Pence Sausage Fest

Wednesday, July 11th


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And our nation coming to town does beach bomb one of my favorite bands is seeing in summer. Really any time. I favorite band to see and some are you know winter's a really at any time. Is always nice to see them in the summertime and our hot button. They hot mean they're great line a good time what are you to be due on Friday July 27. You be having a good time they on Asia and that's what they do seem Portugal the man a lot of our bands. To be drunk Friday July 27 prominence in medical center and the theater tickets are available now. And eyes fixed on the NASDAQ copper beach Bob Casey Dick pound or you can text reloaded two nights it's 500. Yet these long for tax year mountain for a pack for eighty back seems like a good deal for one. If you like line out there I know I like it. I'm feeling kind of girl really thinking. I'm on Steve Kerr but. Man I'd just like that show yet they pay. Or go to a concert you know challenge. No it's a bit now what happened yesterday let's go on the Wiener test sausage fest what that's called eyes side tweet about it. Looks like I had it in India to read about and I'll John as I have a bunnies in an article I thought Centrino Martino and happen. Because I feel like more than anybody you weigh in raised its Wii from doesn't count I didn't post it the end. As well I've seen and then coupled. Magazine years. There will let it ME a couple I don't see anything on the website via. Yeah and surveillance are area yet is on there is on al-Qaeda and sausage fest here. As a must have been says there are times that's a good idea it's really funny it's super funny so Mike Pence is in town today and and then what. I guess we're giveaway winners that that's right where you want to hot topics they annoy us where is the information should be uncles are in business through tweet. But he's the only information. Yeah it has now I's gonna idea is to promote his bank yes I agree I thought it was that one of the funniest things we've done an ally and a sentence. Because there's no details of the lads I mean I mean that is out as OK so what time do we give away free Weiner I give you Ollie remains in that I have and is based off the 965 about Twitter account that doesn't give you a place that I think as jam out that's NC. Area blew up a bump up blah blah. And today as it came out at all sausage fest starts at 11 AM at Barney Alice plaza we hope to see lots of your beautiful faces there. Has stared pants sausage fest. That's the Mike Pence sauce it's best to be didn't know Mike Pence is a really down with the LG BE TTU plus community. As a matter of fact just yesterday he said that you would like to see you know. 08 as the historic Mike Pence that out as BT QMR Lesnar really funny idea. Had a sausage fest we have free hot dogs for my pants it's turning a dilemma he's there tend to feel. Wiener is. Supply lasts until I died last starting at eleven Bernie Ellis flies he's there. To like meet with Jerry Murray raise money from people say you know like a Jerry Moran. The senator from Kansas that just went to run out over fourth of July for no reason whatsoever and they said he's here to help raise money for Jerry Graham who went to Russia for no reason ever fourth of July ten sitting senator who could introduce legislation at any time. To protect our elections but hasn't done so but flew to Russia over fourth of July to ask them to be nice as well Kevin. Yarder balls. Looking for some cash income about it and 00 bucks going to be good through the line is he's. I think he is like I weighed in anywhere later. Times are OK so where exactly health laws. Is Mike Pence going to be they're going to be downtown between ten to Barney out plaza 11 o'clock for the Mike Pence buses across from the event. Sally well rather that. Well yes and is going to be it's very -- like that it was like it's still a good idea we should still talk about it it did make you laugh fantastic idea and one of the masters had an on time allies are the best ideas are like. That one off he's the least explanation breaks and usually in my case the stupidest the most fun. Period all we're doing is being like hey we don't like they unit don't like these people and we're gonna celebrate winners everywhere. Three outs on three winners who have. Gee you think he Mike Pence sausage and fist. I mean I feel like this could become the Wiener and the only awesome every week it is OK okay it's my pets. Let's go to busy bees. This is a rainbow shots. Mother would. Come on bodies it is and they're under Tito. Let's relax we've comes at a popular. DT toddlers. They don't do they don't do it that's their problem I don't know how to relax they like to sit in the pit all the time never got a lot of relaxed all. In my experience winners only last ten minutes. Oil that's. Icy land on Sasser. Mean. So there and groaned as the enemy grilled I suspect. And down again and no man the best dogs a rock. To stop it. My brother I think it manager and he's on the Sinai sneak out and mellow night Barack hot dogs out of Fritz. A mom Hayes on the last revenge. Yeah. And we should ask them while you can go right. Yes yeah I did it I can't. I think about it. You know why did he wrote the spotlight when you think we should add that you Die Welt am PC and I are likely to act like we don't need up beds dogs here produce loud. If you're gonna have a Mike Pence sausage fast. As sausages I would be shocked if it didn't sign any agreement that you should have sauces and those eggs said dean sausages that's expense occult Wiener fast. I'm in good hot dogs or expand and back compared to sausage. While. Now maybe I don't know. Which is that it's gonna start renamed leaders at some point if Ernie Els plaza at 11 o'clock in that close enough to those winners that people don't like. In Pennsylvania though Wheeler airport yeah. Nothing at what time in the whereas and going from the Wheeler airport is rallies in the state there nothing he says yes stay at the airport is he's leading our economy. I mean he's going to be there I was doing probably don't want my pupil amount. Although both have proven to be there for the sausage party nothing says I mean I try to watch that movie every day Americans light. Flying into Wheeler airport. I think you. Need tax lined the first annual Mike Pence sausage fest and probably the last season. 98 I'm down to have done all the time often. Storied Allen you know wanna ruin it. How about an app that downtown airport where it's landing. And someone printing something then. In the windows overlooking the random Hillary enters. With a rainbow flag but now they now in. Use it's no. Anyway sausage fest Mike Pence sausage that's happening now. And Bernie Ellis plaza there is early morning 11 AM 11 AM free. Hot dogs winner sausages sausage fest across the street and Barney health buzz us stop by get a free hot dog while we have a. How many. Dogs. 8 they had I am picturing it b.'s I would the tomatoes. But Kansas City. I. About. Well now well it's an idea it's either. Now now I I feel like I need I I hope is there want them tossing out I want so many hot dogs there than that weird. Hot dog gift I wish the regular I was slow we are a lot. I mean I just like the idea of Kansas City like one of the revolution started with the hot dog rebellion you know I mean it. A big cool I was slugger come out as little. We can injure anybody. These must see him hot dogs carefully placed just FYI apparently trader jazz certain. Well some great inexpensive busy and hot dogs as I am I hate when people view that Euro all year. Trader Joes does indeed get hot dogs that tastes like a real pain but better now 08 dolls and a I have to Sally announced a one vegetarian and may have not mailed they have a nail any of them now the sound they have there is a managing burger it does not like. Nelly does not act I agree with that there are good veggie burger is they and I would put birds. In quote. It's absolutely Dahlia murder when she'd get your head around it not an. All. I mean they should call that a veggie burger but anyway it's more caddie is it's up and you can't imagine pat yes. These high angle is so nasty we at which processes well when you say burger it's. Alive if it's not I will say. The grill hurston. And if you grow them just a little man and they are really drying mean the guard murder growers is pretty dead. There are days like hamburgers. It's like a good sand wedge I think it was a generic burger maybe it wasn't that I used to love that Fred. That was a good hockey puck as a gardener is that it is a regular garden as a regular guard amber who's who insist. Anyway yes light and sausage fest I mean. I have stuff did you. Yeah I'm gonna try to get there they imitates an edgy weird though we think there's kids and bring some veggies greens as tiny little cooler and some veggie dogs they ignored and someone I appreciate that. Now someone has also taxi and for the vegetarian I'm Shannon mushroom caps you can't you stop it and Stockton I. I do think maybe I wish it if I wish there was more time it goes together I would have done a CA Galilee dunking Booth for Kevin Yoder left and right. Robin for apples with Kevin -- in the CI I only being. The donkey and that they are very funny you have to be naked to get done though. Always you don't get to take my clothes off and celebrate is just so happy. Yet in some vegetarians don't want things to think Grammy agreed that's the reason why some of the soft eating beaten. The sorry just know I can't imagine Larry and them we can do like decreased co bark. Slash Mike race where you have to put on a one piece leather. And and hop on a tricycle and ride around that's actually wants nothing that Costco dogs do we get these it does count all the blows the sausages that are left it cost right like how many jobs are we talking. I don't know where give a dime into the era that I'm. They have done that on how I got to say bring your now they can't do you jester wow that's got to be an abundant good amount a lot jogs we. Will find him as a going to be light snow come barbecuing hot dogs. That was happening accounts. My guess because it seems like they got this thing under rat they got tagged image. Of my pants pulled up hot us sausage on a pork in front of rainbow flag. I got a fear analyze them. I don't Wiener wagon feud track I don't either but yeah at the farmer's market solve. How well that's not the same thing. To my friend you're dipping in their resume when they did cocaine and we didn't blink an 82 covers yet but I don't remember the name of that but it but the guy who played the base that night. East partly. We rang goes everywhere all diesel we are right all over the Kansas magnified area it is everywhere it everywhere. So I happen today for Nolan. Yes I think it's cool. God I finish everything I can change the voice yeah I can take my boys tonight and sausage fest hey kids are gone somewhere. Just a lot of high time. They look I might. Non get a free Murphy you know I'm here I was 7-Eleven thing is that you have that you know that one do that slate. Under. Indictment. Paul Mann a port former campaign manager of Donald Trump. Yes yes it was you know arrested and charged with a all sorts of mean. He picked Mike Pence to be the vice president Chris Christie was going to be the vice president. And then this might Penske Bob Paul Mann a port fake plane trouble when Donald Trump was. Meeting. Mike Pence in Indiana he fake plane troubles that we have to stay here overnight. And during his stay with Chris Christie is sound no he wasn't Chris Christie they admit that he. He basically see blocked Chris Christie right yeah salad that might. And Mike Pence to began Donald Trump and hang out together right and they can take a date right but it's kind of weird because like. Man affords under indictment by Robert Mueller and now the vice president was picked by him so anyway that's another reason to go leader for us. So lotteries in Arizona leaner faster the winners alone. Am. Is that the winners that attract jail here and as it's now gone kayaking and that's happening. It is an important hearing would be key key. Community yes as a back. What drives you now. To bring your Wiener on its shouting. Eight yarder. Whatever motivates you we've got. Or maybe your tired of seeing these videos over Hamburg and as we'll see it. Which has done it like a Weiner there's all kinds of sat there need to be going to the Mike Pence maybe don't hostage fast I'll concentration camps. Now there's a reason ago. Oh no reason ago. Love and am I can't wait to find out exactly how many hot for. Almond I take gets. Over under a lot of hot tiger you know we're under we don't get a hundred rep burritos for kegs and eggs. You have that you are under these are not dying. I don't nine irons exit by how tugs. 965 for me I mean if we do anything at 965. And discipline and then mark. I don't think I think chase 100. What I those marks going in for wired to any hundred dollar how did you know I. They wind out Bobby Allen dollar one dollar a year and that is the let our I there we talked about it. Promoted it pretty cool guy got to have really funny idea I mean and very funny yeah we're very well nine. If we get. Through these and Monet.