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Wednesday, August 1st


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I'd tax on tax on tax on relaxed yes I know what happened and it. Yes. I'm aware of that. And whether you believe this sort of notch. Doesn't matter but I'll tell you I do not negotiate contracts. I'm not an attorney Entercom is a giant corporation. With the attorneys. That negotiate. Contracts. I don't do that. I didn't personally. Want nothing more. Then success. Fourth century. She news. The mother of my children. A wonderful mom. And so. Our family looks different than some. It's still our family. And this church. Our fan. I think she's incredibly talented. And I think. And all honestly. I expect her to turn up somewhere in kick all of our asses somewhere else. Just weird because. I started here. In 2002. I was wanting. And I remember. You know. Mean her meeting you mean Dini boy Weezer on same time. And everyone told me. People who worked here people who work in the business people who worked record companies everyone told me old radio you know. You're gonna work a lot of places with a lot of different people on fire wrench right. Don't die another day don't buy rent I mean I work with people currently who. Or was a guy who just bought his first house engines twenty some years but he was. Said nah you don't do that you. And then it felt like was heard to defy the odds and an ace they've. These you know at one point said they were gonna hear the station and I don't know I had this golden opportunity analysis happening and station got saved and then. It just felt like as as time went on and we said before we wake up every day and think could this be our allies and I. But I think I didn't start to get to a point where I thought no word different. We've defied the odds and we're going to be one of if not the only group people. They're just gonna get to spend most of our careers together. And the fact is. When you choose this profession. You know in what comes along and and it is a ton of fun. There are a ton of cool perch. But it is also dated today. You get a great carting you and you constantly reminded that all you we're way past. Your life expectancy. At this place. So I know. Of course. But it's it doesn't change the fact that it stings it almost feels kind of like. I was in this great big to do greatest summer camp experience sure that you could ever hope for. And lucky have to call it a job to call work. And now feels like it's. It's just not it's not the same it's a little different like something. I did mornings with a censure for awhile we worked together in Seattle she helped me. Sheikh. I think was you know for a long time she was the one who is giving me that their courage and confidence telling me. You're really good at desks this is what you should be doing she told me how to deal with. You know. Certain situations because I thought I I didn't know things and I'd never dealt with before. I mean I can't count how many times she cheap she would say don't lot this happened don't run distillate. And looked out for me. You know and I and he had Bible and I wouldn't you guys for charity you know. It's it's so it just feels like. I think I'm not a religious person but because. This is that a place where we want toll from the beginning. Is she could be your last temper IT trained to it if there is anyone listening and not taking this for granted please. Let me. Let me keep doing this. But what I didn't think about it is. When a piece of that families statue and it you know with few sharp. So this is new for me you worked in radio stations to form worked with you know I have no never never quit a job. I've been let go from home. And that's just. Part of this business and obviously this year is that true. Stressful but before it even start we knew oh so here you're counting down you know what's coming okay how many years left right. And need and that's not guaranteed but even name. You certainly start to worry more when you see that they are now on our start coming up and comer become an up and and someone's eyes and I don't say here's a girl age those. And I don't know what I'm doing. My. And I and I mean I'm not one of the you know me I'm not the kind of person to say. You know what. Let me have my lawyer Tikka. Russ site I'd like I don't know why just. I think there's because there's a voice in my head constantly saying. Don't screw this up right. You still there are key card still works you know this is what you ask for. That I just kind of that's that's that's been my minimum. A minimum that's been all I've asked for is that front every day when he come and it says beyond this point employees only have walked by that sign and I go man. Student in my lucky. That is what friends and what happens how much gonna feel that day that I come in here. And I nuptials go past that point. It's gonna happen it's gonna happen. Speaking. Have you. Have you signed nick on her own and and I asked. Earlier. I feel like maybe I wasn't clear enough but I. Snow when you knew what I was getting at earlier off the air. Always. We're discussing. This gluten. Some did you sign a contract. And. Did you sign a contract. Rea no. I was Simon and anything's been forever. Have those and prescriptions. Well. These series with me OK. I wanna know. What's happening because the last amassed huge you know I don't like talking about it last amassed he was. Friday I guess and I feel like we both were on the same page. We added today intercom lawyer I wanna know have you talked to an intercom warn her about. And you talked a minute commentary. Yes. Have you. Yes. Hey what do they say hey did you make me go first. If the look on his face and I said yes I felt like. While passion actual content type letters of oceanography and shown. So. Remember last time. Four years ago and moved. When it was time to you contracts yes and I said maybe I won't ask for new contract. But just. Ask for an addendum. Yeah that Kennedy carries on the same one you I've said many times maybe I should have set it on the air. That. I've always said if I got to a point where they were willing to pay me to do this. If they offered that to me I would science in this is girl took for the rest of my life run as long as you. Continue to employ me. I'll do that. Right and if I can continue to do this and you'll continue to pay me the mom never negotiate again yeah I used to say not all the time number. I'm not totally. Being facetious. When I said that I guess because the last time. I said OK well what if we just add more your story yeah. And did you do that again national and they told me last time it you know basically okay well. That's almost like that certain of almost like I was it'd be you know trying to make this easy for whom are efficient at doing this because normally you go any necessary when you know here's terms Revver rumble. We do this for you get this exchange whatever. And I have no idea what I'm doing of course. I don't think anybody does I've talked to everybody in this filling who's had to do it at some point means no one of the hell's going on everyone's asking everybody else for vice nobody knows I'm I don't know what you're trying to do we're gonna agents and they got their own lawyers right I've never done and I did that my brother told me I should. Did you know he says I'm media not to. I did not do that though. And under that it. I don't know I'd. Did you sign a contract. All right. Did you sign a contract as I went first last time I went first last time. I don't know where you're apt. Arnold. If you talk to him owner nowhere near. I talked sooner commentary each. Okay. All right. On the count of three. Do either say yes you sign a contract or no you didn't sign a contract. Indicted doesn't mean Lin is still here today so I'm still here so dancers though doesn't mean. Are never coming back but. There's no way to play this out was some honest I didn't have to hurt us why would you sign contracts oh okay. Course that I. But I you know you guys did. On the countering on you before and maybe just give me a little signal gimme a signal like. No one have a good and then made a town of foreign. I I think so goes as a count of 38 closure not put your hands or your party gone as ready now you say in general just say where it's. No long explanations. No I'm going to you know I've talked about it either yes you have. Or no you haven't yes. I've signed a contract no I haven't none of this well there is an agenda for years not that bad the negative sense and so you either say yes or no. Okay ready and Washington. To. Theory yes. OK I did on my job I thought for sure you're gonna say there wasn't done yet. Why did you make such a big deal about a guy or you're gonna be done yeah. Mine Jack you could've said something earlier when I was asking some sort of a I don't know frontman smile whatever and say the opposite of assigned when I asked you earlier in the dead there about body language told me I was worried about year. Lou I guess and was tiptoeing all this is almost up in the bathroom where. They're put in front of me it's the same one there's nothing else new to learn. It that's right same thing as says this last contract is the same as we knew that's right there's and that's like a one page saying next time I'm like this when they got a two paragraphs and it wasn't you know. I thought I honestly thought when he handed me the envelope because it wasn't in one of those big things. I really thought like maybe this is. And as long as Jose coupons. For but here's your composure I am concerned. But it was like a thing like this that just experiments on the same thing and and then they said okay. Which I'm guessing they did the same thing for you they said it because this is a little different than out of that office OK now we have to wait for them to sign it. And so then I was just like okay right. Are they don't know much but they gave it to me. Did you have got. You have that the payment that they sign that I'm done are you done yes. Now we now. I believe. And maybe acted by. I get to you not knowing you don't wanna. There's a lot of stuff going on I don't know what's going on here Bly. I mean I don't give a similar program regimens I've picked music and and I know now there has been complete about that fight there's a lot of things that I do when trying to put on counters and those such things don't. I can't sign a contract. Was somebody else I only saw my name to the bottom that's it. You know I was like. Literally physically ill earlier. Mean snow cone can attest he almost threw up early. And who's like noxious. And last night he's been freaking you are responding. He was at times to. Why I wanted to know they certainly do but I did one attacks and say hey they called. Right I know on Friday were kind of like have you so what's right to play but that point. There was there was nothing done and done now. So I I kept expecting if I said something that he would at least say they called they'll probably call you something. But I didn't wanna say like hey we got a call that's got to be good sign right. I'm Tanya I'm so unexpected call from. Before I do contract.