Picture Problems

Wednesday, February 21st


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I but it don't. It's talking to stoke on stroke on trying to figure out. How to solve this. This so what is it hash tag sleeping with some pass sleep with some fast asleep it was slim fast. Sleeping so if you're listening I was out last week week before I remember it for you or someone said. Some of it's hard to come up you know. Hello I'm snacks frozen you know term. And they told her cousin that while I haven't sexual matters a picture view on the night stand. Is disgusting. Elaborate as to how does myriad imaginary. Welcome. He has a picture of some fasteners nightstand and a girl said issues having sex with snow cone and there's a picture. Some fast on the nightstand there wasn't a picture like them two together is his high school graduation picture to see your picture. It's a whole picture. And it's. Think that's normal realize a lot of you know thanks so well things. I think here that are not normal to most people this week yeah I think you're right. I think it's weird it's weird it's weird so somehow we decided against Obama and. We decided that. Well I had a son people could win something if they decide to. Take up a picture you would send agricultural asked for a because no one autos we're except you less than a lot of people want this picture on the nightstand. And so as I tell you how does that mean black normal motorcycle club showing documentaries or management's on them to do to slow pitch from pretty excited about Syria. And on that so apparently beyond the responses a little bigger than expected there was no got a lot of announcing today is. It shouldn't. They're going to be summoned it was going to be as a matter of. I want to try to call Maine a sense I don't do I can't try to figure out the prices well don't call me now turn out that's not a thing. That's not an option that's available to us and wanna proceed. Sosa what what he's dead by calling. Seven this promotional idea to send out these pictures of problem as he wasn't expecting this many people's requests that pictures. So now he's worried how to I print the pictures I can't afford to have all these pictures printed. And I can't afford it's not even know you had stayed in the thing Wilson who pays you put in a frame. Put it on your nightstand take a patriotic and send it to us that we know that you did it right. I said why isn't he just send them. An email with the image that wait there and only one MasterCard out they can put it in the frame. And some problems solved run and he's because he's worried about. How much impossible to Kinko's the only as an amateur I'll bring a lot of money and he says thousands of requests after he has to acquiesced and how much tricked us. It's like 35 cents a picture. And the like an enthusiast who mail so I went to king goes on to Wal-Mart and CVS when the organs are priced down everything bolt pricing all that. It's gonna cost Lama and he says he's got a mail them all in New Orleans a lot of money. What me okay front plus a hundred dollars kids play over and over 300 books. Took some pictures now. The same Sam we guess he's trying to print photo quality you know these bright glossy nicely just print color picture it's a it's a gimmick it's our. They want to computer paper which I think is trying to turn a category that's tactic that's tacky right you're gonna frame. Computer paper yes this whole thing is I'm I've children and gruesome and all right gags so what's your option here when when really she's I said what are you send them a high atop a high reds. Copy of it via email make him turn out a press exit out by the friend anyway what does America got to try and I think and maybe you. 500 men between people or are you actually were running instance or you worried about sit on the combo there knowing hey here's his bills heard. 370. Dollars we go to Kinko's. I can't do it and he's worried about writing all the addresses a problem on all held up sometimes Arsenault stickers a lot of times you know price under a hundred large content as soon enough there's no sound above another and I'll stop the non. And just say no I'm. Right I'm back you up on says sometimes there's some stickers unison zeal while that's work. When notre org so some best pointed out somewhere or writing about about writing letters that's fine I can do that. But you have to thought each one individually mail each one individually as well as to evict her right as Apollo right at this unite you you're gonna try get them all out around the same time. And you also need of a picture so look I don't care how we do you deprive them of someone's got to pave. We find a way to Billiton promotions or something and say we need some promotional money seems a little give it to us. Or he emails then the picture and make print and now. That's sort of have to do in every walk out of our bosses say hey listen here's is built something goes. Leo 380 dollars. A with a four we see we thought we print out pictures of some rests its high school graduation picture and whom I know I think plaza could feel on the tells them. I think he you would you like to have a perhaps it's a possibility that competition you well as a lot higher easily because I always thought I don't insurers don't want it don't matter to them all in them. But what do you manner Bonser on me and letting you flowers they would do it would have another conversation well I'd much rather partial to punch down just drives me. So. What you wanna do first of all did you stop at how did you get out of what did you get the dog don't quote that approach sort of pictures. It does have this number out there and I tell you the lowest like god because. Walgreens at 30% discount right now. That's the lowest aggregate and is and going to be between. 360 I think 39. Was able to print the pictures to print the pictures line between two rescissions are united and an army had to do wore them. Is yet it can't stop president contests he stopped it now parlor in and I don't know what else can know the it's done. In a way too many incidents. So what you do from. Or emailed it is email people the attachments and say 35 cents gold print it get a frame and area. Or you could do my thing which is just color printer on this kind of paper. Image to get different. Not that would destroy all or color engineers and we don't ask how did you say it's not a color and I and I go back and look me it's thousands of pictures. And have your friends are quiet and thousands of homes across the metro. That make you feel weird a camera pictures photo paper. He says I don't want to I want you photo paper on these these prisoners here I asked about that. So we can't press photos here in the building welcome to print photos and it can go yes can Goss was in that photo paper. We're just look at the minute I should bring our own photo paper. I can check a dial that they would do that though it's kind of bringing your food in McDonald's. I don't think you you were given a photo paper like the some of those parties have to ink in the paper already. That stuff that's semi glossy photos are not glossy paper like don't that's always tracks or whatever number and their analysts to melt check. I think some us I think emailing the attachment. Letting people pay 35 cents or they were gonna have to go get a friend anyway right I just found in our pick up a picture. They gonna sell lemonade by ten. This mail they can choose what size of Paramount I'll strategy actual fire. I mean I feel like you're just put believe what you did was sent have got a great idea. And the man. I'm known then you sent that out and you said let's do this great idea. And then when it came to the execution part of it each failed miserably and I human body be part of it if there was an explosion never wasn't for money. I execution part of it is now it's I don't know it's like no we'll just send you an attachment. New trailer out and then you put it in a frame of iron if money wasn't an issue I would that would be no lack of execution. He basically needs of our funeral bucks you can fewer tapes or yeah just a fortune centric Costco. Our customers. And what about oh we'll talk about thousands of pictures. About what should not fish. Openness and the post cards online. The address them and everything. On that would make it easier by cost a little bit more body be one stop shopping again a lot address is gas supply the money I have no problem doing stuff. Those guys as you just from on paper doesn't matter I'm just gonna Jack do enough. Step at a but at the traditional wind something anyway buy do amnesty to what they were when something Shutterfly. Some kind of thing I think is just deliver on line and those who wanted to Edouard de line who. I mean if someone's gonna pay for I have no problem doing its we how we do have a from a condemning on the Shutterfly. Shellfish I can learn it you don't know how much it is because you didn't look into OK there lies your family on X accuse him I assume it's going to be probably shouldn't assume could have no idea what I'll check okay whatever the lowest like are they only like ten pence and I passengers get the numbers. Let's listen and play according places like an eight by ten glossy as happened just three dollars a picture. Multiply that by about 2000. Eight by ten glossy says starting at nine cents each. Adversaries as print your photos MO and it says here when you choose eight by ten glossy you can pick it up. As CVS and Walgreens it's I think I tend to 99. Prominent. Per picture. A 150 photo prints from three dollars. And look at that's at York photo. There radio host or or Obama's first one and you'll do look up photo French Open. So sounds reputable. I think it does sticker. They get any of us figured handing out and we'll we'll show some new idea. That's my suggestion. I think he should affirm mom blankets and did you analogue means eating out than we this is an easy attachment room. We'll look at someone's gonna pay for the Cisco press and displaced Brennaman and we'll just felt fine in my someone hold on. Understood CVS photo. A 150. For thirteen embarks. And then it. Buy one get on for 50%. And I was up there today and talked him personally well what did you do you read their website I would throughout the right now I'm not asking if I was all right unless if you're on the website again. CVS photos. Present sale. 54 by six French for six bucks a 104 by six prints for tem boxed. A 154 by six prints from thirteen bucks promo code 150 prints. Buy one get 150% off. Okay although they're talking again all children before by sixes. That's the from all of the players forma six. A law okay actors in it by ten must vote at any time for a sexually. Or that there's a promotion so it'll cost you you know. There is under our. Because in our bucks you can afford that OK we'll bring you give me the money will do it. The search. 54 Russian troops are torch. At fifty or more as far as your car and intra from all sorts of French. Am guessing you just have to go pick them up. You probably do it online and in Oklahoma OK what are you gonna do he's gaining the original on Iraq and use a picture of the picture are you know there has scanned Oca. He got that tribute and I patent cut so you've got. The bottom via file move somewhere in a crack lenders do us. Eight point six cents each. Point six cents per picture it does reach those older Brothers and you're through shells and I'm born. So I'm 72 books. Do that and then. Here's to deliver them by hand houses I don't think you want to other shipping costs Thurmond. You've done it before stickers no one's ever set and you know is that you know even that we send out young and we brought up I mean how many times he mailed out stickers stacks and stacks and never really anywhere on Ashe. And I don't think they're gonna say anything about that lets them. Just beg for forgiveness. On this one don't ask for permission as. Bad as anything up until this point Florida to start for all those problems. And he's racism from the business officers and little suitable for shipping for postage and one hell happened this month. But you've done it before. So that's it we're good now you're gonna program from one of these web sites there are plenty whereas I mean when your prayer cards all over four and then you're going to. Mail them from here on mild all right. And then. People like a picture I sent an end. Yet they went something. Four by six photos of three guys and several sites. Which I'm there I'm a photographer Walter is always Elizabeth cereals. That's that's the cheapest accounts or. While the Thelma deal on CBS. I CBS wasn't there. I pictures pretty embarrassing. I mean a lot of homes download the Shutterfly happening get unlimited free pet prince you just pay shipping. If you let them. But he got through that poker Suh with the gimmick is their duet. And then. I work at a print shop give me some tickets not good for you well that's my thought hairy guys might have been someone eventually would speak up and offer. Some contact a person art. So. You're good yeah we're gonna. And the promotion. It's too late now for people to us yeah I don't email me anymore it's that when I was supposed to be done originally. You cut it short. Are you know saying there was a deadline to post them on social media about it. But work he's got a dummies Denham push that down he's gonna take a while for retreat allowed for these officials here so that deadline will be moved. It's always an execution men are always judge Patricia. And as is always an execution look at your is your rationale here is no anything's generalize a genius and I have reasons genius yeah that's original and no one and I thought you know life. First off that's disrespectful. Second off. This radio station would not run without her. As opposed to new it would runs through marriage and I think she is and if Mears of us ever come up with a ridiculous idea that Jeremy will always point out well are you gonna pay for the presence how are you gonna mail them. Do you need me to look at this stuff do you need me to do this do you need me to do that that's what she would do so. But you know what I figured. You know a kid. Go to doctors dead you know what you're in charge to the bone Rondo all my fault. Well who also straw visited. And from there when Biden he's you say yes towns Phillips duet. Now and then you come back after you put it on the air promised people pictures that I have no way Joseph Connolly disaster and then does things. You know I know it's your minutes now we're spending now welcome. Uses only somebody here today and four birds and you know what you know what I'm an engine back off this project. It's been taken away from my journey to make it very good you know I don't as early as much trouble months. Oh I tried to undermine my head and main you'll have to figure out how to get the pictures don't hey. Meals they got to get the pictures down easy that we get to my next week and eventually can get a refrain are we got us.