Monday, 10.09.17 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Monday, October 9th

  • 0:00 - Headlines
    • Vacation recaps, Gone Girl, indoor gazebos
    • Mike Pence leaves an NFL game
    • EPA plans to repeal Obama era restrictions
    • More details on Vegas shooter
    • Chiefs win again
  • 42:34 - An assistant coach for The Miami Dolphins sent a video of himself doing blow to a stripper
  • 55:12 - Rick and Morty fans act like entitled assholes over Szechuan Sauce
  • 1:04:08 - Sports with Nick Wright

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The righteous man. On all sides. Searing your homeland. The value of dark. Will strike down low numbers. Hey how are you Andre you I've never been better listener that's intact how's it taste. I was amazing I'd bet man I'm Ben. K Greta sounds awesome. Well it's a Basra occasions to K. A community event. You win something funny man who is somewhere beyond though but so many non non. And enjoys I want to take I'm not implying that you did you did something and then you know. Live within my leash. I was sold on. And eerily. I know Sean Puff Daddy was amazing life. I don't know. Can you tell a story here. Tonight tells the story in the wants moments during. No Wichita street kids you know. It's so easy and and and now. Why now and then and and tweet about it all is no no no no no. Not allegedly detail alone please. Why yeah. I didn't. Plaza sent me attacks no locks job just got to stop and just calm down stop this. He sent me attacks and she has no place in a live photo. I won't. Did indeed he tells them that had been tagged along and Texas and I love the other line I wouldn't tell us. I don't know I don't know no and no amount of gas until a late night attack. CIA yeah no I I really don't I hear my phone. You know is on the the little table in the accident. Then in the hotel had no idea but you're about to talk about the other judge my car was a jumping out of my shots using mind you we talked about his tax and totally confused. So plaza sent me this tax. And it's a lasso since. We've talked about this you don't sand. Like a paragraph at a time type got a few words and I thought and present type and he was happening and it doesn't advance that is certainly something. And you send. A text of the photographs. And it sense. As serious as I don't remember what is Arizona paraphrase. Barney Adams and that so I was not a party. And you could tell that whose ever house or was that money right. And so I sent him a picture and I found myself and about half. Over on the side I just a man doesn't matter where you get a life man still comes and gets you like that she what we should all realize. Also a live picture so he could push it down as a determined if you can how the policy. I think he's in Atlanta this could have done push on as I've pushed the thorough job and I thought I don't enjoy the same thing but it Jackson and even live. Which happens a lot and you take your picture you don't think much Evan I aims at the time it was on a picture and as I've pushed and I see the balloons. Seeing a string of being in the Toyota. I just imagine him with one hand they're acting in texture relaxes you says Amanda Knox is trying to do and trying to keep the stream in the toilet. Which it did a fine job you did that mile. The carnival game I don't want something. Let's talk about the illness and don't know that my friends. Not so easily can do ask you that. Exciting. That really wasn't feeling great and really made my day and some real. A real in the slammer the. Did you laugh relaxing. I was I was just fine and you know what was happening and I feel better now knowing missiles are behind some fun. Again I was horrified. I didn't understand what was happening once it was explained man. C had a good trip. I didn't. That's an. I started his sometimes loomed crossing. Flying in a work in so I mean look mine fire is awesome and in my backyard looks killer and but what I do or don't none other guys like ours like boy I got some work to do. To get. That fire at its level. You know you can't always compare yourself some. You just have to learn when you're there you have to you have to look at yourself now like my stuff at school I'm happy where I am. But I'm backyard his killer. So don't go. That weekend's yeah. Tell him as a kid when sound like man like what happens to Caitlin. Until annoying. Win two cents in time downtown king. And did a little. There but it I don't know southern Illinois. Small town know where Illinois attorney cross river that it was it is in Missouri right on the river it was really south yeah. Well tonight. But states right there right next on Kentucky Tennessee Illinois. I thought you would like it because. As soon as you drive over the bridge city and Illinois even on Missouri fish now. Casinos have like that there's still that old tiny thing we try to cross a bridge and on the other side of the original into extremism. Small town. We've got these really seedy little casinos. They decide like little out you know those little. Illinois. Snow comes learn something new. But they have doesn't look like he is here now know it's acknowledged. I thought you don't know marxism and you know. I tried to explain its content in knowing when I try palaces and I was fine and the guys say about your idol wouldn't mood strike again. Trying to get opening credits picture Missouri won't fame which is located. In Cape Girardeau, Missouri so Denis where one's. By the way I like our chances. Did you talk to him. Talk to nick known to be painful pictures of him as submitted requests. Windows and they haven't responded yeah. The first time I went and looked at Walton and there's some guy on the wall who's. There's a bunch of famous people like Mark Twain and whatever bucks. One of the guys who's on the wall as the gum cardinal this. Radio guys from Saint Louis and he made the long. That guy's only famous Saint Louis. Nicks and national celebrity or. That video is only ten million views we should be able to get him up QBs moon. You like it. I'm really kind of disappointed no no. I just pictured June boat shoes. Looking like a young JFK and water and room and then yeah right. No one of those you know smokers and with khakis kind of rolled out because you know what Wall Street yeah. Might have to get out and me water a little bit to push this young. Only boat was hanging in there and they were in the river I don't know why they were there but they were there but where's Santa Maria the longest day I don't know. Crap our guests telling Santa Maria maybe it was some morals news up river down river I don't know Palin to the did you dawn. Sit next and it costs money on it. Lunch and I don't know. I saw it costs money. Think I am today. I did permanent. I got a pretty good look. I didn't have gone through a driving tour. It's. A usually keep did Gerard. Should take place young. Is that the one way and I know Patrick Harris never okay. That's a great looming. That's your guy she let some barred. You went to the Mali where she sees him just other girl Kenya and apparently doesn't get EC is. Sisters sisters and apparently that bar was made for the movies like behind the sign of things justice center and they created and some aren't are young and some aren't getting his sister did right is an advisor got and some. Bar owner down their say yet to go ahead lead that's I'm gonna turn into our overall I like that he be worth something. But a lot of people in there and. Street normally calls. Chevron's downstream. Downstream where. I don't know whatever the main street is downtown it's mainstream entertainment business. The roads from cars in other over and Affleck exactly what else is what else what else is on a. I'm driving that's really it. When I just feel that my own thing you know I knew Patrick harris' house and you know want to be anywhere as a pamphlet in my hotel lobby and I used to. Cease sites and some well she's. Regardless who like the courthouse but you can also see from the pictures. There. They're doing it didn't take the time yeah. I don't know. Par on the court pretty much. Downtown. I learned learned on court you didn't student stood. You can see in the background. I remember him in court at all now. You can see in the. What about the. Ali with the sugar and I. I don't know what about the and remember who will be announced it. So once and I little like outside park where he gave the press conference like I missed my life and that's on their I don't know if that's true. I saw mentioned the I guess I'm just really into Barnes and numerous. Use small sampling and gasoline gets home. What else to do well my hotel and indoor pool with an indoor hot sun and billiards RJ. Stay there. And soon. She. I had a hotel de. New Chevrolet Tahoe hotel thing show. Really I wouldn't wish you guys and awareness on the complete pulled together. I'm swimming in case you are not just on us and bet I eat my dinner and because Tebow enough. Courtyard area. Inside of course. I really Moussaoui are normally using win. Sanctions. Getting easy millions do you have an inside New Zealand. Building casinos is we're inside no it's not closed to deceive. What is and doing it's in the middle of four yard. Just standalone structure. Yes the table and their windows. Now it's conceivable we'll look that is used its inside. He's a hotel. Inside the hotel and properly or actually like I'm an old in the middle of indoor court yard area you sensed it unstructured. And that I was inside its insides out to be balls or windows right. You're not and signed it I don't know. It's just not any designer you resent you inside but you're inside a building up inside because he bogus thing is he wasn't closed off. They're sick this evil in the middle of the courtyard yeah okay than what is legal and yes. You know relatively easy and middle of the guests isn't around the pool near the law. Maneuvers. Well it looks like a busy don't like political Ziegler windows on medicine need to zero. Sounds good name and yeah. Nothing says living large at an indoor to zero. No tell that you don't like hotel days you know women and I don't do like hotel there's legislator and then watch TV or whatever but you know me I don't walk around. Yeah I watch from the hotel. Buzz off it's please. Let's be fair game. We usually takes. You wanted to headlines. Establish that. So everything's okay. In his closet just I can't talk on. You know. Does not about me. That's the problem donating it to a NASCAR does not amount to some. So it's. You should put a good zero inside your house will stay at my house the size of the museum you can get a small museum on imported in a room between the kitchen and the dining room and them. A small zero created an easier. After a very small deceive you know I really. Do a fair sized to zero. Attribution do what causes as he went through my guess. I thought you see right now Simon apparently yeah. I'm fine and I looked up and order zero and I'm going to be searching. I know on his personal take pictures or music instrument or. And obviously. She call the zero. This nicer this. I destroy all Marrero and. A wedding chapel. Don't want to see. Why I don't have room looks like you do love your vacation there I loved it yeah it's nice out there you can bring out. Nelson an indoor pool I don't know roof of that either. And let's not give up on everything and stuff and it's time. Would soon. I got you right here. Ten by thirteen. Bono also zone north. My parents. I really don't care if Coleman twelve Y chant. Text instant screened at 20. Don't slapped a bad boy right here John Arum. Yeah land. Now we're talking. I'll like it. Domino is orient now and think. Man how big is your iron up. This given the width and length. Sixteen feet long long by. Nine feet wide from the tiny. Tiny flicker eczema or in part Armitage alleged love. Mine has a little I turn announces a Lowe's sees me all my god. This is perfect. Handy home San Marino attendance for ground zero. Lone act and it's a legit doozy about. 2000 march. Paul and. How much. 2002000. It's all including those. And it's legit museum on this hole. My. Don't feel like you're on the tape every time we come home. She gets you know you should do one you got room sort of makes sense. She's learned doesn't make sense to put in a tiny room with and ninth at ceiling. Yeah. My nine. When it does was doing to change the Muslims or don't that's not what they're doing. You went to the tape right. Give them an inordinate zero assassins are doing. You exiles I was I was asking women Eminem nor does it all while their house definitely wasn't as locals and dollars you can imagine. Tonight. Anybody sound zeros. Unlike them. Like and a Z Bo in my backyard your solos. And so suns' fast. Usually an outdoor museum I wouldn't know life term for that either. Clearing. Snow cone wash away. House I was constantly cats you know I don't know. So. It's. I don't I just think it's funny we'll send me attacks at some point he says something before this humid decent at Texas send. Do you have an Ibuprofen announce that it ends. I immediately thought I don't know why you let him do that justice and smiles or where. Do just immediately sensed zeros and aleris like violently suppressed so weird. What's your clothes and I thought it was the singer white male learn why would you just look for and then I realized because. He wants to go through the medicine cabinets. MTV can find anything fun and my medicine cabinets Connors but. Just in case there's a one million chance of us have a nanny cam or something and I go why re going to my medicine cabinets he isn't isn't enough improvements we tax me. Like just look for the Ibuprofen if you can't fining him audio text someone about recruitment so many tells me. I get home resonate thinks they appreciate everything online. They say hey no problem you know we'll let me resentment that they are additionally Utica blue willow terminal loosen him. What's bad debt bathroom bathroom medicine cabinet unit which means that you're going through there you found tells them look them up until finder that. And winner. And couldn't work up the courage is texting which also means you have or but he said you know had a couple right exact I thought of taking on water and we edited had a couple really know I knew I had six dumb ass mouth on him got two T have any idea pro. I'll mantech son says this is really born guys. Manage race. Tax on what really hurt our feelings man. Did you find another form of entertainment so little excited your monitor silence them that's not good. Xena with a Trace our guest column. No that's what amounted to I'm surprised you put it together contingent of their. You don't tax a lot of hassle for you wrote this do you have a yeah man I was saying amount and now you know that hotel we stayed educate. Can you imagine that titled why things are happening and indoor season. Yeah and I'm damn son. And everybody just goes to the bar from the recession going girls who didn't. Can't go through and. A lot of kids. She can't. Sometimes it's nice situation. From the big city lights. Hustle and bustle. A nonstop. Noise and action. The big city. As long drive. Five hours a married and in him. This sounds like a marriage a place to me. Take a picture of the zero. Just look. But it is almost picture on the website and the Clinton out I guess it's not citizens and we're gonna show off. Mike Pence he's the vice president stumps voting there is a lot of dough and women. Life. He's not allowed to go to dinner with on chaperones went out as loud as well yeah or on chapter on women they have to be chaperones in my resume another man. When her husband she yes otherwise. Darren is a lot of go to general another woman Obama has to be chaperone that thing right. No matter what even if he's with his wife and the other woman asked me chaperones doesn't change we I don't know I guess I'll ask you another person. But. He also can't go to a colts games. With his wife fears of black guys. Might take in need during the nationally the shocking stuff. Who is Italians and I did everybody just stand attendance. You know you've taken a game we think you once in a sin has been the forty niners game Martinez started. So then of course a couple things one he treats a picture of himself from the game with his life. People like you I wasn't saying she did all the press that the patience van outside C. Be right night it's on the way there the picture that he would be treated as from a couple years ago ultimately today. You know. Dirty posted its healthy he's supposed to result yeah. But he was acting game there's other pictures of them had a game adaptations are used. I don't understand why he does outline how these people think that they're gonna and I don't know I guess maybe he could just it doesn't matter that your users showed minnows and I wasn't. Obviously you left. Said that you know he just couldn't couldn't be there to watch these guys taken you so they left. And named trump treaties and I told Mike to leave the game right to see sonic players taken in the of course this whole thing was orchestrated so now. The liberal sailing fake media wants to know how much money. It is little stunner costs every one. Because he had to fly using Vegas and had to live from Vegas. Two. Indy and then back. I guess he had to fight back to LA or something. So of course they're quick to do the math and via how much it costs of. Bottom line this is a very expensive way. To prove a point with taxpayer money the vice president's plane which is essentially a modified 757. Costs about 30000 dollars an hour and operate. Now if you look at a flight. From Las Vegas to Indianapolis the first light of this track is talking about a 100000 dollars now from Indianapolis. To the vice president's next stop and in. LA that was a 142000. Dollars. For a grand total of about 242000. Dollar. So there you know 242000. Assists for the plane. That's not be you know what it cost for the extra security to get amid an out of the game and the headache didn't cause everyone else was not thinking this vice president is there as soon as he can means and to. I should turn its I hope you paid for those. They're given job. Vice president issued beautiful blog entry. Visionary David Morales and that's yeah. Don't can take its anymore. I mean let's be honest here he has a right to go and yeah. That's fine and now is my call what citizen don't ledger surprise. Right center and this is mind. This is my peaceful protest. Against what's happening right now I win then I watched it you guys do what you did and I left and that is my peaceful protests and it really does million mom. No that's fine but don't pretend like you're shocked and had believed don't do not your bonus miles. Yeah I don't do that when I'm dumber little depressed belts. Yeah be right back right you know you're doing right yeah it's 200000 dollar. Of the mine as a mountain and just does sign up you know the wholesome all black holes trying to write a whole charade is. Troubles are allowed to doorman -- it don't make your point we know how you feel you lean on trump feels and if you wanna make. A little and peaceful protest to what's happening then. Usually don't you should absolutely do. Don't like I'll ride in my colts Jersey wants his game and stand and then when no one else people don't like. And get out of here. He knows. I guess the big headline today is that the EPA announces interim fuel. Major Obama area carbon emissions rules and you know. Scott Drew the new head of the EPA and trauma. Doesn't I don't wanna see doesn't like him firemen singing. He doesn't money doesn't like the environment being so clean. The idea of us trying to keep it hasn't really angry. Drug administration announced today that it will take former steps to repeal Barack Obama's signature policy to curb greenhouse gas emissions from power play. President trump heads to the EPA today to sign an executive order aimed at unraveling president Obama's sweeping plan to curb global warming. The order will initiate a review of the clean power plant which restricts greenhouse gas emissions. At coal fired power plants the White House argues that they Obama air regulations have been. Burdensome. To the economy and American workers. Burdensome. You rid of it. At an event eastern Kentucky's got through at the head of the EPA said that his predecessors had departed from regulatory norms and crafty and power plant. Which was finalized in 2015 and would have pushed states to move away from Cole in favor of sources of electricity to produce fewer carbon emissions. He said the war on call is over. Tomorrow Washington DC you know be signed a proposed rule to roll back. To clean power plant no better place to make that announcement than hazard Kentucky. Yeah. You run. The media is learning a little bit more rusty even active shooter from. And us Vegas. I don't know if you read anything about this guy over the weekend so. Got a lot of money spent a lot of money and casinos we knew that he was spending a lot of money he's spending a lot of money. And apparently at one point he's sued and casino because he tripped and fell and that's where they're getting a lot of this information about him. Sell the biggest video poker player in the world. Gambling up to one million dollars in a single night overnight sleeping during the day prescribed Valium for anxiousness. These are Stephens had its own words as he testified in 2013. In his lawsuit against the constant Paulson hotel in Las Vegas. Million dollars and. That's a lot of money. Sadness stayed out of all the all night most of the times like during the day. And I would take Valium. To help singer. Down the media is saying now. Some of the side effects sometimes can be outrage. Anger irritability. Or are you gotta think that doctor prescribed to him. Doctor we learned this this this just lose money on retainer he hated this doctor. You know they give me check every year just saying. You might not turn. Nice things and line. A new. Now doctor prescribed to lower value and you text your doctor. Senate and I cant ask everything right I Texan only because he leers and I think I'm dying all the time and in just a zero day. See the panic saying he's like on retainer Colin. It means I pay you see yearly. And I have good access to him. Doctor did not respond to an email or phone calls seeking comment mr. orders. Were turned away by security guard after seeking access and gated community were endless Agassi last game this guy prescription and I mean. And games and valuable. But still you don't want to be your patient to know when it's only an end I guess the guy is actually. Doctor but I know this guy thing Valium might help. That's an I was thinking I sort of taken a side effects are rage and whatever technologies to help with that stuff. I did see portion of the man this weekend. And John is such a good do. And we're talking about Barcelona so I went through what did you seeing. That. Miley Cyrus cement lip sync battle. Two because he was saying to talk about you was like you know we've just been doing this for so long. And then all of a sudden I'm like man like me the song no I'm hammer right. Usually it's so crazy that we just stumbled into it like when you know we had no idea he stumbled into it. So I sort of looking and I'm thousands of so fine. I'm. Ever known him for a long time yeah. And the way that they're taking a success or not guys so Smart so did you see he posted the Miley Cyrus lip sync thing when this is on. Show Vietnam. Sony posted at and then this was their clothes underneath that which I think is just great. Misses the 00. How many Satan worshipping bands can say that their son was featured in tonight's show libsyn battle. Eventually killer loose at Miley Cyrus and Jimmy Fallon I think you'll love you guys but most of all thank you to our lord Lucifer. And the illuminati Brothers and sisters responsible for public during this whole pass. You all really are the best at what you do and Ben how much true to your blog don't you are appreciated more than you know. Don't work too hard kids. Her mother up for burn the a lot of whenever great man. Anytime you see young ladies can get better and better about. And think about. What are your perception that the endless ten years ago and I thought of them and being they work. Yeah completely sure again. Yeah like well now. In my own service. Only she wanted to know. Do I regret that I possess your heart of the chiefs played last night. Let it pretty good football score a lot of points. He's good. That is not fashionably body fat kids goodnight AT and fashionable to rail. And catches us time. The search on the chiefs you know. Davey undefeated. Just. You know everyone talked about how great the patriots are going to be another man got even better during the offseason in the she's human and ruined their perfect season three hours. But now it looks like the Jews like. We. But they do it does feel different doesn't it didn't like the last time you know I don't know and they look. How good looks like there's more confidence and I've ever seen him. And they couldn't stop talking about him I mean right now. Let the numbers of us were reckoning well. It's fun. These things like their chances. To New York. In some playoff games rarely does flag argument right about you know you. Don't teach my gosh. And doing well. He got a good quarterback yeah. I don't win playoff games I think they won a Super Bowl I think they also lose and and there's good tunes yeah dollar toilet death I think. They're as good as anybody. Al the Packers look good but I'm not and those juices Packers and Lego let's lay down. She serves go to learn. Does anybody. Yet the Steelers here. Next Steelers and not look good and and they got to play the raiders. Blossom quarterback. The Broncos. And an Monday Night Football. The giants and I don't think the giants just won a game yet and no no bills or ninety pretty good. He knows when it's a mussina this list the chance. And the raiders insurance to all its runs. The Broncos Friday morning and yeah. It runs through pretty good. And O'Dell back from juniors out tourists a year. Yeah. Hospitalized. Every time I see change you are willing to think about it sends a season of hard knocks refusal seasonally compartment rapping along to the like Jefferson physically to want to say it ain't it and he was so it was like down man. Did you think you and your music I. Jay why you thought you really don't zero saying there's only we know that nobody could live leases and rap music or something it was something about it. Jim rapping along to that Lincoln Park song and I know many recipes I guess that's not the rapper ever. 20% this tips and things and he's flipping retire over. You know. That was a Smart move but she's RJ got some of those defensive guys early they do not that that's good do that early in the game possessing you know you don't have to do those guys if you don't have to. Still early in the season bush still early. But as of right now there's good as anybody. As of right now. I don't know I. Record power rankings and the best rocker panels and investing so let us now. Sun go down my neck right I'm not. Half of things do not know why we got to go back and look and see what every good team who they blame what teams we have in common. It's still darling it's still early but right now they're as good as anybody if anybody came. Where did notice that she's had to go anywhere yeah personally and don't play the G zero. Well better than average chance of me. Yeah I think the Packers look like they're pretty good that she's certain number one on most people's power rankings and strengthen the falcons are number two that's a good team. And the passion and anybody we cinema symbolism and real Detroit had them beat and you know I mean they didn't and animal being. The Packers or whatever drink yeah. Packers are three Eagles are four in the trees and railings and they looked really good and and it got the Steelers. The violence and cheese yeah airlines are right loose Steelers as my phone only us. Lines man. I lost tourism information just just show us. I think there's good and that's a team I think can beat anybody on any given day and just let it be known they won't. Three on. Amazon and other there are three tier yeah. On a Michigan State and things. Mahesh. Yeah there's a vegetable only can select. Not a race for the weekend. That passes. One other man or yeah. That's for minor or old are you sure that's where last few months text saying that 10% physical Tony percent. Just says those four miners on the rapper turned know he. Steel and a lot on the line. The guy or more miners that guy from Lincoln Park all right we're not gonna have checks and has a good endurance thing judges did an indoor Z Bo. They should direct message Miley soon in my own done right it's gonna nor does he really wanna coming out. Yeah listen Portuguese man. Insertion well. Yeah. I think I got a good chance as anybody don't you. Learned that the husband of hers fiance whatever they're hands. Okay. That matters to me. You'll talk about that aside fine but first let's talk about this. Miami Dolphins off offensive line coach. Chris forced her. 24 years of coaching experience now. And wasn't doing. Cocaine I Nomo when I mean what are you doing I don't understand. What we felt why do you feel yourself doing something illegal. First of all and then. Why send it to a strip wise. Are none of that makes any sense so Chris Forsberg. I mean is was he trying to like let her know that the offensive line coach for the Miami Dolphins apparently Zoran highest paid assistant coaches in the NFL. A ready made like two to three million dollars a year I'm. Make good money and he filmed himself I guess. The dolphins. Are wary as we get to go into a meeting with the team. And he films themselves with a bunch of lines of what world assuming as cocaine. And New Zealand so aside from amazing to have these sorts of before enemies talking to this girl. Timid this is the introduction and everything we can activists are gonna. About me going into a meeting in doing this for a go look at his. His whole. Style is terrible bill is coming unraveled. The lines are straight watch this. He seeks. To falls out of his nose got to looks fun and he agrees look under pressure. So as the as the big rains on but I miss you miss you'll watch. There. Is. Yeah cook. So well this looks like it's gonna be awhile before we can do this again from cheaper than the neither version and do it. Ambitions yeah we get together which it's so much less than an important thing. Should it. To prepare. And. It's. I had no idea. I want you to an audio me doing that every time before I don't wanna push is coming here under oath. Would have an effect on me. That you wanted you cope when you watch from doing that of course. Because and I'm at CNET movies and stuff. Doesn't it at all when I watch Marcos or wolf of Wall Street don't think it. Which also makes you not want to do regularly you realize how stupid is something new about this guy does do and have liked initial thing is like oh man that looks delicious. But then the second part of that is our man this guy has lost everything over cocaine and a stripper which by the way yes I'm not gonna lie you kids. People lie you all the time little senate drugs aren't fond and blah Obama blonde now okay is a lot of fun. The problem is. Eventually. The fun ends and you end up snorting it into your own cell phone camera as you send it. To someone. That is cool really going to releases. It is a horrible idea. So does not start today to elect a man that was fun although glossy lied to me at call me in four years when you don't have a job. And you're in jail. Yeah and Wachovia you know we get all of out of an underground your always so you got you always got to find more Coke. You're always trying to find more tell you go to bed which is until sun comes up and I ruin your life. Right is supposed to be a work in two hours you think well participatory thirty minutes thirty minutes for us on Twitter in this will be fine if I get. I just seem to close my eyes for awhile like Anna say collateral we find no that's not how or not. So it's. I many has like man baby I miss you its memory snorted Coke off each other's innocence hunch I'm not sure slush or any. My you know what I'm a woman by it does sounds less than romantic to me. I can't tell us Canada and when you stand in that video you know whether what it no matter what you're addicted to. Enjoyed commentator shot in this room we did shots like I just you know I'm in my view okay this is illegal so a company with the FaceBook video. This stripper I think you I don't know how to say her name and his I've only seen it written. It looks like kulana. Need Gerri we'll turn. That's my best guess co wanna. I she says I really don't do this often but since this NFL Sunday let's talk about these coaches folks here let's notch and then she wrote energy was seen Christopher Forester Miami Dolphins offensive line coach and he does the waving a Mozy hey honey are you still high and. So. She wrote welcome to my NFL Sunday event after posting a video a coach going skiing before practice. Apparently some people reached out to and ask why why did you release this video of him. She put out a statement. From. And this guy a robber. Little I don't know we works for. Specifically conceive round. Tom says that tell a lot of major outlets are trying to interview this woman but she's wanting money billionaire real. He did coach sent out a statement saying that he's resigning he says quote I'm resigning my position with the Miami Dolphins. And accept full responsibility for my actions I wanna apologize to the organization in my sole focus is on getting that help that I need with the support of my family and medical professionals. Well you know ones I've got to thank god known is Merrill stats but I got to drink uniter and get a lot of support from the wife and to add that we. And the dolphins followed up with a statement of their own said we were made aware of the video late last I have no tolerance for this behavior. After speaking with Chris this morning he accepted full responsibility we accepted his resignation effective immediately. Although Chris is no longer with your organization we will work with him to get the help he needs during this time. Hoping Xena be funded job pasted through going on here judged not going to be easy and so they mass stripper why. Why you released this why did you break the sex workers code of ethics. People think they can trust a sex worker you know it's like a doctor there should be a no level of some sort oath. She says the white people mad at me like I forced to blow down this man's nose and like I recorded it on the low motion picture to point. No those are his habits and he recorded himself and sent it to me professing his love. So quick to make excuses for him but will roast a minority player over an aunt dumb dog fights we need domestic issues at Sarah. But you all keep saying all live matters. ST a few. Com. You receive picture. She gives room while Oklahoma Oregon now that I have back panel want to lose I don't really have much to lose but she speaker. Acts that might be a pervert won't. Imagine her saying hey come on let's let's do some coaxing a cameo in she's due year. Oh. Well. But guys don't film yourself known confident doing illegal things but I kind of feel oh my side for Chris Forster now. I mean I know always have that. That that he was with her there. You know she's. She's she's something I mean obviously that's a parolee flattering photo book. Don't but again. You know. Don't here's. It started out as a story of don't do cocaine and it was gonna get back to a story that always comes back to slim fast and others put an end. Don't follow over the sex worker. Some fast as I haven't allowed an apparently so was Chris Forster. And I'm looking at pictures of remind I'm just saying. As a rule of thumb is not a good idea to follow with a stripper. That's just it doesn't mean I can't always work out. Just as a solid rule of thumb. Trying not to do that. And because you don't have to. You know you don't have to. Well no not real roller coaster ride though if you do that not askew from more than. You can just go to the same club every day. And never have to call or text or anything else. But I don't want to amend them or your time. He was too so in order to keep the relationship with her. All you have to have is a little bit of money in an afternoon for. He was doing Coke before meeting. Let's Obama and employment is like going to a meeting of the Odyssey is all fired up non menstrual polarize often literally got damage dollars and climbing up secure as you know even if somebody talks about Coca asserts there. Broke my nose is not feeling generally that. He starts screaming you know a lot of crappy area. People offer you Coke. When I don't know like this weekend were you go to now has never comes up about a little circles I was talking to some itemize and I mean in my mind that's very 1980s of people I know people don't and I haven't done it who. Twenty years on its so funny this is in Miami he's I don't know what he's always talked to a Miami I thought to Joel Zumaya and everybody in general Miami serpent their surprise some right and then this guy is. Coach in the NFL. Make it two and a half to three million dollars a year according to these are readily available he's snorting Coke you must think it's any good before meeting it's no it's not a big deal. I mean Odyssey SE Lotta people do now with what pot smoker their cars before they go lower court and I think it's no big deal maybe Miami that's oak focus. Truth so I'm gonna do not move to Miami. That said don't move to Miami thank you broke now Russ and everybody thinks no causes some really funny name. There anxiously amount you know we had daughter and California are in the name snow probably come up with a silly name form. And to tell you the truth you could once in awhile live out your name around us you know how can we never come in here and just. Throw around all he does does not let us. So gonna have you ever done blow. Stop. Okay no and you ever done blow pay or only am listening now I haven't. You got fifty feeling nausea not perfect by criminals and up purposes. You're clearly know your nickname smoke don't wanna put there's an ice cream. Have you ever done it before work like not DJ and I know you've done it gee Jane I'm sure I mean I don't know but I just assume but what about like if you were coming here. Yes Matthew have come line. Never no never never you never stayed up all night and then said I'm not gonna be a loosely there are times and missed had to keep going and then come to work well. I don't believe him of course overly relying. Why don't you tell the truth what's it what's the worst. I've heard you tell what do you source and it happened we just watched a video stores are I don't know why I'm asking him what's the worst thing to happen if he. Opens up about it I've heard you tell people speak. Some Coke and that's one thing in just. Already read me real well look I've got to know is that I guess yeah it adds up. I cannot understand I'm never heard of so is that a Prada phone that it. I told him he's out of from I've never heard him agree with him about. Would you rather be busted is the coach. From Miami with the cocaine video that you send your stripper girlfriend which sucks you lose your job over that everyone knows. You did a dumb thing he's in a video of yourself to blow to a stripper. Or would you rather be part of their reckon more he Sichuan saw us gang. The riots. In Los Angeles and around the country and I'm pickle wreck. What do you think is worse it's gonna be RT George has. Oh rad. Right. Womack I'm might be technically Asian I wanted to blame this entire thing on white people. This is. No I'm not such. Horrible. Com. Well well. Here him again this was the right for the assess once so for people who didn't hear. Because of the popularity of brick and Maury. And their episode about such wants us perhaps multiple episodes he hasn't answered texting I. Will be the first to admit I'm not familiar. Mcdonalds agree did you bring back sash wants us a limited amount of Sichuan soft sell people apparently Ricky Moore he fans flooded the stores. Trying to gain access once sauce and yelling at employees and they didn't have enough sash wants us. Rioting at some locations. I mean look at all these people. Because there's no such sauce. I mean water. I'm done so mcdonalds actually had to put out a state owned by the way I'm ironically. The rich and forty fans were complaining to McDonald's saying you should have told us before hand that you had such a limited amount of such wants are sure this is unacceptable you should have made it. A public knowledge. Which locations what happened and how much they would have so McDonald's has set eyes in this is really from McDonald's. To our customers and social on saws lovers yesterday we were truly humbled by the amazing curiosity passion and energy. This community showed it to welcome back sash on sauce. Even if just for one day saying Q a million times over who who between the costumes the means and the prostate travel use the fans showed us what you got. And our super limited that should go well intentioned clearly wasn't near enough to meet that to meant. Not cool. We agree so we're gonna make this right in the last 24 hours we were to open any portal necessary and it worked. Sichuan sauce is coming back once again this winter and instead of being one day only and limited to select restaurants were bringing more a lot more. So that any fan who's willing to do whatever it takes for sash wants us. Law only have to ask for it at a nearby McDonald's. We want to make this right you're some of the best fans in this or any dimension. And we plan to deliver on that promise. As soon as possible stay tuned to your friends of McDonald's. You have to you have McDonald's. I would affirm we found the has put out a statement to say quit acting like decks. Grow up move out of your parents basement. We get it you like the cartoon is a big fan you got the teacher. Leave our part time employees alone stone unless you stop harassing them jumping on counters screaming at them. And rioting. At stores. I think you may be using word riot little loosely. I don't know what happened this riot I'm not the one who used it. Apparently the police were called for riot at McDonald's. The senate is. And rabid fans. McDonald's has to promise more Sichuan sauce. The great Sichuan sauce revolted when he seventeen took a turn on Sunday Nemo McDonald's. Its powers that be no doubt terrified at the scenes of chaos of participating locations relented racan Moreno noted Tara nor I don't wish. I don't know McDonald's and socialism I don't know exciting. Tonight. Anomalies guys are I don't American morning. Not really. Well McDonald's is gonna bring it back. You will go from a man and a gold. Oil I mentioned at the American morning fans American morning right. Net at all. Well let's shoot it. How people can claim that I don't know how many people can claim a galling going on succeeding in getting it done I say good deal. It was a noisy Kasagic huge fan anywhere is the shirts. Whereas American morning shirts. Saga about how he's. He was upset that they didn't have the Sichuan sauce here in Kansas City he's the one who brought it to my attention this morning's solutions to their gonna get more this winter. Later just moved to Denver something that right now. He's making stuff I like this so when I'm now these people annoy me BC debate because stepped on it. He came out of the sauce packet. But on the grounds stepped on Ed and all these fans jump on the grounds are licking it off the ground. Cool. Cool. Like what went wrong when you. Must be cool to be part of something you know. I don't even know we're trying to room. You know it's like we talked to someone's parents who are Woodstock. Know think about that. Someday some kids. Be talking their friends' parents were there. That day lake Sichuan saw soft the ground at a McDonald's California. I'll wait is this the video. You know because it's just people ha the bearded guy of all areas of Pakistan Jesus man there must be. 3000 people outside this McDonald's now. Outweigh I think I see it here it goes against opponent. Now I don't know I didn't see anybody smash and how do you walk around. I think you're smarter than everyone else in your looking sarbanes and smarter than everyone else's. He just as you feel inferior because you don't keep up with the show. Yeah I'm an employee there I think it is dome. Like all right. Hum. The only thing I like to see. Mole hills grab can you. A cause and then I really don't follow it up and down but I think makes a judge so I may really proud I mean I've never really stood for anything you know another baby boomers today. Only xanax or Israel should really do any thing. And then you know it's nice of cinema one feels really taken you know the world by the balls and making sure you know hey. This is where it sat. We want some thing. We make it known Elie one that I love more needles. Commissioned this kind of stuff and changing the color of your. Twitter profile I mean these are. There's things we should be proud. Are Americans. I'm proud of them just like I'm proud of you for all your serves and call of duty some fast it's been a part of the change you wanna see in the world right right. They wanted to have you changed but they made it happen month. Now they did. It short on a giant corporation layering dolls are made him. And then me. Saudis such wants Oscar for your. It's. With the employees looked thrilled. I look excited. To be fair that's also are look when there's no one here. Nice. Hello. And scratch and everything to. Not good I feel like you stretching because your body's just so well by the fact that this is that it. Federal holidays you'd also work for the first time in your belt includes. Just regret lament. Non non no they took this holiday away from us at least a year or two ago. Oh seriously intercom got woke about Columbus genocide is that we're not celebrating that. I don't know what their reasoning behind it is it could just be financial but we don't get the chaos anymore. Indigenous people today they were not being. If it cheaper better football than everybody else that's pretty sweet. Did they seem to be as good as anybody. I think they're better than average. Flatly. If we get the that in a second and I didn't something else or would show up like the sort of vintage. Nick right sports no should sell. What would like being pretty deep in debt. Like all a player that I thought aides are gonna catch up what Tom Brady would be very good. Robert of like quarterback or your ball don't see it happen. Now. While making that decision that age is going to catch up with. The one of the two greatest quarterback ever and talk more on that in a moment to the other. Put in the Super Bowl 35 year old big band against a pretty picture old Eli and and those guys seem to be finished playing. The right idea agents are Opteron name. Did you mean. What that is that batting higher class civil war. You like the old perverts that are all and it's. Like their job done I'd forward we picked two of them to go to the simple and one of them to win the MVP would give a damn sharing. And it's not helping when Brady doubt they're just being amazing. That they are kept up will be that I is that the athletes are brought here. Do you think big in Ottawa ball. Now I don't think he's done well biter that. Five interceptions I've but I feel like there's a lot going on that team to yell like. It. Brady's awesome but take him out of the equation but. And I know you're guys there and you love home but something's going on in its various system isn't working is starting to fall apart. Yeah and you know why are and I made life. Tomlin. Told that means in the Lott who. Court thanks for waiting for the themselves because he knew this team has bearer of Bergen opinions on the dance from protests. And he needed to keep that in owls so people couldn't see it in splintering apart and then and that he has not been. Like that this team all the field and security issues that you know it's on the ground they are swiping at each other publicly say let me belting out that you were taught to. In what may yet have a anymore. They need that kind of ripping itself well part of the scenes as we speak. Which I think centers which apple could be happening in the in the giant. I mean old notebook is legs so that angry they're owned by their finish in the care of the charters. That are bidding war where he was it. So even if you don't. I agree with my LeBron James or that in about our objectives is just an analogy to get there. You understand. I think what were on the bat that well wherever I am not saying he's the most accomplished basketball player like that. That might be Jordan IP Corina might be Russell. You know since we just. Right. That is what I now think about quarterbacks. I think armory is the most accomplished quarterback ever. That that I'd ever do that there. Art of the Egyptian. You just small. School. And let's look very hard catered for the global all of Saturday that scene like that and that you know who Craig had all the and that may at all. The world book Opel. You might get the muscle. Marino sailors. What an impact Marino. We're. Yeah I think there's an argument recently as the best actual quarterback of all time but I mean c'mon man. Brazen as quarterback of all time I get it. You got a picture you just can't say that because it doesn't elicit debate but. Have. I've been angry he's the best quarterback ballpark for you years. I now believe there rocker operate at higher levels even great he ever did. He had doing what it really know why. Like boring it would nobody's too but he also the law he you know he that you get cocky error and it the year like. Error it's cool he I mean in the last two seasons. The league lead in touchdown captured Jordan Elton and second place is a lot they Adams for the common partners are able and their doctors. JUO. One year you know you've never. Make it slot receiver. You've never easy never great running back like I think Rutgers just fumble and showed again yesterday. Look what he did it outwards but I think it's hurt. John thanks Brady has a better supporting cast on offense. And then nearer no. All right well Richards of scored ten more points in the packers'. OK that I mean that's fine that's part of that because their defense is stopping anyone sort of getting more production. Part of that happenstance. Like part of that competition I mean short. But I did you are not vital thing where he. But I don't think I think over the last I'll figure where you definitely they're supporting cast off. Not to mention. Enormous coaching like we. The debate bat first and second that I just think Roger's on the real like to watch and play every Sunday and then we get against the chiefs who. Like who couldn't swallow this India is my question. We talked about I think they're as good as anybody but that doesn't mean night Mike. I think it's too early to say the best team football who knows. But it can't be too they're always in the back but I think we're well there is a best team we just don't know who it is yeah we don't know who cheats if we don't know. What what we do. Like I I art rejected permits are they've won every game and none of them have been to quote. OK well then using that. Then bradys the best quarterback ever. We do know he's won more games and more championships. Just went through a huge so look weak. About being the most decorated and winning the most things doesn't make you the best. And then I turn around and say I'm not sure who the best team is and you say that the best record is clear what you're an idiot. Partner and that partner really weird thing to say you should write down it takes before you give them. It's not a weird thing at all if that is the distinction you apple. All right well then maybe we don't know who that she's applied their competition wise. There's gonna read back everything you just said to me we try to decide who the masters. And it's billions you're looking better she'll be the difference that has the distinction that you absolutely can draw on individuals but our confidence. And he is not Becker and that's the exact same thing every time no matter what with individuals but not what he's saying out. I say you have to two and cross examination of the chiefs of play it and move the Packers have played. What the offense is more like what the defense is look like what who the Eagles have played with the dolphins look like what the defense is look like. The Panthers and falcons both good teams out there I think that she can beat any government to just say they're the best no matter what I think that's a little ridiculous. Let it I know you're. Because my guy in Newton for all intents and purposes ended Matt Stafford beat and I know you're. But I haven't exchange for new. We're here thing anyone's saying there are out of overlaps staffers categorically insane. So how rent right now it does it mean that they would be league MVP separate once again. We'll be different global war. Like that that I heard it was going on here now like it would build recovered from. I did it. Are they. This guy. No obvious I thought that she's the best in football really play next week. This Steelers worked at one of the Steelers beat him. Just open up the Steelers are all a part of the seems. Brothels are all are or what OPEC. I second the Steelers are falling apart Tomlin gay people locker room together Roethlisberger is clearly over are done. They can't talk to each other and that she's the best team in football period so. But she sure I'm innocent that's an event. This is like. That this is like does a Super Bowl champion against you know Lazare. Very easy walk from the chiefs. Any get them on the lot while. I mean we can't give up those types of guarantees. We dig the chiefs didn't. And. General back and listen and reason just like I make no sense whatsoever. Or do you just trying to solicit. Would you know what might take certainly segment with you there. Dwells. And they are trying to I turn apple it made it done. A good idea. A lot ability if you are a lot of I think the undue. Here's unsettled yes I think that she's are as good as anyone but I don't know I think the Panthers might be is god I think they Eagles might be is gonna. You know there's teams out there that seem to be pretty goddamn go to we'll find out. Whether any day we're gonna play anybody any week the Packers whatever I think that she's had just as good a chance to beat them as they do anybody else. And got like what I'm chart so you lose. The chiefs are on pace to go undefeated never got a lead on pace faster reform law and so suck on those that. That's about enough and you motion and anything that. And. Com on under rated. The Jack for that Jeff and Jack. Are well right now either tied or or outright lead in their division and our strategy has been this year just don't let our quarterback. Our football all except for any and all the running back like it did you see what was portals what's portal to. We're eight for fourteen inning game he won by under. And don't like they're in did you see what are born when he waved on the. That was awesome did you guys see that yeah I just that was awesome. That would all but he's at pump blog know that live up on an app called on NATO unfortunately I Jack. Why did the vice president the United States. Like I'm still having trouble wrap it matter what I'm hopeful all respect it is really good. Yes I mean it's crazy. But we talked about all that but. Could well aware that. In Kansas City so. Yes and I think it's so lap what you technically. Were you points for being at all. What do you think what winds for the undefeated achieved against the real intense looks were sent in and said. Story. There. Well it seems are banged up right now right I mean who's gonna be back next week even now I don't know who's going to be that I'm not certain. I thought I should be better just one of those things like what you watched the game last night due to additional left everybody in the game that late in the game. When you're dot. But I would mean he read like style points and I'm look and I'm not delving into reviewed more in the regular season the playoff hole but got a lot of them but. He's been so much on that he and so much on. I'm as the world was watching it in bacon between itself and it always. I know why apple think they're 500 team that I actually have announced that it pride my hometown I think there'll them. I think our overall I think for an onslaught of I think Alex met right now the season ended today in the league MVP. And my thought being taught me and I don't remember feeling and you talked about you said trail excellent. Yes he said trade him in star packed an announcement there was nobody could thrown on the ball on the field. And as long as unanimous quarterback you're never going anywhere. So just start the rebuilding process now that popular guys that blow. The brakes and Jerry Jones. Let's figure this out real quick maybe he's pretty economies got some wins under his belt you know. Coming off a good season damn near won a playoff game but this guy. Finish it out Stewart thousand and I remember talking someone. I feel it was like some sort of national sports guy who's got a TV show. Sent that was the stupidest thing ever bottom and maybe it was. That would that would may end. I'm glad your bringing it up because you're welcome to Kansas City obviously like them incisive commentary motivated Alex. That was in the white he'd never been before let you know what. Some of the bitches on the radio on here talking about Beijing in the financial why did you finally not gonna be checked out Charlie. And how the teams you know and clearly the best in the book all so you're welcome. I think it's this best quarterback. But. Wherever it all purple. Yeah I don't. We have got depleted nets regular. It Alec may have integrated these and any quarterback ever actually got to better partner you'd think. No quarterback ever had eleven touchdowns no picks went by gains but that doesn't burn other day. Ballot but he like everyone is smarter Burton was into the conversation thank you connect. But it.