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Monday, December 4th

  • 0:00 - Headlines
    • Trump does what he always does
    • Lindsey Graham says we need to evacuate people from S. Korea
    • Chiefs lose again
  • 34:12 - Last Thing You Googled
  • 54:45 - Sports with Nick Wright
  • 1:11:57 - On This Day in 2015

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So righteous man is sent on all sides. Values dark. Strike zone of the wrong. Linemen Daria. Great barrier. Great man in late. December the weather's nice life is good. Yeah. This last day of a dump and show shrink yet it's. Really. And you only whether licences of the Zaria. High of 49 tomorrow morning final Wednesday answers. Sick. You've done. We've done. And run my friend was I was on Saturday I was walking the dog in a teacher and I was sweating lots of sweating. Because you're the manager will it wasn't all me. It was sunny. Sunny and seventy. And stay warm all my books. Muslims. Always good to see you out an amount. And you as well. It's fun. Enjoy your company. Appreciate the your ears. Looking forward to many more nights. Spin and you. Can imagine. He carried us and cigarettes. Talking about life. Traditionally it's. And you money. Live news. The rural to know. Turning happens. They can all learn and oh yeah. While not as huge industry demo that's criminologist and a matter. I can't remember anything were yesterday. Friday revenues this brunch or show. That was fun. Don't recall Saturday that's OK I don't know I sound. And yet. Did you know I always a winters some. Some sort of smoke karaoke bar I don't go out very often end. Russa north of the river are not exactly sure there's not a white walkers the thing and you sing and CNN man by the Jewish just. I was definitely. Shockey was as if users are still world stock at 1990. Early and nothing nothing moved past sun. Or maybe it was as news and as someone mentioned to me. I walked in him. Everyone was in on the joke except for me. Sorry it was fascinating. It was fascinating and I had a good time. Q well calendars coming. So I got a new we just got their inspiration for a new photo calendars and we have a couple people who offered to do for us tiger. I don't know I think soon on pretty good photographer with his broken thumb. Takes a pretty good pictures but you bunch Cameron that was frozen zoo changes so look for drugs. He's he's so look for drugs. Is okay this camera no I don't think it does take a pitcher whose parents took it back don't go straight to social media wasn't that I've done the renal placed okay. I'm Chris where they took it back. Used worried they were actually thinking of launching a step back or you know. They came into his house movies sends in almost fire which we really takeovers is pregnant. So we're gonna take everything American team room. Yeah. I thought he got rid of all of us so good. Can you bring it and we could use it I was a broken. We see less of the reason that camera was so expensive. He could send our direction Sandra he could send the pictures. To computer. Without plugging it and and even takes those pictures I can go directly. To social media sites once he said that. I'm you know I'm honestly sings I know I felt like I was old man and a leg up on us and I can do now in my own videos not the same. Right. Those people who hit pay to take pictures. We'll. Those professionals professional photographers to sit in the woods and wait for it yeah. Right so you're saying you're closer and I understand guns. You actually have a camera. Yeah. Less fascinating. I know you're getting angry about. Yeah Tuesday. Young people less that didn't go over Africa under those pictures today. Today user I know the Kimmel Regis yeah. I don't know ridge restaurant thing amount analyzing my photography and. That's I mean that's not Mexican and I was a selling point for me when you were shown me how you can just wirelessly send photos and songs that are direct connection. I'm technologies are I don't know how it works. He just sent right to the computer and just the room. How you do that and any email at Tucson grocery association romantic feelings. Assuming. And I know segment and only our line. Pictures on home shopping channel right now ma. She's big selling point and time endless. It's wounds of this are we right. Isn't that what you found us from anywhere. Actually. This is all of this is recording that's when. After it looked like I guess. Sending it wirelessly whatever leave me alone. New name. Now Louisiana and we. I am I losing years. While he's still gonna just. Just ribbons even eat it. Prospect Cameron. When we went to south I'm and he also brought the tripod offers stylish. Me snow cone. Hey Dylan. She got over there. Everything good. Yeah. I know. Thanks to the coffee. I admired president. Thanks so much content and later there. Well. What else is going on I'm. Snow comes to making payments on camera we're listening ears. I'm just saying I feel like. That's always really tossed. Comfortable on their now. Exact. Let. It's good to see if here and good mood. Restarting on how much fun we had last night owning and now it was good and yeah into. He should do them more often there is on. Always good to see snow cone who. I like him. Bush about the cameras at these pictures. Out of meant something. Usually alone pushing a look at. What Iowa and. I'll probably the camera was wrong there's nothing to challengers these camps and he entered traditions here duds I know that you listen. Mission essentially. These things and good mood. Tony good she. And we can't lessen. Yeah. Snow on the discard them learn. And it's what what's the parking time has been moved by eight right again as marijuana is embarking Monday through Friday sent inside to be though his by yeah. He shows up this morning at 755 in tow truck. It's waiting. Crossing directly across the street musician and don't wait to get all these cars are winner over have to work I don't know there was no other cars always always just the only ones who he was sitting there waiting just for my car. Additional debt visual art low low ball them. Some interest of the room is under. You can really do. Yeah. This camera tells you what time he's. But 10 o'clock. So my crew I'm telling you guys are just Americans seem to veterans and their cameras this injury in June. She learns what you can tie goes out to take note you don't need a nice camera and only. I know you fancy yourself and charges yeah now I do I really don't but I mean you're right why even get a camera. As did not. Yeah guzzlers that's exactly what percent residential insurer dharma side that was the point we're making them. The very point that we may directly go well you sarcastically yes yeah. Not for photographers but people who maybe just take some pictures maybe it. Some months ago to a Attenborough specialized wood somewhere to get don't ever acknowledged only get a camera don't try. Don't maybe think about taken up earnings. You can get an iPhone. We'll introduce a plug your game recently opened up my hobbies are going to be enjoyable hobby rushing. I know you are trying to become like our photographer. I've got to be interesting I know that I see that's where I was loss on non. I'm knowledge some fassel's last sun makes funny online tool that I'm finding your installation. Is different I didn't notice you're picking up my hobby well I thought photography is a a wonderful honor. A lot of people do it. I happen to be. A bird watcher that's mine I'm part of the Audubon society so what I mean whatever it is you like you I mean. The trial I don't want to merge them. Starter is a sign. And actually sells some odds and she's show. Just watching him Portugal's. So it did look like at the beginning right you think in well ego. Two touchdowns in a a couple of minutes. I thought. The debate by the way I don't think I actually called Alex Smith's numbers it was. Very damn near yeah. I guess that tells CN Harrison. Mean that was a first and then. Second touchdown like a minute later. I did not expect that to go the way it is I'm really curious wouldn't exist now. We're looking at the box where you are. Damn near perfect what did I say you again. I'm resale on Friday or something like nineteen to 31. Knows 22 innings over thirty years I got a summons most of those buys are and he was nineteen for 33366. Yards four touchdowns I think you're a little under on the yards but I think he's. On earlier our yard finally entered into a seven TV set for touchdowns as the veterans buried there near Perth which is the one outcome that none of us had discussed because. Implied that Alex Smith had this great game until throws touchdowns and then she's still lose I am really curious. What does take is going to be. And I did see some people I saw your base and a matter how ugly convention right I think after they name every summer Alex Lindsay clearly gives you noted drawn noticeable. Because you know Jan you should clearly go senators memorably named after him. What are your forehead and nineteen for thirty degrees. We are 66 yards four touchdowns open. Pass through one of them. Should. Wanna save your season you don't need a guy playing football like you came. And not so great. Sports is pretty easily. Trump still in the news. Chunky apprentice guys. Hey you soon. The guy who paints himself orange intercepting son has never looks like it can't. Here's just an awareness. They may mix and on the Simpsons all the time. And Walsh. Always dresses up like him he just dvds out of Poland to work. Oh yes and Jimmy on that's sort of 1000. Homeowner to. Anyway you know. Now the race. In the White House. There's a lot of media. Surrounding everything it does. You know that that flaming guy got in trouble we talked about that last Friday last week's. Trump tweet about it over the weekend. I'm sure you've seen a streak by now so general finalize the FBI. And his life is destroyed walk through to Hillary. Clinton on the other sorry on that now famous at their holidays interrogation. Oh yeah. With no swearing and no recording. Lies many times and nothing happens or rigged system. We're just double standard. One of them. It's. Many people our country are asking what the Justice Department is going to do about the fact that totally crooked Hillary after receiving a subpoena from the United States congress deleted and asked to watch. Acid washed thirteen thousand emails no justice. Does does just cause I never asked Cohen is out investigating Flint just more fake news covering another commune line. There's a lot of tweets that are gone back and forth. Calmly defended the FBI. Then trump talks about he fired flame because Flynn. Lying to parents. Right on defense and if any at the some people say we'll that we didn't shows that it. Possibly guilty of obstruction of justice and his lawyer comes out he says Donald Trump didn't send up that seat. I did presents. I'm seriously backtracking from this weekend tweet I had to fire general Flynn because he lied to the vice president and the FBI. Hours later mr. Trump's outside lawyers saying he dictated those words of the presence tweet to a White House aide. Insisting the president did not in fact no Flynn has lied to the FBI when he fired him. I'd love that that lawyers said well I they're like can you show us where you wrote it down you know where where would you write music I just sent the but I set it to look as if anyone. As ever. Looked at one of these trees before they go out other than him. Has ever suggested. This is leisure running and navy. Maybe there's some crazy maybe that's maybe his lawyer is the one who treats all this nonsense. And we convenience trumped the whole time but it's really. That guy we also on TV this week and he's on comes up with all the stuff. Saw that did you read Billy bush this thing. It was them solution yet you go to. Opinion piece for New York Times. It's titled yes Donald Trump you send them. He talks about how trump did says things he says in the Kansas and Access Hollywood team in the search denied that I had seen signaling. But he also said it. A WGC tomorrow's news segments such R&R ratings for the apprentice it was like that's those are the ratings trump says something about. Just like you can sum whatever you just keep saying only. He's like and didn't know that I was talking to future president. Isn't usually short did you answer reader. Dizziness is a guy who lost job. And didn't get to be president and weird. So someone was saying NBC has higher standards and on the White House. And Basel I know you I don't really tend to believe this stuff either I know we joke premise sometimes I do fear Russia. At times like an anxious special time. Too many not brownies but it's. All this stuff about Korea and people within the White House and the Pentagon saying we're closer toward the news. We're saying this is the closest we've been in this news. GC Lindsey Graham on TV this week he said that we need to get people out of South Korea who are. What they call they're like military so she's feeling people that are that are stationed over. This crazy descend. Spouses and children to South Korea given the provocation North Korea. You. My were you concerned at all that this is a real thing no. He says it's time to move Americans out of South Korea. And he says that a new tech advances that North Korea. Makes preemptive war even more likely. Washington examiner has put out something. A couple of hours ago Lindsey Graham is right it's time to evacuate US dependence from South Korean. The urinal or endurance this. Or because Austria's New Orleans although it's but the people who were in South Korea. Obviously they should come back here didn't get it on him why. It's not safe they did more than you know. All look just and moral Blair northward yeah gallery area and by just on saying but it's. Because North Korea's probably gonna launch a bunch and and South Korea well in just Andre missiles obliterated on how many people can killed just in solitary Amazon live. Right now I thought. We were supposed to be scared they're shooting these things and in the ocean that can reach out New York City and it seems odd to me that I'd love so we're scared of that they can hit us would notes that we would take people from anywhere in the world and bring them back here. This to me feels like we might be in danger zone. Maybe we should take all the Americans Renault and move on to somewhere but I'm our resolved are whether North Korea would never should look. We're trying to be safe. Sure I'm saying that there's a bunch of missiles headed this way from me. Oh all powerful leader or whoever you is I've usually should hear that in college and bring people back here to protect them. Is a dangerous place. And now they're playing war games over the US. Had a bunch drills South Korea and north Prius and I. Nuclear war because of these word games. They describe the exercises in his grave provocation claiming state run media Monday that they can escalate the situation to bring the nuclear war. Some of the bench. The capital said. The notion and even surrendered to know them. Imagine how I don't ask did you find fighting back to have to get through the ocean and or just plain along gamely keeps you just wait summarizing. My take out whole peninsula with the win the war against the sun. Daunting thing yeah. I think this is something we should all be terrifying. North Korea. And is. Probably and I was a little. Anxious and number and then some swings in Mattis saying. And how you wind didn't do. Or whatever said one of the most horrendous things we've seen and lifetime so I don't know it's scary. I need to does not read news now. Korea and Russia and he nukes and when I'm worrying did get nuked by North Korea. That's not gonna happen. It's never gonna. That same article so that we were getting that we were close to war with that ran through denim like. I'm getting your bio and you. Like I'm sitting across from Rumsfeld angrily. Paul Wolfowitz when we're really isn't totaling more excitement come on man. They're not gonna shoot those old jalopy so leaders is not gonna happen. Not you told me and I. North Korea. Well. Figured out a way to get some. You know spies a military man then to me country and they were planning unknown detonating a bomb or some sort of act of terrorism okay. You know that's just the way airlines that doesn't scare me in there because that is what an air zoom notch the world we live in now. On Norton power for 49 we're not going to solicit sole or something when you're not going to. Nuke North Korea and well reminds but they're not gonna grass. Thompson when you I'll I'll learn there's one way to lose that power you know Inez. They get your ass kicked right a person. On that you say your powerful too. That's the quickest way to lose that power. But we're just way. Florida's supreme leader is innocent the quickest way for him to lose is hours to catch a new greatness. Homer game over and people love power. They won't surrender gracefully they keep their power zones again that's why Saddam Hussein had no. He's not gonna shoot a new career. Unless she did she talk he can shoot enough new so we're never she won back at him. Penalties on donations and nuclear small what are you know soon. She bombs it South Korea and illegally get to go to war with them. Which normally or South Korea. Northridge I'm saying like win then we get to be in their life to allies and there will remember where would do is what I'm saying now well against them win then we president of China's. China says the only way enabled the sand whoever doesn't strike whoever doesn't strike first. They shoot this summer there was a time. Contacts I mentioned controlling they say you know. I clearly. Don't know any thing. About a military and use trains for years and older BI should be. Socialism or some of those things are. Limelight so brazen. We are. Fight the north Koreans and told me. And she's got a new one you have new intelligence right. Ancient World War II dollars in new game it's. No more I'll. Most of us. Still not saying that I'm not a great military mind. Yeah same owns. No question it's certainly. No any questions. I senior calls. Duty medals. He's such an. My pursues a new aluminum and came from what do I know. Yeah. Shows a real lack of courage and yeah. But is she going to be successful and ensure good afternoon. Well I treat every life every time anybody asked you need any who needs a sniper is ends up at the supreme being and a colossal. Constantly getting stabbed in the back into a nice. They finally got the silver dome down if you are watching those videos of and it's. They tried to get it I think he tried twice right they tried at first I didn't happen and and they win again. At the silverdome in Pontiac they were trying to destroy it where a lot of puzzles portions. Directly over the years on its defenses they've done anything how long's it been close Veronica a pioneer in Michigan's Detroit. And Detroit is in the summer and yeah. The defining and finding little. I watched that video. There was included Israel and they sent out all the chargers coach. And nothing happens. I wasn't certain if I don't know if anyone knows of that was supposed to bring it down at the other charges are not throwing thing was how do you. The first NASA go back and check to nationals went on after. Yeah you've already blown out only support beams like all right Greg when he's gonna kick the face of these wires are going to something's loosened Larry King. Who all played their. Played well in the silver by doing what happened Ireland was to lions. Just lines I think. And this is laden played some games there well. Building different stadiums and in the red wings play some games there. But. Now nothing paramedics as an ozone numbers on Lawrence on London's. How long ago when we how many years have been out when was that the during don't know who's here. To me I was here Lucy's. And then I don't. And then there's always told. I'm looking through right now November 16 1999 is when they broke ground it opened in 2002. Is that an alliance moved I assume. Carolina's new boo us or soon to be getting into 2002. Sessions. Record attendance. Russell many a 398317319. Greens. Thousands arrest Romania Russia Romania and I was there are some who can talk Rihanna. Israel is or Hogan and assuming a laundry done. Nikolay no. And. She can learn and room. She'll soon. Something okay yeah. The result already is on the giant and can't McCain yeah. He chokes it here now Hogan and tempted to body slam honor and a giant in Arizona analyst at giants. And nearly lost a match went on early giants fell on him. You don't. I'll and then he did it. Body slammed Andre the Giant lies underneath joins on stunts. And that was a winning movie did it. Bachelor Washington. Financial woes mean. I was. At school. I stood and saluted Nikolay mold causes using Russian national networks and people boost somethings never change. Some things never change I didn't do. Less so today. But it wasn't itchy skin colors honestly answer playing this Russian music I guess it was announced plans and they're National Anthem. When Aaron Glenn yeah. That picture and picture through space on. Don't know whatever I thought you were just trying to show in June. Love that thing in the National Anthem of and he knows this goes back thirty some years. Russian operatives. That makes a lot of sense now noses and yeah. That's a good plan in the sky over here. I'd say around 200 radio station just for a month at a time and empires that I'm and his ultimate destination which is gives users exactly middle of the country via. Chris what's happening right now the Russians and another you don't really realize some big justice. I understand they're prevalent thing in Kansas in volume everywhere put a light them. And any you know but then Elena senator Rick just barely get too slowly. That's why I was always ask about those launch codes and the guys I am trying to cope with the it. Good strong password from my Sony doesn't mean the launch comes. So do you series of those who lived here for the rest your life's energy every to go back to the motherland what do you have to do. You know let's. You're gonna kill. John Jonas. Stone my mission and. It's well. It's. Could put it this way. At the Christmas party this year it won't be a somber affair for us Russians oh OK okay now look forward to the. Okay. A cat I solve this one. Map and just wanna see which would say oh it's from mental floss. You know it is us most dumb. Purchase staying in your stated over and usually it's done they say like your state does this more than. Other states right now why is not right but it's not really a thing that you by the mustard eat the most you know what's the thing that you and Betty your steak Google's more than any other state mile wide margin but this. Is actually. Apparently what deem most Google thing your status Lilja. Took as you would think that it's possible every state who has everything right. But the way missing reads this is actually. The most Google Pena statement could have that wrong. But that's what it looks is just the most common. Why do. Questions in your states if you go to Google right now and type in why do. Line. Do. So. I'd miss spacing you should get the same thing that I do. We got I have why do you Casper. Is that what you got there. I have why don't we. Why do catch her. Why do dogs eat grass OK so why do we yarn that's why do we dream right by your top one is. Why don't we. It adds in an all you got to put a space after duo I do space wonder Casper a so. We're in Kansas. Right now looks to me like that's supposed to will think but according to this. Searched story may be it's changed it's why do cats need is kansas' most ask a question. In Missouri it's why do tomatoes split. I don't even know what that means I had to look that up resuming. When you grow tomatoes they can grow and assertive Gillick. You know I can ask crackers some of them put apart I guess that's what they're asking and there's tips on their about over watering and are there that we were growing. 1 in the majors and Missouri and December. To make that the number one groove thing yeah I mean I don't know this might this could be over like the last couple is this what John Bonham on why do. On mine and to look. William and there was that shell has no say on there. That's showing to bottom are mine is white people snore or bottle liners like Eminem levels. So that's it don't really minds in the middle so that is a common question from a couple of other states sexy white men have Naples come. But it's that's weren't yours is in a different spot to minus. Because mine's at the very bottom anyway. California's why do flies like poop. Alaska is why we celebrate Halloween. Hawaii is why do roosters crow. From Washington State wide cats like boxes. Or again why cats need same as Kansas. Why do dogs lick why do people lie why do we dream why do ears ring why do my boobs hurt which I thought oh man that means women and do the same things you and I do. Don't own right in there and trying to look at that's a few minute guest. Why do dogs he grasses and several states why do Apple's float was in Minnesota what Michigan is. You guys ready for Michigan in them. Why do I have diarrhea. And I'm guessing as the water up there right if you think it would come up immediately. Florida why do I feel so alone. Because really the most Google thing there in the tour so why he why do you love me. Why do you love me why do you love me like a song we wrote the song is it there it. Why do we sleep by defeats and all why you birds sing. Lot of people ask why dogs he grass. Might leaves change color. White lights what so much. Oh what are Boozer is a couple says they realize that why do we yawn. But Missouri has widened tomatoes split. Why are you living things need water. Fascinating question that's that's Mississippi. Com. Actually I think why do cats need might be the most common thing. So the number one thing that people ask about is our bodies motivations behind human behavior. Tom. And animal sex those two things like tied and we ask about miscellaneous things and nature. On a blessing is. That I asked a question 08 that are put your phone down. All cuts they're file notice to the management of the lasting year old OK we should do that again for your phones I don't mind if you're gonna do that though I can you do here is sensitive for an hour microphones and you're just looking at Google yeah okay. This I don't know why don't trust him I guess it and so on so honor. What's all there. I don't know which is edgy he walked the last time we did this he watches the other room and our phones and then unlocked them. I don't trust you okay actually when aegis destroyer that's what you're right there on poker because my phone. I. Who's funny you do first you're gonna find lots of implement a market here heralded as a market. Who share. All right I'll start with like I can ever remember when items don't. Last time I've remember. The most the crew that was only a few things on here. I don't really do roll on a much functional. I usually use actual number of first thing draws lows Trump's tax plan alimony. Awful people open look at a a home at all land exactly I heard about well some of a bit shut. But but but but but but but but but. My find out everything is well Andrea there's some information about that and that. I'll turn next thing is called the Miami line Clemson Miami Clemson Miami learned here about the game. I thought I'd Clemson was given a lot of points and had. Both the left. Next that the state capitals. My two state capitals to SS and allied so then I'm over on my phone. And some chose three question aluminum like Amanda New Hampshire. Robert your listeners in front of me. You know I don't intake in half now. That the the next one is this what is a uterus. Did you question what if what that's not a horrible question how do you get to hear figured out. What's your number. So sort of transplanted. Uterus I gave birth aisles like there is principally that you are. Hear about the wait really wait yeah I'd be suitable class are looking this up. Like a baby first. Baby ever actually came oh someone someone got a successful uterus uterus transplant related error and it is I don't uterus lust. I did not see that June audio vs. I know that it's golf course and an orange. I'd I'd I'd have to say no I don't know owners I know that it's of that but I know Warren allowed our own. Or the baby grows. The organ in the lower body of a woman a female mammal where offspring are conceived. And which today just state before boo birds in the womb. I didn't see that sort of the transplant while looking at now. Uterus transplant results a successful berth the first in new us. So does that mean if they're kid but what we'll have DNA from the uterus. Original owner our romance there was enough for me and try to figure out what your slash impact. It's a good one would also got unlimited didn't say a woman Denzel more so apparently when I looked at obviously notes don't room. Out of the same same thing. But didn't say like a womb transplant. And so it was very specific about uterus transplant that's why I'm wrong. There's no that was just the tubes and stuff well you know if your interest there's a major female. Oh that's yeah that's a sex organ of humans and most other mammals. And human low lower end of the uterus. The cervix opens insular Regina. Well the other end the fund us. On his connected to buffalo paean to stop you turn me on a pathetic it is for them uterus such a fetus develops. A great up so I I knew that. I was my weekend. You learned something to have some fun. Brian clemson's line moved couple questions about alimony. But but but but but that's what I did it just right after I lost right guard them Clemson game like how much is economic. Don't run good like iTunes with computers are not much else. So that's OK the first. The first one and the second one. On your list is. And avoidance I don't know this person of the ruling say their name it's Kerry's something. K these are our eyes. 8080 yen a share he's on TV I saw Arabia would drugs carrying still well yes she's on the news I'd never seen it before I looked up to see. That's your first to you dual twice I'd probably. Even like there's two pages attack happened some time I'm not sure I was just trying to look around that was today that was that was just a little while I remove her. I've never seen before us are on TV go ahead but but but but next. To line up. Op because she doesn't do well our girls are. What are you do don't news people now I'm a good way to super attracted to armament and its unemployment usually that wrong Jerry. Just like the most well known caller some name I never heard of before stops she's gone okay so there and he's our rock for two exertion. I can tell you caller who was tags. I'm John you know that stands toward. I don't remember remember I don't remember. But it's a short bird okay we know you know line now that's good that's why doesn't he knows he's told him a million times I don't remember. Table and my memories you something about that you like your moves well. Nor has she ever says about our the next one is. Megan trigger is getting. I'll I assume that she's such a monster I know you probably saw on Redick. Someone had a shower doors and out mega trainer got famous for writing a song about being proud of abiding innocent now she's fit even now and I don't know if they'd gotten fits I would drop and shift I don't know I guess I don't know if this can look all the different image looks good so it's saying this one is. Very indicative of your average winter sunshine. Should figure out what place this sunsets latest by the way I think it's my taxes go ahead of her. I am dinner from Ireland so Alina well. The you know just experience and I'll give kids now are your nurses mostly materials come on new nose cone. Chris Haas Wiki I'm not cook I don't necessarily I mean I'm not I eat but I don't know Zoe or sausage goes rely on those I'm an idea. That's my thing of the uterus out an idea of where was and you don't even have one zone it is you know there's a lot of things you'd be surprised. Well sure a lot of ladies and he's present a lot of things that we have to Google about you Korea China understand because we is it's just it's a mystery to us the route you. Crisscross Wiki. Looking like have Bob Graham we were trying to figure out which one now what I would from passed away my. I was talking to one of the guys from strange music and president crisscrossed. Video plans or take my crisscross them their ask which one died was it. Mac daddy either Chris or crossed it was Mack did tell you just hang out with strangers and the other thing last I was there when there. Well. Or girls or you were working almost frame vendors of I could. I the next one as Raymond Burr fending burnt out Perry Mason why you wouldn't. I was like I just want guys like socializing and you guys watched the Johnny Carson repeats now. On antenna TVQ. Why when I don't know what they had Raymond on there and they talked about how big he got a house delicate. The mega trends Kenny Raymond Burr fat cash or. I didn't watch the show long enough to see what he was looked like a giant gets any news coming out and lead to elude definitely gotten bigger and so I looked in my. There's a lot of people's names I don't know of yet it's names and just don't say it if you don't know who it is there's a lot of the more this. What's wrong with Atticus. Or think that this is that what's wrong with what's wrong with oh that's think that's that guy what's that television show big. The kid is he kind of looks like is he's a real little source and it kind of looks like he's a war as his Schaefer. Check her yap he you know that's not what kind of looks like he's a little person but he's not really. I don't know if he's got some sort of muskie among muscular thing and what does that show called. That's I don't Irish and it's it's a room it was a sitcom. Are taught basically you're talking about went home. He's got to look it up he's got some sort of constant visitor connect Kurdish tall order mainly do what I thought it was a class thing what is what's in the Baja this yes. You know that. Professional. A young Joseph Pesci but what you got so many body types he was so I must now senator it was wrongly among some on. You know the show was only turn makes you realize. Now I got a few Hadley tore prism what he has some here it is. I asked you know Genesis in perfect. A condition involving it on legs of type one collagen which causes fragile bones off that SARS man. So he looks drive on five to seven years younger is like I'm. So we help Jackson and map does superhero movie with Bruce Willis straight bowl yeah yeah yeah I the British bombs super easier. BA yeah. The middle that's in the show. They show you this will be I don't know this is a famous person. This forum what's the name. I'm saying. Oh let me check I think I know who that is. Sarah or don't say it bio. I yeah she's on the view Sarah pains yes some of these sir Haynes bio you know you watching the view. Yup blind ourselves to us who wishing she won the host on the view. Just zero what pains that are nurses she looked up and she was on some sort of television shows nationally via. The shoes on up scripted show some. We'll see Jack but it wasn't jagr was anything like jags you know I mean one of those lifts up. Network shows the control I feel like I told us they'd. But anyway she's she's what is she doing she's not she's one of the host on the view. She's been pregnant for awhile to some of today's show. Are you us America and Good Morning America wasn't she on some sort of bomb. So like a scripted show I feel like when I look structures on a show. Rules nevermind I just looked up I know I thought jagr or Wikipedia page. Has there. And every siren that's an editor yeah that's a president ask you about Jack and an idiot but today correspondent Brooke masters I had arthritis airport because I saw a picture went as an amusement Jackman tonight. Listen yeah I did anybody I know she was I didn't need her whole life as your center holds shoeless. And you look at your list the you can really pieced together what you do at night. You sit on the count I was not a morning Steve carries stilwell twice which I think should be repeated Megan Trainor scanning. Average one or sometime crisscross where he Raymond Burr fat what's problematic this difference there hangs by Aussie artist sitting there watching TV. I do look up and look at people audio let's leave early and anything else comment on don't you guys we see so much you don't know how old they are owner of it's modernize China's reality uterus there's the yeah there's that put. Still it was a uterus you speak to oppose federal power act ever hello it's the perfect setup a and I get along with epithet that. Well you should ask sectoral from Jack she's pregnant so her must work. How are apparently I can't get your money can visuals so he's the only transplanted from women women apparently out of that employ uterus and you like your body would reject that down and say what is they would if you had testicles and what the hormones were allowed to. I think identified just you know it's. I'll come and I'll go now can a man have a uterus. But I associates are talking about our Manfred writes stuff you know. Command hands. They eastern section. Welcome Amanda have a uterus transplant and. Men could be pregnant as soon as tomorrow. Major could pregnant tomorrow. A hold on. Wu mops mean. That men can get pregnant tomorrow. Men to become pregnant tomorrow thanks advances in wound transplantation. Transplantation. According to a leading fertility expert. The success of Wu transplants in the women has paved the way for similar ops range. Operations being carried out. On people born mill. Oh my god. No. This would allow them to carry a baby. And there's no scientific reason why could not happen. And recent months as reports of trans been having babies women who have had sex change operations or command oversaw a function most. When asked Letterman having babies as pie in the sky. Scientists say your tong. Not yours and your talking about someone who started out as a man who became a woman there'd be additional challenges but I don't see any obvious problem. That would concluded I think it's entirely possible. Almighty god the something Libyan dissident. Always wanted to come mountain that. I don't ticket Bebo what do you do just. And that's it. What if we you have both parts. You could use your own Aussie I mean when Reagan you. I don't think so it work why no zone giving Google yeah. Oh okay I think they don't take the other stuff out. And zero spirited contest thanks Larry. Oh yeah isn't whites. Always that way. Wait a second where is it as a get out. How's the baby get out. When it appears C section right. Yeah I mean yeah. But you can reroute it. The need to her I wanna baby. Hook the don't you guys on a baby so on seven on base and I haven't won. They've all I want uterus. And so for a puppy I want uterus. Just so that I can and children protest and say my body and back. My man nick right FS 1:1 things first every morning. Why have low slump that could short you guys. How are you. Are good so lovable down there very before her hand. Isn't rigid Alex Smith gives you know chance. To get to the Super Bowl and lower his stats yesterday. Yet but probably about you know an entire career which proved my point perfectly. Alex it played as well. Thought we could you walk that it got in chips so you wanna keyboard is that alciere for a partner yet. Well all is just a great tournament. I wanna make sure so you said it before the game. That. That they needed to have to bench Alex Smith. An important Patrick mar homes and because Patrick mar Holmes gave you the best chance to win a super ball I said I don't believe that. Let's see what Alex Smith does this week Alex Smith goes like Tony to for thirty. Three and fifty yards four touchdowns no interceptions. And seventy yards rushing. And you say. Claire. Every yard rushing in in one what are you know what yeah. Earlier Ron. And clearly and then you say. That that not a guy who did not. Doesn't give you the best chance to get to the super won't. What I'm OK so why we I can restate my or many times their idol Maltby back to point like all of you all the work. Sam what's your typical of stamps our global Tibet support. To go to war of them they are no particular order port one is this. But he Nikkei two lacked big shakeup at the team as it's currently constituted they yet he walked which. He's he has very cheap after being 50 and beating it felt like over the New England Patriots. And the Philadelphia Eagles. And some of them are penal league they have now lost to both of the war will go on the New York City teams in the shipping giant. And they've all six of seven that he needs this shake up in pro football there's two things you can do every drastic shake up one is to fire the coach. The other to the bench the quarterback typically both the overall blocks. Or why because if you over eat you typically don't have one much what's true. Good head coaches all of that. And the other one is that your quarterback did you typically if you're going to venture or wreck. You're going to get an account brother are you going to get a quarter or you're going to get equal weighted. It treats. Obviously you're not going to fire their coach if he read the written extension and all the power but when it comes to quarterback situation. They drafted a guy for what he express purpose of taking over the franchise. You recovered to believe that half all homes like these totally ready capable Super Bowl caliber into 48 feet. In December 27 seed it's way too early. And so when we get this football game or outside of sleep as well as he possibly can't. And yet the team that still melting down the teams still loses and the vital ways quite at well keep up which he had. Shockingly Alex Smith cannot keep the team in the end zone at the end against the terrible jet ski and somehow you think that your point is strike that would carry out your point has been kneecap has been taken out back. It is being said to be sick without its live search. Man I'd I don't even know I feel. I even know where to start with us if if if what we're saying is that. The that we think. No rookie quarterback. Would've played it. As good or better than Alex Smith yesterday. In his first game and led the Kansas City Chiefs to a victory yesterday. Then I'm. Colony. You racked up did he would have played better with an influx of energy optimism and hope. Flat well I know you'll please. Sport they should have had an influx of wherever although only when they're up fourteen nothing and Alex met in London like Tom Brady. By the way get looks pretty good. I doubt I mean yes and that's another point that you should all because Tom Brady this week if you're not down one interception. And that one interceptor was such aid will go play with it to start right into realizing. But we ended the night he broke down emotionally and you've got you all this is like. Tell me it. Urge senate to a lot theater can do that children can just like what I keep you know we're saddened to see eagle what Byron had in garden winter and into. All hold their work is bullet. How many would argue that you wanna lose you go to Britain you're gonna pay you won't be ultimate target. I don't like I don't think anybody thinks Brady's too old. To play football and that they should bench him. So I I think our guys are hand that I want our drive to. For the Asian absolutely try to avoided any point. All the birdie want to quickly for your record achieved what I keep telling you about this season with great. What are keep telling you I kept telling you wait for the lead to. Change that eventually drop in the temperature drop as well. This group Perkins Robert played in December for reporting you'll love this. Mean and the current bill touchdowns one interception it was a horse favored its bigger army not so shocked by that. Well I have no let us and we should tell you on Friday and we were talking in my prediction for Alex Smith. I work 22 for 31267. Yards and three touchdowns. The actual game was nineteen for 33366. Yards and four touchdowns. Your prediction. Wasn't they would not scored off so. I know. A lot. I stable predictions are that it would be irrelevant to me how he played that they should go to pat won't. In your body site field where I feel I could never felt it more correct about something. She's playing good ever so good at what eight and bigger law. Like maybe it was that maybe you're just reduce. Mediocre being good not edit which are sport seats. Up ordered. Maybe you're maybe you're. Just afraid to reach a bit cold and rain as they say. But I am not. I. I don't know that you're your Bulldog for tiger or walters' final count it's we will let. And they're and I am I'm not going to settle for maybe we squeak into the playoffs and win the AFC west ignited bettered only bet. Tom Brady basically. Beaten qualifying on the field. Mean certainly do you know apply our attendance. Our as somebody squealing in the playoffs to a tenant there. That's so unlike kinky at this very New England is a product goes the entirety of this bit from the coach called off or Iraq. Diet. So Tom Brady was playing here. QB Alex Smith only worse. None and no Internet no no no no no. But somber you're playing you're the chief should be better but thought he. I'm not saying he should spend some birdies aren't simply saying if you're still holding on and I'm umbrage fact. You should sell partly changer for bitcoin I don't totally legal record is what I think bush is all the words. So that then because Alex Smith played so well it only proves that Patrick my homes. I should be the starting quarterback for the Kansas man visage and Tom bradys are I don't I've ever heard anybody say that guy played so well what he deserves is a benching. My brain isn't her. The fencing off for that game you try to pay me in two. Some illogical order. Where oh why apple had this sense of presence for the argument and you typically would no disrespect my dear friends or in fact in my eight. Colleagues local units typically. Like leave the smartest person in the world so he used that he told an intellectual have to around and he occasionally. Reminds people of two university of North London degree. And he Cal's people it's in his private. That Omaha capital of sports we'll pick right Daly a surge why people around the central block it has Walt. But so and so liable resort to sort capture hearts sometimes people or small shop and we've seen and we strapped. And then the that the stable or the standard we're sort of anyone losing an argument. Which used to burn operate well on back order that they believe there are quitting and the thumper York unfortunately. Paralegal in that little world that's just a long game. Not well I'm I'm fascinated by it takes and it. I know that you know a lot more about sports that I knew the tigers did when the World Series 1984 looks one here before. The royals did in 1985 and those in the military men a dying there while my favorite players you'll Washington who I thought was great mom. But. That said. I'm fascinated by your take that. The only way. That cheese can get to the Super Bowl the I report by taking out a guy who. Went nineteen for 33366. Yards and four touchdowns they lost that it was his fault. Our Robby asked your question or we have Zach Howell. Of a job burden to carry for Alex Smith a month can I ask you and allows real mayonnaise that is like rescission what I got to do guys. Okay let me ask you. Muscle before you please just in the locker room lives. And Andy Reid's like not good enough dude. My my man at this. This rests squarely on your shoulders. Alex Lloyd. I hate reliable. Another standard of a winning argument that I believe are written our noses but I I would like to ask you what sports should survive. And depending on your supermarket and follow ups do you believe. They've Kansas City Chiefs team can win you're the super oval. You know. Well then why aren't you are few. Let's hope so again you little juice things they do in the super cool. No doubt that the quarter. We're using the ten whenever pageant moms. I'm not certain that they. You're not certain that they can't. By certain burden. The change without merit. Fifteen with thick here cannot win the Super Bowl I is not angelic Smith and put impacted my homes. You'd think that they can win the Super Bowl. They haven't non zero chance. Because Patrick my home was. Would play better than he's a known unknown nineteen fraternities are resilient and 66 yards for touchdown zero interceptions and some yards rushing. I don't know why your Arctic admit it did the common output now excellent I'm just the last game because some argue amount. Right I don't know off that's a whole group played our game I don't know if you might have had a guy like Marcus theatres say hey we are young rookie. As our quarterback I need to take moral leadership role I still where is help replace the sharks I don't know what would have happened. I don't know if he is the New York Jets were sent a whole week believe. They got a quarterback that we've never seen before we have to change our game plan or they would've had a more conservative offensive game plan themselves that would spark. Oh they got a rookie corner permanent art stadium that you meet the I don't know what happened like you know what they're so worth it and I can happen in a football game if you alone. And bagel law stuck so they think unit this weekend is so great evidence that Alex Smith is the answer in the world to see England. In if you agree to defeat and they can't win the Super Bowl than even what they are let's say they also couldn't win it with apple holds. You are at least getting a head start. On the what I if you believe all beat some of so what you are rough and tumble that you shake. And the first chair quarterbacks get that out of the way ballot that's where you if you think it's even bought anyway. Like there's no argument that order staying without stress alone in this ultra or IC's my races. It. I thought the whole reason they draft and homes is because the you know probable and I believe that we buddhism black is not what you said. That's why they chose him because there weren't quite sure if he was white or black or at other ballot and are. We see you know president the same thing you said. Then seeing nickel do this because liquid to broadcasting's growth and game went to say they're using college to flaunt that around when he does debate so. Well I would ever tell us that every answer is black or white and there is no nuance so he'll try to paint you know corner and say do you think that she's so when the Super Bowl you say no I don't think so. But what he doesn't say is. You know that. Dude she's have a chance. They won the Super Bowl pick those are two completely different questions I don't. I don't know I don't know if I would say I think anybody can win the Super Bowl except for maybe the patriots right now so answered probably be no but did you say no to one thing. Many can pontificate for limits as to why you're wrong about everything else. I think Alex Smith in the game at. Gives the chiefs the best chance. To win a Super Bowl so that's a different answer. How will they know well that certainly knew if you think he gives them the best chance then that means you think they have each day it's. So when the Super Bowl which I think I do not so there's where there's been this earnest. But last week you said that. My Holmes gave them the best chance to win the super ball which are meant that you thought that they could that's why they needed to make the plane I think they can't whip my home. I just can't now. They they couldn't pay it all so this Salma Holmes and his raiders game you think that she's got a shot. At the super blocked we have a 100% weak AFC. You don't. I don't watch this on a bright man. And it ain't so. What do you call that. Would someone make the personal attacks during an argument I didn't go to the university of north on the fly don't know each stage four I exports abroad kept. What evidently I always bring up be undercut Obama from our white. What you call that or someone does a personal attack earned an Arctic. What they call. Well I I'll let dad just done talk damn frustrating were those persons not very Smart. Like I've heard all your reasons and I don't make sense to me anymore side to say. I'd like to end this conversation by saying you're dom. Are well you're wrong you're dumb are I don't know how you win an argument with someone you don't that you think is dumb do you do it some fast. I'm using any of the phone. I hit. Have a good day. It fits their pleasure as always appreciated. And I'll look forward to you'll eventually get I EU eventual compromise fact. She knows what and where you have I have to come your side. You are going to win this argument. Because the chances are Brady wins a Super Bowl are slim to none and he's going to get into the playoffs and have to play against a good team and then you are going to be right. And the chances at sixty winners our callers and nine you're going to be all right every take you do you hedge your bets every line is eight RT era. Think that. Everything. Well he's talking about. Art ball. You'd hit that the chances Brady went missile force limiting non. It seemed no Orleans favorite they're bigger favorite than any team Italy did one fights oh let's keep your conduct that ought to keep. I'm earlier is very hard to win the Super Bowl so Brady does lose. You have a chance of all the other teams in the playoffs winning and Brady losing that's a pretty good bad and. If I think IU is great evening gets personal call Buell are not that cold as today air ticket and simple to New England Patriots. They will win a maximum of one playoff game and by the way it looked like gonna be long about the regular. Crocker and I wish you always love thirteen win. There are projected say. It's a lot. It bought Ford hadn't happened yet. I went how many more games again only to. Oh and a push to worry you weren't the only man and nothing is CNN at the guerrilla. Churchill let's place. 150. So gee here we made national news media and radio city did a real parts it all on park Overland Park. Overland Park I love it this time here. Oh Luna Park man charged with stalking singer wanna Delray allow home man Patton park man was charged Thursday was stalking lead singer Lana Del Rey. And breaking into her California home. Zachary Bennett none of us are exactly Benton self nineteen has reportedly been stocking gallery through social media since November 2. According to prosecutors self broke into dull race house which was undergoing renovations. This happened on November 29 construction workers called police after spotting itself at the home Monday. He was gone by the time authorities arrived police later found an arrest itself at a Starbucks in Santa Monica California. According to. 150000 dollars bail. So I went and found what looked like his FaceBook so what I want where did she find him so construction workers found him. Hiding in her words same error. In her home after spine term outlook construction workers were inside her home I'm trying to insult other it and he wasn't there she would never tell structure orders were doing construction on our house and found and they found him like the next day or something like that came into work and he's a sitting on the couch says construction workers called police after spotting self at the home Monday. But by the time of authorities are right he fled but was he in the house I'd the other thing I heard this morning was that he was in the house so. But like I thought they didn't say house but they said I was for some reason imagine like a guest homer detached. Garage and I don't know what they said it made me think that but. Mr. says he's construction workers are the ones who spotted them. They say in her home so. Hundreds of thousands of her home in Santa Monica I guess so. I looked in on his FaceBook this morning is from Overland Park and I found his face for which the news uses FaceBook twos so. You know again it's FaceBook I'm sure you could sign up and say you're somebody look like you know these posts go back to October 1 of the post I found said. I don't care how many girls wanna try to get with me only one girl is ever gonna get to this. Boom. Who's well life you know I think I have an idea now. And then it looked like he changed his. We call on FaceBook you've got your pro operation got the banner up there and all that matters and then that changed to a picture of Lana Del Rey. And then there's a picture of the virgin Mary it's a statue of the virgin Mary and then he's cropped the picture of Lana del ray next to it. And it just says above east title the picture same exact thing saying the virgin Mary and I guess it's virgin Mary. And on the same thing they said I inertia in this when he said de Delray. Left me a good book to read I know what day is I've urban dictionary now before putt. The book that Sharpton is the satanic which I don't know what that means what he would say that. Vinny said this is this is the crazy part on Saturday this Saturday at 2:50 PM 2:49 PM. He posted oppose it just said paradise is so close. Damages can close the Dow right many posted again. And it's if there's a picture of a Google Maps and he's driving it shows like California Nevada and it just says so close I'm guessing that's paradise. He also did one of those a Hoosier hottest friend surveys on FaceBook. And he said. Out on a Delray losses on its FaceBook. And then there worse you know a few other pictures of her if she liked him back. I don't think so. She wasn't in him as much as he was and there are not that I know of I mean I don't know you know I would talk tour. She's had problems should a girl who stalked her earlier. This is on. But a lost hills detectives tell us of the performer was neither threatens nor confronted by this change of the suspect fled the scene. Before police arrived but he left behind paperwork with ramblings. Of his infatuation of the singer and a laptop. That they use to track him down. According to the police the man believed he had a quote spiritual connection to the born to die songstress. Based on ram is in his note he was clearly infatuated with blond detective said. They described in his nineteen year old Zachary self he's been held and aren't the 2000 dollars bail. This all according to you on how. 150000. Dollars bail them. Being someone's opinion someone's garage. It. That's a lot right Julian and home. And it is under construction. I feel like keep when he got there he might even notice that is under construction you wouldn't feel maybe he just wanted to. Be physically close to some of are things I mean this seriously got to get in trouble you can't stop people who break and other homes but not solid on of the 2000 arms lock if we got a 150000 dollar bail. If you just broken the garage and tried to steal a bike or something Russert on sang like I got it stockings were bugged all but anyway and an end. And we do with a guy like that is clearly dangerous. Well and as mine mine like I'm no psychiatrist so I don't know if you drive all the way from Overland Park it'd Californians to spend time alana galleries garage. I'm not it's I don't love the fact that you're rolling around. You know Shawnee mission parkway and I think you might be a loose cannon ball what do you do with someone like that. It's not you know you can't lock lock him up and throw in a kid. But I feel like a whatever team looked like whatever he does in the future and isn't just me speculating though whatever he does in the future and great. They used a mug shot of him playing great running. Apparently there ready had a mug shot for something else and you've got until four in the past and you know ice I was looking through FaceBook itself and some people were saying that they thought it was drug related but who knows I don't know if drugs make you do that. Maybe. Majority thinking about it. Paranoia. Beaver has ever been a celebrity crush he thought if only she got to know me. This article and if only she got to know me you know Lindsay Lohan. Jones is looking at pictures of her earlier how tenuous. Did you premier now inserted relation kegs and makes sense that bar make elder bush. But as global it was still Blake and a. I know that guy's name Blake senate is that right. That is so could you. Whom whatsoever I always thought when Britney was shaving heads have a TARP I can just. If I did just love her and not use her just I love Britney say no I don't want their money there I wanna help you just because nobody shouldn't trust anybody know. Her parents Rosie and her friends for using her fame it was user right there isn't time and I'm not gonna use you I just want to support you right I just love you I love you I want support you just. The highway were the ones who are planting my governor could talk to her about you know doing too many drugs in going to jail and getting arrested we could bond. On all of those things where our lives went sideways where. You know and that's that would be my relative I could just talk drive feel like I could. Now that you be attracted to me at all she wouldn't I know that. But I feel like I could talk to her about drug abuse and president in jail and all those things and get myself into a position to where. She may. Attached to me for advice or something about you know oh my god I'm you know I just got my third deal why what's gonna happen in Raymer and then I feel like him run and moment of broken down weakness I would come over with a box like. And get her off the way problem is by the time you get there you dads are you gonna be their guy I want to pass an all out. You get a deal line call as most of you know. Oh Julia Louis too but she started that. Or issue like you she started it she kissed me and said I promise I'm gonna see you again I was feeling and I thought that mission wanna me to try to find her again but national responding in my stance with the well you know usually drive out there was she re treated me once and liked it and I started trying to deal emerges will respond to me he should drive on the Enron mr. Graham and maybe just maybe she's just under new messages drive out there she must've forgot who I am meter in the ground she must have. You guys been a while she probably just forgot. But if you saw you I think if we hung out again I just need one more date. Gals are people out there on the other all the members of the band and all of her fans get them out of there and some alone time. That are evocative Arpaio. She's a Scientologist man. All she did message seeking to get a career acting that's fine I guess she is a Scientologist. But yeah. Surely she used to be a socialist. I don't read our breaking well you know I don't know how serious she is about it well that's if you want a meaner than you need to go to California. Indoor oral Scientology's. You know worth it and then just what. It is easy to focus I heard if you don't believe in and then it's easy that's like telling. I don't believe in it so if I had a chance to. Sleep with the let's say Lana Del Rey and all I had to do was worship Harry Potter well chiefly because I'm lying from the beginning. So I don't captures I want to join signs on you remember Lance granola does cost a ton of money she's got a guided to be cleansed and all that stuff like holds unlike being there all of you Tony don't take as I don't care. Because I don't believe in any other they can follow me all that they ruin your life. Tony sizzle no what are they gonna do. He says that they call your work and make up stories in Nate they stock at your house they wait for you I'll probably take pictures of you all carry people taking pictures of me through my windows. You wouldn't. You wouldn't put up when people from Scientology's following you around you can go sleep with Juliette Lewis of that to you find is right I'm just saying it seems like an awful lot like you have Britney for an. I mean I have to remind you reallocate Britney still not totally. You know. Are saying oh Scientology's a good play if all you wanted to do was sleep with celebrities. You can figure that out. Just go there and sign up yeah. By the way they'll do their best to make your celebrity to. Discussed so who cares just be a Scientologist is not a became renowned art. Julie. When we may have low. He used to cry don't to set out looking. Like this doesn't look. They love it ten allowed I was originally demo dire straits releasing any indigo girl's version because she's a lesbian these.