Monday, 07.23.18 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Monday, July 23rd

0:00 - Headlines
Shooting in Toronto
Stand your ground in Florida
Traders Joes hostage situation
Survivors of the duck boat
Roseanne's apology
18:00 - Slimfast has found the formula for the perfect day
33:32 - An Uber driver was suspended for streaming his passengers on Twitch

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The righteous man. On all sides. Touring yeah your homeland. Well leave dark. Will strike down owner of the home. No Mario great how are you all right. What's on nothing. Something's wrong I'm fairly high downgrades in Annan had been let down moved him you know one of those states. Well you know not everything has to be like until I got a little well Maine a sense. Yeah. Really. I have been really bad this morning to our yeah manly and where we're makes a stomach hurt yet and eight but. But I didn't know what a lawless. Mind you know fundamentally running stride yes but I can't put a finger on exactly which line is causing me this. Sense of dread the yeah but I haven't yet. So so what do you do in that scenario I got a shower and trying to ignore it may mean I don't know. Oh god I'm having answers room. You should exercise. Find Jesus. Nice. Some sort of spirituality sir I know. A lot of agnostic. People are maybe not spiritual let's talk about meditation and never really tried that only enlightened aliens and they have been limited you know. But gosh I don't know if that's what these people who really. Boast about the benefits of meditation if that's what they're doing I try cloning and I would probably where they usually does. But then I feel love if I take announcement that it works and I also feel. Drowsy isolated yeah and out of the project while having him. This right now it's time to resold. Welcome back. There John yeah. Everything okay with you suck on yeah toilets all right. It truly is totally other toilet exploded served shower exploded under a dishwasher exploded at the apartment. Really it's just leaks it's always something. When the toilet. He wins and someone just under the bathroom I'm guessing it was just you wanton and obviously died when their feet. OK classical so out of the ball right center was leaking from underneath the timing might be casket. That's that's is seeing you live with someone or even some losers over your house or whatever. And I mean my good friend that's different but if someone you dame. And then they have to say hand. I think they clogged the toilet. How the thing you never you're never too old for that India yeah I'm comfortable and not work. Com and. Well I'm glad you're taking care of seems to be an issue in my house and way too often you're toilet Yankee thinking about his magic to it seemed on it kicks into high season do you. Because my name. It just common not that much I know I know I need a new one definitely even if I don't get that airplane. Jet engine moment you have. What is it the power assist flushing. If you wish. I think over his house sounds like an airplane. Yeah bush I don't know if there's like an extra electrical motor in there that's working with that are what's going on at that thing. Notably. Now they show what a dumb show dawn on a golf thousand eligible yet. Titlist Amir car dealership to something. Can be obviously very. Lucrative business that's kind of thing that like general retired ballplayer something. Catches their name June. One of the highest paid movie stars in the world I mean. What is it that drives. These these people if you or I did one movie that paid fifteen million dollars. Until it's too good there's no worse than it's ever getting donning an Intel we run out of money and come under water so not taken the risk no way. Starting a business buying a car dealership and there's no way. Chevrolet Columbus, Ohio 3900. Groceries no we tell you something. The hard work dreams come true I have always been a car okay now honeymoon be part of such an amazing iconic American brand. I'm so blessed me she's a check it out over Chevrolet Columbus, Ohio and I'm either. They don't. Images again. Well when he says that would bring the dealership we are Wahlberg Chevrolet. I'm Linda doesn't think it is running back and grind. So on a regular car guy uses a guy who's got a ton of money is tragic terrorist sales force. It doesn't want any bad press. Doesn't need anyone talking about. What an alias to work. I ripped softer sales people writing now yeah. I'm going to be doing. You should apply there and importer. You know I'm a good hour and I'm in science and and you know Serena. It's weird you know it's weird it's usually. Relations I'm not sure you do yeah I was like rounds like. Run on something about this thing done and I'm designing a view I really don't know I did last week that now we know that amendment that. I understand. It's MS has anything to stop me but I don't think haven told Judas. So someone in the building that into specific. Who is not a in management not a boss or anything like that just like a business person kind person. Not one on marriage and I am 199%. Cheney. Are your contract is. Spin yeah I know. And they said Tom. Okay this. Usually this easy be taking care but for now I have this scene like this is a thing is supposed to be doing here what they centers like tea. They have and it was a total like oh yeah. Because I wasn't there to talk to this person about that Verizon deals like hey what are I have this can you can't do you have a copy of that new ceiling that was like. Their hands clean and gentlemen I mean that's a kind of moment realigned to like they went and Jim I mean. You got your contractors so I don't know this information and you know it's thanks mainly due I'm not like home. Well that's different then forget I brought on our finest and I'll never minds now and I was thinking is somebody else but they didn't say that because they know that I know that. Ryan I don't yeah that's right. It's good. Troops and that is something I'm confident in his that would be so dishonest and I didn't actually feeds totally shocking act of it's produced some time I try to program myself very possibly I've been not going to dinner with old friends. And the last couple months Lamar trying to keep them close and inevitably I would like to turn the conversation to you know. Are you able to hire people yeah. It's easy to help and you like your job is it a good job does it. You know these strapped for cash sure. Yes conscious and hazy and your lunch. Looking like a brother. I fantasize about what it would be like. Like what. What would be other than IBC being a movie stars annual in the lottery ticket battling. What took place you can work is everybody and sure worries about their job sure. The circumstances are different from what what's worrying you varies but everybody for the most part reluctant John where's the place you could were the Supreme Court. That's a good I just I know that's actually great fun. But it seems like a lot of work to get well I teach kids that are loan luncheon parent now and doesn't matter how much you work but a dozen. He's pretending to listen on lifetime employment just talk and talk shows are you do not know the terrain only summaries. Or not. The museum now. Anonymous phone and AMP. Yeah. As a way to impeach well it's highly unlikely if we're looked over Johnson has a I was thinking that you have to show it what did you learn actor. Or an Amazon series. Can't hear me out and I was thinking. Does anyone how often do you people recommend use a show that they're watching on Amazon right utility to have trying you guys have prime and scroll through there there's like I. The housing market just seriously check out this. The term good behavior is understood to mean justices may serve for the remainder of their lives and let's say our impeach. And convicted by congress resign or retire. One justice has been impeached by the house some members and of Samuel chase an eighteen hole for Hillary when it in the senate. Yeah that's that's for Amazon women so yeah. Not to mention of their I do a lot of reviews just like men. Yeah. Imagine you get to make the rules we can count just as close as the man. Pilates is swing vote it every time. The new game. Don't confirmation process so this thing about room anyway. Pulls out a coin flip bash is on the commitment. I like get a Second Amendment meant Citizens United. Good. Stick to that point there where there. Nominate you know that's tough for him nominated as a means of law school in the employees I got a confirmed on the research money. I don't know didn't George W. Bush signed nominee like this and how it's house. Really it's. So maybe don't know me and my bank that I didn't work out a news among. Match. Well if you think if anything is right now I'm really I'm. I'm focused on trying to jump on one losing Amazon shows they think they don't care about the ratings. People streaming. Does that joint basis just says I don't cancel these shows is it looks like you know all of our shows on where we're just keeping going. There are shows on notice now like five seasons only Kremlin. Season's five to. I've never heard anyone say I suppose I jumped on my nose must be Newman announced I was gonna come on like six seasons they just keep it going and I can just imagine the actress in Ireland so are the numbers no it doesn't matter. It really doesn't Matt Matt Matt. And don't even look at a story about. You know until June. When I was in that. TY class. There was a plumber narrowest retiring. He told me on a smoke break one day notice he was very disappointed that his son. Didn't want anything to do with the business and he was looking to train someone to take over the company and I don't we talked this guy's like a week during smoke breaks and he said. If you ever. Looking for work and that's and the managers he come out with no training how to do it course can be yours I could've been a plumber. Don't go snow days of summer right now. We always get any plumbers in the precise date. I think when you're counting on someone. To tell the truth went offline. To give you their business and sent in their own son humane not want to be a done deal by class and I think that might tells stories the most puzzling is hey everyone makes mistakes I agreement that seems like a weird pleasure in the same. All I care doesn't mind and in doing this because put yourself in his shoes. If he wasn't telling stories like you know I showed off great tune. This idiot my DUI class now. What can go wrong about the offering Q and it may be right here doesn't handle I want to go around Arkansas Vermont plumbing company to a guy who can drive to any of the accounts he had no he's got to deal like we weren't there so we couldn't trial that was doing. The business and you his judgment he also had a really nice van at his name on it and we had a really nice and got companies then life's journey and says and I I really thought it is and I'm gonna say his name. And I told the story my brother he pointed out that may have. Mr. members of things to us. What I thought his name was but the point is because I don't think there's going through detox. This was intended this friend and he was there ever something all the to come up he's like seven years old this is something they come up. From back when he's in his thirties and they like what happened do you run well no wonder I went to a deal eyeglasses. And not in any trouble for fifteen years somebody older come up and any real solution paperwork I knew I didn't usually has to offer them on Yunnan John Burns. But apology and Lara when I was like you know why but the but the wish they don't in my business it was a small small business I think it was a one on one band business. He was an offer immediate you know. Take over a fortune 500 it was a small family owns. Business it was it was imminent bandwidth and are on what do you mean initially of alcoholism. No serious case alcoholism made 20. Yeah my kid doesn't want anything to do this. How about you take it over our hot shot I heard you talking group. Something's got to realize on your shoulders. And Ryan tell you under my wing of the maybe you know I'm not very I knew I can you imagine you know anything about plumbing don't worry about that I've. Don't worry about 98 study the tea shop teacher everything unit there known only about a untraceable so you gotta learn. Got. And I'm every summer at some point to know anything about plumbing someone found him in a deal I class a one point users paying it forward is only rule is in this business. If you wanna give it away to someone you have to give away is someone. It was just recently these men convicted. Of a prior to ensure. All right. If you're about Don you can hedge fund. You defamed this guy he's not. All the boats sit here with. Out eighty. Contracts off blonde singer as well I'm going to look for a job because I don't have a contract there won't be a deal high school it's a as on the first five cents stop and I wasn't looking okay you guys gonna morale because I'm. Larry Bird and the high school. Molly ball brand and everything anybody that just rolls and a DUI score on top of the world. No I'm looking forward. I'm looking to hire some people. Topple a world mom topical oral. I am I am more pressing issues. And Amir all I knew I don't I am I'm supposed to be here when I was looking for work. Does not concur worked. Some amazing. Did you guys own a business yeah. Does not end this deal by school look at her mentor. So I'm looking forward to. Didn't your mom ever tell you an opportunity knocks always been willing take a chance you never know I'm great turnouts are big that's Richardson wasn't that opportunity my mom was not I won my mom actually was more of deal high school. I'll mention it. My mom was I was youngest of four. So she knows I don't think and when she sends. You know opportunity knocks I don't think she had to deal high school yeah. Now can Daschle's shoes envisioning. Look here's a quote from Richard Branson someone offers you an amazing opportunity you're not sure you can do it say yes and learn how to do it later. Richard Branson. Now doesn't that sound like it describes my scenario. Someone offered me an amazing opportunity that I wasn't sure I could you answer cameramen who do you ice cream. I don't know. Are you implying that GUY school. There's not a pleasant look for employment ads online on. The third different. Yeah. Don't tell me. And in that formula. As like a recipe that's a formula for perfect day all right nurturing. This is this is impossible so palm I'm despray from what I do to have the perfect name. Yet things I know leader to ensure that they did this stammering about it says that armed. Americans say that they have on average. Fifteen perfect today's a year unkind so I was thinking I'm all want. What's a perfect day I guess a per day would be no stress society is still good all day. I don't know but I have to do anything. In particular port to be perfect and maybe some of us today have to be on vacation. Arm. So what is this perfect day in and break it all right so this is what you have to you hear is elements from DF the wake up at 8:15 AM contact. The temperature has to be 74 degrees. And you spend three hours outside series was B 74 degrees outside Trenton. So this is where'd this this isn't enough I got a race. You shall suspend three hours outside. Then you're supposed to see at least two friends and spend three hours socializing. Okay. So let me because he knows just about 215. Now calm then you're supposed to spend two hours with your family. Okay. Senior also supposed to spend an hour exercising. Okay exercise is slow at six with no around six within two hours and excepting two hours reading. Three hours watching TV. So I'm fifteen now. Three hours listening to music. And then four hours of relaxation there's not that's too many implemented it we can do these things together you can combine them what to help friends listen to music exactly. Exercise and listen to music that's about it don't OK so an hour exercising two hours reading three hours watching TV. Three hours listening to music and four hours of relaxation. Oh and that's as it also initials have two hours for eating. Each meal all of your eating you've got two hours steal it and he's supposed to be in bed by 10:50 PM. So that's 25 hours of stuff here and there was some girls are your dorm together. So you say you have to overlap I'm sure yeah I'm sure you're seeing from receive family. You were eight day or either right. Okay how often do you rule. Well there have been exercising discretion sound too so tower of exercise and about I guess maybe like walking the dog counts. But I'd I certainly don't go to Germany. But how often do you. Seen friends and socialize with them for three. Hours seek to friends and spend three hours socializing. Are we do we tell it's there we see our friend I know friends overrunning. Yeah I mean it's rare that I will that I get together with two friends socialize for three hours. It's not very often I usually. Means that the house. But I I guess they did call her weekends. Today because and make it come over and they can come over. I guess they picked they could come over. So okay so you socialized and and and let's say you're watching dates of football game or baseball game or so sure Andrea you watching TV. And socializing with friends right you still have to find this. Two hours for reading because you do that before bad. And then the three hours of listening music and what are the four hours of relaxation and watching TV count is the relaxation. I'm not done is mean either maybe that's a meditation the rhetorical matter for hours and I don't. That's your that's the supposed to be the recipe so we can break your team's got to be 74 degrees outside and he spent three hours outside DC two friends spent three hours with those friends socializing four hours with your family that's the other thing I got to see friends in Stanley. On the same day dissimilar to other you also spent one hour exercising two hours reading three hours watching TV three hours listening to music for hours relaxing. Two hours being beamed back by 10:50 PM. I don't want my days to me that. Busy that's a regimented brag that's a lot of stuff you really busy this if someone asked you for lake if they'd asked you on the survey I don't know what the exact question wasn't asked people I'm guessing just how many. Perfect days a year would you say you have. How how how many would you say you have without knowing that what anyone else and answered I would. Probably would've sent down. Zero. Her only days well aren't saying I was assailant I don't know hundred OK so then I guess perfect just means like a really good to a great day and it was perfect nothing went wrong. I had fun. I enjoyed myself that if the burden of anything great and purr yeah so let's just say it's a great great day. Is perfect and you can always they say oh they're a little better. And then I gave they gave all of these things that make their days better like finding money in their pockets and not having to set an alarm to wake up in the morning so it's a lion fan I have to set Norman company at 815. Come on. Lying in bed listening to the rain. Those are the top three mood boosters. That. They told people laying in bed. And was in the rain that's the mood booster yeah lane and then there was really only money did you watch it all I can I was hoping I'm that's a weird thing to come up with that many people said yeah. I enjoy it a delicate you have to sleep go to just relax. Well let's say mood booster makes it seem like it makes you happier we're on offense what it does a little sense. I don't think it doesn't it make you go out there and I lay down and there's rain and I like that then I got a lot and you could read all train ninety really got something here in the and I enjoy that they also select petting the dog. Gestures of kindness. Enjoying freshly baked treats like pie. Man. Sure made me upon I had pile last week I did two nights and now now by Maria do make it. Now ominous frozen I've beaten him for our half the of those early things. And beat Tony you were shareholders on trying to support him thank you very good chance that you. Has always say remain pine. People always need bread and ply the Shura. And are entitled home on the report upon in the open. Like even a frozen on my name from scratch and thought I was as a huge pain in our net particularly Rashard is part of a palm and it's so good go back into the freezer section I might. Go well you bring it up I like I was a modified Dutch apple pie pumpkin pie and they're all frozen. I prefer the berries like raspberries and blackberries or wherever they knew gold futures selfless thing of Vanilla bean ice cream. And take that pile when it's hot and he you know half of the corner everywhere we want and put a bunch ice cream on ice cream melt slavery net. That thought our intern a bad day into a presidential interment of day. Love that stuff. I. I'm never thought I what I should do news. Sway an ownership storm picked up a pot. I used to be when I remember it out towards the sign meals and I was just never think to do that I'm really touched my mom was so it was too much. Work to make them from scratch so I just bought the pros and cons and I was a kid needs to be big rectangular collars and honored all I can refiners just the pies the same thing it's delicious. Delicious. Coupon to guide. And on the guy. I like to have a good dessert at night. I like to have something to look forward to now in the summertime it's almost always custard I shouldn't say almost always but I'm always thinking custard. And thing is there anything they could stop me from getting customers find. And sometimes like you know what's and I don't know how solid time Aaliyah. Yes it's nominated for an hour and a half now it's frozen throne on I know what's so good juju I didn't I had I had an apron when I was a kid no but my mom wouldn't for what I'm Alan. If I had one if someone got on I would come on you're one I'd like have a wanna wash the dishes and daddy are on the line seditious. Graduate in May and China just an apron apps nothing but an apron them not to my daddy's. When it. They made I assume now reminds us just washing dishes were nominated for an. He's in a mom like that in a weird weird family. You don't like a good dessert night that's like that's that's my thing to look forward to. This you know. I enjoy lots of things but but there's only so many things you can truly have control over any given day say this is something I love this something I want. And I can make it happen. And for me. Who deserve. At night that's I'm thinking about that are thought about today I'd want in my game tonight tonight's Indies. And huge custard in the other custard now. I really really like. I like all custard. I like that's his last stand with summit a lot of so many things you can put and it. I mean has been new news crazy someday I'll just drive you out there you cannot. Connecticut voter out there and you make a pine and apron on the you'll frozen pot rallies are not expected to be fresh I will make you frozen pot. Yeah it's delicious we do that yeah phenomenon apron the elderly that. So what are your mood boosters are clearly just realized mine noon today Brent. Finding money in that and pockets was the top thing people said how often do you find money in your pocket. A performance on gesture kind of gesture kinds realizing it's a on sunny day. Long hot showers and can now I get. All meaningful long hug from someone you love. That's really high on the list. Seen a French Embassy in a long time the first sip of coffee okay that is a good one the first couple copy of the gang. What kind of go on what kind of float where do you where. When we're just a minute promote telephone worded your head where. I Wear my shoes until I'm in bed so GM's light on tennis shoes and a neighbor and via via. Why didn't finish the regular mental image here. I'm just Wear and I keep mine my clothing on time in bed. I'm not one of those people who goes home takes a pants off it's it's a way to get off to put on paper and you put yeah I mean if you want me to put on and paper naked that sounds like a Saturday morning I get up. I don't have any clothes on I put on April when I go make you some hash and eggs. Which is what I look forward to on Sunday's passionate knicks. It's sunny side up. Now started to realize I do have a lot of things. There's a lot more things I realize I look forward to. And popping down event after a long day. I'm listing your favorite album watching the sun side that's never. Never been a sunset near sunrise guy. Even you know like you're on vacation in Florida some sort of thing or why there isn't much overrated and I totally don't get. She familiar walk around your house and apron making hash NH Sunday morning. Come over. I make pennies make pennies into your hands panties will paint kicks will pay any slight compound is planning your except Sunday morning need a company nicknames for the food you know what's. Innings. What some old man is how. And say you want to pay blue. He wants the law pales. For more of your blueberries or chocolate sugar. And when I had a few I don't know who will pay pennies for slow down. We'll hash an egg to sway likes it. Anything good tonight you're gonna give frozen certainly. And in this weekend to keep a great example drive yet we saw when there custer's last stand Mario is talking to kids ma'am are looking into your house does. We realize you're gonna give his grades of what you're talking a little kids again like it's not apparent rewards they're child's right don't think are you rewarding kids don't have much I don't child. What do you mean oh my head candy aisle that's not what I said. You to get to that place not me. You show you heard mantra is since Sunday mornings you keep your grades and grades yeah. If you I was I just also tail last night I was particularly I was afraid that I was getting like I was then we're gonna stand whose dad never did. All right but I don't try to make him feel that I could do that I thought that means that never did it looked like you do that far. You always get hung up on you know on a brand Arnaud daddy our strategy was talking about mood boosters. See if you can relate to base things about a nice walk along. Receiving a glass is now. That but then you go as a here's yours but a nice alcoholic beverage after a long day. 924%. Of people said that. Wait till after the on a Mario three hands and classical and there's currently. Having a good hair day is on the list. Well a lot of people really really really. Prioritize that signs him. I guess I don't have a family I have faith but I think these musty people who have kids and separates our mother immediate. Right like their parents so they're talking about a study going to see some real I don't want boring. All right we if you're good lies and you keep your grades. You pressure there no there was. I'll make you pie tonight. We'll kind of fun. And if I talked to teacher tomorrow and you didn't talk back in your not any trouble like peach pie on okay. But Mickey PH five. And if you don't gain trouble this weekend. And have small paintings. Blueberry panic just what you like sure sure we're well I'll make them in my robe. No home you just asked me to I asked if you dig out an eye skewed to. I was trying to get to a point decision I did what I wanted to come over and wanted me to baking a pie in a robe a city if I did. Would you and you kept secret for more information OJ thing. If I wanted to come over and see you do that. If I wanted to see what you look like naked would you show I don't yes well arguably they coupon that welcoming take media pastor don't do that you. Wherever you want. You gotta wanna help you have a better day our help you have more perfect days and this. You know for a guy says he's got like fifty perfect days a year or. And you said beginning to show that you worm you know today was not feel like a perfect face I'm overwhelmed when dread yes so today I'm not don't a month. Let's month doing okay today it's either poses a lot of revue make and passion may ask me a song little and it's a about half a dozen or so I'm making my day better. Not at all. Maybe it worse. Makes it. The rush. Churchill who has low. Six fire the blow. Hi hey did you fare but they arrested him for. Public intoxication. How can be if I don't know it seems so weird so there's this apparently thought that matters but it sort college football story. That popped up on my you know. Notification is this guy is please and Iowa. And. I. Apparently is drunk and he walks a draw top tong tries again thinks it's his bluebird. Intel's new drive them home and bake him a breathalyzer and then charge them in public intoxication. Since it is you just let him find is over how things like consumer. I guess his story here now I would offensive tackles arrested and charged with public intoxication and Iowa City. I was us after attempting to enter a police car and he confused with the Hoover. When asked by officers on the scene why he was trying to enter the passenger door of a police vehicle reportedly said he thought that was our job. Okay well. He thought it was an over Heath our grass or it would be final result if he was just talking NASA on the cops like that though you're hosting your right now from drama not to nearly blew a point 204. On a breath analyzer at the time of the incidents. Cisco subsequently taken to jail and released. We are aware of the incident and I just don't understand. OK so. The thing that you and I were talking about is if you're trying to get in a new over there trying Phillies do the right thing even drawn right. Keep on trying to get in her car she couldn't police officer they are right. I don't know where you're over his man this is funny. You got you know this is a cop car views you realize we just dead rhino you don't let where's your let's go find uber. Life imprisonment in the whole public intoxication thing. I always thought when I was younger that that was four. Like if he's gotten a fight if you started screaming yes fire or something like that if you cause you're walking on the highway hammer yes all right fine. When I saw a guy yesterday just walking down history finisher on had a big forty ounce can write no Bagger I can't buy you could probably essential for that yes they are not here but you could probably get in trouble for that. But arresting people for public intoxication as they're coming out of bars. But I don't know where he was on and losers do and say OK but I guess I'm I had I thought you know he's on campus some marxism Iowa police Iowa Coca. College polish. But you can't get in trouble right for. May have heard of people in trouble foreign. Public intoxication. When you're. Leaving a bar something right like if you come are just stumbling at the police officer wanted to they can say yeah so what is the rule are we not supposed to be. Intoxicated. In public and public at all like even our zone. More what is everyone's drinking they're giving you more drinks I also know. You can get in trouble right for over serving someone. Reality check almost always happens after something bad happened like someone just I just an accident or did something illegal what a rush hour. Then they go back and say how much was this person serve but are you technically. Not supposed to serve someone pass the point of intoxication. Even anabolic is that is that a rule. Diaz himself. I feel like that's a rule I feel like it must be otherwise because that's what they got this kid for was public intoxication. By again night. Sorry I assume I could've just been around ours walking around. And trying to open up the police car door. I had a drunk friend who got in the the packets so she calls Seubert says on the thing. Prius you know to a priest is on its way okay so this Prius pulls up she gets in the backseat. And the driver goes what the hell are you doing. And she says I'm boring bitch and the guys like this isn't an uber. And she's like oh and it was just coincidental. That another Prius pulls in right behind my house all happen it was a funny story we laughed about it. But that seems like Ron will you drive a street is usually just assume that people think you maneuver right. How many times have you called maneuver and it was tied a Prius that's why don't doom. You prefer a call some sort limousine lied under regular rumor all right you do dead the uber accelerant. Iraq. Yeah I I wanna get in your Prius. Well how about the guy that was that was streaming people that was in Saint Louis did you see that story now so I saw someone posted these videos on right it. Of this I think he would work they said originally used and were driver I think he was an Hoover and lift driver. And he was live streaming. Okay all right sure driver and Saint Louis working for Cooper and lift mankind has been suspended after co overtly recording and live streaming passengers to twitch. Now reports the Saint Louis post dispatch. They get this guy's name it's from Missouri's been driving for over and lifts since March like streaming most of his rides. Which number an excess of 700 for over a long. They'll go to was twitch channel where he went by this alias just Smart. In the streams. Passengers were in his vehicle and be record by a front facing camera the attached to the windshield so you can. I had. Screen shots this Canada and the UT it reminds you taxicab confess right insurance sort of looks like you could see him. And then sees see the people sitting back there but when I saw that story at the first thing I thought laws. I guess that's not illegal at some guy's car but I you know he's alive streamer. Right he's a live streamer that's what he does he's a film people on public and the right but I don't know is there an. I would think as a passenger. You probably don't legally. Have an argument it is not a must fill out there are inquiries or any good he could be in trouble from over. But yet we just live in this world now where. Do you kind of expect that there's a chance someone is recording use someone command via filming use of mean ma'am when I walked the dog and heck how many houses DC now with the cameras on their doorbell you know equality are balls and they light up because it got motion sensors and I read this story about this guy who became obsessed with watching his ring. Doorbell over the week like this became fun for him and that the twitch thing this is. Totally one of those things where I'm too old and I don't understand it. I have a friend is the same age as me he does the twitch thing. I thought at first because I saw twitch on Xbox is up I play video games online I remember when I sort of see that name pop up on rises how. We can play games and people come watch me do great things like maybe I can share clips of run like you're really autism video game and and I turn on I wanna watch people do and that's what I guess thought it was anyway yeah it sold no. Yes and no so. My friend has started doing mass and at first I would see him on their was say you know he streaming right now order and I thought okay well. He's not posting any clips of his games this up what is he doing so I talked to about it. All he is doing is putting a camera on himself and people can watch him play games. And the hope is that people will want to watch him play games so this was like are maybe a year ago so then I started. Seen these things posted. Different places and I sir watch them as like this is what a lot of people do then I started seeing people who have don't Wear headsets. And they'll go out like this guy had like Arab pair of glasses attic Cameron I'm switching and he would go out throughout the day. He would go to the grocery store just live this day but he would he would talk to his. And streamers his viewers you know he's all out Soviet aggression like hey guys you know my favorite thing is. My left side twits or so about to get to dress up like that I was like why are people watching this. And then just within the last couple weeks ever this whole thing about when when we start to get VR houses in. You know people that becomes a thing that people starts and own. A lot of people think that. You're not just gonna sit there and tried traveled far away lands and ride amusement park rye exit you know don't exist to try to. A lot of people are just gonna sit there watch other people live their lives which I guess is that kind of like what happened a mauling its been awhile since I've seen that. I think they were doing more of just watching their phone's look and yeah. But there are people who. Have a tunnel followers who just isn't just hot girls know these guys just cause girls lessons on your dies long you are Xbox watching hot girls. Most played video games like that I've seen a vendor's you guys most of them that's now there are hot girls that you gain something nice scenes and there are definitely successful ones was that you have. Brian and Don is that the most popular right no idea really is really gonna like 49 or some guy like I wanna always a large amount of Jackson that I can wrap my head around because we've had that for awhile people use to post those clips on YouTube and then. Expire you know twitch made it easier you can take a screen shot while your plane and then upload and share it so that was kind of the path I was following but now it's got this thing where people are. It's like streaming their Cooper rides. Right Simon Hooper driver this guy was. Putting them up on his twitch channel that's not demons well he's putting them honest when you watch it. This is just un edited live yet I mean if any disaster and what I do and artists there welcome iPhone it's a or or watch some guy as he goes of the grocery store and he's walking on the grocery store. You I mean I get the allure of it like you're viewed as some guy was like day. These are my new horizons tonight in Chicago or Saint Louis or Memphis or whatever. And you log on I could see watching it like security camera footage for a cup I'm youth authority extended like my kind of watchdog nice but I emulate our men. I wonder what happened jettison a sudden caught up up and answer five to ten minutes. And watch The Who restrained but elected if people are taking twitch to different. Platforms and I don't think that's what a lot of people are doing majors that's actually Amy there inspires them to stream their lives. Stream going to Hershey store yet he's sharp as YouTube stars of the Paul Brothers this do daily blogs of their life and they. Made ten million dollars and twenty million dollars yeah it's definitely. It's getting a generational thing and I TV Truman show. Oh and a lot of people Lazio who played the game I think like muscles guys like dump all Brothers whatever they all dated. They all had some sort of talent ninja and allied some sort of video game talent right which brought people to them to watch it I don't know what. How do you see you find out that there's an uber guy writes these are essential you went on to YouTube or your like I'll how to play this game and then somebody pops up. Okay I see right there's a million right ten million. Subscribers how do you find on twitch some guy doing cab rides in Saint Louis how do you find. Please tell your I don't know anything Nellie Connelly has streaming and putting music on line with that for the music industry. You Selig chose to keep the pedestrians. It's kind of the same thing rights as the new user hands now you can use twitch and do the same thing they're doing just. It's been like a reality I sang like a lion that comparison and learning windows is my life and your interest and you're in the last ten years we out that he was so huge now we can just I mean it wasn't I mean it was Aminu was fifteen years ago when people would just put cameras and bedrooms. Outnumbered down here and you don't remember you always dream trip that whole thing right yeah cameras in his house and you can watch him throughout whatever you want I remember we logged on and watched him. Now in a bad yet his dog's about them bad and he got down and after about twenty minutes. Religious Jonas said okay. Yeah I had that little matter about the diners and it was part of the dotcom bubble and a ton of money and started doing that excellent that was the future. And he lost his mind this allotment about it here in the name. I am a lot of people will play games. They use say you're not interest and so be kind of like Arab listening to. The radios not podcaster something they are watching because they think he or she is funny. Might they may not care at all about the game that they're playing they money not even care about games. And they are sending in messages and actively participating just like people text and got show. And it's become. This huge. Block of entertainment as a someone like this who were driver Saint Louis has our got an idea. I drive through wreckage to stick a camera here and like shame every rod in my right it's reality TV it. Re not an actual story out not to sound like truth TV but that's a different site I mean I understand and know when I got it like. But it but that's the thing do you want actual reality because the hope when their car dash uses are really real honest highly edited and it's made to be entertaining right. Yeah just watching someone at the grocery store. Well maybe that's because I didn't invite you hope you're gonna get so and it's completely unedited and real to be a push back and say hey we are he's not really morality of these reaction to the edited heavily you know a rough stuff and if you socially awkward if you're virtual reality if you're. Maybe just a super anxious person you know we you you don't like. Public places you don't like you could say it but on this had sat and watched someone also of their life was very outgoing and by patients and now. You get some sort of live through the air. Their eyes month. What makes sense until it it probably haven't sat up line. I feel like it was originally done Thorpe to watch people play video yeah originally that was the that was when I feel like now I could easily do like watch me cook. Yeah or maybe that saw watch me fix a car all watch may mean there. There are being different segments that people would be interest it and yeah yeah not make sense to me as a basis on which. I don't know off. I remember number eighty or not is used to do that a lot though he would like life shrimp is just throughout the day here is a lot daily blogs and you live stream you happen to run into that. Reaper guy who was almost went a pentagon doesn't. So I'm a match scene was seen people do this and like when you know periscope came on everything. Them people toyed with the idea of I you I saw a lot of celebrities. Who would sit on at the park good morning guys and and it seems like it kind of wore off. And the people losing weight that have gone to twitch and has become. This whole new. World of entertainment to it I'm still not. Yeah and you totally you know I mean clearly committed in the FaceBook and answered and worked which is solely that. All that well I think it's always just lights. Well yeah I didn't vote clips up to I think the stuff between now and like I said that's kind of how start but now. Amy my friend asked him I say how many people do you have watching you know a night. Music you know like. 99 or ten. Took him what's your goal what do you think a lot of Julie Guy thinking and a lot of people watch. I'm excited to just keep doing every night. I'm just on her neck as he does play games. And sometimes you can see the games being plain. But I ask stories of people shall speak plain with you don't know third is watching. His watching me listening to me. Yeah and they're just it's just for entertainment. Now a car. Who went first since he's like we've said before I enjoy watching poker well I think he's an interest seemed to take action to save it's it could be a push back on. Reality TV not being real documentaries being you know. Not so there's a there's a lot of crossover between the Q don't the pro rations. Viewers and tortured. There's a huge I don't know I don't Ireland but but I do think that. A lot of people like reality TV email like Keeping Up with the Kardashians but I like the real world and insurance like Big Brother or whatever and so is it's kind of like that only with this I guess you're thinking. This is actually happening it's happening in real time. Right now so I know that I'm not being tracked. And and how many hours of jet to sit down watch people in the back of maneuver before something actually happen I don't know maybe it's all they sucked out long. Maybe we could Saint Louis and Parker craziness entertaining things are gonna I don't know how many subscribers this guy that. He didn't say or just an idiot excess of 700. Rides that he had streamed to a switch channel. So so I think maybe you should just stick a camera ham we start twitching. Twitching and air zone tickets call. No fun construct we just I mean you. We user. Microsoft names and on and on this works so granny Julia to let you know and religion be it. A twitch thing but then what is it what do we show on the screen. So you know the people public the dual screens that shows their faces while there you know sitting behind that Bonderman mineral show what they're looking out a lot of times on that. TV or on the computer. So what do we have the wonders computers. And that is looking her computers and see what we look at all just love and long live stream long bum. Texas commend all yeah. Won't commit attacks that are coming and yes. Now. And the people can comment on the comments sure. I don't exactly know as an arsenal manager figured out as the season has if you wildly popular and as soon as people circuit in these Amazon doesn't messy stuff that. Is unpopular the list of things he and Amazon owns it's insane how long they own so. Many companies won't. This is not this is this is day. So. Accident Hoover things were quick. How do you guys feel personally about the idea of if you're an app cab if you're in an Hoover. We've all decided now we've all university agrees seems as if you're public you're allowed to be films okay we know it. Like I said people's door bells recording now obviously we've been on. SE CTV eight gas stations and banks for years you probably caught on camera a hundred times a day right. Seoul bridge is at the point now where wing you see is story yet the same reaction I did like Dolly record all his people they were and had no idea. Introducing. Because is on the you do about the he's just an. I think what my grandparents like what the hell are you doing here right now tiger they would. There are well yeah we get from the time I remember when they put up traffic cams. All these oral Lee's summit in Chinese I wrote a letter. To Jean Carnahan is that this is not what we should be doing why are we recording people while they're driving down the street. Both are really upset and the government was going to do adjustment period until it finally doing it themselves. True in Israel and FaceBook news but now are after all the stones stuff and they say they're listening to our calls it like now they. Oh how did you find those are also things like if somebody were to say you all I put a video camera in every car rice sold. And I uploaded directed towards you be like no way yeah the until I'm getting into room. Under through Birmingham I don't care who runs one wish that wouldn't of happened there the right environment I don't know I don't know and somebody else's car and somebody else is someone else's car running well what if it was a cap company even many cycles our company I guess part of what they do was live. You know I know those people are employees or rumor but as a weird thing like if I got into a cab but I'd like no you can't upload that from Yahoo! tab. Onto the Internet but I feels like as soon as I did enjoyed guys scar he's dressed like snow gone and he's in a Prius is like yeah. But the military candidate and almighty airmen who all have heard is like gold and I'm like well we've just entered into an agreement. An order from the united Eli you've designs which are what I understand at all watching it on their Xbox right to get near him and Orwell is spinning. In his earlier agency told so. Please don't saying yes I am getting us. Another guy's car like you don't like getting that's what I thought I read it and because we've all agreed you can fill me in public now to me seen someone else's car counts is public produced a public trust is that public I don't know. It's not my car it's my heart I mean when I was saved your car yeah as soon as I've and I am not. Who knows I don't I'm not a lawyer and ardoyne only down the other and who knows what you would say but I feel like. If I did in New York car you can have a camera your Carney were yours Laura are you want to in my house yeah exactly it having cameraman yes your car. Don't mean your consent the same is certainly a lot of cell phone records and barred for its agreement might think about Ryan Zimmerman say you know where it resent that we're not gonna take a little analyzes. Right right right it's all done all I read. Was that Hoover and lift he'd been suspended and I'm guessing it meant. By about is even working for both this city was suspended for co overly recording. And live streaming. As passengers to his twitch account. And and consumers and have a camera and seen the camera I had a regards nationally. This camera is recording us live streaming right that's temperature and you think it's for security when I was a kid sort of put all the cameras on school buses you know we had a big copies of all that was later. That's what you always thought that was like what if I I don't I sit in the car and says an eighty dollar charged duke and a car he's saying you know I did a nice immunity on here you are Putin on other lists all the tip. In New York for exactly. They have cameras and home visit. Probably different I'm sure they can have them for security to look I don't know it again I don't think he was breaking the law he was just. Over Andorra lifts sounds like both. Is it says he was suspended so I'm guessing by about and is this the gorilla stolen cash could say that we recording me. I never consent I thought she did did she not there was something about that you have to look that up via. I guess now we all kind of syndrome which. It takes is only back to what we were talking earlier with the Sacha Baron Cohen showing these people seem ridiculous things on that show. Last night it was this. Representative from was from Georgia Georgia my god figure this stuff he was saying is no screaming the N word and pulled his pants down in San trying to rub his monitor and shine again only right in the Chinese aggression like don't you always have some sense. Unlike Truman show all about golf. Already yards and Jasper maybe they're two different things if I'm NN rumor and I'm drunk I don't necessarily think. How this is being taken sent Mel out on the and that's not my first son. If I'm that. State senator from Georgia can't there's not hammer and their filming and I certainly had that what I think this is being filmed. But it's still over driver asked you a question. I still feel like there's certain things. You wouldn't say even if you felt that. Maybe something is very private because part of you thinks this could get up. He could be recording me he could. Whatever you just you kind of always live with that. Mentality. That someone could hear this someone could argue in my ever really. Alone right in your living room when you're all alone. You know this guy was screaming the inward some I said yeah I'll pay you to scream the N word or even just say in your living room. Wouldn't you be thinking like Obama. No I don't think so like. Beyond the facts as they don't you're not saying no I'm sailing of teasing you about is his Alexa and is connect I don't know. Dozens and let me and I would scream the N word if I wasn't worried about satisfied that pay him. So I offered to pay you to do Gail usual figure like I don't know manners. I got the lines and the connecting here in the Google home and and I think I'm good at Smart TV might have a camera army insurer east always kind of assume. This guy did in front of the camera crucially the camera crew there is fats boom operator is that the and he just started screaming. The N word screaming I know it's edited but I tried to understand drunk on that's always an. Skews well I am because of I'm drunk and I say I use so that we could you sign of a realist and we could stream of someone match. No I was drunk does not consent Brackins and I'm drunk. That's why I'm always pop them Beers in hand just in case you as like hey why there is no consent. And a size envelope and others here I just saw even picking up your drink a lot but it Newton makes a lot of sense plumbing both. A on the eve also had a rough today. Your like there's seven stomach hurt that a result and section when you. I saw all this it. Missile are you counting and so anything I'll okay. Okay you're counting if you got to six or seven what do you care I'm not I'm just the estimating our visits is like a couple short of where I need to be all I ask you was it he was it if you're getting an energy drink another beer he's had no appear it's like six or seven I got a lot of campaign now show he says and picking up no I'm not as joyous I have come across is here because that's not a very protective barrier alcohol and a.