Monday, 09.18.17 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Monday, September 18th

  • 0:00 - Headlines
    • More hurricanes heading towards US
    • Sean Spicer shows up at Emmy's
    • Chiefs win big
  • 33:15 - Slimfast has some questions he needs to answer for his Dr. Lazlo tries to help.
  • 46:46 - Kevin Hart apologizes for what he calls a mistake, but Lazlo and Slimfast don't think he needs to.
  • 1:06:02 - Sports with Nick Wright (who underestimates Snowcone and gets proven wrong...dick)

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The righteous man. On all sides. Touring the homeland. The values dark. Will strike down low number. Hello how are you. Good. And god thanks to him. What's he doing MMS Kono please Kremlin. I think we all work is here in the middle of the conversation and we realize. The insurers over which happens once a month maybe I'll wait a quick and I like to share you conversation McKenna am. One of those things just you know yeah. I was innocent. That's how the story ended. Decades go interest in this Randi where I was listening to security footage and I business too much money. From a Megan tells the I had little as the court well outside and I had made mistakes. Along the way. Blige. Overall. I was an innocent man. And. I'm not sure I told you. These houses and yes let's hope this. I mean is that the kind of thing you go home and tell your mom about a bomb. Or weekends felt really should be proud of view but now you know I don't think there's any reason. Get the authorities in both well and all I know but I'm saying it it's not gonna go anywhere in the. Yeah. God take her husband was more this or anyone you know. I could see that now my fault and it's. It's only like authority. Five. And continues. The things we do in our third set. When else are we supposed to learn. Spread our wings. Try new things. Little dreams take flight and inclusive. I don't know something. Well. He said families is where our nation finds hope. Where where wings take dream yeah that was as close I was Shanley is our nation finds hope where wings take to. True because I was in my twenties and I would say I do a lot of things on our family building not one of them and I pay you bought a lot of magazines. Christians. A lot of it looks hold a lot of family members in your game and megs dresses they at least got moms and other specific instance I don't think I was helping build a family now. Right so many years and in my negatively influence and they give many people love magazine subscription. For their Christmas presents. Except it wasn't really magazine subscription as a magazine of the promises. Subscription and never came dog details when Randy tell us. Wish I'd heard you tell that story when I was a young man and then I did it and I can even mean. To do I mean I meant to do but someone in my family actually asked for a subscription to magazine. This doesn't like your story where I stopped by quick trip to grab a magazine I god. This was someone wanted to sit here you go subscriptions are planning kept forgetting incident. Comments like next year. I don't mean a week later I mean like twelve months. Yeah there's always. I. I mean they knew. Over my house morning dozens bridge and number. Booze and drugs and got Simon magazines and he's my arm and big gold just your immediate stop to think it. And policies of the beds and done those subtle effect. Wow. All right. Would you does give me. Can I hope castle and I can return for cash. Dana receiver that dad yeah. We had a minerals in the US for receipts to every single tickets yeah so we stops and we didn't wait gymnasts. You know. At a time using their Jesus just. Make cheapens the receipt and everything back. Everything. I was your weekend and yeah. Really don't. Yeah yeah I. Baseball games Friday night. John show at a football game Saturday. News Sunday manliness. Live around those conditions football. Yeah similar yeah. And do much. I don't remember Saturday. Johnson threw a touchdown bash. I Irish. No got a double tuned to count. Two outs from an assertion turn. Good weekend. Proud dad moments. My eleven. Is that it's only a few years and an. And I'm proud dad moments again when can kids yeah. Josh aren't. Afternoon. That's your subscriptions which ensures America. Should get an email him and don't you just stopping her stops and yeah. That's our miss Weller my our nation well yeah there's so bring. You know I'm there all I see an Amazon gift cards which you know are you using the Gmail the top. Gloria let me check and tricks up I don't know I'll check with them a good pops. Bush don't worry about it. Chela even do it. My interest only time I've read magazines and Americans and of course it did yeah. Like nationally. Jesus. I at least will be an apparent night we got two on Amazon just saying oh million OK no really date did you get a leg and Dana used it right plus also really thought it was awesome thank you. Well I cinema destined to give credit a well. I'm doing all of sudden. Course I got it. Bought myself a motorcycle thank you voice but I had no idea. I'm like my parents. Ungrateful and I'm ungrateful and then get two minutes and doesn't mean banning the start showing a little bit of gratitude for the things I never got them. Don't send. Think with those things on the count should just talked accounts and I thought I did you magazine subscription. But after a week I thought about Iran. The fact that you felt guilty enough to save that you gave her magazine subscriptions says something you don't know how. Showed up to now I don't knock counseling and doom. Covered in my own (%expletive) and here you didn't have to show up. No well you know that's true but I needed to get my guest. News that we'll need them money. Which you get this money sun. Woolworth intends. Jose Maria. A new sitcom on. ABC salmon. As Jose hit New York. Jose de I don't know which ones which I'm confused Jose's the one that's headed. Yeah there's two bird. Brains. We got two more Jose Maria actually is that. Two more hurricanes. Let's see. Maria. Is the one that's gonna hit the Caribbean right she's coming she's gonna hit Puerto Rico and they're worried that she did it. Florida. But they think she might miss Florida then Jose is one is going up to East Coast and currently Carolina has seen the Carolinas are seen. Bad weather but it hasn't really hit yet but it's about to our second major hurricane potentially. Getting the Saint Mary's and and less than two weeks here Puerto Rico. They're already shutting down government offices and closing schools today and our friends saint Maarten and saint Thomas I mean they're solar firms survival mode or food water shelter they needed. They're passing out blue tarps just to give you something and there's all that debris over there they can be flying around so they're begging residents. To try to pin that down with heavy rocks what whatever they can. Having around their joint foot center Carolina's there's no that's Puerto Rico that's CI classic Caribbean they're showing how as a god damn the Carolinas on up. And no one's getting to consider saying hey all the stuffing your house is gonna go flying in the next hurricane gets here they'll put something on just have some rocks any rocks. No word yet but there's there's crap everywhere that's a lot of heavy rocks in my thing is now he's got a heavy rocks flying around hitting people. Loans that would be a problem. This afternoon hurricane proof that Iraq I'm guessing these people have bigger concerns in going around putting heavy rocks and their old. Final signing. I'm a thousand Carolina's latest drivers are Carolina's final signings and here are saying I'm marrying him. Jason polo shirts and flip flops listened to and yeah Cheeseburger in Paradise. Knowing I think the carrier. I can't get hit that are. If that our country just run. Well the area's beautiful some people ask so little can Saturday but it's confess it's like. Friendly hello this is battery ride my guess is he's like the golf courses and I'm telling you man until I've been there and I enjoy the scenery. It's just act coasters like you know solve. Crappy year racists. Right and sometime all right coming in out of a normal learner and I feel like on the weekend and watch him. Tar heel football third duke football and basketball norm polo shirts and flip flops and public. And talking you know. Racist just how many suggestive bell South Carolina Monday and not flip properties together with yeah. Exactly I don't think it's rather the government gives so much money to minorities. Actually doesn't do well tomorrow that's all my dad and I worked hard for everything you've ever had them. And I still had time to charity work which. I tried dealt sisters. Usually I don't care about those but now it feels like a mission and maybe I'm wrong. But I feel like HBO and those are things start to take up a lot of those like ten years ago just like you know right. Best TV show to do that shot right like okay whatever our him. Fifty years ago friends you know like I look but now I feel like you know there's I know that there's billions in game was thrown a lot of pretty. Quality entertainment and now Specter and ultimately to. Don't think it shows. You can catch him alright it's an easy job watching some moment you like command line you know. Nurse Jackie was brilliant right I don't match to climates like you know like seven years and you're like OK but I mean I'm sure who's ever been announced it is great to watch those riots yeah I'm I've only watched the first season but tennis Agassi and came out and watched so many shows I forgot what happened during the first season I -- the same thing he was Desormeaux and Sarkozy in my mind it was Ozarks. I just one more ride in on I mean and I was like sales are trying to use an anomaly known god damage. But. You're talking out and then you know the drug money in house like announcing the appointment. We'll monitor. Right they like you know they really got on my wound bunch those arsons just to do happened and it numbing hour rounds of course. Let me go back that he's one. I was. Yeah Anita I don't wound in a liar he's a plan house yeah. HBO it's not at all and I then and now The Sopranos was a huge maps and news show saying. The that was kind of the beginning of and the wire two I think the wire time he'll announce a lot of you watched human and I was in before I was honest. The odds was another positive one going on so it's easy if you go back and look at it just looks like a show who has some enjoyment was the time I still can't watch that state farm guy. But you know moms into my office you can shoot neo Nazi you're gonna try to route me noninterest and that is like re doing ensures when you do insurance. It's also great people like him doesn't like women at the same thing and a guy on nom. Law and order. Bad guy who's on their views and Oz every time he's a top walking and normally don't trust him I see him just like a while but just that. Maybe served. Amazon so here's here's. According to variety here's by network added wins from last night HBO had 29 wins OK Netflix Tawny. NBC fifteen CC you know to drop there that's about half as many as HBO. If you tell me that he was attorney's fee on Netflix someone had 29 and one of the mentally I would guess that it would have been Netflix just as they have so much stop reading that they spent eight billion dollars or whatever it is. New contents and trillions they ACLU and he shows any feelers out a couple of shows and it canceled you know their record deals director. That was so good and the prison. Being whatever. What they had to think they had a guy from. The wire and I don't know where he goes to prison for killing the girl in many psyche but he passed out in an already but no one night yeah I the night out via all of these shows just kind of fizzled. And had a handful blows and Netflix just absolutely can't spend so much money so many of them if you miss you don't even realize right what's on the HBO I heard she's the only usually. Comes through pretty good HBO this start a new series outage billiard commonly known as you know this game. So they should 29 Netflix when he NBC to eighteen flu was in fourth at ten that inmates still. I think they said that was the first. Any further drama arsenal how does that work there's a certain look that up look up what and may still have a solid first timers like director for. Serve Atlantis right into ABC had seven FX six and then. Fox five adult swim for CBS for any three VH 13 Amazon to BBC America to ESPN two and National Geographic to. And the biggest shows to win or senator I live with nine big little lies. Hate and inmates still at eight stranger things have five. I'm denied jobs which in turn. So but that wasn't even the big take away it was a Sean Spicer showed up and Twitter win not. What really matters Donald Trump is ratings he got to have the big numbers. I certainly hope we achieve that tonight unfortunately at this point we have known way of knowing how big our audiences. May is there anyone who could say. How big the audience is. Sean do you know. Lyzard Hulu didn't see your read about Sean Spicer comes riding out on the podium like Melissa McCarthy did and senate. And. Emmys. Period. Both team players in and around the world. Wow that's really smooth my fragile ego. I can understand why won't one of these guys around. Listen McCarthy everybody give up. It's not if you can see in and it's. I don't care some people say who cares he made fun of some political staying or going out they're just making fun of the fact he blatantly lying. I want to let us also said he didn't when he wouldn't joke around about PS announcing you big city took himself too seriously. And they need can't handle the fact he's been paired parodied on S and now he rides his heart out there and it's really embracing it and you say not funny that now. Now Donna Summer anybody around him and you can't. Guys trying to analytical on poked fun at themselves and the personality weren't right. Thompson saw so I saw. What seemed all right Jack. Hey Michelle you kind of let you know bathroom for. Won four Emmys. Why do people right before I make them. Perform. Shudder through it's. I don't samurai Jack. It's from Centre to. Govern non. I'm not gonna. Riordan doesn't want to just finish of this year. So HBO it looks like is the only. Movie network and like a traditional cable movie network. A one man race I mean they won the most and he's out of anyone so that's a big plus. I wonder when she musicians and sound and seem honor. They keep trying and sometimes I got to tell you guys started something now I've got showtime now welcome to the big. They've got that raid Donovan show that they advertise all the time and on Slaton finished plus license and I am I can't start that show when I'm this far behind and isn't hers and your other things that people talk about. They brought back. Twin peaks right yeah that was okay and they still do the show that you like Saddam. With William H. Macy shameless only and do that but it's just been on for so long I think again I think they still do. Releasing word right. We had a new season. And now I don't know why inch that was big yes they're not that's going all right I was there last room like. It. Well and if you look at things at one year. Let's world that's HBO. Com that night goes. I did little lies. That's HBO right. Someone of the movie channels and usage via. And Dan you know they just some good stuff so let's just mr. Yeah and the united states of Tara and I was Greg Norman and yeah but it. I can't answer right coming back designers seasons and I just read something about how there. You know. Need to hit they're talking about billions and they were hoping that I had an extra. Yeah and Dexter you forget about how long ago I was down that was a huge hit for whole Imus certainly Ben. And that was 2011 and started those first two seasons it's. Certainly in 2011 guys seems a long time. Look. Nurse check my still do. She's acting true blood is a true blood relatives and those are all within the last. Ten years right over left. I. Decreased their homelands are in Japan. I don't know why would have guessed it 2000. Name. At least until she's still yeah. It didn't go away come back. I don't know. How about those shoes. I'm of those good guys. What do you think of Chelsea continuing to get in trouble for us and shenanigans time. Well muscles streets I was walking on the part monkey like I'm so sit there's and these guys. Against he got penalized yesterday for mocking was even heard that plays over their mounting something I guess to this yeah. Phillies and that's what I was told I got to game so it's hard to tell blood and then what they didn't show on TV design takes my brother was at home watching and I said. Are they saving about Kelsey flapping his wings. And he said I didn't see Chelsea Clinton's wins and remind you said I don't see it didn't even show it. So maybe they didn't show that part and told the post game they know they showed some highlights later when Chelsea made that huge dive into the end zone. He stood up and mocked the Eagles like that stuff. That was awesome yeah. Can carry on June. He's good he's the real deal. They seem to be able to for whatever reason no matter what they are no matter who's in charge. And she Israel to find really talented running backs. I mean another announcement doesn't red blood. Then animate him to find as great of quarterbacks right like they can find these running backs in the late rounds. Yeah now about manned by the way they take people like you would think like bear Mary ride you know. These people just don't know the kind of don't pan out like no running backs to running Kareem intact. He went to Toledo right. I'm pretty familiar in the program and I beat Arkansas right I mean he's. Uses dodman assignment you thought you know everyone's talking about loans. Before you know like for the season started there are some people but and I don't think anyone knew the does god come on me like this is the guy the guy. Had no idea I'm telling you about that before since I was a kid it just feels like the chiefs have always had an awesome running back. Zune is one of them would either get dual player get injured there was someone else waiting in the wings who had. When I was a kid maybe some of those guys seem better than they really work as I was a kid so I thought Christian Fauria and Verizon guys crossing. But once you get into like the Priest Holmes and Larry Johnson and it you know it's just it's like one on jobs doesn't mean anything not Charles when the rest of all time. And you see these other teams I mouth it just can't find a running in my religious feels like she's just always had a good voice and yeah. You're right at. Quarterback. Long time. Since she's had to. An elite quarterback. Announcement is done. And Trent green was done but I've made a lot of them like you know I mean Montana maybe. Yeah it's less than I was count. As an. I need to learn to Washington. Many. I was there forever and as you want to send. It didn't wanna play here and he says the worst restaurant in San Francisco. Is better than the best restaurants musician Michael thanks student at warm welcome. Courtroom when and his new reason third string thousand hands down. To back up to the back. There you go and me and I was thinking about on semantic game I was watching the New England highlight some of sun and and I thought. I usually taken that bet. The twelve game. Win this. We talk connect last week so what is my dad when it's taken that. The patriots won't win twelve games this season housing John Maine and I wish I gotta eat less and less money to take a look at for lesson you have to go back and listen to what it was they just talk about Arabian hold them hormone. He's just saying that they're done. Exactly what happened the last and the chiefs beat the patriots two years ago right there and I'm really being done and what the patriots do now. It was a display you'll see us trading on the same here. There you go. That's everything. Social lite. I mean. Clinton earth. Trump sent that treat over the weekend Hillary Clinton. Meaning audio. That putt on truancy and around the golf ball. And those lawyers tried to that story about Trump's lawyers being hot and dinner. That's like something out of a show like homeland where you go this is so stupid and over the top and you mean the town meeting. Newsom and from the New York Times is sitting there and over years to Trump's lawyers to. The president's lawyers arguing about how to handle the rush. The restaurant really right next sort of New York Times. 18 outside next to New York Times a lesson one it's time. See that's a jittery investors headlines are punishing the newsman. And I just solid trending on Twitter I was like why that's all the patients you guys sitting out there. Arguing. Talking about the New York Times overhearing his lawyers argue. What else something with North Korea so. Will destroy you scroll trump call Moroccan man. I heard someone I think it was. Bill Byrne and talking about Kim Jung and write the music I mean think about how fun it is to set off fireworks on fourth of July. Now just imagine this guy that's basically what he's doing except did you see incident that tape was gonna binoculars and everything. That's military that country's military just launching. Missiles like this and shoot this missile over Japan let Tony go wrong way it's like when you light up a bottle rocket and screaming into a tree and soon an exciting is you don't know what's gonna happen as the chief fireworks. Why don't men stand back. No one knows this thing's gonna go. And that's it. President. That's it and all this talk about the hurricanes when you usually can. I came into the game yesterday. But I can't remember what it did this time. I don't remember Saturday at all. No I couldn't sleep on Friday a senator Mike and I don't remember senator. Stone. All right so many actually go windows seven's that. But chief Chuck Todd black plunge. In LA it was the first pick Clinton. And and here's salute QBs when asked him. Your interest in and get another good thing is that the senior that they passed on Marino. And Jim Kelly Tony. Ken O'Brien. Dan Marino. And look and sworn in as the chiefs. Picked up Marino right now doesn't usually doesn't pass some loans and Trojan. If there's anybody else. You're pretty far down in yeah. Uninteresting they all weren't super high NN. All Oregon Jeff Christiansen. So if you look at that and looks like they could've. Bad to. What I say a that could've had Jim Kelly Tony ease soon. Ken and Brian and tailoring them. And I never even got a job telling things I've always heard that the marina thing. Yeah that's okay but it happens one mobile me don't Marino and everyone's Super Bowl. Neither the black coach and basically the same quarters a limited Jim Kelly nearly. I guess he lost like three of them right for didn't didn't Marino. Even make it to the super shoes. Other first year that's right he was at a and then that was the last time. I just saw that as a Vista that to. Listen trailer for a plus your interest and just as I'm a fan of the lions they took it James Jones yeah. One pick before Jim Kelly. So good for them. I think did you know when there. We look at where someone had taken a first round I say you know I always look to a full back. When yourselves or to pull back. Detroit plays tonight. Jim Kelly took his shot weapons of mass down it's okay. Arizona new rosters roles in such an easy answer to a trivia question I was asked service housekeepers. Autograph. So I got a Sony sucks but I was being persistent Kravis. Joint chiefs stuff but I was on the slow side. My friend and I can ask for autographs he said she sit down and shut your ass I'm like. Loan. The goals. So some other players you're still batting in the sciences and the test and really wants. Usually used to. Be origin discusses Jesus stop talking. That guy yeah. I'll I'll text him and I was. The what was on showtime. Wasn't on HBO yeah it was. There's mad about it when you say what he's a nice nice and I think it was on showtime and remember. When you subscribe to all of them. Door about context and I know I'm back to I want this requirement Donna. I was running true to its proper customer service. There including people series. Was it two words there was no kind of figured. My laziness under orders off yeah. Okay. I'm one of those questions you have to answer a question and about your depression I don't maniac mansion for you feels like homework. He's never asked me to do that before. It feels like home markets not. I understand that it's it's not like calculus homework or something but still. I thought the whole reason you'd. Go to a doctor for the sort of thing and not a therapist or something was really didn't have to talk about. You're feeling it's. So your doctor wants you froze on us about your depression yeah. You have to fill it out like type it out and bring him actual I don't know it's something we're female juror. I don't know I'm so sick. Go back in a few weeks announced it had the answers to questions. When I first when he showed to me I was like time and overall it's of them. But tomorrow's looking out at. Frank criminals like this is. I don't. I'm not going to yield even make something up for these I don't know. I should just heavy filler out. If you do I'm sure I can listen I Bush's ideas why and how or I'll answer for you now remember questions unanswered for your. Yes because there's not one thing I got you don't worry about on if you could wave a magic wand. What positive changes. Would you make happening your life. I don't know positive change. May have loved to exercise. OK you know that's something answer for you you know does he keep some nice and actually yeah you're trying to answer what he wants to answer we'll answer if you could wave a magic wand. You would bring the first girl from back. If you could wave a magic won a tournament. No I think exercising cheeks and oh my god so brace I'm not gonna actually do wish to if you can wave it dawn why he's still going on around. Magic's one not to you know every now the magic wand boom boom boom editing happens bam the girl who left live the dog and all your stuff is back in joyful happy. In a news that doesn't sound like. Walt who contrary I know you. Number Jim. I'm not put match that's not an answer as I mentioned an easy exercise thing rather that. I can wave a magic wand I'd exercise more no I would like exercise. I can do most people who likes it I'm never going to be one of those people and magic ones don't exist so it's Ike is disabled. You have to search him I'm not going to both of these are gonna start doing it I of course I wish that I did you anonymous as is on I don't answer that we don't we I wish I like exercising and you can wash. You could do. You could wave a magic wand and magic wand. Imagine anything positive in your life happening like I wish I enjoyed ourselves OK I. Obviously you guys wrote this genie bottle and it was a pleasure and I'm assuming a lottery he's asking me about I was a large number. I'm more money. He's trying to find out. Why you're depressed. The so I wish I could afford my bills what would it make you what what it takes to make you feel more content happier and more satisfied. It take to make you feel more content distribution and intra I wouldn't have been if I exercised monitor. That would should be funny if a that would should be money right wouldn't everyone feel more content happier and more satisfied that the new. Not to worry about money. That's a fair answer for a. Content happier and more satisfied. When you got to still be depressed. More than one hour now. Trust me. The thing is there is no answer that question. I don't think anything is going to make me feel more content or happy or satisfied except hopefully. Some prescription you give me that I should say seeing proper regiment. See answer one. Branch or to. Assume retirement girlfriend exercised New York. OK a third and is an easy one because. It's do you consider yourself to have below average or high IQ it's an average. I'm not you know I can go with this huge you know I don't plan and I GameStop we know what I don't talk down on. There's a lot of things that you want. Smart. There's one of the things that you are. OK I appreciate that but I try IQ is like. You know you grasp nuke now I know what and I did you just as beautiful as you can I can't do that this act and act now you're not. Stop I'm not to blow at a map now let's go to say it is I'll tell the world is graded on a curve. Yeah my grade was a deep knowledge because I see one until. Number four's are you happy with your diet. Because he talks about how all the time the diet yeah not only. They're probably pretty happy. I mean you mean Apple's old you know stuff surprised ideal meal every morning and and I don't. I don't just a sausage biscuit and apple especially. I just. Don't eat much. Africa can say that I'm happy with the diet. How about. Question number five what's going well in your life. What's going dwelling or life everything all right that's supposed to say right. No and yes why is that what you're supposed to say because fraud. To be honest well because it doesn't matter things are going well not if you're depressed. You can still things can be going well you can still be depressed things are going well still depressed and jobs going well bush is going well. Everything's going well. But as well as a now I go back to that last loosely are not as Smart as I thought you are and those who wanted our way off base men none of that is going up none of it. What seems like it I mean you know on paper it all looks. Once. Why don't all of July Jolene rear feels like does your does nailing down. Well I don't know Jesus yard field our relationship started I have not polo match to your girlfriends on an electorate hundreds by mustered a divorce. So what you could say hey everything c.s are going well now but nine months ago a B it was your god damned tragedy so a year ago things are going back. So I usually don't go all the way from a year to now to reelect him. Dodd also lost out my man well no but known as a all suss out what's going dwelling your life currently currently I can't think of anything I could say. This is a huge this is a problem and I think maybe you might want to put in there that. Your career stagnant at best. And now I feel like and and well you've met someone that you love and my friends like. Also fair to mention acts got divorced at eleven months ago. It's right now right this is let's go well every you don't just end this some thing and then start new. There's probably. Eight a little bit of damage from that you might want to room and investigating what we don't want to pretend like it didn't happen what like we're forgetting what the question is the question doesn't say what what's wrong what went wrong it's what's going widely you're about to die your career was great and your personal relationships and yeah it does. And all I'm saying is we think that answer. So what should I say is going well in my life from your perspective nothing is going well in my life. My job is not going all my relationships aren't going well but and so I don't know what to put so now you're telling me I was innocent. Don't listen films don't put nothing you know things are going well for you. That's followed depression as you have to have reasons to feel oppressed. I feel like a lot of people won't be happy to have my situation when. You. Oh look at look over their guarantee issue we are listening to. Now slowly Toronto's Mike on some of the boy talk OK yes for but I but. This question asked what's going well right and I do think I think the answer is not much. A lot of people would be happy with my whole Lotta people have no worse than you you're just a dozen lives it's going well. A lot of people would really be excited and I'm 1992. Family or other is a great car I think a lot of people. Put in my situation. Would be happy. They'd be okay with it. Right. What I'm just supposed to guide doesn't say that don't want also says what I want and doesn't say. Of everyone else in the world how do you think you're doing. The question is does what's going well in your life now but a fine man if you think workers to gone wild. And it's interpersonal relationships are well initially proposed and what I'm not stress out of anything specific him at work or. With my relationship so I don't know if I say. This is going wrong. And they say. Well what's wrong with it. Didn't look at Enron is to address. Okay so what's going dwelling your life or he's not much and that's what should put us out and trying to tell you that not much on. And it says. What's going mowing your life not my daughter right down here not. Much not much. An easy to say hello. Are very year old said sacker. Crap. Could you turn it almost girl what's going well your life I'm guessing head he's got a lot going well in his life. He's the one taking my money and prescribed to me the drugs going home price driving home and some sort of oh please you if he's sound experience and as well I had big make mention. Why has made so Brooks Brothers clothes on casual Friday should kids think he's a dark. What does he care what his kids think. Because that's part of life man got money. Well then your answer to all of us should be money are what's going to senator from what I can tell the only thing you want to make you happy is money and using because he's a doctor and drives a seven series he's happy because there's money. So bad that I didn't wait to wave a magic wand. Would you do to make a positive change your life I have more money. Evelyn how Solana who say. Floyd and just showing any medication you're just made money you just need an accountant brought you need money. But that's. And so was hat help with the last question which. I've actually wrote down this point. Not much a question what's going well in your life and the answer not much is a financial. What's going on your lifestyle don't. Person I I agree that not much is doing on his life that I went up this person got it and I. Yeah. I would actually say is really answers nothing. What he's got that from nothing's Obama likes of them into Cuba. He's got that job my hikes. I so what's going mowing your life not much. Seat I think this is your answer right this is just the answer to. Fun man why dreads what is going on electoral about it. What I I I always think that. Things on paper most things are going well my life I'm just I can't be happy about for some reason more what Ireland. I've had my hands are not things over job security guy make decent money I have a nice house I pay my bills on time my. Watts. Of America's. Here we go. There don't want irregular during. If I can be happy Intel I'd binding emission and the birds and so that. I'm just saying those things a lot of people would say you have not seen. Going on in your life. They usually bitching about you have nothing to complain about on paper. You may need to trust would say that a lot of most people most people I think so. What would bullets in my feel sorry for me about. I think in the vast world. Yes and a lot of people would die to be in your situation. And a microcosm. Of even our listeners to people who listen. We're the people got here. Largest cities people driving by us in eight out of ten of them put your situation eased back into the shot I can't. We'll have an amount. How many hours and then put it right then you know you do one at a time blog you've gone further did you did you don't stack come but the idea. It's but I can push them further and further and further and further technologies this. I'm taught forgery. You better make sure you get something that's organic so your body can just if you can go to orbit if it needs to. I even liked to ginger root one time. Ginger root. Yeah that's what the thing ones which you think analysts think I bought that somebody's Ottawa Senators solos. Surrealism whatever I. Know. It was ginger root water to the grocery store. I wish you an improvement. But what. I'm doing with genders but I. We now feel motherly guilt and shame but for. Some. I know you. Probably follow Kevin. Went through this weekend what a bad weekend for old Kevin Hart all Kevin Hart. Was. God channel my tie and he acts. Did that called action for all the celebrities to send money. After hurricane. And then there's all the speculation that. He's just trying to. Get out in front of some some bad news is about to come out some bad stuff about them it's gonna come out someone's trying to blackmail. Apparently racists someone was trying to blackmail. Racist ass if he's spent the last few months trying to ball a soft. And ignore it but on Saturday. He posted a video. On what it was and to Graham right there apologizing. To his wife and kids for quote a bad error in judgment. So it's now because it's. His. Old conscience there got the Boston but because there. I guess isn't a video of his bad error in judgment one. And so on was trying to extort him. So TMZ. Which no one's ever accused teams you've been fake news we can all agree on that right left right everyone won't crash so one on camera about there is. People have seen it I haven't seen it there's screen shots of the video you can see pictures of him with a stripper he posted it. No team seeded host wants you so he posted just the apology depots of the apology to for a division so what is with a stripper so there is a picture from what the stripper and apparently in the video. Let me tell you what this this person who was black million apparently. Posted TMZ posted this video system video just shot scrolling tax. And it says the real reason Kevin Hart orchestrated the Texas hurricane relief fund this so called good deed was done to get ahead. As he knew this damaging footage was one click away from being exposed. As the liar and cheater he is Kevin Hart was privy to me wanting to expose him. Whoever this person as I guess she strippers of the as I have made countless attempts to exposes information to various blogs and an attempt to also get paid. However Kevin Hart was tipped off every time the most likely paid them off as they would not take on the story. Hence why I'm exposing him in this way for free hence why he started the Texas relief fund. This is an attempt to play hero to gain credibility. Once is released I never thought about that before so do you think generally happens if someone says hag at this picture of someone. Do you wanna teams he weepy miners who want to look at a picture and we'll see if we wanna pay you. And then they call whoever's in the picture as they march K yes sir Islam fast from fly over country there's such as a picture. And you know it's your wingers respond or if you wanna sue publishes an operative not what's it worth. And then he offers to pay them. That's Blackman. I think they say do you think that happens watch and orange different I think they say had a bomb. You know we're gonna pay this dive for loose. Photo view we think that you were wondering if you have comment to amend that comment usually comes with. Some money. A cut Rees Jones sang I got I got it I had to change enemies among anybody ever knew exactly. I like to publish it on my own blog roots are worth. So she goes on says it was she between the dates of August 17 2017 and August points to sit 2017. The weekend of his pregnant wife's birthday. Kevin Hart was recklessly partying with my friend and I drinking doing drugs and sex with multiple women at the Las Vegas cosmopolitan hotel. Seeing Kevin Hart plainly disrespect his marriage in the way he did was appalling to me ratio suggests sexual them. Kevin Hart and womanizing ways so I don't call us to shoot took into OK Kevin arts womanizing ways there's so despicable. I personally know a handful of women who run within the same circle is ideal and they also had sexual contact with Kevin Hart. They need to know women they Kevin Hart has also had sexual contact with. So I know women and those were not so no women. For the record I do not claim to be a saint I know exactly who and what I am the difference is I'm not married nor do I pretend to be perfect. Kevin Hart was so drunk and drugged up it was an effortless attempts. Does film and take pictures of him I hope every celebrity learns his or lesson from this regardless of your financial status you are not invincible. Stay honest faithful and real everyone knows once a cheater. Always a cheater right so you're essentially a married guy and then come off like. Planners say you know saint. But you're coming off as some sort of martyr here I mean he there's a guy he's drugged up and drunk so much so that he doesn't even know. Nor videotaping him. And you videotaped him and then call him a storm and all the way. Devoured down to a woman. I'm curious what would happen if there is a woman who was out drunk and partying with a bunch of guys and got so drunk. And drugged up that she couldn't. What I mean couldn't even argue. That these guys were filming her. As she's and then they're both easy to film him yet and that may. Lamppost of that up so instead as a married. Piece of trash of the troops out having sex with a bunch of my body's. Now bunch in my body is also had sexual learn their friends and secular till she was doing it on her husband's birthday weekend. The price slot. Like I just don't think that story flies the same way. Maybe I'm roll the video doesn't even actually show him cheating the people have seen the video say it just shows him getting cozy with this woman a club which I assume is from the screen shot that we see. Then it cuts to a bed they say it's dark and you hear creaking. On the bad we don't actually see people on and there's another clip that shows a naked person in the room. But they say could be cabin but there's no actual sacks in the video. So. She tries to be you know blackmailed for this and he just. You know like I said I guess for a few months has been kind of ignoring it and then over the weekend he posted this video saying that he needs. Sorry buddy Zach out. Pays one is trying to extort him. Mentors in my life where I actually have a target on Monday. And how funny was let's go to prison by the way. Imovie so underrated so I was cousin that I should make Smart decisions. But I wanted to in the rock was not. I don't at all that's on HBO a lot she love and I leave it on put it is not. It's not it's not gods now we're saying let's become a couple of funny lines and there's a couple fun as far rock says something like do you feel just like mine ring Malden preempting lawyers and because. I'm black but yeah I thought that was Floyd there's a couple longer than usual so I don't look so look about let's go to times on the credit let's go to prison plus friends whole area was that the Will Ferrell yes wash and wildly funny yeah I agree on itself on. Anyway sorry Kevin. I was just trying to tell Kevin he has no reason to apologize to me. But he's not apologize enemies and pause and and his wife and kids. It almost perfect models attend saying I am more or claim to be in any way shape or form. Then. I made a bad error in judgment and for myself and environmental. My only bad things can happen any day. And enjoy and then I know and I'm gonna hurt the people closest to me who I talk to apologize soon became my wife my kids. And I just you know is this a moment to moment when you who you know you're wrong and is no excuses for your wrongly gave him. And give the game and I just simply got to do better but I'm not gonna also allow person to. Two F financial gain off from my mistakes in this particular situation. That's what was attempted. Why he's the well you know whatever you apologized good for you who legacy and paid dispersant. But it there's no sacks in the video of the city the only picture and clear part of the video as you said with a stripper. Has apologized to wife. Person. Yeah I think it I apologize to her on mr. Graham he's at peace out yeah I know I know I'm saying why even make the video like you know he's an all right all the was was this. Well there's some. There's some audio of a dark room with a bad creaking and then a shadowy figure that they say could be Kevin are we came in tell. I forget it. And I just like no man I can't lie. I'm horrible liar as soon as a sort toner it's not me she's gonna know that it was me mr. woods is shadow aren't even know where they came up with us. Maybe just like now she knows she's gonna now. I'm just does jump from it. I don't know make and of making a video impose CNET a social media and apologizing for. So being sexually assaulted stuff. You know and you put it that way that's really what sponsors no no if you study was drunk and drugged and had sex and her friends. And it was so drug and drug even though they are video are no easy to be glad sexual assault manned and that is sexual Sala I doubles and a flurry of us did that to anyone in this weekend we would be in prison for years. Years. We never you know. Never I am so hesitant to to agree with you because it's I know it sounds like red pill mentality but it is true there's no. Lot of times when that is what I'm saying is nonsense. And ridiculous. But the woman said even if we org that a male strip club yes if we were gonna Nelson of club and that's image was so drunk and drugged up. That we filmed her and then I know we aren't exactly all a sense from my friends friends out section there. And I try to get the base of any money. But I wouldn't really know a mid Ohio but now you'll. Are always know what a disgusting moment she hit it that much it's costing and I know sting Wynonna suns usually married one not many but. But does America all right I mean guys discussed may undermine tourism money here. No one no one. Would have sympathy for him and hope that could say vulnerable what where are you who is this guy bit. The cops will be calling teams do you ever if I contacted and said. We need you tell us if New York parents what your parents or brother or your family your sister whoever Israel again I don't have your McEnroe like what are you don't. Like fashion. As far as I can tell from where we are society now above is a that's the definition of sexual assaults he was sexually assaulted. It was not it was actually saw that on his wife's birthday weekend took him. If Chrysler to be home with the wife his nose. Happening he didn't even know what was going on your son to open on drugs and is where it had sexual them. I think we owe him an apology. We'll have an apology. We're creating a society where he thinks yes to apologize but. We all owe him an apology. Sorry Kevin and then. He raises like whatever it is so many millions of dollars. Well you're only doing that because you were sexually assaulted the problem all of us. Once you. But a whole a whole lot of second acts military if you're right it's the perfect for. Oh good help from people amount ERA that the strip club watch. Not cool. Not she should absolutely be charged with sexual. Salt really mean what she said again. You'll meet her little heart I want you I want this everybody like what I timed myself a guy at a time in jail I continue to sheet right and I want you to created a New York talking about. Mean you and snow cone in Vegas. With a girl. From grand view. And we caller Sarah Sarah Sarah all right something else what's gonna drain field as grand view. We're sigma grand view adjustment. The real reason. Sarah orchestrated. This charity fund. Because this so called good deed was done to trying get ahead of what she knew. She knew that is damaging footage was one click away. And she was about to be exposed as the liar and cheater that she has. Sarah was privy to me wanting to expose her. As I've made countless attempts to exposes information of various blogs and an attempt to also get paid however Sarah was tipped off. Every time and most likely paid them off. And then they wouldn't wanna take on the story hence why I am exposing her in this way for free hints why she started this whole charity. This is an attempt to play hero take great gain credibility. Once all this is released between the dates of August 17 2017 and August 20 2017. The weekend of Sarah's husband's birthday. Sarah was recklessly partied with my friends and I she was drinking and she was doing drugs and having sex with multiple dudes all the Las Vegas cosmopolitan hotel. Seems Sarah blatantly disrespect your marriage the way she did was appalling to me. Sarah is day. It's a womanizer for. Because there's such a thing doctorates than a slight. Gap. Sarah is a slot and a wasted so despicable. I personally know a handful of dudes who brought in the same circles I do yeah. I'd sex with a bunch of perhaps at some of the top of a they true no dude they had sex with her brother record I don't claim to be a sane all right. I know exactly who I am a white and the difference is I'm not married nor try to pretend to be perfect. Sarah was so drunk and drugged up and it was an app for let's attempt to get the film a film and take pictures are. I hope every woman learns her lesson from this. Regardless of your status or not visible. Trusting and honest and real everyone knows once a slut always a slot but the can you imagine. Could you imagine I guess they're gonna get once a cheater is shooter browser role with that's the thing about but still it's that that's bad. That's really really really. Really bad and always does anybody and yeah. Let's go to it is an ambient light saris those are drawn and heads items legend dumb stuff. A Waltz or rural town home attendance. Place where I was to be honest review I got to do about our. There's been employed yeah do better fox rose one's a womanizer and loser of these suck like our man. There makes it a little bit tanker it. I got known a little trigger and I'm just saying I'm bet you all of those drinking and drugs and Roland and Kevin hunch credit card. He's right he's ready for all of it. Does and I'm Robin wrote a 120 million. And they're gonna get him drunk and drugged up. And then videotape them. On Taylor visa and an historic night and then ask him and Motorola. Are you kidding. Sexually assault them. At the suit attracts our attention. And listen now apologetic and usually unless it but the Phillies had a target on Monday. I feel I got a target on deck I imagine this is a woman. I just I can target and best in the Smart decisions I should just smarter people leasing known on the though they're victims there to stop this is not your fault. And recently. I didn't. You know I'm not perfect and that was a pin and say that I am more or claim to be an English inform. And I made in that area just read unless someone who I am and right now only bad things can happen and you do and. My nose I myself and a bad environment up. Absolutely bad days happen I was a little bunch of movies ranging. And only bad things happen and I need to be better about that yup that's and they say it's our stop. Right now none are no you did not do anything this is not your fault. You are allowed. To go to a bar OK you're allowed to go to a club in Vegas and have fun. He should not expect to be shoes on every TV show tomorrow. And is considered a national hero. I hero for speaking out against sexual assault. Kevin Hart. Is that a home spike right. Rate. Yeah I don't think he has to apologize talk about victim line. I don't believe I don't think he needs to apologize for that if you want to apologize for central intelligence. But I don't think he needs to apologize for this not that you put it. And that light erect all you have to do is take that woman statement and flipped it for the genders. And that guy going to prison for a long time. The life. Why 01. Are you got a great guy so honest and remember what are too we made it back right. We did. Again and it would Tom Brady and the patriots. Sort of I think I said that they would win more than nine games he said last. Oh no no no no no no I don't know now known or at least get the over under at a lot of did eleven I win every number caught it and you win every number twelve animal that was the bet. You and what he was called in Don. No I was saying that Tom Brady. Audio. And all on. It. You guys don't have the technological capability do that on short notice that we do or directly elect presidents cup. Oh oh I'm just trying to remember I don't remember I would like I would. Like to congratulate Tom Brady are looking nearly as good against the saints is Sam Bradford did bullet for him. Let's all calm down when it against the New Orleans Saints. Are the. That was the worst he'd consider that over history only tribal. Gonna start the ball was something very nice but the value broad it I have become your hopes. Like I do Chris Carter's our daily basis the weight he had the city. Operating in the would actually just that we been doing that was never appreciate that. The libel you know you can't hurt yet what we're registering on the heels great give that he might Alter out. And a market that can't watch it because it's not too early in the morning. Zero point they're wary guests. Last week at zero point 00. Yeah so are Afro yeah there's. So we get back in common. When you only promote your show all on its. Should that gets zero point 00. We don't even play this on on the radio it's stupid. I'd like to talk to you. Sometimes columns on the podcast. I built well you know what back industry could be viewed it only put it on the market. He. I. I mean I would. I would think it was on this show every single day. Oh wait till by the way while you guys are pretending audio. I have a critique of my favorite super bit odd. It. Now admittedly it was. That the weakening apple know why Antarctica while you remember. The story you guys told about the armed consultant. Made you write it down. And want to listen to something and it was. Like what the best McDonald got the one. Are you gonna you're not gonna try do that house right now or you because all hang up if you're honest here I don't. I don't even assume that you got audio that your about the lakers and I don't have the technological capability to do that bought. If you're just gonna start to remind us of horrible conversation we had that went nowhere and fell flat on its. I just knew the ads this morning in my life pleasures and AG I don't need to remind us about a break we did that went nowhere. Geithner and I just poured out to get it in the upper in the country. It by that by a wide margin so it towards late in unfairly Ike is I didn't point out to respect. Is cute and quickly. By that there are a first okay. That he built 32 minutes you did about the studio smelling like a combination of cool and Bobbitt. Dollars and 32 minutes but it. What's the link humans. You get at who we need seventeen minutes but you've heard it. About whether or not why quote that it worked tickets to quit they worried practically. We forgot that we were on the arteries. And our defense we did not realize and I guess that part was on there we really thought that we were just trying to figure out whether that is to get a real calm people but I forgot that we were on the air we are listening to music. Oh who is that man and medium rare earth was. Respect your brand during that pregnant reading from WGA at fox sport not on the an act. Well how he eased on crap on fox for right now because I users stuff and every day without permission I. I don't need you bring an attention over here I like them like and web site. I can't do it like without them. More importantly it would hurt poverty audio that don't exist and it might be easier it probably does that. Yet on that front or on Twitter and hold from the look you clips on the last week. Courtney Tom Brady I mean that that I think you're on the audio. There it is. Because then you erupting in the NFL. Hold on real quick though images. I think we got the audio here. I saw how that. Hope that the over compatriot when it is well you take over the number one as well it went well into every year. I think they could easily be eleven and five so no that's a dumb but how much I give you the over under he would take under eleven. Work that angle wide web and app on CUW at UT yeah that's. Well loved tennis alt edit. Any weapons the quarterbacks all because he's older and explosive ability to outline. It excellence. They get sick game against the any of the. Artists like a lot of I'm form or some routes. It. We can do in the in games they play outside of their decision we can set the over under five all make under. Our tech guy really convoluted but you work coming down Brady into the game that audio pretty pretty hard. I would I stand by all. And what the lab wo lap both I mean the other day and the night thing I wanted to say. Was. I really appreciate lapels in re the one Kansas City and that watch like television show. Or watch it and give constructive critique but black vote on how the understood. The light. At the Genesis of the show what between the individual lap attracted me it was like an act like it shall on the. You're just all week long but it been here. Eight iron to check. Most of the console to be all right we're just not likable because and so crack. And bill. It doesn't play like that on TV. It Leslie you're always wrong kind of executive. Well already got that we need to look at. Our focus group one line. Our second. It. They're great. Like shockingly great at this point and you wanna talk about doing a one lady like let it. Achieved what counteract that quarterback if Bob Dole wanted to start overall it straight out that. Congress should do and very Alex Smith and get. Us through what you're a bit. All wired it helped that are now opt. In. And just wondered if you watch warns. Oh. It does understand them. That's in play. I'd. Have you ever to coach Eric Mangini. I've heard program that the town on. Managing a Mangini was coach of like the ground I was gets excited yeah I don't wanna game when you guys are important. It was great that he's bitten you what the street is Belichick he coordinator for. And then you need the one that's currently present for spike. All right was with the jets than Cleveland to perpetrate. It. Gone are all the that's actually not figure out who that guy was. And he needs me. Like yeah. Like me and my theories and ideas about coaching. And who's good and who's not. Or may be the most ridiculous thing if you are curtain that flight like. It obstacle on the show and I say yea I think actually maybe deep down you like to be a human being as a sports analyst. I think he's built in bit apple. Like and talk to us right after they remind me. There were mine is sitting next lap well. It's like act on the board as it used to do it in your opinion or view studio but it's real quick on the chiefs. Tortured. If I wore myself last year. After art bought into what might be known they were twelve and four and then somehow they lost well it was a sport to work to talk on their all of sports bureau. I never believe in them again. But now I believe in them. That was what about I mean look they're good. But didn't yesterday remind you a little bit more of last year than game one I mean the first half that they look kind of sickly. Alex Smith was doing the old Alex Smith stopped that. You know I I was the one who said Alex Smith I disagree with you on them home saying and Alex Smith went twelve and four item regular bomb body kind of looked like you know old Alex Smith there yesterday. All the way you should remind man Jeannie. That as a career you have 33 in foreign aid which is about a 400 clap. I honestly believe I can win them much in the NFL's head coach. Or are written why were in the U. Yours and you have an offensive coordinator and a defense of coordinator. British and I can delegate enough stuff to win all at 400. I'm being honest theater I have you didn't mean that cowboys right now. Where their office recorded in the defense of coordinator right now one on one on. I think for the season. I think over the course of three years have been pretty damn close to 500 are all are just about as good as anybody more confident that you can win 400 games in the NFL I did go for hard you can go pour hundreds of rights or are you you'd like you go to lose you can in my game you could be up around arousing in a street fight. Which is that because I know you're competent help vote meant arouses got a glass jaw I want to go to college and Tom Rex. The rebellion like which one of these things you could succeed. It's easier ride 400 as a head coach of our first. Big props to roster problems and finally he gets the respect of the sexes. Up. I could absolutely did go to head coach is managing note out of luck they got to be is Connecticut is Romeo now that's. You've got all these assistance at all it's it's good money to hire whoever you want to let the our guys really good offense does really good defense. Sit in my office know what people like to stop the hard. OK if the glory. And it's not nearly as part you'll make it out to be wild vehemently disagreeing that you could do. Okay wait hold on second I'm not saying I could be Bill Belichick and the audience and I could win. 60% of its. I got up and say it was all on a ten games. Nor did. No you would be years. Who would you would be cool with the culture lines and they were owned six and. Robert Nardelli who's not a defense of coordinator of the cowboys you know what I do just as good as he did and that I got another job and he's not right. Well I think that the by the lenders aren't you don't know how I don't get annoyed about sports I just answer both those questions for you and told you what he's doing now. I think you're wrong outlet in the U coordinator messages into Scotland and I think his office coordinator. Although that probably perfect. At. He's. Not but it's easy to. Sit in the you know before. A.