Wednesday, December 6th


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The morning and Marin and didn't aria pretty gad I get it you know we should give away tickets to the nine the most of Christmas is 'cause I have a tendency there. Corps didn't hang on to things Sierra and zealots times Politico amana and is forced you out and it's fine and that's what we do. Is really it's not like you know. We give away tickets that you know. People on the I'm I'm. It's the united managed it's I mean like when I'm Bruno Mars area that's off my gosh wow it's not like you that are there that's not what drives the shell I know I'm out now. So I didn't hear anybody by the wayside. Yes I agree that's actually really more open your com. I just trying to let people on the line yet I'm aware Newton and I will try is indicative that's idealism for mr. zarrella. And I don't think those people listen first prize is right. If you listen so. He referred to those people as prizes or listens Asian. Palaces something that they want. You know naming and it is take wrecked and we're just beginning to me yeah we try to mitigate the you know I did today well on nothing left again. Necessarily change and now I'm just as hard as it is around looking into the sounding. More accurately it's it's definitely definitely. The giving tree the image. You wrote. Else under are you sure teacher Fisher I think they Shel Silverstein. Who included the giving tree mark. Michelle yeah. Mean I used to him being attic light on and and aside. And where the sideline as in. It doesn't say where I was very frustrated at the end of the book entering the island ahead in dollars and as my favorite home. All time you have a favorite home I have memorize a few on it if I. German mark and maybe my second favorite. But I can I can remember it and it's funny it's. By Shel Silverstein. My beard. My beard grows to my toes never wears no clothes. Are grabs my hand around my there and down the road against. I. Met mark. Did you do legs slam poetry. Any American. IE. Watch some. I. I feel like. I used to I used to write poetry all the time in college. Duds. But it that curry and little tape. We're not I mean idea until like I mean I always thought my identity upon had a rhyme and I now drop bombs on after time. And I solo. Leg users write and call upon and it's upon where you have follows somebody. Structure there that does for us and a stretcher. There are difference. Between you and has roll with the now. Just email to me you know I mean it rates them and yeah. And sometimes they need to write something and it's knob and do you ever say it poems to music a column news zones. I was talking there with the Wheaties now from youthful bodies. And I like. I'm afraid to send people might sound 'cause I think sometimes they would be lyrics. I'd say you're ghost writing you are goes racquet I don't know we were just talking about poetry is the writing is being hit song called pedigree girl. Well I think it's. I don't know I think they're kind of meaningful I don't know how to put music you threaten or if it. You showed that music you're meaner and you know you love mean putting music to poems. Is music I called word Sonos. You know clear spot you know they're called me zones. Mis albums you guys in on that day now and is now. You know. It is abuzz burger reference. Jimmie a year. Louisiana I don't watch. Bond birders are you really should an eight he telling. And you zones terrorizing us. I used to write palm but when I was in a band so be separate from the lyrics that out Brighton and sometimes. Our try to fit a poem in suicide in my van his ranking is there the musicians like I can place some things but not great so. I would usually. And I ever been as different I'll let them write the music and then usually put the songs in her in the words and after that. But sometimes I go back into the poetry I. On top dig it out then put it and put it catch. But I you know I never knew however you work mark yeah it's how you work yeah. All right one time killing one Marge I want my time woman time day's shot with a shells have received it. My beard grows to my toes. I never wears no clothes I raps my hair around my bare and down the road like those.