Pizza Guy

Friday, July 20th


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RE DA has on the bag as you guys are inferred tree. I hope that were announced his injury is sad I know. You are. I was like I was in Missouri at the beginning and then I was baiting and name you said something and I see you need to stop talking right now. We are tired of us I mean to learn is on here. You are. A catalyst. Iraq. Things that's what catalyst is you make things happen. Yeah about her hat for a Saturday eggs whatever comes into your generals zone of it. I. It's true. I mean it's not. It's not it isn't anything other diseases you you are catalysts. There are reactions waiting to happen in people's lives and they just you walk past ephedra mistreat summoned sings gonna happen. Things out you are doing is not Amy you do it. Just now I just found her breath and say it would have been nice. I thought it was nice it was a nice exchange. Okay. I yesterday. Hammond feeling well at all like I mean so leaping turf. I can't stop sleeping or Swine Flu and I want to go I mean sound like you're just exhausts and I'm finally pantheon Ahram McKinnell. Dion our Iraq in this movie and Linus he's about to start. And it's call detail. And HBO. It's I mean. It's about Angelo of years yeah I mean because I was or exactly where that is movie I want to see and I wanted to treat myself because I domino lots and other was the movies as anger alien to their line about sexual yeah. Usually watch yeah it's religion is your. Lay eyes. Well the dream is not idolize him moo me to half hour movie your idea. There was they can do goods out. I. I don't have the kids. Seems like having kids a lot. And sick. To Iranian. So being shaken it just since I'm exhausted. And I my current I watched TV. It's going to be awesome and I watch a movie ever watch a movie. Eminent it's as though it has a gun just yet and it's anything. I don't watch anything when the kids are at how they overtake TV. Ads. IMac I have no choice in the matter that sometimes old you Bob's burgers Nadal let me like enjoy a TV show them. And I'll be aggregate cost things are going out burgers or anyway it doesn't matter so I'm I'm gonna have a good shot and then. Contacts in the Asia. I miss her I'm hungry now. Yeah pat I might come and orders Indianapolis I'm hungry well I like atomic ms. leash. I'm hungry as he always orders or. Like how my can order some like that's stupid tree yourself. Gone you'd have the pizza the rest of the week. You're gonna eat the toasted cheese ravioli right now they're at it. President there then the sort of thing it's our our pita as kids are out. Act. You look over your ciller had to go into yourself and then there. He got that one podshows shirt we're one shoulders than you fellows thoughts they think you delegates is self afflicted. Texaco east but you know let this congress and cheese ravioli. Easily set like was actually in. Beside the and then a copy table literally breathe. I get out of the way all right vegetarian night as the Dow right now blog coming my way. And they have yummy tests and how of Pena cheese ravioli in May I suggest it loyalists for a brash. I also suggest is is not a paid out by the way now. Serve he has plays. Took him is different I beg him here. Via clients. Please sponsor rationale. For his spots there her and then I suggest the challenging your ranch to dividend. Putin ends. Fabulous foods out. Waiting for my delivery order takes a menace or vetoes. You better ash. Not something else their openly you know your intro flavor explosion that you know play and I closing stakes in time they did and it is worth it. So the delivery guy comes the door my god does raise in. As she usually that's true Jesus. Harper and I don't have time to putter anywhere say at a grammar. And she's barking take naps she looks me. Except for no she's not she's got only commit that once if I let her free she's gonna kiss them. That's right out semi she's really nice they go home he's like I can towel. Any. Easily expectancy of an adult and have a majority dodged on that says that are opening on this Friday night and moment since Thursday and their student film. It's. Everything kind of slows them for a second monkeys like animals. Who are great seat and you lock eyes. Whenever anything guy he's tanking it he also. As a tax of course censors create. So I feel bad I'm thirty at this point have done just about how about you and Tim Boggs almost Thomas is the owner. I'm embarrassed to say I invited by and by his forty dollars and so much change as God's team management and night every entry nice out there and ridiculous. But. I like myself give me forty dollars and eighty it was a one needs that in one g.s or really any act. So Perry Jeb gentlemen can I help you. And then these are just tell me about his injury certainly didn't ask and it happened it jujitsu. And I know there are so Osama. This is where I want you to stop of this Islamic questions from so he says are I have to make a man is the only applicable. Like my dogs crying he's not scared oh now you're about Michael Hamas and it's I can. This scene from step Brothers. He's like Nektar is guys like it's now I have a typically like coma and a minus and so I invite the guy who we've already finished the transaction now I have to get the money having undermining our you have to give them. That money. And take the money that there are hot quarterback that I can't you give the money to the door but he wasn't teaching them money. It was like an intelligent kids absent from them. Little did my god I got somebody I got the money. I care is so hollow man is so he's I think in my and so you like coming in. I did I had the money that's why did from the right and antibiotics adding that task is likely heard wouldn't herbs and roots and if. He and Bob Herman van they do they didn't meet again. Love kids. Yeah anybody. Oh my gosh. Any ice he's going about it is injured but. This. Jeter so how I mean I don't doubt. And happening in his ears are viewed as driver command. And you know already I. I'm not an honest guy for thirty sec. I know he on the temple room he does jujitsu. I'd like to pursue a man not say anything about anything obvious and only you. Could like at the point where you found out that it was a jujitsu injury break and then I sent him hiding something was out okay good yeah rebound we're lab doing. I think rebounds realized something was. Until like the third day you jujitsu. You wanted to do you do your juices and I might G gets thinking it's fun to do to people it's not a lot I don't actually pillars that. Anyway. He charged that you'd just seeing affirmative. And so we're too. Hope he's listening. I think we need that clip pulled the lawyers who says there are five per minute. Do I do the Disney got here I did these. Everybody. And future ground out lonely period. Which I'm. Some people don't mind. Some home. You. They have. Aloof. That's normal RA. I mean you have if you live on. Thought he was here. Of analysis you did something yeah. Things about a actually that's why can't hockey. A wonderful detail I'll go right hander Boone. Oh yeah. Felons and they get a cable guy calling Kravis pretty high you did not hello. Good Korea. And people again. You gonna come in them he created a malaria in pound weights or gets held and I play the music. When the defense showing in the my jennies Hillary as a man I doubt bring. Nine vitamin. Without. Into one common thing. Well it's the one common thing that makes it's that you friendly like that problem. That's I think he was friendly like that. And it's like they wanted to show you his agents. I get to see me dude just Syrians but I did pretty but I mean how many app. Maybe he can I urge my neighbors it's. Maybe he could show you his V some I don't know levs here and maybe you want to get town who had led to his. Yeah like justices. He was the right hand that from him again. This most of the RA had lived. That LT calling Pluto being on. Okay. Get back out there champ. Let me know. And over your arm gets you manner and be a 110%. To handle all the lists its share I don't have time for injuries. It is been a theme and might backfire if player a and frankly I he had the other person. I don't posit that made out of them the and it prevents pain. In my mind just give out the. Bring your diva I. Those certainty poker hands. I do think contractor working on my half. Do love you you're on. I didn't do you need to guy. You guys I've healing as it is right it is and he but I wasn't sure Natalie can't do it now you don't doubt he's down in beautiful it's your own way off where I mean it was awkward anyway. Friendly you know their delivery room with. I don't know that's actually a brilliant this.