Monday, 10.16.17 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Monday, October 16th

  • 0:00 - Headlines
    • Snowcone had a rough weekend
    • Trump says Obamacare is dead
    • New Jersy teacher tells students to speak 'American'
    • Chiefs finally lose
  • 29:34 - A lot of fake outrage over Al Michaels comments during the game last night
  • 43:44 - After Harvey Weinstein, some men in Silicon Valley are afraid of meeting with women. Enter The Rock Test.
  • 59:31 - Sports with Nick Wright
  • 1:15:58 - On This Day in 2015

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So righteous man. On all sides. Children you'll ma'am. Well leave dark. Was strike zone up on the. Sorry what's wrong. Your headphones plugged in. Sorry I tossed over the I didn't realize until last minute. We were homeless. I. What are you doing. Same thing you say you are saying what are you doing. I actually have no idea. What I'm doing. Look you know I don't usually as good uneventful you sign. And the boys was doing its tactics on. And we manage trying to. She risen right. So pumpkin patch is June. And power play. WW we literally to do list. I'm. My new music bond might you know. We go to a discotheque attorneys and. No but I'm sure that things this. How I'll play its entire sure. Certainly could you please meet Jackson. Feels like it to 83 are on the same page in Jerusalem and share. Can't really remember when house. It's brings us back to Friday. And remember Friday. I got a baseball you know at a baseball game you at a baseball game and Univision and then there was no costume party was Friday and but shot show and a football game. So that was exciting. Thanks don't come to watch. Thanks Tom. Johnson really good football news on the one you gotta come once you went to his home and just went electable and yeah video consumer baseball line. All those years of me not really knowing how to parents who have just go to the batting cages. Golf pay less spades miner hats pins. Bases loaded just flushing amenity outfield. And once it's a film jumps shots. Afternoon out in time. One man batting cages let's do more relaxed. The last match more batting cage rage. Jane forget about math that's enough to make any difference come on man and I'll work my friends. We'll Fuhrman and digital World Series man unit mash. But after work on this complete game right a complete game my man. And I I have this goal of one can play in World Series and can play a Super Bowl. Same year. About back to Lisa. You done angles like not know I'm no judgment on all my dreams visions. And Ireland and Jersey soon. Jenna just. Just got. If you got nothing else your gun and four. I mean the thought is for us tonight. Seasonal work. Lot of responsibility. Lot of questions and answers to. Minute hundred asked the question. Well events and should ask your question. Don't have to have manager says some community. Data can't sleep I'm scared. Freedom meantime we're going to damage to come here. Oh yeah. That's mansard need to somebody holding parent. I. And I have no hopes or goals or aspirations life seems meaningless. Yes you Simons from. Well you and check in with trump. What do you do at times this guy. So tell you all right ONN. Great Latin. Women and women and you have problems ladies and cash. Yeah. Nothing not used to. You can help you win. Anyone talk about sometimes it feels good just to get off your chest and now I'm a bad partner. Your medal partner and that partner. I'm a good partner first and fast and the bad partners for anyone else I believe just not a great partner. You know I mean. And you know I guess it. All right. It's absolutely you don't like girls anymore. Just. Same old stuff. Must talk about it. John's arm and I got him on an island maybe you do if you do you do to feel free work here for you. And I and nobody listening. I soldier I think I'm back part. That's my draw down from your good partner yeah. Again you know the thing about me. As a husband or boyfriend or whatever is I think I'm a good partner does that make sense which makes it even worse when your back partner. Did you take like our men look at me. I'm on good partner and then people lay out. What it means he could hardly reasons why not a good until I die out. I invited little and then she wouldn't you yeah you should do. My goodness. At some that I. Assisting coming. She cheated on media. Saying. Yeah. Stop the music. Amber heard finally got to go into the whole situation is on the question of seeing coming to happen again. Socks but a bit of back. To share via. They're okay every other time. Yeah. It's begun any plan this. And how you do allow a sign up for that. Talk space. Are you talk to the surface or tax JS like that apple and over. A sign up that's so open that helps. Leary and there's some really don't know why you should know better than me I know him. That's what I'm thinking right by the guy Doug Newsom schools though when that person talking to is also talking your girlfriend yeah. Just former page has a good chance that's it. He's amongst them who has a really good chance that pages telling you all just move the upper end. So how'd you find out. I mean she she told me. Well I'd gotten too and she needs to do better job once I put it together and I. My doesn't detective work on some detective work pretty much yes but issued a denied they were your allotted to get to continue and like when you're not picked up I would you remind me I don't know now probably not I was pretty yeah. As a general an option to come from yeah see that play. She and the bench. So. Rock of let me ask you this is justices question. Conroy Fraser's. She sees value before right right. I don't know how many times a real young couple maybe I don't know we'll multiple times here. Isn't life. 'cause I always look at life. Breaking up with a significant other right here and girlfriends are getting a divorce or whatever. The more times you deal with whom. I easier it becomes. Because. You don't win right now. Like if you ride a bike you fall off when your kid the first on this fall off Felix reaches the most I have ever been in in my life right yeah it is going to kill me and that happens to like somewhere around sixth grade right let you go kiss a girl and she's like your disgusting or whatever. Well you just served on Friday at the state party in Monday's dating someone else's life. Everything starts spinning right and you're like oh my god. Well that's the first one right you have to get in the seventh and eighth and ninth and and in college and as you move through life. Like you know it's like the third time he fell off the vital to fifth time is of the budget kind of get eaten yet and doesn't mean that it doesn't hurt but. You know what to expect from the pain. You say you get knocked down you get up again. Data weigh on the mound and Jumbo lumber away that's. Yeah Ryan I know it's what I'm saying like it doesn't hurt his back so it is with the same person and they cheated on you once that first time's gonna kill you. But in a second time we find out about it as little Alaska's July maybe more because I says why I'm a sentiment. Yeah. And I definitely feel dumb because of initiatives in the coming and it's. Multiple times balance and part of its muscle in on I mean why why would your vote will decide let her keep doing. You know what I mean like this happens what incentive. Has this a preamble to the first time. The first time the second time. You know you're right hopefully it's. It's easier. Or he's asking you. Does it feel less this time and ended the first time. Probably and it's still sucks. It's still early herds bud. I think yeah I think. Over the course of the few days abilities. Right. For the first child is right yeah well this is like no decisions and I know that hopefully on building get over it a prize fight or you know the first time begin another I am a guy hits you write a den he hits hard in the bottom fourth round like Arnott I don't know what to expect a guy that is trying to. Figured out still sons. All of this. Newsom found sister happy inappropriate relationships could see him. Smug bastards and in the years modern bastard. You know that I don't perfect track record. You know I. Obviously you not allow us. Apparently money might says rejection he just such recent judges comforting after the first time since you respond. Appreciate it. If you take this whenever you feel right now. If you take this you can just tell yourself. This is how you're supposed to feel Tony 477 days a week for the rest your life. Then like little things will be awesome. Is your saying your leaders like this is baseline. Baseline socks. As well I am then you know like. Amid grim make you happy Arab peace tardy we're making rapid in the break room Suzanne you know there's like that so much better than what I feel right prisoners sent. Right. Having to be clearly we broke up he blessed us and we'd be here to look up or down. Mean hopefully. Welcome to say I said that before the bud does my lips his Sunday meeting unless you kind of seeking out help the spot which have been. Should be beneficial. Experience. People. Leaving greater. A student. Tips and tricks how to navigate this crazy world. It's got also sound. See you. See you. It's okay. Most of arms and pastry basically did the got to have a program here. And when it comes in to tell you stuff you just know them and some believe there are flush. What would you like to say it would be nice though he said actually talked with their procedures do concludes this hour of the tournament earlier price turns later. Enjoy your eyes I'm just saying sometimes you might be hesitant to take our vice. Emmons a Sunday here. I wish I could have that. You know you talk to your friends or family so you better off without her you know she's in person. I wish they have that in my head like I'm so better off without this is great like this is a blessing in disguise those. And no it's horrible and does my people tell you that prompted it to the female and all manner as such. She is super hot and conical. That could have been your one cup of coffee brown we're sorry I screwed that up for the incident attitude as they like you even if they feel like yeah. I'm and I just really loves everybody is an assailant a man is so much better off. It really. Okay. Lynch. I think he's trying to work now. What it was one. Given the chance. Boy you could just say a woman Cochrane. Usually I'm really. After this many times usually we should really think about. Opening up our patients have a preference to people I feel like you've done that and I don't either not play I couldn't play any game but I'm not limit same rules of itself if we're just make this some sort of rules that would be cool that would help. Is a good lows on the losing end it and then can't figure now. Chuck this puzzles whom religion. I'll put some innocence mutiny. On their feet and broke. Action trump says help is any effects because until the baucus is bunker is dead stop talking about it. It's not a saying so stop saying now word. There right now having emergency meetings to get a short term fix a health care. Where premiums don't have to double and triple every year like they've been doing under obamacare does Obama cares finish instead these guys. It's no longer Indonesia and even mention it's got. There was no such thing as obamacare in mind is. Hey guys this years ago did you console they couldn't have worked. Its best days of the newborn. But we're working on some kind of a short term fix prior to. The Republicans getting in the navy was some Democrats again it's obstruction but maybe that's some Democrats to fix. That they so call health care let's column will accomplish something let's call it health care. Should not happen anymore. Healthcare and there's there's some problems. I haven't. And you're saying is Obama cheered and he just give credit card is just on the amount and he signed an executive order trying to funded right but does that mean minute. He's its debt. And he says MSU isn't really that. Not yet but it's hanging out going to hang on by a threat a couple more insurance moon. Groups that have you know dropped out of the. Insurance lots of different states. Rare and I think some Blue States we're gonna soon saying hey. And you're not only want is still a long time. You need to Sunday. Did you see and that was at the White House meeting this morning when he had a meeting with the sun staff and Preston and let. Did you see him. Speech in the Rose Garden when they were asking about. Drug companies and Howell who's gonna get prices down and he called up Mitch McConnell are. This is pretty good and you can if you could see the look on Mitch McConnell space. It's pretty amazing he says. Drug companies contribute massive amounts of money to political people many turns round additional Palestinian right next who says maybe even knew Mitch I don't know. I think it's. But that you guys. He. So the insurance companies have made a fortune with a obamacare an absolute fortune. As you know what I did with the cut set the end which we're all going you know you're talking about hundreds of millions of dollars a month going right into the pockets of the insurance companies. And I'm very happy with what I did. And because of that people are talking now Democrats are talking the Republicans for a short term taking care of what we will call healthcare so that people can. Have good health care without. Big spikes you would have had massive spike you already have I mean every year. The message spikes to obamacare bit ridiculous. As far as and I had didn't speak to rich about this today but a priority of mine and you know that this is coming up. Will be the cost of prescription drugs we've got to get the costs weighed down. Weighed down and those drug companies say you have the insurance companies a 21 days in the case actually with regard to both you have the drug companies. They contribute massive amounts of money. Two political people I don't know mich maybe even to you but I have to tell you take it. I don't know sound. And Mitch McConnell spaces. You know the face it makes it's loaded gun down. Oh yeah ice. Bridges and shown little. The match. TV news of the. Just got to excel. You know prescription drug prices. Sending local health care. We'll have at all. Did you see that guy who was captured you know three years ago on brought back. Stanley was captured and tell them and they were brought back last week when it was record as the ones. He said. That certainly told them trump was president and Stacy didn't believe it. So I just thought is that what they do is they have to do these. Time stamp videos like he has to let. The family and friends know they still alive so his captors will. Make your video and talk to about current events that you know right it's true stated this is an old video and he's still alive because and this this guy Joshua boil. Said that he didn't have any outside information they use him or give any outside information while they're being held captive very very little. Well at least they didn't know who the new prime minister of Canada was. But when he had to do this video. The captors told the Donald Trump have been elected president he said that he took the thomas' Joseph. Cody didn't even enter my mind that they were being serious but. There can never expected to. It's wells. Teacher in New Jersey tells students to speak American. And it's you know we've got soldiers fighting overseas for their right to speak American. Not other languages are. I'm okay. I thought it was really disrespectful. Because I'm Hispanic and that's just that's not right. There's gonna learn a little. Good to feel attacked can be little by someone who believes an educator if we was speaking Spanish in the hallways and she hired a speaks Spanish she would like say are about like no you can't speak Spanish. So apparently those students and city New Jersey high school walked out of class this morning in protest of the teacher. She's a apparently demanded money you heard the audio. She's saying that they're fighting spirit to speak American not Spanish but she apparently demanded as soon stop speaking Spanish instead speak American. Teachers should apologize. According to students she didn't only if Anthony's shoes and a whole community. I'm not asking her to lose your job and if she doesn't feel comfortable working with people speaking a second language and she should go someplace else. Students who just. Just this morning when I recommend getting in trouble for. Speak Americans. Kids books in school of government is in trouble maybe they didn't. I was probably oblivious to there I've plus struggle. As he. Privilege like. Obviously it. And that she's came yesterday. Yeah you know Lawrence industry today. And bad day for a little. The bank chiefs genius that was tough to watch not because. It wasn't just sitting sheets. We're getting beat it seemed like on paper they were getting beat so bad if you look at the yards in the first half but. The score the whole game you couldn't turn it off because the it was still winnable game I almost wish the Steelers would have just walked away with the end and the first half sorting out the watched the whole thing. But that Antonio Brown catch dean be dean was just. Mean obviously that was the into the game. And horrible way in the game if you're she's been. I. Last season. The cheese or seventeen and three against the rest of the league foot hole. Hillary against Pittsburgh. Just sucks if you got Todd Haley standing there and then of course. I hate Big Ben I think everyone is not a Steelers and it's been then. It was a final score. Your game going a hundred sevens at 95% and we're down like 14514. Or something and brought Ali fact or 4538. To finish fourth corner are an alien open touchdown that she's thirty some final vote all the way back. And inside and it was an unbelievable game in national linesman. You might almost every man eroded to almost a climax and I'm just. So yeah. So I'm done. Do you get an IMAX. Or do you. I mean I I'm an ambition and I don't know someone else goes yeah I don't date someone else yeah. That's not soon. Maybe that's what she needs nation is he's a climax boyfriend says I just need a guy stocks all he is today. That's obvious to me and can you yeah and can. Finally her battle a man really hard so I know I'm OK look I love you I was gonna defend you there. But you can't you can't say that really hurdles that. Is that bottom line I'll kick your ass I'm out of line but you can look gives me a sense is get taken into fox which you can't say has come comment that really hurts not so. Cause I know it dives birds in god I did got us some testosterone in his somewhere. They gotta say shut up. Take it too far don't say that really her eyes shut up take it too far there you go oh. I'm saying but don't say come on man now it turns out that Jesus. Please take diagonal today. Look at me Leon. Intense campaign. And you swallow it down with the big YouTube itself bogged down here that it can come home. And it starts to come out you swallow hard or you got it back pain stays way down here. And way down you die happily have a heart attack I you know do whatever you think what you're doing now is better. I need to hear it okay. We take their name you shed no tears and you swallow it down as far as it'll go all right guys. You keep it so far. And that it could never come out how to turn me on my targets of the delays Douglas sex half. Sizzling one I've stopped all we can't have a little funny I'm not getting stuck on he was soon on purpose swallow it down. Actually I was in an off he wasn't I was trying to Jim criminalize that much. Well slowly down. Downs style you'll be. You know make you feel better. Get back out there that's achieved you get back out there. Have you thought about that and he installed tender I'm being serious enough about him back out there no are not ready for that no. McCain. Just. Sit around feel sorry for yourself forever a day I'm trying not to. Least install it. Bumble tenders and stick. Take a little luck grabbed that seven year old profile picture even use the I know he's a veteran film somewhere but the fact. Get to swipe at all right and look we JS. Nothing good. He's good. Studies done. Those questions and. Gossip talk like that and you gotta stop tacitly. Did you know the guy. This out of curiosity I. How did push Madonna and then one day seven years from now you'll be driving down the street and some dazzle cuts you off. And you'll see. So you don't have a complete wrap on Saturday ears are being asked hey I have no idea why but I swear to god. No remembered that he old god damn remember all. Okay. You you feel like given some privileged like I opinions on some news is that. Of course always pisses people off me made amends find something new latest. Ladies that is let me tell you know well some men. About Alice Walker. Let me tell you know the little something about my engine room. Well let me tell you a little something about Al Michaels. Gloria I can do this. I'm guessing your soul of the news. Al Michaels. From his face is a backlash and her comment that he made about Harvey Weinstein and more now. Follow Lal. Let's face the giants are coming off a worse week than Harvey Weinstein. And you're up by fourteen points. Only in my LA guy comes up. There is now. Well that was a big stop though for the demo bloggers who. So there ego. Sorry I well it's not a big buyer. I want Al Michaels god damn I had it on a flight how dare he measure tournament. And then make. An analogy. Back clearly is meant. To being. Not clear analogy. But somewhat facetious in the sense that. It's as was a bad week. Because if you were to look back I had are we did have a bad week. That said. Portrays fire. Well here you go firearm nears there is now I want a disaster. A lot of public apology. A line between an apology. Alana I don't know. To put up a FaceBook post. That's as he had Saturday. This guy says loves women and has no idea what happens on this guy's profile says he's an NFL scout works for Bleacher Report formally worked for Sports Illustrated. He's got out of response he's got a verified account says Al Michaels college best play by play guy in history but boy that was a big lapse in judgment that this other guy says he's responding to replying to dad's been on Twitter he says this could be the end for around get rid of them could be her out it's not the end of a mom never watching the NFL and yeah this woman says I didn't just tear Al Michaels yes we did giants are all here as we can get Harvey Weinstein all you guys really did yes it dead. Oh yes a dead. It did happen. And I want his ass. She's simply isn't true sports person to. Let's see what else we got here from Harvey Weinstein reference on Sunday Night Football a multi planet is setting good ten. I don't know why Honda. Odd I'll tell you what you know NFL's no place. For free speech. We're social commentary but yeah right now. My back I don't want any media critic Al Michaels. Out. Let's see who else you'd think Al Michaels would nobody there to make a comment like out what's wrong with people. See who this guy is. He's a mammoth common sense is what he is he's a candidate for Massachusetts governor of course that's who this guy is. Al Michaels. This person says it's worse than I thought he's got a he'd be tweets the law and I just read it it's not a target this is embarrassingly awful. Embarrassingly awful. Let's see who's this guy. He's an online producer for. I don't know what mrs. In Australia is. A while Michael's assets like this morning. Some sort of pot and I looked into this I think a bad thing image of breaking her shoulder lecture. I father saying they want to live Grasso slow. In Manhattan on you know it's put your arm and a sling Powell got a guy and asked him a break your ass got it. Must spank you so hard your asses and after honestly when you would understand his references if you had a father. This guy says you know you bring these on yourself and question all man's son he's just letting go during this guy works for MLB network and he's an NHL network Osama sports guy he says Al Michaels is what happens when you surround yourself of people that routinely laughing your bad jokes out. Al Michaels the surrounding a sub and yes man. But that's the problem is kids accuse Garrett the same thing is like man. And I'm when he tells a sex is horrible this nostalgia rich. Al Michaels. Someone says I just turn on the game to see Al Michaels apologize for this very very stupid joke. Al Michaels apologized on air quote it was not meant in that manner so my apologies apple does leave it back. A whole will we just leave it I don't know exactly why are you like to leave it lie that almost like angels Arabic. Sure it is as profiled collars. But there and then James scored and also had to apologize for once all of those son of a bench. The let down or even America you know. Late night show host said he wanted to change out looser and not as alleged victims. Back to wherever your from your son of a bitch during a charity gala he joked quote it's been weird this week watching Harvey Weinstein hot water. Ask any of the women who watched him take a bath it's weird so clearly a joke right watch RB one team has denied allegations of non consensual. I make it there. During the annual gala in LA James made a series of gags about the Hollywood producer who is facing rape sexual assault and sexual harassment claims he said quote. It's a beautiful night here in LA so beautiful heart you lysine is already asked tonight up to his hotel to give him a massage. Well I don't understand that way flight tonight so beautiful. And how so beautiful do does that asked tonight I just kind of first and fired a different America. Now cannot there actually someone from America they said I've always made it my mission until every American I mean why we hate James scored in the UK now they no longer. They know I insensitive to rack up here and sensitive side of a bit short. Your ass is mine. You'd I was gonna I was gonna well whatever arrows thrown well all New England College the unit there but today. So those words are offensive about rose I don't cause that it wasn't happy. She said he here in the audience is vile roars and laughs sure exactly what kind of Hollywood you really are. Saying why it. Rose counted on how she's got batteries don't. Cordon James is Schieffer America senior. Our issue for America I think so all right she's far. What about the that blossomed check. Didn't they make fun of fat haven't late night hosts always made fun of everyone immediately. Isn't that of course didn't they make fun of Clinton and meet all eight callers should you harassed an intern. All good all harsh. But suddenly this is. An appropriate he has to apologize Al Michaels has to apologize. Of course you Dutch. Jars and had a worse week than Harvey. To have. How will ever recover from my back. I don't understand how that just came I don't know. I'm so sorry. You're fired Michael's. That enough. The fire area polishing Carol for the third. They let you go forward which you don't. It's Al and James. I think OJ's I had to report on Barack columns were. Karl or didn't say is everything hold on how we do have blossom now you mentioned it's. Mein. Hum PR hell are we have to go oh I'd say a low blow. I'm not sure because she's a woman so I'm not sure what happens here is why don't women disagree that is set to step away. We're not allowed to comment on that I don't have an opinion. I'm not the team Barcelona team blossom I'm not sure on what we're losing our audience here because most of them were. Barely born when blossom cannot they nor from the big bank three I don't know who she plays on big mentally what's your name on Big Bang theory. Can someone figures out she plays do his girlfriend wife something. Amy OK there you go is aiming for our own Big Bang theory they ago he does nor is any from there that's right that is the blossoms are. She wrote an op Ed for the New York Times people council have to vote that that some people were okay if that's the problem what she's. She set I enter the Hollywood machine 1986 is a prominent nose awkward Kiki Jerusalem year old basically describe your version percent today backed him we didn't had been under social meet your reality TV I didn't need any of that to understand that I didn't look or act like other girls in my industry. And that I was immersing myself in a business that rewarded physical beauty. And sex appeal above all else she says nothing has been a harsh reminder that I work in an industry that profiles are sorry the profits. And exploitation of women and not just on screen. The new accusations artery once seen as a serial sexual salts are particularly aspiring young actresses though I am shocked and disgusted by the scope of his alleged. Predation say say that word jerk predator and I learned the fact that he may have been you know. Our vision of power does not surprise me in the least. I've always had an odd couple relationship but being employed an industry that profits on the objective objective dictation of women. Though pressure to deal like the pretty girls started long before her Hollywood I quickly learned even as a preteen actors they young girls. With Joseph Eisen pouting lips who spoke in high register or favored paroles by the powerful men. Who made those decisions officials abortions anything too controversial Reggie same beautiful girls you know loves. You don't have an opinion is he said something controversial world dumb ass ID number I don't I'm not seeing everybody shot it passage of what I would do is be quiet. Amanda she offended you shouldn't offend me it doesn't matter she attended people love them mad Aaron. Shot at it. To basically issue on to say that she was constantly tease about. Her. Appearance. Batter knows about her chin and and she started. Obsessing over the thought of having a nose job and a chin job. And she says she always make conservative choices he as a young ash actress largely informed by my first generation American parents were highly skeptical of the industry in general. She said she evict eventually left the business when she was nineteen to pursue pursue a doctorate in neuroscience at the University of California Los Angeles is ours and their assigned to and that's why seem so good on Big Bang theory I assume. What's her name any. Stature as a nontraditional Q when I came back to an industry that had me audition for the from B friends. But I eventually landed a role that has earned me four Emmy nominations it is a surprise. That I play in a drive and a sock were late bloomer. Or is it a surprise and she basically goes on to say if you don't want you know get molest and stuff still be sexy. So you can regressive for yourself. Why. I think that's not apart from what you read everything else and you just paraphrase that because I don't know why I'm probably not the party paraphrase a big to paraphrase up the load the top part of that. Not the bottom part of that somewhere. You know Michael's gonna we're gonna got to think ahead. Ever again. She says I've yet to fix our she says and yet I've also expressed the upside of not being a perfect ten this is you know. I'm not saying I'm offended last understand this is and you know the part that people tweeted. As a proud feminist that little desire to die get plastic surgery or higher personal trainer I have almost no personal experience that man asking me to meetings in their hotel rooms. Those of us in Hollywood who don't represent an impossible standard of beauty have the luxury of being overlooked and in many cases ignored by many empower unless we can make the money. I still make choices every day's a 41 year old actress that I think of a self protecting and wise I decided that my sexual assault is best reserved for private situations. With those I am most intimate with I dress modestly I don't actually chase is sleep with men as a policy and entirely aware that these types of choices. Might you oppressive to many on feminist women should be able to Wear whatever they want they should be able to flirt however they want. With whomever they want. Why are we the ones who have to police our behavior and a perfect world women should be freed acts are they want but our world is a perfect nothing absolutely nothing excuses man from assaulting. Or abusing women but we can't be night. About the culture we let them. And they go. An offense and some people. And I'll also law does and it was a lot some people liked it I saw some people really liked it. Some went long back and forth and women of grew like him who didn't like it. Had some I did some didn't. I don't have an opinion. All you shouldn't. We shouldn't. You have an opinion about the Al Michaels controversy filed. I can't believe you'd even think to say that. I like that tweet that says you know I read it it's even worse than I would on our worst week in RB YC. And they are up fourteen points poof. Man we in the corral my goes you edgy son of a businessman. I meaning that tell you look good today. Thanks to I have undermanned. I outlook and a we look these sects and Lauren there you always look cool and if you're an exact same thing you look better. I don't agree but I'm sure we are we're insane thing today. Pay someone said this maybe maybe they sent to both of us I know some. I think it was on Twitter nine member doesn't matter so much and this to me but because we were talking last week about. We were taught how we were both talking about. The whole. And an approach women. I am like. I don't know how to talk to girls right and you know was it are we just living in his. Time where the I'm not an Israeli and Iranian or in an immediate. Spiral very good with the ladies. Someone sent the story apparently there is an easy fix. All those questions you're asking last week about what's appropriate and what do I say to a woman if I want to take her out yeah. Please tell me so I guess. It people Silicon Valley were worried about these stories that are called hyper aware and scared of behaving wrongly. So their joint all kinds of parameters this is according to venture capitalist. Who apparently spoke anonymously. They said that some of these guys are actually avoiding meetings. Like solo meetings with female entrepreneurs like pence expense. Share avoiding potential meetings with Blake recruits in people who. You know ask for informational or networking meetings they just say no can't do. Don't know how to act. So that's not good that's what you want to have happen right you know lot. Everyone just avoiding women because they don't product. So they came up with a solution. I'm Tom reveals a little situation here so I didn't tell exactly what to say don't I'm gonna say how to how to deal with that how to approach a woman. How to handle the situation and eighty exact situations you very modern day Cyrano diversion Karen is a friend of a friend Karen yup. She recently moved here city my city your city. And she wants to network. Network. There's echoed. She wants a net no it's not told vote I'm just I'm not known trusted network. Because you are in a similar fields. Radar yes. What do men Karen there. She you're in radio so she does something in the music industry. He wants a network with you she's asked if you would be willing to go get coffee with her coffee shop. No she says she wants to pick your brain. There's just one problem no cancer for a you know what do you do it. I mean it. Do you know what's appropriate and what's inappropriate how to treat the coffee meeting I asked him what I do now what do you think he should deal. Lastly how I handled this guardian and I'll say what they tell you're supposed to do this this trick. I ask you mean there's this really happens to me in your essay why they don't care and then it comes out and ask you chose to take you to pick coffee and picks share. How do you handle that I say yes and I never show up. That's decide do and everybody. Guy girl mode are suddenly a man man morning in my house I can't make it. Busy because I just I'm not gonna around people and so I decide oh yeah let me awesome and and I never do it. And then maybe showed you know intentionally cancel Lejeune you know means for golfers from them Michael and every awesome and and I never really she gives up. Dad and then like now when it's always in my day we should raise the cost. Especially okay whatever. That's it well according to the story is a better way to do that. Well I hope to those about a way to do that when you go to this coffee meeting with Karen and you know pushed so I have to go home you're gonna go when she wants to pick your brain. You're going to employ something called the rocket tests. To be heard about this already the rocket test. By god you smaller rockets took him out thinking I. You're going to close your eyes closed under pause take a deep breath reopen them you're going to pertain Karen looks like the rock. Karen love Iraq. The rock the rock layers on news very or rock and lagged the people's elbow they like fast and furious orca fashion church rock or rock and ball Ers. Karen look a lot of talks some of the tournaments such unfair Karen looks tough strong and sweaty. She looks like a person who's working very hard to achieve her goals. Having left behind a situation that clearly wasn't working headed for bigger and better things maybe ask her about that. But do not hit honor. It looks like she could chilly with a shared that you're sitting in because she looks like the rock. You're just going to envision the rock this is kind of like Greece you know go to public speaking and I say envisioned it was an error. So here's your second scenario I saw look I'm like god Daniel like Barack Karen don't say that just think it. Imagine how like Hillary ferry were in Iowa do well I'm not saying how would you talk to the rock. You try to be a little bit you know you can't be very respectful. Possibly a little bit intimidated. My man yeah that's how you respond well Karen you lawmen. Looks like you've been working out. Care look at those arms. Situation to this is the media situation now Amanda is your business colleague. Why does somebody else now doesn't tell soon know this is a new scenario are contained as your business colleague she is a few questions about the big project that you guys are working on. She's asked you for a one on one meeting to go over some of the specifics there's just one problem yeah that problem as. Amanda super hot she's super hot she's super hot and she doesn't Wear wedding ring. Your job man who is again Adam looks like she's not merit so you know you're thinking. One issue I mean Amy maybe she'd wanna talk I'm sure rounds is a high school some sort of big project for work. I don't do bridge projects for work outside of work I'm a senior and Jerry were under projects not outside of work notices and work up this is that work. OSHA also work when me in my office or work Ashley wants to come talk TO. Oakmont that's fine I'll have a problem that she's out or a wedding ranks away she's open to talking about herb you know adventurous sex life. Went on second mean maybe she is way you draw federal laws take us all letters in my office and working on something and choose like had you don't have to me last night I've. Don't know dot triple team knows no you don't is that she's not wearing a ring so maybe you say hey you have been triple teamed us and them. While I save I don't know some guys apparently save as seems like not a Smart place to go to this article because she's now we're NN well first off and dozens amateurs I was an on site on not information I need to now. But because. It you know. I wanna know that. May be just when a teller dismissing says maybe you wanna teller about today you're adventurous sex like or share Alice Telemar Myers is sharing your latex fetish with there you should see you avenue mile signs. At triple teams for the I mentioned there's a light touch is that when I want to say were not let's imagine if that's what you're thinking this whole time as any gas demand is so hot shower and wedding ring and wanna talk to about my. Any news that is why when I talk while Patrick my none of those things and you is that I comes up that's not what I think I wanna talk about when I talk to someone hot. I don't think like what do you think what you want talk about. What kind of sex stuff you wanna talk I don't I mean I do but I Don bright well this is saying that you do right and is trying to you know be funny not something you clear your mind how do you. Avoid thinking about the fact she's not wearing a ring in the fact is she super hot the fact that. You know I don't like about science says she all right is she wears latex and in my office and all well doing videos imagine that well I have. That's just going to voice yes and this is distracting but I feel like I can get on my job it's okay we you're supposed I think to myself oh my god. This girl is really hot and then I think why are doing a project for work what works so much. Why do you care I'm not. Can now not doing a project you're supposed to use Iraq tests close eye and I've Illinois Iran your mind and you know think of Amanda as the rock. Looks like demand as a working hard. She just needs some help with this project. Likely she knows enough to ask for assistance when she needs it what do professionally you're lucky to have amending your corner unfortunately. It definitely looks like she has no time at all to hear about your opinion is saying no matter how much. Don I'm sure she does nylon string you want that's not exactly where I'm headed. Not gone straight there well leasing clear your mind if you just think about the rock. Okay the rock the rock Dwayne the rock Johnson Iraq. My situation you co worker Jennifer team just wants to successfully project and boom by U opposite drinks Jennifer you don't even know our coworkers names yet question Jennifer wants Israeli Joseph good treasurer. Q now did you read & Associates L worker Jeffers launch Cecil new project she is invited. You out. For some drinks is Oliver and jump ahead you said that. Will you stop me and then. I assassin shall I mean I drink soda. There's only one problem with this whole going out to celebrate thing when Jennifer in that and the gals she said Ron. There'll super rock yeah her and all of her friends down there like wearing skirts the super hot now. I mean how can you be expo tend not say something inappropriate or keep your hands to yourself rate went on Israel's best jumper drinks mr. brown. Our sanity and us. This I didn't come up with this scenario cam re Erstad lawyer Tom my mother grows so Prada just said that these are running here I examines what a lot of guys do bald guys are we have been and I can't imagine networks everyone knows that when a woman smiles that you it means she likes you like that that's the story says at least that's all the movies you've seen. And the strip clubs you've been to work. How can you know this is just drinks with co workers or opportunity to masturbating in front of a group of people this kind of like what we talked about sweep it. But don't understand you know the answer to this year I'm a bunch of girls they all look like Barack U wanna masturbating in front of home and watch. Mr. Bruins on a loan that is an area that they've given us slowly. Have to master draw on that close your eyes take a deep breath hoping your eyes felt like a rock and a third team all look like Iraq now no fine no wonder they're. Project was successful look at them they're big strong successful people. Maybe you should talk about you know sports or something instead. Sex. All right man. Dwayne the rock Johnson has Tweeter bodies is cool to see the big response from the article when you approach a woman just think of me hash tag Iraq test. That's who is supposed to do. The problem is. For some of us the way we act around Iraq might be an approach. By solar rock I think guys search your real. I get nervous I get my palms get sweaty. Mom's been yeah I get nervous. If the rock walks in your office with those huge arms. He's dressed nice teacher you can see is nipple services remains look at how the rock always looks are now envisioning that that comes in to talk to me. I get real nervous. Yeah is gone well you don't masturbating in front of oh my does science and gardeners. Odalis. Australia day. I saw from callers last week. Here's my winner mine if my master made like. Assailant or anyone I've says Amanda or the Iraq now this woman who wrote this article. I mean look may be a woman old article. She said. But I don't earnings and clerk. Ownership and anymore what's happening. She's the one who wrote this I wonder if she's actually been in situations like this for she goes out for drinks with co workers insults its shouldn't be laughing. I mean but that's just seems so. So absurd that someone would do that but I guess I. Hey man. Letting them that's not as just talk about third and things. If someone asks you out for drinks you can bend master read from them tied seems like it does all really quite proud of the human iron just like smashing. But I don't. And I don't wanna Al Michaels myself and cost myself a job. But I don't think it's crazy as someone says they resort to draw out for drinks that you think maybe they like me. I should checked us out an explorer. We let's like I shouldn't jump to masturbation but I should then maybe she likes me package is now royal wedding ring. Because sure as real for George ridiculously. Sober. Let me get those who celebrates I realized just like me and I go home I'm realizing as you're watching mass reaching I'll I don't do everything nice redemption in light me up watching their. Sox Idaho home. I'm master read from myself. And watch my GE's you do the rock test that. My master but reality or are you organize a dozen guys imagine the rock and finish well praises and Beers they don't have to imagine. In order a porno it's Iraq. Jim referred to her friends the only guy there's three girls there. This article says a super hot there weren't skirts taking up for drinks. And you know a lot of it's easy. For me anyways because I just don't go out so what's there and ask me again I'm doing that you are going to on December show on us is what I do. Well I guess if they ask you out. Don't talk about anything other than work I mean serious. You've we discussed this last week that's what this is saying this is from a woman's perspective. Keep a professional focus let me ask you this. Are let me at least Ausmus apartments. More lives were out. Having drinks. And then. She kisses me and I still supposed to picture errors are welcome I would that we don't know who quickly. This hour or so she's like I really like you and I'm like god. I don't know. I'm just not done in June and she's like why don't you kind of intimidating you'll like Iraq demand that the yeah I know you're just kind of like just intimidating force a person is on and they'll keep gutters are loaded talking about. And I don't know if you look like a rock. And that's it. Tim Hudson. Don't do it. You get in trouble. So I have to go all around the world I know that every girl looks like the Iraq. I think you should just get a rock mask like Halloween mask intimate girl wants to come in your office discuss. Its you know. Business is making par on the mask a rock manager to say here can you Wear this. Anytime you go to promotions ranges and grabbed every girl on there. When you know I like message. Iraq telling us a bad idea parts of me maybe the mask thing isn't a great idea yeah highlights not a lot. Might have to be the rock why can't you just imagine that you're talking your mom would not be any easier him more logical time Mazar Saudi a lot of job. Why easy. Nick right there FS one how are you. I'm good. One person or 530. Central time and remote days chewed up 4 PM. Replay in the afternoon the chief law that he'll order a lot of extra tomorrow. They all well I feel like none of that what we're going to be talked growers now I'll adult life. Oh well I this idea. Out to find this because I can't I can I don't remember. What in eastern Graham name is that I am okay. Only one paper and I shouldn't there's a million by 2000. Oh what not name any name in the instructional. If I don't have to name any names can only say who it is. Yeah look how the persons related you. Under my ad but that is not. Any yet a 100%. Yet apple. I don't even I can look it up in the can't remember them god damn. My wife and agrarian and all the paper on Mitt is it hard. M ants. Misses are. On edge. I'm Erica okay goodness. So I'm imagining games but I'm scrolling deranged or Graham and I see this. Oca let's Gaza's. Me and you know whatever my best friend or whatever right guy and I'm like how long is this an your wife's best friends. All of me your best friends all four of us have never gone out or I don't know drinks or something. Well. That is an impressive human being. We've been very. If Iraq is. Good hearted human. That definitely were there and be given what I know about you but well I would say. Called to. She got your fight is big. It is. I checked in she is future Puerto you earlier bought the. Yeah that's that's yes my boxes aren't. I understand. And in my bit and let me you are part of all she does not live. She's never lived in the same city you want me. She's she's lived at all our way to the end dating Elin are important for fifteen years in Africa while. Put it in your and they haven't lived in the same city perfect. So the problem but not around quite often end on that you've you know kolbe Burt here in Latin will be named on the market. She had all the. She shouldn't be quite the actual. It sometimes looked more than casual dating relationship with me not her good friend of so I poll what was when he gave the art and his response look back my problem don't want court. That wasn't enough to do. Is put us in the same room together. Oh not this. I mean. I mean I think there are. I feel like it does me being. I'm Lucy took over Thanksgiving man. I mean. I would say it's unlikely to achieved near the Thanksgiving but it certainly popped. I mean she's she had been you know Danielle finally to each other. Five the year but they elect wanted dead yeah they go to Toronto together they you'll want to these things. Yeah it might lose my wife who I believe could be I think objectively speaking is gorgeous. And her being able objectively gorgeous brand goal out of the Concord girl or the other I just trying to think about. The flawless deuce on the money. Go to Tulsa hey that's just what that. We're not we're not invited her date participating carnival. All right yeah like you guys participate in that. It that girl. Went mine may mean you can ago. Anyway. I saw okay you're right when I looked at it that does that not young lady. Checks a lot of my boxes but I'm positive I checked none of hers so it's fine and I are. I don't mean I don't know that's true you who plus our boxes are wicked Smart but older and unattractive then. I'm feeling I don't have double what it or do you think all of you. You certainly what is that fate had character. Com whether you're sort. Of thought I don't know but I'll put in either here or there and what I can promise you we do. That if I get a chance that you guys in the same world wide open that. That's what I can commit UIQ are not yet had Nancy. And as you are not an image in his for the person says Leo's. She dates this big named. Like gone aka. Look I know it makes a lot more money than me but I make enough money to pretend like I make as much as them trust. Across. And that's all that matters to pretend for a weekend much about it. Absolutely and the thing a bit wild. Right pretend. You're loyal listeners. Your army and the meager means you overeat so personal income on multiple incomes so what is that like you're both. You and Edward Burke and our quote you know driving this side luxury sedans and dying with money left over to what they are. What exactly. He can get Iraq. It's it'll probably. Happen orgasm just didn't work as I was gonna say ardent methodically taking it too far. Now I think we're we're all friends here. In. Why do chiefs lose neck. And I told you guys. That disappointed everyone saying my god the people that these people all know pretty. Vital. I got a lot big no period net. The people up in the order terrible act of what I've got a pretty big number for you guys. Are eight and immediately brought apple to give you a bet you you articulate yeah. And achieved black 34 all game better point eaten quoting a well they're 474. Against. The NFL minus Pittsburgh. And Oakland were against that work yup like Barry right now we need to be in the AFC. New England and like pitching matchup court with you in New England Matt is a great with Pittsburgh and that Matt is a bird with the Cheney. You know I mean. I just sucks because like we're saying earlier UC Todd Haley stand in maronite you know I don't like. Then Roethlisberger. And just being nice they can get away and. We're mighty good. But mayor and it got suckered well we let them it's been active in your opponent work into it and by the way. Anyone criticizing. You re going to the pot down and I. Only under an opal now don't get upset about that. They were well the story they had 45 hour we're recorders. Ireland might owe me you got that. The noble and you caught it one schoolwork what you need when you're out in the park down. Ian something else potentially get knocked out in another knock down. The putt down in a mobile is going to be hard to be a better position to hit that other costs down. They can't afford art like if you want to criticize him because it was illegal work you should go wrong all along. I. Well that's where looked up in the hole and the light eyes. I don't know from all the way I played that Darryl I think that was Smart that's how you have to do. The concert were killing import everyone local and killing in order I think that the move you've got to make that putt on the spot. And it would like and by the way. One is giving Pittsburgh on a credit might get a big play well now they're born soon with the tiebreaker in in cities like that you wouldn't put them. The single biggest play of the game. Caught up in that putt down for you that he ended up portrait. That's true that's true too and yet and there are a couple of big calls it Kansas City didn't get in their favor now. Late hit and somehow it down Manson's sometimes that stuff doesn't go your way as you could say the same thing about the Redskins game the other way the Redskins could have easily won that game. Now here's the thing I want to say this because I do lecture TV showed that. And I always call you out when you get it exactly wrong. Doesn't wanna my favorite things to do. Nick and Cris Carter we're talking about. Like disarray the Steelers are and oh Roethlisberger is gold and Amanda beginning batter and they're not getting along in the coaching staff doesn't know what to do so and the the whole god damned things come off the rails right. And at the very end nick says. Why. If they beat the chiefs are just begun undefeated his support to an everybody thing summit of the best in the world while again. And you're absolutely right by. Of course. Let the level that they do you watch this show and I we appreciate that. Lots on the walls on I'm hoping it goes up as Buckingham like. That is the dumbest chicken ever my life. Alt yes no or exactly like it got a lot on the debate. Talk about it here at all useful or me. I webpart in my spot bumping during effect. Unlike the image you'd ever like white is acting because quite make in the car with needles. He hit or lap I say he's trying to. Well then it was like yeah. Figure out which is what. But I would want it blocked the joke. We actually deeply appreciate that I'm doing what is the one more discerning ear because what he won't he. At the end of all of my bearings right opinion. You'd like but I'd. So. You know like it that. Way. Was lower this morning what higher I'll make it a light yet been in a long time because. Your eat there like a hall hoping for a and I that they because on winning the bigger your great record. I Clinton that trade like anger there we're talking about like it leave sport but not in the interim leader in the oh later. Public oh quarter more certain in which we know people order more bigger player it would fit in there and will. She you can bet it what was in it. You in the long that the form you can that you're not the players want what we know you're in big games you know be out in our culture. And then of course what happens on Sunday if you are a hundred bird or you're wasn't for the government. And the he would see that morning. To cut spending but you'd think oh what do that Butler and I finally in one of my prouder moment. Check me deeply that what you need right now arguing that apple one like no other important change that you don't want to really. It play you his block CEO. Well. I mean yeah but not at my record and at what point for me their bill. Oh that going on the other news is that. About around people all might be dated job he's done. You're not large paper all. Figured out yet but we're hopeful Asia what he's done the year. I'm not about quarterback I've ever in was to gain thought Eric Robert you've done here. You saw that. So that's DOS. Well the Packers I think big wing Morgan were the big. Now what happen. That your body might be your life are flawed that lie. In Africa are directly into more like the bank melodic yet. Well I don't know put up 38 points. No yet we didn't like it in action to open the court. Oh there yet but yet links are down. You don't like these sort of painfully accurate unaware note on how many involved or what am I need more quick harper and the bank. And in Baltic that was caught in the end zone for putt from the debate about 38 point count in the morning one day war when. While he threw for 312 yards three touchdowns and three interceptions. Against the Panthers he threw for two or 292 touchdowns zero interceptions. All quarterback rating of one a 3.2. 81 point 389 point three for the season. That the electorate or not but because the league average right now part about it. So I think quarterback in the history of all slightly below league effort but didn't you depend on that contract. Yes but it's not because I because eventually your gonna have to pay someone because what you lack is critical for a yes that's. You acted the same reason caught Alex at Tampa palms. Now. Is the same thing you get rid of Matt Stafford not it dot. Jake rude dog as your quarterback. They're hoping for a draft to get someone as good as staffers you can pay them five years from now or more money that you're gonna paste effort. Okay. That's I don't know it's simple. No it's not a simple. The movement of capital mired in this equation however I don't know will be debt separate argument again I want one out of work quarterback Elvis we can probably a little bit. Cutler is what in fact Matthew. Staffers are not the guy Williams started that. Or whoever that is you can just say that every week so what. No no clue what they're passing that on the line. Little do you guys who spoke that will put forgo yeah that you guys. Being called Michael and didn't you get on the Turks a lot of lot on. Yeah oh yeah you'll have to listen to podcasts here are hot take on that guy got serious opinions on Al Michaels. It in your your opinion is people pretending to be offended when they're not. We'll man's mind you why it's offensive. Is gonna listen analyst podcaster right. 00 in the eyes brokerages and again. No. And he talks about it. Oh is it exactly quote it. Podcasts I always do I mean I certainly think a cent to get a more frequently and much else going right now. So. And I would really brought some sort row I didn't even older girl I'm don't make that joke I did that earlier in the game and sour looks all things. We what I don't know. I don't know boy looks that right now. And very sad. There aren't they want banged an important repeat we need to hang up on me. So I'll tell you that opportunity. How long no one quite I was putting B Gabbert dropped what looked into the pot Gephardt and New York. By the way it goes there don't make it anymore. You didn't do it because you knew you can look forward she felt like there won't forget it man your no. Home broke your response to work out. Thanks meant. A lot of CNN. What. Thank Churchill let's place. 2050. I how my fantastic or you go go go go go and. Skilled. Right into. This guy got it what are you afraid of what are your biggest fears. In life when you think what what worries me it could be. Something happening to your family it could be. I don't know being the victim of a crime it could be your health heart attack answer yeah I mean you know not seeing my kids. Horse you know not see your kids something happen we're not able to see them or you know yeah so they do this survey every year. And they ask what America's biggest fears are and Christopher Bader is a professor of sociology at Chapman university in Orange, California. And they have a list of different fears and they say are you scared of these things in this year they've added to lists they included things like come Islam phobia break him that's gonna right. So I scared him as Obama foe where miners are or are you scared of you know Sharia law or is long more Muslims or you know well right. So. Then they take to the people say yes you know I am scared that that worries me and then they do the list based on what percentage of people share. Back concern right so here's the top ten things. Americans are afraid off. Number what is on top ten things I know family feuds and I'm almost answers yes so the way though that I think they did is they give them a lot of options are OK just your business it is you skewed this. So these are the top ten things that people have in common you know when it comes just fears that got the most yeses. So number ten on the list is obamacare. 35 point 5% of Americans to assembly yours is scared of base and I'm scared of obamacare it. Obama owners that's number 1035%. Of people almost 36%. Number nine people I love becoming seriously ill space only tied with obamacare I get that I have that fear nation like obamacare. Number eight is identity theft. I'm also viewers you secure. Only because it hasn't happened to me but I do I've known him outside and and and I feel more bad for the person steals my identity. I don't go pull over right well what can happen now a lot of baggage should clear out. It happened you gotta know it it ruined his credit like he couldn't get a car while and I really did wonders they still mine were OK let whatever they're looking to improve in on their lives. That is that I'm not your guy. Yeah I would recommend anyone steal my friend Ryan but you know all my identity it's Breyer read my my criminal history it don't do any of that. You're gonna steal someone's still undermine. Yeah I used to be scared of like losing my wallet or -- became losing my phone because there's so much private information right there your credit cards and everything but date. They just run away or turn off you know. So that doesn't really again I guess if you go to a store and they've their their payment thing has been breached thing you lose that credit card. But that's not the same as identity theft run I don't exactly know how you're allegedly stolen but interest is never happen to me it does sound horrible but I don't think that obese and I don't think about it. Zack and apparently these this present to people did 37%. From number seven. An American financial collapse. I don't think about that either you worry about the the dollar collapsing in the American financial system collapsing no. I mean it would suck it it does not anything that concerns me and alienated so I don't size and I wake up and think oh boy I'm afraid of that right or when you go to bed at night like home. I just for that article that said were on the brink of another recession I don't think than me now. Com Nationalists is people love dine. 30% yes honestly and I do think about running chip you know and especially after she thought about it with my parents and and I Havel sure others and and it does customize some times like army and what if someone in my famous and the bad or where it happened so when my feeling how I would react I think about that often. You're gonna love the next phone. Like this is government restrictions on firearms. And ammunition. 39%. Almost 39% of Americans are worried about government restrictions on firearms and ammunition. That is definitely not something I think about them and I do not think about the the cops coming did collect my guns are the feds or whoever. And I don't know I don't think about that also. I know the area might try and regionally vote wasn't there a counter guns anytime soon but I'm sure and I have no side I've seen no signs that show they're good they're going for your guns or ammunition. And I just as went from office or text and I hear ego. Tom number four on the list being a victim of a terrorist attack. Almost 40% of people said they worry about that doesn't bother me really bad in assessing risks and right yeah I know my risk assessment as well as a charge against I mean. If you're scared that that the odds of bug eating disorders some thing at a nightclub when getting Rihanna just don't think about the economy has an animal I don't think about a bomb hijacked. Yeah any type of terrorist attack. Almost everything about them all I drop my kids off at school. Went to school seriously out right my seeing of a school shooting on the news doesn't knock you out we have to deal went back now. Well that kind of covers both because echoes back to be worried about your feelings run I don't person ever think like I'm scared to go and it isn't afraid something bad do you well you know what. We've had that discussion I have been at the movie theater tart or the exits. Well you've got to let you know what I I guess but I also don't think that that's what these people are talking about but I don't know. If you were surveyed I assume they're talking about dean and hijacked airplane or someone setting up a night decent mark. Number three on the lists these are the top ten American fears for the sixty Lewin a return was not having enough money for the future. But I concerns everyone enough whether it's long term future short term future. Right I mean the futures are futures and feel like man don't wanna time enough to retire am I gonna do this. You know I wanna man enough to send my kids to school or wanna or if it's just meant I want government out of money he'd Friday. I got more and that can't. I'm real battle looking out for distant future writing but I definitely do worry about what happens in six months worth I lost a job where am I into the paper this house warm you know. So that's where about future money and I guess they do worry about that. Number four is being a victim of terror right. Number two is terrorist attacks or should double or any amount of 41%. Of Americans are worried about terrorist attacks that scared of that. I know what number one as I'm worried about a red election. Not a one although next year I would be surprised by this survey again. This is the most common fear shared by Americans. Corrupt. Our sorry corruption of government officials and that was also the top fear of 2015. Really. People think about that I thought that was kind of be had to be moved into politics and worried about campaign finance and all that stuff put. 61% of people it's the most shared fear our. Scared of corruption of government officials. And pretty impressive that everybody's attitude and then. Maybe his chest and now tours election. Maybe it goes very bright red baron being. Images to corruption of political rules officials father knew him. On Nona I am not bother you as fun as it does bother you resolve it does is scared unless you care. I mean if the reports are just there's a big war and fears you know and being scared. I. What are my biggest fears it's not for I don't think about just like sentinels stay up that night right about corruption of whatever. I guess that probably due sometime I'm I'm. A little bit scared of the dark I guess they do sometimes think Nader noises and where is some who's gonna break in my house have had that you are scared of the dark to any armed current political officials yet. Like genome being alarmist tone of the art. I'm I'm my number one fear would be my health. I'm constantly convinced that now of course I've done some day it's too late for me to get healthy and never going to be LP I probably have some serious condition that's a want. Number two you're probably did Stanley think worried about. As my family healthy Howard rice doing are they doing okay. Now of course but I think my first and shown me in my family and my second concern is me how twice. And then you know my third. It's. At least properly top three would be. You know you guys all in on the joke and I'm the only one alive and in this sort of this simulated. Reality that is no holes left. But maybe I'm just living is over and over and over again I have no control someone's controlling this not. Over memorial moron dumb joke. That's exactly what you someone like you would say if you wanted to throw me off her trail I'm not trying to through on trying to do truth. But he nationalism images don't worry about a the world own joke you never worry about that. Like what I want every one do you see slim fast out just say hey man I'm in on the joke. I said thanks if you see some pass out or between them today. I'm in on the joke that way he knows satellite there's no real Mosley actually exists overall just playing around that's scary to me. My suggestion if you see him don't say and I don't soon Israel might or no. Comment on the joke. You think that maybe when these people lock away these I don't care does not exist I don't care why would a man. Matter to me I don't know because how it affects me the grand mr. wireless carriers are we here who cares she every. Why it's Skinner looks caring about it as I don't know what it's something what if there's all parents if we're all these people in this building and now there are there'd just to put on a play. From Maine for some reason mortal eye care. How does that affect me at all it does not affect my data daylight at all because maybe they know every single thing about your prayers. And maybe something. Me doing it dies and the scary happens well that's a whole different thing men when it does some does Kerry does happen yes but that doesn't have anything to do this. I just beyond us I know but I don't understand your fear. It's like. I'm supposed to figure something out and I never try just keep myself distracted with no. I presumed terrorists are and the truth is that by really stop and think about that big question. Why. In London British and here. Then you get to what sort of think the navy's own watch other people you guys are all in on who cares a four and nine you're still living your life maybe you're doing it for some maybe there's some evil scheme maybe it's for our. I don't know dates at two things here. One who cares. Because if for all and I it. It doesn't affect your life at all sought to go pick up the dog doggie daycare man doesn't matter. Whether we know and we know you're gonna do it and it's all a big act lol watching you. Or it's not doesn't matter you sought to live your day. So who cares doesn't matter there's no adverse affect on me from that tomb. You really think there's a 100000 people Arkansas Razorbacks game or 60000 people at a cubs game. And are all just doing for you to watch the go to royals game the entire stadiums and on the job like I think it. These common eight we got the job like baseball really exists everybody get any air. No it program that's ridiculous it's it's all part of a simulation it's not real. Runs like special for an injury doesn't if it's not real limit doesn't matter. And there's no way that they're drawing a 100000 people to Arkansas where you decide to go watched Arkansas play Alabama in a football game. It's impossible. So shot it rights and if they are doing that then on some. Thank you don't. I'm not saying it's legitimate concern but even if it is a legitimate concern who cares. Mostly it's like Jesus. Doesn't exist as an arsonist who cares doesn't matter. Does not matter does it begin trouble from many of Jesus came down right now. I ask is a million times book. And Jesus walked through this door right in walks us Jorge Jesus is like and look on Jesus like improvement known as such levitating Jones water otherwise general. Performed a couple miracles does this thing right yeah and he says to me. Looks really eye. And says June book on Jesus. Okay. You've done enough things I guess heavily automated or not a magician. However he does and he proves to me is Jesus right yeah he's as what I need to do is still slim fast right now. If you do that you'll save the world. I'm really donut can't do a man that's nice have you but I'm being honest look and I got to go only came to the wrong guy I'm out. Look to match. They judge well then all well then do you think of the whole world but I'm. I ranger hero Jesus you picked the wrong dude always be just gonna punish you go far and I'm not Dornan. I'm not playing a game on did in my car I'm going home. Is it me a particular. It's anybody anybody on I'm not doing it. You picked the wrong track. It's sort of like that every senator Harry let's take away killing someone if he's that I needed to walk around with no shoes on. Through there are always up there. Many and Jew Missouri have a like it and you do that you'll save the world in my grand national poll man I hope you wouldn't even that you anemic. O'Donnell's lawyers and this is stupid poll put mr. Obama then. Why you ask where do that allowed that. They should go all of build a boat known. Along in on not your guy. I'll throw it if there is Jesus is resigning and I don't on the mile stuff man I'm not your guy that's a moxie I wish I had that moxie. If he comes down you know obamas are building a border village I don't know how to build a bald I don't know where to get the wood I'm way too lazy to do that then you know large judgment. I'm picking me to build a boat that big. You leads me to believe it now want dammit. You Jesus haven't thought this through either design build Lebow what you're justices or he's in hand and now I'm not the scissors to dig into his hands somewhere else. I'm not and a good I mean somebody you know it came down and say hey improve view these guys that haven't awaits appear just accept me as your savior and marrow. Well first of all these are set as your savior you wanna go twelve to improve everybody's got an and so believe me I'm really all right well sure. But I still seriously have to get all you do what you ask you do even if its simplest thing on my hands on look I don't have time for that I've got to get home. I wanna go to top golf today. I'd like to go to hardball tonight and take a voice that's what I wanna do or not. He just can't ask you to have my issues and want to Missouri boys besides you make it's only some guy who showed up it's not that he disaster I've got it showed up now. I'm confident. There's a lot of people working here pick someone else. I don't wanna be picked. I'm Ryan. Well. I wouldn't show you either. I guess you probably Roy because you I'm really scared any I think if he scared me and often unknown you know and I'll take care allows you know whatever this is slices timer job and by the way were both there and really you did is backwards is dumb dumb over there are doing I'm domain. And take our shoes and walk wherever he remains essential long god my daughter. So I guess it is it is the you're not here of god. That doesn't give you open I never never wondering is god real one of time screwed up my little test here I'm being tested have done a bad job. I'm never scared of that that doesn't bother you know. Not at all. Or is that some day your deepest darkest secrets will be shouted from mountaintop he says in the Bible. Like well mom Tom I lose the legalese summer so I don't know. I love that idea Adidas needs and everyone gets to find out all the bad memory along. And yet and I'm not that familiar with the Bible but it say this is so I think we just have to look at. What you shout that from a mountaintop out I would guess anyone in your family people who already up there they get under all the things you did it probably I'm fine whenever. I mean what your friends mainland. Well I gotta do and I'm not happen and by the way I've already done all that stuff so all of a sudden gonna shall you have to shout anyways so there's nothing I can do. Sorry being shouted you can't change it I'm just saying that sometimes scares me that part of the Bible says all your secrets will be revealed. My god it's the New York Times I don't know. But that's something to be concerned about like give Jesus came out so I'm running an op that would be the equivalent yeah okay so background medicine or other times. Skull Laszlo. Yes RTS three yes if I'm yeah. It was a national literal terms for you thing hassle saves in the New York Times airline industry to double thing your deepest darkest secrets one I think and the people who readers and New York Times and why am I wouldn't care. I've done and don't think he is gonna write an operatic. Now home on the soles shouting from the mound thing about whatever. So I have to do I mean like if he can't have I was dead and he came to mean so you have to shout out everything you've ever done wrong from atop this mountain. I'm like all right well I mean I gasoline were dead right I mean. Ensemble mom Hanoi and climbing or so then now semi negative teleprompter I'll read it whatever. That's fine but they came to work right now like a soft enough. Visit. What do you mean a doom and so I uses something means you won't remember won't be easy if you ask you a run the company kitchen and grabbed me at Pepsi after on the course after he's already proven himself to be now of course I got your lord and savior you go grab I got June. We do that now are. Barbara just silly guy you know you on now some clues to accept me as your savior that's a legislator and you're gonna they went everybody knows that I got grass on the school these negatives from what is telling is Iran and. I mean if you soars airline you know. I needed to go fight Goliath in the parking lot of doing wrong. What you would you know the fires are your back and no I don't but I don't know noninterest Sonoma nonsense. A little slingshot and alana home that's not my thing. I'm going home. Well I appreciate these that you would only that means a lot. You would choose my life. Over your own soul in eternal damnation. Mean that's what you're risking. I guess I never to show up at night you know. There's not gonna happen by the way. And being part of the living inside the matrix that does it concern you know because there's what's it how does it change any thing not an enormous Israel. It doesn't change anything is really mean. So it's not real everybody else's just may walking around here know you really exist what do I care still here doing the bugs me I got to work. You could make it a little cooler. Both Matt. Like I served five years and I get out to be brought out I was cool you plated and it's called life and now your bacterium whatever really may estimate that a little bit more fun. OK so we've got to admit and say hey should slim fast all take care of assault he's gonna go to heaven a refund you've got to Killen and in return. You have to work anymore take Carol your financial. Stresses we'll all be taken care bill money you'll have health if Finley will be final take care everything Korea. Man how do just to a regular dude. An I guy just came and ends and I'll give you all the money needed and got the best doctors saying. Here they all are and Charles Taylor were gonna to carry I got to shoot just got to him and I got you. Great there's enough so that's what it's about them. At that though the money thing you know worried about the eternal damnation but some basically said I'll buy you a yacht. If you shoot this guy you're as well enough these.