did your you have them made one. I guess he could probably manufacture that back quickly he's easy Hamas there so over the weekend. One of the cave divers who would help save the tie soccer team. And Ilan got into it this guy's a British national named Vernon owns worth. Right and they say he was instrumental in rescuing the twelve kids in the soccer coach from that cave. And he was not shy about. Explaining why you on mosques plan to rescue the kids was ridiculous. And that criticism. Led Elon Musk. To question whether funds worth was ever even there like bush were even at the cave broad did you even help. The reporters looked into it yeah he was there according to than he was there. And then Eli takes a step further and calls this guy and I quote pedo guy. I don't be sharper at a file. So funds worth told AFP news agency dated he had not personally seen the tweets because must deleted them and right at night but he explained that he had heard about the trees is what he said if it is what I think it is. Yes and these were spying to question whether or not he would like to stool Ilan Bert defamation British journalism Thailand have the time. So so where does this. Accusation comes from from Elon Musk well we're underhanded to home and have fun. That resides that I surrounds worth his British and lives in Thailand where child sex trafficking and prostitution is a problem. According to this article they color problem also prostitution those are their words not mine or is that sex work. But it's also a problem and countless other parts of the world including our mosque is from South Africa right but living in a country is probably not grounds for that type of accusation. And Twitter users actually told musk in these people seem like maybe they are must support is needed chill out he double downed. And treated better yeah assigned dollar it's true. So this hundredth guy to look into it he splits his time between Thailand and the UK. He's considered an expert on the caves where the sock tied soccer team was traps. And without his help the rescue probably wouldn't have been as successful as it was according to us our present era but Elon Musk. Has been incredibly sensitive to criticism he's received about those little submarines yeah. And he was ridiculed for flying to Thailand with diesel submarine in the were and donations were and that happened yet yesterday you were upset when they found out that he give us some money to a pack. Which are Republican problem with the figured they'd just donate to everybody and seems like a lot of billionaires give money to both and people point out that he gives I don't know nine or ten times as much money to the left is this right but Friday he also makes according to sup budging a lot of money from government handouts because subsidies from property electric cars up like that billions. And subsidies so he council seat really do need sit. You know take their dress on you know you're paying for a seat at the table right by yelling you and he was on Trump's advisory board Rondo got so upset with the when he tried to say oh I'm gonna try and you know create change from the inside now say no this is PR music okay. I'll leave an obstacle but and he laughed. But he called this guy. A paddle. Via Twitter. I know Maria I wanted to live. Well he splits his time apparently between the UK it is through this as entirely out of nowhere because he's British right that's I mean from what I read. That's where this comes from is the fact that you. He's entitling it to these British guy entirely. Half that time. Yes lets us on our eyes ascent from China asked questions this article says I would never accuse anybody doing anything like that that seems to me like a lawsuit. This says the split bunnies a British guys what's happens time and Thailand. Yeah I'm assessment for the fact he helped rescue these boys I'm. It's a what does led them somewhere that was a gut feeling I got some owners Mario is doing and that's not I don't know it has given the fact I don't know much about this guy. But I just as I said that. He's he's he's helped save the boys don't say the boys in order these journalists he helped save these cool arrow. I zero. So I don't know what to make of of of I know coming from a guy I don't well it's like a culmination of those things it's and you see guys Palestinian and do you guys say McGraw I'm saying is cool. That's cool that's going okay all right and I'm on the also that I know his first wife. Said that he was she basically just said he was weird like the something he said tour. On the look on their wedding night based whispered in ear on the dips toward the reception for a what so why I like it didn't see that now she says it on at their wedding reception we're seeing. And he got under here is that I'm the alpha that I need treat her like. Pretty terribly for she says she says that like they had their first child died from sids and she says that he didn't grieve for anything it should understand why he didn't agree even. And you know I I knew she she calls herself his starter life. And our seniors for. I disagree we'll talk about the union busting their Republican donations. What he wants to fix the water and Flint sure he's didn't like that he did make a tiny submarine and flight to Thailand. Now they set it well ridiculous. Maybe it would of worked how I I don't know anything about rescuing people from caves. Flooded caves maybe this tiny submarine was. Was the real deal. Well we can assume that we take him as word he was at least trying to help would like it does also makes sense that he would do for publicity because he certainly got a lot of publicity for that's true and then I start thinking to eat it. Are are their houses that have electricity right now Puerto Rico because of the on Moscow's thinking their word but maybe he just said that he thought it was a live giant batteries he says he's gonna fix for its water can he do that. In my mind sure you do that god built the Chinese submarine and Dane delivers it to finally he makes them rocket take off and land Bud Collins. He's got a sharp fight peoples' space for his own private company. He said please consider this is his Twitter please consider this a commitment. But I will fund to fixing the water in any house in Flint it has water contamination above FDA levels no kidding they know. So as to me like if you just. So yeah so didn't wire I feel like you know okay. I'll fill you can just slide jam. For our tweeting certain to be you know what I feel like you can be a jerk and so what. He's still doing really good things. He can be a jerk and doing really bad things. So I'm Colin whatever source us and stuff that I Mike Lamb. If I shouldn't say that. Are. Good for you for signs. But in the end most of the stuff that he's doing is good right I thought so I seem so alive I. Ironic and I think hassles are cool I think it's cool these things you don't know that is creating I don't know I don't know I don't know much about they laid off about two workers. I don't know I heard there is felicity. But. But you see when I'm starting to wonder. So some audio or video houses or trees right here. You almost squeeze treats Tesla dual motor means there's a motor an affront and a motor in my career. One is optimize your power once arrange car drives fine. If there motor breaks down helps ensure your make it your destination known to stuck on the side of the road and potentially unsafe conditions. And somebody says but I would assume it's super unlikely that a motor or sale at all he says that is true. Electric motors are far more reliable and combustion engine electric motor just started gas engine. And then somebody else three's nicer when you're gonna lie your workers to form a union. And here implies they don't former union whenever they want and there's nothing I could do to stop them California is a very pro union state they just don't want to. It pistol one. And then somebody else says so Wang is CY ZUAUAW. Allegedly fired workers at wanted to unionize. And then he responded by 2% of Tesla and put his salary and hourly union and nonunion more like going to annual review. Only known union persons fire was a guy drew cleanly threatened nonunion supporters are really an on social media lied about it. I know that's his answer. Okay now on the flight Grimes said it was vagueness. What the union bank and not the funnel water thing. This Sean Hollister guy on Torre's verified he says hey Ilan. I'm Sean holster here with CNET. Can you confirm this is under 200% real is talking about the tweet about flat. And any comment on reports that lead levels are generally below federal standard and Flint so he's saying it would about the fact that. I think the water might be. Safe they're now. He respondents say your right. On both counts most houses in Flint have safe water. But they've lost faith in government test results some houses are still out liars will organize a weekend in Flint to add filters so those how. Is with issues and hopefully fix perception. Of those that are actually good OK and so. Still sounds like he's gonna. Go help may be there aren't as many people as I thought what the water problems don't want plant and maybe edges still hear people talk about so can't get Clean Water Act like they're problem for sure yeah. Lacey says so what has you don't Puerto Rico I don't. Because right now he says a lot of things as yet she'd done and I swear well I saw someone saying talking probably on red or something about a this is a guy who helped restore power a lot of people of Puerto Rico. But I didn't actually read an article about him that's that they article iris that he he wanted to restore power that he wanted to bring those Tesla batteries there that's what I saw I saw the headline if he's been in those massive batteries. And Tesla homes or whatever they're called I guess a home but I think would be cool power power Waltz right right. So this is from October 2017 I can leave the hurricane happened I mean how long it goes. Colin. His tussle power walls of wind and a Puerto Rico. October 16 2017 exactly one week after Tesla CEO Leo a must suggested his company could help the Puerto Rico's electricity crisis. And the aftermath of hurricane Maria Moore of the company's power law battery packs have arrived on the island. Back in October. The image shows what can be crates of Tesla energy equipment for equipping Puerto Rico Puerto Rico buildings. Which solar power it's likely that the power all battery packs are among the gear because he energy cells are necessary persisting electricity up the grid. A three weeks after category four hurricane hit the ancestor between approximately 85% of Puerto Ricans are still without electricity they Alvin running so. That's says the vet says I have not all of those October 25. Com. To some degree you know I don't have to go through everything but. The first video I must solar energy power oil projects has successfully restored power. To a local hospital in Puerto Rico OK so it's not sick show that it's good even as just one item. A hospital as often. As a Children's Hospital in San Juan. OK okay from April of this year says is the destruction of her Kaymer reruns at which point US government. I estimated that told the island with Turkey talk much beyond mosque. A remaining cuts referred to receive power late Thursday presence on terms since. Where's up about mosque in effort to restore electricity rural communities and new electricity in twelve homes. Okay built a micro grid to provide electricity and twelve homes that's something chair that's. I thought well let's go solidly but hospital and children's hospitals hassle batteries are currently live in delivering powers 662. Locations in Puerto Rico this is according to his Twitter. Team is working 24/7 to activate several hundred more are right. I am team Ilan immature of course we're good with that. The F for right now hook up people around about the union stuff that. But he can have. It is good good outweigh his back he can Europe will be quite dark and you don't like babies that they can maybe but you know he still does good things umpire what that that's the case and yeah. I'm team meal and I just don't know what and so the appeal. You get on Twitter all you see is people either hate him it's so Polaroid pain love them you know like a fan base. I married campaigning. Better known as little miss flanked Ryan on do your letter to then president Barack Obama. About an ongoing water crisis. She. Obviously. Is a key Flint activist from this is what she tweeted about you you Hamas she wrote hey world. Let's set the record straight. My team has been working went back and Elon Musk and his team for over a week to figure out the best solution to help hash tag flange. Would die hash tag Flint water crisis extremely grateful for him and all he is done so far. Well. Okay I'm and it is welcome ladies. Thought I'm good when it's pissed off today maybe he's like. Eight a put up solar city trying to outflank sending. I'm sitting submarines. To try to save these kids and sorry diver guy and a professor Veronica I'm addict because I Santorum. Trying to help people these addictive and so he sends out tweets I'm later on citizens out Twin Cities as you know auto period. And if I'll put it loses his cool for a minute or whatever yeah you are on a finalist for X. Jesus Christ trying to save the world here is quote was I wanna look towards a future and feel sad yeah. And he's trying to do all this stuff and of course it's Twitter in the Internet and tomorrow is like screw you did probably sometimes you don't want to screw you to. And have British Todd had a file amend my good serve and whatever Bryant. He loses his cool very defensive about his brand doesn't make that means nothing now bullet as a kid. After round so now he lashes on the you know am I gonna take WX I took it led when I was a kid all the time. Another way do you that besides the Q&A little bit of a file what is worse thing that came out. It works still wrong I do if you wanna I wanna say that that works as otherwise Bilbao. Well we know Latin result always assume the world so I don't know how you're doing it by not savings program don't exactly show that the hello what is the event accusations out there. Nobody's perfect that's a far far from perfect this coming from at all. Why I'm sure is true I just signed a dollar and what you guys that I sends out Ameen tweet. And truly learning every night we share employed. I know gold giving energy to a Children's Hospital importantly. Pretty soon plants water drama llama. But now. Solar city all of things like that. Considered pretty cool movement in and out on Tuesday on Twitter. To tell us why I know this is. On what Friday night about whether we're supposed to like him not because he's so polarizing before this common even happened. I wasn't sure and he says announced up to fix cleanse water and singing and you can see articles of behind them from reputable source is bits make he's pretty bold claims image you know what this guy might be a fraud analysts about the Tesla model three he's ever going to be able to deliver on these promises and global law. So I don't know I mean I answered a question. The said the red look up to it really was that the electricity ever get the part of recovery C news and drew his actions have been a club looks like he is sure so I'm gonna look that. The pat O'Connor. Slide he was upset you have to let us well you just are there any he built a tiny submarine you have to. Around the world and the guys that I don't need your and one now he has. Anyway sex and still. The law gathered did Joseph I have to weigh both alone because this guy was just so I let me say one of these a good person to do that stuff. That was a really big Dick move that is also about a pilot who want to. There isn't any other is another guy was really cool for saving the kids kind of a debt motor car audio on my dogs Fries I'm now. Astra is trying to help you call them all isn't it true and they brought can be. And then. Tweet that you were talking about what you're drama between bud and just look to look you dress is most of it where most of those flat homes to water was up to standards and somebody call them on that and he responded. You're right on both count I read that. OK so emails and anyway Shia right up. It that's I'm sick like he's saying OK well then I'll go check it out and plus there's a Renaissance man bullies are gone I'm. Right now I am on team U on that's fine. Aren't whirlwind. October share your team to file. He was trying to get us there but he knew that I'm not totally they're worn on his team he had one guy the only one in my we have to do except in the matter what he says he's a great person. He does no wrong. Look. You took it as a personal attack and get back. OK but you have to remove yourself from the situation. And you have to remember that. People say things sometimes they call people names and maybe they don't mean I literally in the when you're that high profile political slipped out of files that's not cool. I what is right. If he can provide evidence that he's right well I was I just I don't know her I was thinking if this guy. If this does as soon as this whole story was about whether or not he would soon Elon Musk reformation should it be doesn't end up suing then. It okay to even all did this to Elon Musk a billionaire and had seems like. Yes he did things you consume. I ideologues and rich people always say if he doesn't let fund admission of guilt for being about a five burner on scene if he doesn't Sylvia if he doesn't assume. I was I guess I'm seen as you know. Love the people does diver and just people attacked sign and Twitter in the world like a small submarine are gonna told you that would not work well really thanks. 7-Eleven guys have gathered this current is putting rockets and air ride he stopped all aren't Hispanics are about we don't tell them. What's gonna work once not gonna work. But let me know what it was like his ideas go ahead and fly before just proof problem and you tell me I'll tell it. I could've told you that stupid apple gonna work on to say you want to call early Metafile well and of course when he shows what I'm saying is it gone after I hate to die would this is what we have to live with her these overall. Good person who's doing good things for the world sometimes it loses his temper and actually to jerk yeah that happens. OK. And when you shop with a tiny submarine even if inside your thinking. This is the sleaze walk. Well now look the million years you just say to them I thanks C don't we appreciate spot that we are trying we think we got this whole thing figured out on. We go it's so we do that swept stand by your line and then you go over and shake his hand. And okay. Good on you affirmed ride for him ha ha ha. You think you you know anything about Salem police and behaves as a relative idea when you're seventy submerging the and in everyone's surprise that you know I Eli got best. So I. Right now the difference I got this thing called slump Metafile. Yes I get a it was a but you can't tell ya cause I like may god pace and also. I doubled down and smoke someone I'll bet you assigned dollars. I know it's true didn't they do need look I maybe he feels familiar double bonus time now are there is a part of me that's like. Bet he feels kind of a vote you out that I don't have right that's sol. Any of that I work which I'm not Sany is don't know the guy I. I had no reason to believe medias but if you were to call someone out like that on Twitter accidentally. And you and your best we have to beat Vinci is there between the I don't know didn't. Hilo on the books. He just out of me here on this hero I thought for sure it will would look away and nobody ever think irons I spent so much time on the dark web all they can think is this guy's really good scheme includes books and no I didn't go to soccer speak your. McDougall of the because they think I just love helping kids and we look what I did connect havens and it and so Elon Musk. On the that being said there's absolutely no evidence and Ilan deleted the tweets so he must have already yeah he deleted them which is why I think I said. I you know I didn't see them but I heard about the minute sure what I heard is true then yes I'll probably so wrong. So right now. Bahrain Annie. Obviously future. Revelations about this guy. Yeah anything bad that he does. Sure but right now. We're on TV on the is still a good guy there were still allowed to rumor has allowed to get excited about is rockets and of course all right Annette. Only when a pedophile on the air. Now I called smoke right I didn't do that consumers next week's top excellence that I didn't like now I don't know I had a had a I don't know those compounds that was being. I called Sunoco a he's one more time. Because they're clearly into the mud yeah I've been told that if it's true you're allowed. To say. Cruisers and as soon and events right you can't thank you must understand coerced slander right if we take this to court Reynolds is the sister Rea. On disaster here iPad to these things happen. Episode and expect and you'll drop the charges that that it is not funnyman all come on bombing all come on I think the last thing. Either one you guys want and I'm not calling anybody is just in general overview I know last thing either one you guys want your eye Benz and hard drives dissected the court legalizing any guy want business. Hey I know and I hope I don't think this case is going to court sooner they start saying. Well I'm an agency you don't wanna hear our drives this case is dismissed. I'm telling you like this think overall it's a bad idea. I make me nervous. Well I don't know if there's any one reason to be nervous and most people. Are normal. Relatively normal non marine. Sure people off sure that the chances of IT I can't let fear. Injury just story carried those report. A story the news story about what about. Beds man fatally shot in KCK after arranging to buy an iPhone I did see that the debt but that's an iPhone. He was seller on Craig's list is something as a horrible story but I wouldn't I wouldn't do this if it were something. Of you don't value like just a computer or an iPhone or something like that this is just said diseases is just a bad. And so goes anywhere else you did. Yeah I mean I. Doesn't bother me a yes he came to the baptism I thought I could help. But patented. I thought I can imagine just has to my house I don't you move. From the year old play again until he moved to like you know and deliver this this asking unit helped me let this isn't some enormous amount that I don't know story kind of scares me now. OK so I've been selling stuff on Craig's list but one I put something up their for free and anyone who's ever put something on Craig's list for free. Knows it can be as. Random and useless as a broken garden hose real people start texting you know I mean incessantly is this so there's still there's still are they wanted to come get it. So I put this old bed. Like in a mattress box spring. On Craigslist are eight track and immediately. I start getting all these. Tax from people. Size cars same William getting a lot of attacks in you know I attacks on me I don't want they want is bad they want to attack Jack and I can get wrecked my mattress a bed mattress box ring and a little elm medal framers of the trip to bolster sales cycles also as bad. Als like hey you know. I am getting all these texts from people I'm not sure you know Kershaw and right. I'm not sure you know who's gonna get it whatever is just whoever can come get first that kind of thing like is when you have that many people once you say I don't know winking you come get a yeah and I'm telling you Ross is here right now but I've had a lot of people to actually. So then I get a tax from someone that says is this still available. My son I would like to pat have a bed for my son. Could you deliver it deliberate I don't have a vehicle. And so then I thought I'm imagining like. You know this kid is is sleep on the floor or something and it's a single parent. And she doesn't have look of a vehicle according your text message and she needs some help so. Why not just throw in the car driving down the street. And I'm so getting rid of it that way and I just told everyone else sorry it's been claim cited text all his people sorry you know sorry sorry sorry sorry. It's it's it's been claimed. But I still have a because they need to deliver it any silicone. To help. It because you know it's a bad and it's an art. I don't in the end the most people are good people. I would agree to him what I think the idea of YouTube getting shot and killed over delivering a bad is lunacy. What why go to someone else's house and eat here I have to walked a bad end. Yeah we're gonna salad you can stop and a parking lot are saying hey meet me down the street. At a coffee shop and I'll give you this thing you're going to have to have your hands full. Wanna do you probably walking backwards up the stairs somewhere now. Into a home that you've never been to before. To put a full size mattress down. Right I think Dutch just risky behavior he's got a points on. Although I'm used to deliver furniture you go to people's houses all the time. But they've. Paid for a million ordered it doesn't credit card number I thought I'd address. The record approval from Asia and the furniture store knows what route Iran and where your going right yeah nobody knows where you're going except for YouTube. Yeah well. I wouldn't touch me Addison has some amount was finally I think common guns a blazing to say that god it is okay for me in three hours and by the way. If you need attacked some money ever. If you don't hear from me in three hours the reason why you're going to lab plays better be a good god damn reason. It better be lying ahead a got invited to a cocaine. While Kurt and mask party. Not sure it's gonna happen if you don't hear from me in three hours from now. Taxed me. I really don't think it. Much of an honest way two over and embeds find that came back. IPhone stories concerning golf course up like that does happen is that right to walk in the door I'll Lucinda and a big heavy thing hands are full and you still support and it's not that heavy it's just a world full size mattress and box spring orbits that challenges various why resorted to two person jobs OJ we got to get it up the stairs into an remark actually I'm saying and I wanna set it up. When we need to get a set up for our as far as put inside the door and say here you go we don't know the campaign I now want to help out to understand vote. But just trying to be nice it's set up a bad. Yes she was snapped together. I guess poll we could to weaken just were both there we did the nice thing to do is say here we go. But these guys out early we should probably try to be quick about it please click about it. All we have to do is throw this thing in the truck and drive it there. Put inside the bet it'll take two minutes to set up and throw together we're putting sheets and and throw pillows on. We're just thrown the mattress and box spring on the frame and leaving. Same here you go. That's it. What why would someone go to this trouble to rob someone why would someone go through Craig's list as. Wait for someone who's giving something away for free and then pretend like they're in need something hoping that they'll come to their house so what does she can. Why I mean for whoever's in my wallet. We know I don't know maybe it's not error yeah just as a serial killer legs and murder people off regardless they could be a grace as the Craigslist killer now royal navy is sex slave thing I don't know whether it's sex the quiet Bob Orr Dello. Those guys who kidnap other guys and. You're doors on didn't he didn't go on crescent you know love is an easy way to get a got to come over there was. Anyway why you have Altidore the chances of this working have to be slim to none none. LA had to know everything free. That a child could use also just a do or being that whoever this person May Day is to accept person and say my son needs it. I don't have a vehicle is there any way you could deliver it. All of a sudden oh my god man I'd like to help this person and you know what happens then. Because sodomized. And in a based. And somewhere a cracked. Well I don't know I love for Dan. Maybe she's. You know. Maybe she's just the opposite and we get over there and she's. You know super nice and she gives us pops a goals and and hand jobs. I don't think so uniform way of a but what is unicorn boy well just like your identity is there a little candidate there you have. Give me a popsicle I have job and haven't offered Craig's list you always have had a you don't like any type of lazy Abbott Africa we always as he hates bartering needs any type of barges and he doesn't want anyone coming as does his wanna sell I think he just assume. Someone you would rather call one of those you got junk things happen to deliver a dumpster he'll throw perfectly good items into the dumpster have been taken away so that he does that to deal with any strangers hey he's. Look the point is your anti Barger you have been. Here at times harder I mean I'm also anti gone into a stranger's house my hands fall Sokol did a million times. And we already explained the difference. We explain the difference between being a deliveryman. For a major corporation. And throwing a mattress in your bed and driving it over to someone's house that you've never met there are major differences. A crack. While anyway. Our were so that's like saying you're not getting out of this and you tell me you would do it that's like saying whoa whoa you don't like someone invites you come to their house is on the Clausen. Take whatever groceries you need. Okay I really well that's a little weird new or whatever you go grocery shopper moments and that's not quite there. Well there is hoses and McCleon uppers and is asking me hey is there any chances available and is there any chance that you could bring it to because I can't company. This isn't sure his daughter first her. A major corporation is the exact same thing of dread a drop resuming often Miranda who asked you to bring over tournament Craigslist before I'd doesn't exactly what the analogy. May not be more perfectly your analogy to be like someone you don't Greg's and I've got freaky indie kids and they can show up what what is this person offering as an incentive for me to come over nothing and she's just. Asking if there's any chance in hell I'd be willing did you learn. And I said yes exactly and you. And that's not suspicious. It's not I didn't think so I don't know old and the thing is she said she did a bad first saw our kids yet that. Touch your heart string which is why you wanna know. We're just how they did you there and how they did did airman read you. Fisher just said well let me say this. And I must think she doesn't needed it she could absolutely won't do that we don't know what else I don't know saw as a musician doesn't let me say it goes would. But just said. You get the same taxed like no brown. Don't have a bad. Eleven as an apartment for like a month. Pain in the as sleek grown dodged don't have a car got anyways sling that thing passed allows you relate to. No man. Picked up only. So that's why. Isn't it is a killer. Keller. California like yeah this beat the way to get you to do it warn me. Any other way than to pull it archer. OK well then it did it I think it's more likely if we're gonna go is that idea. That sure I suppose it's possible. That at some burn out Stoner with the corolla and he can't finish trunk. So in order Tryon did mean to bring over his house he's like oh man I'm gonna tell my got a kid man and a domino vehicle to start for me so worst case we get over there it's some stolen bag. That's best case. The best Jason lemon let's really put out. Not the best case scenario as consumers is exactly who she says is best case scenario is you get there and kidneys of bad. Yeah right that's best case scenario yes once worst case scenario. I can think honestly believe oblique. I would say probably that it's some guy who. Didn't want come pick it up or couldn't come pick it up and he thought he was you know but man I guess I was just kill them. That's what scares me I guess that's a patents for expensive stuff if you put something out there that's worth 78900. Dollars and say let me meet general parking lot I'll buy that from you that makes me nervous still I don't do it -- what you find expense may be a bad as it spreads this person maybe it's a flurry it's Florian literally offering it for free it's an early section yes. It's not expensive you can how do you have rolled me up to dumb point it's yours taken up knocked out by Arnold MacCulloch. Opera mini bull in the truck amazing thing you have some money and they want us. The Tories is concerned well all still do it because I think it'll prior Beale ladies who needs a bad burns on Ottawa to help out with that. January 11 2016. That's over two years ago near. Brighton over two years ago. Think twice before answering that ad 101. Of murders. Have been willing to Craigslist and our allies and walk them all back that's two years and a whole. Personal large amounts of all that was probably paid for by. FaceBook marketplaces are finishing her on the ball. As it now you know the only safe way to do it is today you don't know the person is okay fine. People living using Craigslist with its classifieds he's the classifieds we were kids we all did this is not. Of course then that the medium has change at the idea has stayed the same. There's. Certain people are certain things and certain people who need certain things you advertise those things in my grass for money reassess and take it or whatever and that's what we're doing. Traditionally the majority of murders were committed by killers who knew their victims. Said Jack Levin Northeastern University there you go this is Greg Craig's personality and her. But thanks to the end of that and Craigslist in particular. Film stranger homicides have been on the increase immune. But I have pepper spray give guys bring like an exact demise for past hour here taser green pepper spray okay case I'm single mom attacks already bought a gun man unlike the fear mongering over here it's like Fox News and your fault. And won the murder there's like six billion people on this planet. 330 some million in this country that I'll ask him for being able to deliver stuff to her arms I. Not a lot of the shoe to portray doing OK but it. It's. Cash. I'm an 86.