Moving In Together

Monday, May 21st


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So I'll we're outside smoking. And hard slices question I've found it fascinating he said Simon Danish girl for four months now you think is too soon a moment ago. And we learned last week fit if you Denard you know our muscles throws out I love you said what was in the first week second day usually a second day senator. When you sell out and in this room this thing this morning it was different look at the first week so we had a couple dates already Mozilo had like three times here I had treasuries up. Did she say right back to who she thought about it and then then you let a pickle. The winner who I think she just thought through it on them. But she's down to saw through what I thought you you actually you fall in love you said I do own life I literally was amiss that way as it. OK a little early space command now I do. Do you wanna move imminent. I'm foremost is Tony some injections every American I don't know Mae and thank you Mary first they said well yeah it just seems a little. Early. I mean not and I glanced militants and missiles my point my point was everything has a chronological order and people. Always try to Arjun. I think people trying to argue but I you know to me. And people get mad at me because I argue dismiss as not fair but to me like a timeline means everything Mike. If you are going to prosecute me for whatever were arguing about nominee to see a time line right out there and you can't just say about that now. What was said first win and how we need to go through the senate. Chronological order and my point being is if you set I love you on the third day than four months is legal for years in most people's relationship thus there as there. These are the same mam I got this wrong I love you on the second day. Well another time for months rolls around it's like you guys. Have been dating her two years Shelly I mean I I put I cannot pigeonhole myself I did. And what's the worst that happens or doesn't work I removed the right. When I mean I'm leaning towards doing that I think. Think maybe maybe I don't know I just it just does seem what you can always move right if it doesn't work move out of it as Lorena yeah. Just diseases drew a strong Jones and I was like. Parcells got to move him and his girlfriend says. You know this girl why you laughing as the information we should have that we don't. I am I a ideas no artful. It was sweet you know me below me. From the get a good room and you make sure that they know that within the first like date or to at least right now we covered up now then just a partner Larry. Journey like are you think she's great I think we're right. You've spent we spent south by together which. So I practically do you like a never again. No owner to do so. What sold him back. It's just mentioned hey you limited amount of oh come on man bought the zinc but now I do. As soon look lumpy on guess that it knows that now similarly mum. She was empty nest thing I came back home until her service. No it changes in how Seton seated side is under our ministers and mom came and rescued him from a an awkward and living arrangements choice and I couldn't handle forgot all about that I did just fine mom missing the asset okay mother father just like I don't come back on what happened many things Tom. Who has Lou mom while I have an area. And your mom's house. I like to think that where I live is MySpace. Inside your gamma house also has about the next. But I made in my own. Graduation day. That sealer to mom's house. Your love this girl I am. And she wants to move and Dan Wheldon and I don't let me launch. I think conditions are ideal I get it it's just I got drugs it's I mean this is us. That's like a whole different step of the adult thing and pressure from ready for that yet. What you have. Having dogs together noticed a hole like this exist feels it feels. Real once you can move in again now we're doing now or shopping together an average decorating them apartment or how their glory together now. I mean just about every in every day. And he's in the night yeah it's really nice I can go home. You know if I might not feel that right now you know he's a my nerves I'm on her nerves char I can go home. We do lose that ability. I guess you wouldn't though disease soldiers Korea Laos. I mean not make it funny but did you December on my arms and you know I got there around you do then yes that's right. It's just it's just that psychological status like okay elect is the timeline thing so now we move and ends for now what. Six months a year I got to propose. You don't have to do. We're talking college you don't and I am an installation is done realized you may move Indian and and she says. Six months later we should buy something or a year from like we should buy something my original rational process and voting is fine now Republicans Clinton the split in Britain now also now you know an arrogant money involved and that's never good move towards about it you know. But I thought. You wanted to split the rent somebody Ono I need that that's a must but it's one thing if it's a buddy it's one thing you know. If it's us this year asking me did she bring a celebrity you bring up all what I did I did different links for a part owner brought it up first she. He cheaper to run. And that's probably because you spend every night then you don't pay rent. True. Gets to shoot maybe like had. If your gonna do this because it chipped and the I think you're right I think that's because it's hard courts and ask for money right now just in general to say hey I know you're over here all the time with you make more that is a Sunni my money. Now but I managed to still make any money you have going out is more money than you want and especially you know paying rent for a guy just. Hang out there I also honestly what really comes down to like I'm living for free right now all the right on her dime that's fraud why should I do kick and a little bit. Until a mom sat I don't know and hers out yet. Castro. Between mom and her. You're living for fray. And she's like had. To be awesome if you didn't live for free and if we might contributes. I cleaned things a way you don't pay and you know monetarily contributed. Well I think now now. And so she might want to. If you guys are doing and already she may see like Al Gore already living together. If he really wants so lived together. While we move out of the place and I paid for and get a place that we pay for I just think maybe she sees as the next step. I don't think we need to bring money into it I just feel like the love we have now is really give it a moment hand. I wanna mess that I I just don't mess this up I think will be gaggle now as good why risk it. The US you may move in together and it's great and fine and I know prop I think you'll be I think. I think he'll be fine I just you know things are going good now opening broke don't fix how much time what does she said. I Washington whether or not gonna Paterno. Right. Oh she's eight. Trust me it's nine well she's on whose side rumbled in and what if she said most of them you don't have to pay me any rent. Always huddling together boxes are in the car okay so this is the bomb on his own money. Let's Abbas amount of money thing and I come in that he while Don because cowboys will play. A money thing is it's just a lifestyle thing I have a very certain. Way of doing things you know unless I went out branding Warren not paying rent we know that about you yeah. Devin Mary certain way of not paying people around and I'm really good at it. And I hate for that to be exposed. I say just say to my massage yeah I'm feeling that's that's the best move she's got free Internet you. Fridge is always stock option general during the audit Internet. Yeah it was a slow. A crucial antenna I was devastated a little Montgomerie with a you know I got a cool water what is she moving your mom's house with you about that. You know and everybody mother you haven't always I gotta space and clean your room with her mother soon. Mean she likes her a lot I'm only if there ever been. It's something to consider. Korea what could go wrong. I can't think of a single thing move my girlfriend and when my mom I can't think of a single thing everybody's happy mom's happy girlfriends have I think he's happy day I think I think it can you need to take care of both of the limiting your life from many yards or they can take care of him which is what we're looking for here Nash. Obviously but you have them. I cable I personally I just heard a blessing Zulu that hurts all so we go to W me. Tony six yen and date for four months and move in together is not unheard of at all. It's not know. Well there that's the thing everyone you know the bush is the surveys now what you should be doing this for 35. Now so let's I don't you're not. Nor about the list. You know again if you read that is going to be a real depressed to stay away from Macedonia that. Police summons a long drive youth open your original was so bad genital mature and. So bad why you don't think you should do a poll why don't these ready for a I like Asia I don't really know pipeline. Wow. Just wow aren't sold well Charlayne come line and grown up grown up. I never I'm talking about I'm workshop and that's an adult. Yes I you're written. Journeying with. Your mom's house. Being adult. I think as men and money isn't that what is. Yes. He's trying to figure out a way to do not have to pay for analyze that's the best kind of know things and I. I found no other way to make a word you are 26 years old. I'm now maybe you do not place and have her remove them when you now let's sakic ray now. I was asking all know gas was she wants to moving get a place that she was in the mood and that's scenarios either I'd move there with her arms in a month is still open to. Terribly much of your furniture and stuff and you'll be fine I don't have furniture right so then if you have to leave. You're ready to go a meanwhile has always say you just leave everything behind anyway because. You know Chilean isn't comment. Why I think we're in pretty close you know that doesn't work. Well maybe. I've been on both your places you guys have extra rooms journey you included. Yeah and you're not Spain and it. You can go back to your mom's house used that's real heroes are your mom's always have your mom's house member with you have done that now I feel like I wanna you know. But you've gone back once she came about and you can't you thank you get one Mulligan you can't do it's wise. I say do it finances going to be great but it's going to be great as long as you just say from the beginning. I'm we're not split things 5050 I'm not America and that position. I'm not ready for that what do while I do groceries I'll buy groceries and she can pay ray won't don't. You can I tell you well. I don't you Wally about a lot from Brad are you still people's breath right Mike we know how you live where those sort you got new you got out of these self aware last week. Before moving into this you have to have some source of self awareness and know how you act. And then you have to be you know me after allowing us it you know. You can't tell yourself how you're going to change because nomination now. That's like these cameras are going to the gym Lou I'm not historical religion never never never gonna circled them and get on an and roll into the grocery store make sure everybody's happy lives. All the things that you brought to survive released hasn't happened where the sun you are I'm I'm not knows that I'm not I'm not do in this league and I talked. Yeah.