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Monday, September 10th

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Serena upset at judge
Dallas cop who shot man in wrong apartment charged
48:46 - Another update on the GoFundMe couple
1:05:13 - Ride sharing and a missd opporunity
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Notes Laszlo specialists and to the church was a podcast if you could do me a favor I'd appreciated just subscriber rates and leave a review for us hopefully a good one look at helps small hole was a longer thing and keeps us employed and feel like it's the least I can ask you to do without asking you to do any sort of no money and -- as you'd actually get up and walk around or any thing no manual labor are mentioned do is subscribe rate Italy review but thanks enjoy the show. The righteous man it's on all sides. Selfish. And cheering yeah momentum. Values dark. Will strike zone up on the okay I know. Low. Yeah. Gloria good men are is a great fantastic you look good thanks who's well known problem. No problem sun is shining. Too beautiful day out we're here together menu. Alone and colonial times. It's actually. Did you just say there's really no. Now. So I assuming he's probably listening to us right now as far as I only know two guys. She's sleeping. You can be babysitting. Illogical babysitting when notes from parents energy that's what this news and other terms weren't parenting. Would you this weekend. Washington and there yeah really exciting stuff on the did you luck out my house Truman went to a brunch and some friends so I am alive and who knows Latin managers and it's. Took everything I had but I do is enjoy it was a good time. Any time again I'll usually Vonage is getting at is the process of leaving and that's the problem. I don't mind. Playing the claim can even sounds nice. Depending on how much Ryan how far advanced that area once he gets close. That's nice. Try to figure out a great position. But don't you know it's always enjoy exactly yes and we're kidding emergency and you always like you once you get there yet so I don't nominate him. We'll tell sizes small mom right now boys are assessing quality Dick jokes today. Let's talk about the chief's first okay. Fighting game. Pretty good now defense isn't great but they're young and to learn. I saw just three wood and look at I was not there are gonna look good night I don't know I thought so emerged over 400 yards on them. That's true yes and done. After the game Guerrero primary all of them right and I were these people say is of anyone wants a tax means they simply don't have a response right. But I did you point out that they're young and give them. Few games had a season they can be a lot better in Canada like what you're saying is that but a lot of you predicted didn't do more servers you just completely dismantle itself. It wasn't bad but how about this. The game starts off with I mean and charged up the ball first but it the first time the chiefs touched the ball for the season it's time re yeah. And he runs it all the way back. Pretty exciting you automatically Sergio. Only mean good this year. Dangerous highly yeah. Yeah let's replying. So I'm Marty seen as a lot of people yesterday obviously Kansas City so anybody was talking about was my homes necessary kill. But a lot of people talk about the nationally this headline from Bleacher Report says pat moms Tyreke killer take note of the NFL's next superstars and they took me. I immediately started thinking and oh my gosh. This guy he's going to be our quarter this check your quarterback for the next 1015 years what is. What if the chiefs drafted a quarterback than any chaos and NEC and they they have a plan they say you're gonna start. Game one this season. And they turns out to be awesome I've never seen that. Never seen around your receipt in Detroit energy guys draft their return on its that's belongs. I don't mean to bring up. Your games tonight so you know you got drafted a quarterback. OK gentlemen easily was the highest paid player in the NFL for awhile under the gun he's pretty good yeah she's a swim. I'm sure he's got a I wasn't trying to be negative I was just thinking you know she's been. We haven't seen the chiefs started quarterback could be drafted in my lifetime I don't remember it. Right now so I haven't seen it chiefs team plays like this who plans on playing like this. You don't need it as it she's been growing up it was always. A Priest Holmes or Chris Cooley whoever was it was run the ball you know up the middle. And just keep getting their short term gains and had a big. Enersys romo's 500 yards my apologies I don't know it was lunch and a lot. But it wasn't as bad as people had predicted confidence. End. The chiefs won I agree with people who see and you can't just. Say well located defense isn't good all the authors have seduce score more points that probably won't always work. But learn it's a strategy behind yeah. A lot of dribbled into some success. There's a lot of crazy if you're NFL fan a lot of crazy stuff yesterday to support grounds. I mean I watched most of the villains but they didn't lose but I you know people are saying. The browns ended their losing streak by not winning which is the most Brown's thing that happened. When I saw that they came and gone and over time to collect data and trying to watch you know the other person wants it looks of it. And then. It's time they're. Things that. We're so worried about people getting hurt keep playing. Another corner yeah. Or do five minutes at a time I don't know. Give them given the ball the fifty years something endearing and have to kick off keep your special teams up the fields there's got to be something they wouldn't be is that we would get this to be did like out. Field goal kick off challenge right they don't want that I get it but couldn't she do some skills challenge in a time. Lunchtime and giving the ball at this morning went to college yeah. Why can't they do that they could. We did the tie things start. How long Xena sold had. A limit on overtimes it always is going there. I just don't remember games ever tying it's very often but if you haven't seen that in the last two years there's been in police ago a game this season or something. And then last night. If you're watching the game last night on the loud the bears in nineteen. They might be okay in every decent they're beat. And I text him as an additional drilling done damage. Why did they get code a Mac now. Now we're gonna lose to them twice we got to play the Packers twice we're going to be a Nate just because that we should have gotten him. The bears are so good the bears are like just text messages coming in and then slowly. Oh well they're not. They'll be okay. There will be OK now I texted Dini parkas anyways in Chicago his embarrassment today that will Max those are pretty good there everything was looking good. Aaron Rodgers went out with an injury to. But Vinny comes back and it says if this is what what he does what he's gonna be remembered for his prime time games. Big giant place. Huge throws I saw that stat the other day and they showed a while is playing when they were down. And they sent out a home. He went six and six to start his career right. And then from then and is now fifteen in each. It's eight PH. On Lilly's all those games and they loser. When he's out with injury. 15815. Home yeah I'm glad insane and insane and that's like a dominant. That's like in Ohio State record doesn't dominate college football record. Is the best ever. Are you it was up there are great yeah he's he's sold DM likable. Don't know how I mean unless you got to claim this week I don't know how you'd. You hate the guy. Just watch his interviews after the game and stuff thing. East just seems. Like a nice guy. Sing. I feel bad for Chris towns weren't. Did did you guys watch the game. Yeah I watched much film that for -- or Thailand so when Aaron Rodgers got hurt they brought in high desert horizon. And he came -- and say look I know we're not supposed to rules for people -- follow the you know in this quarterback you know and he he roomed with both my boys at one point or another at Notre Dame. And you know he stayed in my house that time I know I'm not supposed to root for people because that's not professional investors. Kind of hard for me not to be rooting for the amount of time mean ended descends from meaning not to be rooting for the threw an interception the other guy Ben retouched it. I don't know I don't know. Sorry man like I actually really go back more on. That experience yeah right right after he's done talking about you know life. Hard not for me to root for at least a great game he spent a ton of time in our house on Justin's fan and I know I think you can really be god dammit interception that sentence. When he gave me sorry man I agree with everything you send up into the play resubmitted to be a good quarterback and I know. How many bags quarterbacks see in you can't help but think about Catherine it means people are talking about to write you looked up some of these games you turning like. Do we who is this in the look it up entities. He still claim they brought him back and I understand I did watch Alex Smith. Yesterday and you look exactly like Alex Smith yeah but they were excited. And we were talking about it extremists are talking or four of us for talking with nick right over direct message about. Alex Smith in chorus and it was saying how much better homes that is. Which I'm not trying to argue but. I just say it's weird I was kind of rooting for Alex Smith I don't remember a time that I've ever really rooted for former. Chiefs player when they left Lincoln I was happy for Neil Smith when he won the Super Bowls but yes it's playing for the Broncos lose. But I'm just trying to really proud Smith is Porsche and it was Lucio excited. Redskins fans were way how we do. Yeah Tony Gonzales humans in Atlanta and he likes to mix anyway. I will root for Peterson singer. I mean you know. It's different with the quarterback at good. That's not even even. With all that happening it was a great I feel like it was a great opening day. I think the biggest sports story is this Serena story right and try and some bigger than a sports story it's it's a big news story. I didn't watch it I sought after I saw people talking about it a sort of rushing the clips. So old I don't watch tennis I didn't know. If she had a right to be angry or not I didn't know if he's. Fouls penalties whatever word normal but she seemed upset she also seemed upset that she felt like. Is at the line judge was. Accusing her jeans guys should tiger's cheating on how does that Jeanne we know I didn't coach. So that. That was it she can hear them talking about she was dating coach so that's why I think you're not allowed a new coach and got. She was upset she says she never cheats and she yelled and then Yeltsin morn she threw her rack it and I'm native. You know. Mineralization is seen. Her behavior. Cause a lot of people to talk. And a lot of people were upset. That Sheen lost which is another part of the story entirely. And achieve the penalty for that. It goes on. There was there was more but she has a losing. To Naomi Osaka and Naomi Osaka we have talked about her last Friday as a lot of people saw this video. They were interviewing her seem what do you wanna say it is Serena why do dancing look you can see idolize arrived yet. She's also apparently incredibly good test fire there's ready and she won them but as there. Announcing her victory in you know giving her her. Shopper reward lover the crowd is doing because they want Serena went right so this cookie she's crying. She's got her and her visor covering her face is that people can't. See that she's crying resent us they set I assumed it looked like that that's what she was doing I haven't talked to her but look I guess when she was doing. A visually. Serena. Did ask the crowd to stop booming. If you wanted tonight. How do you put into perspective. What this much contained. Night and I don't want in Iraq I don't want to question that is what I. And we can't. I think I let. That's pretty awesome. So a lot of people were tweeting me on his name out floating her name on already trying sure remind people hey this is a big deal Naomi Osaka is the person who won. Right because all the headlines saying. It's kind of ashamed at the 2018 US open is going to be remembered not for her amazing victory. For. Serena. The only name. Getting penalized in. People talk about whether or not she should have been yelling. And meet givers Brzezinski does she she got in trouble for what she said about it on morning Joseph you know. We gotta be careful with this well just say elders really relevant played audio what she said part of bush says I can tell you why people are sound. Personally. I don't think that's becoming weatherman does federal woman does it and apparently it's against the rules and she threw it so it happened. And then for me. The biggest thing especially given as a sort of the conversations I have with women about knowing their value in communicating effectively one of the big know your value roles says. Don't take it personally. And the entire thing that played on the court was extremely personal. It was about Serena. It was about being apologized to when it became it just completely blew out of control and quite frankly impacted her tennis. Okay okay so keep in mind that some people thought that the judge was unfair some people learned. Bringing race into it it's guys a lot of different opinions. Here's one of the tweets that like TC ozone every story about amicus. Statement. Yikes bad take from at a morning meeting this morning on Serena Williams saint she took the sexism quote to personally. Sounds patronizing and also seems like an awfully. Privileged place to come from where public career altering racism slash sexism. Shouldn't be taking. There shouldn't be taken personally. Passionate morning Joseph so that's the thing bit. People kept saying was shouldn't say don't take it personally you should take it personally I think. The sexes this practice be careful. Right it uneasiness sex because judges. Amanda she's playing another woman. I think the back nine yeah. Bob male tennis stars have done this before and not men come alliance say yes and that was addressed as well. Just feel like that's it. Since he argued that Williams conduct took away from the winners amazing performance adding a Serena was incapable of not taking this fall personally. Seems like a lot amend Jim Johnson Johnson are worse yeah. James blight so then I'll admit I said worsen not gotten penalized. I'm also being given a soft warning many when they tell you and I can offer all afternoon your violation and he should release given her lack. Courtesy. Yeah any products and I regret the police and worse and I'm never gonna game penalty. Soon. So someone else treated at me and sent it in other words. Woman a black woman I know your place right. There's a bunch of white people who pretend they admire black athletes would jump at every opportunity to criticize it. Look at this and in an odd way I look at and into in the and sports sailing. And I don't know read all of life transcends just once about Ryan Church does there's nothing that's sports it's just sports right. Tom. Mug when I look at it from a sports fan. Type of way. I think. A big thing Ilene woods here is a referee and umpire whatever. Bush at the end of the game. Should never be the story of the day. And so I think the penalty goes to this guy. Just does a sports fan do you may be game about you let's not about you. That's about the two women at two athletes. That are out there on the court on the field whatever. Doing what they do best. And your job is to oversee that overseeing with a bit of dignity. And then make sure that you don't become a story you should never become a story. And the fact that he became the story is troublesome. Actually purely. Sports fan. But what why are you sure yeah. She sandy shouldn't penalize her for a like fast specifically exactly welcome. Beat Dallas police officers that we talked about on Friday. Was boot. She finished her shifts she comes on the tour apartment complex. Isn't going in the wrong apartment Korea and shooting and minutes they're like me who libertarians. It's on there were very few details they had not really straight Diddy when we talked about it. Police were talking about it and talking to address the same we don't know if they exchanged words we don't know. There is citing we don't know the details. Now we're getting more details. She is facing manslaughter. And he didn't island. I guess. She will be charged with manslaughter and the updated version of the story now than some some places are reporting is that she comes some. Wrong floor knows the wrong apartment uncertainty in the door the keys and work so she's jiggling the keys right. This victim is. How is he yours someone trying to get and so he comes and opens the door and she shoots him in the chest that's what some other reports saying that I don't. That's our official time line now or not but what people are upset about is the fact that it took them so long to harass her. According to the LA times chains officer amber Geiger. It's 34 year veteran and she was arrested late Sunday in connection with the shooting and booked and then freed on 300000 dollar bill. The Texas Rangers announced the arrest Sunday night but declined to provide further details. The arrest followed outcry from family and friends of the victims. Because it took them so long to arrest. They're saying we have done this if a black guy had done this sore and if anyone wasn't caught. Probably did this you wouldn't wait. To. Are restless right police chief grenade also during the week and at the Texas Rangers. Asked police not to charge. Geiger until they investigated further Dallas mayor Mike Rawlings because it treats thinking investigators in residence for being close. Respectful of the investigative powers hurts our investigative process. Over the past few days and now. This victim is yeah. Stanley has hired lawyers the lawyers are already. Out there talking they want and no one obviously why he was shot and killed. And into why it took so long for this officer to recharge say your personal lawyers here in the also I think the first Clinton is. One of the team police officers talking about what happened. She was still in uniform. When she encountered. Mr. Jean Indian car at some point she fired her weapon. Striking victim. You I would be arrested that we woods who won't applaud mayor. Ever blow a hole that a person is just kill and they got to make certain we're sure they're Texans know separate. Standard regulation police officers committed these type of grabs. I read this the victim was a youth minister he's 26 innings Boston. Sham of a gene. I natives. And the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia Scion of a prominent politically connected family. Sounds so they have. Some money. Sure good representation. Saw the name of one of the lawyers this and his players' names and room. If that story is true. And I don't know if that account is truly haven't given Lincoln official this is what happens she goes in the apartment when people are sane it was. The doors are now like she went inside and and she's just going to we talked about that last week if you walked into the one thing to get up feel they're on the wrong floor and all the apartments are insane you know they look the same. Once you go inside. Hey you recognize oops I'm in the wrong apartment so it does make more sense at least. If that other version is true if she put her keys in the tour and he came in answered the door it's like who's. Trying to get in my apartment besides he's somebody else that she tried to shoot thirteen door that was already in the door wasn't locked. Envelopes she put and she thought Turkey's war. Alone. So it's online she thinks she's unlocked it in the engine then she opens doors or maybe he didn't want them to lose she's she's a figure in the kitchen. Do you see there. And I guess we don't know what happened but yeah. You went into the wrong. They were young and I was little dinner record this. Yeah first graders is just last year she shot and wounded a man. Plus she was on duty after he wrestled her taser weighs and her during a struggle she doesn't charge it's. And there was some video footage I sauce. Someone had video love smoother. Victim being wheeled out by Yunus. And at every scene. Before her arrest yesterday. She's famous attorney sanitation providing prosecutors with. New evidence including this witness. And video footage. Dana declined to share any of that public. Their statement today says the family is relieved that the officer who senses until gene will now face is it Sean. It if you Curtis how stunning is it sounds like Wyclef Sean. It is tough decision on who killed John will now face criminal charges for her reckless act. That many questions remain unanswered. Like people ending July releases some of the most arbitrary ways in America serve. Lawyer Benjamin strong. Like sending children driving while black. In their automobiles walking all black in their neighborhoods and now living on black in their own apartment each time it is more shocking than before. This time was not only a shock over the Sean Stanley. But one that continues to astonish most sensible Americans. And it's longer. And slaughter. What do you think. I was not premeditated but if they believe you know the jury believe do you see your not a top. You were sober. You go home to your apartment Condo and every get off on the wrong floor and you go into the Ronald army BC someone in there and for some reason you've got a gun concealed carry something. Clothing and shoe terrorism what do you expect those charges would be. You can here's the thing right it's like when anything else and a if you're on. District attorney prosecuting attorney whatever it is. She may have a decent argument to say it was an accident. Right right there wasn't premeditated right she may have a happy scenario what do we know that nine I think if you're the prosecutor you're like okay. She's got a huge argument I got it she needs to be punished and if I try to go for murder maybe we don't get done. But I'm positive we can get manslaughter. Ride yeah but she's guilty of that let's just do that because if you go you can't reducing. And you can't be tried twice so I think that's probably why they go for manslaughter and suddenly just be Jews. Whether we believe or not. Doesn't matter. She can make a decent case for. I read her statement. Look she told police she said she drove to target to force Morley parked on the fourth floor. She lives in the apartment directly underneath him on the third floor she shoot car on the fourth floor. Went over to that apartment yeah turkeys and door unlocked. Saw those solo Latin. Pull out her gun. I was a burglar who gave some demands personal lesson and shot and ties or call 911 at 901 ask her she was. A number. She called 911 former cell phone requesting an ambulance and police to be location. Yeah. There should turn on the interior lights well on the phone upon being asked her she was located by emergency dispatchers. She went in my front door to do observed adverse and his government shoes and around par. I think the lights are out she in seeing I don't know. I had imagined Sunnis. I don't know well here's definition manslaughter conviction in law. Manslaughter in the unlawful killing of another person without premeditation or so called malysz of Ford's on an evil intent. Try and evil intent prior to the killing. It is distinguished for murder which brings greater penalties my lack of any prior intention to kill anyone or create a deadly situation there's two levels of manslaughter voluntary and involuntary. Voluntary manslaughter includes killing in heat of passion long committing a felony. Involuntary manslaughter Kurz and at that death is caused by a violation of non felonies such reckless driving her. You can this murders. And on every minute and in doing resulting in the from Nestle which death yeah. A distinct possibility. So would you have to pay eight genus and they know that Jimmy sounds like you rob a bank you weren't planning on killing anyone someone there's a Scotland you kill someone. And the next second degree. Line yeah run yet -- fighting it began at the bottom of his movies the bottom breaks and I didn't break kids that is gold breaks and they say hey. You learned that yeah I didn't mean to murder him blow your Achilles trying to herd and yeah but. It's her story holds up they look into two. Accident children learn through the first yeah no premeditation. If they can confirm that it was an accident and they've depressed is looked into to see if they had any connection. Yeah officer and that's the most going around saying his picture and together and they gave you. That's not real within reason it's not a real it's not perfect. I think what the stimulus about from what I read was it took them so long. Meaningless. Charger. Endangering us. And sure. I don't let it when we're wide. How dart tournament I mean I. That's a lot of questions like the story doesn't all add up to me you should be little sign her apartment right I mean I got Sunnis want in a smells different looks different than. Furniture isn't completely I think I would now like NN how dark. What do I have to be. For me to not notice that that's not my couch there's not set up an exact same spotlight right. No time at all right needs it's easy sleeping and then I'll Lawrence played out walk in the you always right there maybe you're in the hallway and you don't don't even if they don't you have like a coat hangers and then they just can't imagine you could you imagine walking into. I'll tell you know if you turn off all lights. All these offices are listening to him if I wanted to someone else moms I know right away as someone else office down right however. The dash could be a legitimate position just you know and imprint of a number of chairs right. There's just different stuff and when and that's pitchman since it's pitch black. I can't see anything but I mean that's not a vacation in the real world there's some light in the real world that is issued a walk or are yeah. The thing. That's why I can't I can't. Tell us something but was as accountant apparently came from her statement yeah I earlier they weren't giving her credit for and and they made it sound like he came to settle guys. Who had just ended her chef to vote was still in her Dallas police uniform are arrived at the apartment complex and park your vehicle. On the fourth floor of the parking garage when should correspond to Florida resident lives on the Geiger entered the building and walked down the fourth floor hallway to what she follows her apartment she inserted a unique and door keep. When an electronic chip to elude dork keyhole. And door which was slightly ajar prior to arrival slowly opened under the force. Of the key insertion. Upon door being open Geiger observed at the apartment interior was nearly completely dark additionally the door being opened alerted. Gentlemen and gunshots and Irish president's. Believing shinning talent emerge learn which was described as a large so wide across a ruin her apartment. She drew her firearm gave verbal commands that were ignored by. Like UConn to plan. Com dye your fired her handgun Q John striking thing. Him one time in the torso dire than in the apartment immediately called mono monologue requested police and EMS and provided first aid to. Sean you truly injured star initially empowerment. Geiger turned on the interior light each well must own mind on one upon being asked where she was located. By emergency dispatchers dire return. So in order observing Anderson discovered shoes on the wrong empire. User numbers 1478. She's called my old ones from her cell phone requesting an ambulance police soon. Runs on occasion. Complain was transported to the Baylor hospital where he died as a result of the injury. Chairman and Siemens form of course Kronos serves. I don't know greater than she thought she was in her apartment when she shot. Tiger believes shoes and our environment and confronted by burglar when she's learned her handgun striking changed. There ago. I had someone give me directions and their. Placement time macondo. I had the address and put in the GPS they get down there and I can't see that there's like a front door anywhere this has like here you're at these apartments. So I finally find the door and like I said an active dressing can see it right there middle of the day. I opened this door and walked in and I walked right into the living room. Where to deuce probably in their mid to late twenties were laying on couches. Playing video games. And they just looked up at me like best I went oh sorry I said I'm trying to get to such as departments like yeah. A city tour next citizen that there was little camera down. Couldn't finish a lot worse then walked into someone's apartment they get a Little League game and they usually it is and they need. Within their rights. Barack Obama got kicked out of the mess. It doesn't. Actually no I just wish it should be mentioned in the store. Nobody said this guy had a gun. Nobody said does dot com percent what he said well why wouldn't. I I it's not a gun she was yelling Emma says he ignored her and why wouldn't. I don't get my issue why is it why Schubert also why isn't she saying what he said I think about and and I just as a human being. Sometimes it just doesn't make any sense if I'm them apartment right it's late nights and a bad and all the lights are on Friday. And I get up to go to the kitchen or whatever but also and I here's something in my door and then I hear. On and on some sword and somebody screaming get on the floor get on the floor. I'm sure downpours are what are you talking about. What are you doing dot in my house at that poorly. There should be a moment of pause like well what's going on right before we just a load. Two shots right. One mile torso one of the just like long. Well you came in your house or someone in there I'd get you to get your house when you start saying down on the ground there should be a moment of and vs has got to. What do you do you can take what you want whatever they're saying right right. At apple don't you like OK what's going on here right does that person isn't say like I got a gun to bitch right I got. Not really slow right they're not saying that he doesn't end that day and he grabbed a gun and pointed out heard. Is it even have you guys you know we had a cell phones and myself and grow lawlessness and any of that and I feel like there's more to love story like what did he sent. We talk about all the time. Watching cops in the ninety's. When I was a kid C knows reruns from the east in and and ninety's you would see these guys. Yelling at the cops are running from the costing you see these cops running chastened and throw them on the ground. But during the back of their neck and they now hold still dammit I know there were cameras on them but in my mind I imagine that's how it works. If you try if you don't comply vision they can come over trying to overpowering. And only time I thought people not their gun and shot was when you appointing a weapon at them and they had to believe that you appoint a deadly weapon at them and they need shooting which he runs into me you're gonna run them over with your car. Now all these two. I know it's. It's not most costly that the video of the guy running in a way to be delivered Larry do you line that did that. Giant was it a guy in Lawrence who got pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt the opposite she thought she told a taser but she pulled a gun right. I guess that's a police she thought she was in the trees have been deployed this. Why. TDs all to physically overpowered the person unless. They have a weapon of some sort right which implies your life is in danger even but even all all of that aside the. To me like let's just take this case. And think what are the stocks and one of the things don't happen here. She goes and an apartment guys in there she pulls her dogs and apple doesn't she say Dallas Police Department like she. She's in uniform and identify yourself and about pulling the guys not. I'm sure he's not like I'll take what I want isn't so. I was right right so I'm sure Don please raise this isn't right like. You tell me lady what did he do because you're not telling me but what I'm telling you I don't believe he dead. Was a lot of unemployed and you I don't nobody said that. It's like you're saying should be the only reason exactly I think my mind that aren't used to being if you asked me not so long ago. When is it okay for a police officer he's deadly foresee when they. When the purpose. As a gun or some pretty deadly weapon the officer believes they're like mommy and they're viral when he takes on a certain times after the senate seemed a little Tom alluded to me to. I just a sudden she went and checked the address. I think what they're saying in the end in her statement is fact. After she shot him she turned on the lights bright and realize shoes on the wrong place they said where are you because she had given no ma'am. Her address. And ensures like Osama mentioned anywhere else lied and said oh my god in the once you drill like she realizes is that my furniture loses I stop one downside. And realized she was on the floor. Above hers a woman she wasn't wasn't parents and that's why she went out and challenge. Did like send you over the weekend at the Cincinnati police responding to a cheering at the bank raised Mindanao those cops. And again this is it's good to remind people day hero cops are bad asses Sierra times and heroic and watching that I became footage. Running towards the shots who knows how many lives they saved mine that was awesome awesome I also saw a cop in California who he responded to an emergency call this homeless pregnant woman. And he is now adopted. Her newborn daughter and he just brilliant a doctor Oz media like last it's good news and right there. I had aunts I don't either but I but I do have a problem with. It's Friday and I know this and I'm not have any best friends are cops turning them. I assume that most of the police officers that we talked to whether it's through the radio station so when you run into a gas station whatever. I assume that any time they hear stories like this ago. One dash L Denon. CNET thank you well. We're allowed to write down attacks on his nose and probably learned. Actually yes he would've had the absolute right to pull a gun in this country in his apartment of somebody came in when. All I'm saying is no reason that he's done that's why she's shooting right now at least I would feel a little bit more are OK would just story. Not that it was never his fault when she came and pulled a gun and then all of sudden packed packed he took two shots at her. Thinking she was an intruder and as she shot I really don't get is a horrific. Mistake. I can't lose happened she still needed punishment Lisa makes sense yet I feel like she's got the girl says Dallas Police Department. The floor I had this guy hasn't done anything back. Right right like there's no report that he's been like he's even let you guys going to lose my house wouldn't like. I can just imagine sitting there either asleep that's right here stands I'm gradually any soda the fact that he didn't bleed Ginobili look why are we sure you. Can you imagine him sitting there watching TV you're laying there asleep she comes and says she sees someone and says whatever she says Dallas with Trevor. Andy says don't authorities he stands up and says what's what's going on I mean wouldn't that be your national. Reaction instincts. It's you're not expecting it so much that comes in your house and didn't cheat down the door they just come inside and also there's so many your house it's dark apparently spirit and is in police are you going to knocked. Mean what's to stop all of them. I'm rob her from coming in your house and saying police on the Florida. You don't grab your guns that you don't defend yourself right. I would think my isn't the greatest and a lot OK okay. And I wonder what the castle walls are if I'm a uniformed officer comes in your house about a war let's say just like this by mistake and you shoot them. And kill them. Are you well within your right seasons person came in your house and on the we see doesn't matter that they don't know this I just wanted to Hewitt when they say well you show you here sorry zoom yeah. That no more either. I'm sure Florida. Here's a picture of the officers stopped at that big. It's awesome. Let's say other pictures. And face transplant patient early survivor who on tradition consults turning themselves shot in the face. I'll bombing actually got a dizzy and intrigue has served. Magic you know we came down may have a bunch of friends after the concert. You could still got to hang out in the park and so we went and took a bird gondolas. And I'm ashamed to say this so closures young people but. A few of us were smoking. It's this liver cigarettes people. Terrible time ever work coming end. There are these two very large. Disneyland police officers. I was booted from the magic kingdom. Number about it was at the end. They said. You're gonna actually surf from Britain got the rules the magic kingdom but you are welcome to come back anytime. The eyes of the time so wasn't recently obviously it's he was speaking at Anaheim over the weekend. More of us. Rallying the Democrats not turning them to vote. You notice how people applauded when he says I was smoking d'antoni says it was cigarettes do so in his mind he's thinking. They're applauding for week. Brock I don't think they are I think they just like the fact they are not perfect I think people like to hear. It's process. And down a lot of daddy does both but I think the I could imagine people applauding just. And when Dave Chappelle was on inside the actor's studio pulled out his cigarette run there this crowd just started dawning. What kind of a concert you go to Disneyland in college. You know who would have been playing. You know a lot of the do there. Is it like Rosa finally did anybody go in there. And then once you going to see that concert. Is he sitting Israeli Conley doesn't it to ride the rides and eventually. That's the news I ended with the scary because. It's fun. So something like heart center of the Dallas thing. There is an update on the ends on. A couple who'd stolen money from us that we talk about that finally I got ten wins this week yeah. You got Simon come yeah it got seven snow cone on AC leisurely what size. So it'll be aware lemon and I don't know. Eleven and half did you post a picture that sandal. Yeah. We can out of Blacksburg and Pittsburgh and we all picked Pittsburgh Soledad I don't know and it doesn't matter youngsters. Insulin say crackling and got two games tonight so there's a immigrants and we takes those already right there directing I didn't lines judges and so. It doesn't matter what happens the lions are religious. She all along the Pentagon is not so much now on have to do from here on out and other matters that every team that you print radio. Because I love my three you know where I was allowed to go after nearly wearing sandals on and sometimes you have to go first. So they'll be times are you can't every time I just picture you did. Well now look it could end up being snow cone and it does worse than they could buy and I'm John and for you know his. Sandals and you wanted to Wear so that I need to look to sue accusing Iran. Ultimately surely did nick is gonna call accident you miss six holes. Oh yeah saints. Valentine is so close. The cowboys. It's titans we have the titans lost in the dolphins right there. And who else other Seahawks still don't know I don't know to me once I got right that you didn't Hainan. The Bengals looked polish. I can dolphins over the titans sure. Independent analyst and uptrend countless. Well it certainly guys structure of its early. And help total pilots to occasionally accurate or sometime. Who keep your eye on them are gonna really do stuff I think. Well I'd masks and stuff. Maybe. There interest into wash yeah. The seems to be abuzz people like him surrounding their kids they like him. V. What that marshmallow Fella. Can Zelaya camp. He's he wears the north of Barcelona now you know. I let him ask wants where was that was added that was an or special Christmas show and owns the Bruins. Well I assume he just forgot it. What airlines as well I'm just gonna thumbs gonna Texas and Amanda if you still haven't. You worth a lot of money. Well you can just show up places where I should've kept that it is where they're very well play pretty good knock off yes I could've bought in a car like people would have is that. Data and our Sean does that a large they would just say that look marshmallows here yeah Marshall is that marshmallows that well or if I think in a dead mouse is that marshmallow but yeah I'd be get bottles surveys and grows might think I'm cute because it's underneath you it's your plaid shirt and very well. Strange I put on a teacher I'd look up pictures of Marshall managed to anywhere has just put that hat on I'm sure I can find a teacher that has secured hotel Bob powerline on sale what about a you do role in the red lobster I'm sure I did the previous can't I don't want to yeah during the captain Blatter. That probably announce a marshmallow. Do you know who I am usually do you know who I am I don't know he talks like that enough bloodbath took the V. Couple who raise the money for the homeless guy. Which we wouldn't want to talk Iran Gisele tells me I don't know it happened so called erase a 400000 dollars OK I want to go to guy image phenomena is I don't know judge says he got an over the Miami say it will have that there is no money we spend remember they were on. Megyn Kelly marshmallow and you're right. Plus we've been following marshmallows on the country's. I mean my days before their lawyer came back and said in an account as the institute or maybe not in this we have not spend a dollar and. I didn't tell my hundred dollars had he spend one dollar of that 400000 on your selves not. No not ourselves here representing that regular I out they're never going to be any proved that you didn't that you get. Now now now you're presenting it right why go on making tally by the way days before they did know that it was. That they were days before the judge saying you gotta hand over the money but they had to know. There's no money left and I think in on TV sink how about a 100000 dollars I mean now homeless guy is bad it's his money but there's still some money in there. Well there are under investigation and we we are you talked of the fact the gulf on me said we're good for you got backed off on the guaranteed so. Better and we'll get as much to do that every time do they don't know I'm outside. This ago farm again today. But it looks like they're gonna he's a solid rock solid right I mean don't you worry about it. Looks like they're going to be indicted. And so they see she's sort of go farther from their legal defense team I thought that would be. The greater say yeah there's possibly do producers are house recently searched their house last week we knew that fit they taken pictures of investigators leading with their BMW on a trailer right to that. Well now it's starting to sound like he may have paid for that BMW with the go funny money they also may have. Tickets on vacation took a tour of the green canyon went helicopter and all that stuff using this money. Luck I understand it was the wrong thing to do well but I'm just saying I'm just saying I don't know exactly how they aren't I read their ages some are things like an early twenties early thirties but. You got 400 greens sit Nair. Now is almost tiny all of it I'm just saying. You could take and so that probably gotten away with it if you don't spend like you could probably spent a 100000 dollars on vacations in cars and whenever. And I bet you don't get the NASCAR. Those guys didn't have. Access to a computer she goes so we raised 300000 of the blood they eat your judgment they literally said on Megyn Kelly she's like why didn't you just put in a checking the numbers and he goes. Because not too funny guy does have a checking account. Doesn't have there was no way to sign a check to this guy there was. So we were just given a money order cash or they did give a money take that take off the top. And a veteran says inducing game some of the money in the Obama biggest Jews right here yeah they get a piece of the action and obesity action to. So all. But let it go find me and a law firm representing dollar uses the almost Asian joint statement. Saying that they woods they did key to veteran would receive all the money raised. Com. They said that he got about 200000. Dollars all told yeah there fair enough but before because he said earlier that he got like 75000 dollars 200. Were worth of money and so always out what he's is valid use just your city got 200 yes another scene got about 200000 he had said. I got to us only 5000 writes they're saying he got about 200000 photos and why we knew it is a liar he did say they'd given a money here's my ad that they were. Begin a really solid when he ran for this Wii game how much that trailer cost we let him park it on family property there's always that they were giving him money. He even took out the last hundred dollars. So it look they're saying that he got about 200 dollars. The lawyers yes gulf on me in the law firm represented them so that he's that he got about OK so zones people are saying I got about 200 that's a bit but as I spend the other 25050. Yeah are they sent a letter that all the couple's personal business financial statements long would jewelry on cash currency and he's as bad you don't 200 Tourtelot a lot of money and a lot of money that was. Raised about me I still think if they only spent like a hundred grants. Which is a lot of extra cash app sitting around they could have gone some nice vacations and bought a nice little tile for themselves. I mean as right. Don't I know it's not right they could have gotten away with it alassane isn't what I can empathize with people. If I was in their vision imagine that some homeless guy helps you out and gives you twenty bucks don't sort of go army there and you'll organizes as you share with your FaceBook friends and he goes viral and you braced for a thousand dollars you're telling me there is a party the stores are jealous that I got just raced 400000 dollars. Her daughter lives up work of what is agility does have a checking account. And I just came 25 green it's gone already. Honey I think we should spend Summers might know what I don't do is spend all of it and I don't go on making Kelly saying that's been a die. Definitely I think Donna Donahue did Brandon there you can go check. Two days before they announce that there's no money left I don't understand natter on an author lawyer told them to go on the show or what. Bought come on where bill and icy these two. And I understand what they did I understand why it was wrong but why is it so wrong on the list of things that are wrong how wrong was it. 200000 dollars worth. Let's say that's how long it was. Yeah how wrong is so they basically said well if this season play if this is true that they split it that's not bad the guy with the. Money they raised was supposed to go to have people gave them playing good faith that it will go to and you can't spend half of punch eight I understand the only be re you get a Little League can make that argument and I set this up. I raised that. I don't understand you and anyone in something in return I get that. Half and you can't do it without the I know anything get a little Jerusalem. Maybe you imply when you were to look you know I did so this. For here I understand under why it is wrong Alexander stand why they are. Possibly a lot of legal trouble I get that I would know that I was in a position hate people are gonna think this is wrong and if we get caught someone might come actress but. I know meat I know use snow cone still spend some of that money. You are trying to raise like former boxer the guy you're thinking man what if we could raise like 34 dollars for the sky would that be great. I carry the American twenty bucks they will he get in my hotel for a few nights for a week something like that if they reach 400000. Dollars you're sitting there looking at that number and it's going up and up and up and seeing your name. Yes of course you drive by the BMW dealership McGill I could pay cash like. Six a though that we don't. But maybe you do. I'm saying maybe you didn't go on sale and I think that's what did you even if you don't they'll get the car. You're paying off some credit card debt do your pay off some unless they should and they should be in trouble but I think like Atlanta something wrong then and it's. Tell your finger to nines and most people would do and I'm just saying everyone in this room would do it so let's not be all these two. Evil villains how could day. You know exactly how they could because if you put yourself in their position and math for two seconds that you've got that money and it's in your name and people are putting needing your gold fund the account. You're spend some of that money. And what's not forget. They're seeing according to circled a homeless guy got 200000 dollars per twenty dollar loan that's pretty good. And that'll have money you keep forgetting to say 200000 dollars half of the money they race track don't even say the number just say half they took half they kept task if they. The great what are re trying to raise money for you and make and they kept that was a hundred bucks here's a box who. We we Katsav is we're going to get all the leg work and wound up on the right thing or he agreed to delay her work. He would agree on terms. I guess it's their friends their network they got a free 200000 dollars that is iris. And then sue I think I'm saying give him the amount of money and maybe heavily implied he won and then percent. What like you go straight to him and say hey can we get a piece in the amount of money you raise forum and maybe you I said you imply that'd be nice if you would kick you back. 10%. They're alleging that think the more agrarian the guide the boyfriend that he has a gambling problem on all that's true or not I heard the big guys and I'm and they have to implied. I think you can say entirely pure hate you but I think you can say like today I cut a deal of them. There done it 10% until it timber summit do all this it's gonna get 10%. When that. I've put it out there without earning a 500 bucks I was gonna strength and we got 101000 modules and a stringent but coming up to 400000 dollars or so look man. A lot of money you're gonna have to come images there and that million dollars and that's not so I really well what I've usually started to form sort of grasp. Yeah I'll tell whether to go (%expletive) me as its address and the left of the and I know let's just be that if you're going to be and I don't mean I don't I don't males really jurors and I don't like nothing else ought to go slowly slowly try to raise your own goddamn money but I took the juice I took 10% off the top. And I told us taken 10% off the top actually I didn't tell the beginning I told afterward before 1000 dollars in lost some of a bitch you reported some going to buy BMW group. And was all I know you do realize Geraldo. I don't care if. I know you were joking but seriously. When you said this veteran doesn't have a computer whatever I don't know. How often they were updating this guy on the the progress of the gulf army accountant. But if he was living in the street or whatever the time and all the details if you us or even if he was in a hotel. You could. You could do I understand. And it's wrong but you could go to woman saying and you wouldn't believe it we've raised almost a 100000. Dollars for youth and then because they go on the account is in your name. More the odds that someone else who saw that gulf on me. Goes to Hannah says so he got 400000 I mean I once I guess that goes legalize all of put his name and he's not gonna get back on his feet hundred cover. We've seen that documentary he give that guy. 200000 dollars if he spins it which by the way I'm not judging him I totally get it. I didn't say thanks for 21 year old me would be shocked at how bad I'd still I'm with my money like you make how much money you still don't have any money what is wrong with you I guess it's a but I understand but I just say let's be honest I think you could say and we raise a lot of money or even. Okay this one's name and it realizes I used absolute. I have no idea if you're gonna be that person you're going to be a bad person just got to own up to an awestruck and a person. But I don't take him as a mom only 10% 15% whenever your counsel would be in a journey is an excellent take a man. If not can you tell I'm even though like I got it there almost that's a very sympathetic air dry start of the gulf funny. You didn't give me the 15% or ignore record over the us. Yes taken the core. That's never really like I'm OK and this isn't a mile and a little bit different so that's an honest and then if you go. And if you don't Megyn Kelly or whatever they just got over it. But something I haven't they've percent but if you sued the homeless vet and he doesn't have access to the go funding money Kansas City to Neman accounts are there and you're turning hard to get an attorney. You've taken to court of course it's a bad look it's already bad look at you wanna take the donation are you better look at his golden Jordan brand they'll be up front honestly you're saying take them all for programmes. All I'm saying is we villain. It's true and I understand it's easy to hate yeah all white couple who did what they did identity but Grayson is but it seemed on making Kelly's you know Owen Spencer he's on we did spend any of the money. I get it okay. I understand why people don't like them. And at first I thought the same thing wow how could you you because that's what everybody was doing. Then I sat and thought when a solid they took the car that says they bought our sunglasses phones handbags shoes vacations I thought. Mind. I could CD Brooke and I are having a conversation at home word she's checking the status and she goes. Releasing that this is a good for a thousand dollars and suddenly we have a conversation that neither one of us have wanted to approach yet but. We've both been thinking it and I'll just be the one in this scenario ZoneAlarm maker and we probably the one who says in that scenario I go. A student loans some internal. Auction new car and maybe you know pals and I think I could talk her into it of course but that's where of course you could most people could yeah but that's where you get stupid. Again that's where you then go to the dime really email raise a lot more than we thought for a thousand dollars damn near half a million dollars. And it no money still going up so look. I'm gonna give you the money but seriously you're gonna get managers aren't yet 10% forty grand Ford brand that's taken the ED I know that it was going to be that. But I'm take afforded ran off the top of yeah I know that I really well. Serving for it. Who do not us like some according to get reported Reynolds talk. If not so report here's a suitcase with 400000 dollars and an undertaking to release action. You go close enough to go about your way to do anything. He's got 36 that you got recently yes we know kind of a Dick move for me to take authority but you know lot. I'm kind of a deck there 400000. Dollars I might be tempted after all the Netflix I wash in just change my duty movie the Ozarks open subway intake at all and. Yeah. He's starting pistol money for this guy know the money's gone he's gone up because 400 dollars is a part does not as well now with those guys it's it's really weird that remember that. Let's not try demos for let's speak I let these allegations there was a brewery that was in Kansas City that was raising money on one of those sides yeah I got a bunch of them took a hot yes that's what could only send in the story first when I first talked about it during headlines we've we've heard of people doing that's happened. People who raise money and and they take it and they're supposed to be some safeguard it looks like a funny. As a gold farming guarantee which I didn't know until now but now we do says and I think you could eating if you knew about the gulf on me guarantee already using can. Maybe I'll go but not subway but. And the Ozarks just just oughta go far enough continue to open up a subway and o's I guess I don't know. It gives a little man I'm there when someone so we don't work anymore like out of a subway I was only a franchise is a lot of work if you wanted to be successful I was gonna do to panel launder the money that was mind whatever Georgia's just completely honest I want so we're gonna open up so I'm really liked the idea of starting to go funny to raise money for their legal fees these whose legal fees and then take a week. We just take precedence takes the money. Cut that part out of the podcast this part so that it's gone but the thought yes of course we take it I think we can get the news for the actually just don't know I guess is the press can't say we're gonna sort of go farming for these two people's legal team. And they'll think that they're getting illegal funds and the only thing they're gonna pay for their turn as we're gonna keep demonic. And then go funny with a guarantee you can come right back home policy now things. Churchill who has low. We can't do that just goes. Have been drinking to pass out you can dress down. What is all what snow cone was and you would have liked to have dinner I get you up crack a don't even don't know USO RK. Okay I'm not the one driving around picking people up. And to move. Have had a little too much to drink I don't do that what I don't I don't drive arrest a drug thing that he's Jewish outfielder didn't realize are getting hurt or didn't go I get paid for it batters. I didn't hear him paid for. Thought it was just a hobby I thought you just started trying to get a house and you're going around picking up drunk people. Did you did that you delivered food for awhile investments while I completely forgot. A foul because I kept asking him now he's driving bride share down. I keep fashion art anything crazy yet what's the craziest things some crazy has come my brother does it two innings and a prolonged time when I can't believe. How normal. People are thought rarely heard sure by now my brother would have some think he's I think he's been doing it for a year close to it yeah nothing and pass silicon. He's gotten nothing but. I forget that he did that food delivery to the guy from silence of the lambs or whatever that was where he knocked on the door. Right completely forgot about that. When I feel bad for the guy might be enough to scare me away from that type of work I don't know but I and other lawyers have a listen you've been driving a car zoomed. Nothing. He really. No one's got angry you know as a few bad review no use he immediately when your lives are trips. But out of 32. I don't know like forty something so some people don't know of us are reviewing all beat Eddie got any bad reviews else. Anyone ask you like it man turn on some tunes no nothing weird anybody. And you look at people's reviews too critical operative care it is says third you know runners are rating in Nevada where it's out of our hair right so bleep notable ones are right. Unlimited right of one's well. Him. Placements are tough apparently of a well. Minicamp I don't know I keep us out of it he was updated because donors give to your car up. That's the thing affect that eventually has to happen no guys or girls that million. Arab girl pass I'll slash strong but. Just got your apartment I just after a period she popped up close look at things and and my friend drew a limo. Firm for a limo treasure is taking an action pass out. She answers screaming and her phoned them. Calls are being those injuries he's she's held on average by had a nickel for every time I'm dumb yeah its shine or my phone calls and judgment and Obama I was happy to your own say it's serious enough. It's I want it cool and for whatever reason I don't know why that is subpoenas used to work on to Syria's a tough time with the into Serbia and calculated capstone serving food grown and I had a friend who drove. Limos for a limo company now and he claims he he had several somewhat interest in stories but he claims. The one night. He's drive and all them all and it's just one. Couple of his two girls to come and be like a group for something unless you're doing a wedding this this is that night. And these two girls and he claims. That I don't know how long they've been driving around and they get two point one of the girls leaves and he says how long we gonna wait for your friend. And she says she's not coming back and that says actually I need to talk to you the reason she left is because I need to talk you about. Payment. Because. I haven't been totally forward with you about. Although payments stuff and I was hoping we can work something out and lines Andy claims that they did it. It claims that they you know you know they'll now. They know that sex in the back of the Limbaugh. He was really excited about it really excited about it. She set I was only there were some yeah which I'm as a man to stop this amount is like our alliances. Do the music it happened. Man. And they use. Pull up pictures of romp FaceBook look like they kept in touch I try another female driver on content than work. I don't know at all the money that I seven but. So maybe me and you could work something not the pass code. It doesn't work eventually anyway the good of a what are you what are you know workouts where I doubt call the police. I've never seen that in a movie but the police came and I was like. There are a lot of us and I don't want to be wounded jail so I thought may remain you can works. Out in all. I know it's a long shot there's a chance and eventually that could work for US the federal. I do their work or you're in trouble little light on serves the big bosses offices this idea why just there SA sugar. And at the perks of the she wants. You know. That's a hypothetical. If if for whatever reason that seemed to work trio but you don't you heard from a young age that people work constantly willing to. Disregard the mind that you owe them more. In exchange for sexual favors from mule. So I need to be elected again telling I would have a yacht. I would be do win I can't think. Where I'm so desirable. Area that I can get out of tickets I can get free stuff there. I don't know time I can go find some rich. Person to. Buy any stuff there. Just that alone that that in and of itself. If you wore desirable desirable enough that I rich woman. Would wanna marry that rich women won a Samaria blue and you really like there. But she had a lot of money. And let's say you were also Ed they did the love of your life you made your high school sweet or whatever you were still head over heels for she's still loves you she's still interest but you've also got. Is rich woman. There is injured which one would you take. A ritual. Because pop Laszlo always said she just is is a follow little rituals as reporter what he didn't think about was. It's not as easy for them to fall in love with me and that's the problem. Because there was a rich girl in high school as she could never get a date she's never got a date. She was always alone and homecoming and everyone felt bad for and it wasn't until after high school and I was sitting home MySpace did you know been invented I was thinking. Oh god. She was rich we all know she was rich we were we are so dumb and young we didn't understand. The importance of money now parties make money I've got to go back and byters I went online and founder and some founder and yet someone figured that out. And they probably thought of that it's a couple years before I did I mean I was like 22. Or some apartment is well played sir. Wait 12 it. She had it a separate garage or house just for a limousine. My man nick right now are you. Lack of oil from fat no cone Alberto that album be able to live in a city. With the greatest football football player in the. Who which runs a greatest player Tyreke or. Patrick. You need one way. One big although that is what we all. That's very exciting a new look to god that's true. Com well from what what Bible. Like you that we will eventually admit defeat on lumber you can admit he. I would like you. On the sport. On which sparked a member of David vote in the policeman and you're not felonies go to court which each. Okay hurry up right. The things that don't want you to concede the point what ought to that goal. But maybe the cheap right maybe they did the right thing by waiting until this year does well even so that on TV then percent basically what I said. I know you can't watch the games because you don't live here you probably watching the giants game or whatever. Blot on the TV here I said he Patrick Holmes sat while he was competitive and he wanted to play. The right thing for them to do last year was to start Alex Smith let him sit for a year. And then come into play because it felt like he learned so much. From Alex Smith and Chad Henne this year. That it became a better player that was actually the right move which is what I said so whenever you start with the air I was right you were wrong but I know that I'm right I kind of treat you like I do my kids like okay. Good job lament. Good job lament patch on the bulletin ride out the that's right I know that was a home run right now like I'm no it was all a mind no it was finally had a right to the first baseman and then he threw it into the stands in stored in. No it based on the Colorado home on Monday good job. What's that all of court there although they are right and each candidate. Bubble that table last year but you know what that little little that's got you should have got the number one. Is that. That charter who a lot of people fault it's hot in what everyone fail to recognize the here did charters get this year eight games on the world. One game in London and that that in games in Los Angeles. Certain look a like lot like that she he did what they are woefully outnumbered. By the wrong crowd and if not you agree even in well if you. You'll games which were only advantage that our current deal with EG these out what we're able. Yeah it was mostly chiefs fans via an empty seats. I feel bad for chargers fans I mean that's the ninth straight win for the chiefs against charges and it reminds me of as a chiefs how we felt for so long about the cowboys got to be Phelan. Hole that is. I think he is now seventeen and two in the divisional or four years. And bank. Includes the Broncos yeah I mean I guess states they did Serbian Broncos occasion last few years. It. Will be bought at what happened in the charter. That and it happened in the go to achieve its yeah losing at home field they're never an apple holds evil so bad so that sort of reasonable. Wouldn't know what lacking of doctors in a moment does war but man oh man. That game like Martinsville believable but achieves like art you know I think that. You'll remember that football player quite like him. Not at his position on an explosive I mean Dante Hall is fast but he wasn't a receiver like Tyreke knows right now Chris you are like they're seeing lower explosive like him like Dante and Desmond Howard when he won a Super Bowl MVP but none of them to catch the ball like he can accidental. Like what we what you saw that in Hester should have been it will be junior. And important and it is part I career just being. What not being able to catch the ball as well and Randy Moss I mean snow gods and Randy Moss for Randy must certainly wasn't returning kicks some punks like. But Devin Hester and Tyree hill are so I mean you you're taking like the best. I don't wanna compare Marat a greater taking the best. You know DeVon house there and the best of Randy Moss and putting them together in a player that doesn't happen only happens in college. Know it I never I mean this guy got. You fight that low. It ain't plus yard play. In L history blu players first 35 career games he's only played thirty or getting hit with Gale Sayers I think there. I. We got all on it. All buddy. EBC. World mark. Yes some of those stats that people were posting saying here's records here over how how many games it's of these other guys to reach these and you know Tyreke deals done it in no time at all. The only thing the only bomber yesterday besides you know of people talking about the the defense. But specifically. Was just the fact that Marcus Spears was in there it's. So we're reading like what the hell. Why what that adds I'm not over that I'm still upset about that and he's we're gonna get to see him tonight don't be surprised if he gets pretext don't NATO or do you have just outscored Butler got the best quarterback ever have as a wide receiver ever. What is that like you were it was like you did do anymore but not lead however. They adding that it got a lot to do. I said the greatest all time players have called one and one bid up to you it's ours is repeating you know. I need to got a little out of my hope however all in. What it. I love what I say exactly what he says back to lose like you're an idiot and. Yeah. My you don't even need us in you don't argue would yourself all day. Hey don't let it let it. I know you guys know all the election you don't have actual small point. And it walked in Iraq well and I know there would not use that it probably. Is no legal shall be about it. Adam looked at. The work you're doing it infuriating. Edit it according however. And now we got a lot yesterday on ED active it was a couple upload it homage. There was a couple where I thought Philip Rivers just I mean I didn't bring it up like. He hit people right now has had some pretty great for those that did just and catch. I thought. Here's the back. Daddy of the divisional games that is without question. By a wide margin. Target of the it in you want it. It didn't work she'll mediocre or was terrible what it is it counted in a lot of people it will it will eat them in they're building. Although there is or not. Again Eric that. Yeah no plausible that a lot of teams are like that Alina that's a lot of teams have a quarterback who can hit people lands and they don't have the receivers a compliment him. Or the other way around and got a running back or wide receiver contention and I don't have a quarterback couldn't get it to him like. That's the nature of the base in the trees on offense and have a quarterback couldn't get it on the field and wide receiver contention. And yeah it does what JP it's a bullet in the pack the and they are all well. Why are you lose a lot to you that we couldn't be in the pat in the playoff match or white he. Particularly in football and he bought your achieved it lit up in the days before. What you are now you'll or you'll in the walk. And in the last year. The world that can it beat. Well right now the even when it didn't go I think I think what at all so it's terrible what we call them. In the flying again we will wait Q it looked subnet. He even knew it itself may be objectionable. But Jack blow I mean you will remind you yet rated for little quarterback. The reason you eat out oh. It's horrible people that ball like that they've yet they played. You know. I mean pure and he's the guy to like it will look at the game last year he might have been warned yesterday. He's the only quarterback ever seen at quarterback you don't or other touchdown intercept ratio. Yeah Asian players that emerged. It's one in your important starts with partly in the city but didn't we start. 147. Yard packed into it and a 131. Yards patent the other. It's like. People do yesterday. And we say OK well let's. Let's take that the full season that I mean you mentioned that your futures are gonna have to face in there to be amenable good two and a half of the Jacksonville. You're gonna have to be New England precedent and Jacksonville's hard matchup for all of those schemes and new England's got all that experience from the cheers could be one. The change is hard to beat if you have an explosive office because there hoping. Is that they can hold you on defense and run the clock would letter format for. I panicked and started on time and keep your explosive office off the field but I mean that's hard matchup for anybody. But. Completely beatable. And then New England you know me I'm doing is hard to beat the chiefs have a tough time with the Steelers own thing I'd just what about this do you measure that company now the game yesterday but. The chiefs have a tough time with the Steelers the Steelers have problems. And a locker room problems and problem. Putting new offensive coordinators just. I think it will build the global fight I think it is well here yesterday in football it. There in the last year at two games or on the ball well I. Like daddies is he years it will only the word quarterback. We have the we're allied total games won by its here's you've got to. In the calendar year like I know what Latino belt being brought into the did it. Jack and will. Get very often what it app format. We did sort of within you without the beginning it it and all of. And it's not on line community that now that is where they may not yet. Well bill was buried in jail and they want made toward like I check it will war. Only hit for would eat it it is on the light up at the launch of production by old bank. It cheap because I think it wet now you've got one your gear and you were split with the spartans like. It made me about a typical division. Racked up win big in the. And that the law and. Would react well I I think it'll be bluntly you're all usually behind the. Like sloppy games. And that she's what so sure now you need your patents are operate and they double fault like elections or in world history. But I think there there in fact will be shot on I got a great and that we unit. The funny it all in one night the shot. What more will give her a little talented player who's ever played quarterback now it's. Having. This. This. Seven. Anemia and an amazing. You don't want. There were forty point there are 10. There well why don't bat on the weekend one of the ball before our flight. Although it is brown came back into the bit and in 99. Ole hole in games. Where they win the battle by god of war is not hunger and poverty in two. Cleveland which it now you won't. You look at war. Call it. A that ninety no that's what you want I'd be like ninety. What a portrait that aren't clear about it by Arctic awarded to win one well. All that it acted word for it practiced very well oh how important that in. When did it down like that he points going into the fourth quarter and one last night. Like the browns starting you'll you'll want it they're back or even to speak out for. That's it planets in 2004. I didn't see that's. Stroll on the outline around that are we even 001. By. And in Kuwait back. Oh my god so bloody that would be eight in what way more hours or me and so now we get your guy lose today. Florida is an interview for the India and or elected wan emulator. It okay. Who who's who's got it as drew Mary Tyler junger and ME two I didn't know abused dog any army is that voice. Particularly but yet well. You don't like them I don't I knows when he's going to be did well thought well I mean you won one Super Bowl I thought on. Achieved at the end of it tenured Tampa and like what I write these stories at a camp that. He's anti analytic you'd think it normal date but the way to play football and showing you guys failed. But what do we only that he's probably seventy. I don't think you're gonna add in the fact that a dead and the about how would you network off about where our team and tradable. Now if I was a fan I'd be super pissed about that especially after last night but man gruden just seems like Nolan loves the game more than him maybe it was when a game and resume talks right. You guys barely brought Marcus the same thing same thing what order. You got rid of your best defensive player. But if they can win and your sanity to the minutes overshadows everything. And ultimately losing ground above points on the board and everything works out fine and all of the overshadowed that's it just went. Just went away. It will win in. They I mean we got more leaders who want excellent yeah if you understood it had solved solved the issue. They got widow of the big support your government suspended it would never have been injured. Lightning is that lawyer patent position on that but the ball in the entire league. Now maybe I mean I don't know I mean you're getting rid of your best defensive player. And on Kansas City I think we all said earlier that we would've liked to seen him out there yesterday. And it certainly would have made some of those I mean granted the chargers dropped him but certainly would have made some of those catches a little -- easier to catch all know genuinely trying to because you know like. For whatever reason thought it was bad the clubhouse. Didn't like what he didn't like what he stood for same thing so gruden comes and it looks around he says you know I doesn't matter how good this guy is. For whatever reasons not bought in cinema way you know what that's OK if you win. If you don't win then. Use your job. On Monday Night Football night in a cramped little or long you been doing bullet. I think it didn't work Arctic food and it got those. That it went seven right neck which is worse that I you know like 30% worse than me but much better than usually do so. Show up canceling the first week. Always almost all you guys Felix and. Hey it's on fast thanks for listening to today's show before you go please remember to subscribe to rate and leave us a review we really do appreciate it.