Monday, 08.21.17 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Monday, August 21st

  • 0:00 - Headlines
    • Eclipse madness
    • Jerry Lewis dies
    • Shooting in Westport
  • 25:34 - Lazlo is more grump than usual today
  • 35:40 - Another segment of Ask Lazlo
  • 54:51 - Sports with Nick Wright

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So righteous man. On all sides. Your homeland. Values dark. Will strike down low numbers wrong. Well. Me. It is me some of the mermaid is something. Got cloudy this and then now. And I got on cloning and now its founding and got shady yeah. Itself. Found it fascinating. People were excited driving to the brick house today yeah I saw people on the plaza like whatever I'm part of their advantages in Naples park. Just they had lawn chairs and with the sunglasses people sitting on sidewalks. Just launchers. Staring up watching stances on an eclipse. All right. Well. I guess is as good as an excuse as any takes time they're drinking exactly and I mean I'm happy really I thought dreamers are Graeme. It's fun it's fun I was at a time. And I didn't. Let me say this I underestimated. I don't know why. I didn't. Think much of it from going in like I thought I'm not sure. More on all the hoopla is about and I am. I feel like I'm underwhelmed as compared to everybody else and I don't. I felt like I had the right mindset going in there is just fine. I owe us I don't have I don't see it in ninety never again are 99 years from now when I'm just not impressed I wasn't. Maybe every super impressed if I lived here. A hundred years ago or 200 Israel I didn't know was happening lyzard cement means I think I would have looked at it and thought wow I got really cloudy. Well where they were just there as an Agassi going your way into the sun was going out you know. As if there was any clouds in the sky image is so this is 46 seconds Olympia panic on it would be over and then you're really going to sun. So I guess in sync shows like to. Madness I. I'm thinking people are going to be staying glass watching this. You know shadow of the knew going in front of the sun RAI guess in the hands on Bruno fine going to be negative. Mourning the people are saying don't know these guys on the radio saying. So there is no Palestinian dark we'll see stars in the sky you can hear crickets. Cannot return when the sun comes back some of the birds are going to be confuses search service to low. Sitting in dark and then I starting. Phoenix and he's gonna get started here and hear analysts audio like this from. Humorous happy and organ and stuff before us and their their safety James Brown is totally dark. Many people have traveled here from right in the places. More than 200 miles from the nearest airport not a hotel room to be thank weekends and an RV. We've thousand or so other people and it is just happened here. There is not a cloud over it oh my goodness. Look at that. I'm really speechless I mean these bees is I think them on zillions. It really fired up front pizza party it's now like that's why you have a free food in the break room and don't forget. The sun's gonna disappear and amenities like man. I don't problem I've got excited when I got vision is dark now but it didn't really get dark I think that's starting this like that mess with your mind. Like night and looks like it was the mastermind behind OK I know is an eclipse but when it happens. It's like my internal and things like to sort of pay anything like something was wrong. They had last I don't know they had people on the radio this morning who had seen clips are solar eclipse is in the past only and one woman who traveled to Egypt or something. Talking about how Dave. Never been the same sense how it was his spiritual awakening how it changed him forever they've never felt the same housing well. This is what I was saying this is a lot of buildup no I'm with so pressing is I certainly get excited like what what does is it gonna get dark what's gonna happen. And then I thought it was pretty cool yeah I analysis and Canada's gold diggers as it was dark out designers go nuts. And all the lights turn on like it is. Something my body was like freaking out I don't know. It's because normally if you see the sun come out like that your own Coke and you think. Oh my god I need to advance and an Emmy nominated as a million times how I mean sun disappeared weird seeing the sun come back out as always my enemy that is something that it was weird because just sort of the look like. Evening. And then suddenly. There is no look like you got a you know night time yeah. And then Helena fire and got day again by 26 seconds later. Like a big cloud cover the sun like god damn man is about to pour rain and it came back out again. Was. Well look I know people like solid there was less than fascinating. Hopefully. If you if it was something you're excited about hopefully you'll get out of work and whistling Suzanne. Normally drowned on yeah and traveled east to west. Haven't on the West Coast I know some saying which winner's song usually send word autism usually travel I don't travel is the last. Why is still felt like it was going backwards right because that while president on Matt we're getting it earlier I know I was dozens and is idiotic you know earlier at the same thing but it's because the moon is going this way in the sun's going this way. So the moods crossing it's path. So they got earlier does the move was coming. And makes us. The moon so there's the sun. Rises and then programs on the east right riots and 'cause I crashed in the back of your hands as far as confusion than that certain movies going opposite right I'm really. I also they showed in the NL. Cartoon simulators are really other way right question. No way they should cross the other way should go is released the last. When they cross and Sutherland from western east. This millennium man I'm not to I'm and I'm not into astrology. Or. Whatever that is. But doesn't seem like yours and it went really you would have seen it personally age. I don't know. In my mind when I saw the opportunity to news moving the opposite way blocking the sun. So I don't know. I'm sure it's all fake pictures all the Truman show and it was just like I'd say instead NM is saying that confused me insulin for the confuse me. And the people in New York pursuing it later. You won't worry and receives first out of thought of would have been any other way around and it was only because it's the moon and not the son. You think you know all of organs two hours behind this issue but it's warm or waiting for the million move not the sun so let loose it was just under an hour. He was either red or just under our leaders and us. And now it's out in the ocean somewhere I heard there's like a carnival cruise ship. That was out there things that sound. Of all the cruises. That seems like the absolute last cruise the Laszlo senate hopefully we get all these cruises. We've got one is gonna Lawson and really Lanny and waiting now live and I lose a lot of ground under the last one I just like space stuff and things like that really all the people on the car we drive me crazy blues I don't think you Reggie Brown is huge cruise like this are you kidding me. And you know it's all gonna be those people there ought to be space. People. Whatever space. Should British people. Anyway lot of viewers sighed and I'm happy for him a lot of people got to go out and take today off and drink can still plug was still out. There's a lot of people who are good enjoy it to men so well. Like they were in deeper than me. Average person who's watching you when you're meant more to women whose speech and whose spiritual it was a lightning and lose soon. We can probably celebrate this. I don't know that it's gonna seems like on the right read yeah. Well apparently there was a lot of tourists and especially the same jury and I guess like keep charter on. Lot of tourists enjoying our show good career is two minutes inside the no on. What do you do for the other 23 hours take it. And a casino. It was during this is all they do get bad weather. Well. I'm tired I saw it was funny thing out these guys. And just be enough. An inch drink too. Thousands personal plans don't. We know don't take Wimbledon. Damage retirement and the other. And Jerry Lewis was still alive and telling us a purely Jewish. No juice Jerry Lewis. The MS guy or whatever yeah. Did vote laments French yeah they do yeah yeah I was doing there was room for error. No one knows Jenny Lewis yes they do. Jerry Lewis he I thought it was done because you got bloated is something wrong he hasn't done the telethon for a long time. You manual that's been a good day. Saccharine as it may sound as corny as it may be you are watching this and you could you just you them my library district okay fund raiser at the telethon telethon right this is a sign off every year gee did you watch it. Yeah I remember seeing here and my guess. Washington what are good day. For mankind. I realize. My at all a celebrity is answering a phones yet psychiatrist and doing work. I'd like to get torn down yes I'm. I have a memory I wanna know all I got to try and again and show on the same phone bank and whenever I colleges consumer really got a guy. Why and I get Scott Vail enlighten. I'm Steve when Steve. So I went dead so that I can name twenty grown immune to them. On call back and trying to stop yeah they should have some at least BC and TV he answered the phone back there. But you're right you just get some guy named steamed. And he takes your money. Act. Lady inside administrators and muscular dystrophy Arnold MD MS and don't. Mentioned it to me and just. Yeah. You know it was indeed. Don't want to. Coming up on their bad people or so and I can't yeah you know me and I got that thing. That thing where you don't like. I think I'll hide the content of some Israelis say around me also now they are done. LS that Duncan era on tell us that yeah. And indeed those of us. Good to. So there's a shooting last night in west port we now know that the blue well yeah cabinet announce how he knows right. Parking lot of similar in the paddy. Police say the man was killed and a woman shot. They say right now they're looking for a fact that he described. And they tall light skinned black male he has a muscular build and he took off from the scene with three other guys. Then this happened on the patio of California's. Police say there was around 200 people there and at one point two men were fighting. So police and the police department is confirmed. Today. But the man who shot and killed it held for us last night was a Lee's summit officer. Why is assigned as a school resource officer Eric Campbell middle school and Lee's summit which is where I went oh really yeah. You went I went there. I usually try. To try to of Campbell middle school. Bernard Campbell. Bernard Campbell what are you. Sure he managed only sensible or something and not hey come on editors sometimes you don't know what your guy didn't feel like back and mind bending. I really think you might have been ministers and maybe not coach really do get schooling and after me had to do some money you spend. Famous for something in principal. But this guy was a resource officers there were surely some police department was only thirty years old shot and killed in California us and apparently they're saying there was an argument on the patio Sunday night at 9 o'clock in the superintendent. Okay. And he was not part of the argument he was an innocent bystander. He's just there. You know he's obviously nine uniform Ernie thinks selling pieces there. Have a drink hang out. There's an argument. And he gets killed as an innocent bystander and there's another woman who was shot in the arm she's expected to recover. They said she was also. Just an innocent bystanders. Less action it's totally sucks. Lot of shooting us just trying to have a glass so whining Californians on Sunday you know. It seems like. Someone from ones were. Just seems like Wales shooting people you to watch. There's a lot of I just say I don't time. Recent shenanigans. The decision innings so you romance and I Sandy Lyle and Tom cooler gone and worse. Let's see here is 2 o'clock in the morning and happy note 3 AM you know Sunday mornings are denying us a monetary doesn't really do. Nothing good happens after. The one hand gesture on Sunday night at 9 o'clock. And I and I thought you should you say just about anywhere in goalless. Along video around Jim Hamm iron and a little addition underwear are getting shot and Herman is now getting hammered at 3:30 in the morning. You know life that's all you're out there because he's risking your enjoying it you know I didn't have some fun right right. The world's rescue right. And there are some areas that are riskier than others close at 9 o'clock on Sunday in California. That's not a place for I would think. Now just in general the world's prisoner 3:30 in the morning cells known only as Eisley and believe that you understand the concept trying. I don't want to. Driving is riskier at 3:30 in the morning as opposed to 9 o'clock tonight on Sunday after the old saying nothing right. And you know I really confessions Timmons who's 1015 things so. So they say that I'm sorry sorry so all I'm sorry. Also your odds of something that have been used 3 o'clock in the morning and Tony for our high being. Lasts much less. Are hardly counts in aid bar district at shutting down until you're gonna go home. Supposed to mean that they're they wanna mix and they weren't close down the streets of Westport for relentless and proposing to make it private property. And in my hand and Johnny closed streets on Friday or Saturday June turner I don't know campaign where there was all kinds of friction about a lot of things I had to pay two dollars and the dollar here. It became you just had to be 21. I don't know they charge a dollar and Arnott but they do put the barricades and I guess someone was anyone that they're proposing to make all of that private property to close the streets now. I. It's. Like you had crashed. Is turnovers. I. So reading about Bernard can learn. None great reviews Andre schools running. This school when there was like school years and of course that was a long time ago fifteen numerous news in the goodness. People who are genuinely cares awesome. Rude and hateful staff. I'm giving us a five star due to a good teachers and positive learning environment. Johnson worst years in my life. The students given little overview of the teachers expressing extreme favoritism unfair punishment system rules make no sense. Good teachers sometimes if you events. Best school in the world is the advance. Campbell as a good school to go to him. Yeah so. It's one enjoy and rate in prison and I watched the OJ verdict in the library that's political opponent library brought in televisions. It's fascinating. Now. Seven straight. Did you say where you work well it. Belliard in Barcelona also did at their school they really must really like eleven I was in seventh grade those thirteen. Sons. Can return. And as they definitely do yeah. Million dollars. I don't know why it was just the most talked about thing. Period so we turn on the TV every single channels covering it all the time in news was dominated by the OJ trial that was it. So I don't think that chizik I can't wait to find out I don't think we really cared. But I honestly did you just wanted to see and they are saying this is a big inside guys who wish to cause. Managed twenty years later and I still don't know you know. Many serious and Theresa euros. What else anything else it's an. All all the troubles in the sun without his glasses. Soda guy. That picture of him staring up yeah. I did in June so this symbol leave and I believe many and Troy movie again you don't mind I'm like that is nonsense. It's nonsense. That would mean time. There would be at this time right now. Just by sheer numbers alone of people who don't have cable ready Internet who have looked up and it. We don't blind every 101000020. Million blind people walking around. The streets the United States right now it's just impossible is not real. And they've dramatically but I'm telling you man. Sometimes he's essentially get you those red I'd still be able to story and we start to get remember this bam bam we start to get texts and emails and and nurseries can call us because. Growing up. Actually. Later on in my teens I was dating this girl pitchers signed me about her mother right. And her mother had two siblings had died when she was a kid but her grandfather was abusive right is selling the story and I sell hot and brother your mom's brother or sister Don she said they ate those red berries concentrating published. And I was like yeah no match that's not a real thing like you don't die from that night. Your grandfather probably kill those two kids and it was a long time ago and the police never investigated or whatever it but that didn't happen and you may need as your side no it didn't know why did it. She MA usually I cinnamon and you didn't. And we called my brother Ahmed biologists music piano and I was and a part of your child average and I said okay. You know I had to me the guy who ruins there's more you and makes you go back and rethink your entire life up until this point but I want to grab like I said let's say. Your mom's brother and sister were six rollout then I'm all of them out on ten times on other ten times the amount of marriage colleagues when he Mary's right now just to be sure. I put toy bears lions smaller with a beer. Stole lives they don't tell you. There's no way they would allow bush is really red berries senate you can pick any each and die. On the streets. And every suburban neighborhood in America. Just wouldn't happen. And they rescind its own both of these people died. I need in the various LaMont a wonder what happened there and I is that they do you like you know the bears do Kalin. I mean it took me to teach you that in the very center and a major freedom I need them. And yeah. I'm curious what actually killed in the different decided. We better tone on the thin on the O'Leary's. This'll be that I don't believe that everyone knows the berries are lethal. Tom they got into some of those various. Her when I was a kid to this city to court and apple. That's what arsenic editors something nerves. Whatever resources does the right no damage that's caused when looking as the sun does not present yourself until sometime after looking into sun. They can cause damage or gets worse over time well you know one of your I say in general gets worse over time. So nice tried to Chad. I did see somebody is seriously like juniors are losing your eyesight and twenty years of course I am. There's nothing new that I look to the sun and find. A stared right at it. I stand and yeah so I'm. He stared right back to me than them that's what happened. You know that. Did you share. Yeah I I had that little. Can't be over me you know zone. And went to my glasses a solution out of her mind I just watched that I get a couple quick looks they say you're allowed to look at it once he lets loose. Learned that gone. It's a tower. In totality and say your ugly look good and I apologize and repeatedly. Just a true point. It's. I'm Jamal you twelve hours on them. Symptoms generally be in green twelve hours after uniqueness. Some lap times. Vision maybe slightly Alter or do you do in the worst case scenario is legal blindness Samsung. Yeah. Impairment. A temporary or permanent. Yeah I know you're a hard time phone sleep tonight. Why. Play in their venue policy you might think if I wake up and design might not be able to see. Twelve hours. You got a stress they waited and now make sure you don't go blind. I'm not going blind. You didn't look like you'd rather not much fun I will admit. He looks like now. And I like and in a corner like mine tailings. Lot of glass and get checked into the they got dark go back to let alone let me tell you. Dear dear bridges turns it. Sure can never. Okay. You know like I always get hit because people say I'm negative but because I've to hang out when view you are always know and I'll stop it. You are always trying to get me to buy crap you want. Just two weeks ago you're trying to get me to buy in 1990 to come marrow when he top global mobile first of all and I try to get me to buy a one bedroom Condo on the lake of the Ozarks. Will read it looks like it hasn't been nobody's been in the place since 1970 twos are talking about it's. I was trying to get you by Ali still floating around I was just showing it to just leave judge show me the Camaro and everything else and don't want. The kind of finally realizes it and and it wasn't a 92 it was an ode to. Whenever. It was a crap car. Can I let this man does use a because I say are you gonna I don't know I thought maybe be interest to them and she's so. You've had once used by the Camaro in one bedroom Condo holiday meals are dealt with these and why don't you just by the Camaro and the one bedroom apartment. In light of the Ozarks and when realise who is you know both a cache of opulence and am I always an opportunity costs and look. You had said I know at some point you said army air okay although it was just split it. A Condo not a car. So I just mentioned this is cheap I talked to some guys this week and about it and they got bios but it was on the inside scoop but Clement and I thought maybe resolutions I'll give you the down payment you make the payments. I that's how we split it I thought you might be you and your transport I think my ears and listen for yourself until seeing. It's very seeing it's I'll give you down and you make a monthly payments. It's reasonably for a what I'm telling you listen to me. I'll give you a down payment you make the monthly payments. We'll have written out of easily. I still to come between our friendship. Will I have a franchise in over weekends whose whoa whoa hold. That's I think just all the negativity today from is that what happens. That this weekend. Something happened. And happens morning. Oh. Suddenly you're not inches sitting can marrow or late con I'm never. Trying to tell you I've never let you know just enacted it at one point you words. It's just peeked on the lake kinda thing we discussed it. And that's cheap and I did all this research this weekend I found the place I asked who blue and 89 convertible Corvette. Chuck finder so drawn. Amended I don't distract him I'm trying to I am I know that focus on this Condo I don't want your POS Condo. It it's not mine it's a confidence for sale it's not a PO west because it's. Reasonably priced I told you reasonably priced because I got a guy. Boy when he got a guy got a guy does that even mean guy he's an expert and you walk right on lake property. He's under so wasn't gonna tell us I mean you can look at it and tell that is soon realized she gave me some insight information about him is inside information is another vessel wildly. Old piece of crap. When Berber carpet and balcony I'm not saying that's not his insight Danny's not a he said the best qualified he said the price was right as what he says. The prices rhinos. I'm not asking is you know these people aren't. Asking top dollar for this thing from. You have a house Yakima with a misplaced full time it's just that we can get away you don't menu walk through his front door into the bedroom. So it's because everything has a lake view every living crappy design. Well they're in the front door of their house into the bedroom. How do you invited just over. Just walked in my bedroom. I. That sucks that's part of why it's so cheap. But they all have lake views then I'm we just could get an extra five granite and if you get one that has. And northern and or goes into a four year. An extra five grand. How much I try an extra fifty grand to even start looking at those places I'd cam earlier. I believe we can find a place you just as crappy is that. Win a front door that doesn't open in the bedroom. Plus put signs that this place we thought that was okay this place is fully furnished senior was a problem yet fully furnished I do like that for you say that. We don't wanna deal with go now find a bunch of furniture. Agassi would need a bunch it's not very little Russell Welsh. I'm just telling you I don't know in my throat I I just don't wanna buy your crap it's not like. It's clearer view on how Illinois senator pawn off on me and along. It's like it was mentioned it. I mention no mention I didn't is that hey good ten minutes or a place like maybe some day to. Is about it really go but he still small dream I consumers and small. It's small. The Clinton wasn't a news story we don't have Russian Duma brought. I thought that you what else is there talk about to get away shove it. And let's talk about the clips were about purity coup food on the eclipse. So. What happened. Inning happened. Our traffic was bad somewhere where some some places. Too cloudy people traveled it's these places and too cloudy to see. President trump looked at it without his glasses. Why did you not I'm not sure he looked famers I didn't do but Yost went out without. They're really into it there really dragon what does this headlines say. Dragging. Dragging Donald Trump after he stared directly in the solar clothes dragging myself I mean. People are dragging Donald Trump. Does that mean something I don't know I'm looking at this over and over like to show me so worth its spots look at says. Dragging Donald Trump. Well they're above street. But as they can be used in terms set millennial I don't know I'm not hip to it because on top of that says throwing shade. Yeah I know that means an aside I think I would have done whatever come out of my mouth from a solid rating he's been photographed briefly staring directly to sun during the Clinton aide and reportedly shouted don't look now hold on there's audio of the aid Seinfeld look hold on. Penalties and go to or not. Where is that we can hear all. This news C feeding him. I think this is audio. So radio. Does that. Fascinating. He's finding a blind. The I well I do have aren't you. Want to take your one thing take your your your view mad smoked cigarette and I've got some questions firm. Yes Laszlo email all right good deserve. But once you collect yourself. People emailing questions via. I try to make this life questions not about me like I can help them of their life so we've done a lot of like you know a lot of the questions are I'm Merrill Lynch Asia by it is that are I tried to this time just get one doesn't mind you know what I'm not the best of relationships. I try and send them out and they don't seem to work. I tried to separate the left and none of them remember worked. At a permanent relationship that works. Union. So would you ever think though it manages your fog and ice and just. That's something hard to digest ever nonchalant. I doubt part was easier for me in the part that you've never mustard or maybe I don't maybe they never like to me. Don't you never left a girl from there always last year now. I think you do that maybe they never liked it that's the thing. Or what they do and it's also are foreign buying time until guilty so now they're bored. Trying to concentrate which. And maybe they thought that maybe there's something in him. That I could like news anchor out and there's there's some sort of potential I've gotten blades so many times based on potential alone I need to get to never anything more than potential but then by the time it's too late it's girls love potential no ma'am I'm occurred. But by the innocently. But if you make this is too much works it is for Rafa today and another day goes insofar as he had not I can put the softening longer. I'm leaving. Tony let my best luck when like social workers and elementary school teachers people like that. It is such you don't have tried officially cease something nicer look for you just win mean I could fix them. And then they realize let Iran have to dig to the cancer chairman of the project went ballistic like always you know he's almost there if you just was with the mean I could fix them. A man. And I gladly go there knowing that I can't I'm gonna can be saved. This is gonna end horribly. I'm in for the ride go fluoride. Well anyway I tried do they have not used those questions and that's what we've done a passel of your question so I pulled the relationship questions this time. And decide that all non relationship questions. So. Unity that are a couple minutes. Happy to see her go oh man. Michael I don't mean I've aglow from him. Hash tag gas colossal I think that was that stagnant stock on set this thing up long time ago and those have to separate email I just talked to him. More about his personal life he's went to go to any food or something. But anyway if you have I just. What's going on him fascinating if you have questions for Laszlo you can use the hash tag ask plaza where you can email. But these people that snow currencies from buzz dot com I was seeing these questions grandson alone are a shark to help these people I don't I mean so we removed the less his every take a look over the course of my life has been that'd. Tragically lessons successful life I pulled the don't want you've done up until now I've been like personal advice yeah I've remove those from this on this one has more questions because Nissan and McNamee I was just to make to change things are okay. So all that a lot of people don't give their names aren't gonna give the email address some don't give their names and it's like people now I have no idea how old. This first person as where they're from. They're male or female rhinos at Gmail account. They wanna know Laszlo. What is the most popular thing right now. That they say this often noisier. And Malia clutch all that's lazy one that's why can't believe I mean end. As an easy one the height of the sing gotta love the way and what part of the problem me I'm part of the problem. But I am fascinated how they how this just took off. I feel like there's been eclipses before in my life and I don't ever remember all this poem you know. Some distraction. Is the first want land clips in American society 79. So that's a lot of footage from the 1979 news coverage of it in the Big Ten non North Korea. North Korea's a popular thing yeah and it bothers me. The stories on North Korea launching new action of the ocean like I don't care. I don't believe many of those are really gonna work GO I don't they don't. I don't know I wanna come on man I need to be to kill a feeble South Korea like CIA Graham has a problem right militia but I nine I don't know like other new extra period Seattle I'm like an all on its hands chauvinistic boss soft shot on edge bust up the notion right yeah I don't think. I mean what the hell do why no I love art I don't think it's so I think North Korea hacked Sony Pictures because there are mad about the interview. Yeah that Timmy was so stupidly could create when they go there they show their computers like look we have Google it's literally like a piece of construction favors when roku wanna. You're telling me they've got hackers at hack Sony studios. So they can get the interview that out of those fresh troops Prudhoe proto stores and this is done. Plastic tomatoes that right my fate Nortel got tells police India's someone else did that. This guy says what does Laszlo I think we said what does last a look at on the Internet the most. Respect your most time looking out on the Internet. If you like I know I mean I don't know but I have a guest just from my walk by. And you amendment on including games or whatever. Let's exclude games in because I've missed mostly what I do you don't your I don't know Irish news everybody's at times or Bausley news or. Rather at noon resign now just peruse any sort of news site wise we're gonna say. I guess news's house pose probably first for a lot of people or a news. I do like a lot of porn or else I Felix just a lot of point 2008. Or nine wherever we came back from Seattle porn hub. I go there quite often I feel like you've spent a lot of time you've you've got this it's also a hobby of looking at realistic. And other cities that. I would say at least three times a week when I'm walking out of the studio to go get something nor ever end you've left in the computer sitting there are open it's on. You know. Houses in California and it's it's like a re Max or some sort of a and I do a lot of that also can just do go home Wikipedia links thing. And just keep going down just keep going and going and going until I'm reading about. While on an am still on the midnight sun which Evans and Alaska. And now I've moved on to. Just list of natural phenomenon they never late at night and Saturday. What started this how the hell did I end up exactly but I enjoy it means is really about stuff they have no idea about right. Right this was a little bit longer pay Laszlo. I live about 45 minutes outside of Kansas City in a really small town. There's really nothing to do here so I spend most my time watching TV on 29 years old. But I still like to fantasize. And that my life could be like that people's life and Big Bang theory. I've never seen it parentheses lame I know. I just think it would be cool to have friends hanging out in the same place all the same time and it would obviously be nice to have clearly cocoa resentments and right now I'm numbers and show. Hung out with us what TV show do you wish your life could be like. I don't know man. This could be a movie. I mean more what I wanna do. They keep your leg if I could really like I can live any time volleyed I mean and it could be in Asia mainly to show via The Sopranos would have been pretty eager. Okay. I can get an of that we knock him off trucks and shoot guys in the back that I like that idea. I always sunny I can. All of my crappy bonds Philadelphia that's almost fund run. If we're doing movies too high fidelity or mine owner record store. Yeah I can do that. I think I can with I don't know that much up Big Bang theory there I was I know that it exists I have seen reruns and on television I'm not. I like we're pretty close to high fidelity anyway already. This being the record store and there's been a record store YouTube being McDyess is just all leave. You guys are you all the time you love each other dawn after work and. Kind of a pain in my Aspen of what I do without you our sorrow be called the somebody called Felix is the sign votes now in your thirties everybody somehow managing to pay their rent in new York and their. Not at work that often they spent a lot of time hanging out each other. People just pop in all the time I specifically to be Jerry he's just got people pop and his friends are over there are no. I got my attention often Ernst and I'm just saying forget about the actual show with the idea that maybe got a place in New York. You got three really good friends through four really good friends. They come over all the time you know you go to lunch together you could there you go see movies together I mean how often do you go out with friends really. Ever ever. It's like almost never right in my reference like well I don't I don't through us and that's been over a week ago and that was the first time an oil and joined twice recently and went. A marriage as one inch and who else you don't know. Nobody's. As I know what time of the night through into the party it's our right. Yes that was the first time and. I made then we went back to bam bam sounds. And I made those two different nights in my that's a result. Museums and I I didn't do and there was one night in my hand and and hanging out it was too OK yeah so that's what changed it from me. And then bam bam may have an excuse like oh I'm gonna go. Midnight shopping which usually like all I'm gonna go to my girlfriend so I was like on. Him condoms anymore on the line. Just say you're going your girlfriends you know. What you gotta I mean you win as far as to grab the recycled back this is the best of our memory all lower your going. And then it. CN NI says so I ask because I'm that guy I don't know I don't get a pass like all. So did you go shopping last night that and his I don't or we once I got there I realize I forgot what would you for depth the mean you may Ewing got. Your own grocery bags but somehow what you forgot to try shopper card say that while I'm just say I'm going to my girlfriend's house I have. I can't hang out with the guys anymore. Its past eleven. I'm just say that. It's finding a warning can congratulations. All eyes doesn't happen that often I get rule horn but I know make you minority. Six and Bruins dudes not been able to look at an up or anything. But the idea that you went actually grabbed the bags and put among your arm and you're actually gonna go shopping. You can tell us that might just say I'm gonna go my girlfriend friends girlfriends. You don't have to I mean mind John. Want a big elaborate lie just to say I wanna go to my girlfriend's. A first of all out for every one and it you know on. On his record just going over again. There's two options you readers today. 011 of the options is just don't put your girlfriends we haven't been out together a long time in. I know it's 1045 didn't close the witching hour but. Maybe just hang out a little bit longer or. Just several girlfriends like Douglas is why we don't hang out because I'm not allowed to be around other people. Look for writers and talk to you here's your last question you two before you start. I I don't. Laszlo I've heard you guys do that segment where you play the last song you listened to in your car what's. Leslie Marshall I heard you guys on the bridge for the student email heard you guys do that segment where you played the last song you listened to in your car. Malone can grow seems like you play a lot of sad songs and songs about heartbreak the F. Do you at least have one song that cheers you up. I know snow cone did send in his beyoncé collection when he's feeling alone and slim fast my generator to belt out Michael blue blaze songs in his car as true enemy got out of what that is one moment I'll never forget. Some fast driving up and a Miata convertible. Summers ago listening to Michael grew black about a what about you and you're gonna set anything I was like what is I saw I can't name you know it goes 120 it was from stomach went happening. And why you have me out on why you listen likable blame maybe you'd be happier if you know what I should try I tried some of those things I don't know let me tell us Chelsea arsenal you have. At least one. Song. That you listen to. That makes you feel. Good cheers you up. I can look through my phone if you want. Shouldn't. Arch. An Afghan win and it's called journey anniversary room. Band horse candidates got slash always bridge Lannan Beth ditto. Big daddy Kane. Go big daddy Kane like big daddy Kane that's your. That's your church music now yeah I'll listen to boost that you can't. You don't have one from nominal commander Bob Dylan and I was only there is re brand news Brian Fallon. I hot take on me those songs always cheered me up as well. My comment but I had issues bro we gave way is died should dinosaur junior I'm looking for some funds strongman. Gang Starr I gangsta on here like that. Loved and star. Figured. Check light. I you don't have. Mean you know a good mood. My Bloody Valentine now now. Man. No I mean there's not a lot of Rick Ross solid Rick Ross makes you smile. It based on common. I don't know souls are necessarily. Cheer up songs. Maybe their good Shawn Mayo I Padraig shown to show entitled to change things are good and you know when I know when I'm happy eligible. Search engine wasn't expecting that Chelsea but there you go this one I skipped over I don't really know what it means but we can try it. As I wanna know what he should you consider to be your favorite guilty pleasure. Fish. I don't know if they're torn my music. Just as I wanna know what each of you consider. To be your favorite guilty pleasure which yours is still fishing the man's spinal Richard. Taurus to a music while mission went over she ran my mind regardless is. A crack TVs road but. Above all fish here is your favorite guilty pleasure. Moscow culture club. You love Kosher food. You like that 600 pro life lesson guilty pleasure oh yeah and you do love that show how is that my shuttle guilty about that okay. Have you guys watched I like any sort of. You know. But I do it goes I lifetime movies. Were like you know who Doral. Whatever you know and and she kills you know she's China killed a husband or whatever move I watch those old. Like I can drink whiskey M lamb bad no hotel room and watch lifetime movies all day in particular. I like those I. That counts as a guilty pleasure I don't think my 600 pound life counts is guilty pleasure you have to defense a serious issue of deficits are good show and indeed it's a good documentary series about a serious issue. Passing a lossless Ozzie of them bill other mother I I was doing wrong. And see it don't drove I don't know what I've sat through his Will Ferrell drizzle and stuff you buy that's code. Kids' choice fuel low in Portland weird clocks and stuff to his marriage his toys whoa whoa. Not running a violent weird stuff that kids should Bob that's not guilty seeing her I don't think that that's by singing birds you know about that I don't know about a same bird amazing honor and we did we're gonna Amazon wishlists one. You made fun of I don't know about us I know about. A popcorn machine. And cotton cotton candy mission amount rising about seeing birds do was what's it called might have Polly or whatever my pet Pollyanna alternatives for woken up you. The best of them and we talked about Brad is Amazon wishlists that you have that open and you still have an open. I bought it if you have good enough anymore broke about the candidates deals the old quarter. I am I ended up having to buy several of those for people because people like to so much. I'd order a couple of those that faculty play perfect policy. You don't remember. This whole view to being great to look at and what a wonderful companions but live birds can be a lot of work well now you can share that beauty without the best. Which perfect volley does singing parakeets perfect volley is so life like it's the world's perfect pet. So I ordered that senate back diluted different want to sound was so crap you're won those close to better it was a much but I think he's gonna back and I don't know if that's the guilty pleasure that I guilty pleasures just. Just a dumb. You buy a lot of us. What about you and I slugging down. Over the counter ground up the dozen adult blood. Doesn't run addictions and opiate addiction and that doesn't count the guilty pleasure. My god how I should feel guilty about it and I do get pleasure from our fair enough but I feel like vessels and you don't want image your friends and you guys readily admitted. And pollution on children not okay. So guilty pleasure should be something that you're embarrassed to admit that you now like Lionel Richie like ally you know he's like Sunday morning round Plano on my card info through a red light went. And when those up. Hauls tail it out Halsey quite a bit. I don't know anything miles. Sure. I don't when was that song we would put a song by her America yeah that's right yeah. I don't know much else into the solid chain smokers which was huge. You know we don't play that. We talked about one point I think yeah we felt like that's always reel catch you right super catch them. Op than sugar arts and culture club told you usher yeah. That's embarrassing. I'll tell you guys out but I wouldn't if I'm meeting someone for the first time McCain Allen has missions though we know what kind of music into an uncle sugar. I'll start with that when you're tattoos we got to be friends that's our pleasure I get no pleasure from Mac. But let's choose your own class called regret that's different do you believe they made a tattoo led to the movie of your check till right we've got to take it away. I'm. Devastated right back I called him what's his name Ferdinand Ferdinand. The left and what does he do what's his story. Is he like. He was in the days as a big bets all four cold. For bull fighting and he was in the flowers won the the matter Wanda spoke flowers and so Ferdinand is the bull comparable fire and so I think to his statue represented that heroes for best fighter ever but. In line he also just want soy and films off flowers is back right lover not a fighter that. I thought this had something to affiliates math yeah me two he had the same tattoo yeah. Now let's devastating. You know what also is Smith is if you really wanna. Thanks so those hardest thing about Tim did that add to Tony and then again. He was long gone before that. C'mon man you think is evidently was old enough to detectors. OKC Politico itself on the lead that was a joke. I instead I would never say that I was a choke up on the matter suggests that. Who do you suggest that daily. You tell yourself never I would never do that by Sonny who fired joke about. But that's a coward's way out mr. Yeah. Plus would like you want you around some. I'm like I'm fortunate stuff if you push you onto a decision he knows my lines well Ferdinand. Offered an okay. Just we orchard island. I mean that try to regiment a conference call national Ferdinand available could just should've done this. Yeah. Or thought Bo has been too long record thought you guys do you city. Here in her life heard what four or you defeated tiger Tiger Woods had a rough ten years so. Did you last used then you'd seen the latest now. I think that who will wishing Tiger Woods she knew. Photo ID netstat that I is typed into the Google pushing Tiger Woods and the person that comes up Tiger Woods Katherine McPhee declared legal war over nude photo hacks loose. Yeah I'm going to happen. God is Volcker would be far unfold you know he was dating wants people on the yadda yadda ya all of a sudden flood your gotten itself is. Who's got the new itself peace. I'll let you are hot OK okay I since the last something so they've got nude self ease of tiger. That sort of thing like is he's doing noise I heard him take it out. I don't think selector hot I don't think they're electing this air the one that tactic you know what I mean yeah but want. Right they're just they're the ones hosting. And what they set a million times voters especially but obviously Tiger Woods went through that very very public divorce and we heard a lot about the different text messages and police AME sexy boy Asian are all fast stuffs but still. Just seems like someone in his position. Also anti wingers position why did these guys take pictures of their junk if that's what it is. It doesn't I don't know six. Up like at this point. So Tiger Woods as small children right then I get for not that young anymore. There you've got young is great that our young enough where they don't have memory certainly. Oh what he was on top of the war okay. So here's the question there. It's you who work at eight bit. Your whole life or Home Depot or you were an accountant right. And you got a 25 year old kid that says take popped. Now we go through life. Are you mean Venus. Oh. That this story Tiger Woods has to tell you she. At 25 or Tiger Woods in years of you all things considered. I explained that an awful wait if you follow me the question I'm asking you like have the gamble now. Guns where you won't rappers are selling it it's was he would rather be let us know that not you know I mean I have. I mediocre accomplishments no say no enough. It's hard for someone like me to answer that question because he's still has money. Like that as few amounts of money that kind of money we're never asked to worry about money again so. I feel like that trumps. Those scandals sore right automatically say yes I would be happy to have that be my life story because I made enough money to never have to worry bottom line. Yeah but OK but there's so but it didn't whatnot would you rather have but why. It's about telling you or it without talking to hear it right so like let me let me is that you. Would you rather. Like if you. Would you do you think the story itself as kids. All our or what did you learn about it. It gives them more feelings of cry and while that's also my debt to break it effort something or more feelings of what that health and it. Look what happened here. Because he slept around and took nude self these. Looked around loft like. Up around you know very embarrassing public fashion very fair in Pacman it would seem like a lot of torque problem. It would be IV seen years. On the air. And embarrassment that he's the reason your family is split off. Yeah I guess I just. Maybe S alone totally understand the question would I rather my dad be rich and famous without a candles sir Fred would I rather my dad be. You know blue collar I think what you're asking is would I rather my dad being an honorable. Blue collar worker. You struggle to get away. Got sex addicts who got busted publicly which would what I think I shall be proud of that billionaire sex addict dad I think a good car. I drove pretty blue collar guy and take pictures I was dec. I'm pretty envious of a billion dollars but maybe have a billion dollars like manna what I really was just my dad grass is always greener right. Yeah no I. It is remarkable to me. That is it not only the bad stuff to Latin in the form. But no it's not like there's been all we ever since then you get when the master two more times. Like no good stuff happened and it's been just bad so since Thanksgiving of 2008. I'm sure 2009 in my room wherever that sensitive. Night or just a remarkable. Plus the citizens like usual numbers and Russell. It's their fault we. Where it will that finishers in approach. I'm not quite sure I was Charlie I don't know the other one's name out there all but that. You cannot be sure either there's like a man austerity is alleging here that. Who are. Thousands of kids ruin your life. No I didn't hear that a guy that is that it a shocker to hear from liable if I'm fairly certain in the last eighteen months. What the kids are the only reason why apple hasn't indicated what. Yeah you. I think that's I think that it unfair saying you're too wonderful boards. I love my kids mourning relatives you know that I got Caroline is using those kids did run time slots. The other big news we. Are of course whether or not the sheets are straight out. And I would say I think I'm in the minority here but I would hurt the team needs. Always a serious talk about better just sports guy speculation about who they would try to do more for. I think it's just mostly sports guys speculations. But like TD. Am I know I missed you last week about trading within the division or whatever like the Broncos today. Announced harper Ximian has the job. There are plenty of teams to where Alex Smith but Jacksonville Jaguars set not in the position there are sure we've got a bench what portal. They have all really good roster but they have full or order back in the NFL. Like the jab or could maybe win their position. If they had Alex Smith and I just think we've talked on this I don't think you breed of those types of drastic and not like Alex it's not quite after a halt. The chiefs went twelve on four last year eleven and five the year before. Yeah. But that fight that they decided who you're going to. Hurry up get home because we know Alex Smith is not the guy can do policies. Don't know much is also time all right really you're gonna live. You gotta because Allah chooses probably isn't the answer but you know I mean. I don't know I don't think you Trent I I don't think you. Pat what are they twelve for 115 that's dozens Imus are rebuilding isn't right and I think people quickly forget those Tyler palca oh years right. Know what they're not careful of the Arab couple years because they have more low but we don't really think about. A lot of you got a guy got a total foreign oil fund must love throwing the baby with the bath water. Can we ought to do this series Schottenheimer. No I don't think it's the same thing at all because. What do don't we all sad irony at least ready until he had a bad season it is. I don't know just in let's get rid Alex Smith guys out there have game yet quite but don't we all agreed that a year from now. Patrick what holds the chartered court well we hope so but why what we don't know for certain yet right and the whole point to bring in Maine and learn from Alex Smith didn't. And then you put men and you know. A couple of situations where. Hello I know I love the idea was that panda loans had so much more upside than the other quarterbacks. And they can afford to wait on him where they're gonna get a starter now they would have drafted a different way right. Yeah I mean I don't. I mean that's not how I with it was their favorite quarterback that they took him over Watson. That this is the guy he was the second quarterback picked in the first four bit for bit advocate for motor North Carolina we talked about. All but. I mean I guess. I don't want to achieve this year as it's seen its going don't win or compete for the super ball. I shot. Not a couple busting personally. Navy. Are relying on us and our president's top three outs top three defense in his shot to wind gauge. You don't top three defense in the league and you've got to the past as well star wide receiver and you've got a quarterback who can manage again I mean. I mean bid teams have won Super Bowls or gotten calls of that type of that type of recipe is that what it is corporate quite right I ravens I go asking us right. Trent Dilfer. Jeff George. Why don't appear to recover at except in the post is. All of but I mean for Bill Murray is an example or I don't think this is the 2000 ravens' defense let out the example I don't think it's. 2002 fox defense. But I I think the other question is and this is maybe where we get the curry. And that is the gap between the what small holes will be and what Alex Smith to get I don't know that I think if that grant. I think you. Graded out that the girl and her daughter will hold its car like my holders are making more mistakes but also make more big play. And so that's the case if you are if you are still getting 85 or 90% of the auction. And you'll recouping an asset this year plot to draft pick next year to me that that the move but I would probably consider me. We learn. But didn't win and I know Aaron Murray was a different situation McManus is the same as just listen so much of the same guy who always people call from their nose job two years ago three or four years ago white. And a me are being the voice of reason so slowdown. But at least they again they were losing so at least they know. You're saying get rid of our small for a playoff game always words there opponent didn't work out it's frustrating. I get it but they got to play god they got home goods in the playoffs. Oh okay sure I mean that's her and they drafted a quarterback they've done that. And where I hope. Is it legitimate again in the playoffs Elkhart and gulf of but I just don't think you get rid of a guy is done mutual for more than five delayed any sense to me. OK I don't like to me there I am but I mean did you you doubt what's your god and I don't call us online here I say put a man flew in your section ten last year put a man. Well maybe if you're you know any NATO whatever but. You've made the playoffs you've got a pretty good god damn team nick what are the chiefs gain if they did they train alone or would they be looking for. I thank goodness you earlier after. I think you could recoup a second round pick up players this week. I think I also think my home is more likely to be better next here before you if you're yet I don't know that your team is. You think. Mark Holmes is on the same level as you go ahead and struggle when it like you do if you had a Troy they command or a Peyton Manning just put a man a lot of though he's your guy. But so the thing is that both the police Manning in 48 for example I don't bigger full fare because those teams were. Drafting number one overall. Because they work right. It's quite open for argument could be an argument horrible hole. They may do a good point I'm like you got your point just say it at car. Is we are eleven and find it's okay. OK. If you dropped to nine and seven because you put an end to fasten you miss the playoffs is Zion nine made a mistake. I don't know feels like you could be rebuilding and I'm just saying I don't know a lot of teams are rebuild after after a twelve and for you. I just I don't look at the fees as some lock for the postseason. Like I think the raiders are clearly. The favorite from the division. That Carter will be buying the story I felt block further gonna have a good defense like. So achieved anything from 79 to 115 will be surprised it's I know that's not what they. Well because of that. I don't find role on this site with the court I really don't. And blind to see and I like the idea at all. Because you gave up so I want to move up in the draft he hit more home. Is that Alex Smith is more valuable now open he would be yet you don't really treat guys right he's been you know open would be. After that Pete and as you can recoup some of that draft cap. Right that's just the way that that's the way I'm looking at a media ball like maybe it's crazy and they beyond just true wolf. All they've got to bias but what I thought that press got you last year. Oh we've seen we follow lawful Wilson come in as a rookie. And make the playoffs we saw Robert Byrd and coming as a rookie make the well we saw with Jack Burke are coming as a rookie and may well. Like it's not that shocking the papal guides are from the day one the and there are good because they could seem to around. Yeah so do you think the chiefs you you are you implying that that she's had those winning seasons almost in spite of Alex Smith yeah. We are not important thing. And you don't think there's anything to the fact that I mean look I'm has gone off and every time I watch a game which is every week. You hear whoever's on the game talk about Alex Smith you know you may not be exciting to watch what he's this great game manager he never turns the ball over. Those are things you can't Dana sign you want to take that for granted. You know when he gets a mother starts throwing interceptions and getting sacked and. Look. Feel like Burton you can look I feel like flash through what went from there out it didn't turn the ball I I concede the point that he rookie. Quarterbacks certainly the home we'll have a higher separate will make warmest day. They now live I also think she's more likely to take chances and make being quite. And I do look at this game as a team that is not going to have. Sought to show you well he's been set that I is hey you just don't make a mistake and it took sixteen point there will win. I don't think that what what what defense they have I think you're gonna need to get to twenty. Although there's a better sense if you reported. Well certainly be exciting. I'll give you that you would be exciting to have a rookie quarterbacks starting. They want. Yeah don't front him plan and a win this sends a win and I agree they love you but doesn't lunacy. And why on that note nick were a lot of time with our market while holding this back up tomorrow. Our butts in a.