Monday, December 4th


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Yeah the giant bags contained. Have you ever. Didn't see the emergency room. For something embarrassing and patio. Dunlop glowing embers and have you ever Boone county go to medical treatment for something that was embarrassing. It. Never mean either then in time I'm really I mean like I've had that one. They come up but the top of that I didn't have to get treatment forehead treated its that's not any something that you are okay and this actually happens. You mean line. An entire story and I have a question please be careful. If it is his second I'm gonna tell you the front of a frightened again visit into the going to keep it there I mean be careful. I hate you just tell me okay foul line this kind of a story. With an inanimate objects yes OK be careful. How they find in a case south. I just building tension and I don't builds and Tim I think this during the earlier effect. Sound. A friend of a friend handing. To the hospital. This weekend because. Their boyfriend didn't mean. If you don't. Can't get something removed off the dispute this. You know why. I've heard of that happening. Well let I mean and tell you what the allergies for. In their reasoning. The reasoning is that why meg gets me. So I live it down there and there is a human being I think we have all I'm drop everything we ask all of that yet and I'm drop in the program here and it's so here she. As a human being sometimes it is hard to face the decisions we made. And these escapees that we give ourselves right times okay sound for whatever reason. I and a man like a written. They say you were never sound. He decides that during work yet he put the ring. I'm here is penis. Like the one you put on your ring finger. So a number limelight. I can't imagine the size of your penis. Anyone's penis. That that. He could get around and it's not our heart and mind is Laura Martin of losing our China airlines adds is small thing. Crap that. Is this nominee and as that's nice it must be may be Wiener. So then. Glittering out of. Our team. So. The ring men got further out and got. I just worst nightmare scenario just keeps going now worse divers and they're dirt and like at this point friend or friendly K. We should go to that ER image immediately. Correct it and he's like now. They'll be fine and no I blow so a couple hours later. Weeks or had a birdie IRNA. In the meantime he's trying to remove it and thought of and I believe his main things weird images used cooking oil or something he referred here is Chris capital. I. Still can't ago. To use the ER. In Hammett we're mayor moved they had just saw it off could use those gathering cutter. They tried selling it they have and they couldn't get it younger it was a Townsend wasn't a way it was at a tungsten that means they have that break it. What's at times said they. They are wondering if there was a great possibility of him losing his PS as a those hearings can be as valid cut the Itanium crashed. Okay what the hell is this of so they put something between the rain right underneath the red ring and has been an idea and then used to soft. But the saw its hot correct out and then they had to stop light and easier cast talk hours. And a half off. I thinks I'm an idea and I said they had just our band makes sense this one can't because it can only be crash and how would you if you they would have to hit it. If you just writing did you know that thick fingers. And GM had big all like I was like maybe that at some may have someone you know I don't know. How jewelry inside warning it. Sounds a it took me there's more like more Alberto. Apparently with a sock because every time the side tries to cut the rain not. It heats up which there's a metal plates on his penis so they don't actually cut the pain and and writes as I bring taking hours yep exactly what they're doing and then they had to bring in lying down. Enormous suppliers. Is what it kept the ever not worked at. Both in the idea ball batters hit it apparently they were enormous. And I. My car and why no why. Why are you that why. Here's the reasoning REIT reentering the line here while the reasoning was ridiculous and I was like don't do that. Now you're full of it does say the trip and that's ridiculous. After these spent hours in the Ares Crisco attorney get this ring off your Wiener and so appearing in an area and work yard work. And the AA is a ring would get hot. All the time. So and ordered to hear him. Not lose during president lesbians. Literally we're all supposed believe that. It backwards you're gonna play what you put it. Now I've got a dollar you put any your pocket. Or put it in your car or your wallet but it I don't putting your shoe will I don't know. But a goodbye girl and had a I feel like you get at least get it out to outweigh. What are your ass to place your brain on your waiter to keep at saint. I mean I mean that's rig that is going to be a permit that's going to be the safest place on my body right. Your employer wedding ring on your penis nominee he bit my finger and eventually they set it like it was because. They wanted. Bracket. Apparently Glenn is nobody you know I. And you're any user wedding ring is her career. That's weird sabre we aired it many excuses what got me in. That. They why did you dream say if a. Day. A line it decades old. And humorous spin region all the little boos and cat. Why should that kids do something like that it went home that we said there was no. Mice why the year wants to show rescue 910 yeah eyes we breast he would leave Janet yeah. He. There is one episode that I distinctly remember wearing guy. Was in the pool. And he went over to the jets. And he had to have the holds it removed from the pool that hey good as the gap and this is that TV show that there was nobody I don't want narrow line. It's a real thorough. Well so he yeah why do people do that. Is it out of focus. Okay yeah I say. Ali an idea yeah why would you do that what we are talking about rain may put on your finger. And you put it on your penis anywhere. All the way down. Personally am. I can't even fathom that ache now even my kids are baby boy is and I had like I wouldn't. They couldn't get a ring on it. They could obliterate it. The man. Yeah that he went over a guy and his. Wiener. To keep it safe as it was snag in cadence when he was worked out there. I'm I've seen him and Howard and me are they're kids that come in and sometimes they would have beat up rings on their fingers today and the kids grew. But the rains didn't apparent threat to the rings off right. And then you'd you'd be Cuba committed a crime of being a just you know. It would be would be swollen and it looks old apple it looked apparently it was black and as we hope everything but they really like if we can get the ring now we're gonna announced. Merit airway area because. It's now. This is all this blood rushing and swollen and black and believe in purple I have a really awkward question please. It. You've eaten eggs are. I don't know all it's got app after app I. You bring him. I love Ayers I. Oh even I mean I think it makes it is how it's going down I think I'm glad you obviously are. You would have to share. Does that night I mean India it. Right. Right and they did it blew. It was yeah and it's not laughing and I'd like I I can't imagine myself being. Right there. And you you thought you're doing some funny enigmatic hay Adams I get voicemail left and right. He's horny legs as corny. You he's also I did you try to be super Labor Day wrecked our god it. It's gone and has that's awesome that you love you Barney. Or man that saved by gathering on your Wiener day you're like I'm gonna do something hilarious and it's gonna be awesome they didn't mean and then they didn't want. There may know what else. And then just then has the nerve. Before the are. Just say let's have sacked him. They doubled ballplayer may you may I what does that does it may look I want this might be the last time I get assets because that is stupid decision. I believe we need to do this. For Steven. Anyway and. As the leaders fine. The rest I don't know. Yeah and even at that time baton yeah. Probably can't use it for a week. You know what's your time on the bench there I think they. Easy easy radiating out there. Obviously. If there and think wow I got him or me I get it I get Corey. But not like that kind of work in. I don't wanna be is meant to Sankoh full rights is on I can't your race just I don't I wanna be is that I don't want to be is doesn't mean that I won't be and I will try. To not be might as fast as I can't bury my dead. And it's none of these major river uses theory. It's find ways to keep your mayor spicy itself. I'll see you heard go to sir first next time favorite that would be my suggestion like how my Jersey ratings are and I think yeah like a corner and I look at the plastic beads you can easily kind of things go wrong right. How much are that all the ring when it's all up and it and then they got the ball cutters they had to go get the ball kind of like how they start witness saw and damage the bull Connors I would Igawa and non power tool first. Especially since a solid he'd have. And his slider metal plate underneath there right. What else do you put under there's you don't hurt his Wiener of the cast saw I mean no idea. I mean that I on item past those backlash at all my 'cause you question was why it bird you know. And really like are we supposed to believe that he. Had the ring on and to keep it safe but it arm as a leaner ID and out of his pocket there is snagging and I think that one. For me. That moment. Is like you know. Let him have it. Premium at a map. Let him have that reasoning put it on just ease out now. Up now and Alan I didn't give a drama on games here and now I ask questions that Lance Carson I know I nailed it may be now I'm not given that he would just tell the truth we found out that Bernanke say EG a gallon while and it keeps. Say I mean it wasn't. You don't put it he's got your Wiener like that you know put the wedding ring. I'm here we air. Putting your pockets alliger if you weren't. Keeping it safe. Flexes its hard. His urgency with a look at it and your.