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Monday, June 11th


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I how I am I'm good Dario. What happened arm I'm trying to find us I see him the murder rap song you wrote irrational it looks like a rapper I mean yeah. You know he kind of looks like Timmy Universal Pictures a young Chris core rock. Doesn't come look like them name your in this general villagers in particular picture there. So this is a buzz feed news Ned headline says his rap song and profile photo caused a school lockdown now he faces years in prison. So is that years in prison years in prison Michael Schmidt. Schmidt. Says he woke up in his mom's Condo February 24. Full of inspiration to freestyle a scream crap. That he later posts online so here's some of the lyrics you ready. You kin. You can and yes. You can ask my. That's. You can flame me yeah that's what a wonderful things he says he says you're gonna get cracked I had like an egg bitch. What kind is that name anyone according to this article in his rap but his high school which is James Caldwell high school. Com. Which he intended is referenced in the title. He says do you lol slots. At JCH. Asks. I love you all even though we all hurt me and I forgive you I would never hurt you. So he's promoted this song on Twitter and sat chat and then that afternoon the school went on lockdown. On why aren't in summer so just did this happen at that things happen in February OK so a student saw he is tweaked. And then they noted that his profile photo on the music streaming. Site sound cloud which is one places I guess he posted this. All right I think what he had links too on software. So you go to south clouded his profile photo shows him point handgun at the camera. OK so that students thought. This is cause for concern clearly. And thought that the tracks sounded violet told her mom her mom alerted teacher. And that's when school administrators called police and well in west Caldwell New Jersey. Around 1 PM to report a possible threat. And soon after a swat team descended on the campus are kind. We're although school is in session hundreds of people were gathered for a weekend music concert. That rainy Saturday. So this is on Saturday. Economists watching most iron. So he was arrested for creating quote false public alarm that carries a ten year sentence no. He's doing he was taken to jail a newer routers are. Mean I get why the police showed up and everything else led. We have to be conscious of that and I got it yeah the camp Parkland you know cops got a lot of crap for that because he brought a bullet to school in. Made threats and are poorly done. But so I understand if you see a picture of a kid holding a gun at the camera and now he wrote a song this but he does say in the song I'm not I'm not gonna hurt you. They also says sales slow showed an honest assertions chairman tweet that said. High slot ditch your face after. And shared owing to a rap. One line of the song said coal mine done. Kill your afternoon had now your dad won't I isn't that in this story which certainly story you look at that buzz seeing how I'm looking abuzz YouTube may be a decision for Obama I guess adding it's about par. That seems like that should be the top when the talking ma am going to jail maybe not the part the says. I look I am not gonna hurt you and I love VO. Arrested for creating false public alarm that carries five to ten years since. He was taken to jail on Newark, New Jersey where he was placed in protective custody which met described as an isolated cell away from other detainees. Fourteen weeks later he's under house arrest. He's facing potential trial over his raps on the police and school officials. Haunted by a slew of campus shootings on the country took is a serious threat. But that Schmidt says was a parity quell. If it means a school shooter and that's terra fine. Whenever these web columns are happening. Schmidt had been suspended from JC HS for at least ten incidents. Since 2016. From cutting class. To spending on my classmate. Once she was suspended for testing positive for TH seed they test kids for TH sin I score low I don't know how that happens how to do that I have no idea and you get suspended for at how would you get to eat. You can get tested through school. I say were suspended for. Is in a private school. Should men have been suspended from JC HS released ten incidents since 2006 he wants who suspends her toes and positive negotiation. Boy that photo he does not look like. A threatening character does in that picture. She restarted own schooling program in October. Well. He says they pay a music school shooter that's terrifying urban school shootings are happening it's scary to me that I'm being associated with that because of this rap song. He says that he calls his male friends slots it also says he doesn't own a gun never planned to attack the school but the principal. Says police have the right thing he says there wasn't a plan. But we don't know that for certain that the principles. Schmitz arrest was ten days after the school shooting impart on Florida. Seat you can understand. Every once you know. Suspicious. And it was it says here that hundreds of schools. Across the country had faced threats after. Parkland and you know different schools of different things are assurances there were schools that have lock downs we heard about stuff locally. Trying to show it was taking every threat seriously the Essex County prosecutor's office held a press conference on February 20 to announce it was charging for individuals for allegedly making threats to schools. Arm. They describe the cases two were juvenile suit allegedly planned school shootings and the third was a student who had posted a minister ram video. At a firing range while pumped up kicks by Foster the people's song about school shootings play in the background the final one was Schmitz rap song. All be loud and clear he said these are not juvenile pranks these are crimes that are punishable by five years in imprisonment for adults for an adult. Police say get. That's what he said at the press conference I'll be loud and clear these aren't prank she's are crimes. That's a crime. Is it. Has rap song and I miss something. You can say stuff and rap songs right. Or in a country song more her new rock song. Erik Nilsson off. Serves as an expert witness in criminal trials involving rap music and send officials bring charges in his case is by playing off fears and biases about hip hop. He says this is making an argument that they are there's actually are an autobiography. Nelson a University of Richmond professor however appears rap music is the only genre and against treated by police as nonfiction. What's disturbing as that we're just saying more more of these cases follow. Well I would I'd they have all the lyrics here pull my gun. Who earlier had. Now you're dead go to sleep. I don't know look I understand you have to look into it. If as if a kid sees that and tells her mom. And then the mom calls school I understand why the school called the police and said making you look into this. Absolutely you should if something had happened and we found out that the school I called and they said now what are we gonna do. I would say he should look into it but if you look into it he says Aaron gone non I don't know what do you do at that point if he says I don't Oregon I. And don't find anything so what do you do this this prosecutor says that what we do similar prison but he is. This is not up harmless prank this is a crime. This lawyer that you're talking about. So this is a series as it gets his life is normal line. And what would you do if your kid was facing jail time for something for a song. Compassionate says my life is ruined here in this town. I was in my life in your own in general. But I feel like here in this town I'm done. So the thing that's posted that they never into the game that's posted on the sound caller was for it took it down but you know lol you little slots at GC HS I love you all even though we all hurt me. And I forgive you. I would never hurt you. Well I think it's pretty clear he said right there in the title. On some club page. He would never hurt. No solutions and had another day and that's in the song right that's expressions potential song. I mean I think you got to look at it yes look into it. Flipped. Dilated go to jail for running out rap songs prosecutors at a press conference saying this is not. Arnold Gregor is a crime. Whoa whoa whoa. Let's pump the brakes. We're gonna send this kid to prison for five years. President they wanted to and arrow sets five to eighteen years in this prosecutor was on my routes punishable by five years. That seems excessive I think we scared him I think everyone gets the message now I hate. You can't just be. Saying you're gonna shoot people even if it is in your. Rap song going to sound cloud. They take that very seriously. And her on maybe you can say I thought. They might come your house they might ask you questions. You might spend some time. At home during school. While they look Indio here's our new home school right so in his case. Phase one is sent to prison for bad rap song. I don't think that's gonna happen well I hope not. That's why I'm surprise of the prosecutors out there saying hey this isn't harmless. This is a crime and it's. Punishable by prison time. Okay. So I hear reelected. I don't I can guess right I would think I would I wish people go man calm down low. I think everybody. In the normal metal Wear dark listens I feel about it and say that's enough for the council's swing by yes. Taylor alone pillar it may look today talked to on the senate in May be part of sun says Motley said his mom called the school loans and wiser in order for my son and I told him she's like I'll bring them to a police station now. So clearly there's an M one look at how should have been okay imminent. Remember those guys. I mean this is going on recently there was a rap video that was in rule Wichita wasn't. Yeah that's O'Connor was in Kansas and what you there was no problem. That they've had a rap video and it hops for using information from the rap video to make arrests in. And I don't remember the details of that. I'm not they would have liked admitted to different crimes or are they gave details about the cardinals and am I holding weapons guns you know smoking all smoking weed right. How can how can you do that how can you arrest someone for smoking weed you know video all I would definitely say that wasn't hot obviously wasn't real we'd officer. Can they arrest you and say well we think we think it was looks like we said it was weed you admitted it right there and that video. I just out that was kind of are like an idol earlier smaller room right now right here's senator Contra coming arrest him. And Inky because you were just blown away and now that's not real we'd. Well that's really that's not real we that's an herbal cigarettes and I do know feels like we're always. That's a seagull fact and it smells later Wii and it does not like we are giving that it smells like it I can't argue that it smells like it but it's not. And now we have to go this whole thing again when they run all these tests only to discover that it's just an Ecstasy cigarette. Ecstasy sure that's a brand name. So an herbal cigarettes. Made a skullcap lettuce and radishes. Something. It's not real weak. I don't do drugs and my summer apple about it. How do you feel about arresting people for music videos. I give you have a gun and music video. If you can't arrest people from his admin area that we all agree of course OK reverend Canon you should sounds from so much re okay how about this this kit. Man is so much around here are. I don't leave my car and I feel normal life. Duke shot top that is not weak that you guys know someone you know in his right you've had does herbal cigarettes Wiig.