Nick Wright

Monday, February 12th


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Right swung well. Are you unwell we on the air yet. While I was you Elwood it's wonderful. A lot for all the talk about boys I'd say they it was a rare day. That I got the lit into the church of blood low life. For at least the beginning oh it is good I remember that typical 340 choose our time which all the best show American goal on the ground that I'm. Knowing your early. Then I had to delay so we can start on the side here for like fifteen minutes. You guys played the same killer song big god I swear you were playing that way and I didn't look any studio you got us. The very popular song I enjoy it and not look what's the point is I got here apple headlines maybe it I don't know how you get what you say but I I ended up I I'd law connection only. Or around the time that snow cone was seemingly proudly admitting. That he had oak framed picture of slump that that is bad side. It's for at the end I assume you guys have now spent the entirety of the show. That fact that we talked about it a little long I think as I thought ill of somebody just sit here these guys images made a sale that's normal. And slim fast seems to be a fan of snow cone having the picture and it's so you know our man okay. OK I just and impartial observer please quiet and I'm impartial observer group with this being the case. I like no call as much as I like eating human being that I never gotten her a bath at the scene this one bat. EU and lab will vote no this. Oh what an admirer. Of one last supporting talent I am and I've been meaning to go to guys for quite some time. There is not a person that in my life that I have not played it no rat. That you gave when you first came did you order every headline Brett back was restrained really helped you produce jobs or I'd like to look back now. The sign an admirer. Followed. One back at what did any human being a lot. There comes. And that creepy thing I'd ask. Ryan is trying to balance because what I hear you didn't hear what I figured what the case. I've figured no call because it's. Site yet become something of a radio pro and I'm very proud of the well because I'm able these nearer. All of podcast like Dick day at 2015. And what you think being. When snow cone didn't know what he's doing. You return it stated joked that would it be Al couldn't that they were the jokes they got it like turned off. But really you've got a great job evolving into it or radio for actual. And that so I did so win it he said oh yeah a port I have a picture. Oh no corner of my bed right either case she would lie in leaning into the bit. Or. Each book. Right yeah so darn well be be fought harder I've got that wrong for nine years you. Evolved into this and it was their call that these bugs in Africa and a. Like a picture of the three of you guys like you know what I mean oh cool picture worked at one activated and welcome back and they need. And eighty device hit the story and picture are well bat you're not one bit par would be you underrated. And they I didn't bring Victor Conte back all burger and we'll bat sonoco we'll never know. No just plummeted Myers from it doesn't look at. Yes it is a very old picture. Did indicate that he'd be if. GA and because maybe he realizes. That you can never. In reality capture the hearts. Albeit older Mormon Church except pulled one back up the heat and you're like he is accused transport himself what black mirror type of dream state. Ford like but it only I bet but eighteen year old or. Jesus Christ I need my way I believe that not only does it even if I only met him I think he wants people to believe. That back and today this was my lover. The law for you guys look so much into this picture I'm not gonna apologize for it I like the picture so bass is fine with that. You guys look so much into this. It the weirdest thing I hate being. What did you hurt you stand for hours at three arrogant you know fifteen minutes or so rumored gay wit guy. Error op like flat low you know that I I'd donate a kidney to either your kid. And I certainly didn't you and well like I. But lapels hole what what do I in two OJ didn't ask him. Other thing that probably in 28 team you've shied away. Only could they didn't want. I don't know if there's a time and a place for all that but I don't I just doesn't prevent them. But that's not normal one back. And that the fact that I I I know bird both of these types of women found that has stated. But it does that attracted your local gorgeous when that. And the fact that these gorgeous women love him I would seemingly do any thing he wanted and what you want them to do. Is that opponents believe that the yeah. Somehow. None of those things are merely good not. You've got to be best if they don't tighten it and next on natural. And is now there were gonna sing you a copy in a frame and you tell me you wouldn't put on your nightstand if I ask you pure release on your Dresser and your bedrock. I I what would have a bit because I had. I'm gonna walk around my house real quick and tell you all the pretty pictures like say you don't you ever been a lot of long in my bedroom right now. All I would like to record a picture of me all of our wedding day. We're outside very they're a little like. Oh I don't know what cable in the hallway there picture book five book the Stanley. For a picture of my wife and daughter from years ago when do you want was very young. All right yeah the picture of the band when I do not bring pictures of the wall of people I don't know. They actually Mohammed Ali Michael Jordan off my height spin it. And our. Another Mohammad Ali. Well we keep going. Let us see see a picture of me would look it's like both of those things you know me where friends and I inspire right right. Now I am I get over you and your wallet creepy as strangest thing. Yes I think I agree review and and now and I think you articulated it in a much funnier way that I did because I was so shocked you have. Had its moments and you heard it earlier to absorb it and do a little bit of comedic material around it I was trying to hold then vomit. And boy did you imagine what we're just we're protected and can you imagine. It because what the other much like one bet that I'm not joking here and it is not poking fun at all smoke on. Not quite what that is something of a mentor. To so called. You who have been hurt decade a mentor of mine truly a mentor of mine someone that I did not need eight single serious look actual decision in my life. Without consulting you audit. And actress Betty we guy that would give me six years. And it's been through our for the late when everything Jim city and then there but can you won't know actually. If we need you worked here for Thanksgiving. And you're like a drink or use the bathroom and I like yet to get after one of the boys did and it will go to one of my bet to. It would you walk through my bedroom and all the on my site they had not only a sprained picture of you not only is framed picture you by yourself. Like the range picture like laughed well actually act Europe actual problem. And I like the club club that both like yeah. All air good look at lab will probably put on Twitter with you wouldn't eat it you would seem that it. Otherwise I would have picked it up out of them I just can't be actual. What is happening in and out thought he did this is a joke. It's not real and out of put it back down so maybe he didn't do this is a joke and then I would have finished watching the game and you gathered up my children ever cross your. I talked to my delight kids on telling his uncle that died you can go visit with the you even. Don't really important point. So the investment gave me the picture. And said DA believes that happens on his nightstand bottle is hilarious and he gave me the picture instead you should have to do. Thank you said well I'll take it now I don't bats at eye once you have on your knights and dear now that's how I remember of but OK okay so pardon Nixon example who'd like if Olazabal gave in the picture what now. Happen plus players I think let's turn it around but let's say the guy came over after all these years and I'm effort Thanksgiving I give you a picture of me. Good you're gonna try and I was OK there's usually an alleged master yeah. You have been thrown an open your personal interest and let me clear office place. We are not we are good totally and I that we are totally ignore the bad. That there had been at that point. I'm in this important and well. Larry. It sure revelation. There had been an ongoing. Theme all this sure hope. Bet you don't want you to and a I'm not that nice kid but seemingly ever more accurate or the black vote. You walk to work on I couldn't fit it. All ready but Baldwin question though. Mean. How much no cone dated date light is the question we all our personal WW act big what what what better. I call you did it. And all the picture. I think bit needed someone being. The primary. Suspect in the murder ball for you find their videotaped confession. I didn't think the picture he gave I didn't sneak over and they get it right. He gave me the regular tax themselves that sex is no councils are small strung high school picture that's honest I wasn't hers or cousin. Yes I did we religious storage and sex with a girl. And Herbie uncomfortable because there's a picture of slim fast on your machine every. I'm comfortable enough president Jolo on she ever a time when you bring girls home. That's my bro you're assuming Jews and how will she ever said that. She said it was weird the text message that I comes out we had. I'm on your side here it's my picture we're talking about. I don't want you to movement of data be devastated now I've just because these two guys yeah you know give you a hard time I'm gonna apologize good I love you are gonna tell you didn't say that this sexual partners thought it was where I may get a second picture and friend that one million marching orders and they give you don't get as many as you. You'll hallway you know I'm I. It looked at Larry I thought I'd be more comfortable with that a bit more if you're like hey and by the way. Yeah my trying to want to ask the but everyone would know back in jail. Like all hated it he's really you know Q Andy call meaning the character. And he's a great bit. What eight stop and I'm going to go eight up. There are you an idea. Oh. Good good the circumstances. In which the bit tight all the whole and the circumstances in which you lived and I would do one of these. Beirut where people poor lapels while back and I were friends but I want and they're one. I like where you you're great you know what no problem popping Bender could we have no. Right yeah remember that I remember correct yeah yeah does that suggest no rose yeah we can meet someone. Well and so artful I I have an idea I I know what he's certain his car not judging but I am going to be subject. I'm over under. Hole. Framed pictures eight year old. Actor what do. I important and I think that's hard oh yeah you know they did under. Why don't like patent that they're one other picture in the entire thing but not worried about how. I think not pictured myself. Yet here and there are big picture that big complaint. That it didn't back up to gather and in a definite action you are hanging on the wall all night they would. I wont to chewed. Pain. We think people are incredibly. Yet you want sticker you have a mother you know if you haven't yet and he wasn't nearly whose track it we'd have to wait you have put your spirit. You got a brain sonogram and there. I want framed picture. F yeah sunset and it's something. Yet all right man and well I have a picture is all get around the frame in them. Again it should be noted when he gave me the picture it was framed identical bide your frame. He gave me a framed picture of himself and said. Put this on united stance I don't think I said the design NIC believes that's how I really doesn't matter what time and there are coming moves is that picture may don't at this point that that pictures made the move at least three times it's made to a guy to move this is the third homer to Brandon Hyde Park. A body. 00 in it you know I don't know I mean that you are under the famous scene from godfather true. I mean you don't take this bags don't ask questions this horrible for me you are with a young big yelled yeah big I didn't have being people who Leone like. Is there anything on the back could've given you. So where eat it if if he gave you would expect striking but hate cheered good old brain picture of me I would like you to put it on your night they. Like okay. Hearing date cat litter of pig blood birds and I'd like hey you know over your shower curtain. Like it bear the went there any question we're going to deny. Well that would be weird I would agree I wouldn't deny requests from any you guys yeah any view. The three appeal request says something like battered me I would do if he's in his eye chart hanging and never I'm not I'm so glad I put a picture of me I know. Wouldn't put in the desert I finally do in your bag and said don't ask those who had taken of course I would take the back. Well then I warned that I am going to sing you. A picture. Of my twelve year old daughter who happens to be at the entire family. The dark it in the all of us. And that you'd hang it somewhere or how would know what. What opera might still I would have but I'm gonna hurt my nightstand and I don't want to do not send that to slim fast I didn't know. Didn't put it on his nightstand I thought I did you don't wait from the Israeli justification for quite some time with us what this is the worst idea. You have ever come up with a bit. Art that they do us. As a general rule to not send some vast pictures of children that Aetna Aetna. I'd like to walk got one back. I'll do not want that so all they're really note board Newt behavior for what nothing would have been more or. And I so much of court thought we got bush live.