Friday, April 13th


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This is from last night. Mothers obituary. Helps officers nab 1981. A prison escape beef here's his picture. Says do you get the Sierra Club and I don't catch up that was the mother's picture and how much now that's his picture. Oklahoma City the US does I had some woman. The US Marshals Service has a woman's obituary helped agents captured her feud fugitive son for decades after he escaped from an Oklahoma prison. The agency says 58 year old Stephen Michael Paris was arrested without incident Thursday at an office in Houston where he worked understood them. The agency says investigators tracked him down in Texas after a newspaper obituary for his mother listed a son in Houston. Named Stephen Michael Chavis. Fingerprints confirmed his identity. So he escaped from the jets done correctional facility in muskie. 1981. He escaped after serving nineteen months of a nine year sentence for drug possession and distribution. He was also feature on the Oklahoma department of corrections most wanted list. You don't mean a set of history he's very he's very can we please agree on this one he's free. This he left in 91 I'm sorry guys as they got in any trouble since right he got away if you find out that he's doing something now he's up to no good in charge him right but he's served nineteen months have been nine years since for drug possession and distribution. Duty got away. That's normal that's like 3537. Years of him then you agree there's some until that like any got away and didn't do any wrong so right these are you prove that he's I did a society we know. He yes and why does mom what is not an issue noticed a personal thing I don't know who wrote the obituary I want her because she's dead so I don't know who wrote it is murder and other than again maybe had a theme remember they know is today and nor is this really changes name what it says that it rate to pick the winners and Thompson just look at draw obituaries for names. May what do they know like that was as mom and maybe even looking for maybe because he was owner of funeral something you don't let me let you be too since he was on the most one Elissa wanted to maybe that name coming up. You know doing something on the computer like K and what this guy analyst twice. I mean it's Hebrew on the most wanted people it says that he was featured I don't know when he was feature but it says he was speech on the OK a lot of winners from president get away. Right that's a bad who had. To back on essentially become the most wannabe I was very fit that I like to get irksome is that when Iran from accomplished our opinion I don't like that it's gonna kill all you got away industry. Yes but this guy got was free forever long he lived in fear of being caught he had to go by different name. Which also means it probably limited his job prospects what he was able to do for all these years. If he's had trouble this guy should not be going back to jail. Now I'm glad to see you guys agree with me on the east should. Not yet but you know and I think he does have to pay back. But I honestly I don't think Diaz lady has some time to do but that turns for him should be spent like he should have to go. Two police departments are detectives. On the weekends and be like man this is how you get away. Other guys are looking in the wrong places like he should tell them how he did it sure he look are you got away go back to your family. Both Friday night. At 7 o'clock. You are coming in you're gonna have these long discussions that all these people who look at the people who are wanted and they're gonna help us find him in tells how we doing it I feel like that's fair. A pilot that I saw him going back to prison no I don't you hire him like Leonardo DiCaprio in catch me if you tasks find its. Daniel Wallach and less Evans who heard child ought to silverlight. If you escape verb ten plus years here for you Nasrallah his game. Yes it's like again I think if you did if you said valued at a lot more people trying. Maybe but it may easy to escape by yourself people running over the fence every day it's like man I gotta do is get away for those monitor relevant encouraged presence of bill about a security so and it also encourages SKB's Olelo causing these is Leila long enough. And don't get any trouble you might beat this thing yeah. And I have actually said that I don't I don't. I don't personally make the exception for murders. They were they got away depending if it's it's like forty years and they about a prison early Vietnam mass murder. You know it's like when they take they guy and a court he's 95 years old ninety kills someone in 1953 in my life. What other guys that when putting and do what about the Nazis I would say just Nazis fine you got to take the Nazis are still living not even if he's a 110. You take cannot see. And yet you punish them back I just die before serving those I saw it. I'm sort of the opposite. I eases the not so easy hour ago what wildcats. He's five years old is like twelve little luck to muzzle those improbably. I just say it just taking orders. Know the history is written by the winners knotted none of this happened by. If you're getting some of these huge names or in part of that is what they did last time you pull some of these guys are lying I don't know what he did it was Obama. The guy does not a five year old guy down they did ninety some mural guided they arrest over the last couple years he was apparently responsible like he was highly visible and yes I have run the guy taking credit records are there here's Ali's blow leveled jacked gases I want our like you know there's a lot of Nazis still living in Germany at that spot in the war like when I was over the I've met like I think transcendent. Both of my host Brothers grandparents were not as I met both of them they're super nice guys and they didn't seem upset with made it seem like you know. You look at hemming and of course it's where you go wow that guy. He made it the first time it happened as eating breakfast with his failing as a standard everything was sound like we're defending Nazi I'm not. Not what is a weird thing and you realize there's a whole bunch of motor that just like any other country they lost the war but also a lot of over the aren't exactly and now the guys who are responsible for killing people or more crimes of course yes they should be punished. But do you ever think if you killed some 11951. And now you're 95 years only tell what you you killed someone and I think I guess I also think it's been too long for you to prove your case convincingly. I don't need add on that is true dragged up from it and I think elected Amerigroup Turkish ones used to skate well so okay sometimes this usually comes up the wanna when they catch someone I guess trash who they never caught and I say man. They're gonna try his 1% and happened in the sixties look at the cut DB Cooper is on the right unlike me and you have enough evidence. The this'll cold case you think this is your guy and this happened 55 years ago. And. Ten years seems simple numbers juries and years. Ten years for murder no way that's too little that's not enough I'm here's our here's Kate thirty years firmer if you escape for nonviolent crime. Ten years. Yeah continues its engineers now I think we're always not not murderous and I'm back on anything over what your sentence was being guaranteed so this guy was supposed to serve nine years he was nineteen months and well then if he escaped for another eight years nine years and we both should do it last night is it that way. Well you know what you're trying to put it this time he was supposed to be imprisoned is overweight but they catch you one day before the new got a beautiful mind again yeah I guess that's just cracks up I need to think so is throw right Michael was some more you know hard and fast rules. But the murderous thing I think should definitely different this guy and anything involving kids of course and think of all the kids I don't want statue limitations other subject but. This guy was a drug guy who would nonviolent offender possession and distribution yeah drug stuff yeah that's yeah. None none none he got away guys it's like when a targets when a police chase and I told you last week we Brad happened imaging is of my car got away. Our guys don't you gonna spend any time gonna look for him now okay got away that's what I wanted to be Figo Kazaa never happens and gets away. I don't want APVs out looking for up a car that fits the description pulling people over know if you can get his license plate number you know who was. Is gone you got away too bad. Mr. chance. I don't so it feels. But now I don't think we should never try captured it happening right after this I don't see it right now I'd rather have them does get a license plate and go find them later. Then drive through the streets and on how did well enough players and our enticing them to like man you've got a reminder off the road right now or he gets away so if it got to places for his understanding yes he'll get a but if you don't have. I have the play you're going out some description here's stopping random cars don't forget it. Forget it you chases guy got away from these 250 couldn't keep up. I don't know maybe your department he's your card is something. We got away. I think that all goes back to I just like the idea that maybe sometimes. You can get away you can hide. You can and you can be off the grid and not found this guy to do a good job off the grid for almost all here's a little robot thing. The obituary half I don't know I don't know how mad was he when he saw that he must and that's what if you wrote it and hitting me. Yeah I have no idea who wrote or maybe just a soft after forty years. But imagine being in this guy's AG saw pictures fight well late fifties imagine being his age. And the cops comes and we got you man. And now you're gone back to prison you've been doing data entry or whatever you've been done you been free. For the last forty years and now they're gonna see you back for drug possession. And I'm guessing they're gonna charge him with is there a law about evading you know being on the Lam this problem is that extra sentencing now do you get more trouble I guess yeah. That's another charge offs escaping prisoners in Little Rock wall. A gore is tough but that's all that's labeled the law also told that. That they don't look I shouldn't be against the rules it's it's human instinct won a state prisons human nature it's natural wanted to escape prison. I just read today that it's not illegal in Germany. What to trying to escape is gonna imprisoned in German DA shouldn't be. I mean yeah it's instinctual you wanna escape you gotta get out of it has been in prison isn't illegal in Germany in Germany I just rather see that I think and not La La how why like they're still gonna come June we see is that an extra charge us so there's less than a question of what. The seems illegal but isn't among the top ends as was escaping prison and Germany. I think facts and Mexico Germany Austria the law recognizes that it's a basic human nature to try to escape for freedom the the act of escaping itself is not a crime. Although he may be punished for other crimes you commit during your escape you are not punished pretty active escaping prison are. I like that. You gotta trying to not gonna get the Geneva convention does or says you have to try to escape if your take him by. And I'm not at all times. You have to try to escape your Prisoner of War there for your Worley you have to try to stay in conflict constantly goes and no matter what they do you must try to was that not me. Why not write a Catholic and I go a long hours as it's written down somewhere that you have to always tries I can't believe people still escape if it seems like a prison I'm thinking it was no I am getting out a year. No way that goes for our. Regular prison they doze for Jackson county jail and it goes for a Prisoner of War as soon as they've got me. I'm just is not give giving any hope but I'm gonna get out of this was and it was that Dwight Yoakam that is good prison twice Yoakam wasn't. Wasn't him or someone else I don't think joy Yoakam went to prison like other there's an old country artists to excavate and became our hires some of them Merle Haggard I don't know was he may have for drugs or something I think he's scheduled he built himself into a desk. And escaping and started his music career. I didn't know that I can be lawless and that's right. Tom Merle Haggard was sent to San Quentin prison after being convicted virtually any attempted to escape. Are now. Says the attempted an escape here on. Steve attempt was transferred. While imprisoned you earn his wife is expecting. Him well as long drawn agreement that guy yeah he's very. Plaza says his punishment should be asked to help the cops he first learned to capture people who have been invading that spot right click on the weekends or something right size and Andrea full time gig. Just you know service yeah a few hours Saturday one week in the months. To weeks a year. Wherever it is and you can help out and that's it that guy no one wants to pay to put that guy back in prison no way now. Not interest at LSU was still like being asked about it yet if he broke rules you broke the law that's fine. You guys think you're trying to escape prison. Like would you look around and size up I think I could get his bread truck and hide and oh yeah there's no way you can do that. I would think about it yet but you would you do you think there's any part of you that would attempt at like go through with the attempt. But if your cell depends on the circumstance Purcell Mason and I think I got this figured out if I'm sitting still life in prison on an asset. Ultra. It just the life why not try Izod about that is not the fact that I don't have any hopes I'm going to be able to escape success again it's the circumstances if you're sentenced to life Candiotti I got nothing also duo. Here's an except life in prison. Now and All My Children are going to escape. The sweet sweet sound of death a product at about a.