Tuesday, February 20th


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I gained. How are you I'm good are you a great man tell me about this tea bag website yeah sought for Canada last week I. Action maybe its art are on the mark for the first time I don't know that I read I don't know on him and it makes sense it's a dating website which. Is not a surprise at all for trump supporters. Some. We've hop with list overlooked atlas before of actual basis exists there's something for. Every second person some of them I don't know if they actually used but a lot of them are out there for her and and see the commercials what's at Marshall now for one farmers only to see now on. Yeah I mean I'm aware that it trying to cowboy a decent as is her top supporters diehard Donald Trump supporters struggling to find a partner. Who love freedom and despise. Tom. That Ortiz make fun of conservatives as much as they do recently blessed with a new days say to them try. Dating. So when you log on to the site last week and this weekend you saw pictures up right here. He never added Chandler because they both like trump I've read somewhere that it's. They're not certain these two may be the people who started the web site OK they don't know if they were there the owner of it was just their picture that was being used. But I think they work for the site and in some. Aspect so. They put it out it was always open is identified as straight man or straight woman yes you could not be gay but that's not the first time that's happened either think didn't was in the army or match Orban said. Are also lets them says gave curiously specific. Scandinavian. Mediterranean eastern European or Western European. I'm not ethnicity. Tom to the site went viral last week. And it's. I think what got the attention was the stuff about straight man or straight woman you know ask you straight ministry treat woman. I guess they don't remember when this happened with it was one of the big ones remember we talked about it one of the big. Paid for dating sites. Said that they don't. Do gay relationships. And we talked about it in the end basically the guy said whatever site it was he said look I don't know how to help you meet in a battle that's not what I do I'm I'm trying to help you meets. Not against it this is just what we do we we can't help you find a same sex partner okay well fine whatever. OK as funny have other dating sites that do and sure obviously. Some there specifically. That seems likely to name it. But that's fine but at the time we kind of said. If our call we were like OK he's saying they he takes all this time to figure out what makes relationship or any sand I don't know Lebanese village of working right out of that and now around I asked. That's not my expertise rights ansari go to someone else to write go at that now whether or not that's really why he didn't wanna help you. I have my doubts but. We sent our parents write whatever they algorithm doesn't work for that and I think humanity and said you can't do it. But it's I don't guarantee that you're in it's going to be a success something like that anyway this is for trump voters that put it out ands. So this first straight man's straight women the sites ethnicity section also allowed users to get. Curiously specific with a particular strain of whiteness Scandinavian Mediterranean ala stuff. Well on Monday. There's a local news station in North Carolina. WR ALO. They cited yet they decide now let's look at these two people in this picture it's all over Twitter and Oliver they feel utterly where William Barrett riddle murder. And Jody remember yup yup. And according to a North Carolina paper the news and record real Berger was convicted. In 1995. On the charge stemming from filming sex with a fifteen year old girl he was 25 at the time. Tom. He said he'd he's comedies have already paid my debt for something I did 25 years ago all these fifty. There's no way there's no ways that there's no lie Europe and in him there's no way missiles wife of 22 years. Maybe a huge. Fan navies and you know not go back up a look at maybe. Can she doesn't look fifty either. Anyway I guess that's your right as we Cink is he says that he was 25. Ands. Or there's usually bodies and it was from a five years ago. So he says America in my devers of donated 25 years ago. He would not speak to W Ariel about his association with the site unless the outlet promise only report on the present not the past George W Ariel did not agree to. But a text message she did tell them a lot of decision to allow trump dating users solicit they are happily married or unhappily married. I'm that would be changed by a programmer he says that was a mistake well condone that David behavior now filming affair why. So now. Your guys had affairs like I don't think anybody's hiding that and I think. Maazel who would think. And no I guess you see newspapers and local news stations but who would think when that you see the story up. All right listen calls when your office and he's fearless two people are on that website right I think they got early on they are really tickets and I don't think it's that. Concentrated in an effort. I think they go hey who are these people started this they figured out and they don't just run into the database. And I think they run them through a regular Internet criminals search. 'cause I have a link to it here and department of public safety side I think it came up and they're like. And then they called them and today you wanna do an interview you have such a fifteen year old and guys like known don't talk well I think it's not easy. Well they said they took their picture down so now you got these two looks like a stock image I'm not sure they're not wearing mega pass them. Love romance and friendship which are called discover. Trump today and discover love roaming as just called trump days updating. So now there's new couple. So now someone and by the way prozac I as a hate he's signed up for when you take a picture. Tom because. We had six or pictures on I found out about what it is 1990. If I was a kid again now I'm not I don't want them China Raanan history on me and goes not to my gym and join us forget it yet maybe. Much like downplaying how did they know you're Republicans. How do they know your child supporter. It can't be that hard alive amateur right now. And get a profile yet did you try. No I didn't. What it's. If you're gonna go on a dating site trying to meet someone else what would what would the specific day rise so be it griner the oath. Senator and a Samad answer there I I see what your driving match. Mom it's easy right I was himself and take me on to create a profile I think I don't think it's free Bryant missed by some for. Premium version guys drawing. Yeah. I was such. There's got to be I would feel I would feel more comfortable just saying to a guy like hey look whatever you wanna sex or not. Now order a woman. Like if I was on tender Bob Moehler. Dating dot trumpet it would be awkward to just say that you know you want to. It would be less awkward to see a picture of a dime what numbers should have sex. I think guys are more at least I feel like there would be more responsive to that. Now that tender is people are our meeting on tender and stating it is becoming Dana. When I first came out and was hose and those are such rights of Basra and up. I think I think the creators of the absentee ballots for more than just that I was like oh yeah right and Sanchez from more than just and in pictures hundred. Genitals during a break. But it turns out people are mean people are going on dates. Now where do you go. I think there's space now offer one that says okay obviously we will never. Move past this our mission statement which is so you guys are casual encounters yap casual and how large. Dating them. Wish you short ones quickly. On trains trump dating thing it says a great way to grab just restarted after skull and let right clicking clicking and that's not bad right now. He. Ups Kevin that are. Greatly grab someone's attention. This your headline will be displayed at the top your profile and search results what did the output to. Choose from places is what they said at the rally at the truck can be so that never have to ask him. It is also. Dancers always just I feel like chuck tomatoes gave me blanket consent. Yeah I like Blake and consent that's and that's what I'm looking sore. But can take consent. Is there's such a thing I think it does daddy say you never have to ask me I'll always tell you yes that's from shocked of he saw a figure. If he ever tried to like you know I don't know write a story MBA dot net about me and him Aaron Sachs I could pull out and be like arm. Barn cat concern. If you've got to writing I didn't think he's right there you can make an argument are alike got my profile there what is your site. Com for my headline is as usual not replace us. Marital status is divorced. That's trial a lot of those on here and the I color brown. Hair color balls. Says the ball slash balding. I was at a set us Marshal or while I was at separate ones of his bald. That's it player ball doing solution to head height six to now body type. Men do fabulous tighten toned. Muscular. We tightened sound I don't know earlier tighten down what else is on there this is the Internet we can powerless lender. Slender titan town muscular average few extra pounds billion handsome. Average and average guy that's it that's my body type based put average. That's such a generic cancer I'm putting its titan town. And then if she ask what state intoned. Your buck. On ethnicity best describes you want. Okay. But it upload photos. Finish congratulations were processing your file as some ice and your headline should be a great way grab someone's attention similar policy. I do like that in my headline grab him by the back it up. I'm on here this is it. Though. Profile. And hold on. Got these are true there I know I got uploaded picture Bartlett has on me and I got a profile now and here's the girls that are on here own man. Home man are they around him and ask you what city I was in this of which one is the nearest city. Out of pectoral says she's in Boston. Well it's early I'm sure people are still getting signed up. All of this rules brain and make America great again let's say on first clear. That's not real well Lauren name is her profiling is roses and guns yeah so maybe. I'll the other girl disappeared I should've done that oh here's another one but in her. He's from Alabama. I want to make America great again with a special person might deal. Mormons I'm not socialist America brilliant show a messenger. Yeah. I'll 2495. To sign up to send the message can embarked on iBooks. Listen very trumping your. I think it is borrowing money enough pain and I think that's very trump of me enough.