Wednesday, June 13th


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Lungs lord your meaning. On the buzz. Ancient names parts Orion. But not the duke still weigh in on part two. Artose army album exco and impart to. And there's another changed names on there yeah. Maybe. Doesn't matter to me it's a great track yeah right sure. It's way better and others though. I like balance or as I it is balanced servers I thing. Sounds very mystic you know this whole album is you know little mistake and I don't like I had hello resistant prefer. I don't know why you should go all in on this one I reject a Colombian mysticism. You can't Ake comes back here and you're part of it in mysticism as a part of you mean embraces it now it comes to. Org here huddled around a minute. This track is fantastic. Romo play. Thing. And we never explained I think. What. You air America and direct and that was scaling the building in Canada. Minnesota. I basically had to close. Seattle and people are watching the bank reckons do that down and climb no. Only twentieth employee stories of the new year everybody was like oh my god on diet and he is like and we are videotaping all of thing I did a dear tried you know. Off themselves earlier off the roof the Trader Joe's during Kansas City everybody is or off. I say you know there's a raccoon. Com placed or isn't and what the hell's he do it mr. record and no was he do it in religious section tapping it I mean side it looks like. You did it time had declined the embankment. When you got lost to get down the other side that I feel like this trek to and gives you. Like here's like I gotta go up and over batted it and it can't get over an hour many get there they. Is he okay. You know he's down in. Know people are saying they should take a helicopter up there I don't think that's ridiculous I think that are thought. Yes I think the helicopter would scare him naming her. Catalina Island or at cherry picker. Right I mean look just do we also saw the avengers recent lane. And there is correct tune in bat. Don't summon the building's windows open. I don't know how this works I I don't know why somebody didn't I don't think you building's windows open I don't think that I am area. They glasses like these wins like these windows what does record rather Howie and gets them. I am now the answer to that. Nobody and that's nobody is the answer right in in the window washers. This report angry with mark you need a window washers and Wyatt Rory what if he jumps out is he scared the noise. Then that says the world is actually watching the live stream of grad student and on the building whose lives streaming now. Well local. News station but it's like the hottest streak ever are I was a lot of strain since Iraq's here. He's still on the building that's yeah he's as dog the building. And where is this the soda. Idea. The Duluth delete. Go live. Eric thought I use this update and Soledad and I'll play balance there is in the U I so he's about Al Unser and I am because there aren't here and mean here she needs balance data is records Nina that day still is he's still up there. Everybody's here's the thing that everybody's into the record so maybe eight or not but I went Allen is talking about their record. And Alan saying where are you saying people tweeting at Allen about the racquet in my district inland up on Allen. Well remember when Mac lethal ended up on Ellen this is like dad before practice I don't care. Anyway. And I played some large aaron's somebody says that made up the roof and they got it they got it that's says they're only now. On. Second. Part is seen many notes a adjustment for. Survivors is that gonna lie and a lot of rest of and I how dare you hail on the record and I didn't hate them I am raccoon. Climbing ability. I feel like I'm the one that's led the regular and can do that I needed them I'm the only one that's that he can do that you act like Brack who can scale building loud and clearly they can not go it's got to date. Guys. This raccoon is like Spiderman. There's no way that this if this is like a normal occurrence correct who is that this is the sensation. Not saying it's a normal occurrence and saying it's normal for this unclear laying. That ray Killen can plot and it wasn't an easy climb. I think it wise citizen it is everywhere this particular actor and visit today. As soon say within thing. I saw a picture from inside the oil workers there and Stan. Lean and mean and like the those silly supplied of people do that why do they said it's a stupid music. Is ruins everything anyway Agassi's it. NATO had to pay gap. Is balanced I. At the balance there is. Mean hearing a word here I'm. I'm the puck.