The Office

Friday, January 12th


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00 man. Islam is there. That's what you said what a great lead in to that I wanted to talk about that does when he won his heart is not bad about now. I am worried here any gas Letterman and I know a lot of what's going on here. I'd rather there they're free and they were better than me oh yeah the American Idol this season thirteen headphones. American Idol. Commemorative season thirteen had a yeah. This season they actually I don't know I don't want to but they should have bugs. How which. Are these years old that turns out no no no I didn't know robbery and those are. I'm at now but I can hear her out. How did they sound OK hang on money well like any and wind Sanong dad's line it is of those American Idol headphones fine season thirteen. It's better than those Sony's and then. Annihilated in the studio. It's. At any time in Europe that is you know some iron to nine on. Let's say they're parade I was gonna say anything about it. I didn't know they were American I not even my I don't know who is there were there any stage in the studio. It's the and they work so those two seasons old. Those Americans because it ended on like fifteen. Are no kidding yeah the farewell season says someone's been hogging means like two seasons of American Idol grow. So I now. It's right usually does kind of stuff comes in the morning show yeah now non nothing comes in the morning sugar not anymore dad then I don't know since wet and we're on our own little it's. Own little. I know the middle of pollution. Aren't so. I saw this yesterday. This is I. It's about the office. The television show there's earned. Personally. Buyer. Like it right I mean I gave it like a half a season I think originally. And that show is basically and it never really had a good solid reason why couldn't light it just wasn't for me. Correct. And it means a lot to a lot of people which because really. I just saw. I mean yesterday yeah I mean about it it was down. A car on a freeway and then you get to where I was one going straight on making things as quick turn to their right. Mean watching new TV show has done is. Straight hair around me going back to watching the offense in this car takes I guess really sharp bright. To go watch the opposite I see that it's a weird mean I had been at odds where I ever am I off as app. I and a lot of talk coming out so I kind of like to poke in the sacred counsel I'm sorry if you like the office. Your you know it's fine if it means something to you I don't tonight. But with everything that's happened in the world with the big changes. Societal upheaval. Looking ahead to meet the needs to movement right now looking at workplace harassment. Looking a workplace assault GQ magazine. Decided they were gonna go back and take a look at the office and asked if it holds up in 2017. I had because it's really easy. I got I it is. I don't sign film rights eyeballs my office I guess I'll make that quick right all the top area so. I know that the Puerto Rican day episode Steinfeld is one that I don't watch. Because after our lawsuit recently I was like. There's a lot in here they really missed a lot it is actually to me you know an actual doling out of the shine. Of the sign belt empire that one episode. I can take a good hard look at my show so I ask you those view like the office. Can you take a good hard look at it okay. The Eisner asking tough questions is Rory out out out the obvious Davis nine seasons of cringe worthy laps but does a self aware comedy about bad workplace behavior do the same when so many of our dated a conversations are about workplace abuse sprang out chair just open him with the lead maybe rent early that. Here's the first joke in the first episode of the first season of the office Michael Scott mistaking a woman for a man. Mean. Already I'm like oh I can that's still mortgage when he seventeen guys sorry. I mean. MA guys don't moan no more and I commanded you can make it or North America he ends this phone call with the floors of your gentleman and a scholar. Before being corrected by the person on the other end and then justifies it by saying she had a low voice. A joke about a minute later is Michael saying I'm Pam. Quote if you think she's cute now you should have seen are a couple of years ago and in making big lead dog like corrales. Brian. Right Aaron and me living here on to about twenty minutes and he's made her cry. One episode later he refuses to sign a pledge not to make racist jokes anymore right now we're doing this flyby overview of the office for. Don't look good so god right right Simmons says I feel like friends doesn't hold all friends is not at all there's so many questions about that and are kind of gap. But here's the thing that's gonna get people upset and why I really like that sparked by like this article I can they talk about Jim. Everybody loves June yet everything okay you want them to get together last. Am I giving genetic satire programs like yeah I asked camera I bet chairman ham ham. And that this is the extent of what Jim does and this is what apparently makes the office funny Erica Jim looks at the camera. He Cox's head to the side of it any makes. And that's it Brett right that's Jim missiles Smart that's like him loves and has little smirk Boone. Our right here ago. The white male employees of the show to make their coworkers lives a living Heller constantly saying things that anyone in a toxic workplace has her whether it's Michael saying number of friend. First and Abbas second or whites. People sometimes take advantage because it's so relaxes horribly true. Put him. Lemurs in Japan. Ababa Jim is it touched by the horrors his boss inflicts on others because Michael sees him as an equal mostly because he is. And mail press right air went out. Therefore he can roll his eyes and laughing cranes and leave it all behind bringing clocks out he is never the target. He can hate the right people break the right people because he could pretend he's one of them. Right so gyms like privilege. Simon and Jim is Tammy. Now. Now I'm not. My gym Mali office. I'm not having out good to go out. I haven't seen really enough for the office. Right tier of identify their embryos that would you isn't the best idea. Yet it's not yeah yeah it's Colleen as well as he politically correct supposed to person boundaries and they Cuba. Ray bit back. You see the point like this is big this is perfect is perfect comment perfect text thank you very much for saying that okay here's why. If you can't see how far we've come from when that show premiered to where we are now in your refusing to change your still pushing the boundaries. Of way back. You're not evolving to the now. And if somebody doesn't hold up just like any Harvey Weinstein movie doesn't hold up for me anymore and it's a personal choice that now can be yours or. You've got to let it go you gotta move you got to move past it. You can't just sit there he gives it the comedies pushing boundaries at the office on NBC either Arnold boundaries it's pushing. The white guy is unaffected by all of the trouble. All the jokes are against minorities and groups and they have it astle boss frank. Yes no yes I'm sorry she's we got issues are here now I never vote. She's joined them that Al studies. That. So you. I doubt I really don't has done good news yeah that's I was hoping and that's okay you try. Now it sure did that. I guess I just feel like. I am. Sorry I manage our issues abandon. Its huge star issues. I'm sorry I'm gonna focus Dini is too light. No agreement that is flights actually let me Regis open about Dwight really put his lungs toward Illinois are not going at all. I'd think white is a seven doesn't know our rises officer has been in races yes it does thank you very much they and that's why I thought you'd be instant talking about it because I haven't seen in an up to now that that's what they did you know people love it. I yet I don't know the shadow. I don't watch it. I mean everybody does you know you don't want to tell about Jim and Pam union. And I'm like you know I try to watch and I'm like I blaze out. And no I mean if you blaze LA is proud I am I don't I'll play is over. The problems of the victims in these shenanigans in the office whether it's Michael forwarding joke emails about child molestation. To his employees. Or the white saying whatever sexist and homophobic thing he believes. They never get their deck right. Right. So that Joseph and draw the the show's season draws power from. Racism that is yeah I lead is I'm and then Jim gives a look at it doesn't bother him because James why aren't you gas. Getting into true. The race relations. And sexual relations of the office. If you pay for TV can choose to not want seizure as. A I don't enter into your eyes is reading an article in GQ doesn't have to stick my head in the sand. I don't watch the job that I was an interesting article I'm sorry all right you guys now here is where decades you do you Danny and says things. And like I get it. I'm really annoying then if it's if you especially if you're like you don't even know you're a little bit of a raises inside this is really fingering her hole. And I understand that dealing Delhi Delhi though and I and it's definitely know that I really understand that the but it'll it'll do the woods didn't NN amid a little bit on the side but it's the no fun people like me. Right you you are I need no fun people I it's not filed that this segment as a more front grass has. I black office knowledge right. Now I'm saying out loud and out again so here's somebody who dozen other races on the tax line OK okay and let me find an example. And then I'll play it and then they can decide what how they feel well and I got here they sit eat anything days said. This is the stupidest interpretation I've ever heard doing mental gymnastics define racism and intra party. Is that kind of behavior. They got from elected yes me I mean people like me. Saying things like hey you shouldn't I had pain as the Al does that's a bit of a stretch and it's chief if that's really what we're that's just wrong people saying out to be able to be treated with equality and an op office not the show but an actual office shouldn't be filled with misogyny and racism. There docket trump elected that's his call being decent. So but if you don't think there's racism in the office. I don't know how to help via. Maybe down injured. Blow that they seem to think there's no racism and now whilst I think that also owns and I think people out of because that Sarah Lenovo. You got it that's your workplace environment you should probably call. Call somebody. Take up the ghost busters right well that is dead now. It's. Our site is a fine but I only want Seattle is the last not to support any positive Federer or make a stance. I just like to giggle at the OK I'm just asking you to think about your show a little bit differently it is impaired he just lays out farming Columbus as drug amounts and stuff. I don't know. What is it that's our part I have a serious problem there cartons. Affinity to slurs certain groups for fair or like it's when he seventeen get over it. Matt friend Brett. It's not funny mourning those jokes for me it's not. And it's okay. For me to feel that way and is not weird or strange how I and I are hoping you're out there and you hear me and you're like yeah I agree. There even on the weird and strange person in the office and it makes people go stop doing that it's okay. To say I don't think something's funny anymore. Right. I resides him as a straight a bowl because he seems so normal compared to delight in my glee gets away and what's Jim there. I mean people Anna Nicole's friend finally I want to rounding responding yeah. There's so many veterans and that's how does nor any office and I just I was but I'm not slamming into you want. I realize its popularity again and have you ever watched a bit like for example you're Rombach wants a movie that everybody loved at some point yeah. And then deny mantown okay paid an act of god damn him there and I snow still demand stupid as a movie and no more all the now it's all back words of Amish. Jesse eighth avenue and let it sounds terrible oh my god Ireland side and a theater would always some money out. And then any time I ain't charge anyone about family and their Gaza screaming. And imovie sacked but anyway yes. Small the I mean you can. All of the people of color and no one the one LG BT character on the show are constantly harassed and teased about the recent sexuality that's where it starts. He ever seen Michael. Did in any trouble for being a racist almost all. Right right. Artist just pointed out Sasha has thickened about everybody down down apologize aren't needed Y eight. Game boy is so while tax time in his woke. I like you can have a good show that's funny about office politics that doesn't rely on misogyny is. Kenya and a it's like and that's it. If you don't see the misogyny and racism you don't you probably don't think white privilege exists or you're unaware of how much your white privilege. Gives you in the world. Okay. Is this show on in major network in the 2000 that relied on a lot of racism and asides and is that humor. And it's one of people's favorite shows today because we don't go back and take a look right and I how far have we comes with Michael Scott. And the truth is were all active in light you know. Hands ex husband. Accident and well slice of that. The Second Amendment but he. To see how things that he does this in steals there are packed and it. Aren't they go well I appreciate that. Your bloke subject of both. The them or hate us yes yes Leah rush while while begging you cannot like it if it makes you angry when I'm saying you should probably take a look at America's this year and show you that anger anger right now. I know I know if you get upset the people are coming for your comedy in your PC culture that's OK okay. Danny is funny part is I'm. I am very few parties as long as everybody is being respectful enough misogynist stick and not racist I'm having a good time. Moron and a good time but if you if I hear any day I will come over and I will give you a seminar. I hear any sexism uncle and all of them talk. They've got to be acceptable. And let me tell you why here's a Barger. Where is the case. An injury.